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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 3, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. waging war against the front-runner. mitt romney blasts donald trump calling him a phony and a fraud as the billionaire gets closer to capturing the gop nomination. trump joins us live. new overnight, major arrests in that brazen gun shop robbery. at least ten suspects caught on camera swarming a store smashing display cases and getting away with an arsenal of weapons. the massive manhunt. smackdown, hulk hogan's $100 million lawsuit suing a website about his private tape. we have what the former pro wrestler is saying as he prepares for the biggest fight of his life. the 11-year-old hitting the shot of a lifetime in front of
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all time, tiger woods' epic reaction this morning. and good morning, america. how good is it to be taylor crozier, that little 11-year-old boy right there? first shot and a brand-new tiger woods golf course. you saw it was a par 3. you can guess what happened. >> hole in one like that you could not have scripted it any better. another person having a great day is astronaut scott kelly. back here in the gold old u.s. of a touching down in houston reuniting with family and friends. we'll have the latest on that just ahead. we do begin with that breaking news in the race for the white house. mitt romney set to lufrn a major new attack in the gop establishment's battle with donald trump as the candidates get ready for another crucial debate tonight. abc's tom llamas is on the scene in detroit where that debate will take place, good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. and i have a copy of mitt
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it is a blistering attack on donald trump. he's going to deliver it in a few hours. in this speech he calls donald trump a phony, a fraud, that he's playing america for suckers and one of the last lines of the speech, he says donald trump gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy hat. many have talked about a civil war when it comes to the republican party and donald trump judging from this speech, the war is under way. back in 2012, their relationship was in full bloom. donald trump endorsing mitt romney. >> i'm so honored and pleased to have his endorsement. >> reporter: but now romney thinks trump is toxic to the party and is set to make the case against him later in a major speech. romney calling for him to release his tax returns. >> i think we have good reason to believe that there is a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. >> reporter: but trump firing back, posting this clip on his facebook page, a greatest hits
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conservative moments. >> i will preserve and protect a woman's right to choose. >> i want universal coverage. i want everyone in massachusetts and this country to have insurance. >> reporter: trump tweeting that romney's upcoming news conference is just another desperate move by the man who should have easily beaten barack obama. marco rubio tells me the battle are to the conservative movement is while he's still fighting after winning only one state out of 15. >> i am willing to fight as long as it takes to ensure that we save the conservative movement in the republican party from a con artist like donald trump. >> reporter: senator cruz saying right now there are too many candidates to beat trump. >> 23 we are going to beat donald trump, the field can't remain fractured. >> reporter: the field is narrowing. dr. ben carson essentially ending his campaign on wednesday announcing there's no political path forward. and as frump raquets up victories, confidence is spreading through the trump family. melania trump when asked making her case for first lady.
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lady, do you think? >> yes, of course. >> why? >> i -- i'm a perfectionist. i like to do things perfect and i like to put myself 100% into it, into what i do. >> reporter: now back to those establishment attacks on donald trump, this morning there is also this letter signed by more than 50 gop national security experts, all making the same point that donald trump will not keep us safe. it is a point that mitt romney makes in his speech and, george, mitt romney also says donald trump will lead this country right into an economic recession. george. >> okay, tom, thanks. let's hear what donald trump has to say about it right now. mr. trump, thank you for joining us again this morning. i want to put up that excerpt up on the screen right now. he says, here's what i know, donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. for suckers. he gets a free ride to the white hat. your response?
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failed candidate, should have beaten barack obama easily. i've brought millions and millions of people and you know this, george, because i saw your report on it into the republican party over the last very short period of time. it's the biggest story in politic, how many people are flocking into the republican party. they're leaving the democrats, they're leaving the independents, they're no longer independent. they're now going as republicans and they're with me 100%. i have rallies the other day in alabama, we had 35,000 people. 35,000, the biggest one of the season by anybody by far. we're having the biggest rallies. we get 20,000 and 15,000 routinely and there's great enthusiasm -- >> how about -- >> except by the establishment. >> how about the substance. he brings up trump university. you're facing ads in several states, several million dollars in ads where victims say they were scammed out of thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars. that's hitting you hard right in the middle of the campaign. >> george, it's a simple civil case.
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probably still could very, very easily but i don't want to settle it because, look, the people that took the course, 98% of those people liked the school. we have report cards. every single person that is in a civil case -- >> that was before they took the courses. >> excuse me. every single person that has taken it practically, almost all, 98%, loved it. we have an "a" from the better business bureau. we got rated "a." it's a legal deal for lawyers to make -- >> sir, according to "the new york daily news" you got a "d" minus from the better business bureau. >> take a look at it. you're wrong. >> i have it. >> it's posted as an "a" and i think they gave us a different mark before we gave them information. after they got the information they gave us an "a" so we have an "a." who is going to settle a lawsuit when everybody is suing. these are just people saying, oh, wow, if i can get my money back. i'm sued all the time and so is every other big business person.
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they say if you're successful you can't run for political office because everything you do you get sued on and it gets exposed. we will win that case very easily. i just don't want to settle. >> how about the foreign policy attacks from these 50 foreign policy experts? they say your advocacy for trade wars is a recipe for economic disaster in a globally connected war. his embrace of the expansive use of torture is inexcusable. it is said the military will refuse to act if you order torture because they're not required to follow orders that violate international law. how would president trump respond if the military refused to follow your orders? >> i'll tell you how good our military is doing under michael hayden and people such as this. we've been fighting wars in the middle east for 15 years, 18 years, we're in debt $4 trillion or $5 trillion. we are arming enemies -- arming people that we want on our side.
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when they take over a country they're worse than the people they depose. give me a break and as far as the economics are concerned we're going to lose $500 billion this year with china. we're losing with japan. we're losing with mexico. at the border and at trade. don't tell me about these people that sit around. the american worker is making less money now than they made 12 years ago, george. and that's why they're banking on me. but now they're spending the establishment is spending $100 million on phony ads against me and who knows what that does. >> but the question -- >> but i will tell you this, the republicans, it's dynamic what's happening. millions of people are joining the republican party because of me. and you know what, the rerepublican establishment will probably give it right back and go back to the ole days of mitt romney that couldn't win. >> back to the question, if you order torture and the military refuses to carry out your
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>> i don't think that would happen. i'm a leader. i don't think that would happen. they're cutting off heads in the middle east. they're chopping off people's heads in the middle east and we're afraid to waterboard. give me a break, george. general douglas macarthur and general patton are in their graves right now spinning in their graves, they don't believe what they're seeing. we don't know how to win anymore. we can't win a war. we can't win economically and this is why this is happening. remember, we're losing $500 billion in terms of trade deficit with china. we have to change things around. we can't go on like this, george. >> ready for megyn kelly tonight? >> i'm ready. i'm absolutely ready. >> mr. trump, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you very much. >> we invited marco rubio and ted cruz on this morning. they both declined. >> now to the democratic race, hillary clinton celebrating her super tuesday victories at a star-studded bash overnight as there's breaking news in her e-mail scandal. abc's cecilia vega is here with the latest on that, good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning to you.
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morning that the fbi could seek to question hillary clinton herself in the coming weeks and the justice department has reportedly granted immunity to an aide who worked on her private e-mail server. this as clinton moves closer to securing this nomination. overnight in full celebration mode at a star-studded radio city music hall fund-raiser. you're going to hear me roar >> reporter: a hollywood who's who of supporters there for the ballerina >> reporter: from elton john. >> this is a very important year for america and she's the only hope you have. >> reporter: to katy perry. >> the election feels very personal to me. >> reporter: julianne moore and jamie foxx. >> hillary. >> reporter: and the entire clinton family but the clintons are not the only ones packing in the crowds. >> thank you, bernie. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: bernie sanders now
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rival's delegate lead but he is still drawing big support from maine to michigan. >> a great nation is judged not by how many millionaires and billionaires it has, but by how it treats the weakest and most vulnerable amongst us. >> reporter: this crowd overnight reaching 10,000 strong and while clinton still has the vermont senator to contend with, she now seems laser focused on a different man standing in her way. >> so, we've got work to do, my friends. but not to make america great again, america never stopped being great. [ cheers and applause ] >> we have to make america whole. >> reporter: now, on those e-mails clinton's aides insist this is not cause for concern. they say the possibility of an fbi interview is a sign the investigation could be concluded soon. guys, still, this is not the headline this team wants to deal
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>> especially at this point right now. all right, cecilia, thank you. joining us from washington abc's jon karl picking up on what cecilia was talking about with the e-mail controversy. in your opinion what does this mean for her campaign, hillary clinton? >> this is the cloud that just won't go away. the latest reports are an indication this remains very much an active fbi investigation and although there's absolutely no indication that clinton herself is a target, it is very likely that she will be asked to testify or at least come in and take questions from the fbi in the coming weeks. now, the campaign says she is happy to do that but trust me, that is not the way a candidate working to wrap up her party's nomination and as cecilia said take her campaign national wants to be spending her time. >> not at all. let's talk about the gop big debate tonight on fox. you heard that donald trump just talking with george, what do the other candidates have to did to tonight? >> reporter: well, trump's rivals are almost out of time and this debate is one last
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to take him down. there will be only four candidates on the stage, that means more time to put trump on the spot and he will be facing as you pointed out not just the rivals, but also megyn kelly who has shown maybe more than just about anybody that she can really get under trump's skin. >> we'll see what happens tonight, jon. thank you. a massive manhunt for a band of robbers. they captured three of the suspects seen in this video. it shows ten thieves swarming a gun shop making off with dozens of guns. abc's phillip mena has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, after a two-day manhunt, police say they have captured three of these ten brazen gun store bandits who were caught on five different security cameras raiding a houston shop in this newly released surveillance video. watch as the hooded and masked suspects use a chain attached to a pickup truck to rip the steel clad front door right off its hinges.
7:14 am
premises using hammers to smash the display cases snatching dozens of weapons. this thief jumping over a counter to rip an assault rifle off a wall display and this hooded burglar bagging at least 18 handguns in just 30 seconds. >> what it potentially means you have that many people now distributing fireairports on the streets of houston. >> reporter: the crooks making several trips back to their escape vehicles to unload the loot. one suspect nearly falling as he races back into the store. others dropping a few guns as they rush to escape before police arrive. police say it took the thieves less than two minutes to get away with more than 50 weapons while authorities say some of these stolen guns have just been recovered, they're still concerned over the possible crimes that might be committed with the stolen guns still at large. >> you got another criminal element that needs firearms to commit their crimes, sometimes associated with the drug trade or robberies. >> reporter: police say the
7:15 am
vehicles about a block away. this morning authorities are offering a $5,000 reward for any information that leads to their arrests. george, robin. >> that is alarming video. >> it really is. now to a caught on camera encounter between an officer and teen triggering outrage at a baltimore public school. this morning the footage shows the officer slapping and kicking a student, abc's mary bruce has the details and joins us from baltimore. good morning, mary. >> reporter: hi, robin. good morning. what happened here is hard to watch. the video is just a few seconds long but it has already sparked what the school system is calling a vigorous investigation. this morning, baltimore prosecutors launching a criminal investigation into this brutal attack caught on tape. the video just four seconds long going viral. watch as an armed school police officer at baltimore's reach partnership school slaps this 16-year-old boy three times before kicking him. look closely, a second officer standing next to him doesn't
7:16 am
the video sending shock waves through the community. >> as a parent of a baltimore city school student, i was appalled by what i saw, that behavior that was demonstrated on the -- the video is certainly something you never want to see. >> reporter: this morning school officials telling abc news the two officers have been placed on administrative leave. >> this incident is not indicative. this is unacceptable. it's not behavior that will ever be tolerated by any city school employee but this is an isolated incident. >> reporter: words of little comfort for this teen whose lawyer says suffered injuries to his rib and face. his family asking to keep his identity private. >> this isn't the wild, wild west. even if, in fact, that client had done something to provoke the incident it's not an eye for an eye. that's not how police are trained. >> reporter: now his lawyer says
7:17 am
officials say he is not and that his presence here on these grounds is now under investigation. george and robin. >> wow. there. >> that's true. >> very unfortunate. >> a higher note. >> a little better feel-good story from tiger woods who was in texas yesterday for the opening of hi a new golf course he designed but i bet you he didn't see this coming. walking to the green, 11-year-old junior player crozier hit the first shot an a par 3. his it, it trickles down, gets a hole in one -- >> the first shot. >> tiger steps up and says, now i have to follow that? are you kidding me right now? but it was such a good thing. tiger later on signed the score card and the card shows that taylor and his friend beat tiger by three strokes. >> a hole in one. >> taylor has the chance to play with tiger because he had
7:18 am
this is a pretty good excuse to skip a day when he goes back, everybody knows why. >> a sweet swing. >> sweet swing. he could beat me a you george, we've played together. >> he sure does. thank you, michael. on to rob. you have this winter storm moving east. >> not a great day to be playing golf. you made it way too easy. he'll have to buy everybody a round of milk. generally speaking 1 to 3 inches but a winter storm watch posted for richmond where we see the heaviest snow. tomorrow from d.c. to new york just enough to make for a bit of a messy commute and boston, here you go, widespread 1 to 3
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in the morning. people chores in the 50s, dry and breezy out there. by noon we were at 75. a nice recovery for the afternoon and upper 70s. 66 with the overnight temperatures tonight as a front begins to approach to the north and west. the showers are in the early part of friday but in time for the weekend creating mid to upper 70s with plenty of sunshine into next week. rees today in dallas. that is feeling e spring. we'll get some of that into the northeast next week. maybe some rounds of golf. >> maybe so. thank you, rob. coming up here on "gma," hulk hogan ready for the main event.
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lawsuit over his private tape, the trial getting under way. what the former superstar wrestler is saying now. tina fey unloads on the oscars. >> this is some real hollywood bull [ bleep ]. >> wow. sounding off on the awards show, lady gaga and why she's saying it's a terrible time for women in comedy. lowe's presents how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary.
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good morning, everybody. we are starting off on a sunshine sky way where you are wide open right now in both directions. no crashes or breakdowns to slow you down.
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toll booth to toll booth. across the other bay bridges, not too bad. traffic is picking up a little bit. 11 minutes on the howard franklin. still looking good on the gandy seven minutes there. a couple of crashes in pinellas to tell you about. state route 580, we have road blocks there. we have a series of crashes earlier this morning. a man was struck by a car at 18th avenue south 21st street. the captain now it looks like 18th is completely blocked. it is adjacent to the wal- mart neighborhood grocery store. apatiently someone got hit there and because of that, they are investigating so both lanes
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275 to st. pete is moving smoothly. temperatures right now in the 06s and we'll recover nicely by the afternoon. sunshine and clearwater to tampa not going to bother us as far as rainfall. 45to 50. your hour by hour forecast takes you right through the evening hours mid to upper 70s and we're back into the 60s tonight tracking a new front that will be with us and, in fact, heading in this way tomorrow morning just a few lunch hours. they are not going to bother us that much and set us up for
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welcome back to "gma." that is the debate hall in detroit. republican candidates facing off tonight. four left and donald trump under new pressure fending off new attacks from mitt romney who is now calling the front-runner a phony and a fraud. also right now, on this friday eve, the deflategate case is back. legal teams for tom brady and the nfl set to head to court today as the league appeals a judge's decision to overturn brady's four-game suspension. and scott kelly back on american soil after spending nearly a year in space. the rocket manuel committeed home by family and friends in houston and getting a special call from president obama. >> big smile right there. a big following as well.
7:31 am
headlines. michael. >> the queen of comedy, taking on everyone from leo to lady gaga for what they said during the biggest night in hollywood. we'll tell you why coming up. >> she did not -- >> she didn't hold back. >> not at all, michael. we begin with that legal battle between hulk hogan and the website gawker. the former pro wrestler is fighting it out in court this time suing the site for $100 million for posting a portion of his private tape. abc's linzie janis is here with the latest. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, robin. after nearly four years of legal wrangling the trial is finally here with jury selection under way and this is significant because it is the first celebrity sex tape case to ever go to trial. this morning, hulk hogan is preparing for the battle of a lifetime. but this time the hulkster whose
7:32 am
headed into the ring but into a courtroom. the wchl we star suing the gossip site for $100 million for posting a video of him having sex with heather clem, the then wife of his former best friend. florida radio deejay bubba the love sponge. >> this was an incredible. it was taken without his knowledge and/or consent. >> reporter: now hogan tweeting before court tuesday, "time for the real main event. i am going to slam another giant." but gawker arguing the tape and hogan's affair were newsworthy. >> months before gawker in the news. >> reporter: the company telling abc news, "we are defending the fight amendment against hulk hogan's effort to create a world where celebrities can promote themselves around any topic, in
7:33 am
the media covers their lives. hulk hogan bragged about his sex life for years and denied this particular sexual encounter." hogan maintains the leaked tape has damaged both his personal and professional life. he was wiped from the wwe hall of fame in july after the national enquirer released a previously unheard audiotape from the sex tape. hogan heard making racial slurs. >> can we stop for a second? >> reporter: telling amy robach rock bottom. >> i was at the lowest point of my life to the point where i wanted to kill myself. >> you were suicidal. >> yes, i was. >> reporter: opening arguments are set to begin monday and the trial is expected to take three weeks, hogan is expected to take the witness stand. robin. >> linzie, thank you. we bring in abc's chief legal analyst dan abrams for this. a high-profile case like this seating a jury, how difficult is that? what are both sides looking for.
7:34 am
find a jury pretty easily. there's been a lot higher profile cases where they have. but it is critical. why? they're not fighting over the facts, they kind of agree as to what happened. it's a question of how do you interpret the law and so which jurors you get and what mind-set they come in with is absolutely critical. so hogan's team will want people simply offended that gawker published this at all while gawker's team will want people more willing to focus on sort of constitutional principles but it will be an interesting case to be a juror on because to one was killed here. you got some sort of obnoxious high-profile person against an obnoxious high-profile media entity, kind of a fun case to preside over. >> that's one way of looking at it. >> yeah. >> gawker's stance is that first amendment. >> that's right and it's hard -- some people will say, it's a sex tape. how could there be a first amendment claim? what gawker is basically saying is the minute hulk hogan starts
7:35 am
life and specifically talking about not having sex with the person he's having sex with on the tape, that that becomes newsworthy. they say, look, we only used a little over a minute of the tape. we didn't play the whole thing. we were using it just as much as was necessary to be newsworthy. >> won't it be tricky with the jury. >> absolutely. it's going to be a hard argument for a jury. it's the sort of argument better in an appel yacht late coururt. key question did they need to use the tape. it's a fascinating case. three students claimed they were attacked because of their race but now facing charges because this surveillance video tells a different story. abc's gio benitez is on the seen >> reporter: good morning. police say they've enhanced that video and talked to witnesses and now they firmly believe that
7:36 am
this morning three college students under fire for what's seen in the surveillance video. >> hi, i'd like to report the fact that me and my friends were just jumped on a bus for being black. >> reporter: just after 1 a.m. on january 30th ariel agudio, alexis briggs and asha burwell all 20-year-old college students at the university at albany claiming they were the only black students on a city bus when they were called racial slurs and hit by several white males. they say they were surrounded by students and felt threatened. they fought back. two of the girls called 911. >> it was a racially fueled crime. we were three black girls jumped by like 20 white people. >> reporter: university staff and students immediately rallying behind the girls. but within hours of that rally, an instagram video posted online showing what looks like the girls approaching the men first. the university and city immediately launching an investigation. >> i ask all of us to not rush to judgment.
7:37 am
release of this surveillance video from inside the bus that night. witnesses on board telling police, it wasn't the men but the women who were the aggressors. >> it definitely looks like it wasn't what the girls said happened and looks the opposite. >> reporter: the girls maintain they are the victims. this week all three girls in court pleading not guilty to charges of third degree assault. civil rights activists now concerned about what this case crimes. >> when there's another incident or similar incident, will the community believe them and that's troubling for many people. >> reporter: and two of the girls have also been charged with falsely reporting an incident. by the way we should tell you the video does not make clear exactly what happened. a jury may have to decide. rob and george. >> thank you. coming up teacher says she was forced to resign after a student stole private photos from her phone. she's speaking out about it next.
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and now to the photo scandal shake up a school system. a south carolina teacher says she was forced to resign after nude photos of herself meant for her husband were made public when a student stole her phone. abc's steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: this morning a south carolina teacher is fighting for her job after what she calls an embarrassing breach of her privacy. >> you know, you don't think about somebody invading your privacy like that. >> reporter: she says intimate photos meant for her husband were stolen from her cell phone and shared by one of other own students but the school district says she's the one at fault and she's now out of work. >> everybody that you look at, you ask, well, have they seen it or what exactly did they see? it's the weirdest feeling.
7:43 am
ball up and just stay there. >> reporter: arthur says it happened when she briefly left her classroom at union county high school last month. she says a male student looked through her phone and found her partially nude photos. she says he then sent them to other students. arthur says school officials pressured her to resign a week later and a statement the school superintendent tells abc news, she could have prevented the problem if she was properly supervising the students and that the evidence indicates that students routinely used the teacher's cell phone with her full permission. >> as teachers we're go out in the hallway, greet the kids when they come in and monitor the hallways and that's what i was doing. i wasn't away from my phone no more than three minutes. >> reporter: arthur is arguing those photos were private meant as a valentine's day surprise saying the student was wrong and the school is yet to discipline the teen and will act when the investigation is over. many of arthur's other students are standing behind her this morning with this online petition, arguing that the circumstances in which
7:44 am
unacceptable and must be corrected. she says she'll sue the school and file criminal charges against that student. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> i want to see how this turns out. complicated. >> it is complicated. coming up on "good morning america," why tina fey is taking on the oscars and saying it is a terrible time for women in comedy. important information about a rare and aggressive type of breast cancer. new research that could help those who have it.
7:45 am
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started with a whisper back now with tina fey making headlines with harsh words for hollywood sounding off on everything from the academy awards to why it's a terrible time for women in comedy. abc's t.j. holmes is here with the details. good morning, t.j. >> stay with me here. let's face it, actors are very stupid, that's a direct quote from tina fey and she was just getting start talking about all the political, social issues that came up, the oscars, she felt like hollywood was preaching to the rest of us but not qualified to be in the pulpit. tina fey unplugged.
7:49 am
bull [ bleep ]. >> reporter: not holding back with howard stern about the political messages that took over. >> you're damn right hollywood is racist. >> climate change is real. it is happening right now. >> too many women and men on and off college campuses are still victims of sexual abuse. >> everyone is telling me, like, what to do and it was like, people yelling at me about rape and corporate greed and but really it's climate change. i was like, guys, pick a lane. >> faye continued to rip on lady gaga who performed an emotional tribute to survivors of sexual abuse. till it happens to you >> there was a gorgeous picture online the next day of lady gaga in the photo booth and the quote was like, i just felt after my performance at the oscars i felt like a weight had been lifted. i felt like i could stop hiding and i wanted to be like, oh, girl, have you been hiding? you've been doing a terrible job hiding.
7:50 am
up. i know where howard's studio is. >> he k to get to the talk. >> he's the best interviewer out there. he will get you to talk. >> she was having fun.
7:51 am
interview. >> thank you, t.j. we'll be back. lowe's presents how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get pint annuals,
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welcome back to "gma." no rain in the plains. tiptoeing through the tulips in oklahoma city. spring-like weather sliding in and building. 67 in denver with high
7:55 am
degrees "good morning america" is brought to you by the blue cash everyday card from american
7:56 am
good thursday morning. 7:56 and right now, five suspects are on the run after two separate home invasions in tampa. a little after 2:30 this morning, two men forced their way into this west youk be street house tied up at least one person inside, and told the intruders got away with small electronics and a wallet. another three crooks broke into a unit on east hillsboro avenue at the meridian apartments. an update on the roads now. >> reporter: we have backups on a secret 54 ride through newport ritchey. a crash in the westbound lanes right at ducks law boulevard.
7:57 am
you might want to try taking the road westbound. make sure you are following me on twitter and i'll let you you know as soon as that clears. a man was struck by a car trying to cross the street so 18th avenue south is blocked. a live look at traffic starting to build at 275. 11 minutes from here into downtown. watching the veterans bridge for us. how's it looking out there? >> i'll say it's looking good. cars coming southbound from hillsboro avenue. traffic coming in from highway 60 heading around 275. no delays around this way at all. have a wonderful, safe thursday. warming up a little bit here. upper 50s to low 06s right now.
7:58 am
that allows temperatures to get into the 40s early this morning. we continue to recover here. look at it being into the 50s. all of us getting into the 70s this afternoon. we'll hold into the mid-70s. the forecast comes in early tomorrow. a couple of showers will clear out. it's time for the weekend with
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and midair emergency. alarming arson aboard american airlines. >> flight 1418 declared emergency. >> the flight attendant who con 23esed to starting the fire now in court. fighting for her family. madonna going head-to-head with her former husband over their 15-year-old son. why did their talks over custody break down? and what's next for rocco? turn back time. it's called the insta-face-lift promising big results for less money and no time under the knife. "gma" viewers try it out. the results this morning. i won't give up and one-on-one with shakira,
8:01 am
huge new project. her brand-new song that even her own son can't stop singing, all that as we say -- >> good morning, america. the story of my life i take her home i drive all night to keep her warm >> nice crowd here in times square this morning. a little bundled up. chilly here. this morning i have to say we saw shakira there. a lot of excitement for "zootopia" in our house. a lot looking forward to that. we have a big thursday morning mere. >> also this thursday morning, angelina jolie's breast cancer doctor is going to join us with important information about a rare and aggressive type of cancer. it is called triple negative breast cancer. something that i was diagnosed with in 2007 and there is new research and new techniques that could help detect it faster. >> and tory johnson is here with "deals & steals" with items for your whole family and the best thing about it everything is under 20 bucks.
8:02 am
that blister guard? >> yes, for your heel. noise socks you'll enjoy. >> love those socks. >> really? >> oh, i love those socks. >> i'm in. >> excited over socks. >> the excitement in your face. >> over socks. i've never seen somebody so excited over socks. >> i know what i'm getting you for your birthday. plus, "pop news" is coming and we have a big headline about george clooney, why he says he may quit acting. no joke. serious. >> a lot coming up. let's get the morning rundown from cecilia vega. >> you had me at george clooney. the big story a scathing attack on donald trump from former republican presidential nominee mitt romney. in a speech today abc news has learned romney will unleash on trump calling him a phony and a fraud. he will also call trump's campaign promises worthless. the latest move by the gop establishment to block trump from the nomination. trump dismissed the criticism telling george earlier this
8:03 am
trump also took credit for bringing millions of people into the republican party. the republicans will, of course, face off in a fox news debate tonight without ben carson who is expected to drop out of the race tomorrow. new details in the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. the former staffer who set up clinton's private server has reportedly been granted immunity by the justice department. bryan pagliano recently pleaded the fifth when asked -- when he was asked to testify about the possible mishandling of classified information. and an alabama police officer now faces murder charges in the shooting death of an unarmed black man. officer aaron smith shot gregory gunn while he was walking home at 3 a.m. gunn fought with the officer and appeared to be holding a weapon which turned out to be a paint stick. gunn's family denies that. now to the latest on scott kelly, the astronaut, returning home to houston overnight after nearly a year in space and
8:04 am
from president obama. abc's david kerley was right there for the homecoming. >> reporter: astronaut scott kelly home in houston early in morning. >> it was a very long trip. great to be back in texas on u.s. soil. >> reporter: 340 days in space, made hugs with his girlfriend twin brother and gabby giffords especially sweet. his mission to test human endurance and rekindled an interest in the space program, which he fed on social media with updates and glorious pictures. the planet. now he will be compared to his identical twin mark, likely two inches taller with less bone and muscle mass for now and tweeted his first sunset on earth and made fun of his final flight home. >> used to going 17,500 miles an hour but this airplane doesn't do quite that. >> reporter: what's next for scott kelly? a battery of medical tests to find other changes between him and his brother.
8:05 am
he was ready to come back to earth but he'll miss the space station. he can always visit the mock-up in houston if he gets homesick. cecilia. >> thank you. welcome home, scott kelly. a flight attendant have texas is accused of starting a fire on a plane. investigators say jonathan montano confessed to it. they say he then pretended to play hero and put out the flames. no one was injured. take a look at this. a couple near seattle feeling very lucky this morning after a tire from a tractor trailer crashed through their windshield. they were not seriously hurt. they had just, though, registered that new honda minutes earlier. and finally, so you see some bubbles in the backyard swimming pool and you go out to investigate and it turns out a nine-foot alligator decided to come over and take a little swim. this is what one florida family found. they had to call in, yeah, a
8:06 am
out of the pool. it was safely returned to where it belonged. as you can hear the family in the video saying, bye, as the gator was being hauled off. oh. thank you very much. thank you, cecilia. >> it's thursday. let's go to michael. >> yes, it is thursday. all right, here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." madonna's major setback, the latest twist in her custody battle with guy ritchie over their son rocco. and insta-lift. could a new noninvasive procedure tighten your skin in 30 minutes? dr. ashton is here to tell us about that. plus, the one and only jeff daniels is here with the latest on a big new role, man, i wish i was that handsome. oh, boy, it is "deals & steals." tory johnson, you know what, tory is here and sees this in
8:07 am
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the world's only body wash ...with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. new caress forever collection. now available in 4 unforgettable fragrances. welcome back to "gma." yeah, it is a good song. there is a reason for it. we have new developments in madonna's custody battle. she is facinging off in court against her ex over their son rocco and "people" magazine is reporting that judge ordered rocco to remain with his dad in london. hey, jesse. >> that's right. the judge surprising everyone by overturning an earlier settlement stating that rocco should remain in england for now letting him stay in school.
8:12 am
for love going toe to toe in a new york courtroom with her former husband guy ritchie over their 15-year-old son rocco. another pull in the tug-of-war between the former couple. a new york judge citing it's in the best interest of the judge to reverse a previous order allowing rocco to remain in london with his father for the final being. >> this judge gets it. she's listening to rocco intensely and rocco said he wants off the family bus. >> reporter: reports saying the custody agreement was outside court but talks stalled forcing the judge to tell the parents that rocco who has been living with his father in the uk since december should try to allow him to go forward in the most normal way. >> the real winner was rocco. rocco got to stay in england with his father where he wanted to be in the first place. >> reporter: while neither appeared in court they called in 5 from abroad and able to hear from rocco's attorney how the battle is taking its toll on
8:13 am
almost every conversation, he has stressed to me how stressful the very public custody battle is. you call my name it's like a little prayer >> reporter: the queen of pop had been hoping for the return of her son after rocco got bored of touring with mom and in an act of rebellion decided to live with dad. >> the judge said, guy and madonna, you guys need to figure out what's best for this child. now they have a few months to really get it together. >> reporter: the material mom currently on her rebel heart tour in new zealand. the next hearing pertaining to his custody scheduled for early june and attorneys say just because he is living with his father now doesn't mean it will stay that way. >> you can bet madonna will have a parenting plan expert and lots of evidence and she is going to be ready to fight if she ends up back in court in june. >> reporter: again, the next court date is tentatively set for june 1st.
8:14 am
>> thank you, jesse. time now to turn back time with something called the insta-lift. a new fda cleared procedure that claims to give you some of the results of a more expensive face-lift for less money and you don't have to undergo the knife. abc's deborah roberts is here with the details. good morning, deb. >> hey, robin. european women have been using it for years. just like those popular fillers, it's a quick lunchtime procedure. no surgery and those who have had it say it lasts twice as long. not much bothers phyllis cunningham except lately looking at herself in the mirror. >> i don't like the look of my face. it needs a little pumping up or pulling back or just to give me a lift. >> reporter: the new jersey grandmom is about to turn 60 and wants to look as young as she feels. but she doesn't want to have a surgical face-lift. >> if i went under the knife i'd have to go under generally anesthesia. >> reporter: so when phyllis
8:15 am
nonsurgical face-lift popular in europe was not available in the states, she scheduled an appointment with chicago based cosmetic surgeon julius fu. the insta lift is an in and out office procedure with no general anesthesia for incisions. >> so you get to see the effect right away but without the recovery time. >> reporter: we watch as dr. few numbs her face. inserting a series of tiny threaded biodegradable cones in and around her cheeks and jaw line. made of the same material as medical stitches that tightly ens the skin. are you feeling it. >> no, i'm numb. >> reporter: less than half an hour later she gets to see her new face. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> you already notice a difference. >> oh, yeah. it's not hanging here. >> yeah. >> reporter: here's phyllis before the procedure and after. >> just starting to show the
8:16 am
>> reporter: 57-year-old victoria was similar think thrilled with the result of her 30-minute face-lift. >> wow. to look at myself in the mirror i feel like i got ten years back. >> the insta lift has potential side effects including swelling, nerve damage and a lopsided face. the cost of the procedure about $3,000, a fraction of surgical face-lifts which can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. and dr. few says the results last about 18 months. now phyllis says she loves looking at herself in the mirror. >> i look gorgeous. and i love it. >> she's pretty happy. since we saw her about three weeks ago phyllis says her jaw line is smoother and more toned and is thrilled. it is early so we'll have to see how she progresses. remember, it's a fairly new procedure here in the states. only a hand full of doctors trained to do it. here's what the fuss is all about.
8:17 am
teeny teeny thread with little teeny bits of cones in here. they thread it under the skin. this is what the doctors say plumps up the skin and actually gives it, they say, a little bit more volume and makes it smoother. and this is what happens and it lasts and eventually breaks down because it's biodegradable. >> so it'll eventually break down. you bring in dr. jen ashton and see that. see the results. it looks very good. what is the traditional face-lift, how do you compare the two. >> surgical face-lift is the gold standard but it might not be right for every woman or man because men are undergoing both, as well. so to compare them, let's look at them, you know, on a couple of parameters head-to-head. first of all, cost as deb said, this is a fraction of the cost, but it's not cheap. this is going to vary based on location and who does it. $3,000 and potentially something you might have to repeat every 18 months you can rapidly get up
8:18 am
recovery time we heard. slim to none with this. you know, several weeks for surgery and then the time that it will last, this is not apples toales. this is apples to oranges. you know, this might be right for one person. it's all about selecting the right patient candidate. >> but isn't this fall under what is old is new again. weren't we talking about this in the '90s. >> we saw -- we did. we heard about this years ago, the threading technique. what's new here are the knots. what this is is this is called mono filament. like fishing line, the i uds are made out of this and cones or knots in this material are thought to stimulate an inflammatory response which then triggers collagen production so if you've ever had stitches or surgery where you have a scar, if you feel that scar several weeks after surgery how it feels hard, that's basically what's going on in the face. >> what are the side effects here. >> well, listen, any time you
8:19 am
you can have a small risk of infection, there are major nerves and blood vessels in the face. if you hit one of those you could have damage or bleeding. and with any cosmetic procedure you can have an unsat if i cost cosmetic response and say, not really thrilled with how it looks but most people are generally satisfy ied. if your expectations are appropriate going in >> that's the key. your expectations have to be sort of like level here when you're looking at this. >> so many people tuning in and who we do a lot of segments on you're getting older. you feel good but you want to look good. >> you want to match how you feel. >> what are some of your suggestions. >> you know, if you talk about collagen pre oduction, there are all kinds of laser treatments and techniques available which will stimulate collagen production. when you talk about aging of the skin it's superficial. it's collagen and it's about
8:20 am
it's not going to replace as much of the lost volume as things like filler does. >> it's something that's short term. some of the celebrities before the red carpet. >> yeah. >> if you have a wedding or something special that you want to do. >> that's where it's becoming popular for people who want to do that kind of thing. we'll see. very new here in the states. we'll see what happens. >> you don't need it and, robin, you looked stunning on the red carpet so you definitely don't need it. >> notice i gave you time to say that. >> thank you. >> wrapping but i was like -- let's get outside to rob. thanks. rob. >> hey, robin, nobody out here needs a face-lift. 15 degrees. random couple from houston. there you go. hang out when you get home. where it's a lot warmer, 26 is what it feels like d.c. and 19 in columbia us. 1 to 3 inches widespread and richmond south of d.c. more
8:21 am
tomorrow for sure. by the afternoon, mid- 70s. cloud cover increasing tonight. we have another quick moving system coming through tomorrow. we'll be wet through the early part of friday. nothing widespread and light showers as the front moves in. saturday and sunday, that clears us out. the temperatures recovering in the mid to upper 07s. get -- 70s. 80 degree weather is staying with us through the early part of next week. >> lara, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. and "pop news" time. we're going to begin with an announcement from an a-lister that has hollywood and the rest of us talking. george clooney who is about to turn 55 years young sharing with the bbc as he promotes his new film "hail, caesar!" that his days on camera are numbered. >> hmm. >> i think nobody wants to see
8:22 am
you know, it's a very un unforgiving thing, the camera is. >> not for everybody, george. the former sexiest man alive agreeing that the problem is worse for women on camera, even though he says he is not looking forward to growing gray on the silver screen, clooney says he does plan to stay in the industry directing films, he says that is more fun and infinitely more creative. >> i hope he keeps acting. remember paul newman. he was so good. good looking younger but as he aged, he was so good. scloon is so great. >> i absolutely agree. he says as you age on screen you're looking for roles that are appropriate and those roles are less and less. he says he feels for women in the industry and it does affect men as well. >> 55 is young. >> yes, yes, it is. >> agreed, george. all right, george. >> two 55-year-olds. >> oh, i like to say perfect
8:23 am
>> you're on a roll, roberts. they say one man's trash is another man's treasure and one family has hit the garbage to gazillionaire jackport. the family was cleaning out the house and they almost threw away a brown paper bag that was strewn on the floor. thankfully they looked inside. there was a pile of postcards going through it, seven very rare ty cobb baseball cards. >> those are priceless. >> played -- exactly -- for the detroit tigers in the early 1900s. many consider him to be a better player than even babe ruth. discuss amongst yourselves, please, do not send your notes to me on that one. just last month there were thought to be only 15 ty cobb cards left in the world so to find seven in one bag according to an authenticator, his name is joe orlando in california, is truly a grand slam.
8:24 am
discoveries in the history of his hobby. the total worth of this, more than a million bucks. >> oh, yes. >> conservative. >> everybody run to your great grandfather's attic and start opening bags everywhere. >> shoe boxes. been friends long. i love to do estate sales. i love -- >> all the time. >> you never know. it's really fun. it's like treasure hunting. >> this is literally treasure hunting literally. together. finally love this one. it's a family that wanted to give their grandmother some special news and trying to get creative. they tried. >> huh? >> read it. whoo. what. >> she didn't get it. she's looking at this thing, what, great. so they're like, okay, plan b. >> read this. >> what? >> happy camper. what's this? congratulations, you're a great
8:25 am
>> grandma, uh, they're not using great as an adjective. time to get specific, kids. >> how great could i be? >> well, it's not great like the adjective. >> like when your grandkids have a kid. you're their kids' great-grandmother. >> so you're going to be a great-grandmother. >> like if jackie is pregnant. >> oh! are you kidding me? >> third time is the charm. just wanted to say congratulations, grandma and nice effort, kids. and we wanted to thank america's funniest home video for that video. sunday, 7:00, 6:00 central. coming up, angelina jolie's doctor joins us with important information about a rare type of breast cancer. what you should know.
8:26 am
tt2wlr=[ik`:o f# j"@ tt2wlr=[ik`:!!&n :"( tt2wlr=[ik`:4!f# l4\ tt2wlr=[ik`:x#*& 03a8 tt2wlr=[ik`:t#j' 0'a\
8:27 am
good morning, everybody. we have major problems on i4 westbound right through plant city. cars are getting by on the shoulder and one lane right here closer to the median. take a look, the backup starts all the way back to thonotassassa road. get off and take u.s. 92 if you are heading towards the tampa area. check the times on i-4. 43 minutes from county line road to downtown. 31 minutes to 75 and county line road. once you get to west 75, it's
8:28 am
down to 275. also the crash we told you about earlier in st. pete, the man struck by a car on 18th street is now open. the crash on i-4 is right around the strawberry festival not opening until 10:00. what's the weather going to be like? >> i think we're going to have nice sunshine out there this afternoon and warmer temperatures despite the cool start. we have 40s and 50s and checking into the 50s. by later on this afternoon, we'll be into the mid-70s. lots of 50s widespread here across the tampa bay area. we continue to see a warm-up, though, 70s. you ready for that certainly by 1:00 and holding it steady into the mid-70s. we have a cold front coming in. it will bring us showers early on tomorrow and stay into the 700s. by friday afternoon, i think we'll break out in full sunshine here.
8:29 am
highs in the mid and upper 70s. if you are ready for spring, it's coming monday, tuesday and wednesday.
8:30 am
if i go crazy i love this music today. welcome back to "gma." both batman and superman are featured in "ew" mag featuring their own cover. ben affleck, henry cavill, all the stars on "gma." looking forward to that movie. superman or batman? >> i go with batman. >> i can't choose yet. >> political. >> superman. >> batman. >> there we go. >> marciano. >> anything to wear tights. >> set the trap. you guys jumped right in. >> every time. it's so awesome. the other big movie we're looking forward to this weekend is "zootopia" starring shakira as a singing gazelle talking
8:31 am
and will tell us how her 3-year-old son reacted to her song. >> i bet well. >> over to robin. >> you didn't ask but i'll go with batman because of robin. hey, that was easy. i'm on a roll. we have an important health headline. there are many different types of breast cancer as you know. one is called triple negative breast cancer. you may never have heard of it unless you or someone you know was diagnosed with it. i had never heard of it until i was diagnosed in 2007 but today is triple negative breast cancer awareness day. we are shining a light on it dr. kristi funk, angelina jolie's surgeon and the co-founder of the pink lotus breast center and joins us this morning from los angeles. always great to see you, dr. for this. as we said there are many cancer. this affects about 10%, 20%. can you just tell us exactly what triple negative is. >> sure, there are three
8:32 am
for on a cancer cell, about 75% have estrogen and pro-guess story rhone receptors, they hit receptor and fuel the cancer to multiple fly and divide. the third is a growth factor. found in 25%. but if your tumor lacks all three of these receptors we term it triple negative. >> it's like you check, check, check, none -- you can't check of the boxes so that is triple negative. who is most at risk for this particular type of breast cancer? >> the most prevalent population is a brca-1 mutation carrier and african-american, latinas and women under 40. >> and why is it important to you, dr. funk, to bring attention to this and as we said today is triple negative breast cancer awareness day. why is that so important? >> well, it's important because triple negatives when taken as a group have the worst survival rates of any other subtype of breast cancer. they have the highest recurrence rates and the worst survival
8:33 am
at 2.8 years after diagnosis. >> yes, when you hear things like that and it's -- the recurrence, so what is the treatment? what is available right now? >> well, for the cancer in your breast we treat that with surgery and radiation. but what about that rogue cell that might be flying around in your bloodstream? that's the real trigger that causes recurrence in an organ like liver or lung you cannot live without so if you had a receptor for estrogen we could target that recep ter with tamoxifen. her 2, we have a drug for that. with triple negative it's like this naked cell flying around with no target on its back at all so our only recourse to seek and destroy it is chemotherapy and once that's done a triple negative cancer patient just sort of, there's no pill to take. we just sort of sit back and hope and wait it doesn't recur. >> it's really tricky those first five years in particular, right, dr. funk? >> it's tricky but if you make it your fifth year anniversary
8:34 am
are high, high hopes for the robin roberts in this world because it is a rare event for them to occur after five years. in fact they now become the group of cancers that do the best with the longest survival. >> that is extremely encouraging and part of the reason why you wanted to join us. there's some work you've been doing, clinical research and just tell us the good news on this front. >> there's exciting news, so the pink lotus breast center in los angeles is launching the triple negative trial today. this is a simple blood test aiming to detect recurrence easily and early at a point where we can intervene and still cure you. the blood test is one of two things, we look at nk view which is natural killer cells, they're a sign of immune function and the other one is called clear i.d. and looks at circulating tumor cells. an early trial in london with 55 patients showed when your natural killer cells drop and
8:35 am
predict a recurrence 8 1/2 months prior to it being detectable like a p.e.t. or ct and have a window for patients and doctors to strategize and maybe get at a cure before a deadly recurrence. >> oh, that is so key and what do you want to say to those that are waking up this morning and they are concerned about their health and they have been just diagnosed with this. what is your message to them? >> well, i'd love for you to contact us. just e-mail study @pink and get you in touch with the people running this study and hopefully we can stave off that recurrence. >> i hope so. always a pleasure, dr. funk. thanks for your tireless efforts in the work you're doing. keep in touch. thank you. outside to rob. >> hey, robin, we are trying to warm up here. got a good crowd out here. hey, happy birthday to you. >> thank you. >> mom, daughter.
8:36 am
>> our plan, just to see robin. >> oh, robin. come outside and say happy birthday. >> all right. well, happy birthday. >> bianca. >> happy birthday to briyanka. san francisco looking at rain, atmospheric river will bump it up. the hose is on. they need it. could see flooding. 3 to 5 inches or more locally and some will get down into southern california and snow in the mountains. >> this weathercast brought to you by your home stores. texas, seattle, northwest. three sisters from seattle. sounds like a movie. [ cheers and applause ] >> hey.
8:37 am
>> aaagh! >> back inside to you. >> it's cold. >> that was fun out there. "zootopia" opens this weekend and shakira leads an all-star cast in a film about all kinds of animals living in harmony, animated film and shakira talked about playing a single gazelle and her son's reaction to her songs with rachel smith. i won't give up no i won't give up >> reporter: the anthem from "zootopia"'s biggest pop star, gazelle sung by one of the shakira. >> i'm a gazelle. welcome to "zootopia." >> my son is 3 years old and i caught him singing the lyrics and i was so surprised because i never taught them to him. i think he absorbed them. i don't know when but he was repeating them and he was so cute. >> clearly he's watched the film, right. >> he did, twice. >> twice. >> in english and spanish.
8:38 am
>> good evening, zootopia. >> reporter: the latest disney animated feature sees all different kinds of animals living in harmony in a place where any one can be anything. >> this movie is about diversity, it's about avoiding prejudice. it's about friendship and the value of true friendship but also friendship with yourself and having the will and commitment and determination to make sure that you accomplish your dreams. i really feel this movie will resonate with many audiences, not only kids but also adults. it has a great powerful message and many, many morals. >> how are you like gazelle? >> she's very opinionated like me. >> you're opinionated. >> oh, very much. and she feels a social responsibility. >> what input did you have in bringing your character gazelle to life? >> well, when the directors and the producers showed me gazelle, i thought that she was too
8:39 am
>> i told them, guys, you got to put meat on the bones. >> that's my girl. that's my girl. >> so they added bigger hips to gazelle. >> i love the post you put on instagram. who wore it better? the split screen. >> i went first. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, orlando. >> lots of fun there. "zootopia" hits theaters tomorrow and coming up here
8:40 am
8:41 am
tt2watu# s4 bt@qop< tt2watu# s4 "a@q_\x tt2watu# s4 bm@qtwt tt4watu# s4 " dztq 0 t tt4watu# s4 " entq @$4 tt4watu# s4 " gzt& y#l tt4watu# s4 " hnt& i- tt4watu# s4 " iztq #dx tt4watu# s4 " jntq 148
8:42 am
all right, we're here with tory johnson. she's got big "deals & steals" and they're all under $20. hello, tory. >> you can't beat that. >> you can't beat that, tory. >> first up, these socks is a company that was on "shark tank your life," daymond john invested in it. lots of oohs and aahs. what you're touching here is the blister tab. >> i like that. >> so, they're incredibly comfortable. we've got a big, big assortment for men, women and kids, everybody in the family is going to be covered with these and a really phenomenal price. normally $8 to $11.
8:43 am
today only, $4 to $5.50. >> nice. >> okay, next up, a.j. morgan, these are all sunglass readers. i think like red cat eyes is your thing. sunglass readers, so hard to find very often. i approve. here's a pair you could try. all different strength, full lenses or buyfocals. options for men and women. big assortment from a.j. morgan. normally -- that is good. all of these are slashed in half, 11 buck. >> 11 bucks for a pair of readers. >> all different strengths. another fun thing from accessory concierge. little pave stud initials so you buy them individually, sterling silver and can get rose or yellow depending on the style you prefer and buy one, multiples for your initials, your lover, whoever it might be. big discount on these, normally
8:44 am
59%, 12 bucks and free shipping. >> for your lover, i like that. >> partner, lover, go there, whatever you want. i love this company. this is a company called little loving hands. you get this craft kit for your kids and there is a charity component. so you get to make whatever this particular thing is, this particular box is hearts for the homeless so you'll make this heart and look how cool. they get to put their name on it and sign the certificate, return it in a prepaid envelope that's already enclosed and it then is given to a charity and this particular one is to benefit women and children living in shelters. so you get to warm someone's heart with your craft project. amazing for kids. >> you put some effort and time to hand make it. >> great discount. normally $28, slashed in half, 14 bucks plus free shipping. >> and it's for charity. >> flani-bags.
8:45 am
put all your stuff for the tsa. your strap on it. good to go. big assortment for makeup bags and great quart size for stadiums. it's clear so you don't have to worry about anyone going through your bag. big discount. normally starting at $18, everything from flanabags is slashed in half, $9 to 12 bucks. >> we got to say thanks to all these companies and you know what, you can get all of this information on our website, plus a bonus deal at on yahoo. tory, you never cease to amaze us. you are amazing. now, coming up, tv, film and broadway star jeff daniels is here live at "gma."
8:46 am
8:47 am
'one of our faves. jeff daniels back on broadway in the drama "blackbird" stars with michelle williams whose character confronts him 15 years after their inappropriate
8:48 am
here is a look. >> you were on my mind all the time. i couldn't get you out. and i gave in. i gave in to it. everything. every day was about how i could see you, talk to you. >> please welcome jeff daniels back here to "good morning america." we love you, jeff. yes. yes. okay. this is very intense. >> this interview? >> no, this moment right now but before we get to "blackbird" i do want to say the oscars, very funny bit you did with kristen wiig and chris rock for "the martian." what was that about? >> well, basically that was about my wig. that was about -- we went to trump's hair closet. >> is that where you got it. >> to pull it out. there were many in there and that was the worst one we could find. >> it worked. played well. i just imagine your character
8:49 am
blast playing with the political cycle right now. >> imagine. let's imagine, shall we. mcevoy sitting down with trump for a one-on-one, 60-minute it's view and he's going to stay on one question. let's stay on fat pigs, donald. let's spend an hour on fat pigs. >> i had to go there. hi to go there. let's talk about "blackbird." it is something that you did before in -- i remember when you did it the first time you said you wanted to be challenged. were you then and are you again now? >> was then and just have learned more. i mean, if you pay attention to what you're doing, which is like i'm going to be a better actor, the star thing is -- forget that. if you want to be a better actor then you get better with each role and "newsroom" taught me so much. and we did "god of carnage" on broadway. that taught me a lot to so to do "blackbird" in front of those
8:50 am
williams, it's just continues the education. you can't help but get better and then when you get a script like "blackbird" which is so complex, so difficult to land every night, you got to bring everything you learned. >> how best can you describe it for our morning show audience? >> it's an old, older man who when a young woman, he's 50s, she's 27 and she just shows up at his place of work. he's got a new name. a new life. and he comes walking in going, let's find a room and so we go to this conference room where he's working and she's going, let's talk about our relationship when you were 40 and i was 12. and i want to talk about it now 15 years later and in his place of work and he's, you know and she is -- it's just the two of them and it's from page one on, it's this. >> i've had friends who have gone to see it.
8:51 am
prepare her for this? you said it's almost like a tennis match or boxing match. >> it's a heavyweight fightnd it's constantly this and that and this and that and it's just the two of us and you go through everything. "a" to "z." "a" to "z." i told michelle, you know, film is like sprint, it's a series of 100-yard dashes but broadway and theater is a marathon and you can't -- you know, you got to -- you got to still be being on mile 20, you know, you can't quit at mile one or two and she's doing great. we're doing great together and it's just -- we're trying to do the best show we can eight times a week. >> eight times a week but you have a nice outlet. next time you're here i want you to jam. i didn't realize you played. >> we could do that if you want to. if you want an actor with a guitar, yes, we can do that. >> not many people know that about you, jeff.
8:52 am
we try to keep it hidden. if you keep it down low on the down low then the expectations stay down there. >> but you've been on tour with your son, right. >> i went on a tour with my son, and got an album we'll put out called "never gone before." basically all the songs we played on tour. >> do you want him to come back and play here? the people have -- the people have spoken. >> okay. >> what is it about -- you are just like a renaissance man. is there anything you cannot do? >> i can't tap-dance. >> okay. >> my wife is -- she's gone -- oh, my gosh, what are you doing now? well, i'm doing this and i'm doing this and she does -- that's the joke. why don't you go learn to tap-dance. if you've ever seen a large white man from the midwest tap-dance, it's not a pretty thing. >> but i love that you are proud to be from the midwest. i love that. >> well, it's kind of -- yeah, it's -- yeah, whatever that
8:53 am
i'm comfortable there and put me in the middle of a cornfield and i look like i belong. >> jeff, always a pleasure. can't wait to see you. it opens at the belasco theater next thursday, "blackbird" coming up next one-on-one with the real olympic skier inspiring the hugh jackman -- we're
8:54 am
8:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by the caress
8:56 am
the world's first body wash with fragrance touch technology. >> sorry, no "eddie the eagle." >> how about a little "gma" rewind. there it is. robin crashing the weather with rob. we had fun today. >> i had a great time today. i loved it. >> on fire. >> happy friday eve.
8:57 am
good morning, everybody. we're starting to see improvements on i-4 westbound. a crash right at branch forbes road has been moved off to the side. cars are slowly starting to get back to normal. let's check your drive time to see what we're doing from 27 minutes to get from lakeland to downtown. so much better than we were seeing earlier. now we're dealing with the crash on the sunshine side. we have a crash just out of camera range there. not blocking any lanes. it is on the shoulder and causing some delays. we can check your drive time across the sunshine sky way. heading northbound it is about ten minutes right now. just a couple of minutes slower than normal. a quick check of your toll roads. 26 minutes from 264 on the veterans expressway. looking great from dell maybry
8:58 am
we're looking at temperatures by the afternoon in the mid-70s. nice shot from the tower cam looking good there. 60s. we were in the 40s and now we're done with that. we're replacing the 50s with 60s and eventually we'll get back into 70s for the afternoon. plenty of sunshine and a few bits of sunshine. doppler radar is quiet now. the area of low pressure is going right now. the cold front associated with it, you city that boeing there. that is headed our way. by the time it gets here, it will be much weaker. i'll have the timing as far as when it arrives coming up into the morning hours. i'll let you know how heavy we were expecting the rainfall to be as the front continues to move in. then we'll have the forecast
8:59 am
9:00 am
thank you for joining abc i'm dan shaffer. riley. we start out of tampa this morning. tampa police are searching for the people who broke into a home, tied up the people inside and robbed the place. >> corey dierdorff, what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, dan and deiah. the streets behind me are quiet, but just a few hours ago, it was filled with squad cars and police looking for evidence and interviewing people inside. they're not saying much, but here's what we know. the home invasion took place


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