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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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a disturbing scene as man tries to stop a truck that was drags his toddler. >> the amazing his worst fear turns to sheer relief. >> the is six months old, and -- >> what they found on an x-ray that saved her life. a social experiment about young brides in the u.s. why new yorkers will not let this old courtroom off of the hook.
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chance to win an ipad mini. >> a girl's trip to a water fall. what happens when they find out what it is. >> parents do their best to protect their children at all costs. the next video i'm about to show you, there is nothing every that could see this comes. he runs up to the truck and just starts beating the front of the truck. they come into the frame and completely rolls over the bike. >> they are huge blind spots. >> where is the baby?
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brace yourself -- >> what? >> i have to go home, i feel so bad. >> the desperation, you see the father realize that he was not going to be able to stop the truck. >> tell me it doesn't get worse. >> this time in the ukraine, this kid is about to dart out into the street. >> oh no! >> oh, man -- he made it. the dad comes through to the front of that. luckily everyone survives. >> you see the desperation.
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of a real instinct. putting yourself in harm's way for your child. >> this dog is six months old and is way under weight. >> ouch. >> she ate a portion of a hanger. they didn't know what it was when they x-rayed her. you could feel a long pete of something that felt metal or plastic inside of her. with a very delicate operation, they cut into her stock mach. >> she said the dog is 20 inches, that portion of hanger,
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stop stomach and pulled it down into her pelvic area. >> even if i saw a hanger on the floor, i would never have thought "the puppy might eat this. >> as you see right here, she came through it just fine. she came in weighing 11 pounds. now indy is 22 pounds, and as you can see, she is thriving. if you're in the detroit area, she's at the michigan humane society detroit center for animal care and she needs a fur ever home. >> we take to the skies around the world in a paragliding -- right here at the beginning, you can tell me, and we'll figure
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>> i say the water and it looks muddy. >> yeah, a huge expanse of water there. >> the roof of the building, to the right. >> i'm saying the rocks. i will tell you right now -- apparently everything is going super bell, she immediately losing altitudes. go towards the rocks, he starts turning away from the river and toward the building. he is going still more left, going right toward a gigantic, oh! >> i said the roof of the building and you were like which one? >> yeah, it's right there. as you can see he landed, everything was okay. this was a consequence of a bad
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he says in thement section yes, i'm an idiot, lesson learned. >> i guess that is the risk you take in a built up city area. i don't think it would have been as much of a problem. >> hey hey hey, we're giving away another ipad mini. >> just enter the buzz word, be 18 years old and a league u.s. resident. >> stand by for the ipad give away. of the videos put out, i have to say this is probably my favorite one. it talks about a very serious issue.
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quite a bit of lightning associating with it. that lightning has begun to die out. so i think this is a sign that this storm cell, although it was showing a chance for some rotation, it is weakening some. as i look at some of our other models here, i'm not seeing that this has -- it's just not all that impressive to me. at least that batch isn't. however we do have another batch of storms moving on shore. they will be affecting southern sarasota county. that, actually, is holding together more. we have lightning, more heavy rain and gusty winds.
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central manatee county giving us this active tornado warning. possibly as long as 12:30. i think there's a chance we'll see the national weather service will see there's no rotation with this system and will -- could possibly allow that to expire before that. bottom line is though, if you're in the path of this storm, stay indoors away from doors and windows until the storm passes. at a minimum you'll get that heavy rain, some very gusty winds, potential for damaging winds along with it until that storm passes through. it's moving at about 35 miles per hour, so it's moving pretty quickly. good news there. it will be in and out of that area pretty fast. farther to the south, watching a band of heavier rain and gusty winds. this is going to be moving across i-75. anywhere south of the skyway you want to stay off of i-75 for the next hour until all of this rain and the gusty winds associated with it make their
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and once we get behind this, we'll see significant improvement in the weather, so we are just about through with any threats for any significant weather. you probably noticed earlier this morning, this is two hours ago. our tornado watch that was in effect. has expired. the chance for severe weather from here on out really is quite minimal. there was some rotation that was being seen with this one cell here through central manatee county. keeping a close eye on that. at this point in time it doesn't look all that impressive. still want to be safe. not sorry; right? so just stay indoors away from doors and windows. farther to the south. this is the next batch of heavy rain that will move on shore. all of this motion is off to the northeast. the frontal boundary is still well off to the northwest. so this is going to continue to press south as that band of
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southwest to the northeast across the area. we've seen a lot of clearing already. sunshine coming through across a lot of tampa bay. citrus county, you're pretty much in the clear. this tornado warning still in effect here. inside manatee county. if you are around kingtown into bethany, you're likely seeing that heavy rain. getting some gusty winds along with it. and it says that this is a severe thunderstorm. i'm just reading the report from the national weather service. there was nothing indicated that it was spotted. it was a severe thunderstorm that was capable of producing tornadoes. so, again, continuing to watch that, but it doesn't look all that impressive to me right now other than the fact that it does have potential for some very gusty, even damaging winds as it rolls on through. i'm not seeing any lightning strikes out of it.
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as we take a look at where it's headed. southwestern polk county. all south of i-4 is where you'll sew the heaviest rain and the gusty winds. we have this next batch. i wouldn't be overly surprised if we did see a severe thunderstorm warning with this batch as it's moving on shore as well. slight chance as well that we could see a tornado warning. these two tornado warnings that we've seen today have been after the watches had expired. and even the earlier this morning when we saw the tornado warning for northwestern polk county. that was outside of the watch these kinds of anomalies do happen where you end up with a slight chance for severe weather outside of the areas that were in the risk category. that's what we're seeing right now. in general, conditions are improving with the exception of south of i-4 here where we do have that chance for heavier downpours. we're also not only live here on action action news, we're
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if you'd like to ask any questions you can find us on facebook at abc action news facebook page and you'll see our live streaming so you can ask questions if you have any about your particular area or if you happen to be seeing anything severe. you can always send us pictures if you happen to see any ponding on the roads, any flooding from the heavy downpours. seeing any damage from some strong winds moving through. we like to take those, as long as you can do that safely. get that information, get it out to everybody else in the area as well. at this point we had some strong line storms that were moving through central manatee county. this storm system moving off to the northeast. that has spawned that tornado warning. it is still active now here at 12:15. just waiting for the red box to clear off and then we will know this area is in the clear. it looks like it's weakening as it continues to move northeast
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if you're in the path of this batch of storms you could get the gusty damaging winds, heavy downpours for sure. looks like the lightning has let up. the majority is farther to the south. i'll check these in your opinions as well and we'll see what we're looking at across the area. when the lightning numbers start to come down, good indication we're starting to see the storm weaken some. lightning numbers really haven't been all that impressive overall as they've been watching them this morning, which is good news. still from time to time, 106 strikes as this has been moving on shore. as we were looking at this earlier. about 111 strikes in a similar- sized box. this is not all that impressive, which is great news. we are still getting a little bit of rotation with some of these storms. i'm checking another -- just a little more data here. looks like we're seeing a chance for some hail offshore. the great news with this batch
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been moving on shore that it has been weakening. i just lost my radar source here. give me just a second to get another one in place and then, there we go. all right. so you see where that warning is and the heavier downpours. this looks more impressive when i put this radar image into place. and you can see how the lightning, again, just fizzled out as it continued to move inland across polk county. this is that cell showing rotation as it continues to move northeast. national weather service did issue that tornado warning for manatee county and into southern, just the real southern tip there, southeastern tip of hillsboro county. this is in effect until 12:30 at the latest. that is where that warning has gone into place. it does look like we may end up with a severe thunderstorm warning now. as i mentioned before, just got that into place here.
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now for portions of manatee county, i'm sorry, nassar sew a county going across venice. from that batch of storms that are moving on shore right now into the venice area and farther south. bottom line here is that if you are going to be -- if you're supposed to be heading out on to the road on to i-75 corridor, you would -- i think it would be better for you if you were just to stay off the roads for a little bit. this is where that storm system is headed. so you can see around mineral springs, port charlotte, southport, into pine level. this is where we have that severe thunderstorm warning right now. i'm just clicking on that to get a little more -- let's see. this is in effect through 1:00 this afternoon. it will take time for that through. there is a concern here for 60 mile-per-hour wind gusts and so we could certainly see some damage.
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should stay away from doors and windows. and stay inside. again, don't hit the roads right now. if you're in engle wood, you are also in the path. you're probably starting to see that heavy rain moving on shore right now into that area. you are getting the leading edge. it'll take longer to see this heavy rain and the gusty winds and the thunder and lightning along with it in the warm mineral springs area, port charlotte, southfort, pine level. this will be heading across desoto county into 17. may get just an edge of that storm system as it's coming through. i'll too many back in here across the manatee area. this is just to the east of parish. you can see it across 62. still getting heavy downpours there. this is headed off to the northeast. fortunately this is not a
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course it's a concern. as i look, duet, you're in the path of this heavier rain into baird. you may be seeing some of this as well if this holds together. it is moving about 35 miles per hour. the other storm system that's farther to the south that is moving into the venice and englewood area. this is moving slower at only about 25 miles per hour. so as we take a look at some of the storm tracks here, and we just look at what the -- what the data is showing. it looks like the most likely scenario out of this, in addition to those strong damaging winds would be hail. this is saying that that particular cell is moving east at about 34 miles per hour. so the general movement of that storm is more to the east than to the northeast.
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path here in the venice, englewood area. this is moving more in the direction of port charlotte, north port and into the arcadia area. that will take the next half hour to 45 minutes to work its way across i-75 into those areas. to these are heavy downpours coming with this storm. almost three inches per hour. we've got some pockets of rain where it's coming down in these darker red spots. the lighter red at about an inch and a little over an inch and a quarter per hour. heavy downpours, ponding on the roads is certainly a strong possibility associated with that batch. so right now if you're just tuning in with us we do have a severe thunderstorm warning. and a -- i'm going to take the rain off. we have a severe thunderstorm warning in the area in yellow and we have -- that is in place until 1:00 this afternoon. that box in red in central manatee county, that is where
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it is still active until 12:30. so that -- those -- these are the two warnings that are still active across the area. now i'll put the radar back into play so you can see where the heavy rain is right now. the rest of the area, as i zoom out, if you happen to be north of i-4, you're thinking hey, there's not really much going on here and you're right. the weather is looking pretty fantastic from i-4 on north. you may have a few spotty showers but we've also seen breaks in the clouds where we're getting sunshine. i've had quite a few notes on that. and what we are seeing though south of i-4, completely different scenario where we have the widespread rain. front. that cold front is going to be pushing to our south and we're going to get strong, gusty sustained winds behind this cold front. this is about where the cold front is right now. so it'll take a little time, maybe a little farther back right about here is where our cold front is and behind that
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gusts up to about 35 miles per hour. so if you're planning on driving over the bridges, even later today, even into tomorrow, for that matter, you're still going to see the gusty winds and they could impact your drive. as far as rainfall goes and heavy rainfall totals over the next couple of hours we'll see that rain moving out. and we will have minimal impact, if anything, from commute. you could have some ponding that's left over from these early morning rains but, again, nothing that is going to be active at the time. so we'll just continue to monitor here to the south where we've got this heavier rain moving on shore. and again, i'm encouraged by the fact that the storms have been weakening as they've been moving inland. i'll check these lightning numbers again for you and we'll see about where we're at now, see if it looks like this storm has strengthened or weakened here. lightning data didn't want to
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77 strikes. we are seeing improvement. weakening. the biggest concern with this batch would be the gusty winds as it moves on shore into the englewood and north port area and sarasota county. i'd be concerned about the heavier downpours associated with the gusty winds. that's the main concern. whereas the cell farther to the north moving across and about to move into hillsboro county. we have an active tornado. tornado warning in effect. that is headed off to the northeast at about 35 miles per hour. begin that storm location, you can see that it is -- given that storm location, you can see it is not impacting highly populated areas. if you are in that area just to the east -- i'll zoom in closer -- wimauma -- not a highly
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driving east of wimauma or out into extreme southwestern polk county, you happen to live in that area, you'll get heavy downpours and you'll get some gusty winds. you can see how this weekend -- did you notice how we had that darker area of red there in that cell and then here just in that last batch -- that last radar update it became a lighter red tone. showing some weakening. what i don't like though is this darker color next to the green. that's where sometimes we start to see some of that rotation. but again, i'm not seeing any as i look at other data. i don't see any strong indications of rotation. i can put our storm tracks into motion and you can see this batch right here, as i -- it is showing that it's a strong storm and it's moving northeast at about 31 miles per hour. it is not necessarily a storm showing any indication of rotation or even strong winds
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so heavy downpours are the biggest concern based on that radar estimate. we do still have that tornado watch in effect for another six minutes. if if you're in the path of that storm, the best advice is just to stay indoors. farther to the south, let's check out this storm again. lightning. heavy downpours. when you look at a radar image and see green, that's where you're getting the moderate rainfall. once you get into the red tones, that's where we're seeing much heavier rain. it's those torrential downpours like you get when you're driving through a downpour in the summer in tampa, we know, we get those all the time. that's pretty much what is moving on shore right now in the -- into the englewood and venice area around i-75. don't want to hit the road now in that area. if you can stay off the roads i
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hour and a half i think you'll be in better shape. that'll tell us the rain still in those areas coming down at two and three quarters of an inch per hour. this is the kind of rain when comes down at that rate can create minor temporary street flood flooding. when we get that rainfall that is when we see the issues on severe thunderstorm warnings still in effect for southern sarasota county. i'll turn the radar off again so you can see where those spots are. it is the area in yellow around englewood into the port charlotte area, south of venice and across i-75 that a severe thunderstorm warning is still in effect for those areas through 1:00. the tornado warning is still active. a little surprised it has stayed in effect and they didn't allow it to expire early.
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damaging winds or gusty winds with that system. i'm just going to check and see if we're seeing any reports out of that area. see if we have storm reports. so far the only storm reports across the area for today are from winds. it looks like in southern pinellas county we had severe storm winds that did -- let's see, 43 mile-per-hour winds. ten around the clear water area we had 40 mile-per-hour wind gusts that were reported at clear water beach pier. that was at 8:10 this morning. as the first line of storms were actually moving on shore. that's all we've had so far for storm reports. we have not had storm reports as of yet. doesn't mean to say there couldn't be some that come in later.
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any storm reports that have come through. indicating there was in fact any damaging weather associated with that batch of storms. you can see the rain is coming to an end, primarily to the north. we'll zoom in here for you. take a look at this. once that rain passes your area here in crystal river you'll see things clear up substantially. you'll be dry from here on out once that rain passes. that cold front is off to our northwest. it's just offshore in the gulf. that is that final leg of the front that is moving across our coastline right now. that's about where the front is. we have cool air rolling in. talk about a cooldown and the days ahead. temperatures in the low 60s.
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and that severe thunderstorm warning in effect for portions of sarasota county. tornado warning in place for another two minutes in manatee county. that storm though has weakened considerably. east. if you're in the path of that storm, stay indoors, away from passes. you can see heavy rain returns on the radar right there. right there on the -- right on the border of manatee and hillsboro county. this is moving off to the northeast very rapidly. it's moving about 35 miles per hour. so based on that headed in this general area over the next half hour. right into southern, southwestern polk county, which is just south of willow oak. so willow oak, you're probably going to get another round of heavy rain moving on through as well.
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through. englewood, you're starting to see heavy downpours. do we have any questions from facebook live about where you're at or mentions of anything people are seeing? so englewood, venice, north port. that's where the rain is moving through right now. where you may be getting gusty winds. i would stay indoors, away from doors and windows. i am seeing now with that batch right there, i wouldn't be overly surprised if we get a tornado warning in this area right near englewood. we'll see if -- i am seeing some indications here on the radar not only that we have heavy rain but also the
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right here in this area. in southern -- between woodmeer and englewood. if you're in this area -- i would definitely stay indoors away from doors and windows. half hour, 45 minutes as this moves on shore. does look like what we're seeing in this area right now, i'm starting to see rotation detected. granted it has weakened some. the overall batch of storms has weakened some. the radar is showing there could be some rotation. right now the tornado warning,


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