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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  March 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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in the morning we talk about fog. that's right. just a little patchy fog across the interior, otherwise in pretty good shape. in fact we're looking at temperatures in the 70s as we head through later on this afternoon. i think we're in pretty good shape. in fact the next few days we have a frontal boundary that is coming in. tomorrow with a few clouds and just a couple of showers. extended 7-day forecast coming up. right now 6:00. democracy 2016 -- a crucial day ahead in the presidential race. >> super tuesday and more delegates will be awarded than any other day of the primary season. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is here to show us what is at stake. >> reporter: a lot is at stake. half the delegates needed for the republican candidate to win the nomination are at stake and in a dozen state races republican frontrunner donald donald and democratic leader hillary clinton seem to be
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donald trump expected to win colorado, along with oklahoma and arkansas. we also have alabama and georgia here. along with tennessee, minnesota, up here. and the small state of vermont along with massachusetts. senator ted cruz is expected to win his home state only of texas. at this point as it stands donald trump has 82 delegates, ted cruz has 17, florida senator mubarak mubarak has 16. 595 delegates are up for grabs today. republicans are almost half the delegates needed to win the republican nomination. for the two democrats in the race, they are fighting for 865 total delegates today including the super delegates, former secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to take at least nine of the states. we have oklahoma, we also have arkansas here, along with
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we have georgia along with state of virginia and we're going to go up here to massachusetts. now bern bern of course is expected to win -- bernie sanders is expected to win his home state of vermont. the only one up for grabs at this point is the state of colorado here. at this point, at one point during the polling senator clinton was expected to win that state but new polls have sanders closing that gap. download our application and tune in to abc action news at results. the presidential candidates florida. hillary clinton, donald trump and marco rubio are holding rallies here. something that could affect voter turnout on super tuesday, severe weather. ivan with more.
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votes across the southeastern u.s. we don't have to worry about severe weather though. so let's focus on the super tuesday states. across the north no problem, just light snow across portions of the rockies. this is the area we're going to focus in on. in fact i'm thinking, well, nasty thunderstorms. they are going to start in the morning across portions of arkansas. so voting there will be impacted early. as that front continues to push into the southeast, 5:00 to 7:00 we'll have a line of nasty thunderstorms into portions of alabama and into georgia as well. so it will be impacked here later on in the day. that is how i see it now across the north. again massachusetts, vermont, looking ok. all the action will be across the southeast. we checked here at home, and election officials tell us that thousands of people are taking advantage of early voting ahead of the march 15th primary here. the board of elections says
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already. there's an article up now on our free mobile app telling you when and where you can go to cast your vote. in sarasota county, a registered sex offender accused of attacking a mother and daughter in their own home. 35-year-old daniel esposito will go before a judge this afternoon. deputies say he pulled a gun on a woman who drove into her garage and tried to sexually assault her. and also attacked the victim's mother when she tried to help. we're staying on top of breaking news from yesterday. pinellas park are confirming speed played a role in a fiery and deadly crash that shut down bryan dairy road for hours. the driver is identified as 60- year-old michael hester. slamming into one of the support pillars on the u.s. 19 overpass causing the truck to burst into flames. 6:04. we've monitored the enormousout
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hernando county teacher's sudden and tragic death. sadly lara delise died a day before her 28th birthday from injuries she suffered during a rodeo accident. her horse fell throwing her to the ground. she was also a cancer survivor, mother of a 2-year-old and had just gotten engaged less than two weeks ago. she was a middle and high school social studies teacher. you can see here more than $13,000 has already raced on a -- raised on her gofundme page to help pay for her medical bills. i posted more on my facebook page. and more on the free mobile app. we're watching for more protests like these in north carolina today after a deadly police shooting leaves a drug suspect dead. hundreds of people taking to
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"no justice no peace" asking why akil denkins had to die. raleigh officers say they were chasing him when an officer shot him. witnesses say the officer fired six shots. his mother found out from the onlookers it was her son who died. >> just 24! birthday this month. got two kids. a 2-year-old and 3-year-old. guess what? raleigh, north carolina is not going to get away with this one. >> his mother says sherr son wasn't armed but officials say a gun was found near his body. this morning wildlife experts are asking you to think twice about taking flash pictures of sea turtles at night now that nesting season is underway. the flash could actually stop a turtle from laying her eggs. lights can scare baby turtles trying to find the ocean or
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the beach. and now the fwc says flashes from phones and cameras can do the same thing. so keep your phones in your pocket especially at night. nesting season is today through october. police and deputies are teeming up for a mission that could save your life or the life of someone you love. the yearly click it or ticket campaign kicks off where more local officers will be hitting the streets to look for drivers not wearing seat belts. national statistics show more than half of young adults involved in deadly car crashes were not buckled up. that campaign lasts two weeks. new games could be coming soon to the hard rock casino in tampa. the gambling bill could let the seminole tribe casinos add roulette. at tampa bay downs there is a restriction.
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all the time about more and more exploding airbags under recall. you may wonder were not get rid of all of them at once? the experts say that wouldn't fix the problem. >> and can you go without
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we're expecting the man
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killing two virginia college students to take a plea deal. prosecutors wanted to seek the death penalty against jesse matthew junior but a guilty plea may keep him off death row. he's accused of killing a sophomore in 2013 and charged of killing a virginia tech student in 2010. authorities are looking for two suspects involved in this police chase in south florida. police cameras spotted a stolen car during the evening commute yesterday. but police tried pulling that driver over, he took off leading police on a chase through several cities in broward county. authorities eventually caught two of the suspects after a brief chase but two more got away. bailing out of their stolen car and jumping into another suv. still ahead -- a teen and his pregnant girlfriend beaten and robbed. key clues the victims may have about the people who did this. >> live look outside through
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camera. most places in the 50s, but temperatures will climb. >> i'm janelle martinez, we've got breaking news we're covering southbound i-75 at still blocked.
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i-75 southbound still blocked following a fatal crash. you can see the backups starting to build, past river view drive on gibsonton drive. let's widen this out. 50 miles an hour, just as you head to gibsonton drive. they are moving cars off at gibsonton drive and getting off ought i-75 but it's causing delays. a lot of drivers are getting off at 301 and taking that down. we're starting to see that slow down as well to 30 miles an hour there. so it's just depends where you're coming from and where you're going. if you want to wait out the traffic or make a detour, either way expect delays. i'll let you know here and of course on twitter what it's doing throughout the morning. elsewhere in the bay area looking pretty good. no crashes or breakdowns.
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heading to downtown. once you get to downtown, it's five minutes to the howard frankland and five minutes from the howard frankland to downtown. ivan, how's the weather? felt pretty nice. it looks great. in fact starting cool, some areas jumping 30 degrees. >> wow. >> this afternoon. that will bring us into -- won't bring us into the 80s but it will be closer. 61 st. pete. look at this, temperatures across north into the 40s and we'll be into the mid to upper 70s later on. so, do the math. 30 degrees indeed. titan doppler radar looks quiet now. it will stay quiet today. tomorrow, while the boundary is moving through it's the one that is going to bring the severe weather across the southeastern u.s. by the time it gets to us we're in pretty good shape, because it will be weaker, 10% coverage as far as the rainfall. there it comes, there it goes, it's not going to be much. that is excellent news.
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more, thursday we're good. by friday, another weak boundary moves through. we're going to have a couple this week and nothing much except for clouds, a couple of showers at best. today low 70s across the coast with the sea breeze there, otherwise mid and upper 70s as we've been talking about. 7-day forecast, a bit of a cooldown thursday morning as we wake up behind that front. so 50s. low 70s in the afternoon. then heading into friday again another shot of a couple of showers, setting us up perfect for this weekend. saturday, sunday, a lot of sun, humidity. 6:17. scott kelly and the russian cosmonautare hours away from ending their historic stay on station. >> they are on the i.s.s. for 340 days, one of the longest space missions in human history.
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long term space travel on the human body. scientists will see how space changed his body compared to his twin brother mark also an astronaut. he's been on earth the past year. compare their mission, muscle mass and blood work, what nasa learns could help the agency plan a manned mission to mars. if you checked facebook you notice friends sharing this from chick-fil-a urging you to put away your cell phones at dinnertime. the restaurant has boxes called cell phone coops like chicken coops. the idea, put your phone in the coop and -- here's the best part, if you let your server know did you that everybody in your house gets a free ice cream cone. i could do that. >> i like that. >> me too. >> take it outside. still ahead -- they are creepy, crawley and becoming harder to kill.
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parents if you're a parent -- if you're a parent, two things you need to do to keep your kids from getting lice. >> scientists are saying they are finding a connection to the zika virus. here's our business headlines. >> in today's "tech bytes," battle over on-line videos heating up. snapchat. >> the ceo says users now watch 8 billion videos on its app everyday. that's the same number of views as facebook and five times larger than it was just a year ago. high-tech and super fast. going from zero to 62 in two and-a-half seconds. >> it's at the geneva motor show, a retail price of $2.6 million. you lost me there. finally, the umbrella that not only keeps you dry, it will tell you when it's going to rain. >> it knows when it's going to
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sensor that measures humidity and other factors. it can also send a reminder of your location -- it's location even if you lose it.
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thank you for joining us on this early tuesday morning. it's super tuesday, 6:23.
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live at i-275 -- excuse me, in st. petersburg as we look live at i-275 through there. 58 tampa. ivan has a check of the forecast. if you're just joining us we're also updating you on a fatal crash in i-75 in gibsonton. more on that in a moment. as more of those notorious exploding airbags coming into recall we hear arguments that taking them all off the market could put drivers in danger. bill nelson got a letter arguing that recalling all takata airbags could make it tough for the highest risk cars to get replacements. last month nelson demanded a full takata recall after at least 10 deaths linked to the airbags including one in central florida. the airbag problem has been linked to older cars exposed to high humidity. we're learning a pill called female viagra may be a fail. the little pink pill is shown it doesn't raise women's
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thought, and it has been known to cause dizziness and nausea among people who used it. you remember the fda approved the drug last june making it the first pill to treat low sex drive in women. could a state flag spark violence? it's part of an argument to do away with mississippi state flag now which features a confederate emblem. lawsuit claims it violates the protection clause of the 14th amendment and could incite a violent act similar to last year, a race motivated shooting that happened at a black south carolina church. temperatures in the 50s out there. by the afternoon, upper 70s. front comes in tomorrow, we'll have details on what happens behind it and how cool it will get coming up in a few minutes. i don't know where he's taking me. dude, can you stop?
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a woman says she was trapped in the back of a ride-sharing car. the way she eventually escaped from a nightmare on four wheels. >> what he did for love. a son's extreme act for his father that got him arrested and the new rule. >> we're seeing major delays on i-75 at southbound, after a fatal crash has southbound 75 blocked at beginson gibsonton
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we're keeping you updated on this traffic alert at 6:30. i-75 still shut down southbound at gibsonton drive after a deadly collision between a motorcycle and car. let's get to janelle martinez with the alternate routes you need to know about.
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gibsonton drive southbound at gibsonton drive. they are taking cars off southbound and letting them get back on but it's causing major delays if i zoom out you can see it starts just when you pass progress boulevard. you might want to get off at 301 and take that down. 301 pretty much in the green, i would -- was checking, 45 miles per hour is your average speed on 301. then you can take that back up to gibsonton drive or even head all the way down to big bend and just avoid this altogether. either way just expect some delays as long as those southbound lanes on i-75 are blocked. elsewhere in the bay area, no major crashes or breakdowns to slow you down. on the veterans expressway, all in the green, 18 minutes from 54 to 275. captain al is flying to that crash in gibsonton drive. and i think he may have just arrived. what are you seeing? >> reporter: good morning. i see cones being picked up. could be they are reopening this roadway southbound i-75.
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any moment. we're looking for those vehicles to move out of the way but as you said this stream of cars may be a mile and-a-half long back to almost progress boulevard. i guess the detour to 301 on the east side would be a better option for now but i suspect this will be open and everything will be back to normal in the next, i don't know, 20 or 30 minutes. here's ivan with the forecast. looking pretty good, upper 50s to low 60s. clear skies now. later today we're going to warm up. it's upper 60s by 0:00. then we get into the 70s and stay there from 11:00 through the evening commute with temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. but we're going to look upstream here and high pressure in control now. tracking this front, i'll let you know when that arrives and what we can expect weatherwise, in a few minutes. democracy 2016 -- voting business to begin in a dozen states on this super tuesday. more delegates are at stake today than any other day of the primary season.
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presidential fields with frontrunner donald trump and hillary clinton hoping to tighten their grips on their party's nominations today. we just got a cnn poll finding trump would lose to either sanders or clinton but clinton would lose to rubio and is tied with cruz. ahead in the morning sprint the one candidate who could still spoil trump's chances with a win today. rights now a manhunt is on for the four people suspected of beating a teen and his pregnant girlfriend at a winter haven park. abc action news reporter corey dierdorff joins us now outside the winter haven police department with the latest on this attack. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. some very tense moments for that couple in winter haven and police department still investigating this. and searching for a couple of the attackers. they say the attackers had no mercy, not even for a pregnant woman. brahim jean baptiste and his girlfriend headed to the winter haven park to meet friends. they said they pulled into a
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they were tanged attacked. he said he went to high school with one of them and admits he got into an altercation last week with one of them. his 8 months pregnant girlfriend was in the car and jumped out to help. >> i fell on my knees, the other one pushed me. they hit me in my back, i got up. i was like i'm pregnant. they were like i don't give a (bleep). >> reporter: she also remembers having a gun pointed at her and one of the attackers raising brass knuckles. she said she doesn't know why but the attack suddenly stopped and the suspects took off. if you have any information about the attack or whereabouts. additional tackers you're asked to call winter haven police. corey dierdorff, abc action news. 6:32. take a second and take a look at this man's photo. hernando county deputies say this extremely violent criminal has been on the run for a week and they are getting more
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david dien senior is wanted on two counts of sexual battery and strangulation. last seen driving a 2007 suzuki forensa, could be to new york, miami or california where he has family and friends. take a second and share his photo when it shows up on facebook. we have it on our page. new concerns over the zika virus, a dangerous neurological disorder that is now being linked to the mosquito-borne illness. zika might be to blame for an outbreak of a syndrome in french pollnesia -- pollnesia. it can trigger temporary prince charlesies and in -- paralysis and in some cases could put people on life support. total in florida up to 42, among those are four pregnant women. that is especially troubling because zika is linked to a dangerous and devastating birth defect. one of the biggest
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$100 million. hulk hogan's attorneys will start to question potential jurors today in the former wwe star's battle against gawker. the wrestler claims gawk' r violated his privacy by releasing a part of a sex tape slurs. a decision could impact families across tampa that rely on medical marijuana to put sick loved ones at ease. one is the canos. they support an ordinance that would make possession of a small amount of marijuana a civil citation instead of a criminal defers. carlos has had a terminal illness since 2010 but they say cannabis keeps him from wasted away. >> we have to risk our freedom, our livelihood, our jobs just to make sure he can have a little better quality of life. that is not right. >> the tampa city council will
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if it passes tampa will then join a handful of florida cities including miami in decriminalizing marijuana. for the fourth time in a week spacex will try to launch a communications satellite from cape canaveral. the company scrubbed launch attempts wednesday, thursday and sunday, after delivering its pay load spacex will try to land their falcon 9 rocket on a barge in the atlantic ocean. previous attempts to land on a barge ended in a spectacular fireball after the rocket tipped over. the question is of course, whether it's a go at the launch site today. we're green at cape canaveral today. i don't see any issues that would be a violation in terms of the weather. clear skies, light winds, no rain. and we are good to go. if they have issues this early i don't think it will be weather related. we'll talk about the extended forecast, we have a couple of fronts to talk about that will be rolling through here before the weekend is up.
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crash in gibsonton. southbound i-75 reopened. you can see it there, those are the white lights, headlight coming at you. so southbound 75 is open but we're still seeing residual delays starting all the way back to right after you pass progress boulevard. 6:36. a raid sharing scare. a passenger -- ride sharing scare a passenger couldn't get out of. she said her lyft driver held her hostage. >> and coming up, we'll have changes you can make when applying for a job that may
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a woman in washington, dc is considering filing charges against a lyft driver who refused to get her out of the car. desiree taylor and a friend requested a ride and after they were picked up they wanted the location chaipghtd for dropoff but the driver refused. taylor stayed in the car. her friend got out. that is when the driver, she says refused to take her home and drove around 15 minutes without saying where he was going. >> he was speeding, the door was open the entire time. >> the door is open. because he won't stop. >> the driver ended the ride -- the ride ended when taylor got out at a stop sign. lyft says it's revoked that driver's credentials and a lyft
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apologizing and says it has zero tolerance for behavior that threatens the safety of a lyft member. would you trust a self- driving car? if you answered no -- you're not alone. a survey says three out of four people are afraid to ride in a self-driving car. drivers say the technology is simply too new. this comes after google is admitting for the first time that one of its self-driving cars is responsible for a crash involving a city bus. the minor collision happened in google's home town of mountainview, california. the car was going to make a right turn but moved back into the center lane to avoid sandbags. that is when the left side hit the city bus going less than 2 miles per hour. no one was hurt. but google says it's updated software to avoid similar accidents. i-75 southbound right at gibsonton drive is back open following a fatal crash that
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you can see the head lights, still residual delays from progress boulevard. we'll let you know when the
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good morning. problems on i-75 southbound in the gibsonton drive area.
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moved all the cones and opened -- reopened all three lanes southbound i-75 at gibsonton drive now. it's been about 10 minutes, usually takes about five minutes. it was a little better than two miles. all the backups just about completely out of the way if you're getting on i-75 from brandon headed southbound or beyond, should not be a factor. if you're heading out the door now by the time you get to i-75 it should be clear. at the moment i-75 pretty backed up all the way to progress boulevard. 301 if you're close to 301 and you think you might get there in the next couple of minutes that is fine, all the way south. opening up our cameras, looking pretty good on i-4 around mlk, traffic starting to stack up just a little. the closer you get into downtown tampa. let's check drive times starting back at county line road to downtown, 27 minutes. 16 minutes from county line road to 75. just 10 minutes from 75 over to 275. the traffic -- a lot is happening there.
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pretty good. i think. a lot of sunshine, no fog to contend with. we're going to be warming up, into the 50s to the 70s later today so let's break down the 7- day forecast. and show what you is going to be happening. bartow 50. 58 tampa. 61 st. pete. by later today, a little cooler along the coast with the sea breeze kicking in. hour by hour forecast, look at this, 50s to 60s. then stay most of the day in the 70 beginning around 11:00. we'll keep that thermometer nice and warm for you. really, with low humidity, there is full sunshine as well. we have that weak front coming in tomorrow. not expecting much with it here. it's going to be a boundary that will move through between 10:00 and 2:00. clouds up above and perhaps a 20% coverage as far as some isolated showers. nothing severe, no thunderstorms. this will be much weaker certainly than it will be for the southeast today.
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well to our north and then we'll stay in the 70s. a little cooler, you see on thursday behind the front, 73. we actually have another, also weak, also a couple of showers friday. that will set us up for a great- looking weekend saturday and sunday. i think we'll be talking about temperatures, low to mid-70s, that is where we should be four this time of year. overnight temperatures, always plan ahead if waking up early enough, temperatures in the 50s, a little cool with the jacket. then you can peel it off with 70s. then we're going up heading into the early part of next week, temperatures should be back up to the upper 70s to near 80. 6:46. we continue our weeklong focus on helping you land your dream job. ever wonder how to get that edge over candidates vying for the same position? we went to a local career coach, vance arnette for the top three things you can do to stand out. first, make sure that your resume and attitude reflects how qualified you are. make sure you have a realistic
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and also research the company where you're applying to know how you can solve their problems. you want to be sure you can make a difference in their company. as for that resume, we have ways to perfect that on our web site, also on our web site now, we turn to the latest "dirty dining" report. beef oh brady's was shut down after evidence of rodents in the kitchen. inspectors temporarily shut the location in auburndale on west polk street after finding 65 rodent droppings near the food prep table, soft drink area and soft drink cases. our i-team also uncovered rodent rug marks that were documented along the walls and ceilings. and this is not the first time rodent activity was seen there. six months ago at the same location it was warned after the state saw 35 rodent droppings in the kitchen.
6:48 am
we were told the restaurant takes every measure to ensure a safe and clean experience for guests and are taking steps to fix the situation. in the meantime though if you have family and friends in polk county, be sure to let them know about this article we have posted now, you can share it by going to our abc action news mobile app. a colorado teen is warning others about the dangers of the batteries used in vapor pens. 17-year-old marcus is recovering with severe burns to his left leg and hand. it happened when the battery in his vapor pen exploded in his pocket while at school last week. now marcus hopes his story stops others from using and getting hurt by exploding vapor pens. >> i just feel they know how tragic it is, - >> marcus has undergone one surgery, still needs at least two more. along with physical therapy. the teen says he's given up the vapor pen and hopes others will
6:49 am
as if treating lice at home isn't hard enough it's becoming nearly impossible. superlice are becoming resistant to over the counter treatments. they are so strong, a gene common. that means you either have to intensify the treatment you're using or have to try other products. one south florida mother who caught lice on her daughter opened her own lice clinic that uses a treatment called aero- lay, she says for $200 it dehydrates lice eggs and kills them in one session. >> people try something at home first and when they find it's a losing battle it takes a couple of weeks but they end up here. >> experts also suggest we teach your kids about personal space so they avoid the head-to- head contact that spreads lice. also say it's really important that you teach your children not to share their hair care products like brushes or hair accessories.
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talk about charging the man accused of killing his brother at a church. daniel schooler is accused of shooting his brother william, a pastor there after sunday services. now we're learning a disagreement over inheritance may be the motive. dooring to court documents -- according court documents daniel filed a lawsuit in 2011 asking for inheritance from the church. it was denied and he's held in jail on a murder charge. in reno, nevada, a person is dead following a shooting at a nevada casino. police say it happened just before midnight. witnesses say the suspect, 38- year-old kylie grayson and the victim argued before the shooting. police arrested grayson for murder, they have not released the victim's name. this morning apple is celebrating a legal victory in the battle against the federal government. a new york judge ruled yesterday that apple can't be compelled to help the fbi unlock an i-phone, it happened in a drug case. it contradicts one a california
6:51 am
bernardino shooting case. the top attorney is set to answer questions today from the house judiciary committee over the company's renewsal to help the fbi. new this morning, the unction security council is scheduled to vote on tough new sanctions against north korea in response to their latest nuclear test and rocket launch. the u.s. drafted that resolution with china and presented it to the u.n. last week. russia delayed the vote when asking for more time to study the proposal. the draft calls for mandatory inspections of cargo to look for elicit goods heading to north korea. police are looking for a kidnapping suspect who got away following an hourslong standoff in southern california. police tried to pull over the driver of this hummer yesterday for violating a restraining order. the man's girlfriend and two small children were in the car with him. during the chase the suspect stopped multiple times, he eventually pulled over last night and ran into a park and got away. the woman and children weren't hurt. time now 6:51.
6:52 am
down to "good morning, america." >> today's super tuesday. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is here to break down some of the predictions. >> it will be a big day. here's the 12 states that will be participating in today's tuesday. not pictured of course american samoa. 595 delegates for republicans democrats. the polls open this morning in virginia at 6:00 so folks there are already voting. according to recent polling both donald trump and former secretary of state hillary clinton are expected to extend their leads today winning nearly all their respective races. however, on the republican side senator ted cruz is expected to win his home state of texas and on the democratic side senator bernie sanders is a heavy favorite in his homestate of vermont. nearly all of the candidates vowed to stay in the race despite today's results but the pundits believe we could see one or two republicans possibly drop out.
6:53 am
app and tune in to abc action news at 11:00 for all your super tuesday results. detectives arrested 17-year- old accusing him of beating up a couple in winter haven and still looking for an additional four or five suspects now. it happened friday night. the couple says they went to a nature park to meet with friends and say they were attacked by other people. authorities say the 17-year-old who they already arrested is now charged with robbery with a deadly weapon. smart pasco county drivers that dhooz chooses to leave their cars behind after one too many drinks may no longer have to worry if their car will be towed away. pasco county officials are looking to ban so-called predatory towing at bay area bars and restaurants. the service awards to be given to vets today at the reserve center in pinellas park. janelle, everything is back to normal on 75 yet?
6:54 am
better on i-75 southbound. overnight fatal crash had all the southbound lanes right at gibsonton drive blocked but they are back open and right now at 58 miles per hour. so if you're heading out the door no need for a detour, i-75 finally back to normal. opening up our cameras, this is what it looks like at i-275 and busch, typically one of the busiest areas for the morning commute. traffic starting to stack up a little bit as they push towards closer to downtown tampa. you're looking at just six minutes to get from busch to downtown now. checking drive times on the majors, u.s. 19 southbound from tampa road to eastbay 12 minutes. 29 minutes on the veterans, in the red from 54 to 275. four minutes on dale mabry from fletcher to waters. cool start, 40s. going to the nature coast? low to mid-40s. 58 tampa. 61 st. pete. our interior counties, polk, desoto, highlands, in the 50s.
6:55 am
we'll be talking about temperatures in the mid and upper 70s. we're going to do that with low humidity, going to feel fantastic. 67, no jacket required if you're going to be stepping out tonight. in fact we are going to be looking at a little more in the way of cloud cover tomorrow. that is a weak front that is going to move in, 20% chance of showers. that would be about it. certainly nothing as severe, temperature in the mid-70s. notice behind the front the air really not that cold. 73. but notice a little more towards the morning hours, we'll wake up in the 50s on a thursday. another boundary, another weak one moves through friday. giving us, again, 20% chance of just some showers, temperatures holding into the 70s, that will clear skies for the weekend. saturday, sunday, highs in the low to mid70s and we're going to continue that warming trepid into next week. by monday once again climbing into the upper 70s. disney springs, formerly downtown disney continues to
6:56 am
venues. they will be opening this may. some of the stores that will be opening are anthropology, kate spade, underarmor and sperry. 33 new venues will be opening. a full list will be found on the disney parks blog. this could get you to disney in about 15 minutes from here. this is the world's fastest car. it's $2. 6 million. it was unveiled yesterday. we still don't know how fast it can go. bugati capped it at 260 miles per hour for road use. i hear it gets up to 60 miles per hour in just over two seconds. >> it's $2 million! >> it's a w16 engine. that is two v8s. >> $2 million. "good morning, america" continues our super tuesday coverage with live reports from georgia and virginia where people are already voting. >> keep up to date with us on
6:57 am
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good morning, america. millions of americans head to the polls on the biggest day of voting yet. >> now i'm going to be greedy for the united states. i'm going to take and take and take. >> donald trump looks unstoppable with 11 states up for grabs for each party. his rivals hitting him harder than ever. >> and we are not going to allow a con artist to take control of the party of lincoln and reagan. >> one trump rally takes an ugly turn. a journalist roughed up. >> it matters what you say when you run for president and it really matters if you are president. >> and hillary clinton sets her sights on the gop front-runner. donald trump here exclusively live this morning as we kick off super tuesday.


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