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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  March 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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apparently that wasn't enough. >> within a second my whole world changed. >> reporter: she called david ryan her uncle. tonight ryan is on life support and finley keeps playing it over in her head. >> his eyes definitely were not on the road. >> reporter: their car ran out of gas. with the flashers activated, she started pushing from the back and ryan pushed with one hand on the wheel. >> i finally got out it was and i jumped to the side and i was screaming move, david. i turned my back and heard a big crash. >> reporter: the 29-year-old lakeland man who dreamed of being a ufc fighter was no match for a honda civic going 50 miles per hour right at him.
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and i was holding his head. he wasn't breathing or moving. >> reporter: investigators identified the man at the wheel as oliver simmons junior of tampa. deputies hauled him off to jail after finding eight bags of marijuana in his car. she is convinced that he had to be distracted. he is the only one that didn't see them. >> i know his eyes were not on the road. if i lose my uncle because of him not paying attention, that would be wrong. >> reporter: the driver who hit ryan right now is only facing drug charges but the case is still under investigation. reporting in lake wails, ryan raiche, abc action news. developing tonight, a stern warning from the highland county sheriff to the school district after three teachers are accused of exchanging naked pictures of students. >> by the end of the night one of the teachers may be out of a job. sarah rosario joins us now with more information.
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met with school leaders letting them know it's a crime not to report any inappropriate relationships between a teacher and a student. and now three teachers are under investigation fiorina appropriate relationships with students. stacie hooks is one of those teachers. now in jail for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old and exchanging naked pictures with that teen found by deputies on the cell phone. now the sheriff's office is investigating possible criminal activity by the school. officials knew of the inappropriate relationship with hooks but only gave her a warning instead of reporting her. parents say the scandal is an embarrassment to the district and the teachers need to be held accountable. >> absolutely inappropriate. absolutely unacceptable. it does not reflect a district- wide. >> reporter: while hooks' fate will be decided tonight, it's not clear if the other teachers
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the sheriff says all cases are under investigation. reporting in highland county, sarah rosario, abc action news. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> good evening, everybody. another sunny and dry day. this is not rain. this was a pretty decent brush fire that was burning around the san antonio area. about 30 acres. this was the source. for a period of time, it was burning pretty good. then all of a sudden everything seems to be under control. no longer an issue. and the rest of the area is quiet and warm with temperatures in the low 80s. tomorrow and thursday we go even warmer. satellite picture looks good. a little cloud cover out there now. by the weekend, we will see cloud cover. nice evening tomorrow. we wake up in the 60s. we will pinpoint the timing and location of the best chance for rain this weekend coming up. thank you, denis.
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the hulk hogan sex tape trial. he was back on the stand today for his lawsuit against gawker. >> attorneys are grilling hulk hogan on his actions. saying that the tape is not what damaged his reputation. carson chambers is live outside of the courthouse. >> reporter: right. hulk hogan claims that sex tape humiliated him, turned his life upside-down. but gawker's attorneys say that hulk hogan did a good job of embarrassing himself in public. the attorneys questioned hulk hogan for several hours today. basically things got vulgar. hulk hogan is suing the site for $100 million after it published that tape online in 2012. jurors listened to clips from hulk hogan's radio show interviews on howard stern and bubba the love sponge where he
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the anatomy, the sex tape and his daughter's virginity. >> we understood that we were going to howard stern and he would talk about sex and stuff. that's part of the deal. you have to say that is part of the public consumption that comes along with doing the media tour. >> reporter: gawker attorneys have implied that that sex tape was a publicity stunt by hulk hogan. but he has denied that under oath on the stand. live in st. pete, i'm carson chambers, abc action news. >> thank you, carson. we are live streaming that entire trial at you can also follow along and comment there. and our carson chambers has been live tweeting the trial all day long. keep up to date by going to our twitter page as well. new developments in the death of a 14-year-old boy that deputies kicked out of a state fair. the family says that the system is failing them. he was killed back in 2014
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to the fairgrounds. florida congressman grayson is demanding an investigation into the sheriff's office. he says that joseph was humiliated and left in an unfamiliar neighborhood. the department of justice refuses to investigate saying it cannot prove that officers willfully violated his rights. the mother wants someone held accountable. >> the department of justice was a ray of hope that we thought that maybe at some bizarre moment that we would get justice and we would get answers. >> the family and congressman grayson are asking investigators reconsider the decision. covering manatee county. a man is locked up accused of stealthing a car at gun point. they say the 22-year-old pointed a gun at two people last week as they were walking into their home and demanded they hand the keys to their car. deputies spotted the stolen car yesterday. the victims were not hurt in that robbery. police in tampa now have a
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a grand opening was held for a firearms training facility on south 34th street. the mayor joined the police chief to cut the ribbon for the building. in the past, officers had to drive more than an hour to train. the department says that's wasted time they could have been spending on the streets keeping you safe. the new firing range has 40 lanes. it's super tuesday part 2. five more states weighing in on the white house today. >> both parties are competes in michigan and mississippi. polls show donald trump leading in all of them. hillary clinton is expected to win. but lower voter turnout in some states could shake things up. marco rubio is rallying in sarasota before he stopped in the bay area. he made the rounds in kissimmee
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he stopped by the bakery there telling supporters central florida is the key to his victory. rubio was just in tampa yesterday and he admits that florida is a make or break state for the campaign. he is selling himself as the only one that can beat frontrunner donald trump. >> i am the only one that can beat donald trump in florida. >> we told you about a new poll that shows that rubio is closing the gap between himself and trump. but he still has a long way to go, trailing by 8 points. so far he has only won in minnesota and puerto rico. we're taking action to let you know about job openings. ashley furniture holding a job fair for the new location in tampa. you can apply tomorrow from 10:00 to 4:00 at the hilton garden inn.
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rips off $60 billion a year and our area is one of the hardest hit. we will tell you how to avoid becoming a victim. your car may be able to solve crimes. the technology offering help to police but also privacy concerns. another beautiful day. that is a gorgeous sunset. we are in a stretch of amazing weather. making weekend plans? there may be rain rolling in. we will pinpoint the timing for
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>> taking action for you tonight against medicare fraud. a $60 billion a year industry. >> senior citizens in you're community are constantly getting tricked by telemarketers and doctors who charge phony claims. adam weiner is here to explain how. adam. >> this is dr. lovelice he was sentenced to 14 years in prison for making millions of dollars in bogus medicare claims according to the u.s. department of justice. i talked to several senior
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that admit they didn't realize how often people even in doctor's offices might be trying to scam them. lots of games and lots of golf carts. it is a small retirement utopia. living here also means you're a prime target for medicare scammers. >> remember that medicare does not call you and they will never visit you at home. >> reporter: she is teaching seniors how to spot and avoid scam that's is targeting them. >> fraud is when someone purposely takes advantage of you, your situation, your medicare funds. >> reporter: the problem is when a bad guy sees sun city center, they don't see a nice place to retire, they see potential victims like gloria. >> quarterly we get a report from medicare. it tells us what claims have been sent. and so i check it over each quarter. and sure enough, up came a name, a doctor that i had not
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>> reporter: this 88-year-old sun city resident attended the session because she is not sure if that was a simple mistake or an attempted case of medicare fraud. >> she looked it up and they decided this must be a mistake. the name was the same. the first name was gloria. the new one was under gloria. it was under my social security number. >> reporter: hillsborough consumer protection office says every month they get around 50 to 75 complaints of potential fraud just like this. and many seniors admit they didn't realize how often someone was probably trying to steal their information. >> and if you do it and you know they're trying to defraud medicare so you can get that free item, now you're essentially robbing yourself of your medicare funds. >> reporter: now, whether it's id theft, debt collector calls or a landlord tenant dispute, we are going to consumer investigators and experts here at the station on friday morning to answer your questions. just call that number on your
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a.m. oracle evening jackie callaway of abc action news i-team will be hosting that event. back to you. >> a florida mom has a warning for you after she says expired baby formula made her child sick. is a man assays her 3 month old started vomiting last week. she was so sick she had to go to the doctor. mom checked the formula and it had an expiration date of december 2015. even worse, she went back to the target where she bought it and she found a whole shelf of old formula. >> 2015. 2014. look at that. 2014 milk. october. >> all of them were expired. every single one of them. not one had 2016. >> target releasing a statement saying the company is committed to food quality and they are now looking into this situation. the store will also refund any expired items. jamison.
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footprint but it's what is in your car is helping police solve crimes. it can tell things like doors opening, gears shift and other information that officers may need. they are able to extract the data like where a car has been and use it to their advantage. we're told it's not easy to get and is only available to law enforcement. >> we have that data and we compare it to witness interviews and our evidence and it really can be the last puzzle piece that we need to close a case. >> police must obtain proper permission before accessing the information. the product is now available on 4600 cars. a road is back open after being shut down by millions of bees on the loose. crazy video coming from that crash in tennessee. the tractor-trailer spilled several hundred beehives. crews were still out this morning cleaning up all of the mess. the bees swarming around. it made it tough for crews to
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the trucker says the gps took him to the wrong location, sending him to that rural road. and check out this adorable video of the newest additions to the zoo. the tampa zoo taking in new two born clouded leopard cubs. look at that. these are rare and at risk for become being extinct. they are now getting around the clock care. >> that's the type of video that gets a lot of good play on social media. >> a lot of awes. >> yeah. >> a beautiful day today. >> yes, it was. low 80s. tomorrow we're back in the low to mid 80. thursday will be the warmest day that we have seen. whether warm or cold, we've had beautiful sunsets lately. there's another one looking out over the gulf. a little bit of cloud cover out there. but not the kind of cloudiness that would extend to rain.
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then you're looking at heavy rains. tornado watches, severe thunderstorm warnings. this is from eastern texas into louisiana. eventually some of this energy and moisture is going to come our way by later on this weekend. right now i'm more inclined to say the better chance of rain would be sunday as opposed to saturday. it's still four days away. we have time to fine-tune that forecast. for the time being, from right now, right on through friday, we look good and we look very warm with temperatures in the upper 70s. largo, 77. lutz at 77. plant city also 77. we hit the low 80s from lakeland and tampa. 82 the hot spot in sarasota. outside right now, tampa checking in with mostly sunny conditions and 78 degrees. clearwater 77. st. pete a little cooler. gulf temperature in the mid 60s. any time that you get the influences from the cooler water, it will cool off the temperature quite a bit along
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still if you're visiting us for spring break, springs training, you picked a good week as we will stay in the 80s all week long. we should be about 75 right now. southwest wind is bringing in a little more moisture and a few clouds over on the east coast. yeah some clouds are making it across the state. they won't bring us any rain. at least none in the short term. maybe saturday and into sunday things start to change. first thing wednesday morning, skies will be mostly clear. sunny all through the afternoon. thursday will be the warmest day of the week. sunny skies. in i had to maybe some upper -- mid to maybe upper 80s across the anterior county. brooksville will be 83. even along the immediate coastline, it's going to be warm because the easterly wind will pin the sea breeze just off shore.
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venice although checks in at 78. long range, a lot of heat for the next several days. and even into next week. you see that cold air up north? you don't see it anywhere across florida. it looks like the warm temperatures may be here to stay. gulf temperature is 65 degrees. there are your tides. sunrise and sunset. pollen has been an issue. entry pollen on the high side. maybe saturday night, sunday morning's rain may help a little bit on that. here is the hour by hour forecast. clear skies. there's the 7-day. that's a thing of beauty. mid 80s through the weekend. rain chances are highest on sunday i think. out of here by monday. we stay in the 70s through next week.
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division league. the bolts beat the panthers last night but put themselves into position to take the lead. okay. didn't hurt them. will. by the way, defenseman luke has been called up i think for a little more toughness. and i have to give lightning drew some credit. he knuckled up and returned to the syracuse crunch. it's for his good, the team's good and somewhere at some time in the future will be a benefit for both parties whether they stay together or not. >> obviously i'm a hockey player. i want to play hockey. sitting out is not what i wanted to do. i will deal with the crunch and deal with that stuff when the summer comes. >> do you feel that your relationship is salvageable or do you hope to be traded at some point. >> i think the relationship is fine. like i said, we're going to fix
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>> i say about 8 out of 10 golf fans already have jordan spieth as a repeat winner this week. he is definitely ahead of field. he loves the course. don't count out matt kutcher who can win any given week. >> i feel like i'm in very good control of what i'm doing. as good as i have felt in a while as far as how i'm playing in all facets. keep an eye on kutcher this week. maria sharapova has been dumped by nike. she was caught using a banned medicine. sharapova says she has been taking this drug since 2006 for medical reasons. we're e back in a minute and
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>> total solar eclipse tonight. not visible from the united states so you have to go online to see it. >> thank you, denis. continuing coverage of today's top stories on
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breaking news tonight. the first word from voters coming in right now. is the national race tightening for trump? at this moment, donald trump's pledge being compared to a nazi salute. also, we ask, is the math possible for bernie sanders, if hillary clinton wins tonight? and what sanders told us about helping clinton. also tonight, we're on the scene right now. the commuter train off the tracks. the rescue effort. more than 200 passengers. one car plunging into the water. we're tracking the deadly storms tonight. tornadoes hitting. neighborhoods destroyed. up to ten inches of rain from texas all the way up to illinois. breaking overseas, the american tourist killed.


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