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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  March 7, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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going to be this week. we are sunny, we are dry and we're kind of in the doldrums before the next system moves in. there will be nuances as far as the temperatures the next couple of days. in the mid-50s now. look at the hues in play to the north. 43 inverness and 42 brooksville. i think even here we'll get rid of the cool temperature heading into the next few days. it will be a warming trend that will take us into the low -- in fact i think by the middle part of the week we may even see mid-80s but first things first. we get into the 70s for later today. what a gorgeous day it's going to be. full sunshine, low humidity and average temperatures, all in all looks great, whatever you're doing outside. if you're heading out on the morning commute. weatherwise not just this morning, but i don't think we'll have any weather issues for the most part this week. roads are dry, visibility is good right now. here's a quick check of the bridges.
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courtney campbell causeway, the tampa side of the bridge. i'm waiting for a car -- there's one. see? traffic so light, just a couple of cars. it's taking less than 10 minutes to get across all three bridges now. let's check the drive times on some of the major roads. 11 minutes on u.s. 19 southbound from tampa road to east bay. 17 minutes on the veterans expressway, still in the green from 54 to 275. and just four minutes on dale mabry from fletcher to waters. hulk hogan is finally getting his day in court. opening statements set to begin this morning in the civil trial between hulk hogan and gawker. >> he's suing the site for millions after the sex tape released of him. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan joins us from the courthouse in st. pete. good morning, rodney. >> reporter: good morning. the jury in this case will be deciding if hulk hogan's right
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the release of the sex tape. his attorneys contend seven million people viewed the grainy sex tape since its release in 2012. they contend he made his sex life public with several media interviews the last few years. they posted a short clip from the full video. the six-member jury selected last week will determine if hogan's rights were violated. hogan, whose real name is terry bollea is suing gawker for $100 million for posting the tape of him and the ex-wife of a tampa radio host having sex, recorded in 2006 and released by this web site in 2012. hogan is possibly the biggest star in the wwe's history and was inducted into the hall of fame. for his part hogan says he had no knowledge of this tape being made. the tampa police department did a bit of investigating but at this point no one has been
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the case begins at 9:00 a.m. we'll bring you the latest developments on air and on-line at reporting live in st. pete, rodney dunigan, abc action news. meanwhile hulk hogan's receive near shop is going to -- receive neuroshop is going to reopen today after a scare over the weekend. fire marshals shut it down over the weekend. hundreds gathered on a balcony trying to get autographs from hulk hogan when the balcony started to shift yesterday. everyone was safely cleared. crews came in and put up new support beams. the owner of a neighboring restaurant that was also shut down says this was the worst possible timing just days into the busy spring break season. >> this is probably one of the three busiest weekends of the year, that we would have had. we have a lot of really loyal customers that have traveled, flown in, here for spring training that were planning on spending their weekend with us. >> the owner believes a crane
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on construction at a parking lot behind the plaza. authorities haven't confirmed that yet but all the businesses affected will reopen today. police in jacksonville are searching for the driver who caused the deaths of three people including a mother and her 7-month-old baby over the weekend. police say the suspect hit a car early yesterday morning and caused that car to crash into a tree and burst into flames. three people did make it out but died at the scene. sheriff's office says the suspect took off after causing the accident. the make and model of the suspect's car is unknown, all officials know is that it was silver in color. police say a florida woman was so drunk she didn't even realize she had plowed her pickup into four people at daytona international speedway. police say 44-year-old abby kinney crashed yesterday morning and hit five campers parked at the truck infield. police records show she failed
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a breath-alyzer showed her more than two times over the legal limit. she allegedly told officers "i shouldn't have been drinking." one man claims he saw the whole frightening crash. >> i mean at first, she came out of the truck, all stumbling. she didn't know where she was at. >> police arrested kinney, charging her with dui, careless driving, injuring four people and several counts of property damage. she's out of jail now on $5,000 bond. hillsborough law office is going to need a lot of work. car slammed into that building over the weekend. that is the crumbling corner of that building in brandon where the car hit it. authorities say the driver crashed into the office along alhambra avenue along u.s. 301 at 4:00 yesterday morning. the man describes the dramatic scene. >> it was awful. there was blood everywhere. the car had the top taken off. there were probably three or
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i know they took him to the hospital. >> authorities haven't said how badly the driver was hurt. we're still trying to find out the identity of the driver and if charges are going to be filed. breaking overnight -- the coast guard is suspending its search for a cruise ship passenger who reportedly fell 100 feet into the water. crews say the odds are slim that david mossman survived the fall from royal caribbean's navigator of the seas friday night. they spent the weekend searching 2,500 square miles of ocean south of key largo but found no trace of him. an amber alert for a 20- month-old baby boy from miami has been called off now. you likely got the alert on your phone yesterday afternoon. now we're finding out what prompted it. police say they found logan hernandez with his mother, we're hearing that woman recently lost custody of her child and police found the two in texas. we're told the child's mother is expected to be extradited to florida, her son is in
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two scroll -- volunteer firefighters in virginia, suspended for transporting an 18-month-old baby to the hospital in their fire engine. they responded to an emergency call a child was having a seizure, they made the decision to transport the child themselves after realizing it would take too long for an ambulance to reach them. the child's father says he's just grateful for the action the firefighters took because he says it likely saved his daughter's life. right now the community is coming together to get the firefighters off suspension. a former pinellas county teacher accused of getting a student pregnant will go before a judge today. robert celeste is pleading not guilty in the case. police arrested him in november but just last month dna results showed he impregnated the 16- year-old. celeste is no longer employed with the school district. a bay area congressman is planning a major announcement for this afternoon. representative dennis ross says today he's announcing his seeking re-election. he was first elected to congress in 2010.
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redrawn 15th congressional district. it includes several cities. two years ago ross won re- election unopposed. the rumors and speculation will be apparently confirmed today when super bowl winning quarterback peyton manning officially announces his retirement. the denver broncos star is set to make it official this afternoon ending an 18-year career where he broke record after record and he won two super bowls. five mvp awards and holds records and passing yards and touchdown passes. one of the bay area's biggest annual sporting events tees off today in palm harbor. the valspar championship field features 16 of the 30 best pga golfers in the world. among them jordan spieth. championship week kicks off today with the celebrity pro am, admission free today and tomorrow. for tomorrow's practice round shy say. rascall flatts is playing a concert following thursday's first round.
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for the whole family. i'll have the forecast coming up for the entire week heading into the weekend. if you are going to be headed outside, bus stop a little cool, needs the jackets this morning. mid-50s. across the northern counties temperatures in the 40s. we're recovering nicely, dry and sunny and upper 70s by the afternoon. ready for mid-80s? i'll let you know who hits those marks this week coming up. still to come -- a pastor shot outside church as he walked to his car. we're finding out if authorities have leads on a suspect and the person who targeted him after the sunday service. >> here in the bay area several car burglaries over two nights. how authorities know the same
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good morning. 5:43. live look at i-275, no big issues to report there. traffic is moving well in all directions. and they are moving the camera around a little bit. temperatures now mid-50s in tampa. details on traffic and weather together coming up. isis now claiming responsibility for a suicide bombing that killed dozens of people south of baghdad. in iraq. a fuel tanker rigged with explosives blew up at a security checkpoint. at least the two shiite holy cities, happened 73 miles south of baghdad. the death toll now up to 61 people. casualties include about a
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forces who were manning that checkpoint. the explosion injured fearly 100 others. isis posted a claim of responsibility for the bombing on a proislammic web site. hundred of people gathered in the malaysia capital to mark the two-year capital to mark the disappearance of flight 370. many called for renewed searches, 239 people were on board. now their families and loved ones have until the deadline tomorrow to file claims against the airline. police in idaho are looking for the gunman that shot a pastor in a church parking lot yesterday after service. on saturday that same pastor led a prayer rally for republican presidential candidate ted cruz. the gunman shot pastor tim recommendington multipep tiles, he was rushed to the hospital where he's in critical condition now. several church members say it happened as rhymington was walking to his car. >> i don't know why anybody
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>> so far there's no word on any arrests or motive for the shooting. good morning. we have changes underway the next few days. we're going to be looking at warmer temperatures but look at the chunk of clear sky across the southeastern u.s. we have a big area of high pressure. pretty strong for this time of year. it's not going to allow for anything to come in our direction here. it's really just going to block everything from coming in. so new orleans is about as east as the weather systems will make it over the next few days. for them it's going to be a problem because, because it's not going to move eastward it's going to rain on them for several days. in fact i take to you california, believe believe, this is the rain that will hit us next. i think it will take a whole week to get here because of that big area of high pressure. that is the case throughout most of the week and that means a fantastic weather the next few days as we talk about
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that is how it will shape up. record highs, i think inland counties are mainly going to be in the mid-80 later this week. the difference willing, of considers the summer is the -- the difference is of course the summer is the humidity. we won't have much of that. but highs will be back in the low to mid-80s. janelle is upset about the weekend rain. but looks to be right now that's when we're talking about showers and thunderstorms moving in. let go back out on the roads and check in on conditions now. should be pretty quiet. >> it is. no crashes or breakdowns, still construction we've been watching on 275 in pinellas county. they sort of moved the camera further back so this construction, if you look way in the distance you can see flashing lights. just past the 31st street ramp. this overnight construction is taking place all week long from 9:00 p.m.
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so i'll keep an eye on it and let you know as soon as it clears. traffic still light so no major delays right now. we're going to take a virtual drive from the apex to -- along 275, a quick stop here at mlk, traffic flowing nicely in both directions. continuing on, right into the junction, again the junction all in the green, that entire drive is taking 13 minutes with your average speed at 70 miles per hour. if you are continuing on 275, maybe to the howard frankland, that drive is going to take you five minutes and exactly five minutes in the opposite direction from the howard frankland bridge to downtown. this morning the hillsborough county sheriff's office is looking into several car burglaries. that happened in neighborhood adjacent to lakewood drive and south of dr. martin luther king jr. boulevard. they happened march 2nd and 3rd early in the morning. three sections getting into
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deputies say one suspect its white, short dark hair, loafers and black socks. apparently wore that same sweatshirt both nights. if you know anything call the sheriff's office, you could get a cash rewartd. police near san francisco are looking for the people behind a gun store burglary. the thieves rammed a car through the front door to get inside. this happened saturday. police say it disabled the security system and four people stole 18 guns worth about $12,000. they all four got back in the car and drove away. call it a medical miracle. a woman born without a uterus receives one in the first uterine transplant in the u.s. a 26-year-old woman didn't have one. it gives hope for thousands of women who want children. we have a recall you need to know about.
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go squeeze pouches. >> two new ships coming to the
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we're looking at temperatures in the mid-50s now. a few low 60s especially on the beaches. close to the water. a range of temperatures now, 55 in tampa and 58 clearwater. the 7-day forecast takes you through the next few days. notice off the bat rain chances gone through this week. i've been talking about that big high that is going to be dominating our pattern and will keep us nice and dry and moderate our temperatures as well. look at the hour by hour forecast. we're into the 50s through 8:00. then sun gets us going. mid and upper 60s. eventually by lunchtime should be mid and upper 70s.
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and upper 70s through the remainder of the week. then get ready for 80s that are going to hang out with us. tuesday really through the end of the week with no rain chances as i see it now. eventually the high does break down. that means that system will once again begin to move from west-to-east, as they typically do. so by saturday looks like our next chance of rain. so bad timing on the weekend here, 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms. with temperatures cooling off a little because of the additional cloud cover in the upper 70s. then behind the system we begin to cool off for the following week. again overnight temperatures, even those will moderate with the southeasterly wind flow. it will keep us nice and mild through the mornings and very warm for the afternoon. we should be in the mid-70s so we're going to cheat the high about 5 to 7 degrees today. except for today. the cooler of the next days to
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about the zika virus to dell you about. officials say a woman who recently visited 9 the philippines recently tested positive for the mosquito borne virus. coming up at 6:00, more about the virus and how it leads to birth defect. coming up at 6:00. go-go squeeze is voluntarily recalling some of its applesauce pouches. the company says it found food product residue in some of its machinery and some could be in the pouches. no illnesses have been reported but go-go squeeze is removing effective pouches from shelves. a best before date by december 4, 2015 and march 4, 2017. we have the production code and what to do if you need to return those. on our abc action news app. it's on your phone and it's at the top. having breakfast?
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believe it or not half of americans start their day with a bowl or two, according to the national cereal web site. 2.7 billion boxes of cereal are sold a year. enough to wrap around the earth 13 times. we've got exciting news for families with kids who love to cruise. disney is set to build two new cruise ships. the fifth and sixth ships to join the fleet. the new ships will be slightly larger than the disney dream and fantasy that set sail out of port canaveral. disney says each new ship will have 1,250 guest rooms. they should set sail in 2021 and 2023. no word on their names or which port the ships will be based out of. still ahead -- seems there's no stopping donald trump's momentum. we'll explain the key player who used to be in the race for the white house that could come back to haunt him. >> the bold moves from two florida teams that turned them
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>> good morning, traffic flowing pretty good on i-275 around the 31st street ramp. we still have construction in the southbound lanes but not really slowing things down.
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at 6:00, issues leading to frustrations for travelers at the airport. the new group blasting
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>> i have experience at beating people who pretend to be someone else. >> marco rubio visits the tampa bay area today. the key player who could be goating involved in his campaign to try to beat donald trump. good morning, thank you for joining us. >> even though it's monday, it's still looks like a pretty great day ahead. maybe good enough to head to the florida strawberry festival if you have not done so already. lone star is playing tonight at lone star is playing tonight at 7:30 and tickets are still available. >> we heard you were in plant city over the weekend. is it going to be just as nice today? it's going to be nice here and, well, if you can certainly enjoy the beach weather as well, the pga, a lot going on this week. it's going to be exciting stuff. and the weather is going to cooperate and temperatures are going to be mild. in fact maybe a little warmer than you would like although if you're from florida, like the 80s, they are coming back. and they are going to stay with
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so maybe turning the corner to spring. 50s and 60s but it's winter across the north. look at brooksville and inverness, upper 30s to lower 40s. quite a range. we wake up with dry conditions so mid-50s and by the afternoon, by lunchtime in fact, about 75 so if you are going to be headed out, if you took this week off good for as temperatures are going to continue to be quite mild and also dry with this big area of high pressure. very unusual for this time of year to get a high this strong. usually that is reserved for the early part of the summer but it's here and it is going to block anything from getting to us here so we're going to be talking about fine weather through the end of the week but eventually we'll get rain in the forecast. we'll talk about that a little later on. good morning. if you're heading out now, really you shouldn't have any trouble. i want to mention the construction project we have


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