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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 6AM  ABC  February 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. now, at six, outrage over the take out at the west coast city sheriff and why they senator cruz the deputies innocence. the one place the cdc says pregnant woman should not go because of the virus. today could be a turning point for hillary clinton and bernie sanders pushing for south carolina voters. what a primary win could mean
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>> good morning and like -- thank you for waking up with us. we will get to all of today's news in just a moment but first, flotus most accurate forecast. a little chill of right now -- a little chill right now. clear skies in light winds. that means that things are cooling off around the region. here's a look at the tower cam. you can see it is clear and serene around davis islands and harbour island, as well. as we look at titan doppler radar and satellite overlay, just a few clouds out in the gulf over the warmer waters but nothing showing up except for the chill. 38 right now in wesley chapel. spring hill at 41. 45 and ellington clearwater and tampa.
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going to the day today, look out and see maybe a few high clouds. we are looking for a high of 64-65 degrees. a cool and clear day to start off. more details on action news forecasts including the details going on this weekend that you contact card in including getting up close and personal with action error -- air one. video from me -- an officer spotted camera. authorities arrested tiffany tebow for petty theft and resisting an officer. the pod camera captured more than 25 minutes of this ordeal. the sheriff just released the
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>> when you see the entire video , it protects our agency and it protects the deputy showing he is justified in his actions. >> the sheriff's office has received raises as well as criticism. the woman's family refuses to comment work we reached out to the person who recorded that when this video and have not received a comment. panella's teacher out on bond this morning after police say she was driving under the influence. a driver called 911 thursday night describing her drifting out of her lane on countryside boulevard work officers say -- boulevard. officers say she smelled of alcohol but refused the test. she was also found with her decoding in the vehicle. charged with dui and drug possession. a six-month run from police is finally over even after he tried to chew off his fingerprints to avoid an
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now, involving -- involved in half a dozen murders. officers tell us he lied about his name when arrested. after discovering his true identity, the cops found out he is wanted on drug and gun charges. officers say he stole -- sold guns possibly linked to 15 murders in the area. a man is in jail accused of opening fire on three people. this is him right here. he claims that the road actually belong to him. the victim tells us that his father and brother arrived to help holloway his broken motorcycle with a trailer when jeffrey estrada started yelling at them and pulled a gun. the victims as in estrada fired two shots as they drove away. thankfully, no one was hurt and estrada faces assault with a deadly weapon charge. a 17-year-old charged with molesting an 11-year-old boy is back in pinellas county jail.
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to stay away from anyone in anyone younger than 18 years old. the victim's mother says she is startled to learn he was allowed to live in a home with other kids. >> to find out he was living with younger children in a group home, being exposed to that, it makes you wonder if other things have happened that don't know about.>> he had already been accused of sexually abusing three children. he reportedly underwent rehabilitation for other cases before being allowed to enroll in a school with other kids. community leaders in st. petersburg are launching a new campaign to curb gun violence. shootings like this one in a teenage's birthday party have plagued that city.
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locks and antitheft devices for cars free to anyone who lives and works in st pete. new this morning on road park in downtown clearwater, officials tell us chestnut street is open again and this is a few days sooner than expected after railroad repairs by csx. this is great news since this is the same road project responsible for causing long backups last year. some drivers telling us they waited 45 minutes or more to get through traffic. in another part of pinellas county, heads up on gandy boulevard in the overnight hours tonight, the westbound lanes will be closed from him okay 2/6 street north until about 6 pm tomorrow. detour signs will be posted but you want to be sure to leave extra time to get to where you're going. 11 people in the hospital this morning following a deadly mass shooting in kansas. a restraining order is believed to have led to his rampage.
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and left upset. he went on to shoot people into areas of town before returning back to his workplace and opening fire there. three people died. a woman is charged with giving forward to guns used in that shooting spree. the cdc reports of american women in infected with the zika virus overseas are now discouraged from going to these -- to the summer olympics in rio. one child was born with a severe brain abnormality in two of the babies were born completely healthy. two other women are still pregnant right now in the cdc says regnant women should not go to the olympic games in rio and if their male partners go, the cdc says the couple should not have six throughout the entire pregnancy. today in democracy 2016
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democrats head to the polls to vote in the state's primary and bachelor parties are not your usual campaign events but that is where hillary clinton unexpectedly found herself at a charleston baker yesterday. the groom and his best friends just happened to be there. her opponent, bernie sanders, swept through the state yesterday after stopping through minnesota. of candidates are fighting for the key support of white voters. the latest poll has clinton with a nearly 30 point lead over sanders, a win for bernie gives him much-needed momentum but for clinton, it could mean that she sweeps super tuesday. still to come this morning, another move in the apple versus fbi case. what it means for the iphone security battle when we come back. funding our veterans and wounded warriors jobs. how you can get in contact. also this morning, the tampa bay rays fans look forward to this each year. invest returning.
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autographs, of course work in the team gear. and the great cause you will be supporting, up next. tampa bay lightning won their fifth in the row -- in a row. a big win over the devils coming up in sports. it's going to be a great day to get out and enjoy some of those activities. it may be a little brisk but by later on on the golf course, things are looking good. we start out in the 40s but end up in the mid-60s by later on. tomorrow will be even warmer work we have a little action -- even warmer. we have a little action by the
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as apple pushes back against the fbi, the company continues making smartphones even more hack proof. apple says it regularly improves security because cyber attacks are more frequent and sophisticated. the fbi wants apple to happen to the phone of one of the san bernardino shooters to see if it contains more information. apple is concerned creating a backdoor for one phone could compromise the security of all of their funds. there is a new effort to improve safety and security in the area that focuses on
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under this plan, the court buyers would have to pay for the tsa pre-check. so far, they have not had to do that. in exchange, the sign-up process would get easier and tsa would be mandated to come up with ways to check documents instead of by hand. this is still being considered by congress. taking action for our war heroes. international group is helping they -- veterans with bay area jobs. a career fair this week for wounded warriors and caregivers. was like this would go beyond basic training and actually help jobseekers. people suffering from ptsd, you can find links to resources with this story on abc action what a great event and it's important for all of us. loads of fun stuff including the big fanfest which starts in
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a huge event out there as folks are getting ready for baseball season.>> it seems like it came fast. >> are we going to be freezing when we go out there today? >> it's only 72 but it's going to be chilly on the outside, for sure. there is why we could see clear skies from our rivergate tower cam. with the wins dying down and skies clearing, that means that we are chilling out on this saturday morning. is go ahead and take a look at our weather headlines for today. a chilly start as mentioned. temperatures in the 30s and 40s but it's going to be bright and beautiful. we will slowly start to warm up including pushing toward 80 degrees by the middle of the work week. take a look at titan doppler radar. as mentioned, it's clear. just a few clouds down along the south as we they are in the satellite component to this and really, no rain to speak up
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i think we can give tyler -- titan doppler radar the weekend off. at 6 o'clock in the morning, 2 to 10 degrees cooler. so we're getting those readings into the 30s right now. 39 in zephyrhills. brooksville has 33 degrees. around the water, a little bit warmer. 51 in st. petersburg. but definitely cooler to the north. 31 in tallahassee in gainesville. 34 in jacksonville. high pressure settles in and that will give us those light winds out of the northwest to north and we will see the gradual warming but we won't see much in the way of cloud cover at all. not today. not tomorrow. pretty much right into monday, as well. take a look at our highs for today.
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northerly winds and cold air induction, we are not going to get out of the mid 60s. 64 for tampa. 58 in palm harbor. 64 clearwater. 62 for hernando and 61 for bradenton. let placid about 64. -- lake placid about 64. or something going on out at the lake city airport. planes, trains and automobiles is the name of the event work thin out will give me a ride over there and i will mc some of the events. -- of the event. the captain will give me a ride of the events. if you're looking to do some boating today, i would wait. 15 kn and later this afternoon,
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about 2 kn. the gulf water temperature is 62. low tide happens at 10:11 after that high tide we had just about 4:30 in the morning. the sun is up at 6:57 and it will sat at 6:29. here's a look at florida's most accurate forecast showing a gradual warm-up. today, we will hit a high of 64. almost 10 degrees warmer as we get more sunshine and we will see those winds shift out of the north and the east. up to 75 on monday. 77 on tuesday and we get a front coming through on wednesday which will close off with about a 20% chance of showers. bill logan wfts on my twitter feed. good morning, everybody! last night is the last night the lightning will savor. cruising to a win is a welcome
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it would be hard for us to find any fault anywhere in this one. ben fisher. the triplets having fun. tyler johnson. they made it to do nothing and that they get hot, watch out work steven stamkos continues his scoring. this 27th. lightning when the first of four on the road. their fifth in a row. bishop shout out. the first shutout against new jersey ever on the road. the final, four to nothing. earlier, braden coburn signed a three-year extension. he has a two-year no trade clause in it and it's a good deal for both sides and coburn certainly deserves it. meanwhile, down in port charlotte, spring training. john zabel has more from friday's first full squad workout. >> reporter: the first workout can be a little grueling. if you don't believe me, ask
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>> what are you doing? >> reporter: and exhausting workout. just take a little rest over there. >> there's another kevin who's a little more important to me and that is kevin cash. i had to go second for his interview so i thought i would make myself comfortable. thankfully to the security guard. >> reporter: joking aside, the rays did get down to business this morning and it all started with kevin's message to his ballclub prior to practice. >> probably the cleanest, crisp conversation. >> we are trying to win starting today. being a competitive team in a winning team starts right now. >> reporter: stephen souza is still dealing with a muscle strain. they are not setting any
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they did add he is improving. reporting in port charlotte, john zabel, abc action news sports. players have 15 minutes to put on a good impression. it can make or break their position. the buccaneers have started their interviews. here's what jason is looking for. >> you can tell when a guy is genuine, usually. you look for some humility, sense of humor, being genuine and owning up to their mistakes if they have made some which most of them have. so it's just kind of appeal, a gut feel between yourself and myself and coach carter and whoever is in the room during the interview together >> defensive in, spence, admitted to all of his mistake
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friday. he used ecstasy several times that not only got him kicked out of ohio state but the big ten conference. he says he has nothing to hide and is getting drug tested every week. it's all out there. we will see. and that is your morning sports update. enjoy your weekend. batter up today in st pete as the 20th annual rate -- funfest at tropicana field. he could take all of those selfies, run the bases and tour the clubhouse. you can also score deals at the guard benefiting the rays baseball foundation. it's all free to attend. doors open at 11 o'clock this morning's -- morning. buying car insurance is a necessary burden. >> still to come this morning. but what you may not know, if you rent, you are likely paying hundreds more.
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this coming up. later on, the top five tax deductions not to overlook. plus, the biggest mistakes eve hours make. we will have those coming up -- e-filers make.
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welcome back. 6:24. taking action for your money. tampa drivers are paying more for car insurance and it all comes down to renting versus owning your home. >> any review by the consumer federation of america found even if you are a good driver, you will pay more for basic liability car insurance. an average of 7% or.>> that is about 279 bucs a year more that renters are paying and this is looking at seven big companies. to pay more. the medium income is about 28,000 bucs and that as compared to 63,000 for homeowners. drivers. it wants lawmakers and regulators to make sure insurance companies stop considering homeownership and other nondriving factors when
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most of us have heard about a standing desk at the office. we are standing now. how about that? and now, the idea is taking off in schools. >> kids seem to love it. students say they love stretching out their lands and their teacher teamed up with a parent. they are both concerned that children setting -- are setting for too long in class. >> there hunched over their desk trying to write and learn in their little spins are starting to curve and you can see the physiological implications that is going to have as they get older.>> the teacher believes students who are having trouble sitting in one spot to long actually concentrate and learn better when they are standing up. a bombshell endorsement in the republican's race for the white house. >> there is no better fighter
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>> this could end the signal -- this could signal the end of candidates against donald trump. great views at the gas pump but not at the store. the reason we are still paying more money for things like air travel and tires.
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in plant city, the strawberry festival kicks off the third. $12. 6 to 12 years old gets in for five dollars.
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practice on march 8 for free and registration is going on right now for the united [ null this community calendar is brought to you by florida hospital. live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. welcome back to abc action news this morning. i am ashley yore. just about 6:30 this morning and this is what we are watching. pascoe county sheriff's office is standing by the deputy who took down a suspected deep. the sheriff tells us witnesses sent cell phone video recorded to his office. clammy excess of force. the sheriff released 25 miniature of -- minutes of
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camera. on the cameras protecting both his agency, the deputy in the suspect's. a local sheriff in has been, kansas, thanks a restraining order led to the deadly mass shooting. he was sent for papers at work and left very upset and went on a rampage. investigators are still searching for a motive. three people died in 11 remain hospitalized. a woman is charged with giving him two guns used in the street. burning can't -- bernie sanders leading in the polls. clinton with almost 30 points on sanders. it's going to be kind of chilly out there for those wanting to get an early start work >> it's chilly but we will see pony of sunshine and a gradual warming.
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>> it is chilly but we will see plenty of sunshine and a gradual warming. it will definitely be an from across louisiana. this is an area recovering from this is surveillance video inside a sheriff's office waiting room showing the exact moment when the storm strikes. check this out. dust and debris flying. and as the picture disappears, the tornado pulls up the roof. that is amazing work we are getting all kinds of great video in this morning including yes. a lightning -- amazing. we are getting off of the great video in this morning including this. you can see those bridges lit up with the various colors and folks are getting a start on a beautiful saturday with just a few high clouds around. satellite and radar composite shows not much in the way of
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clouds and of streaming in from the gulf. in the upper levels, we have kind of a west to east flow that we have northwest winds coming in and that has helped to drop the temperatures just a little bit. 45 right now in tampa. 50 in clearwater. st. petersburg with 51 degrees. skies are clear and winds, as i mentioned, coming in out of the north, northeast between five and 8 miles an hour. taking a look at what is going on today. raise fanfest starts today. -- rates -- rays fanfest starts today. 52 degrees today for a high in st. petersburg. it's going to be a very good time. thousands of folks expected to meet and greet with the players and coaches and framing is
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back over to you. a canalis park doctor is facing life in prison for running an illegal drug operation. here's the doctor right here. the jury convicting the doctor and his wife on several charges including monday -- money- laundering. between 2009 and 2014, they saw between 80 and 100 patients a day at the orthopedic and wellness center. patients were charged anywhere from $150-$350 for cash -- of cash per visit. two of them died after just one visit. >> police are looking for the person who ran over a child in central florida and took off. sadly, it gets even worse. >> i went flying off my bike and my bike landed on my leg. and then the guy came and he
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>> that is the eight-year-old who was riding his bike in titusville thursday when a car hit him. the force of the crash ripped his front tire off his bicycle in the driver came back, smiled and winked before taking off for good. amazingly, he was out of the hospital less than 24 hours after the crash with just a few scrapes. a star player in lakeland for spring training found himself the victim of a crime spree. justin verlander his temporary tag stolen off his truck. the clerk stole the -- tag and is also responsible for cars all over the county. >> if the gentleman wanted to shoot in, he would've shopping in a heartbeat.
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thankfully. news around the nation. five people are dead including a gunman after a three-hour standoff in washington. investigators say the gunman called 911 to say he killed his family. his wife and two children and someone else. the man turned the gun on himself before deputies entered the home. the 12-year-old girl who survived the attack is being treated at the hospital. >> a former dc police officer in church pastor will spend the next 18 years in prison for child abuse. there'll best learning his fate in court friday. he pleaded guilty to three charges of sexually abusing a girl in police headquarters in 2014. a second girl inside a church and a child pornography charge. family members and first responders in new york this weekend marking the anniversary of the first attack on the world trade center.
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1999. the blast killed six people and injured more than 1000 others. a memorial service took place friday at the national museum. six people were convicted for their role in the bombing. >> us world leaders are closely watching the fragile civil war government bombs pounded rebel areas friday just hours before into effect. we got word overnight that two car bombs exploded on the edge of a government held town killing at least two people. the islamic state group claims responsibility. it does not include isis were al qaeda targets. 97 groups agree to the cease- fire. turning to democracy 2016 coverage, people are still
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the governor publicly backing donald trump yesterday and saying this announcement could possibly be a pivotal moment in the race. >> there is no question that this is the person that could go to washington dc and absolutely turn the place around. >> and of course, it's make or break time for everyone when we will get a better idea of how everyone is feeling about candidates on both sides of the aisle work bernie sanders and hillary clinton spent friday in canada -- ahead of the primary. oil prices have been dropping month after month since last fall. and that means big savings at the gas pump. john matarese. >> reporter: oil prices have
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crunching -- plunging to $100 a barrel stove -- barrel. with the price of gas well below two dollars, a philip costs almost half what it did a few years ago. but airfares have not fallen. tire manufacturers blame high oil prices for the recent priest -- price hikes but tire prices haven't fallen. in the price of motor oil in the auto parts stores jumped to six and seven dollars a quart over the past years. crude oil is down but motor oil isn't. and from the files, those annoying fuel charges from the shipping services in the garbage men. we understood those two years ago but most people don't, anymore.
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the surcharges in case gas prices spike again and say they are lower than they have been in years. hmmmm. as prices fall, it takes much longer for the benefits to trickle down. and that stinks. as long as you don't waste your money. have you already filed your taxes? >> i have. >> you are on top of things. we will help you get more money back on your taxes. >> you have to be responsible. >> the top five credits and deductions you might be missing and how you can qualify for them. a photos as 1 million words and this one speaks of undying loyalty. the canine and his deputy partner.
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don't miss the free festival with latin food and music on 7th avenue took if you love bluegrass music, and in zephyrhills, don't miss the free health screening. and join me at noon for the luncheon on-site.
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registration is required. your time right now is 6:42. you can get more money on your taxes. last year, congress extended the number of taxes to boost your bottom line.>> jackie callahan has the top five deductions you might be qualified for. >> reporter: first biggie, don't miss out on sales tax deductions. people overlook the fact they can add on major purchases. >> if you buy a car or a both were in rv and you have significant sales tax, you can had that -- you can add that to your deduction. >> do you have a kid in school
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college. you have two options for write- offs. make sure you don't take the wrong one. the first is the american tax opportunity -- american opportunity tax credit. >> it will reduce your income tax liability dollar for dollar. >> you will want to compare to the deduction for qualified higher education expenses. you can deduct up to $4000 on the front of your tax return. >> also the deduction of mortgage interest premiums. is a big one for the senior crowd took those 70 1/2 and older must take distributions from their retirement accounts but if you direct that distribution to a charity, it's a double tax break. >> you will not pay income tax on the deduction and you will get the deduction.
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aside from looking -- overlooking deductions, check out these big mistakes, as well. errors on paperwork if you are already covered by the affordable care act. not taking all of the credits you are about and don't forget the filing deadline is april 18 this year. and i got to know, are you as efficient as rodney is. i'm feeling a little bit bad about myself this morning. >> and this goes for everything in my life. either i do at the dates assigned for the day after and i'm waiting for the day before. >> trust me, i would be more like rodney. >> uncle sam is out there and he wants his money. >> he'd already gotten his money! a good day to put off doing the taxes i think, today. it outside and enjoy a cool start.
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feel a bit of a chill out there. it's really chilly in some of our northern neighborhoods and i will show you that in a second at this beautiful, wide picture here. just about 12 minutes ahead of our official sunrise and tampa bay and you can already see that light off in the eastern sky. firing abdul doppler radar's for you this morning in the riverview area and also over into melbourne because we are really trying to look for some clouds and showers. there are not any out there. the only thing we are seeing are a few high clouds in the gulf and a few more down in the atlantic side and that is just because we have cooler air moving over the warmer water so we get a little bit of that cloud cover. nothing showing up as far as the cloudy skies in tampa. it is clear at 45 degrees. winds out of the east at 45. 45 in clearwater with calm winds and 51 in st. petersburg
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around the region, we are often the northern neighborhoods. ward he won for spring hill. 41 for leslie chappell. -- wesley chapel. 45 in ellington, clearwater at 46. into the 30s, low 30s across our northern neighborhoods. tallahassee, gainesville and not much cooler than that across the northern plains. 34 in minneapolis. chilly in boston. 21 degrees but it's going to be very clear across much of the country today as a big area of high-pressure kind of covers the eastern two thirds of the country and that includes us. that is why we have gotten those winds out of the north. you will see light winds and gradual warming throughout the day today. and as i mentioned, no rain in the forecast or at least to the middle of the work week. our did -- digital day planner shows that we will take the mid- 40s up to the mid-60s by later on.
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for this time of year. the normal high right around 71, 72 degrees. we will be a little bit cooler but by tomorrow, we will warm- up to normal and as we work into the work week, 75 by monday. 77 degrees by tuesday. we get a front through on tuesday. a 20% chance of showers and would cool off into the end of the workweek work for your weekend, mostly sunny and beautiful today. a little bit on the chilly side. sunny and warmer tomorrow with a high of 73 but it's going to be a chilly start with temperatures in the metro. 40s and some 30s in the northern area. more details online more details dramatic video out of seattle this morning showing a car overtaken by flames. check this out. a motorcyclist helmet cam capture the whole thing. you can see him open the door to the car future no one is inside.
6:49 am
car causing low visibility on the freeway. firefighters tell us thankfully, no one was injured. a selfie photo of an arizona deputy and his canine is capturing the internet's parts this morning. >> it shows the deputy getting a hug from his beloved partner. this is deputy chase garrett and he says he took the photo a couple of months ago during a nakata's investigation. the two of them have worked together for the past three years. says he never imagined the response this photo would get but he likes seeing his faithful partner get so much recognition. >> sometimes your dog loves you more than your mother. >> [ laughter ]he really does. >> hopefully, that was not the case. >> still to come this morning, all eyes are on the oscars this weekend. the three new movies
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crews lake park is open. in tampa, the harlem
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eight minutes before seven. are you ready for oscar weekend on nbc action news? we have nominated films still in theaters and they always get a box office bump on the academy awards weekend but there is still room for more entries. as you will find, new in theaters. " gods of egypt" looks like the top movie and biggest flop. the production budget over 140 million. they will have to do big international business to open -- to breakeven. other new films have lower budgets and lower expectations. 999 where the line between right and wrong is hazy, at
6:54 am
average reviews at $10 million. >> i'm going to be a ski jumper. >> he's going to break his neck.>> "eddie in the eagle" based on the worst ski jumper in history. we're back with more news
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taking place and what you need to do taken place in the next hour.>> craft beer, what it can mean for you if hillsboro county finds a way to grow hops locally.
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. now at 7:00, a woman thrown to the ground by a pascoe deputy but the sheriff says you haven't seen the whole story. why they say the video actually proves the officers in a sense. also this morning, and eight months tragedy. a doctor murdered in her own home. the charges her husband now the democrats head to the polls and south carolina. we are going to look at who leads the polls this morning. good morning and thank you for waking up with us. we will get to all of the days news in just a moment but first, bill logan reporting the most accurate forecast.


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