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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  March 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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after a cool of cold fronts. one arriving tomorrow and i will let you know about a
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commute. live from the action taking action for you. this is abc action now. donald trump is a con artist. two weeks from tonight. right here in florida. we are going to send a message loud and clear. donald trump may be winning on super tuesday. >> but in miami. marco rubio already forecasting an upset in the florida primary. good evening. i'm wendy ryan. thanks for joining us. florida senator marco rubio trying to energize the hometown crowd after disappointing super tuesday. the miami harold saying it could be florida or bust for marco rubio in two weeks. and tonight on this super tuesday more than one thousand delegates at stake in 11 states and one territory.
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the republican side. hillary clinton taking home the majority of delegates for the democrats. both front runners working hard. super tuesday is the single biggest day of voting. and on the table enough votes to give hillary clinton or donald trump an unbeatable edge. earlier donald trump singling out marco rubio calling him a light weight. marco rubio vowing to fight trump to the bitter end. >> get up to the minute look. donald trump winning five states. rival ted cruz winning texas as well as oklahoma tonight. donald trump celebrating what looks to be a successful super tuesday. c nn is projecting the real estate mogul winning primaries. trump dismissed democratic
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that he and other gop hopefuls trying to divide america. once we get this finished i will go after hillary clinton on the assumption she is allowed to run. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton dominated and winning texas, georgia, and virginia and alabama. and rival bernie sanders won vermont and his home state oklahoma. hillary clinton speaking and congratulating bernie sanders and took aim at donald trump and the negativity she has heard from his campaign. instead of walls we will break down barriers and build. build ladders of
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every american can live up to his or her potential. the team will follow results in colorado. to get the latest updates on it is on the home page. and you can get it on our free abc action news mobile app. learning some democrats switching parties jumping to the republican side. not because they like a particular candidate, they are trying to make sure the democrats win. abc action news reporter carson chambers explains. super tuesday is for trump and clinton and tampa bay hitting the polls. practical ways. >> a strategy called rating. >> well i am registered republican but i vote democrat. >> marie andrews says that she is a democratic through and through who blacked out the bubble for donald trump. he will probably get
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will beat hillary clinton. >> andrews believes trump is more beatable than marco rubio for the democratic nominee and strategy. not effective but it makes people feel better. the bottom line is that rubio's best shot is if jeb bush comes out and endorses him quickly. and if rubio continues to do better in polling against hillary clinton. social media is pumping with liberal voters, trump haters that switch parties to vote against him. usf susan mcmanus says its is a small percentage. >> there is a minuscule portion. and many vote among the hard party lines. >> i let the republicans do their job and we do our job and that's it. and, of course, florida's
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i'm carson chambers. back to you. good evening. there is a look at titan radar. a frost arrives in the morning, things are quiet and with that front they stay that way. in the low 80s and with a front that rolls in late tonight and tomorrow morning, nothing more northern counties and not all of that cool. partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 70s and the second front, that one will arrive friday and we will let you know more in a couple of minutes. thank you, dennis. don't get used to the prices at the pump. will be paying more. some may have noticed you have paid more just this week. abc action reporter marisela burgos will explain how high it will get. well, the good news is that
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not reach three dollars a gallon this year. but if you have gotten gas at any one of the stations, you probably noticed it is higher than a week ago and expect it to climb. let's face it some of you have gotten used to paying less than two bucks a gallon for fuel. >> you can't beat paying $20. >> but the price at the pump will climb. >> oh, man. >> you may feel the same way. >> hopefully not up to four dollars. >> greg, senior petroleum analyst says that gas prices up eight cents a gallon this week and will continue to rise. >> i think conservatively we will see prices peak between 2.25 and 2.40. >> the reason is simple, remind reese are transitioning from the winter to summer blend and using cleaner gas in order to
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and crude oil prices going up and so will the price that you are paying to fill up. if we go to 2.25 or 2-point who you can't feel good about it. the good news is that we are well below the three dollars gas price range that we saw. chris thompson will budget if it goes above 2.40 a gallon. >> it is like you can go anywhere because it is a dollar, 65 a gallon. experts say to get that price down use loyalty cards. you can shop around for cheaper gas before you drive to the gas station. marisela burgos, abc action news. tonight four toddlers and adult caregiver recovering after a car crashed into a
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it happened after 9:00. troopers saying a grandma dropping off her grandson at the academy of learning thought she was in reverse and hit the gas. her volvo careening through a cinder block wall. on the other side, 15 children seen here. all of those injured kids had scrapes and bruises. >> on the big picture, it is everybody walking out of here and everybody is safe. so that's all that matters. everything else can be repaired. well, speaking of that, due to that damage, children attending that daycare will have to attend daycare at two other facilities for the next several weeks. the driver has been cited for careless driving on an expired license. volusia county deputies looking for this guy. he grabbed a box full of cash from a 12-year-old girl scout. surveillance camera snatched
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county. he snatched the cash and hopped into awaiting car. detectives are not saying how much money he got away with. to a developing story. waiting to hear if a judge will charge a former basketball player with a hate crime. 24-year-old stu wart butler beat up two gay men kissing on a street corner in west virginia. butler pleading not guilty and a misdemeanor battery. the decision is expected in a month. sheriff grady judd under attack after he outed four transgender women about a the national center for transgender equality says he outed them showing the 100 people arrested. it is said that judd did not have to highlight them and humiliate them. the sheriff does not see it that way saying all four in
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dot com. they advertised with the pictures that they were transsexual. they outed themselves. >> some advocates would like to see sheriff judd reprimanded. jury selection resumes in hawk hogan's one hundred million dollar lawsuit against gawkker. suing the website for publishing a sex tape. the media giant could go bankrupt if it loses. the pinellas county court narrowed the pool down to 106 prospective jurors. we will keep you posted. a big day for the tampa bay rays. president obama saying he will be in the crowd for an upcoming game. the rays will play in cuba against the cuban national team. president obama saying to play
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made and the first trip to cuba owner stormburg says they are country. do you believe he will get over this? >> no. >> another dramatic day in court for ab c host erin andrews. how a stalker's nude video changed her life. a horrible case of animal abuse posted on facebook. we will tell you who taped the charges. an incredible video. a woman caught outside in the middle of a tornado.
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that helped her survive. tonight's sports reporter and dancing with the stars host erin andrews is recovering after an emotional day of testimony. the former resident suing a hotel and her stalker for 75 million-dollars. the defense cross examining
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hurt her career. michael barrett pleaded guilty in this case. andrews getting endorsements from various companies after the videos and say her anxiety has increased. i look for red lights and look to see if there are cameras. i check the bed and the alarm clock and the phone. well the defense also asking for the case to be dismissed but the judge says the trial will continue. more trial for royal caribbean anthem of the seas. the trip trying to avoid a storm. dozens of passengers on board the ship. also sick with the norovirus. they are claiming it is because of the weather. but some say ten people a day are getting sick. they will dock in new jersey tomorrow. in pasco county. leaders taking action to keep
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major risk and doing it for free. i have been here 30 years. i fought that for twelve. roger smith can smile now but just a year earlier thousands of tires were finally being removed from the property next door. >> basically you could not go out of your home in the evening especially about this time of day. >> he is talking about the mosquitoes. neighbor sandy brooks remembers them well. >> especially after it rains, the mosquitoes were swarming us. >> the mosquito borne illnesses were on everybody's mind. >> and the fight on dessamer street ended for these neighbors, the county says the battle is far from over. >> water accumulates.
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pick up tires and inside the tires mosquitoes are making themselves at home. >> once they are dumped. they are usually not disturbed and the water remains in there stagnant for long time so it is a perfect breeding ground. >> so now with the zika virus as close as hillsborough, leaders in pasco offering tire disposal and anyone can drop them off sunday march 13th at the county landfill so hopefully breeding grounds in smith and brooks' neighborhood won't happen again in pasco county. cameron poler. police trying to track down a person posted this horrible this dog with its mouth taped. was disciplined. the person claiming the tape to come on and off.
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should be filed. right now astronaut scott kelly headed back to earth after historic year in space. take a look. closing the hatch on the international space station. kelly and russian astronaut are expected to land and he has spend more time in space more than anyone else in history. a lucky person to be alive. wedging herself between a coke machine as the storm approaches there. the surveillance video shows the debris flying everywhere and then it looks like an explosion. the woman said she never saw the tornado coming until it was too late. now, the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. that's why you have to stay on top of where those things are because it happens quick, umm?
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i have been reading the last couple of days, storm trails, the folks have downloaded it and it gives you instant notification anytime it is severe weather. we get a break from the severe weather threat for the next several days and the next week as we look outside. skies are rather clear from river gate and we are certainly rain-free and with the front coming in tomorrow morning, i think nothing more than maybe a couple of sprinkles north of i- 4. folks, that's it. maybe better chance on friday. temperatures right now, 50s to mid 60s after a high today in the low 80s in lakeland. 81 there and 80 in winter haven and mid-70s closer to the coast. outside right now, mid 60s across most of the viewing area. at least across the metro from clear water to tampa and back to st. pete skies are clear and the winds are light coming in off of the gulf. officially we hit 77. a few degrees above normal and we should be 74 this time of the year.
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warmer than that waking up in the morning. another beautiful day. the first day of march every day as nice as the first day of february. we have a front coming in fact two, it won't bring us change and what is more important not a blast of cold air either way. so tomorrow morning 8:00, you start the day, or for that matter well in your day if you are an early riser. maybe a few sprinkles in the northern counties. by lunchtime, they are gone and what is behind it partly cloudy skies and a nice day on thursday. maybe three or four degree cooler. a cool front and not a blast of cold air. not by any stretch of the imagination. later thursday to friday. we get another front and this one has at least a decent chance of giving some measurable rain to the area. not on thursday but on friday. it comes on through. now, we are not talking anything significant, still light trace accumulations but
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keep our eyes on and no threat of severe weather with either one of the fronts. i don't think any chances pop until the end of next week in the following week. that's at the earliest. in for a stretch of very nice and ultimately very warm weather. after we get rid of this. temperatures tomorrow afternoon, still on the coolish side. we will go upper 60s to low 70s. interior and especially east of i-75. you will be right back in the upper 70s to near 80s. the cooler air will come on through and you can shave a few degrees off of that by thursday. want to show you some of the long range weather. thursday, look where the cold air is. the front is coming through, we won't have to deal with it. we go through the weekend and then things are quiet. as we start to warm up again and look at this, all of that red color, that is bound to mean warmer air by next week. we will see 80s across most of
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end of the week and next week, we see an area of low pressure developing at this point ten days out. sometimes it is like flipping a coin but i do think the rain chances begin to bump up in ten days depending on whether it materializes. but will be there warmer temperatures next week through the week. good weather for the strawberry festival. northwest winds at ten knots and water temperature 63 degrees. a look at florida's most accurate seven day, beautiful forecast. we stay in the mid-70s early on and maybe a few showers on friday. the weekend looks great, 75 and 76. the next week we are close to the 80s. all right. thank you, dennis. the lightning were hoping to head tomorrow to sole
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coming up in sports. hello folks, back and forth we go in the atlantic division. the panthers could breathe the lightning down their next but answered in winnipeg.
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of the league. the lightning, a day off. and let's hope that defensemen andre shuster is okay. he jammed something. he wasn't sure. in monday's game against the leafs. it looks like he jammed his wrist trying to ward off a hit. we will know more tomorrow. the bolts kept their eye on the ball and as we know this playoff race is far from over. with the way the league is especially the east how tight it is, you know how it goes, even last year when we had 50 wins, we didn't clench the last five games of the year. it will go to the end. as i said we got to worry about ourselves and not what everybody else is doing. bruins forward zack renaldo suspended five days without pay for the cheap shot on sunday.
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offender since he was suspended last year for 8 games. gators playing host to kentucky. florida pretty much needing this one for the naacp tournament. the slam here but too late. kentucky had it in hand. alex answers at the other end and the wild cats beat the gators, 88-79. which carried conversation. motorist stu stubar says it would take a few months to get information on a new stadium site. he said that it will take backing by businesses. to make the new digs happen. and nothing we didn't already know, right? >> and here is a partial list of the jackpot winners in the nfl. they were either hit with the franchise or transitioned tag before the 4:00 p.m. deadline.
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denver took no chance of having linebacker vaughn miller lead. he leads the players and redskins quarterback kirk cousins. oliver vernon cost the dolphins a little less cash. no way the buccaneers would put 8 million on martin for the season. the transition tag of 9.6 million was too much. let's see how much the free agent market will go from there. and we are back in a minute and change.
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and before we go, right now we are learning from crews that astronaut scott kelly has landed on earth. landing. he spent 340 day on the international space station. history. good night and we will see you back here tomorrow night. upgrade with easier navigation. swipe from story to story and picture to picture and the only app streaming local news 24/7 with abc action news.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's " jimmy kimmel live" ! tonight, will forte! from "the walking dead," ross marquand! and music from miike snow! with cleto and the cletones. and now, hold on, here's jimmy kimmel!


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