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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  March 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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good morning. thank you for joining us on this wednesday. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. first, overnight, hillsborough county deputies felt their lives were in danger and fired on a man waving a gun at the winwood oaks apartments in tampa. deputies received a call that jeffrey casaalle was screaming and waving a gun. they asked him to put it down but he refused and they shot him. he's in a local hospital now. rodney dunigan will have more at 5:00. minutes ago dale mabry highway reopened after being closed for hours due to a deadly accident. tampa police say a motorcyclist and pickup collided at the intersection of cypress street and dale mabry after 1:00 this morning. sadly the motorcyclist died.
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identity of the motorcyclist and also to hear what caused the crash. this is i-275 at 38th avenue south. traffic is moving smoothly. janelle is watching the traffic cameras and will have a full look at the morning commute in just a minute. here's ivan. >> we're warm today. looking much better as far as the temperatures, mid and upper 60s now. courtesy of an east southeast wind. we talked about this air mass moderating and it surely has even in the morning hours. not as cool. we've lost that crisp feeling when you walk outside because of the lower humidity. that is gone at this point here so enjoy the mild temperatures and higher humidity although that is not going to work so much in our favor by the afternoon. it will be drier by the afternoon, temperatures will warm up. it's not going to be oppressively humid but there's the hour by hour forecast. pick a time. looking forecast.
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we're following a breaking story in hillsborough county where a wrong way driver was stopped. police say derek hyde refused a sobriety test at u.s. 301 and sun city center. he was spotted driving northbound in the southbound lanes 1:30 last night and at one point hyde crossed the median and started to throw things out of his car. deputies had him surrounded after he rammed into one of the cruisers. an 11 girl -- after 11- year-old girl was approached by a man that said her mom was in the hospital and he came here to pick her up. she ran away. deputies are look fog are a man in late 40s to late 50, short hair, salt and pepper goatee. drove off in a four-door car
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and black bumper. if you have any information call the polk county sheriff's office. 4:33. democracy 2016 -- votes in four states still being counted. bernie sanders upsetting hillary clinton in michigan. >> on the republican side donald trump winning three states, ted cruz one, marco rubio earned not a single delegate. megan hughes is in detroit with more. >> reporter: a critical day in the race to the white house. biggest prize of the night, michigan. >> i think it's important for everybody to vote. >> i'll vote for the one i really want, i think will make a difference. >>i know who i want, i know who i don't want. >> reporter: in the democratic race bernie sanders pulling off an upset. >> this has been a fantastic night in michigan and we look forward to going to illinois, ohio, missouri and the other states that we will be competing in next week. >> so excited. >> reporter: hillary clinton sounding upbeat during the day
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by night she took the stage in ohio. >> i'm proud of the campaign that senator sanders and i are running. [ cheering and applause ] >> winning is winning. >> reporter: on the republican side donald trump may have benefited from independent voters in michigan. >> embrace it. we will win the election easily. >> reporter: he's also answering questions about this. >> do you swear that you're going to vote for donald trump tomorrow? raise that hand! i love you! >> reporter: asking supporters to raise their hands and take an oath. some claim it looks like a nazi salute. ted cruz in north carolina taking aim. >> the kings and queens demand that of their subjects. the law. >> reporter: meanwhile, marco rubio and john kasich holding events in their home states of florida and ohio. where both their campaigns are betting big. >> if you vote for john kasich or ted cruz you are voting for donald trump. i am the only one that can beat him in florida. >> reporter: an interesting twist on next week's republican
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illinois, all winner take all states. detroit. all eyes now turn to next week. tonight bernie sanders and hillary clinton will go head-to- head at miami-dade college. abc action news will have an exclusive predebate and post debate coverage with our usf political analyst starting at 4:00 on "the now tampa bay." a man some call the fifth beatle has died. george martin, the producer who went to worldwide acclaim passed away at age 90. tributes pouring in. the british prime minister david cameron calling martin a giant of music. and ringo starr tweeting george will be missed. besides the beatles martin also worked with elton john, celine dion and jeff beck. the battle over the hulk hogan sex tape continues today in a st. pete courtroom.
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video postedded by gawker humiliated him and turned his life upside down. gawker said he did a good job of embarrasses himself on his own. >> we understood it was the hogan family and he was going to talk about sex and stuff. that is part of the deal. you have to say that is parts of the public consumption that comes along with doing the media tour. >> gawker attorneys suggested the sex tape was a publicity stunt. hogan denies it and is suing the web site for $100 million. a camera caught the moment federal agents raided a university of tampa professor's home. authorities say 39-year-old nathan madsen tried to pay a 14- year-old girl for sex.
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return home. >> that is not sitting well with neighbors who worry about the many kids living nearby. >> police, we have a warrant! >> agents swarm the home tuesday night as part of a federal investigation. five days ago this man was handcuffed after he was caught in an undercover sting. now the visiting assistant professor of music at the university of tampa is looking at child sex trafficking charges. the homeland security special agent pretended to be a guy named nick who was pimping out his girlfriend's daughters, ages 18 and 14. >> you have a 14-year-old child, you're going to be very cautious. >> reporter: agents say madsen was more interested in paying to have sex with the 14-year- old girl >> all i do is see him coming over. getting in his car and leave. >> several people who live in his tampa neighborhood expressed concerns he bonded out. some of the conditions for his release included wearing a gps monitoring device, follow a curfew, no internet, no
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>> i'm not ok with that. because, just because they had no gps monitors that don't mean anything. you know? i would be very cautious if i had younger kids around here. >> they should have let him stayed in there until he go to trial. >> reporter: tuesday night agents left his apartment with what appeared to be a desktop. because of this investigation some neighbors feel they've lost a sense of security. >> i don't think it's right they are going to let him come back here. now people are going to be on pins and needles. >> reporter: marisela burgos, abc action news. a south florida woman accused of hiring a hit man to kill her husband could go to jail all because she made an appearance on abc's "20/20". the palm beach state attorney's office filed a ocean offering dahlia dapolito's bond to be revoked. she's currently only allowed to leave her home to help prepare
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say her december interview with abc news violated the condition of her release because it had nothing to do with those preparations. north korea is claiming it made nuclear warheads small enough to fit on a ballistic missile. a state run paper shows kim jong un visiting the city where the miniaturized warheads were made. pyongyang warned of a strike if the u.s. and south korea began joint military exercises. it's after additional sanctions were imposed against north korea. we're looking much milder and drier for the bus stop forecast here and sunny and warm, low 80s. i don't think you'll need jackets today. we'll talking about the extended forecast and the rain chances coming back, in a few minutes. coming up at 5:00 -- the move the florida legislature is making to bring closure to one of the darkest chapters in our state's history.
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zeroing in on a contract with
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a senseless beating leaves a former bay area high school football star fighting for his life 2,800 miles away in california. >> the family of michael jerido is desperately trying to get him back home for treatment but he requires a medical transport costing $30,000.
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cameron polom explains his family is asking for your help this morning. >> it's hard to sit beside my son everyday and watch him and i know he'sfying fighting. the child i know he is -- >> reporter: a 3.7 gpa, scholarship to play college football. michael could run like the wind, lays in a hospital bed in oakland, california, the victim of a vicious and senseless attack. >> my son didn't know them. they didn't know my son. and they told him you're a long ways from home, don't you think? >> reporter: it happened outside of a party held at this home in orinda, california. michael was with friends when people say he was targeted by this man for reasons unclear. the picture all investigators have to go on. the result of the attack left michael with broken bones and traumatic brain injury. >> he had no signs of life when i got to california. >> reporter: now the mother of the standout football player from countryside high in clearwater needs help to bring him home.
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tampa he would need to be flown by medical transport. >> he would need medical attention, why he's flying back. and my insurance refused to do it. even though i'm covered. >> reporter: leaving the family desperate to find a way to raise the nearly $29,000 themselves. a gofundme page has been set up in hopes the community will hear their plea. >> whatever it takes, whatever here. so i can take care of my child. >> reporter: for abc action news, i'm cameron polom. >> once he does return to the bay area michael will need extensive rehab and therapy. if you would like to help bring michael home we have a link to the family's gofundme page in our story that is posted now on our abc action news mobile app. 4:45. sky watchers across asia and the western pacific got to see morning. this year's only total solar eclipse, darkened skies across marshall islands.
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viewing in micronesia. clips not visible in the u.s. but we are in for quite a treat next year. the first total solar u.s. eclipse will be visible coast- to-coast on august 21, 2017. ivan has a look at our forecast. >> can't wait for that eclipse. it's been quite some time. in fact the last one we had one -- by the way don't stare right up at the sun, not supposed to do that. that will be a treat across north america. mid and upper 60s now. east southeast wind keeping us mild if you're stepping outside probably won't need a jacket with higher humidity and temperature in the 60s. area of high pressure still in charge across the southeast. it's been bringing the relentless rain across portions of the deep south. in fact some areas already picked up over 10 inches. we got more rain for them. more sunshine and great weather for us as this high just doesn't let anything move towards the east. eventually of course this will
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take a while for to it happen. i don't think the rain arrives until sunday and by the time it gets here not expecting severe weather, just increase in shower chances on sunday. saturday looks pretty good now. low to mid-80s this afternoon. boating conditions look good, moderate chop, 2 to 3-foot seas, southeast winds at 10. we're going to have like yesterday a bit of a breeze but nothing to require any advisories so i think we're good. 83 with sunshine, 7-day forecast takes you into the weekend and then some with low to mid-80s. look at the overnight lows staying mild, mid-60s. saturday looks good, just a 20% chance of a shower. i think it's going to be a dry day. move forward the clocks on saturday night, lose an hour of sleep and that's ok because we get sunshine, extra hour on sunday evening but on sunday 40% chance of showers and storms. then we stay mild into next week. another check of traffic on this early wednesday. i-275 at hillsborough, no issues to report here. janelle martinez will have live
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at 5:00. a driver in pittsburgh didn't quite stop where he wanted to yesterday. he missed a turn, crashed through a brick barrier and fence and ended up on the roof of a grocery store. the driver claims he swerved to miss another car that cut him off. witnesses though say even if it was the case he was going too fast to make that turn. it took a crane to lift that suv off the roof. caught on camera -- a would be robber picked a bad time to pull a gun on a pennsylvania taxi driver. this is surveillance video from a camera in the taxi. shows the man getting in and pointing a gun at the driver. what that would be robber didn't notice is there a taxi. the deputy saw what was happening, turned on his lights and approached the taxi asking if there was a problem. when he saw the gun he drew his own weapon and ordered the robber out of the taxi. the robber was arrested, the taxi driver wasn't hurt. new developments in the fifa bribery scandal.
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french soccer federation's headquarter they were morning seizing documents as they build their case against former featura president sepp blatter. he's accused of paying to keep another fifa official from running against him in the elections five years ago. here's tom korun with the rest of your morning sports. good morning. it was one heck of a game between the bolts and bruins last night. spectacular goal tending on both ends at amalie arena. then came the overtime. the bruins will end up winning the face-off here, patrice bergeron with the puck up the right ring and brad marchand gets ahead of jason garrison and bruins score 10 seconds in the overtime. that is all they needed. 1-0 the final. bolts still have a game in hand on the bruins. if reports are accurate the buccaneers will end up negotiating a new deal with
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would pay him just under $7 million a year. that's a price the buccaneers could live with, not the $10 get. we'll know more by 10:00 today when free agency gets underway. meanwhile buccaneers head former panthers defensive end charles johnson for a visit reportedly going back to the panthers and the bucs did end up resigning safety keith tannedy and released the linebacker bruce carter. adam scott, back to back in tour. we're going to see if jordan spieth can go back-to-back in the valspar championship. copperhead, he's the horse for the course but i think his game a little off. that could open up the door for a guy like matt kucher who is zeroing in on this week. he's not trying to get himself prepared for the masters as year. >> i'm a believer that good
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the present and trying to play your very best this week. the better your result is this week the better that will lead to next week and the week after and then down the road to augusta. >> the pro am is today, with thursday. update. enjoy your day. swinging into the bay area. coming up at 5:00 -- talks continue to try to get the atlanta braves to relocate for spring training. >> up next, water hero. the emotional reunion for a world champion body boarder credited with saving a
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parole troabl drop a couple more more we'll probably drop a couple more degrees. look at the temperature here today, low 80s. we hit 81 yesterday. probably 82, 83 later this afternoon. even warmer tomorrow. we'll have that and the extensive 7-day forecast in the next hour of abc action news. it's 4:54. a new jersey man who nearly died last thursday body boarding in hawaii finally got to meet the hero who saved him. >> that hero, a six-time bodyboard world champion. the reunion emotional for both men. the last time he saw dylan mcginn he was purple and
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>> mcginn hit his head on a reef, was knocked out cold. tomega, a lifeguard was off- duty at the time but was nearby and saw mcginn go under. he kept him above water until a team of lifeguards could get there. >> i am the happiest man in the world, i helped save a life. and dylan just -- just no words to describe man. to see you today, to see, in our days ago you were in my arms and now you just want to go out with me is breathtaking. >> mcginn spent two days in the hospital but thanks to tomega he's doing well today. 4:55. a death investigation underway. coming up, the agency the u.s. justice department may scrutinize following the death of a 14-year-old boy. who was ejected from the florida state fair. >> alimony changes, the bill awaiting the governor's signature that could impact how much money florida women
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an investigation after deputies shoot a suspect in north tampa. >> it happened at the woodwind
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after he says they pulled a gun on him. rodney dunigan on the scene. were any of the deputies involved hurt? >> reporter: thankfully they are ok. the four deputies responded to the apartment complex around 11:00 last night when they received reports of a man standing in the parking lot here screaming, waving a gun. as you can see behind me the scene here is still pretty active. the suspect in this case has been identified as 27-year-old jeffrey cassell. we're told he was shot multiple times. was taken to a local hospital and the sheriff's office tells us at last check he was in critical condition. deputies say when they got here to the winwood oaks apartments last night they confronted cassell and he was waving what they describe as a semiautomatic handgun. investigators tried to get him to put that gun down but say he aggressively came towards them pointing that weapon and that is when they fired. we're also told cassell did have a prior history of trouble with the law. we're still trying to gather more information on that. the four deputies involved in this case have been placed on


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