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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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and he was caught in the act. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm wendy ryan. >> and i'm jamison uhler. that deputy is accused of obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence to plant evidence on a suspect. >> more on that in a second. first new developments to a story we brought you last week. clearwater assistant fire chief has resigned a week after being accused of theft. he is accused of stealing a 5 eleven. he has been with the department for ten years. new developments tonight in the death of baby chance walsh. the father of the 2 month old boy was just indicted on first degree murder charges. the boy's body was found in a shallow grave back in october more than a month after his grandparents reported him missing. according to court documents, the baby's father, joseph walsh, beat him to death and
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as part of a plea deal, chance's mother will testify against walsh at trial. she has agreed to serve 25 years in prison. jamison. >> turning now to democracy 2016. primaries or caucasians going on in more than a dozen states. let's take a look how many delegates each candidate has racked up so far. let's start on the republican side. let's go to nevada, iowa, south carolina, as well as new hampshire. up to this point, donald trump with almost 70 delegates. ted cruz and marco rubio in second place. as we look ahead to super tuesday going on right now, let's look ahead to the other states if we can at this point. not going to be able to do that for you. trump is expected to extend his lead tonight with wins in every state except texas. ted cruz is expected to win his home state of texas as well. let's go to the democratic
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now the tally for delegates already earned here, again; 91 for hillary clinton, bernie sanders has 65. clinton polling ahead in all but one super tuesday state. sanders expected to carry his home state of vermont. tonight a brand-new cnn poll shows clinton would beat donald trump 52 to 44% in a hypothetical general election. the same poll shows clinton losing to florida senator marco rubio should they face off in the general election. rubio would win that contest 50- 47. and right now the final batch of e-mails from hillary clinton's tenure as secretary of state have now been released. that makes nearly 55,000 pages of e-mails reviewed by the state department with nearly 2100 messages containing information that is now classified according to the document. they are investigating whether she broke any laws by using a
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now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> good afternoon, everybody. there's a look at titan doppler radar. and we are quiet across the area. we don't have one front. we actually have two fronts coming through over the next three days. you probably won't even notice either one of them, especially on wednesday as temperatures right now up near 80 degrees across most of our area for the first day of march. absolutely picture perfect weather. but notice right along the coast, quite a bit cooler with that water temperature still in the lower 60s. so right now on average, temperatures about 3 to 5 degrees warmer than they were this time yesterday. but even though i don't think the front will bring us much if any in the form of rain, it will try to cool us off just a little bit as we go through the evening. partly cloudy skies and mild. temperatures in the 60s. waking up to a few more clouds and maybe, just maybe a couple of showers tomorrow morning. we will take a closer look at
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minutes. thanks, den. covering sarasota county now. dozens of families forced to rethink their child care after a car plows through the front of the building. it injured three toddlers and a caretaker. troopers have cited the driver. as jacqueline tells us, troopers believe the grandmother panicked behind the wheel accidentally hitting the gas. >> reporter: you can hear that clean-up is already starting at the day care. i want to show you how this started. the driver had pulled up to drop off her grandson when she accelerated, hit a tree and then was plowed through that planter you see there and through the center block wall. she made it about two feet in. >> it could have been worse. this can be fixed into on the other side of the wall, about 15 children were enjoying story time this morning when concrete went flying. adult caregiver. as the driver of the volvo
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>> we believe she might have hit the accelerator on accident and continued to continue to excel into the building. >> reporter: the grandmother has been cited for careless driving and driving on an expired license. troopers identified her. >> the bottom line is when you're pulling into a parking lot, everyone has a ten density relax and they forget that you still need that good situational awareness. what am i doing? what am i pulling into? we all relax. remember it is paramount that you pay attention until the vehicle is in park. >> reporter: the children and caregivers had minor bumps and bruises. only the caregiver was take tone an area hospital. the day care was immediately evacuated. children attending this day care will have to attend day care at two other facilities at least for several weeks. >> the big picture is that
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and everybody is safe. jacqueline igles. >> an argument escalate in st. petersburg. attempted murder. he called ricky simmons over to his car and shot him once and drove away. they believe the two had a dispute last week. simmons is now hospitalized in stable condition. also in st. pete, jury selection has began in the $100 million lawsuit of hulk hogan against gawker. he is suing the website for publishing a sex tape of him. the giant could go bankrupt if it loses the case. the court narrowed it down to 106 prospective jurors. two more confirmed cases of zika virus to florida bringing the total to 44. women.
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can trigger temporary paralysis. doctors are noticing an increase in this in zika affected countries. a house panel voting in favor of a bill that would allow the seminole tribe to add craps and roulette tables to the casino. the bill now heads to the full house. astronaut scott kelly is waiting to come back to earth after spending a year on the international space station. the hatch closed about 30 minutes ago. he is with two russian astronauts. the astronauts are expected to land where a recovery team will greet them. the rolling stones are hosting a free concert at the end of this month. there is a catch. it's in cuba. the stones made the announcement on twitter. it's the first time that they will perform in cuba. the concert is march 25th.
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okay to go to cuba despite eased travel restrictions. now to the developing news we told you at the top of this hour. eric waxler is live with the unusual series of event that's led to one deputy's downfall. eric. >> reporter: wendy, that deputy's name is steven le bla nche. he was taret going a new port richey man. the deputy who once patrolled this neighborhood is now oust a job and could face criminal charges. marie is all for it. >> i'm very excited because if you're going to be a law enforcement officer, be a law enforcement officer. don't be a crook. don't be a dirt bag. and fight for my rights as a citizen. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is accusing deputy steven of obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence. it relates to back to a case in november when he was arresting
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spray painting a wall with antipolice sentiment. >> our information is that he would tell people i'm going after this person. i have to go after him. >> reporter: investigators say le b lanche had it out for the man. two spoons a syringe and a crack pot and put it in his bag. >> no matter how much these offenders may irritate us, get under our skin and we want to take action, we have a responsibility to take action properly. >> reporter: one possible reason the deputy was targeting the man is because he spray painted his own trailer with the words le blanche for sheriff 2016. >> do you think he was teasing the deputy. >> aggravating everybody, yeah. aggravating everybody. >> the whole neighborhood. >> do i think the deputy had it out for him? absolutely. buwe all did because he is a jerk. >> reporter: nevertheless, investigators say that the deputy actually changed his mind after planting that
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with the setup. his own body camera actually helped do him in. live in new port richey, eric waxler, abc action news. >> we want to go to a breaking news room. in tampa. just minutes ago, one lane was opened up and traffic is now slowly just filtering by there. we have action air 1 headed to the scene right now for a look at that backup. cams. the crash is at the downtown exit right after exit 4. cars are backed up from the i-4 split all the way back to waters avenue. it will probably only get worse. if you know anybody headed in that direction, take a detour. a change for the better. the big savings some bay area residents will soon be seeing on their electric bill coming up. >> i think all of us having a gun shows that we are a respectable society.
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coming up, the small town where just about everybody owns a gun and they're letting outsiders know it. canceled. this couple says they can't figure out why. coming up, a warning for all drivers, even a clean record may not protect you from a non renewal. download the new abc news app. just look for it in your
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news. eye live look from action air 1 to give you a different vantage point at the traffic alert that break. tampa. just minutes ago one lane was opened up and traffic is slowly drifting by there. the crash is at the downtown exit right after i-4. and cars are now backed up from the i-4 split all the way back to waters avenue. you can expect that to probably continue to grow throughout the rush hour here. authorities at this point are urging drivers to take another route if you know anybody heading home in this direction. they might be late. forget the slogan always there. a manatee couple found the opposite. dropping their coverage for too
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>> what happened to them should serve as a warning to every policyholder. >> by law insurers must give 50 days when canceling their auto policy. state farm followed the letter of the law but it was the reason behind the rejection. >> jodi says her driving record is clean of at fault accidents and tickets. >> i have a clean record. >> but state farm dropped her and her husband, customers after ten years. >> we are sorry we cannot continue this insurance. >> the cancellation came months after another driver rear-ended jodi even the at fault driver's insurance covered the damage. >> i'm very frustrated. >> the notice of nonrenewal cited that accident and five towing claims as the reason. they paid extra for roadside assistance and towing. >> one was for a windshield and
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towings and a key lockout. >> karen says insurers are looking at more than just your driving record. >> it comes down to a risk profile. they want to identify folks that they obviously think are going to be profitable for the business. >> her advice, consider paying minor claims on your own so that you don't run the risk of higher rates or nonrenewal. >> they're looking at a payout and the number of instances. >> the wrights had no idea that utilizing the roadside assistance coverage could get them canceled. >> we used or policy for what we paid for. >> state farm explained there is no general answer to how roadside assistance use impacts underwriting decisions. we handle each situation on a case by case basis since there are so many variations when it comes to unique circumstances. for the wrights, the situation got worse when close to 10
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>> they said we had too many claims. >> the wrights finally obtained insurance. as for how other insurers knew about the state farm claims they utilized a clue report that lifts all of your claims big and small. it's something to keep in mind. also if you're having a consumer concern, find me on facebook. click like and leave a comment. >> thank you, jackie. all new at 5:00, good news for duke energy. the company announced it is dropping rates again. the rate cut goes into effect next month. the average bill will drop more than $5 a month. it dropped utility rates 6% back in january after this rate drop, duke says that customers will pay $30 less per month than they did 7 years ago. a small town in idaho has a big sign for visitors. welcome to green leaf, idaho this is not a gun-free zone. in fact residents are actually encouraged to own guns as part of the town charter.
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month ago and so farther getting a welcome response. >> it is the right place for guns. a place to be used and we should have the right to protect ourselves from criminals and hopefully these signs deter crime in the long run. >> it might be working. crime in the town is practically nonexistent. it has drawn more people to live there than scaring people off. the signs were paid for through private donations. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> well, about an hour ago, we head outside. i didn't want to come back in. there's no fire but i didn't want to come back in. it was perfect outside. >> 80 degrees. >> perfect. >> there are a few more clouds. you can see those right there from madeira beach looking
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even though the first front comes through tomorrow, maybe a sprinkle in the morning and that's it. another front comes through on friday. obviously not a huge deal. this is. first day of march, temperatures up near 80 degrees across the entire viewing area. and the winds, there's your sea breeze. so, again, with that cooler gulf water, the immediate coastline is quite a bit cooler than areas inland. and especially east of i-75. outside right now, 74 degrees at the airport in tampa. st. pete 73. lots of sunshine from petersburg. there's the satellite picture. what a glorious day. clearly march came in like a llama cross the southeast with a lot of sunshine. even though there is that front coming in and all winter long you talk about a front, we're usually talking severe weather. but this go-around and the -- and the next, it will be a front that you will hardly notice.
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you can look at the long-range forecast and say maybe things are beginning to wind down with el nino. a possibility. over the next 7 to 10 days, there is little significant chance of decent rainfalls. in fact we're looking at a nice warm-up. even though today we had 80 and a front coming through, we will still be in the 70s on thursday. and we will be in the 70s on friday even though another front comes through. look at the european model. no measurable rain. even with the front coming through. now, on friday, even though it is a weaker front, there might be at least a spattering of a few spots that pick up a little rain. you get the idea. it won't be a big deal. here is the long range look at the upper level. and the reason we show you this is the blue color is cold air and the red color is warm air. look where the cold air is staying. way north of us. that's monday. then we warm up even more by
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so long range forecast is looking very, very nice for spring training and for beach goers. temperatures topping out in the upper 60s along the coast. but right back in the low to mid 70s across the inland counties even with that front coming through. here is a look at the 7-day forecast. a sprinkle tomorrow. 70 on wednesday ask thursday. look at your weekend. 75 on saturday and 76 on saturday. action news at 5:00 continues
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>> right now proof that one tiny little second can make a really big difference. celebration erupts on the basketball at a high school game in rhode island. the team certain that with just a second left on the clock they won the state championship. >> not so fast.
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had called a time out. with that one second remaining, they sink a buzzer beater for the win. that is so sad. a two-time super bowl winner is auctioning off the win from his first win. kramer sold his ring and other memorabilia. he is taking the money and nieces and nephews through college. he does not plan to get rid of the second super bowl relationship. the polk county sheriff accused of putting lives in danger for outing those that are transgender. the reason that he is blaming the criminals. examine and later, erin andrews is back on the stand. the one thing that she says hurts the worst after a stalker
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>> live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. >> that's what happens when you get arrested. you become a public record. >> polk county sheriff judd in the cross hairs accused of outing four transgender women. i'm jamison uhler. >> and i'm wendy ryan. as our reporter ryan raiche shows us, that's not how the sheriff sees it. >> you see it on a routine basis. polk county sheriff judd standing behind a podium and showing off accused criminals and always adding his colorful touch. >> she may be eligible for mother of the year. >> reporter: now he is accused of going too far. it was right before christmas. the national center for
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showing off the 100 arrested, he outed four transgender women. >> outing a transgender status is irresponsible in the extreme. >> reporter: judd says not so fast. >> they advertised with their pictures that they were transsexual. they outed themselves. >> reporter: the sheriff went back to the evidence room and showed us the four personal ads posted in the transsexual category on we're not showing you the names or the pictures but rest assured you can see more than just their faces. >> what did they think was going to occur? like duh. arrested were pretty straightforward with detectives when they came to jail, many admitting in arrest documents that they identify as women even though legally they're men. once you make it on one of judd's poster boards that means that your information is public record. advocates say there is no need identity.


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