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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking news. a shooter goes on a rampage in a kansas business. >> three people dead, 20 injured. >> what we're uncovering about
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we begin with breaking news. three innocent victims and a gunman are dead at a kansas lawn mower factory. there's a florida connection, right now the sheriff telling us the shooter, peter ford, walked to the factory north of wichita and opened fire. responding officers killed ford. dozens of other workers are injured, the sheriff telling reporters ford has a criminal history in florida including berg lar rae, grand theft, and detectives say a previous incident at the plant appears shooting. thanks for joining us. story. police telling us a brother and sister were stalked by this spotsing himself.
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that scary encounter. cameron. >> reporter: wendy, this all started in a wal-mart parking lot a half mile away from where we are now. it ended outside this subway, with 18-year-old caleb carroll in handcuffs. >> i was disgusted and shocked that he was doing that right there in broad daylight. >> reporter: frightened for herself and her nine-year-old brother, alexis says she immediately told him to get in the car. >> once i did put my car in reverse we went to dollar tree. i was just sitting there, texting my friend, and waylon told me, isn't that the car behind us? >> reporter: the man began exposing himself. the two quick drove away. the two youngsters immediately called their mother and 911. >> i made it over there rather quickly.
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mother arrived just as police showed up to arrest him. >> i wanted to snatch his [ bleep ] out of that car and beat his (bleep). >> reporter: proud of how her daughter kept cool and took action. >> i learned to be aware of my sur roundings at all times because you never know when there's a crappy out there. >> reporter: now, we are told carroll has posted bail tonight. he posted a $5,000 bond. he is charged with lewd and lascivious behavior. >> cameron thank you. tampa police forced to evacuate apartments, officers telling us the suspect slammed into a building near blake high school, rupturing a gas line. the truck was stolen and the driver took off. fortunately no injuries are reported. clearwater firefighters
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people out of a burning motor home. both victims making it out okay. two cats were also inside the vehicle. only one of them survived. jamison. hundreds of allegiant airlines passengers are finally on the ground in kansas city after their flight from clearwater came to a booming halt. shortly after 3:00 p.m. flight 904 is heading down the runway at st. pete clearwater airport. the pilot ready to take off when he hears a loud boom. the plane comes to a stop. passengers not sure what to make of what just happened, some thinking they were about to head off the runway. a military pilot told us live on the air he was with us wife and kids. >> on the left wing, heard a large report, a boom that shook the plane, and it was obviously an engine malfunction. >> reporter: it's a problem our i-team has been documenting over the last year, uncovering
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concerns, delays and cancellations, pilots locked in a bitter battle accusing the airline of putting profits over passenger safety, a claim the air lain has continually denied and one that has not hurt its earnings with h one of the best profit margins last year in the airline industry. >> allegiant telling me tonight all passengers were placed on a new plane and no injuries were reported. breaking news. another airline emergency this one from march are 2014. a u.s. airways flight slamming onto the runway in philadelphia during take-off, the ntsb blaming the pilot saying he failed to put critical information into the computer. tonight the airline is saying it has changed training and procedures. good evening everybody. clear skies and temperatures dropping down into the low 40s
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probably dropping to 38 by tomorrow morning. it stays above freezing the rest of us well into the 40s if skies. it so overnight tonight skies will remain clear but we have through the area. what that does is give us a weather, and that means tomorrow night will be even colder, possibly a freeze across our northern counties. couple of minutes. breaking news from the nfl. dallas police telling reporters they are taking the domestic violence case against cleveland quarterback johnny manziel to a grand jury, his ex-girlfriend claiming they argued at a dallas hotel and manziel hit her as they drove back to fort worth, the girlfriend telling police the blow was so hard she temporarily lost hearing. now to an update on a florida woman injured and fighting for her life. she was on a mission trip in colombia when a bolder fell on top of her crushing her brain,
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a friend of a friend helped get skyler back to the united states in record time, and she was accepted into icu in miami. amelita believes skyler's spirit helped keep her alive. >> the miracle child, the she's making it. she's doing her thing. she's doing her dance. she's singing wherever she is, and she's making it happen. >> i eve been communicating with skyler's mom meredyth who is a dairy friend of mine. she tells me today skyler had spinal surgery and doctors were very encouraged. in the next week they will attempt to treat her injuries. a new facebook page called sky is the limit, you seat here, it will follow skyler's progress
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please share it with your friends. skyler's family is so thankful for your support. now to democracy 2016, the republicans in houston arguing back and forth. marco rubio attack donald trump saying he has no solid plans. >> five things. everyone's dumb, make america great, win, win, win, he's winning in the polls. >> senator! >> and he's winning in the polls. >> that's pretty much the tone for teaching. tonight's debate opened on the hot button issue of illegal immigration. donald trump, marco rubio and ted cruz sparred. trump claimed it wouldn't even be an issue if it weren't for him. >> you wouldn't even be talking and you wouldn't have asked that as the first question if it weren't for me when i talked about illegal immigration. >> our experts found trump to be false on this one.
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and making mexico pay for it certainly makes headlines but politifact found the debate came well before trump's candidacy for president. we're also checking plenty of other statements. see their ratings by going to our website at tonight abc action news pushing the clearwater fire department for answers on hiring procedures d. they do a background check on this man, an assistant chief? police charged him with shoplifting a 5-hour energy drink. officers telling us the assistant chief is claiming it was just an accident and he just fordot to pay. >> it's an unfortunate incident. it's very embarrassing for our department. we're not pleased to have to discuss this. >> we're learning also he was
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concealing or altering the price of merchandise. we're still waiting for city officials to tell us how he could have passed background checks. we'll let you know what they tell us. new at 11:00 a polk county associate superintendent firing off an explosive letter to the school board, telling the board the whistleblower had a hind agenda. hankson describing greg rivers as a bully who used intimidation tactics to gain power. she made a series of allegations but all were found to be unsubstantiated. she was later fared over her cozy relationship with rivers. he says he stands by his claims. zephyrhills parents school
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officer will no longer be walking the halls. a good father, well-known in the community, well liked. >> a family speaking about a deadly rampage. coming up, how a uber driver rampage. a possible motive for claiming a child was kidnapped. half of my heart staff, he brought it back to me. >> a young girl who lost her therapy dog and a little puppy horribly abused. ahead the horrible case that
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welcome back. we're learning new details about the man accused of going on a shooting rampage in michigan while driving for uber.
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charges, his attorney telling abc dalton switched cars at his parents house after the first shooting but his family still left wondering why did he any of this. >> he's been act differently in the last couple of days. his wife asked him, and he said he was tired. just his demeanor, that he seemed to be depressed and down, which was not his normal character. >> the attorney denied reports dalton was having financial troubles at the time of his arrest. a night in jail a possible change of heart, the mother who told police her son is missing is now saying she regrets making the whole thing up. abc action news reporter marisela has the story. >> reporter: i talked to the chief. he says the first call came in about a stolen car and they assigned a detective. then the second call came in about a possible missing child and they had more officers out on the streets. he says he took this seriously
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have been more honest. this couple may have been so desperate yesterday to get their stolen car back that authorities say they lied their child was missing. >> i'm sorry for all of this. >> reporter: she admitted today she made up the story about her child in the car. >> i will never do it again. you will never see me here again. >> i was placed under arrest for no apparent reason. >> reporter: authorities say the couple's car was stolen in january. officers found it but the person would total got away. yesterday it was taken again. >> because the first time our vehicle was stolen, it took them about two days to find it. and the second time, i wasn't going to have him get away. >> reporter: that meant involving her three-year-old son, she says because she wanted officers to react urgently. >> i think it's a representation of the fact that they have no credibility. >> reporter: detectives say
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>> i'm just happy that leverage get cleared out in its due time. >> reporter: the man accused of stealing the car was caught avenue crashed it. but it doesn't change that more than 50 clearwater police officers searched for the boy would was at day care the entire time. other agencies got involved and thousands of dollars was spent on a fake report of a missing kid. >> i would spend that money to find a kid. so it doesn't -- it's not something that i don't think was appropriate to do if the kid was in fact missing but surely is a complete waste of resources when someone fabricates a lie and causes that impact to happen. >> reporter: the chief now tells me does he not believe this incident stems from drugs. i also talked to dcf. they tell me that the child protection division of the sheriff's office has an open investigation as a result of yesterday's incident. reporting live, marisela
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caught in the act, a church youth center vandalized. police caught more teens inside while covering the story. walking in with a pastor to get a look at the damage, our reporter and the pastor scared off three or four teens. they tracked them down and called deputies. deputies say at the can't prove these are the vandals what kicked in the doors, punched holes in the wall and cut screens. the pastor says would rather minister to these teens instead of charge them. >> i would love to be able to minister to these boys that are in our neighborhood. nobody's perfect. we all have things we should have never done. >> the total damage done by the vandals is around $600. a pup fee named brodie shot and nearly killed, hit dozens of times by teen age wears a bb gun. some of those pellets lodged in the dog's skin. and a little girl with her own tragic story is adopting him.
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issues and her therapy dog dad in january. so when she heard brodie's story she just knew the two were meant for each other. >> i lost my buddy woodrow. i felt i lost half my heart. half of my heart dade. he brought it back to me. >> the animal hospital says they received dwos adopt brodie day from as far away as australia but they say there was an instant connection between these two. speaking of dogs, if you have to wake up early to take one out for a walk, you might need a sweat shirt. >> maybe on saturday morning some frost out there across those northern counties. you see the camera shaking at rivergate. still breezy. winds 10 to 15 miles per hour. we're actually going to get another front roll through overnight. this one will bea dry front but
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of the cooler air and allows the winds to go more normal by later tomorrow. when that happens, even though titan doppler radar is rain- free right now, what it will do is allow the temperatures to drop even more late tomorrow night into early on saturday morning. temperatures right now as we mentioned anywhere from the low 40s in citrus county, mid to upper 40s hernando, most everybody else in the 50s. look at lakeland at 45 degrees and clear skies. st. pete 58. all over the place. one thing is for sure. a lot colder right now than was this time last night. temperatures up to 16 degrees colder right now in inverness than last night, zephyrhills 14 degrees colder. that chilly air is just arriving. it's going to be stick around for at least two, three more days until we begin to see the warm-up. temperatures now under clear skies. tampa clearwater at 56, st. pete 58, also clear skies. so earlier on today we topped out at 64. that's a full 10 degrees below
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the record is 87 a long time ago back in 1962. picture. earlier on this morning we had that wind coming off the gulf. we talked about it last night. it did bring some clouds to our coastal area. even a few showers, some sprinkles. gone. cool. tomorrow every bit as cool if not cooler than we had today as drier air comes on in. so we're not going to have to worry too much about any cloud cover at all w. more of a normal wind tomorrow, that means instead of traveling over the gulf and being able to pick up a little more moisture that air goes down the spine of the state. not a lot of moisture there. that means the cloud cover will be practically nonexistent. so overnight tonight your wake- up tomorrow morning as whatever is left of that front comes through, it's a dry front, and i don't think it brings us anything more than maybe a couple clouds, but by mid to late morning, it's well to the south. we get that reinforcing shot,
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by friday night into saturday morning, you are going to notice it. clear skies, temperatures in the 30s and 40s. i don't think we see a freeze, but i do think there's going to be some frost possible. even in eastern pasco county, wesley chapel, land o' lakes, areas to the north from hernando to citrus, you are going to be waking up to temperatures 36, 37. then clear skies through the rest of the weekend. eventually a little bit of a warm-up. in fact, a big-time warm-up by the middle of the week. at that time we're also going to be looking at the chance of another storm. too early to tell if it's strong or what it is going to be, but typically this winter has been an el nio type of situation where those lows have a tendency to blow up over the gulf. we could be looking at another band of strong storms late next week into wednesday and thursday. temperatures for forecast highs, these are the highs, upper 50s to low 60s across the entire viewing area tomorrow, but it will be sunny. no doubt about that.
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around through the weekend. saturday morning is really when the temperatures are going to start to drop. mid to upper 30s in our northern counties, 38 zephyrhills, 39 lakeland, low to mid-40s elsewhere, brandon 39. this is saturday morning, not tomorrow morning. so again i don't think it's going to be a huge deal for a freeze but it is definitely going to be a cold start to the weekend. but then it gets better. sunday back up to 70 degrees as temperatures warm up. tenth look at that. closer to 80 by the middle of next week as that roller coast ride continues. however, pretty good chance of rain returns late wednesday night and into thursday. >> thank you denis. is there a trade braking with the lightning? t k has more coming up in
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. the entire nhl on trade alert with the deadline monday so any anxiety the bolts might be feeling will come on an important road trip. when you listen to head coach john cooper, with the exception of a possible deal for jonathan drouin, the roster they have now will likely be the roster they have after the deadline.
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insaying that i think our guys know that, and they continue to play hard. they continue to get better. like i said, we've had success. we've won in the past. we don't see why we can't do it moving forward. >> the bolts will catch the devils on the back end, two in a row tomorrow night. new jersey lost to the blue jackets in columbus, 6-1, but the division leading panthers beat arizona. the final there was 3-2. usf's two-game win streak ended tonight at the hands of a very hot shooting uconn team. the head coach has got to be pleased with steady progress made in the last month. four of their seven wins have come in the last 30 days. during that time freshman guard mcmurray has made his preps known. here's john sabol. >> reporter: when usf's troy tore his acl and peters broke
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head coach orlando had no choice but to turn to a freshman, mcmurray. >> when we evaluated him we knew he could really score the ball. >> reporter: mcmurray's production has exploded leading usf in almost every stay ties tig kay category including points, assists, and three- pointers. >> when i came in here i didn't expect what i'm getting now. i just expected maybe i just wanted to have a goal of averaging 10. >> mcmurray is definitely exceeding his point total goal. he's ranked fifth in scoring in the entire american conference. not bad for a kid would wasn't highly recruited coming out of kansas. while his play has elevate, so has his maturity and humility. >> i feel like god put me here to impact lives and also put other people to impact me, be someone that people can rely on, be someone that people can watch and learn from. >> reporter: that attitude is
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order to build a consistent winner. john sabol, abc action sports. if you are going down to port charlotte you might see a change in pitcher jacob risley. outside of the weight gain he also was blessed with a new baby. once again, gates open at 9:15 when the team takes the field.
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i had a tough time grading tomorrow morning because it is going to be sunny but cold, like 62 the high. but i still gave it an a
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sunny. folks up north still wish they were here. >> no snow on the ground. we should be happy here. >> it's actually going to be chilly. >> we still can't complain. no snow on the ground. continuing coverage of all our top stories at >> have a great night.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- kelly ripa - from "how to get away with murder," billy brown - mean tweets movie edition -- and music from tinashe and snakehis featuring chance the rapper. with cleto and the cletones -- and now, no kidding, here's jimmy kimmel!


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