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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  March 1, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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super tuesday is here. the single biggest day in the presidential primary race to date. why it could create an untouchable lead for hillary clinton and donald trump >> he said back off or i'll (bleep) you up. >> a pregnant woman and park. the four violent men still on the run now. >> super lice, bugging kids across the state of florida. why it's so hard to treat and what you can do. first at 9:00 -- a breaking news update. i-75 southbound is open again after a deadly crash shut it down this morning. >> we're waiting to learn the
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it happened just after 3:00 this morning. near the gibsonton drive exit. police say the crash involved a car and motorcycle. right now no word yet if it was the motorcyclist or the person in the car who was killed but we know that motorcyclist ran into the back of the car. stay with abc action news or air and on our abc action news mobile app. we have an update on breaking news from yesterday morning. pinellas park police are now confirming speed did play a role in a fiery and deadly crash that shut down bryan dairy road for hours yesterday. authorities have also identified the driver who died, 60-year-old michael hester. officials say he slammed into one of the support pillars under the u.s. 19 overpass causing his truck to burst into flames. in democracy 2016 -- super tuesday is officially here. as presidential race pushes on. democrat hillary clinton and republican donald trump are both hoping to gain on their first respective leads in the polls. >> abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is tracking the numbers this morning.
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predicting a bit of a landslide for both clinton and trump today. >> that's right. despite that, however, all the candidates vowed to stay in the race no matter what today's outcome is. with so many delegates at stake everybody is starting from ground zero until it's all said and done at least on our big wall. here's a look at the 12 states involved in today's super tuesday. there are a total of 595 delegates at stake for republicans and about 865 delegates for democrats. voters were out bright and early casting ballots including vermont senator bernie sanders who is expected to win in his home state. polling numbers indicate that hillary clinton will win at least nine states today, but the state of colorado could be a wildcard. recent polls show bernie sanders is closing that gap in that state. on the republican side the experts say that donald trump will dominate today. that prediction is the texas
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the lone star state. then florida senator marco rubio, if he makes no noise this super tuesday, political experts today could be the end of his campaign. that with two weeks to go until the primary in his home state. just to break down those delegate numbers -- republicans need a total of 1,237 delegates to win the nomination. democrats need to secure 2,383 to become the party's nominee. download our app and tune in to abc action news tonight at 11:00 for all super tuesday results. even though the polls won't open in florida for two more weeks the presidential candidates are already focused on florida. hillary clinton, donald trump and marco rubio are all spending super tuesday here in florida. clinton is holding a rally in miami, court near palm beach and rubio is attending a rally in tropical park, a few miles from his west miami home. ivan is monitoring some severe weather that could
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>> i think it will. in fact it will start in arkansas as a cold front works to the south and east. then we're going to be talking about the potential of strong to severe storms across the southeastern u.s. these are the states, by the way across the north. don't have to worry there. wyoming heading into colorado, minnesota, up in north dakota looks good. vermont and massachusetts as well. let's get closer here because this is the area of concern. across the southeastern u.s., again the storms fire across arkansas early today. that would be an issue for them in the morning. as the front continues to move to the east, by the time we get to 5:00, 7:00, it will impact alabama and portions of georgia including atlanta where severe weather threat is possible. they are at level 2 now. for us looking good. temperatures recovering now into the 50s and 60s this morning. now we're going that the 70s later on today. fantastic day to take lunch outside and for the evening commute looks good as well. janelle, as far as weather
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how are the roads? roads are dry, that is always good. we're looking great across the bay if you're trying to get from pinellas to hillsborough county. this is the tampa side of the howard frankland bridge. i just checked, 12 minutes to get across. 17 minutes, a little slow on the courtney campbell causeway. a couple of crashes in pinellas, first one, southbound entrance from 275 at 38th avenue north, that is blocked. you're going to quantity to use 22nd avenue north instead. we have road block if you're tying to get to the va through tyrone, westbound bay pine, those lanes are blocked. take park street north to park boulevard to head west. so give yourself extra time for the next hour or so to make that detour. 9:05. detectives are trying to find at least four suspects after a teen and his pregnant girlfriend were robbed and beaten at a polk county park. so far authorities arrested one
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the attack from -- tied from friday night. brahim jean baptiste said they went to the nature park to meet friends but instead attacked by some people. his girlfriend is eight months pregnant. >> i couldn't do anything to save my girlfriend. there were so many people attacking me. at that moment i felt i was breaking in two. >> one person got out, one pushed me. they hit me in the back, i got up. then, i was like i'm pregnant. they were like i don't give a (bleep). >> one teen is charged with robbery with a deadly weapon. at 9:30, corey dierdorff explains this is not the first time and victims have met. if anyone has any information about the other suspects contact the winter haven police department. a registered sex offender is now behind bars accused of robbing and attacking two women. 35-year-old daniel esposito is heading to court today. sarasota deputies say he pulled a gun on a woman who just drove
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sexually assault her. investigators say he also attacked the victim's mother when she tried to help. in hernando county deputies need your help to track down 41 david dian senior. he's wanted on two counts of sexual battery and strangulation. detectives tell us he knew both his victims and the assaults were violent. last seen driving a 2007 suzuki friendsa with florida tag gee did 86. if you see him -- d86. if you see home don't approach him, call 911. the obama administration said yesterday 16 technology companies representing 90% of the market are coming together in this new effort, to try to improve consumer access, stop blocking information sharing among systems and put in effect standards for their digital platforms to communicate. treating lice at home, hard enough and now becoming nearly impossible.
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hotspot for more than 100 strains of super lice. that are becoming resistant to over the counter treatments. one south florida mother who caught the bugs from her daughter opened her own lice clinic that uses a treatment called air-alay. for $200 it dehydrates lice eggs, kills them in one session. experts also suggest teach your kids about personal space and not sharing combs, brushes and headbands so they avoid the contact that spreads lice. turning to new concerns over the zika virus. a dangerous neurological disorder is now linked to the mosquito-borne illness. a study says it may be to blame for an outbreak of a syndrome in french abc -- french polynesia and can be very serious. five new cases in florida now bring the total up to 42. among those four pregnant women.
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zika is linked to a devastating birth defect. new games could be coming soon to the hard rock casino in tampa. a bill could let casinos add craps and roulette. it would also allow slot machines and more horse and dog racing tracks across the state but not in the bay area. disney springs continues to expand its list of new shops and dining venues. >> they will be opening this may. some of the stories are anthropoligie, kate spade and sperry. 33 new ven yeuts will be opening. get a full list of openings on the disney parks blog.
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>> bullets whiz by students eating lunch at ohio middle school. who police say is behind the hurt. >> if you have not filed your taxes yet don't race to a professional to get them done. how you can file for free next. >> sunshine today and temperature in the 70s. we have a front coming in tomorrow.
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spha 9:13. in apple, a federal judge in new york ruled that apple cannot be compelled to help the fbi unlock the i-phone in a drug case. that ruling will be used by apple in a foundation against a much larger debate. regarding the i-phone in the terrorists in the san bernardino shootings.
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of one of the shooters could help them with terrorism in the u.s. but apple says to unlock that i-phone would compromise the security of millions of others. >> there's a shooting. he's got a gun and started to shoot people. >> we're now hearing the chilling 911 calls made from students in an ohio school where a teen walked into the cafeteria and opened fire yesterday. deputies identified the gunman as 14-year-old austin hancock, a student there. after firing several rounds hancock took off running from the school, even threw his gun. he was arrested a short time later. several classmates were hit, two others injured by flying shrapnel but all the students will recover. parents said the school did a good job of preparing students of what to do in a situation like this one. >> the first pop, where they've done the drills before through school so many times everybody knew what to do. >> officials say the teen did reveal a motive for the
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saying exactly what that is right now. the teen is chawrgd with attempted murder and two counts of felonious assault. staying in ohio, authorities are working to figure out what charges to file against a man suspected of shooting and killing his own brother in a church sunday. reverend william schooler was shot in his office at st. peter's missionary baptist church in dayton. the brother, 68-year-olds daniel gregory schooler was arrested at the church, taken to jail. we're learning schooler sued the pastor in 2011 saying he was owed money from the real estate value of the church. a court ruled against him. police are not saying if that was the motive for the shooting. they plan to meet with prosecutors today to discuss charges against daniel schooler who has a history of mental illness. san francisco citius about catches fire at a gas station and causes an explosion. >> the fuel pumps were destroyed in the fire. officials say the bus driver pulled into the station after his engine started to overheat
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they are still trying to figure out if a series of loud booms heard during the fire were from exploding tires or gas tank. one firefighter did suffer minor injuries fighting the blaze. 9:16. the average taxpayer now pays well over $100 to have taxes done whether a professional or tax software programs. many could file free. consumer reporter john matarese shows us who qualifies and who doesn't so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: every year people pay hundreds of dollars to tax prep services needlessly when they could have done it free of charge to the irs web site. just visit and click on the free file section. it will link you to more than a dozen different companies that let you file free of charge through their web site. the biggest requirement? you must have earned less than $62,000 in 2015. but since most americans do, that is not a problem for most
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but from the "doesn't that stink" file three catches you may encounter. one, you may still have to pay as much as $30 to file your state return. two, if you choose turbo tax the number one program, the income limit is not $62,000, it's just $31,000. and three, free filing from tax act requires you to be under age 56. if you're 57 you may say doesn't that stink? the good news, there are enough options so you should be able to find another service that will take you. will the irs ever make it free and easy for everyone? not until a new president throws out the tax code which probably won't happen but it's worth checking so you don't waste your money. john matarese, abc action news. more than 50 years after its maiden flight the first boeing 727 will take its very last flight today. march 1st. >> that plane will fly from one airport to another in washington state, weather permitting. the aircraft came out of the factory november 27, 1962.
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february the next year. >> the plane was retired in 1991 and during its 27-year career flew 64,495 hours, made 48,000 060 landings and and believe it or not there are still 69 of them in service according to the 2015 world airline census. that plane will go on permanent display at the museum of flight next to the boeing complex where it will help kick off boeing's centennial celebration at the museum. an historic day for the space program. after spending one year orbiting the planet astronaut scott kelly is football coming home. >> he's been in space for a record 340 days on the mission to study the affects of long term space travel on the human body. his mission will help nasa scientists prepare for future manned missions deeper into space, possibly to mars. kelly is set to touch down just
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we don't usually track the weather in kazakhstan but -- >> colder? much colder. in the 20s. in the teens tonight. actually they have snow showers moving in but they should be in pretty good shape. just incredible that 340 days, actually had cosmonauts up there at -- russia was sending them up, about 430 some odd days. unbelievable. as i said earlier i'm sure he's looking forward to a nice gravity shower on earth. for us, 60s, 70s later this afternoon. we're warming up nicely. we're going to start getting into march now. these cold fronts are going to be less and less potent and we'll be able to get rid of the cold, not so soon. temperatures now in the 50s and 60s. titan doppler radar quiet. southeast has been because of high pressure that has been on top of us here, that gave us clear skies and calm winds earlier. when we talked about super tuesday issues, severe storms popping across the southeast. that very front is coming here but by the time it gets here
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in fact i don't think we'll get much in the way of rainfall as it rolls through. you saw it on futurecast. i think it depicts it nicely of what is going to happen. 10% coverage, 20% coverage as far as showers. quiet for thursday, cooler, then the next front comes in, another weak front moving through the day on friday. although this one was a -- with a little more moisture, bumping up rain chances to 20 weekend. temperatures mid to upper 70s. in fact i think some of us approaching 80 degrees by later this afternoon. it will feel great and of course we're doing this with low humidity as well. so we don't have to worry about that. and boating conditions look fantastic. the winds are going to shift to the southwest, that is a sea breeze along the beaches. 1 to 2-foot-seas for boaters, looking good today. smooth conditions. the case tomorrow as well. not expecting significant windy days heading into the weekend. so i know that is good for a lot of us. here, 70s for today.
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thursday a little cooler. 50s, we'll wake up with that. and then low 70s. a tad cooler. and friday too, but not cold behind that. overnight lows in the 50s. highs in the 70s for the weekend. this morning a rhode island high school boys basketball team is dealing with a tough loss at the state championship game. >> the team thought they won. you see them celebrating but too soon. they lost the game. with just seconds left in the game a player with the high school stole the ball sunday. he threw the ball away and his team started to celebrate. but then -- the celebration all the way went down to the ground with the coach jumping on top of his players. in joy. >> the mood changed quickly. the ref said an opposing player caught the ball and the coach called a timeout. with one second left the opposing team scored and now they are state champions by one point.
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a recall of every takata airbag a new warning is resurfacing. why some say that warning could backfire. >> i'm lissette campos with the "positively tampa bay." florida strawberry festival kicks off thursday. half a million people expected at the fairgrounds.
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9:24. new developments in the investigation into those exploding airbags. this morning arguments are surfacing claiming drivers are being put in danger by taking all the airbags off the market. the top safety regulator argues recalling all takata airbag inflators could make it tough for the highest risk vehicles to get replacement parts. 10 deaths were linked to the florida. the airbag problem has been high humidity. driving car? alone. a new aaa survey says three of four are afraid to ride in a self driving car and after what happened yesterday you may have good reason to be nervous. for the first time google is admitsing one of its self- driving cars is responsible for a crash involving a city bus. this minor collision happened in the google hometown of
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valentine's day. it apparently pulled close to the curb to make a right turn but moved back into the center lane to avoid some sandbags on the ground. that is when the car's lift side hit a city bus. that google car was going less than 2 miles per hour, the bus doing 15, no one was hurt. google says it has updated software now to avoid similar accidents. ruthless criminals on the run so dangerous they showed no mercy on the latest victims, a pregnant woman and her boyfriend. what police need to you know this morning. >> too much to drink? afraid to leave your car because you think it may get towed? that could soon change in one bay area county.
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girlfriend -- tynd and his pregnant -- teen and his pregnant girlfriend visually attacked in a park. coming up, what happened and how you can help. [crowd yelling] >> roughed up at a trump rally. why the secret service pinned a "time" magazine reporter to the ground. >> the freebie you can get if you go an entire meal without looking at your phone. we have full super tuesday coverage straight ahead. >> first a look at the local forecast. in for a nice day? >> i think so. march 1st, our first sunrise of the new month. we'll show you what happened. my goodness, we love the photo. >> there it is. >> as they send them in. thank you, ed. wow. that is nice. first sunrise of march is the first day of meteorological spring. if you follow that kind of stuff.
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a couple of weeks away but nevertheless we're still going to get a nice spring preview as temperatures climb out of the 40s in some spots that we had this morning. in fact some areas up towards citrus county, hernando are jumping 30 degrees from mid-40s to mid-70s this afternoon. going to do that with full sunshine. but we have a frontal boundary that is going to be approaching from our north and west. i'll let you know what that does to our weather tomorrow in just a few minutes. at 9:30 -- we begin with democracy 2016, voting underway in about a dozen states on this super tuesday. >> more delegates eight stake today than any other day of the primary season. frontrunner donald trump and hillary clinton are hoping to tighten their lead on their party's nominations today. we also just got our hands on a cnn poll finding trump would lose to either sanders or clinton but clinton would lose
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[crowd yelling] >> dramatic new video taking the internet by storm this super tuesday. a "time" magazine reporter getting into a scuffle with a secret service agent at a rally for donald trump. it happened yesterday in virginia. reporter chris morris wasn't arrested. told abc news that the agent put his hands on him first. says the whole thing started when he stepped out of the designated standing area to get protesters' photos. then the agent grabs him by the neck and throws him to the floor. the secret service says it's working with local authorities to investigate that incident. manhunt underway now to get four brazen robbery suspects off the street. police say the suspects robbed and beat a teenager and his 8 months pregnant girlfriend. that couple says they were attacked at a lakeside park in winter haven. >> abc action newstion reporter corey dierdorff is at lake maude partly cloudy where the attack happened.
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for the pregnant woman. >> reporter: yes. very yes, very tense moments. they stepped out of their car. i just spoke with winter haven police department that says they are looking for the other attackers. briaheim jean-baptiste says he was being attacked, recognized one attacker's voice because he went to high school with him. he got into a fight with him a week ago. and his girlfriend weeks from giving birth was in the car, jumped to help. listen to what she said happened next. >> one person got out, the other pushed me. i got up. i'm pregnant. i don't give a (bleep). >> she also remembers having a gun pointed at her. one of the attackers raising brass knuckles. she says she doesn't know why but the attacks suddenly stopped and the suspects took off. winter haven police department saying one attacker, a 17-year- old boy is behind bars this morning facing charges of robbery with a deadly weapon.
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saying if you visit this park they feel it was a targeted attack, these people knew each other and they believe it stemmed from the earlier fight so they believe there's no danger to the public but if you have information you're asked to call police. new video just in, of a car county. authorities say it started at a park near fort lauderdale. officers started to follow a stolen car and four people two ran. the other two got into an suv and sped off. then those two people got out of the suv and led police on a foot chase before surrendering. the suspects are now in custody. two others are still at large this morning. pasco county officials are pushing for a new ordinance to crack down on predatory towing from bars and restaurants overnight. the commissioner says smart drinkers who choose to leave their vehicles behind shouldn't be penalized by wondering whether their vehicles will be
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customers then left with a pricey tab. he says the new rule would encourage people to make the right decision and not worry about being towed. if it passes vehicles are safe from 9:00 p.m. to noon the next day. a wrestling star gearing up for a fight in tampa bay. hulk hogan's attorneys will start to question potential jurors today. the wwe star's battle against the web site gawker. he claims gawker violated his privacy by releasing part of a sex tape where he apparently used racial slurs. we'll be there for opening statements which should begin next week. investors are happy to put february in their rear view mirrors. u.s. stocks ended on a negative note. dow fell 124 points on leap day. international stock markets are up today. here's a live look. new this morning, today the united nations security council is scheduled to vote on tough new sanctions on north korea.
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latest nuclear test and rocket launch. the u.s. drafted the resolution with china and presented it to the u.n. last week. russia delayed the vote when it asked for more time to study the proposal. that draft calls for mandatory inspections of cargo to look for elicit goods heading to north korea. tampa city leaders will consider decriminalizing people caught with small amounts of marijuana. the ordinance would ease penalties for pot possession from under 20 grams from a criminal offense to a civil citation. doctors diagnosed caroloes cana with a brain cancer in 2010. >> i just want him to feel a little bit better. if there's something out there that can make him better i'm willing to try it. we've exhausted every other medical option. >> the tampa city council is
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if it passes tampa will join a handful of other florida cities with a similar ordinance including miami. you may notice more police on the streets starting today. the annual click it or ticket campaign today. local officers will look out for drivers not wearing seat belts. national statistics show more than half of young adults involved in deadly car accidents weren't buckled up. the campaign lasts two weeks. we all feel attached to cell phones but this morning wildlife experts are urging you to think carefully beforeuing them now that -- before using them now that sea turtle nesting season is underway. lights with scare baby turtles trying to find their way to the ocean and now learning it can scare females trying to lay eggs on the beach. they say the flashes from phone cameras can do that so keep your phones in your pocket or turn off the flash at least, especially at night if you come across one of those nesting sea turtles. the season by the way runs
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as if you checked facebook you may noticed a chick-fil-a ad, telling you to ditch your phone at dinnertime. they are cell phone coops. if you let your surfer know you put your -- server know you did the cell phone in the coop everyone in your party gets the free ice cream cone. i like that. 9:38. be careful what you send. those friendly emojis can send a different message, translating into threats at one middle school. >> sometimes mother nature's fury leaves you with one option. run. video from hawaii and how lifeguards got out of the way
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in spring hill, lake park transformed into a forest with storybook characters. storytime and more, all free. in tampa the harlem globetrotters will be at amalie arena march 2nd.
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is happening nationwide april 4th. a judge's ruling on whether to throw out a defamation lawsuit against comedian bill cosby is now delayed until end of march. a los angeles judge made the ruling yesterday. model janice dickinson is suing cosby for defamation. she says his former attorney accused her of allegations -- that he assaulted her, and she claims he drugged and raped her in 1982 but the statute of limitations has passed so she's suing cosby now for defamation. comedian kat williams arrested again, this time in georgia. authorities say he was arrested in connection with a assault there. a spokesman with the gainesville, georgia police department says police were called to a pool supply store and found williams laying on the ground out there. a store employee told police
9:43 am
altercation that he escalated when williams threw something at him and punched him. williams is in jail now on $500,000 bond. students from virginia, a student from virginia is facing legal trouble for emojis she decided to post on her own social media account. the middle schooler is accused of sending threats in the form of emojis on instagram. officials say it happened a few months ago but they are just now learning about it. >> kids on instagram, there were death threats using emojis. like a skull and bomb and gun. >> parents say a newsletter was sent home. other than that they say the school system is keeping details limited. no word on if disciplinary action was taken against the accused student. lifeguards on jet skis are trying to get away from a massive wave off the hawaiian island.
9:44 am
during a big wave surf contest that had waves up to 50 feet high. the lifeguards used jet skis to help surfers who fell off boards. they usually get further out past the waves before they start to curl. >> in this contest the group was a little late and forced to turn around. the monster wave chased them all the way back to the beach. event organizers say this was actually one of the scariest moments of that surf contest. that is incredible. a big storm we talked about for a while that was creating the swells out there. those by the way subsided. let's check out what is going on outside and show you a gorgeous tower cam shot with a lot of sunshine. we're already in the mid and upper 60s. 70s. we have severe weather across the southeastern u.s. when you see this usually, typically the storms continue to fire and head off to the south and east but in this event, in this case that will not happen.
9:45 am
with severe weather across the southeast. it will effect alabama, georgia, tennessee. but there's the front. area of high pressure has been in charge of our weather pattern here and by the time the front arrives it will be in the much weakened state. so titan doppler radar quiet now. we'll show you the temperatures here, beginning to warm up. upper 60s, pushing 70. i think we'll hit 80 in spots later today. so there's the front. watch as it movers further south and east. severe storms possible. not so much tornadoes, you can't rule them out across the southeast but damaging wind gusts up there. it falls apart by the time it gets here. it will arrive with some clouds, 10% to 20% coverage as far as showers. certainly no thunderstorms and nothing severe for tomorrow. then what will happen behind it, we'll cool off a little. the air mags behind it not that cold but it will dry enough, the humidity will go down. so thursday's morning temperatures will be a little cooler. this green you see here is
9:46 am
that is going to be moving through. with a few showers by the time we get into friday. but that one also really not going to amount to much. a lot of sunshine as we showed you, temperatures in the mid- so highs approaching 80 degrees later this afternoon. green hue? that is that sea breeze that that uncomfortable. just keep you in the low 70s. forecast. winds going to the south and west. that is the sea breeze, at about 5 to 10 knots. that would be at most for today, water temperatures in the low 60s. there are the tides for the next 12 hours. extended forecast, takes you into thursday, we wake up a little cooler behind that weak front and then another one comes in friday but no worries for saturday and sunday, in time for the weekends we clear out, sunshine and highs in the 70s. still ahead -- it's a royal visit at abc action news. strawberry festival queen and her court are in studio for
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good morning. the florida strawberry festival kicks off march 3rd and an estimated 500,000 people are expected. at the center, the queen and her royal court. queen hailey riley, first maid morgan goodens and the court is alex aponte, ashton steele and ashland yarborough. we're really excited to have them in the studio so that is -- not everybody but we have morgan, we have queen hailey and then we have alex joining us. congratulations. >> thank you. >> what has it been like since you were crowned florida strawberry festival queen? >> it's been hectic but amazing at the same time. we've gotten to go to so many events. the strawberry picking challenge. we got our big shopping trips. that -- this is a team i think.
9:51 am
>> when dan shaffer was there the night you were crowned, we were excited because we have queen deiah riley here. it's not one. morgan, how about you? what about the experience for you? >> it's crazy. the night of the pageant when i was announced as first maid, relief because there was a first name called. it's just been so much fun getting to know the girls. i've known most of them. it's just a great experience to represent plant city. >> as you said you are the ambassadors for the florida strawberry festival. you brag about plant city a lot. it's wonderful. alex, what is your favorite part about the festival? >> that's hard. well, hailey and i both have -- the livestock arena, spheres. >> it's funny hearing you say that is your favorite part. i thought you would say
9:52 am
-- but you're talking about presenting the life severe. what do you want people to know when they show up at the festival this year? >> well, mr. foley says if you don't have a friend you'll make one there. we like to visit the vendors, we make it a point to see every exhibitor and every festival over the 11 days and completely represent plant city and the fests value as a whole. >> -- festival as a whole. >> have you been surprised to learn about the presence of all the farms in plant city? >> it's crazy how one community can come together as a whole and really celebrate an agricultural commodity. it's amazing how one thing can bring us all together. there's over 3,000 volunteers a year and i love seeing the love and compassion everyone has for each other. >> congratulations to all of you. thank you so much for spending the morning with us. you are beautiful. >> thank you. >> here's the information at home. florida strawberry festival kicks off this week, march 3rd, it's so much fun.
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we look forward to seeing you. all the detailed information of the nightly concerts and activities are posted on their web site at floridastraw
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sunshine and temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. let's check the extended forecast. a weak front moving through with a couple of showers, that would be about it. otherwise looking at upper 70s. friday looks decent, a couple of showers there as well. guess what? if you're picking strawberries it's a great day to do so. cold mornings and 70s by the afternoon with plenty of sunshine. >> cool weather makes them sweeter. >> absolutely.
9:57 am
that is good too. braces can be painful but the end result is worth it. >> there is a dog with terrible crooked teeth. maybe this could make it appeal more to young kids. a puppy named wesley, teeth grew in so crooked he couldn't close his mouth all the way, was causing trouble with eating and breathing. >> the owners took him to a dog or the don'tist in -- or though don'tist in michigan, he only has to wear his for a short time, only a few weeks but as you can tell from the pictures he doesn't seem bothered a bit by it. >> she's showing off.
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>> today on "fablife"... we ask, is it worth it? >> from what you wear... >> you can spend a little bit more money when it comes to shoes. you want to make sure that your shoes aren't causing medical problems. >> yeah, tell your husbands that, ladies. >> (laughing) >> what you eat... ta-da! >> who you date. >> we're trying to figure out if certain men are worth our time, energy, and effort. hello. >> if you're even asking the question, the answer is probably no. watch what he does, not what he says. (cheers and applause) >> welcome to "fablife." now, today we're asking, is it worth it? you know, everything from what you want to wear to what you want to eat to the man you date. what is worth your time and money, you guys? so, our girl chrissy is out today, but no worries 'cause we're still cooking with chef


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