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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  March 7, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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good morning. we are following some breaking news on the howard frankland. a multivehicle crash, just one lane getting through in the center lane. this is northbound in the pinellas county area just as you get on to the bridge. so again a very serious crash involving multiple cars. this next camera was freezing up but looks like it's good now. you can see it looks like a parking lot trying to get to the howard frankland here on i- 275. so you definitely want to avoid this area if you can. let's look at this on a map so you can see what you're best options are. you want to do this, from 275 get off at demandy if heading
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southbound -- gandy, if heading southbound, maybe from the sunshine skyway. definitely avoid the howard frankland, very slow there. if you can get to the court court that is an option -- courtney campbell that is an option too. let's see how long it takes to get from pinellas to hillsborough, almost an hour on the howard frankland, 16 minutes on the courtney campbell but the gandy bridge is your best bet now at just seven minutes to get across. 9:01. after years of legal wrestling former wwe superstar hulk hogan finally getting his day in court. opening statements this morning between hogan and the popular web site gawker. >> it involves around a hidden camera, wrestling superstar and sex tape. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan joins us live from the courthouse in st. pete. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i want to set the scene if i can. a lot of media attention and attention across this community for this case this morning. actually just came out of the
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courthouse, it took us 30 minutes to get inside going through security. a lot of media presence and just court observers, from this community wanting to get in the courtroom to see what is going on. to give you an example of the wide media scope, a team from "good morning, america" here as well as people magazine. that shows you how much attention this case is getting. it dates back 10 years ago to when the tape was first shot, to 2012 when gawker media released it. the attorneys for hulk hogan say since that time about seven million people have watched this tape and now hulk hogan is seeking $100 million from gawker media. hulk hogan was known for his flamboyant style and huge personality. in recent years it's been this grainy video of the wrestling superstar garnering all the attention. the 1:41 second clip posted by gawker shows hogan having sex with the one-time wife of tampa
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radio host "bubba the love sponge." hogan says the tape was made without his knowledge. hogan also received backlash and later apologized for racially offensive statements that he made on the recording. >> never have i ever been this embarrassed, never has my world been turned upside down in such a fashion. >> real name terry bollea, suing gawker for $100 million for posting the tape. a pinellas county jury will decide if his right to privacy was violated. lawyers for gawker contend that hogan made his sex life public with several media interviews on the subjects over the past few years. speaking of that, we just got an e-mail minutes ago, about 15 minutes ago from gawker media, kind of outlining their thoughts on this case. it says in part "that three and- a-half years ago gawker showed nine seconds of hulk hogan having sex with the wife of his best friend who actually made
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that 30-minute tape and appears in it as himself. it goes on to say that hulk hogan was more than willing to talk about his sex life including in two autobiographies, a reality tv series as well as the howard stern radio show, until he didn't like what gawker media had to say and now wants $100 million in compensation. so gawker media coming out pretty strong statement. i actually saw their legal team walk into the courthouse today, a huge legal team in fact. we have a crew inside, we'll be following this throughout the day and week. and we have a live stream going on now on our web site, as well as the mobile app so you can follow the case throughout the day there. of course follow us later this evening for an update on the case. for now reporting live in st. pete, rodney dunigan, abc action news. big talk also about hulk hogan's souvenir shop. the clearwater fire marshal shutting it down along with other businesses at pelican
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walk plaza. hundreds gathered on the balcony to get autographs and they say the balcony started to shift. crews put in new support beams, they were cleared out. the owner of a nearby restaurant that was also shut down says it was the worst possible timing days into the busy spring break and busy training season. >> it's probably one of the three busiest weekends of the year that we would have had. we have a lot of really loyal customers that traveled, had flown in, here for spring training going to spend the weekend with us. >> she believes a crane hit the building while crews were working on construction at a parking lot beside the plaza. everyone will be reopening today. heading to ivan cabrera. gorgeous weather over the weekend. it's going to continue? >> it is with nuances. we're eventually going to get into rainfall. we'll talk about that in the extended forecast.
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not in sight now as far as rain or even significant cloud cover. we're in the low to mid-60s now. cool start, pockets of 50s and even 40s. in fact numbers now coming in, as far as the overnight lows, we had upper 30s in brooksville. cold, but all of us, that woulding a good, essentially a afternoon. then some areas warming up close to 40. that is the range we can do this time of year with the sun angle high. a lot of sunshine for the remainder of today, mid and upper 70s. we'll talk about the warm-up headed our way, 80s, through the middle part of the week and i'll let you know when the rain arrives coming up. 9:06. the hillsborough county county sheriff's office is just issuing this crime alert. deputies investigating several car burglaries in the tampa -- a tampa neighborhood. they say people near lakewood drive and south of dr. martin luther king jr. boulevard need to be on high alert now. these are photos showing three people breaking into multiple unlocked cars last week.
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white man with a navy sweatshirt. officials say the primary suspect wore that navy sweatshirt in multiple burglaries. if you have any information call the sheriff's office. in the meantime people are warned to lock your car doors and don't leave valuables in your vehicle especially not in plain sight. this morning president obama and first lady michelle are praising the late nancy reagan. >> the obamas say they were fortunate to benefit from her proud example and warm and generous advice. mrs. reagan died at her home in los angeles of congestive heart failure yesterday. there's a growing display left at the main entrance of the ronald reagan presidential library and museum in simi valley, california. >> her best known project was the just say no campaign, to help kids and teens stay off drugs. she was 94. >> reaction is still pouring in, including in florida. governor scott released a statement. "nancy reagan made a monumental impact on our nation and i know
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like her husband's legacy has." former president jimmy carter is celebrating a major milestone. says he no longer needs cancer treatment. 91-year-old learned an aggressive form of melanoma spread to his liver and brain. the representative for carter says he will keep getting scans and continue treatment if needed but doctors declared the 39th president cancer-free back in december. updating you on breaking news from overseas -- iraqi officials say the death toll from yesterday's suicide truck bombing south of baghdad climbed to 61. another 95 people were hurt in that attack. that targeted a security checkpoint. isis is claiming responsibility, a fuel tanker rigged with explosives blew up at the security checkpoint that leads to two shiite holy cities. at least eight people including two police officers and two children are dead following a suicide attack in pakistan. police say that incident happened today at about noon local time. when the attacker opened fire.
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when officers tried to stop the man he detonated explosives strapped to his body. 29 people were hurt. the pakistani taliban claimed responsibilities for this attack. north korea is warning of a pre-emptive nuclear strike on the u.s. and south korea, boldly threatening to reduce its enemies to "flames and ash." a news reader announced a new threat hours ago on north korean tv, comes just after the u.s. and south korea began military drills nearby. tensions are even higher because of the united nations security council's new sanctions against north korea. it's unlikely such a threat would actually play out since there's a lot of debate as to whether north korea is even capable of such an attack. hundreds of people gathered in malaysia's capital to mark the two-year anniversary since the disappearance of mh-370. many are calling for a renewed search. 239 people were on that flight. the families and loved ones have until the deadline tomorrow to file claims against the airline. only about half of americans are confident in the
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safety of what is flowing from their taps. according to a new associated press/gfk poll 47% are extremely confident. 33% moderately confident and 18% don't trust their tap water at all. majority think lead contamination of the type found in flint, michigan indicates a more widespread problem and half of americans say the federal government should do more to ensure safe drinking water. police say a florida woman was so drunk she didn't realize she had plowed her pickup into four people at daytona international speedway. officers say 43-year-old abby kenny of cocoa beach crashed into the group after 2:00 yesterday morning. her truck also hit five campers at the infield. she failed several field sobriety tests and allegely told officers "i shouldn't have been driving." police arrested her charring with du eye and injuries for
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exercising and enjoying a cold one? >> turns out yoga and beer is a unique fitness trend at one bay area business. >> more than two dozen people grabbed yoga mats and beer mugs at hidden springs ale works in tampa. after the crash they enjoyed craft beer. >> the special sessions are the first send of ever -- sunday of every month. tickets are $10. dozens of firearms in the hands of criminals, the bold heist on camera. we'll tell you where it happened and what stopped the thieves from getting away with the assault rifles in the store. >> plus, one of the nation's most popular cars under investigation for leaking brake nude that can result in accidents. what you need to know beforere
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good morning. we have a traffic alert, and a mess trying to get to the howard frankland. look at this, the crash right on the howard frankland, in the northbound lanes from pinellas
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to the bridge. several cars involved. only one lane getting through here. you can see the cars getting through slowly in a single file line. look at the backup. extends more than three miles all the way past mlk. so you definitely want to avoid not only the howard frankland but 275 northbound through pinellas county. get off way before the backup starts at gandy and take the gandy bridge across, that is moving fine now. let's check the drive times now on the bridges so you can see exactly how long it takes to get across, almost an hour across the howard frankland, but the gandy bridge just eight minutes. if you can somehow get to the courtney campbell that is not bad either at 12 minutes. we'll let you know as far as it clears. 9:15. it's official, former tampa bay bucs coach lovey smith is new head coach for the university
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he reportedly inked a six-year deal worth $21 million. the athletic director just posted this image to twitter. it's smith's first head coach job at the college level. police in idaho are looking forget a gunman that -- for a gunman that shot a pastor in the church parking lot yesterday. the gunman shot pastor ted remington multiple times after sunday service. he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. several church members say the shooting happened as the pastor was walking to his car. >> i don't know why anybody would think to do this. >> so far there's no word on any arrests or even a motive for the shooting. caught on camera -- at least four burglars ran their car into a gun store north of san francisco on saturday. so they could steal multiple weapons. authorities say the impact of the car hitting the building disabled the store's security system. the men grabbed 18 handguns worth about $12,000. they tried to take an ar-15
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assault rifle but couldn't unlock a security cable. investigators identified the make of the car and now hoping to catch the thieves. consumer alert. this is for drivers. one of the most popular vehicles in america is under investigation right now. the national highway traffic safety administration has opened an investigation to see if brake fluid is leaking in 2013 and 2014 ford f-150 pickup trucks. there have been 35 complaints so far, four accidents also reported. the concern is that the brakes won't stop the truck fast enough if fluid has leaked. about 420,000 trucks with the six cylinder engine are part of the investigation. did you ever find a coupon on line or in the mail for a $14 or $15 oil change? that? consumer reporter john matarese did some digging to find out what you are really getting so >> springtime means car maintenance time and the quickest and cheapest way to maintain your car, take it in
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for a quick oil change but before you grab a coupon for $15 or $20, you need to know why that price may really be impossible to get. ryan chamberlain said why bother changing his own oil, it can be cheaper at a shop? >>i went on-line and saw a voucher for $14.99. >> reporter: he clipped this coupon for a $14 $oil change and tire rotation but the bill? >> $14.99 plus 34.99. >> almost $50 in total. turns out -- >> $34.99 additional charge. >> reporter: he says the shop billed extra for oil disposal, filter disposal, recycling fee, shop supplies and equipment costs. what does it really cost to change the oil in your car? we came to an independent shop that does more than a dozen oil changes a day. to find out. >> it can range here at my establishment anywhere from $28 to $60. >> reporter: todd adams is the
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general manager of a family- owned repair shop. smith muffler in covington. he says no shop can make money with a oil change for under $25. the oil and filth iralone costs? >> i would say $22 to $25 if you bought utyour self. >> reporter: turning out the fine print says they can charge up to an additional $39 in fees. brian would have liked to have known that first. >> the car is already up, they got your oil removed and then they show what the real cost is. >> my advice, ask what extra fees come with an oil change before pulling night the service bay. not once they have the oil drained, that way you don't waste your money. john matarese. abc action news. we are recovering nicely here. why am i showing you a picture of california? this area of low pressure has been bringing them flooding. we've been covering that but this very low will track its way across the united states and eventually make it to our area. it's just going to take an
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a strong area of high pressure across the eastern u.s. and western atlantic. that is going to block anything from coming in. for us that means sunshine, warmer temperatures, we're in for quite a stretch of nice weather. in fact beach weather if i say so, with temperature in the 80s as we look at the map. this is the high to the north. we have a clockwise flow around high pressure. so we have a southeasterly wind. that is going to bring a southerly wind component bringing warmer air. also an easterly component moderating temperatures with watch what happens, this high is so strong for this time of year, i'll put this in motion and you'll see tuesday rain arrives. that is how quick it will get here from california but stays over louisiana and mississippi valley, that is on wednesday. thursday it's still there amd eventually this high will begin to break down as the low and front finally get in here. so we're protected with this high for quite a stretch.
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earliest the rain arrives and some of the computer models indicating it may not get here until sunday so quite a while of fantastic weather. if you're boating good for you, easterly winds 5 to 10 knots. 1 to 2-foot seas, light chop the and water temperature if you're heading to the beach, cool for floridians, in the middle 60s but it will begin to warm up. so that with 80s and mid-80s, water temperature won't feel as cold. 58 tomorrow morning. the other thing we're going to do is moderate overnight temperatures. we started with 40s across the nature coast this morning. those will be gone replaced by 50s. eventually a lot of us getting only into the 60s for overnight lows and the high temperatures throughout the afternoons, in the low 80s. and across interior counties, we'll talk about temperatures in the mid-80s. again saturday still a little iffy with the forecast. we may have do bump the rain to sunday which would be fantastic. otherwise a few showers and thunderstorms arriving with that system. by the way, clocks ahead one
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coming up -- check your freezer before making dinner tonight. a major recall just issued for a popular brand of chicken nuggets because they may have
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volume tours with the aarp in largo will help you file your income taxes for free through april 15th. at the largo public library, free service open to all. join us for the cuban sandwich festival in ybor city. and the moffett cancer city with its men's health forum march 19th. 9:24. a consumer alert. perdue foods is recalling 4,500
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pounds of chicken nugget products because they may contain pieces of plastic. the usda says it involves applegate naturals chicken nuggets produced on december 28, 2015. with a best before date of september 27, 2016. the nuggets were shipped to distribution centers in seven states including florida. another recall, something you might pack in your kids' lunch. go-go squeeze is voluntarily recalling some of its applesauce pouches. the company says it found food product residue in some of the machinery and there could be some of the residue in the pomps. no illnesses reported, but they are being cautious and removing affected pouches from the shelves. a best before date between december 5, 2015 and march 4, 2017. we have the product codes and other information to make a return on our app. just open it on the phone and it should be right there at the top. if you're getting ready to have breakfast pour a big bell
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of cereal. today's national cereal day and believe it or not half of americans start their day with a beale or two. according to the web site. 2.7 million boxes of cereal are sold a year, enough to wrap around the earth 13 times: coming up at 9:30 -- under allegiant airlines. the new report expected to go public but why officials are questioning the timing. >> he threatened me. he said if you talk to my parents i'll kill you. >> plus a day of terror in new york. finally comes to an end. this man is now in custody after police say he slashed a woman's neck, killed a man and
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good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm dan shaffer.
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>> i'm deiah riley. we want to head to janelle now, she's keeping an eye on a major crash on i-275 northbound that is creating quite a mess out there. >> yes, it's taking more than an hour to get across the howard frankland. look at this, we just got confirmation from the st. pete police department that 16 cars are involved in this crash. i've been counting and only counted like seven here so there might be some further back. either way this is a mess, only one lane open now. these cars getting through in single file. we are seeing onlooker delays on the other side in the southbound lanes although it's still taking just eight minutes to get across southbound. northbound is the big problem. let's look at this backup, for more than three miles. around mlk. the backup starts before you get to mlk. again this is northbound on 275 through pinellas county. so what you're going to do, if you can get off at the gandy exit and take the gandy bridge over that will save a lot of time.
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you want to avoid the howard frankland. you can work your way to the courtney campbell. and you could take that. let look at the drive times. you can see options now, nine minutes across the causeway. 07 minutes now to cross the -- 70 minutes to cross the howard frankland and if 16 cars are involved it's going to take some time to get all of that cleared up. 14 minutes on the gandy bridge. we're going to continue to follow this. another update in 15 minutes. a lot of people going to be late to work. no question about it this morning. as we look outside. that is a nice shot. we are basically picking up where we left off from the weekend weather. hope you enjoyed that. a little cool in the mornings, thank you very much the case this morning as well. and temperatures this afternoon climb to the mid and upper 70. we're underway with a spectacular forecast once again. to start your monday. and if 70s aren't enough, we're going to warm up, in fact could
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be approaching record highs through the middle part of the week. spring is certainly going to be here. you're going to feel it. i'll have the extended 7-day forecast coming up. it's 9:32. this morning more controversy for troubled allegiant airlines and this time the accusations of safety problems are coming from a mechanics union. corey dierdorff with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a very busy morning at the airport terminal for allegiant as people board outgoing flights and come into the tampa area. alikeiant is fighting another public relations battle this time as a report is about to go public claiming the airline isn't doing enough to keep passengers safe. just days after a flight pound for st. pete had to abort a takeoff because of smoke in the cabin. the latest in a string of
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last several months. the teamsters aviation mechanics coalition today will release its own report outlining a list of problems. according to the tampa bay times it talks about emergency landings, flight delays, aborted takeoffs, and issues between september and january. allegiant is releasing a statement defending itself in part. >> reporter: count on us to stay on to -- top of this as soon as we get them on air and on-line at corey dierdorff, abc action news. officials are investigating what caused a fire at a tampa duplex early this morning that left behind heavy damage to -- two families have to find new places to live. the crews tell us it broke out 2:30 this morning on north lantana avenue and caused so
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much damage to the inside they had to pull the power for both units. no one was hurt. turning to a developing story from new york city. a man is in custody after a violent crime spree. police grant chi chasing the murder suspect through the streets of astoria, queens for hours yesterday afternoon. nypd says this man, 23-year-old patrick james dillon, slashed a woman, burned a man and fatally stabbed another before shot in both legs by police. he was found at a home where he had a knife and beer bottle filled with a flammable liquid. it started when dillon alleged low attacked a woman, she was slashed in the face and neck but expected to be ok. a few hours later police say he stabbed the owner of a liquor store to death. investigators say he also stabbed a 61-year-old man in the store and then set both victims on fire. be ok. officials say as of now all of the attacks appear to be random.
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bernie sanders were face-to- face cashing once again on stage, meeting a day after sanders won two state caucuses. >> this debate happened two days before the all-important michigan primary. abc's richard cantu explains the special significance of the debate in flint, michigan. >> reporter: sunday's debate was held in the blighted city of flint where lead poisoned the tap water. the michigan republican governor in the cross hairs. >> his dereliction of duty was inresponsible, he should resign. >> i want us to have an absolute commitment to getting rid of lead. >> reporter: the candidates clashed over economic policies. sanders citing her support for free trade policies. >> secretary clinton supported virtually every one of the disastrous trade agreements, written by corporate america. [ cheering and applause ] >> he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry! >> if you are talking about the
9:36 am
where some of your friends destroyed this economy -- >> you know -- >> excuse me, i'm talking. >> let him. >> sanders charged clinton is too cozy with business. >> i don't give speeches to wall street for hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> i said repeatedly no bank is too big to fail. no executive too powerful to jail. >> reporter: with the stakes high tempers flared. >> can i finish please? >> reporter: on super saturday bernie sanders won two of three democratic contests but hillary clinton has a large lead in pledged delegates. a new poll gives her a double digit lead over sanders in tuesday's michigan primary, 57% to 40%. sanders pledged to keep the campaign going to the democratic convention this summer even if clinton already clinched enough delegates to claim the nomination. abc news, new york. >> hillary clinton will be spending a lot of time in florida this week. including here in the bay area. former secretary of state announcing she will hold a
9:37 am
a day after she participates in a debate against bernie sanders at miami-dade college. that rally will be 11:30 a.m. the we have not nailed exactly where it will be held. friday chelsea clinton will be in tampa fundraising for her mother. florida senator marco rubio is also visiting the bay area this week ahead of next week's florida primary march 15th. he's holding a rally tonight at 5:00 at the tampa convention center. doors open at 4:00. there are tickets still available. they are free. they are at there's a rally at 5:00 tomorrow at the dolphin aviation hangar in sarasota. and yesterday rubio won just his second contest taking puerto rico by a large margin. he won all 23 delegates from the u.s. territory. rubio's only other victory was minnesota on super tuesday. he's been overshadowed so far by donald trump and ted cruz. rubio pins much of his campaign on winning florida next tuesday.
9:38 am
for rubio to drop out of the presidential race after winning those states saturday. >> marco rubio had a very bad night and personally i would call for him to drop out of the race. i want ted one-on-one. >> we will win the state of florida. we will beat donald trump there the way we beat charlie crist. >> despite win nothing states so far john kasich received a big endorsement yesterday from california governor arnold schwarzenegger. a bay area congressman is expected to announce today that he is running for re-election this fall. republican dennis ross represents a newly drawn 15th congressional district that now comprises parts of hillsborough, polk and lake counties, including lakeland, plant city and clairmont. he says he will make his re- election announcement in all three cities this afternoon. new this morning, rising gas prices are going to stick around as the nationality average jumps several -- national average jumps several cents. it's $1.81 a gallon, keep in
9:39 am
this time a year ago. the average in tampa now is $1.81. across florida the average price is $1.84. coming up -- what you don't see in this video shot at a disney resort that has a family disturbed. what they say could spell danger for the visitors. >> i don't think it's ok. i don't think he should be there. >> that high school student says she's scarred by the words her teacher said in front of her entire class. why she wants him to lose his job so she doesn't have to face
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a traffic alert involving the howard frankland northbound from pinellas to hillsborough. this crash here. police are telling me 16 cars were involved but fhp is saying six. either way it's a mess. only one lane getting through in a single file line. backups extend more than four miles. look at this backup, on this side, cars basically at a standstill. again this is northbound 275 so you want to avoid the interstate through st. pete. let's check drive times across the bridges now. 10 minutes across the courtney campbell. if you're closer to that bridge you may want to take that. almost an hour across the
9:43 am
howard frankland. the gandy bridge starting to back up because a lot of people are trying to avoid the howard frankland. so the gandy is taking about 20 minutes. taking a look at this on the map, definitely want to avoid northbound 275, get off at gandy and take that across. about 64 miles an hour until you get to the tampa side where it slows down a little to almost 30 miles an hour. either way you definitely want to leave yourself extra time. make sure you follow me on twitter @tampabaytraffic and i will let you know as soon as it clears. 9:43. the lawyer for an 11th grade girl in georgia is now demanding the resignation of her history teacher for calling her the dumbest girl he ever met in front of her entire class. shaniah hunter got an audio recording of that and even more insults on her ipad. >> you ain't never going to be smart. >> hunter says her teacher at
9:44 am
when she asked a question last december. her family contacted the administrators who told them the situation would be handled properly but the family still doesn't know what hacktion has been taken and the school hasn't suspended or fired the teacher. hunter says he doesn't deserve to keep his job and will never forget his cruel comments. >> it really hurt me, because -- because -- >> it's ok. >> hunter's lawyer sent multiple lawyers to state education officials demanding the teacher's resignation and surrender of his state teaching certificate. the school district insists it doesn't comment on pending litigation. disney litigation say the custodian who monday a restaurant floor -- mopped a restaurant floor and cleaned a table with the same mop is an isolated incident. disney says that custodian
9:45 am
longer welcome back on disney property. meanwhile we've got exciting news for families with kids who love to cruise. disney set to build two new cruise ships. >> they will be the fifth and sixth ships to join the disney fleet. the new ships will be slightsly larger than the disney dream and fantasy which sail out of port canaveral. disney says the new ships will have 1250 guest rooms and will welcome guests in 2021 and 2023. no word yet on their names or which ports they will be based out of. this is lady gaga there, she's riding on her fiance's back taking the polar plunge in the freezing waters of lake michigan yesterday. >> fighting it just a little. >> it's freezing! what do you expect? that's her fiance, taylor kinney, actor taylor kinney. they took the plunge to raise money for the special olympics for several years now. lady gaga wrote on twitter -- you can't have empathy without pain. get freezing cold so thing feel
9:46 am
>> she went in a little. it is very chilly. in fact the water temperatures in the upper 30s to lower 40s. can you imagine? >> no. >> that's why we live here. >> look at the numbers and then we'll get you back to -- there it is. you can't stay in that for longer than a couple of minutes. toes get numb. it's a good sign of you shouldn't go in. the red hues, that is our gulf stream with upper 70s to around 80. we'll eventually warm up to that but it will take a while. if you are headed to the beach keep in mind, cool out there as far as the walt temperature but otherwise the weather looks fantastic. mid and upper 60s and temperatures at the beach in the upper 70s later on today. enjoy that. checking out the boat, there are the tides, sunrise and sunset.
9:47 am
as far as the radar. a lot of clouds. high pressure dominating our pattern. it's a good chunk of clear air across the southeast. and sometimes you get the highs moving in and hanging out with us for a couple of days. gives us nice weather. another front then comes in. this high unusually strong for this time of year. you want that if you want nice weather because it will block anything from getting in. there is the rainfall that will stall unfortunately over louisiana. i think they are going to have an issue with flooding. when you don't get weather systems moving it's a problem there. of course for us, with the high, it doesn't move and that just means fine weather until it eventually breaks down and then we get into a little rainfall. the timing iffy. unfortunately looks like the weekend right now. it's a matter of whether it gets here saturday or sunday. temperatures this afternoon, mid to upper 70s. 7-day forecast will take you into that warming trend. low 80s. that is going to feel nice. by the way, we're going to do this with relatively low humidity. so it's not going to be sticky and we won't have much of a heat index. there's the rain chance coming
9:48 am
into saturday or sunday. still ahead -- peyton manning set to say goodbye. how the nfl and fans are paying tribute to the legend as he
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one of tampa bay's largest annual sporting events in palm harbor. valspar championship week starts with the pro am. the field is impressive. 16 of the top 30 players in the world will play at enis in resorts including jordan spieth. admission is free for today's pro am and tomorrow's practice round. today we're expecting to hear super bowl-winning quarterback peyton manning is hanging up his football helmet for good. >> the denver broncos star is set to make the official announcement this afternoon ending a decorated 18-year career.
9:52 am
started to run rampant after winning his second super bowl last month. that victory made him the first quarterback to win 200 games. the stunning list of honors include nfl records and passing yards and touchdown passes and five mvp awards. his teammates call him a leader who raised the bar for everybody. >> he definitely has a different aura about him. he definitely commanded respect and we'll follow his lead for sure. >> tributes to peyton manning are popping up across the web. check out the broncos web site, moving tribute to number 18, even the tampa bay buccaneers tweeted this photo and thank
9:53 am
9:56 am
good morning. avoid the howard frankland from pinellas to hillsborough. we have a multivehicle crash. st. pete police saying 16 cars involved. fhp saying six. either way only one lane is getting through on the howard frankland, backing things four miles to roosevelt. take the gandy bridge to get across and avoid to 7 a if you can -- 275. if you can. it's still slow on the gandy too though. look at that, we're looking at temperatures warming up into the 70s. looking at partly cloudy skies and then 69 by tonight. there's your 7-day forecast. low 80s. ready for spring? it's coming. don't we know it, mondays can be tough? we hope this next story will put a smile on your face. >> a dad's tweet of his very serious baby boy is going viral. proves that the jackson 5 song "abc" is one of the most infectious melodies ever written.
9:57 am
abc easy as a 123 , abc >> at first he resists, but joy takes over and he joins his dad. >> so cute. >> video posted saturday already racked up close to 10,000 views. >> he's like wait! special guests. the beautiful ladies you'll see in a second. there they are. with working women of tampa bay. >> they are celebrating international women's day. thank you for joining us, ladies have.
9:58 am
10:00 am
>> today on "fablife"... >> get a fresh spin on some old faves. >> the classic dessert-- s'mores. oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh! >> plus, stars of "general hospital," michelle stafford and kirsten storms. >> and our very first male swimsuit fashion show! >> lauren, do you want to switch spots? hall of famer deion sanders joins us too. insecure. now, don't size me up. >> (chuckles) (cheers and applause) you guys, welcome to "fablife!" listen, we could not wait for spring, so we've decided to make today fresh spin day! >> yay! >> so, get this. we're giving you the fresh spin on some old faves, and the stars of "general hospital" are gonna teach us how to soap it. plus, we're gonna get you really excited for spring break with-- get this, you guys-- our very


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