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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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he joins us with the latest. >> reporter: passengers got the scare on this one. it happened at st. pete clearwater international airport. passengers say the plane was almost at full speed before takeoff when they heard a loud boom and the plane shook. one local passenger who happens to be a military pilot tells us what happened on the phone. listen to what he says. >> we were sitting behind the left wing and heard a large report, a boom. it shook the plane and it was obviously an engine malfunction. >> reporter: passengers say they have been sitting around for three hours. no one apologized or giving them information. we reached out to the airline for comment and haven't heard yet. pilots have been saying they have been cutting corners on safety measures and continue to head down a, quote, dangerous path. you can see all of our investigations into the airline on our website.
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action for you. >> caught in the act. a church youth center vandalized and we got a look inside. clifton, you walked in on the teens trespassing. >> reporter: yeah. we were just here doing a story about those vandals coming in here over the weekend and trashing the place. when we walked through the front door, several teens were back in the back porch. they jumped through the screen that was already cut and took off down this road. expecting to tour the damage down to the youth center, the pastor and i walked across the street the church and opened the front door. inside, three or fourteens skipping school on the back porch. >> when we walked in the door, it startled them and they weren't expecting us to come in. >> reporter: some took off running. one hopped on this bike that we found left in front of a nearby home. inside, the teens and an upset woman who didn't want to speak with us.
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>> i can't imagine what they're thinking other than, you know, when i was growing up and just being a kid. >> reporter: it's not clear if those were the vandals who broke in over the weekend, causing hundreds of dollars worth of damage. doors kicked in, holes punched out in walls and screens cut. but it's another incident this pastor has been trying to prevent through god. >> i would love to be able to minister to the -- to these boys that are in our neighborhood. >> reporter: tonight, while tobacco products litter the floor and burns cover the church's couch, this pastor wants the boys to know this place can be their refuge without breaking in. >> nobody is perfect. we all have things that we wish we had never done. >> reporter: now, the pastor says there hasn't been a break- in here in about nine years. nothing was stolen during the vandalism that happened this weekend.
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cost about $600 to repair. reporting live in hillsborough county, clifton french, abc action news. >> thank you, clifton. tampa police released this compilation video from officers' body cameras. you can hear officers being cursed at and people trying to run away. one even breaks through a glass door while trying to get away. the video also said 2014 tampa officers were assaulted in the line of duty and 341 were hurt on the job. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> good evening, everybody. what a difference a day makes, right. yesterday, three, four inches of rain across the area. today, dry, sunny and noticeably chillier. temperatures in the upper 50s from downtown. 60s in lakeland. mid 50s up in the north. brooksville 57. overnight the skies will remain
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in fact by wake-up time a lot of folks in the 40s across the northern counties. low 50s elsewhere. this is just the beginning. skies remain clear tonight and it's chilly tomorrow morning. saturday morning, there might be some scraping to do on your windshields across part of the area. we will take a look at that coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, denis. new developments in the terrifying cruise that made headlines a couple weeks ago. royal caribbean is being sued. they say that the ship knew about the storm but sent the ship into it any way. bruce simpson says he and his family stayed in the cabin for hours, clutching on to furniture while the ship rocked back and forth. at one point the movement tossed him across the room where he hitsa head and was knocked unconscious. the brewing war between apple and the fbi. the tech giant asking the judge
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apple to unlock the san bernardino shooter's iphone. apple says the fbi is seeking dangerous through the courts. the dispute is the hardest question he has seen in government. the code apple is being told to write would only be compatible with the phone at issue. well, a fight underway tonight over your right to monitor police officers. the aclu says it plans to appeal a recent court ruling that says you can be stopped from recording on duty officers from your phone or camera. videos like this one taken last year in texas can only be made if the person shooting them it. turning now to democracy 2016. election leaders setting up early voting sites today. there will be 15 places to cast your ballot before primary day. early voting starts this coming
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the presidential primary it shelf is held on march 15th. it appears that marco rubio has a lot of ground to cover over the next two weeks. a new poll shows that he is 16 points behind donald trump primary. with super tuesday right around the corner, bernie sanders and marco rubio are fighting hard to stay in their respective races. are the rich getting too rich for sanders and are american children as bad at reading as marco rubio claims. >> after a strong showing in nevada, bernie sanders continues to beat the drum against economic inequality. >> there is wrong when the richest 80 people -- 80 people in the world own more wealth than the bottom half of the global population, 3.5 billion people. >> reporter: it's a message that sander has reiterated to the base of working class americans throughout his campaign. he is not far off.
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both on the total wealth of the population of the world and also the number of billionaires and how much wealth they have, they are just estimates. >> reporter: but backed up on enough reliable data that says thatat sanders is close enough with his information to rate his claim as mostly true. next up, marco rubio is pulling out a stunning statistic about the current state of k-12 education while making his case for schools. claiming two thirds of the kids cannot read at grade level. the source was the national assessment of school progress but some experts take issue with what defines grade level. rubio uses the proficient rating. some experts saying that's a level. many states have set standards with the basic level instead which is a lower standard than proficient. marco rubio has the right figures here.
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are not reading at a proficient level but that doesn't equal reading at grade level. >> reporter: the claim about the dire state of the reading level for children is rated at half true. >> and in fact a lot of fireworks leading up to super tuesday next week. the day is a turning point in most election years and typically a key indicator who the nominees will be from each party. republican hopefuls are squaring off in a prime time debate tonight. our political fact checkers will be hard at work. i will be here with the exclusive ratings tonight after the debate on abc action news at 11:00. a major admission coming from sea world. the amusement park confirming it planted a spy in peta. the ceo made that comment. he did not say exactly how many
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sea world has seen its attendance decline considerably since the release of blackfish. your favorite local beer could soon be even more local. an effort to see if hops can be grown in florida. carson chambers shows us the impact it could have on your drink of choice and your wallet. >> it makes it more stable for storage. >> reporter: this is one of the ingredients the brew master wayne says is used in -- says makes craft beer tasty. >> we plan to add different things to the beer. >> reporter: from earthy to fruity, hops. >> it's going to develop different properties. just based on the environment it's being grown in.
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craft breweries use hops grown here. >> most come from oregon, germany. >> reporter: now hillsborough county and the university of florida are working together, using almost $160,000 grant from the florida department of agriculture growing hops in became and apopka, seeing what varieties thrive. >> 20 years ago there was very little acreage in the state. and today we're the eighth largest producer in the country. >> reporter: hops need long warm days and short cool nights so florida weather could be a challenge, not to mention humidity and pests. but it could open new doors for micro brewies like cigar city and for taste buds around the world. >> the fact that if something was being grown down here, it might be a new raw material. >> reporter: in tampa, i'm
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it will make your hair stand on end. you're getting overcharged and it's happening at more than just restaurants. the four places most likely to charge you more than you expect and how to keep that money in your pocket. denis. >> it's beautiful out there. but the camera is shaking a bit. winds up to about 15, 20 miles per hour. we will let you know if that will continue into the weekend
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>> breaking news in tampa. you're looking live from action air 1 where you can see a truck crashed into a building at chestnut and north boulevard near the north boulevard homes. we're hearing that the driver of that truck took off. scene right now. we don't know if anyone was injured in the crash or who the driver of the truck was. we will bring you more it. we also continue to follow breaking news. today.
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of the pilot telling the tower that he is shutting down. >> the left side blew out a little bit of smoke. >> passengers say the plane was almost at full speed before takeoff and then heard a loud boom ask then it shook. passengers have been sitting in the terminal. no one has apologized or giving them information. we are making calls to the airline for an update. you could be getting it. a dollar here, $5 there, it adds up. taking action reporter jackie callaway shows you all the ways we're nickel and dimed along with what you need to do to protect your money. >> reporter: nearly a quarter of a million people follow coupon queen katie's advice on facebook. still the founder of gets nickel and dimed just like the rest of us. >> you have to watch all the time.
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of the pricing errors at the drugstore. >> in the ad it will say this item is on sale with a card. but other items are on sale without the card. >> reporter: she says shoppers have to be especially careful at retailers whose sale prices make you swipe a card. >> it's on sale with a card. >> reporter: amy tracks her charges daily, comparing receipts and online accounts. >> you just have to watch. >> reporter: . >> reporter: she found restaurants to be the worst offenders. >> they add on the tip. >> it's $4 that is not yours to take. >> reporter: she pays with plastic but tips with paper. it's not only where you shop and eat. people are getting overcharged at the car repair shop. >> we brought the care to be repaired and we paid for the item the first time. >> reporter: katie's mechanic warrantied the part for a year.
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months later, you see on this estimate where they attempted to charge her twice. >> you have to pay close attention yourself. >> it will make your hair stand on end. >> reporter: mark describes how he felt once he discovered a home improvement store charged him tax on tax exempt items. florida law says you can't charge on seeds, groceries and another list of items. >> people need to take note of their receipt and say something about it. >> reporter: do you have any receipts at home where you think you might have been overcharged? take a look and take a picture and contact me on facebook. just go on to action news jackie and click on live and leave me a comment. let me know exactly what happened in your case. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> how are you doing, everybody. beautiful shot of the sunset in
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we've had a gorgeous day. just kind of chilly. 20 degrees colder than it was just two days ago. that roller coaster ride continues. from rain to clear, the clear skies are not going anywhere. in fact what we will be talking about is the possibility of a near freeze and some frost on saturday morning. but a lot of sunshine right through the weekend. and another storm system down the road that we're also going to be tracking. right now upper 50s to low 60s. then you throw in the fact that the winds are blowing about 15 to 20 miles per hour, it feels more like it's in the 40s across the area. these are the forecast lows for friday morning. clearwater 56. mid 40s crystal river over to brooksville. eastern pasco, wesley chapel all in the upper 40s. same thing, mid to upper 40s from bartow down to lake placid. and warm era long the coast. skies are clear along the coast
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50s to 60 degrees. there's the west/northwest winds at about 10 to 15 and in some cases 20 miles per hour. so the chilly air is not going anywhere for a couple days. week. wet, dry, hot, cold, florida in the winter. 64, that was the high today in tampa. a full 10 degrees below normal. 52 this morning. it will be colder than that tomorrow morning. started out with clouds along the beach and a few sprinkles. it's the colder air over the warmer waters of the gulf. that pretty much fizzled out around lunchtime, leading to a nice day. water vapor shows a lot of dry air out there. over the next five or six days, we have zero chance of rain. the only big change will be the temperatures. it's going to be pretty dramatic. tomorrow morning you will
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friday night, winds out of a northerly direction. skies clear. that leads to a pretty good chance for some frost across our northern counties on saturday morning. but then once the sunshine returns, and there will be a lot of it, we're looking good right on through the weekend. the next rain chance won't be until some time wednesday and thursday. there is a potential we could see a decent amount of rain and storm again. that seems how it's been playing out of late with the el nino pattern. low 40s in tampa. mid 30s north where there will be frost. back to 70 on sunday. more sunshine. by the middle of next week, we're near 80 until the next front arrives. hello, folks. the men's basketball squad is making a splash here late in the season. won't be any post season tournament outside of the
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four of the seven wins coming here at the end of this month, i would say there's significant improvement. something to build on. along with their freshman guard up some eyes. john sabol has more. >> reporter: when you assess troy back in july and peters broke his foot in december, that left a void in the rotation. the head coach had no choice mcmurray. >> when we evaluated him, we knew he could score the ball which he has done. >> reporter: since joining the starting lineup, his production has exploded, leading in every statistical category including points, assisted and three- pointers. >> when i came in here, i didn't expect what i'm doing now. i just wanted to have a goal of >> reporter: mcmurray is
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in fact he ranked fifth in scoring in the entire american conference. not bad for a kid who was not highly recruited coming on campus. >> i feel like god put me here to impact lives and also put other people to impact me be something that people can rely on and watch and learn from. >> reporter: he is doing exactly what the bulls need in order to build a consistent winner. reporting at usf, john sabol, abc action sports. >> usf will be going for three wins in a row tonight when they host uconn at 7:30. the lightning open up a road trip tomorrow night in new jersey. in four days before the trade deadline. outside of a deal, you likely won't see anything else at least that's the indication head coach john cooper is giving us.
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and so -- and in saying that, i think our guys know that and like i said, we've had success. this group. we don't know why we can't do it moving forward. >> the latest report from rays spring training, everyone is in. first full squad workout gets underway tomorrow at 9:15. we are back in a minute and
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>> beautiful from the main sale. gorgeous sunset. temperatures are still kind of cool. 50s and low 60s. skies will be clear tomorrow morning. you will be waking up to mid to upper 40s across most of the area. tampa will be about 51, 52, 53. even colder on saturday morning. >> all right.
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today's top stories on >> and we will see you back here at 11:00.
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breaking news. we're on the scene, the deadly tornado outbreak. at least eight dead, including a 2-year-old. more than 30 twisters from texas to pennsylvania. homes destroyed. this truck blown over on the gw bridge in new york. the coast guard trying to save this boat. the showdown tonight. is this the last chance for the other candidates to try and take down donald trump before super tuesday? and, the eye-opening new poll tonight from marco rubio's own state of florida. is trump unstoppable, even there? just 24 hours after our exclusive with apple's ceo, tim cook, the fierily re ery moments on capitol hill today. and just tonight, apple answers the judge. new reporting tonight after


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