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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  March 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> reporter: right, profit and power are the two reasons hogan's attorneys gawker posted this video in the first place. he got on the stand and talked about it in detail. >> it was a low point in my life. when bubba says hey man, come to the house, let's talk i was just so desperate. >> reporter: hulk hogan on the stand talking sex tape and public humiliation. >> he handed me a condemn and it was so crazy. my gut was saying this is off. from the feeling i had i thought you're not filming this are you. >> reporter: he had no idea a camera was rolling while he had
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when he posted the tape he lost it. >> hogan is suing the site for 100 million. the sex tape posting wasn't lucrative. gawker did not make any money directly from this post. >> jurors have to decide if gawker violated his right to privacy. gawker maintains the site aims to tell the truth this time about a prowrestler for decades who painted himself as the all american hero. >> he wants the public to have the truth. the simple, unvarnished truth. >>. >> reporter: jurors also heard
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woman on the tape. she testified by taped deposition. this trial could last a couple weeks. we are live streaming the trial on our website. we have to warn you it may include graphic content and language. a lot of you weighing in on this case on our facebook page. join the conversation by searching abc action news and comment on this post. a polk man pretending to be a real doctor. he was treating patients without a license. abc action news reporter shows us what he found at the clinic. >> this clinic is shut down, closed since this so-called doctor's office was closed down. this is herbal medicine and it's legal to sell but you cannot diagnosis without a license. >> reporter: you may be
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this doctor's order. >> he's not a licensed doctor. >> reporter: police arrested him in hanes city for practicing medicine without a license. a state investigator heard him advertising services on a local spanish speaking radio station and the so-called doctor diagnosed his situation. >> he was given a prescribed medicine to relieve ailments and was arrested on the spot. >> reporter: he claims to be a doctor of natural medicine and the degree is from the clayton college natural health. it's a closed online school that's the the huffing ton post equals "the biggest quake
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>> he don't prescribe to go to walgreens. he's like selling it. >> reporter: he probably went wrong calling himself a doctor but the patients knew the truth. >> they say he's not a doctor when you go. >> reporter: the state department of health says it doesn't matter. the moment you diagnosis a condition and set up a treatment plan you are practicing medicine and something you can't do without a license. >> reporter: i did try calling both numbers and talked to the doctor's daughter and she didn't offer any insight. bond. reporting in hanes city, ryan race abc news. ryan, thanks very much. you can tell from the live shot things are very sunny outdoors. this was posted by our friends at good morning america.
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braiden ton at the braves and pirates game. here's a good lesson why you should always be paying attention at the spring training baseball. stadiums are smaller and you don't have the screens in front of you. good thing the guy next to him got his arm out in time with the flying bat coming through. things are looking good the the games going on including here where the twins are going up against -- -- excuse me, the twins and orioles down in sar ta. right now at in 70 in tampa. things cooling off. the beaches are packed. saint pete's beach is absolutely a mob today. about 78 on average right now.
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65 by 11:00 and a warmer start for your tuesday and warmer finish as well. got all your details as we continue to get warmer on this winter week. coming up in 15 minutes or so. right now with his campaign up against the ropes florida senator marco rubio is pushing for more support here in the bay area. >> let's look at a rally with his supporters. marco rubio at the tampa convention center. marco rubio has cut donald trump's lead to single digits. he's only behind by eight points in florida. his supporters lined up beforehand. live with why they're backing the senator despite his struggle to win other states. >> reporter: windy and jam son,
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story they feel he's an absolute inspiration. i will tell you it's been rather surprising because we haven't seen a huge crowd here for marco rubio. typically the crowds in the past have been about a thousand people or so. in fact, we got some video from action one. why don't we go to that? we saw a lot of media trucks because this state is very, very important for marco rubio. he needs to win this primary as well as florida's 99 delegates. inside our very own maria vergose is talking to him. it will be interesting to get his report. his numbers have gone up. we did talk to a few supporters entering the rally and they're
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fluks wait as good number the -- -- fluks waiting numbers. >> his story is the american dream and he would make an excellent candidate and should definitely be on the ticket. >> reporter: also inside pasco county sheriff will be introducing marco rubio and he worked for him years ago. the rally should last 45 minutes or so and it's free. after this event the senator heads to sanford. we will also hear from that event coming up at 6:00. reporting live, i'm serena pasan. look at those pictures. state police saying at least 16 cars crashed around 9:00 this morning. we are taking a look at quite a mess out there. it happened in the north bound
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no word tonight on specific injuries. new information tonight after a messy crash at a brandon law office. roger cooper was behind the wheel early sunday and he drove off highway 301 into the wrong lane. he had to be cut out of his vehicle and hospitalized but he is expected to survive. . >> everyone inside made it out.
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allegiant airlines is not fixing safety concerns. it found 98 maintenance problems between september and january and they say it was all preventable. like engine failures and engines foughting apart. two days ago a flight from saint pete clearwater was cancelled. the report accuses the airline on the lack of training and equipment. allegiant sending us their response saying they are a safe airline that goes above and beyond guidelines. still to come, it may look like an e-mail from your boss your life. the new trick scammers are trying to pull on you. apple users on high alert. a first ever virus is hacking into the system and how the software can hijack your computer. women struggling with fertility issues and the patient
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department e-mails your tax information to a stranger? that is what happened in south carolina and main line health in pennsylvania. >> we are now joined in the studio with adam on how this could happen. >> reporter: it starts with an e-mail that looks like this. the sender pretends to be the company's ceo and makes the e-mail appear to be from the ceo. this is the newest trick this tax season and so far been very successful. >> i parked my car and went in the store. >> reporter: it took 15 minutes for someone to steal carol's purse. >> i came back to look for it and it was gone. >> reporter: gone was her crash and credit cards and her tax return as well. >> my tax guy told me to file my taxes first but i don't think
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>> reporter: it's a common crime. irs admits it paid out $5,000 in fraudulent funds. >> spoofing is making it look like someone you know like your ceo saying urgent request please send me the w-2 information of all employees. >> reporter: he trains people on how to spot phishing and spoofing. >> they go to linked in and see who works in accounting. >> reporter: it's it's pretty convincing. he sent me an e-mail that looks like it came from my e-mail address. >> hundreds of organizations are being tricked to send w-2 information so the bad guys can use it for bogus fax returns.
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falls for it, you too could find yourself waiting in life at a busy center. >> it's scary. >> reporter: the irs hasn't said a word about this. they need to be diligent about confirming this information. mac users might not be as safe as they think. a virus is successfully infecting apple computers for the first time. it spotted ransom wear on mac systems. it depends a ransom of about $400. the tech giant says it has implemented steps to protect users. doctors reveal the first uterus transplant in the u.s. is a success.
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her story for the first time during a press conference. she is doing well after the surgery. she was born without a uterus. she was given a new one from a donor who died. she was told she would never have kids but now might with able to. >> i want to express the immense gratitude for my donor's family. it provided me with a gift i may never be able to repay and i'm thank for them. >> the woman has to have it removed after having one or two babies and almost must wait one year before trying to become pregnant. the most accurate weather team in florida. >> phil is picking a good day to be off.
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>> we went through the forecast last night. then he calls and says he's not feeling well. >> he really isn't feeling well. >> a lot of folks may have that flu this afternoon because it's so gorgeous. this is a view we look at a lot. you can see it's picture perfect there. a few high clouds and no rain on the horizon. i tell you what, we should have a gorgeous sunset tonight so stick with us through the next hour and we'll be looking at that. dolphins are jumping and folks are on the water. hope you were able to get out and enjoy the warmth beginning this work week. we're going to stay through the work week as well. no rain for a while. we may have a shower or two by the weekend but doesn't look like a great chance of rain. so if you're trying to get the lawn started or the garden up
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manual watering or turn the key so the sprinklers come on. right now we're clear. both coasts with the radar spinning and nothing is showing up. we are seeing a couple high clouds coming across from the west and with an easterly breeze we see clouds come along the east coast and try to push further inland but they're not bringing anything but warmth. saint peters burg with 74 degrees. winds out of the southeast today at eight. clearwater with southeast winds at nine. 73 in orlando and west palm. 74 in tallahassee. 74 in miami. we're the warmer spot in florida here in tampa bay.
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things are looking spring like as the high pressure remains off the carolina coast. easterly breeze today. that will continue bringing clouds from the east coast. watch it through tuesday and green blobs showing up. that means the precipitation will stay at bay. overnight tonight and first thing tomorrow morning, 58 and tam today. taking a look at florida's most accurate overnight planner. things are looking nice indeed. 73 by 7:00 and down to 65 by midnight. today a good day for boating with winds out of the east at
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moderately one or two. the uv remains high so don't forget the sun sauce. low tide just before 8:00. florida's accurate seven-day forecast shows a change coming this weekend. not just a possibility of showers. don't forget your clocks go forward this weekend which means we get more white in the afternoon. thanks bill. a pastor survives being shot multiple times and the odd timing linking him to a presidential candidates. it was the same story until i realized these people are giving me the run around. >> a veteran dying from a terminal illness and he can't get a hearing despite u.s. codes that put him at the top of the
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police finding pastor tim remembering memington with multiple multiple gunshots. it was right after service as he was leaving in his vehicle. >> it's a shock to us all to see this. >> a lot of people are believing that god has a plan. >> authorities have identified the suspect as 30-year old kyle odom. he this comes one rally after delivering an endorsement of ted cruz. transforming a community without resources.
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>> change is coming to one neighborhood to build better
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we're running down your top stories. a man pretending to be a real doctor. the hanes city police department is asking for his patients to come forward and find a new doctor. you're not filming this are you? he just slashed into me. >> also tonight hulk hogan on the stand talking about the public humiliation he suffered
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gawker posted online for two reasons he says -- profit and power. he is suing for $100 million. a jury could soon deliver a verdict in the case of erin andrews for the 2008 nude video of her. he's seeking $75 million in damages. new tonight. this video inside a new port restaurant is going viral. >> the restaurant owner is making his own accusations. >> reporter: this video has more than 17,000 views in less than 24 hours showing what happened


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