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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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an accident kills one person newsroom. >> and just in the newsroom, a pensacola area.
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we begin tonight with breaking news. we're just getting word that several tornadoes have touched down in the pensacola area. our abc anil yate there telling buildings there in pensacola. >> reporter: first responders are searching through the rubble to find those that may be trapped in the debris. no word on any fatalities. but right now, philadelphia is tracking the system. >> just a mass -- denis phillips is tracking the system. >> just a massive low pressure system. that area south of i-10 continues to push off totanus. it's weakened a touch.
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boxes. i have no doubt in my mind they'll be extended east and into northern and central georgia. we're still under a slight risk locally of some strong, possibly severe thunderstorms by tomorrow morning. at our futurecast models, by first thing in the mortgage, here comes the line. at this point, i think -- morning, here comes the line. at this point, i think it'll be weaker. and our severe threat, although not zero, lower than in the panhandle. we'll take a closer look and time it out for you, let you know who has the risk of the tough weather, coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, denis. now to the massive cleanup in mississippi and louisiana. several tornadoes killing at least three people. downed power lines in central louisiana leaving thousands without power tonight. look at what strong winds did to this gym in prairieville. completely ripping off the side
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a gym supervisor telling lindsey janice about the storm. >> the wall just blew out. it was one piece. it didn't even have time. >> reporter: what were you thinking? >> i wasn't thinking much. i was thinking, please god, let everyone be safe. >> reporter: two people living in an rv park died. they're looking for people that may be trapped under debris. and in new orleans, cameras capturing these water spouts. one and then two smaller ones. and now to more breaking news. a two-car crash leaving one person dead and rescuers rushing several people to local hospitals. >> the two vehicles collided at state road 60 and rifle range road in wahneta. and now state road 60 is still closed. >> abc action news reporter michael paluska with the very latest. michael?
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crash. polk county sheriff investigators have been out there since the crash and still out here. the americas just showed up. the -- the medical examiner just showed up. the suv has side damage and front end damage, just one of the cars involved in this crash. this is video we shot a short time ago when the scene was opened to us. you can see some of the other cars involved in this. we're talking about a sedan, a four-door sedan that looked like it will be t-boned in the intersection somehow. and the suv had front end damage. so investigators trying to piece together exactly what happened. but we know several were transported. scene. and they are about to take someone out of this vehicle that died here on scene. that was in the four-door sedan. so several people transferred to the hospital and one confirmed fatality. still trying to figure out exactly what happened here. and they'll be out here for some time. all the traffic in this area is rerouted around wahneta. so you'll want to avoid the
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hour, maybe even two hours or so. as soon as we get information on what's involved, we'll brg it to you. live in polk county, michael paluska, abc action news. >> why are we protecting this kid? why? and tonight's other big story, a teenager charged with molesting a young boy. and this woman is outraged telling us her son was his first victim several years ago that abc action news first told you about in 2013. tonight a pinellas county man is forced to relive her own son's attack. and she wants to know why more isn't done to protect her son and other children. >> reporter: marisela burgos there live to explain what happened. marisela? >> reporter: she says she's upset for a number of reasons, including not being notified that that suspect was transferred to a school closer to her home. >> why are we protecting this kid? why? >> reporter: this mother, who we're not identifying, says a student attacked her son in 2013. investigators told us back then
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student will be placed in a group home and was accused of sexual assaulting another child. she says in her son's case, the suspect was sentenced to an out of state program which required 18 months of intensive therapy. >> well, maybe he has completed it. wow. well, it would have been nice for the state attorney's office to maybe let us know. you know? my son was the victim of a heinous crime. >> reporter: she never heard anything else about the suspect. so she was surprised to find out he was in trouble again for something similar. what makes her more angry is no one ever told her that he was her home. live. this is a big county. i find identify -- i'm completely outraged. >> reporter: fraisure smith here where they say the suspect studently -- student tried to attack him. they add they aren't legally
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when a student is transferred to another school. >> it's not right. again, i believe that the administration is more concerned with protecting the privacy rights of -- of this child than they are with the safety of the students. >> reporter: the school system did argue that safety and security is no. 1 for them. i also did reach out to the state attorney's office. and i'm waiting for a comment in return. reporting live, marisela burgos, abc action news. >> thank you. now to a developing story. we learned a west palm teen accused of posing as a doctor, facing even more trouble tonight. tonight a delray beach auto dealership claiming malachi love-robinson bounced an $1,800 check. it was for a mazda the teen bought back in june. the dealership now filing suit against the 18-year-old. scary motes for a sarasota county deputy. he just -- scary moments for a sarasota county deputy. he barely missed getting hit by
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he's trying to get this driver to stop. the man had a blood alcohol level of nearly 3 1/2 times the legal limit. they believe he was going the wrong way for 12 miles. >> it was apologetic to him being impaired while he was driving and stated he had a lot to drink and basically that he knew he shouldn't have been on the road and was glad he didn't hurt somebody. >> reporter: they estimate 400 from wrong-way drivers. a florida woman in jail. police in altemonte springs claiming that virginia ortigo murdered her own son. she found 29-year-old blake howard's body in the shower. family members tonight telling police there was a history of son. tonight a 13-year-old is in custody after taking off on a crime spree for nearly two hours. deputies saying first the 13- year-old broke into a daycare
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van, and tried to break into this celltech store. you can see surveillance video of the teen even trying to climb on the roof of the store. the owner chases the boy away. then he runs back to the daycare and steals another van. the daycare is owned by a nonprofit organization. >> i think we happen to fall into the line of sight for this young man. there's vans sitting right there and nobody watching them. >> reporter: the teen crashed the van at 78th street south at madison avenue. he tried to steal a bike, then hid in a wooden area where deputies finally caught him. now he faces multiple charges, including burglary and grand theft mother. a man once named teacher of sex with a 15-year-old student. gary bernett was the band director. the teen confirmed confirmed the allegations. he's off the job and is bond is set. teachers in polk county are rallying for better pay and working conditions.
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been a culture of fear under leroy's leadership. the former superintendent stepped down after an embarrassing investigation into a relationship he had with an associate. they hope they'll have better communication. >> it's been one of the most difficult years with trying to work with the district at all this year. i don't know if it was because the former superintendent was distracted or if because there's just no will to honor a contract. >> the union president says she's requested a sitdown meeting with the interim superintendent to start negotiations. but that meeting has not yet happened. police catch a suspect who was talking young women. how the victims gave away their addresses every time they posted a photo online. >> plus, shocking video from a convenience store camera.
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of nowhere! >> how dante fowler is explaining his role in this
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going to go back to our breaking news now. several tornadoes touching down in the pensacola area. first responders are digging through the rubble of an apartment complex after a tornado struck there. there's word of several people trapped. several buildings in that apartment complex are destroyed at this hour. six people are injured. those are the latest estimates. thousands in escambia county without power. a roof top camera captured the exact moment an earthquake hit central california this afternoon. take a look. here's the video from it. the 4.9 magnitude quake hit just north of bakersville, about mid-way between san jose and los angeles. there's no reports of any injuries so far. also caught on cam remarks a minnesota trooper's dash cam capturinging a train slamming into an 18-wheeler.
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lights and the train horn. no one was injured here but the train dragged the semi about a quarter mile. the semidriver was cited for failing to stop at a railroad crossing. video you have to see tonight, especially if you use the popular e-cigarettes. look at this man. in a kentucky convenience store. he's at the downedder when flames shoot from his pants. -- at the counter when the flames shot from his pants. the video stops there but he rushed outside to get his pants off before an employee put out the fire with an extinguisher. he ended up with second degree burns on his leg. five family members, including a 6-year-old, are left dead. authorities saying tonight a suspect shot four of his family members this morning while the house was on fire! firefighters and police both responding to that home. firefighters battling the blaze, trying to make way for officers to deal with the shooter. authorities are still investigating what led to that
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>> accusations of racism now sparking change. tampa citizen review board meeting for the first time tonight meeting months of controversy over the tickets of african american bicyclists. cameron polom was there for the historic move. >> reporter: and with those words, 11 regular people now make up tampa's first citizen review board, a board that found more than 80% of the bicycle tickets went to black cyclists. >> people are getting tired of the policemen! >> reporter: revelations sparked outrage throughout the african american community, responded the u.s. justice department investigation. >> i want them sworn in, trained, and figure out what we can do, are and that's what's on everyone's minds. -- >> and figure out what we need to do. >> reporter: and that's what's
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the judges, businessmen, and women making up the board got to see police in action firsthand with a series of ride alongs. >> it gave me a better understanding offing what they do everyday. >> i see -- of what they do everyday. >> i see problems in other cities. i don't think we have a problem here. but i want to make sure those things don't happen here. >> reporter: carolyn collins believes this group has the right makeup of people to do just that. >> that vast knowledge, experience, and opportunities will give me an opportunity to listen, to be attentive, to try to evaluate what i see and try to make a difference. >> reporter: in tampa, i'm cameron polom, abc action news. a former lakewood high school football player and current nfl player apologizing surfaces. take a look. the nfl now investigating after tmz posted this video that appears to show donte fowler encouraging a fight between two women. tmz says the fight was between
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fowler says in a statement, he takes full responsibility. and tonight, a strange case out of california. a man using instagram to steal women's underwear. they say alturo galvan used their locations to steal their underwear. he could face 50 years in prison. important lesson here. make sure to turn off the location settings on your phone. and in your iphone, go to settings, privacy, and location services. protestors gathering around the country today, opposing a federal judge's order that would force apple to break into the san bernardino's iphone. about 30 protested from boston to san diego. they say the order would compromise their own privacy. apple says they'd have to create new software and customer security would be at risk.
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hey, turn over a bank county information, as soon as they do that on one person, they're admitting they can do it on many people. and, so, yes, they are waiting for a high court to make clear what they should do. >> f.b.i. officials had previously got permission to break into the phone. but the current software wipes out the data after ten wrong passcode attempts. donald trump is expected to do well in nevada as he hopes to build on his victories in new hampshire and south carolina. after nevada, the gop candidates focus on super tuesday primaries and caucuses on march 1st. now, the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> well, we've seen, obviously, some severe weather. some tornadoes in other parts. and now the storm is coming our way, right? >> yes, what's left of it. there will be heavy weather.
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what he had up north. but -- what we had up north. weather can be unpredictable sometimes, especially strong storms. still gusty out there. we've had strong winds most the day. but that actually helped temperatures climb to about 80 degrees. stormshield, again, it's always a good idea to have some way to alert yourself, especially if it's overnight. and this is our app available both for android and for apple. no matter where you are, no matter when it is, gives you instant notification of any severe weather in your immediate spot. not just your county, the entire area right down to your neighborhood. again, storm shield app is what you look for on the platforms. outside right now, things are quiet. and they'll be quiet most the night. you won't have to worry about waking up to the weather. plenty going through alabama, the panhandle, and georgia where tornado watches will be extended. i don't think we'll have to worry about that. i really think by the time this
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there will be some strong and gusty winds and, yes, maybe a quick tornado, i don't think we have anything close to the inference that's creating all that ugliness off to our north. temperatures right now, upper 60s to lower 70s. and, today, we hit 80 degrees. that's the last time we'll be seeing that for quite a while. the cold air won't be around wednesday. but it will be on thursday. satellite pictures, strong southerly wind today. as i said, we hit 80 degrees in tampa. a few scattered showers over the interior counties. but by tonight, in the morning, that's when the changes arrive. it starts out, first thing, 7:00, 8:00, we begin to see the line roll in across our northern counties. around the coast, areas from hudson to brooksville, spring leavy county. that will be the area wheres they pick up the rains first with gusty winds out ahead of it. then, by 9:00, 10:00, the rest of the area gets involved.
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the best area oar highest likelihood of anything rougher would be in our northern counties. so if anybody is under any kind of a watch tomorrow, i suspect it would be citrus and hernando county. and even then, probably borderline at that. once we go from the mid-morning hours by 2:00, 3:00, highlands, hardy, desoto, maybe a few lingering showers. then, folks, it's over. we'll be tracking it overnight. we'll be here first thing in the morning along with shay ryan and myself. we'll have everything for you on, facebook, twitter, and right here as well. but at this point, i think the chances are slim. it's like an afternoon storm in the summertime.
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maybe not as much lightning as in those storms. and we're in a slight risk of severe weather. so we can't completely write it off. about 1/2 inch to 3/4 of an inch before it's said and done. temperatures still mild on wednesday, low to mid-70s. but then the big changes arrive by thursday. it gets cold again. winter is not through with it yet. here's a look at florida's most accurate seven-day. 66, the high on thursday. 61 on friday. then we stay in the 60s through the weekend, back to normal, by early next week. >> all right, thank you, denis. another successful night for the bolts. we have the highlights coming
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hello, folks! it was closer than the lightning would have liked. but it was still a win over a desperate arizona team tonight, one that was finishing up back- to-back nights. i'll tell you what, steven stamkos has been on a roll.
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alex killorn shot to 1. paquette bury it is penalty shot. 2-nothing, bolts. vasilveskiy, very good tonight. they beat the coyotes. the only one that appears to be open for expansion is the big 12. now, not a bad alternative, right? or is it? last week, oklahoma president david born indicated, byu, cincinnati, uconn, boise state, and central florida were prime candidates. south florida told the tampa bay times he is always in industry but would not specify who or if he's been in contact
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"the tampa bay times" requested correspondence between marlin, judy chef, and usf, but there hasn't been any. they've either contacted officials or doing a great job of keeping their discussions off the grid. but i think we need to know this fact. oklahoma's president does speak for the big 12. the majority of the conference presidents don't want to expand. in the most powerful voice in the expansion may come from a chicago company. hired by the conference. right now, the big 12 is nicely arranged with its strength in oklahoma and texas. what happens if they decide the grass is greener in the big 10 or pack-12? it could be -- pac-12? it could be a debacle. it sure would be easier and like a slam dunk if he doesn't minutes basketball or football
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as we all know, success is hard to ignore. meanwhile, all of tennessee's varsity coaches held a press conference today. they did their best to dispel accusations by six unnamed females that there is a hostile, sexual environments on campus. the suit stated the school had a clearly unreasonable response to the incidents reported. and that caused the women to endure additional harassment. desmond jennings isn't late for camp. just the last big name not to report. 62 of the 64 are in. manager kevin cash very pleased with the early turnout but thought this group would be ready to hit the ground running. >> we were very confident that these guys would come into spring training. we didn't necessarily know early. but we knew they'd come in shape, ready to play. now that they're here this early, it's going to make us better. and finally in college hoops tonight, vanderbilt beat
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huh. 87-74. we'll be back in a minute. closed captioning is
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continuing coverage on >> have a good night! we'll see you back here >> bye!
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ellen pompeo, from "the walking dead", norman reedus, and music from yo gotti featuring travis barker, with cleto and the cletones.


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