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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  March 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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while the family griefs, we still don't know the cause. tonight the grandfather of shane bassford killed overnight in a lakeland mobile home fire, struggling to find the words. digging up the only picture that he can find of the 46-year- old. back when he was three. >> he was a brilliant boy. i mean, he was smart. and woe have made a real -- he would have made a good preacher. >> reporter: gene let shane and his girlfriend stay in the mobile home on the property that he dreamed to turn into a music camp. somebody driving by spotted the flames and called for help. by the time that fire crews arrived, most of the damage was already done. and they found the bodies of shane and his girlfriend, susan hall. >> i still don't believe this. i just don't believe it. >> reporter: arson dogs sniffed for accelerants which is standard procedure. by daybreak, the fire marshall went digging for more clues but so far nothing indicating it's suspicious. >> they're going to make sure
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unturned. they're going to make sure that they can rule out everything else. >> reporter: although he is sleeping a football field away, he never saw the fire or smelled the smoke. he woke up to a flighter banging on his -- a firefighter banging on his door. >> they think the smoke got my grandson and his girlfriend. >> reporter: he will miss the little things of having shane around. tonight he is cherishing the old memories. now, late today, investigators seemed to focus most attention on this end of the mobile home. take a look. that's where they believe the fire started. we are told that's where the kitchen and living room is. live in lakeland, ryan raiche, abc action news. >> thank you, ryan. tonight a 17-year-old spring hill student is facing felony charges for attacking a teacher in the middle of class. sarah rosario has more on what led up to this incident and how other students actually jumped in to help. >> reporter: that student is accused of pretty serious things in this this arrest
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spitting on her here at the high school. we're told it was all over not wanting to dissect a sea clam. in marine science, dissecting a sea clam is a requirement. >> yes, it's nasty but you don't have to do anything crazy. >> reporter: but one student here at spring stead high refused to take part. and according to classmates, she decide today take her anger out on the teacher. >> the fact that she held herself back and called someone to handle it was professional. >> reporter: that 17-year-old that we're not naming because of her age cursed at the teacher and was told to leave. she shoved the teacher and knocked the goggles off her face. when the teacher tries restraining her, she spits on her shirt and neck. one of the other students punched the 17-year-old and then a fight breaks out among the students. the teacher stopped the fight and the 17-year-old leaves class. >> when it comes down to it,
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law enforcement, which is sad that, you know, teachers can't handle things. >> reporter: parents say this is the only way to discipline fight back. when we contacted the school district, we learned that students cursing at or hitting teachers is fairly common. hernando schools couldn't give us exact notices. but there are 30 reports of battery on a teacher this year alone. >> usually people that do things like that usually don't graduate. >> reporter: we reached out to the student and teacher and didn't hear back from either of them. while the student was taken to juvenile detention, she was later released to her mother. reporting in spring hill, sarah rosario, abc action news. turning now to democracy 2016. with super tuesday in the rear view mirror, the next round of voting comes this weekend. >> many experts say the march 15th primaries, including the one in florida could help
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mashek is in the studio to break it down. >> no surprise we have been talking about this for several weeks now. the two front runners unchanged. we have donald trump on the top of the leader board on the republican side and it's democratic side. here is the challenge as we move forward in this race. when you look at the numbers, 300. and the magic number that he has to get to is over 1200 delegates. he is only about a fourth of the way right now. there two of his challengers of course marco rubio and john kasich their home states are coming up in the next vote. 66 delegates up for grabs in ohio. 99 here in florida. both of those states are winner take all. when you think about the 160- plus delegates, it could stop donald trump in his tracks when it comes to reaching that magical number. of course that means that your vote here in florida could really mean more than ever. there's a steady stream of voters already filing in to cast their ballots in hillsborough county before the march 15th primary.
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it's a lot more convenient. so that's why i come early. >> reporter: but as for who he is voting for, stern isn't convinced that any of the candidates are worthy. >> i think it's a sad commentary on our system with the quality of the candidates we have. they're all very poor. >> reporter: mom erin wiley thinks the stakes are high in this election and the polarizing nature of the front runners gives her more reason to vote. >> a lot of people feel that certain candidates are the opposite of what they would want. if you feel the need -- bless you -- to vote against somebody, that's better than not voting at all in my opinion. >> reporter: political science professor susan says that's what candidates like ted cruz and marco rubio with banking on, the anti-trump vote. >> if they're not ahead right now, they're hoping to keep his number down so perhaps it could be a contested convention.
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>> reporter: it's part of what makes florida's vote crucial. whoever wins here and ohio take all of the delegates. the reason that the florida vote matters is we're a swing state come november and there are implications how those votes are cast well into the future. >> people who are running for office or thinking of running for offices, congressional, state legislative, county officials, et cetera, who is at the top of the ticket really matters a lot. >> another deciding factor in all of this, the ads, super packs have come out in support of marco rubio. studies show it does impact your vote and who you end up casting your ballot for. wendy and jamison. >> thank you, kera. a job controversy that several candidates are talking about. disney employees were replaced
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under the controversial visa. >> one of the former workers supports a candidate that he thinks will make a change in favor of florida voters. >> it's this video here that is making a big impact online. one of those former disney i- team workers here, leo, he is testifying in front of the senate, even breaking down in tears several times. and now he's getting behind donald trump. here you can see a conservative news website post this had video of him speaking at a trump rally sharing his story. trump is only one of the candidates to ask disney to hire back the fired workers. it's supposed to recruit the best and brightest foreign workers to the united states. senator rubio supports it. on the democratic side, former secretary of state clinton has been in support. senator sanders wants the program changed.
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he was told that he was going to lose his job but he needed to train his replacement to get his severance pay. >> how many other american families would be affected by the same foreign worker that i trained? >> now, we did reach out to senator bill nelson who has filed two bipartisan bills to reform the visa program. he says, quote, this program was created to help fill jobs where there were labor shortages, not to take jobs away from hard-working americans. disney isn't the only company accused of misusing the visa program. toys r us, hewlett packard, verizon and new york life among others are facing similar accusations. i reached out to disney but haven't heard back. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> good afternoon, everybody.
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had that front come through bright and early this morning, a few blips popping up on radar. no reports of anything making it down to the ground. temperatures back up to the 80s in the northern counties. and upper 60s closer to the coast. overnight tonight, look for high clouds rolling in the afternoon. right on through the evening. in my mind, it won't give us anything than vailing the moonlight at times. throughout the evening hours, your hour by hour forecast cooling into the 60s. waking up into the low to mid 50s. there's a warm-up on the way and a big one. i'll tell you just how warm coming up in a couple minutes. thanks, den. two sea turtles are back in the wild after being rehabilitated at the aquarium. flash and falcon swimming back into the gulf of mexico today from clearwater beach. falcon was rescued during operation cold stun but he was able to make a quick recovery. flash recovered from an
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>> this is definitely the moment that you live for. it goes straight with our mission, rescue, rehab, release. ultimately we want all of these wild. today is an excellent example two in one day. we get double the dose of fun. >> aquarium staff have rescued more than 250 turtles so far this year. duke energy donated $100,000 to program. new developments tonight in the search for the missing malaysian jetliner that disappeared two years ago. coming up, the new clues that might help searchers pinpoint the wreckage. a desperate need for local pharmacy technicians. i will show you how to get one of these in-demand jobs. download the new abc action news app for your mobile phone or tablet. just search for it in your
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>> well, if you find yourself waiting longer in line at the pharmacy, that's probably because there's a huge need for pharmacy technicians. >> programs are being launched to get new workers in these positions. as lauren rozyla reveals how you can get one of these in demand jobs.
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but pharmacists say there is plenty of room for advancement. crystal jordan always new she loved health care. >> i like helping people and i want to go into the medical field. >> reporter: she knew starting this training program could be the first step to getting a very in-demand job. >> it is comforting to know that you're going into a field that will actually need you. >> reporter: local training schools like concord say baby boomers are aging and bombarding pharmacies with prescription needs. >> it's almost a constant wave of a need for more pharmacy technicians. >> reporter: struck tores say it's a career with lots of opportunity to grow. >> pharmacy technicians can grow into lead technicians. especially if you're hospital facilities, they become shift managers. >> reporter: local pharmacists dealing with longer patient lines and more demand say these new techs can't get to work fast enough. >> i wish we could spend more time on the patients. >> reporter: they help handle
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pills and assist the pharmacist. they make about $15 an hour. >> it is a good profession for someone who wants to help out, who is studying medicine, studying patient care. >> reporter: for crystal, this job is just the beginning. >> i would love to go on and, you know, eventually get my pharmd and become a pharmacist. >> reporter: pharmacist say if you pass a national exam, you're able to operate in any state. lauren rozyla, abc action news. >> new developments tonight in the search for the missing malaysia airlines jet that disappeared two years. >> tonight, debris found along the coast of the beach is being studied for a possible connection to the missing plane. this map shows where the debris washed ashore. >> you can see right where that is in relation to where the first debris was found right up here. and now this is the area, this circle right here, is where
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for the wreckage for two years now. >> malaysia airlines flight 370 disappeared in route to beijing. right now officials are examing the debris to determine if it is a piece of the missing plane. and turning now to the weather. we're getting closer to the weekend. just boo beautiful out. i hope it continues. >> we are looking better. another front is coming in. you see cloud cover out there. not bad. a lot of sunshine. a lot of folks opened up their spring training schedule tonight. i know there were people all over the place enjoying the sunshine. again, just another view from the main sale. you see the cloud cover, that is high sirius clouds. it gives a milky look to the sky. when you see that, it gives you a ring around the sun or a ring around the moon. haven't had that report today but we often see that this time of the year. we did have the first front come in.
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late tomorrow into early on friday. and there is definitely a chance of some showers. in fact, some of our latest computer numbers just coming in, maybe a little more bullish on that rain chance late tomorrow night than we were talking about yesterday. we will touch on that in a second. still temperatures are beautiful out there today. in the upper 70s. the winds out of the west/northwest. there's the indicator that the front has come through. just a beautiful day with mostly sunny skies. although right now officially at the airport, the high cloud cover out there giving us, well, cloudy skies and 72. yet clearwater and st. pete, both in the low 70s. look at the winds. there they are. that is the sign that the front came through bright and early this morning. northwest in direction. very often brings us cooler, drier air. but this winter has been such a quick moving type of winter. in other words, very progressive system. something comes in, something goes out.
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that we often talk about, allowing for rapid changes to temperatures and the cloud cover. so, you know, we started off with sunny skies after that front came through. then some of that cloudiness continues to roll on in. if you look at the forecast models, kind of bullish on that, staying around overnight. on thursday, first thing in the morning, we're partly to mostly sunny with temperatures right back in the 70s. probably low to mid 70s closer to the coast. mid 70s interior. but it will be a very nice day. now, look what happens tomorrow night into friday morning. all of a sudden that front races through. now, in my opinion, i think it's probably a little bit overdone right now. but i think in the overnight hours, there's at least a chance of a few showers thursday night and into friday morning. this is by rush hour on friday. most of this rain will be out of here anyway. it won't be a big deal. it won't be severe. it probably won't be disruptive because it's going on in the
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still there's a slight chance of a couple showers. once it's gone, we are home free. through the weekend and all of next week as well. as temperatures go up and up even higher. through 4:00 a.m. on friday, there's the possibility as i said maybe especially across the northern counties that hangs together. otherwise things should be dry starting later friday and staying that way probably through all of next week. now, forecast highs as we said along that coast -- i mean, look at that green color much that's your coastal areas with temperatures in the upper 60s thanks to the on shore flow coming in from the cooler waters of the gulf. you go east, look at that. mid to upper 70s. even though we did have a front come through, that's not going to cool us off much. that is a sign of things to come, especially on next week. our upper level pattern shows that. blue indicates transition to colder air, sometimes stormy situations.
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red building and we will next week, that means a warm-up. and that's going to be around right on through next week. look at thursday. that warm air extends all the way to the mid-atlantic. we could see middle 80s across the area next week. there is the chance that we could see rain rolling in by the end of the week. i think this ridge, this bubble of high pressure could very well block this from coming this way, keeping us warm and pleasant right on through the end of next week. forecast is looking good. there's a look at florida's most accurate 7-day. rain chances late tomorrow night into early friday morning. otherwise, we are beautiful. now, that's why people visit us for spring break and spring training. highs near 80s. maybe mid-80s by the middle of next week. a terrifying ordeal. a california woman and her children held against their will. coming up, the stroke of luck that finally put their
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plus the reason that a 1,000-pound black bear was removed from a backyard in ohio. it's not because the homeowner wanted it taken away. two fighting rings busted in two weeks. the health risk that is
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>> a california man who held his girlfriend and her two children hostage is now finally in jail. >> thomas led authorities on a low-speed chase in his hummer suv on monday afternoon. he stopped in newport beach. after a standoff with police, he agreed to release the hostages. but he escaped. >> all of a sudden, seven or eight shots raping-- rang out and the suspect in a hoodie
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i'm hit, i'm hit. and they shot me. >> police finally found him last night more than 30 miles away. he faces multiple charges including domestic violence and child endangerment. an ohio man loses his pet of 18 years. that pet, an adult black bear. take a look. the ohio department of agriculture took the bear from the backyard because his cage was not in compliance with the law. the owner had no warning but the department says they gave him several warnings over the last couple years to make improvements or else. they are now looking for a sanctuary to make him a new home. a blessing in disguise. coming up, why a bay area deputy says a car accident saved his life. long lines at the irs building. yeah. some people started lining up at 2:00 a.m. next at 5:30, the reason that the government says the wait is
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chaos in a florida courtroom. why the people that showed up to support suspected teenen thieves ended up leaving in
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>> live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. >> strengthen my faith in god. and people. >> new at 5:30, a pasco county sheriffs deputy credits a car accident with saving his life. good evening. i'm jamison uhler. >> and i'm laura harris. eric waxler explains why almost losing his life actually bought him more time. >> not being able to feel or move your legs was the scariest feeling i've ever felt.
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aftermath of the crash that almost killed deputy dorner. he was training a volunteer when that driver lost control, sending the cruiser airborne over a ditch. >> one of my thoracic vertebrae was crushed and pressing on my spinal cord. >> reporter: wondering if he would ever walk again was bad enough but during surgery doctors discovered a large mass on his lungs. he had lung cancer. the same disease that took his father a month later. if it wasn't for the crash, the found in time. >> i don't understand it but i'm a very religious person. i'm a strong christian. and truthfully it strengthened my faith in god. >> reporter: after a career in the navy, more than 25 years as a deputy, he was in a fight for surgeries, treatments, then a difficult recovery.


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