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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  March 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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so maybe turning the corner to spring. 50s and 60s but it's winter across the north. look at brooksville and inverness, upper 30s to lower 40s. quite a range. we wake up with dry conditions so mid-50s and by the afternoon, by lunchtime in fact, about 75 so if you are going to be headed out, if you took this week off good for as temperatures are going to continue to be quite mild and also dry with this big area of high pressure. very unusual for this time of year to get a high this strong. usually that is reserved for the early part of the summer but it's here and it is going to block anything from getting to us here so we're going to be talking about fine weather through the end of the week but eventually we'll get rain in the forecast. we'll talk about that a little later on. good morning. if you're heading out now, really you shouldn't have any trouble. i want to mention the construction project we have
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on 275 southbound in pinellas county. from 26th avenue south to 54th avenue south. you can't see it here, it's way off in the distance, you can see flashing lights but this project starts 9:00 at night and doesn't wrap up until 7:00 in the morning. so in the early morning hours you might see just a little bit of a disloadown but right now i just checked and you're still at 65 miles per hour. from the sunshine skyway to the howard frankland. and in the opposite direction. you can see it here, 68 northbound and 70 southbound so looking great there. so your drive times on the veterans expressway looking great, all in the green. coming up on 6:02. today a multimillion-dollar throwdown in tampa bay will pit a former wwwe star against a media giant. live look now at the courthouse in pinellas county, opening statements start in three hours in hulk hogan's trial against gawker.
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from tampa says gawker violated his privacy when it featureereds parts of a sex tape featuring him. we'll be live streaming opening statements on our mobile app starting this morning at 9:00. this morning more controversy for troubled plagued allegiant airlines and this time the accusation of safety problems come from a mechanics union. abc action news reporter corey dierdorff with more on what the union and airlines airhad to say. >> reporter: good morning. it's very busy here as allegiant prepares to fight another public relations battle. this time as a report goes to the public claiming the airline isn't doing enough to keep its passengers safe. this comes just days after an allegiant flight this weekend bound for st. pete had to abort takeoff in fort wayne, indiana because of smoke in the cabin. problems the last several
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today the teamsters aviation mechanics coalition, the union that represents allegiant pilots will release its own report outlining a list of problems. according to the tampa bay times it identifies nearly 100 preventable lj landings, flight delays -- emergency landings, flight delays and aborted takeoffs between september and january. they say the mechanics coalition never inspected a single allegiant aircraft and has no knowledge of our operation. you can count on abc action news to stay on top of this. as soon as this report becomes available we'll get it to you on air and on-line at live in st. pete, corey dierdorff, abc action news. going in depth on past problems on allegiant flights, less than two weeks ago a pilot aborted a takeoff from st. pete clearwater to kansas city after hearing a loud boom so powerful it shook the plane.
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made an -- flight from tampa bay made an emergency landing in alabama. our opener looked into allegiant last june after two emergency landings at st. pete clearwater and more than a dozen cancelled flights. read the full investigation on our web site, under the i-team section of it's the beginning of a busy week for candidates on both sides of the aisle ahead of next week's crucial florida primary. we start now with senator marco rubio paying a visit to the tampa convention center earlier this evening. to "share his vision for a new american century." it will be 5:00, we did checking and found out tickets are still available one huge unknown that could shake up the race is who the former governor jeb bush is going to support. a former campaign official says despite the rivalry on the campaign trail it's possible he could endorse rubio especially if it could slow down frontrunner donald trump.
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rubio to drop out. >> marco rubio had a very bad night. and personally i would call for him to drop out of the race. >> i want ted one-on-one. >> we will win the state of florida. we will pete donald trump there -- beat donald trump there. >> and rubio picked up a dominant win in puerto rico last night. as for this weekend's other races ted cruz stole some team with donald trump with wins in kansas and maine but trump won louisiana and kentucky. marco rubio and hillary clinton also going to spend a lot of time in the bay area. >> it's a day after debating bernie sanders at miami-dade college in south florida. they squared off in the blight city of flint, michigan. clinton holds a 17-point lead in michigan ahead of its vote tomorrow. she and sanders called for the state's governor to resign
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sparks flew over the auto industry bailout. >> i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry! >> oh. >> i think that is a pretty big difference. >> well, i -- if you are talking about the wall street bailout where some of your friends destroyed this economy. >> you know -- >> excuse me, i'm talking. >> mississippi also votes tomorrow but michigan is the real prize with 147 democratic delegates at stake. that's nearly as many as all four of the states that voted this weekend. this morning the nation's capital is remembering former first lady nancy reagan. we're going to get video we're going to show you in a little while. we pulled this off the satellite feeds from overnight and hope to show it in a moment. what is in it, flags at the capitol at half-staff marking
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mrs. reagan spent 52 years by former president ronald reagan's side as a devoted wife and closest adviser, working behind the scenes to help the president navigate some of his toughest decisions. she became his protector especially after his assassination attempt and during his battle with alzheimer's. she died of congestive heart failure sunday morning at her home in los angeles. out here now, the reagans as you know shared one incredible love story. she was a shining example of style and grace, her best known project as first lady was the just say no campaign encouraging teens and kids to stay off drugs. so many of you have memories of mrs. reagan so we're encouraging you to take a moment to share your memories with us wren you see this post here, show up in your news feed this morning. breaking overnight -- north korea is warning of a pre- emptive nuclear strike on the u.s. and south korea, boldly threatening to reduce its enemies to flames and ash.
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new threat just hours ago on north korean tv. it comes just after the u.s. and south korea began military drills nearby. tensions are even higher because of the united nations security council's new sanctions against north korea. it's unlikely such a threat would actually play out since there's a lot of debate over whether north korea is even capable of such an attack. kayakers counting their blessings now. plus this. >> we got very lucky. >> close call, crash for a father and daughter. what they credit with saving
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6:11. los angeles rams running back tray mason is facing charges in south florida after a weekend traffic stop where police shot him with a stun gun twice. an officer pulled mason over for speeding in hollywood saturday. that officer says mason refused to show id and refused to get out of his car. police say they got mason to comply by shooting him with a ton gun twice. he now faces multiple charges including resisting arrest, reckless driving and possession of marijuana. mason has a house in palm beach county and went to high school there. national weather service is extending a rip current warning in south florida following the
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they got caught in rough surf yesterday morning, two nearby teens on a small boat heard their screams and moved in to help. unfortunately as those kayakers started to get into the boat it capsized. luckily a police boat was already on its way and rescued everyone. we'll be talking about this high that will dominate our pattern the next few weeks, we are going to be seeing plenty of sunshine here as we talk about temperatures in the 80s by the middle part of the week. coming up -- apple attack. the first of its kind security threat that some fans need to
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these pictures from california, these are firefighters. they are helping offense that have been stranded from incredible flooding from the l.a. river there. look at the waters there rushing, we're talking about upwards of a foot of rainfall falling in the last fewer days. inundating streets and a lot of high water rescues. these are el nino-powered storms which by the way have season. you thought el nino was pretty at least they are getting rainfall there but it's coming too fast, too furious and even some power outages as well. guess what? by the way, more rain unfortunately on the way so
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out any time soon. >> unfortunately the flooding turned deadly. a woman was killed when she drove apparently into some floodwaters. always good to advise folks not to do that. you don't know how deep that water is. turn around don't drown. it's been so dry there it won't take much water to get things out of hand. let's show you additional rainfall here. we're going to be talking about more rain unfortunately for them here. of course they want this rain but it's coming so heavily it will continue to provide us with flooding i do think. another one coming. in fact three more on the way. a parade of storms with an additional six inches certainly and even pockets of heavier rain. remember in california because of the mountains here when the rain comes from the west like that you get that orographic lift. so even heavier rainfall along the mountains, we're going to continue to see that and the snow has been underway as well. that system in call by the way is going to -- in california
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eventually make it here with rainfall but it's not going to happen for some time because of a big area of high pressure that is going to be dominating our pattern here. low to the west, high to the east. this high is really just going to block that system from moving in. in fact, i think we'll have flooding issues for portions of the gulf because the rain is not going to be able to move. it's just going to fall over the same area day after day. for us just dry. southeasterly winds, what that will do because of the southerly wind component and the winds of course coming off the water it will moderate our temperatures the next few days, in that the overnight temperatures not as cool as we had this morning. still have it, in the 50s. and the daytime high temperatures are going to be in the low 80s. look at the rain tuesday, wednesday, thursday, continuing. then eventually this high will begin to break down. so that by the weekend it will begin to see that rainfall beginning to move in. we have print of time to tweak to forecast. today mid and upper 70s, with
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for boaters 1 to 2-foot seas, either winds 5 to -- easterly winds 5 to 10 knots. watch for rip currents. upper 70s and low 80s and we are holding with a low, even mid-80s across the interior and there's the rain chance coming back on saturday. plenty of time to tweak that forecast and hopefully push it a little further east. but for now that looks to be the day. traffic looking pretty good, one trouble spot, one crash, this is in pasco county. the san antonio area, state road 52 just east of i-75, fhp reporting no road block with this crash but i am seeing a slowdown, you can see leading up to the crash in the eastbound lanes so if you're heading out the door now you may want to leave a few minutes early if you're trying to get to i-75 because i am seeing backups there. elsewhere we're looking great. good morning brandon, this is i- 75 through your area, traffic
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both directions. on i-4 looking great, 22 minutes from county line road to downtown. seven minutes from 75 to 275. today we're expecting to hear that super bowl winning quarterback peyton manning is hanging up his football helmet for good. >> the star is set to make it official this afternoon ending a decorated 18-year career. rumors of his retirement begin to run rampant after winning his second super bowl last month. that victory made him the first quarterback to win 200 games. his stunning list of honors include nfl records and passing yards and touchdown passes and five mvp awards. manning's teammates call him a leader who raised the bar for everybody. >> he definitely has a different aura about him. he definitely commanded respect and got to us follow his lead for sure. >> tributes to peyton manning are popping up all across the web.
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site, a moving tribute to number 18. there it is there. even the tampa bay buccaneers tweeting out a big thank you to peyton manning. let us know what you remember about peyton manning on facebook. we're live streaming now. still ahead -- a surprise at the gas pump. not the kind you were hoping for. we're helping you avoid sticker shock. who is selling the cheapest gas in town? >> a college trip takes a terrifying turn for a man and his teenaged daughter. what saved their lives? >> apple users are now being target the by hackers using software known as ransomware. here's your money news. >> reporter: in "tech bytes" -- a new warning for mac users. >> for the first time the apple computers are being targeted by hackers with ransomware. encrypts your files, asks you
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>> a apple representative says steps are 4r-rd taken. a new share buttonnal lose use dorse quickly -- am lows users to quickly text friend with a protime. if a 23reu7d agrees just swipe yes. panasonic un1r5eu8d the world's first counter top induction oven. >> the company says the new oven can cook raw chicken and vegetables in 20 minutes.
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6:25. mondays morning. we're hearing from the man flying with his daughter when their plane's engine lost power forcing him to deploy an emergency parachute. lewis oburg and his daughter toured a college in rhode island but coming back home saturday lewis reported engine trouble still miles from the airport. then the engine completely shut down and lewis deployed the emergency parachute. >> we got very lucky. very lucky. we're coming from university of rhode island. and we had a problem on the way home. >> the engine died and i pulled the parachute and we landed. >> the plane landed in that
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lewis had a scratch on his head, his daughter had no injuries. the faa and ntsb are both investigating. right now 85 teams of mushers are racing across the alaskan wilderness to become this year's iditarod sled dog race champion. the ceremonial start was saturday at anchorage but as we said last week snow had to be fold hold in from fair banks 360 miles away so the sleds could take off. seven former champions are competing in this year's iditarod. the win winner should cross the finish line in nome, alaska sometime next week. it's a little cool this morning. we're expecting a nice warm-up this afternoon. >> we've been cold enough for snow. we need to get the moisture and cold together. that doesn't happen in florida but we're now even losing the cold as temperatures are in the 50s. in fact the next few days i
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nicely. mid to upper 60s by 10:00. then take lunch outside 10 today, mid-70s. similar to what we had with upper 70s through the afternoon. we're going to get much warmer than that heading into the middle part of the week, extended forecast coming up. still ahead -- a family owners. the reason a deputy says he had no choice but to shoot and the reason that deputy was at the home in the first place. >> it's what you can't see in this video shot at a disney resort that has a family disturbed. why they say it could spell danger for thousands of visitors. >> good morning. your drive on 275 through downtown tampa looking great. no problems in hillsborough but we are hearing of a crash on 275 over in pinellas county near gandy.
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6:30 -- months of hype and drama leading to this moment. how hulk hogan's trial could take down a media behemoth and what we are expecting in tampla today as the nation watches. >> and we have the cheapest gas prices in town. good morning. thank you for joining us on this monday. >> great-looking monday ahead. ivan says could be another warm one. >> i think it will be great. a lot of sunshine, temperatures warming up. right now not so much so be careful if you're heading out. be warned. wear extra layers. look at zephyrhills, 48. lakeland, bartow, some of the morning. then we'll begin to warm up. inverness and brooksville almost in the 30s. in fact this is a reporting station in brooksville. i wouldn't be surprised if pox
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around are checking in, in the upper 30s. calm conditions and clear skies allowed for temperatures to satellite and radar though showing -- if n fact i could show you this tomorrow and the like this. big area of high pressure keeps while. mid and upper 70s later today. upper 60s by 8:00. i'll show you the temperatures and how warm i think we're going to get heading into tomorrow and middle part of the week especially across interior counties where -- well, at this point, possibly getting into pool weather here. >> it's been pool weather here. >> my pool isn't heated so i'm a little sensitive. i stay away. you know what i'm talking about. >> i do. if you're heading out the door now, the only trouble spot we're seeing is in pasco. this crash here at state road 52 just east of i-75. it's always a little backed up trying to get to i-75 so it looks like maybe we can see just a longer delay so leave
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get to i-75 in the san antonio area. we are also hearing of a crash in 275 southbound before gandy. i've been checking my cameras, i haven't seen anything. this is what it looks like heading towards that area. you can see traffic flowing nicely there so no trouble there. a quick check of the toll roads. we are in pretty good shape, starting to slow a little bit on the veterans expressway, 20 minutes from 54 to 275. in the green though as you can see on the selmon expressway, six minutes there in the middle from 75 into downtown. 6:32. >> hidden camera, wrestling superstar and sex tape seen around the world. scandalous case set to play out in a pinellas county courtroom. >> hulk hogan is getting his day in court. he's suing the web site gawker for posting that sex tape. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is at the st. pete courthouse. it's take an long time to get this case to court.
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in fact this tape was first posted in 2012. hogan is suing gawker forstein 100 million -- for $400 million. his attorneys say this grainy sex video has been viewed across the world more than seven million times on the opening statements are set to begin at 9:00 in the civil trial between hulk hogan and the popular web site gawker. hogan is suing that site after the release of that sex tape of him and the now ex-wife of love sponge." the jury will decide in this case if hogan's right to privacy was violated. the web site says he made his sex life public on several media interviews the last few years. hulk hogan, real name terry bollea was recorded in 2006. the biggest star in the wwe history and inducted into the wwe hall of fame.
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and 40-second clip from the 30- -minute interview. hogan says he didn't know he was being recorded at the time. today's court proceedings begin 9:00 this morning. we'll have a crew inside and streaming those opening statements on our web site at as well as our mobile app. we'll have much more on this story throughout the day. reporting live in st. pete, rodney dunigan, abc action news. just days before this case gets underway a scare at a hulk hogan meet and greet over the weekend. his receive near shop and the businesses in clearwater had toen shut down. hundreds of people gadgeereds on a balcony, trying to get his autograph when they say it started to shiflt. everybody was cleared out safely and crews put up new support beams and all the businesses are going to reopen today. breaking overnight -- heavy damage at a tampa duplex as fire leaves two families displaced. crews tell us the fire broke out around 2:30 this morning on north lantana avenue. we're told no one was home on the side where the fire started
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the building had to escape the building. tampa fire rescue says the flames caused so much damage to the inside they had to pull power for both units. fortunately no one was hurt. florida is making preparations in case legal marijuana is here in november. should terminally ill patients be able to use the drug? the constitutional amendment to approve it didn't pass in 2014. in tallahassee today lawmakers will debate plans in case it gets the green light this time. rising gas prices are sticking around as the national average jumped several cents the past two weeks. aaa says the average price per gallon is $1.81. keep in mind it's still much cheaper than this time a year ago. we drove around the bay area trying to see what we are paying in different areas. the average price in tampa now is also $1.81. across florida the average
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out here at our social media wall you can always find the cheapest gas at, when you click on our front page here you will see this article about gas prices. says gas prices have risen the past two weeks. once you click on that, you see it there, it's going to pop up and show you an article. then you can find out some of the cheapest gas prices near you. we have interactive map here to show you where you can find gas prices closest to your home. again that is 6:36. turning to new developments in the zika virus crisis. health officials are just telling us an american woman who recently visited the philippines tested positive for the mosquito-borne illness. this is the first case out of the philippines since 2012. also learning exactly how the virus causes birth defects in babies that leads them to being born with abnormally small heads. two new studies show zika infects the outer layer of the baby's brain making the cells
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brazil where it's most rampant has seen an uptick in birthday defects since the -- birth defects since the zika virus outbreak. the pga event is taking place on the copperhead resort in palm harbor. play begins today with the celebrity pro am. among the pros playing this week, jordan spieth. admission is free to today's pro am. and to tomorrow's practice round. seems it's going to be a pretty nice day for golf. the weather is going to warm up nicely? yes, in fact temperatures eventually in the 80s here but for today i think we're still in good shape. a lot of new activities for the whole family. rascall flatts there as well. upper 70s today. there will be interesting changes. we're not only going to warm up but we'll see wind beginning to increase. that will be really the big deal this week for golfing. or anything you're doing outside. wednesday and thursday could
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miles per hour out of the south and east. keep it in mind, otherwise staying warm and dry throughout the entire week. let's check the monday morning commute with janelle. >> a check of the bridges looking great. less than 10 minutes to get across all the bridges. coming up, drive times on i-4. 6:38. still ahead -- drunk at daytona. the crime a woman is accused of committing at the track that police say she barely realized
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the coast guard is suspending its search for a cruise ship passenger that reportedly fell 100 feet into the water. crews say the odds are slim that david mossman survived the fall from the royal caribbean navigator of the seas friday night. they still spent the weekend searching more than 2,500 square miles of ocean south of key largo but no trace of him. it's happened again. a week after we showed you jaw- dropping video of a gun store robbery in texas we're getting words of yet another one. this is video here, this time this gold heist happened in california. this is a full look at the video taken from surveillance camera at a store near san francisco. the thieves got inside by ramming a car through the front door saturday, disabled the store's security system.
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stole 18 guns worth about $12,000. 6:42. still ahead -- a pet dog killed before a family's eyes. the reason the deputy says he had no choice. the evidence that could prove
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good morning. fdot has flipped the cameras
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this small fender-bender near roosevelt on 275. this is the southbound lanes. to the shoulder, no delays. the average speed from bridge- to-bridge on 275 looking great. 70 miles per hour the average speed in both directions. checking your drive times on i- 4, 27 minutes from county line road to downtown and down there at the bottom 11 minutes from 75 to 275 -- we had great weather this weekend. hope it continues. >> it was fantastic. felt cool through the mornings but that's what we have going on now. in fact downright chilly if you're watching us from stay inverness or brooksville. good morning to you. 40s there. the rest of us are in the 50s. in fact even low 60s. well, pinellas as usual. across st. pete and the water there keeping you a little milder. the rest of us very cool. we're going to continue to see a few clouds. you saw that on the tower cam there. those are high clouds, not going to bother us much.
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in charge the next few days. a lot of sinking air, going to block anything from moving in our direction. we're in excellent shape, if you want sunshine and milder temperatures that is on the way as the southeasterly wind on the southern side of the high keeps us warmer heading into the middle part of the week. in fact i think even mid-80s. let's plan your monday, 50s and 60s, then mid-70s by lunchtime, upper 70s as we take you into the afternoon. we'll do it again with plenty of sunshine, with fantastic levels of humidity so very comfortable. 81. eventually mid-80s i think portions of the interior counties. then the weekend, 7-day forecasts are terrible. you know this. we're not very good with thens tended forecast here. we're going to tweak this for you saturday and sunday. that will be the next chance of rain. whether it hits saturday or sunday still remains to be seen but for now looks good the next five days. 6:46. democracy 2016 -- coming up, a
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sanders is going to be courting voters today in michigan. >> there's a lot at stake there with 147 democratic delegates up for grabs in the michigan primary tomorrow. sandsers will visit kalamazoo recently the scene of a deadly mass shooting where six people died. >> sanders and hillary clinton sparred over gun control at last night's democratic debate. sanders suggested that her policies would ban guns in america. >> you talk about corporate greed. the gun manufacturers sell guns to make us as much money as they can make. >> you were essentially saying, what people are saying is that if somebody who is crazy or a criminal or a horrible person goes around shooting people, the manufacturer of that gun should be held liable. if that is your position -- then what you are saying essentially, if that is the case as i understand it, it's not what secretary clinton is talking about, i agree with what you said but if that is the case then essentially your
6:48 am
>> clinton responded saying no other industry in america has absolute immunity. meanwhile she's leading in michigan by 17 points and donald trump is also leading in michigan. donald trump is setting off fireworks with some remarks made in florida this weekend vowing to expand laws over how terror suspects are interrogated. >> as far as the waterboarding is concerned, we have to stay within the laws, we have to stay within the laws. hey, who here thinks that isis who chops off heads, who drowns people in the cage? who here thinks that isis stays within the laws? right? but we're going to stay within the laws. you know what we're going to do? we're going to have those laws broadened because we're playing with two sets of rules. their rules and our rules. >> trump came under fire for statements about the subject from former national security officials. former cia director michael
6:49 am
wouldn't follow any illegal orders from trump as president. orlando voting in the bay area through this coming weekend in hillsborough county. voting locations will be open everyday through march 13th from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 22,000 people in the county have already voted in the primary. we have a full list of places where you can go to vote on our web site, on our home page. former president jimmy carter is celebrating a major milestone this morning. he says he no longer needs treatment for cancer. it comes about seven months after the 91-year-old learned an aggressive form of melanoma had spread to his liver and brain. a representative for the former president says doctors will keep getting scans and will continue treatment if necessary but doctors declared carter cancer-free in december. tomorrow marks two years since malaysia airlines flight 370 disappeared. 62-year-old woman whose sister was on the flight goes to the airlines office in beijing nearly everyday.
6:50 am
the same thing. tell us the truth and get our loves ones back to us. flight 370 disappeared with 239 people on board. the only confirmed wreckage from the plane washed ashore on reunion island last year. an arizona woman is angry and says a deputy didn't have to shoot and kill her pit bull. two deputies went to debbie hopes house in mesa saturday looking for her son. her pit bull got out of the house by pushing through a screen door. the deputies say the dog charged at them. debbie insists that the dog was not threatening. >> he was not growling at any sort. we have a couple of witnesses that saw that as well. something that should not have happened and i think it could have been avoided. >> both deputies were wearing body cameras but so far that video hasn't been released. disney officials say a custodian who monday a
6:51 am
table with the same mop is an isolated incident. it happened in a restaurant at the art of animation resort. a guest recorded video of the incident and posted it on-line. the guest says he -- he could expose other guests to infectious diseases. disney says the custodian works for a third party company and no longer welcome back on disney property. a cocoa beach woman is daytona international speedware. not on the track but infield. police say 43-year-old abby kinney was so drunk she didn't realize she plowed her pickup truck into four people and five campers parked on the track infield. officers say she failed several sobriety tests and after read her rights she allegedly said "i shouldn't have been driving." police arrested her for dui, careless driving and accident involving injuries. no word on how the victims are doing. a medical miracle tore women wanting children who thought it was impossible. last month surgeons at the cleveland clinic transplanted a
6:52 am
born without one. this is the first time the surgery has been attempted in the united states. this morning the doctors who performed experimental transplant are set to share details of it and explain what this means for women who want children. but can't have them. 6:52. counting down to "good morning, america." >> we have the news, weather and traffic you need to know about before you head out. first, hulk hogan is finally getting his day in court. opening statements are set to begin this morning in the civil trial between the pro-wrestler and popular web site gawker. he's suing the site for $100 million after release of a sex tape of him and the ex-wife of a tampa radio host. opening statements start at 9:00. we'll stream them live at and our mobile app. allegiant air its fighting another public relations battle
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go public claiming the airline isn't doing enough to keep its passengers safe. this comes days after an allegiant flight this weekend bound for st. pete had to abort a takeoff in fort wayne, indiana because of smoke in the cabin. today the teamsters' aviation mechanics coalition will release its open report outlining a list of problems. we're following up on a disturbing case in pinellas county today where former teacher accused of getting a student pregnant is going to go before a judge. police arrested robert celeste in november but last month dna results showed he impregnated the 16-year-old. celeste is no longer employed with the school district, pleading not guilty to unlawful sexual activity charges. also today, a bill to repeal those annoying red light cameras in florida will be heard on the house floor today. it would put an end to the controversial ticketing system aimed at cutting down on traffic crashes at red light intersections. those who support the repeal say crashes actually increased and it only serves as a
6:54 am
today lightning owner jeff vinick and his wife gearing up for a big announcement. so far we know the hillsborough county sheriffs office and boys and girls clubs of tampa bay are involved. we'll keep you posted. you won't see robin roberts on gma this morning. that is because she's in roberts is speaking before a sold out crowd at the performing arts center. good morning. we're seeing backups through sarasota. we have some backups on 275? yes. on i-75, you can see it there. there's lingering construction at university parkway starting all the way back at state road 74/64. you may take lakewood ranch boulevard on into sarasota. taking things out on busch and i-275, looking pretty good,
6:55 am
checking drive times on 275, 20 minutes from the apex to i-4. seven minutes from busch to i-4 and five minutes from i-4 to the howard frankland. captain al, how is it where you are? or ivan? >> ok, i'll do the weather on the morning sprint. temperatures this afternoon climbing back into the upper 70s. similar to what we had over the in the mid-50s. then we'll be back in the upper 60s by 8:00. heading into the next few days, look at the warm-up. not only are we going to get back into the 80s, we have not had this stretch in, well, december. upperrists and then we'll moderate temperatures at night. not as cool, you may not even need a jacket through the mornings hours as temperatures wake up to 60s and then low to mid-80s. this is the airport in tampa if
6:56 am
polk county, further across insections inland sections could be mid-80s there. saturday and sunday, rain chances come back as that high pressure breaks down and we get our next rain chance. a few showers and thunderstorms. tampa bay lightning hope their stretch continues in philadelphia. after their ninth win in a row with less than a minute left in overtime saturday night. they will go against the flyers tonight. our coverage continues next on "good morning, america" with reaction to the passing of former first lady nancy reagan and the latest on the zika virus outbreak with dr. richard besser. >> and you can always keep up to date with us. >> and we're back again in 25
6:57 am
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7:00 am
good morning, america. celebrating nancy reagan. the former first lady who redefined the role and never waiver in her love for the president our love is here to stay >> behind the scenes force for one of the most popular presidents ever. fiercely loyal, always by his side. >> everything is about him. >> a crusader for causes close to her house. the tributes pouring in this morning, as her daughter speaks out. and after paying their respects, hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a fiery face-off overnight. >> excuse me, i'm talking!


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