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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  March 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and i' we're a nano-business. windows 10 really helps us get the word out about how awesome bugs are. kids learn to be brave and curious and all kids speak the language of bug. " hey cortana, find my katydid video." oh! this is so good. if you' re trying to teach a kid about a proboscis. just sketch it on the screen. t have a touch screen on my mac, i' m jealous of that. you put a big bug and change their world view. >> mike: 4-30 from three. steph curry 1-10 from three and the los angeles lakers stun the now 55-6 warriors 112-95. one of the more shocking games in the nba. why did it happen? >> hubie: give them credit. they played the three ball as well as anybody could play it.
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on the shooter. and then they didn't care if you went by them off the dribble. then offcame off the screen looking for the three. they trapped you and forced you out and they indefinitely intimidated the shot. so i want to give them a lot of credit. you say well, why didn't they go over the top and then they have the advantage and take advantage going to the basket? is they tried that but you can't have the amount of turnovers that they have, you know, just kept mounting from 10 to 12 to 15 to 18, just kept going. what you're seeing here is the defensive game plan was excellent, and also, the forcing of the turnovers was major. >> mike: kobe bryant, the lakers get the win. here's heather with kobe. >> heather: kobe, congratulations. you guys hand the warriors their sixth loss of the season. how would you measure the impact of this type of win? >> i think it helps our growth obviously. you know, our bigs did a fantastic job. coming back and making sure they
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that's very hard for bigs to do. but they were pretty consistent all night long. >> heather: this has got to be something that is a bigger win in the win category. against the defending champs. how much extra mileage can you give this young team with this kind of a win? >> i think the learning curve comes from trusting the defense, right, and trusting the effort. paying attention to details. those things for young players helps tremendously when they see results. >> heather: this is your first game at staples since february 2nd. how much energy did you get playing in front of your fans that have followed you for so long? >> quite a bit of energy. i just feel terrible not being able to be out here every single game. it's been tough laboring through the shoulder a bit. for the last year if i could give it a go i'll try. >> heather: then there were 18. so the number is starting to dwindle. how does your perspective change as it gets lower and lower to zero? >> every game you try to appreciate it more and more and more right?
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compete and do the best you can. >> heather: thanks for everything you have done. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> mike: 18 games left in the kobe bryant farewell tour. it happens with a win in los angeles over the defending champs chasing their own history as the warriors lose for the sixth time. local news coming up for most of you. for all of us, thank you for watching. on the home of the nba finals.
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a whole clothing shop reopens after a structure scare. the new fixed that is in place in the lasting profits at other stores. was cleaned the former first ladies life in the legacy
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good evening and thank you first joining us. houck hogan's souvenir shop in the businesses surrounding it is back open. >> hundreds of people gathered on the balcony to get the celebrities autograph when they say it started to shift. >> reporter: good evening. structural engineers say that this building is sound. clearwater developers are putting in the support beams late last night. they are trying to get places reopened. some businesses say this weekend is already a loss for their profits. >> there was a mass crowd here >> reporter: witnesses describe at least 200 people waiting for a chance to meet the wrestling to shift.
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said she felt it. >> i was pain and the police came in and said everyone had to evacuate because the building had shifted. >> reporter: hundreds of customers had to hustle out of the complex. they say they have signings with a few hundred people a few times a year and they have never had any problems. they wonder if the construction going on in the parking lot is what caused the shift. >> the construction crew slammed a large piece of building. >> reporter: they are thankful nobody was hurt but it could not have come at a worse time. >> this is one of the three busiest weekend of the year that we would have had. >> reporter: she is missing out on most of the spspring break shoppers. >> a lot of customers are here for spring break and are planning on spending the weekend with us.
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waiting to hear from developers on exactly what happened and what caused this partial shifting of the building. right now some developers and some businesses are reopening. some are saying that they are not going to do it because it is so late in the day. hogan will be at trial tomorrow. we will be having the online street being on right now and amber alert is issued for a one-year-old missing from miami. authorities are searching for this boy, logan hernandes. authorities that he might be with his mother. police are urging people to keep a lookout for a silver mazda. the boy was last seen wearing blue and white pajamas. if you know where he is, you
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away. it is great to be a weatherman because you can talk about how great it was. it was a beautiful day. clear skies and hardly a cloud out there. there were beautiful warm skies. this is a look at the radar. things are very nice and clear after the cold front pushed through. 78 degrees is our high for today. a couple of degrees warmer than normal. the low is that 52. that is 5 degrees cooler than normal. we will be down to 52 degrees tonight. we will warm up again tomorrow. i will see how warm it will get in less than 15 minutes. the nation is now mourning the death of former first lady nancy reagan. the 94-year-old died this morning at her los angeles home. authorities say the cause of death is congestive heart failure. she will be buried at the
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library next to her husband. she asks that contributions be made to the library and the foundation. employees of a hillsboro law office are picking up the pieces after a car slammed into a building overnight. corner. authorities say that driver crashed into the office just down managing attorney describes the dramatic scene. >> it was awful. there was blood everywhere. the car had the top taken off. there were three or four car -- fire trucks and some cops. a new they took them to the hospital. >> authorities have not said how badly the driver was hurt. we're still waiting to find out their name and whether or not they will face charges. police say a florida woman was drunk when she plowed her pickup truck into four people at daytona international speedway.
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woman crashed into the group just after 2:00 this morning. according to police reports, she failed several field sobriety tests. a breath sobriety test showed she was more than two times the legal limit. she allegedly told officers that she should not have been driving. she admitted to drinking three beers. one man said he witnessed the entire frightening crash. >> at first she did not know where she was at. she came out of the truck and she was stumbling. she did not even know where she was that. >> police arrested her and charged her with dui, careless driving, injuring four people along with other charges. she has been released from jail on a $5000 bond. no word on how the victims are doing. a new call for presidential candidate to drop out. how a big win for marco rubio could change that.
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yoga make a great pairing. a popular new fitness trend is
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the race for the white house is taking a turn this weekend. democrats are in maine and republicans are in puerto rico. they are all casting their votes. hillary clinton and bernie sanders face-off on the debate stage. ryan burrow is a michigan with the very latest. >> reporter: hillary clinton makes the sunday morning rounds at a church in detroit.
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a community that has been literally poisoned because of government indifference and neglect. >> reporter: the former secretary of state is addressing the water crisis in flint. she will face off with bernie sanders tonight. the polls give the front ran are a commanding lead in michigan. >> we have come a very long way. >> reporter: sanders claimed victory in two other three states up for grabs on clinton still lattimore delegates. the senator says he can win the nomination and the presidency. against trump? bernie sanders is. >> reporter: donald trump is focused on his fellow republicans. he split super saturday with ted cruz claiming to states apiece. trump is calling on the rest of the field to drop out. >> marco rubio had a very bad night.
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out of the race. >> reporter: despite not winning any state so far, john kasich claimed a big endorsement today, arnold schwarzenegger. >> we need john kasich to take charge and be at the white house. >> he gave me this jacket. >> reporter: the candidates are waiting to see if the front runner is losing momentum was several crucial contest in the days ahead. >> senator rubio will be making a campaign stop in the bay area tomorrow. he will hold a rally starting at 5:00 p.m. lake linden will also be in tampa on thursday. her campaign has not released the event details. the democratic debate in flight starts at 8:00 tonight on cnn. we will be recapping the hot topics tonight at 11:00. make sure to head to our website, as we factcheck the candidate
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still to come, sibling rivalry over lottery winnings. we will tell you their ties to florida. after winning super bowl 50, peyton manning is retiring. where does he ranked on the top money list? john cooper explains why the bulls have turned into the
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taking action for your health. it is a unique new fitness trend getting more and more local business. it is yoga and beer. more than two dozen people grab their yoga mats and beer mugs getting in a workout today. february is hosting sessions every first sunday of the month. this month it fell on tampa bay beer week. tickets for a beer and yoga class cost $10 each. a man takes home a big souvenir from his location. his brother was not so lucky.
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while he was in the keys last week. you did not realize he got -- he won until he got home. his brother on the other hand also one. he only got seven dollars. at least he got to take something how. it was a beautiful day out for easter egg hunts. >> it was a beautiful day to do it anything. st. leo university hosted the easter egg extravaganza for free. they drop 7000 eggs all over the campus. everyone was invited and some special invite went to foster children. gas got to take photos with the easter bunny and play games. organizers say helps the kids and it is also a great experience for college students.
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outside for an easter egg hunt. it was even beautifully go inside for severe and yoga. >> i love beer and yoga. it is kind of like bowling. >> it is a win-win. we have circles over here. it is beautiful just before the sun sets. that is what we love around here. that is a live picture on our air rescue tower cam. what a great looking day. we have a few high clouds out there. there is a great-looking sunrise this morning. it is a mostly sunny sunday with a cool overnight condition. we will be in the lower 50s and upper 40s in some areas. it will be working into the work week. we have a friend moving down to the south. a came through with very little fanfare.
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the current conditions are very mild. this is what our highs were yesterday. these are our 6:00 temperatures. 69 in haines city. 71 for st. pete. 69 for brecksville, 68 in myakka city. highs were very nice. 76 in brandon in tampa. 75 for st. petersburg. a little cooler along the coast. in the mid-70s for myakka city. 73 right now in tallahassee. it is 72 in miami. we have 60s throughout much of the state and even up into st. louis and all the way up into the upper planes. 56 right now in minneapolis as the front comes through. there will be a change. all either wet weather that has been out here in the west will continue moving in toward the center of the country as the
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the north. not much fanfare. it is not much cooler. we will be mostly clear with a chill tonight. precipitation tomorrow. some clouds will pull in from the east coast. weekend. here is a look at the most accurate digital planner. smile. it will be a 11. the festival of the arts will be wrapping up out there. they just wrapped up on what was a beautiful day. winds out of the north at 50 kn. we had a high tide at 1:21. the low tide happened just a couple of minutes ago. the sun will be sitting in 10 minutes at 6:34. here is a look at the most accurate forecast.
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high of 79, 80 on tuesday, 83 and breezes on wednesday and thursday. by the weekend, we do have a possibility of seeing a 20 to 30% chance of showers. we will keep updating the weekend. enjoy the rest of this weekend right here in tampa bay. the final to have month of the lightning regular season has turned out to be a historic stretch. the bolts hid a team record beating carolina in overtime. district is impressive. the bolts had problems scoring consistently earlier this season. not so much now. no other lightning team, not even the stanley club 19 consecutive games. when you put this all in perspective, the nine-game winning streak is very special.
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this league, but unknown -- let alone win nine in a row. we got healthy after christmas time. we started finding some chemistry. the guys really focused for the most part on the defensive and. everything has taken off from there. >> the rays went over the orioles down in sarasota. jake up is killing the rubber for his second spring start. he had a dreadful first inning after walking to batters. he boots it. he keeps the inning alive. he committed two errors today. he hits it out of the park. it is a grand slam to let center. the twins take a 4-0 when --
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things. i'd rather it happened now than during the season. it is all right. i'm not too worried about it. >> we saw him make some really good pitches. then he seemed like he pitched around the zone a little bit. the mechanics probably played into that more than anything. wednesday. teams can meet with players they cannot reach a deal until wednesday. the bugs will be meeting with charles johnson. he was released by carolina on thursday. the move was a cap decision. he was scheduled to make about $11 million. he had one sack last season. he had a hamstring injury last year. he did average 20 sex from 2010
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finally peyton manning called the nfl. retirement tomorrow, exactly one month after he and the denver broncos won the super bowl. in addition to his impressive career stats, he also leads the nfl with another jaw-dropping stat. he had the highest earnings at
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