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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  March 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it's just so mild out there, the humidity back up. so we're turning the corner as we -- >> if you're stuck on i-4 just open the windows? >> absolutely. then you have the car exhaust. well, let's check on conditions now as i walk backward here and show what you is happening with temperatures in the mid- 60s. east southeast wind. continuing with fantastic weather for today. with temperatures in the mid- 60s in tampa, clearwater and now 64, all of us getting into the low 80s, do i think by the afternoon. we're going to do that with full sunshine. just a few scattered fair weather clouds, nothing to certainly block the sun or give us any rainfall. but there is rainfall in the 7- day forecast. i'll show that you in a few minutes. let's catch up on more breaking news from overnight. >> first this morning we just learned a man shot by deputies in a north tampa complex has died. deputies say someone called him out to the winwood oaks apartments after spotting jeffrey cassell waving a gun outside his unit.
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put the gun down -- to put the gun down and fired at deputies who feared for their lives. he died overnight in the hospital. we're working to learn the name of the deputies who shot him. all four now on administrative leave. an accused wrong way driver is behind bars after deputies used stop sticks and even a pit maneuver to stop him. they tell us this man here, derek hyde refused a sobriety test after he was stopped on u.s. 301 in riverview. we have a look at the scene now. a deputy spotted hyde driving northbound in the southbound lanes around 9:30 last night. at one point they say hyde crossed the median and started to throw things out of his car. as deputies tried to get him to stop we're told hyde rammed a patrol car, tried to escape but authorities had him surrounded. 6:01. breaking overnight in the race for the white house. a nail biting night for bernie sanders ends with him winning michigan's crucial presidential primary in the upset of the year. no one was expecting him to best hillary clinton and gain 65 delegates.
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mississippi. it's a huge confidence boost for sanders who took a break from stumping in miami to thank his supporters. >> political revolution we're talking about is strong in every part of the country. and frankly we believe that our happen. >> turning now to the republicans, we learned about three hours ago that donald trump won in hawaii. the caucuses there, his third win of the night after he also won in michigan, mississippi -- ted cruz took idaho but instead of a victory lap he warned the only way to beat trump is to unite the party. >> what donald wants is wants us divided. if we are divided he wins the nomination. and hillary becomes president. >> the big loser last night,
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didn't win a single delegate. michigan voters are proof of just how much interest there is in this year's presidential race. we're hearing the voter turnout for their peoplery was the highest in -- primary was the high northwest more than 40 years. some communities ran out of ballots including the county where the city of flint is located. flint of course made headlines all year for its ongoing water crisis which became a talking point in this weekend's democratic debate. the county clerk there says many first time voters came out and that is what has caused the ballot shortage. meanwhile all eyes now turn to florida. ahead of next week's primary. tonight bernie sanders and hillary clinton will go head to head at miami-dade college. abc action news is bringing you exclusive predebate and post debate coverage with usf political analysts starting on "the now tampa bay" at 4:00. reports say iran is test firing two ballistic millsles
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phrase israel must be wiped out in hebrew. news agencies in the middle east say the missiles of specifically designed to reach israel. the launch drawing a strong rebuke from u.s. vice president joe biden who is in israel. biden saying "we will act if iran breaks the terms of the nuclear deal it agreed to last year." state department says it perhaps to bring today's launch before the united nations security council. we have an important warning now for parents in polk county, deputies want you to be on the lookout for a man they say tried to lure a davenport 11-year-old girl into his car. they said that man pulled up next to the child on thousand oaks boulevard after she got off her school bus and said her mother was in the hospital and he was there to pick her up. luckily that little girl ran off. here's what we know so far about the suspect this morning. he's described as a man in his late 40s, or early 50s, with a salt and pepper goatee. drove off on ronald reagan
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a 2000 model white four-door car with tinted wind yoation, black rims and -- windows, black rims and black bumper. we're checking to see if a tampa man will go to court today to face more than 100 child porn charges. the fd let's says an investigation revealed syed mobley uploaded porn to the internet. it's not clear if the victims lived in tampa bay. our cameras were rolling as federal agents searched a university of tampa professor's home after his arrest during a child sex trafficking sting. tuesday night agents left nathan madsen's apartment with what appeared to be a computer. investigators tell us a homeland security special agent contacted madsen pretending to be someone pimping out his girlfriend's daughters and madsen paid to have sex with a 14-year-old. madsen's brother tells us he bonded out of jail but his neighbors don't want him back.
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back here. now people are going to be on pins and needles. >> while out of jail madsen must wear a gps tracking device, follow a curfew and can't use the internet. he's on administrative leave from ut where he works as a visiting assistant professor of music. testimony gets back underway in hulk hogan's $100 million lawsuit against gawker. a day after lawyers grilled hulk hogan about his sex life. hogan said on the stand that cagawker humiliated him by releasing a sex tape. interviews were played from howard stern's radio show where hulk discussed intimate details about his sex life. >> we were going on as the deal. that is part of the consumption tour. >> hogan claims he did the
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persona, not his real life personallallity terry bollea. we're once again live streaming from court today. it's on our free mobile app. still ahead -- a police officer's narrow escape from a suspect with a gun. all caught on camera, how close he came to losing his life. a shooting suspect displayed bizarre behavior outside the
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6 : o9. breaking news. a new quinnipiac poll in the presidential race, florida primary six days away and this poll finds hillary clinton leading bernie sanders 62% to 32% among likely democratic primary voters in florida. we'll bring are how results at 6:30. a former marine accused of shooting an idaho pastor after a ted cruz rally has been arrested outside the white house. secret service agents say they found kyle olden flying objects over the white house fence. the investigators believe he targeted pastor tim remington though his exact motive is unclear. remington has regained consciousness. music fans are mourning the death of the man nicknamed the
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ringo starr broke the news on twitter writing "god bless he will be missed" and paul mccartney tweeted "the world has lost a truly great man." also called him a second father. in the early days of his 50- year career sir george arranged some of the beatles best known songs including "yesterday." he was also a member of the rock 'n' roll hall of fame and produced more than 700 records. he was 90 years old. >> you can tell us your favorite song and well wishes for martin's family on our facebook page yesterday mid-60s and we're going to end up with the low 80s this afternoon. nice and dry and even warmer temperatures headed our way along with rain chances which we have not seen in a while. i'll let you know when that arrives as far as showers in a few minutes. no! >> reality is now setting in for a former teacher fighting
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drunk driving. the discovery in her car that worried troopers the most. >> plus, a view of the solar eclipse like you likely have never seen before.
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6:15. all morning long we've shown you images of the total solar eclipse, the only one this year but this one you're seeing here is truly unique. it's from thousands of feet in the air. alaska airlines rerouted one of its flights to hawaii so star gassers could take advantage of this rare sight. the eclipse wasn't visible in the u.s. but next august the first total solar eclipse in the u.s. in nearly 40 years will darken american skies. mark your calendars, we're talking about temperatures this morning, running anywhere from five to as much as 15 degrees
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just a trend here that has been ongoing the last several days. that puts us in the low to mid- 60s honeymooning with more humidity. makes -- along with more humidity. makes it feel nice as you wake up. won't need the jacket. 70 by 9:00. then shooting up again into the low 80s later on today. it's going to feel nice as we check on the radar here. you see a plume of moisture continuing to come in as we talk about this heavy rainfall in texas. that eventually will get to our area but it's been this blocking high that has allowed for the fine weather to very strong for this time of year and look at this, the rain just going south-to-north essentially as that is about the furthest eastern extent it has gone, eventually the high pushes away and we'll get into a little bit of that rainfall. i think that won't happen until sunday. by the time it gets here it won't be organized, not talking about severe weather, just check in. 80s, overnight temperatures
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still hanging on to a brief shower chance on saturday. i think most of the day certainly will be dry. then sunday 40% chance of showers. look at the temperatures though continuing nice and mild into the upper 70s to low 80s. it would be something quite -- quite something to get a cold front that would really drop our temperatures. so i think we're going into spring and in fact this week the high humidity and temperatures in the 80s, almost pool weather here. not quite beach weather. a little too cool. we're following this crash on i-4, a lot of people stuck in this traffic jam. westbound, the crash just before 50th street, still blocking an outside lane and traffic starting to stack up. we can look at the camera a little further back at hillsborough, this is about where the traffic jam starts so if i want to show you this on the map i can tell you how you can get around this. here's the crash just before 50th street, you can see the line of red that extends all the way to hillsborough. you're going to want to get off
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the tampa area. or depending on where you're going you can take 301 further south. either way you might want to avoid i-4 there, we're showing about an 8-minute delay at the moment but as the morning commute pushes on we could see that traffic time extending. we have a crash in pasco, westbound state road 54 just before you get to the sun coast parkway seeing a little bit of a slowdown there, though fhp reporting no roadblocks, we expect this to be clear shortly. i'll keep an eye on both crashes so make sure you follow me on twitter @tampabaytraffic. it's 6:18. the private space company blue origin is now expecting to launch its first human test flights to space by next year. >> the company's founder jeff reporters found -- gave reporters a tour yesterday. they are successfully launched unmanned into space and returned with a safe vertical
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the new rockets are designed to tourists. commercial flights with paying passengers could start as soon as 2018. >> would you actually try this? facebook. know. i think i'll pass. still ahead -- we're tracking the overnight fallout from last night's primaries and caucuses as donald trump adds to his lead. we're also hearing about a stunning comeback that some say is historic. first this morning, samsung's new smartphone goes on sale this week. the first reviews are now in. here's your "tech bytes." in today's "tech bytes" samsung getting rave reviews for its new smartphones. >> the galaxy s7 and s7 edge are being called the smartphones to beat. it goes on sale this friday. >> amazon giving qvc a run for its money. launched a daily live stream show last night.
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click a link. the show airs live each night at 9:00 p.m. eastern. here's something to make you feel old. >> this latest video from the cxsgglue f. e -- fein brothers show how teens react to windows 95. >> i feel there's nothing going on. just internet explorer, inbox and -- like the basic stuff. >> can you believe it? the teens were baffled by aol dialup internet. >> look at the size of the computers. throwback.
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we're looking at a pretty nasty backup now, i-4 westbound back upcaused by an accident at i-4 westbound at 50th street. i just checked in with janelle and she said that backup is all the way to hillsborough. she's watching this now, she's got your work around and that is coming up in a minute. if that's your route to work definitely stay tuned for janelle. a michigan man caught on camera shooting at a police officer is facing charges of attempted murder. the police department just released the dash cam video you're watching here. showing a routine task stop that turned frightening in an instant. >> what's up, man?
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>> we're told the officer wasn't actually hit but temporarily lost his hearing. officers say the 21-year-old suspect blew through a stop sign and led police on a chase before eventually ditching his car and tried to run. a police dog caught him, now facing life in prison if convicted. the driver in philadelphia says another driver cut him off causing him to plow through a prick wall on crash on top of a grocery store. witnesses say he was going too fast when he lost control at the curve in the road yesterday. the impact of the crash tore a hole in the roof of the store. the car leaked gas also into that store prompting a temporary evacuation. a crane crew had to be brought in and eventually got the car off the roof. police gave the driver a ticket. no reports of serious injuries. lots of issues on the roads. can't blame it on the weather. good morning. 60s, 70s by the lunchtime hour and then by evening we'll have temperatures in the low 80s. another warm-up headed our way. warmer temperatures heading
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then i'll talk about the next rain chance, at the bottom of the hour. the hillsborough sheriff's office telling us in the last hour a man shot by four deputies overnight has died. what is next for the deputies as the investigation ramps up? plus, the extreme moves another group of deputies pulled to stop a wrong-way driver. >> i'm janelle martinez in the traffic center. you're looking at this backup at hillsborough avenue westbound to i-4 for a crash that actually happened around 50th street. pretty significant backup.
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we're watching up on lots of breaking news. >> first deputies opened fire on a man outside his north tampa home killing him. we're piecing together what he was doing that had those deputies in fear for their lives. >> the votes are still being tallied in hawaii as donald trump pulls off a near sweep in a critical day of voting. coming up, the big upset last night that some analysts are calling historic. >> first janelle is tracking a big backup on i-4. >> we've been watching a crash westbound on i-4 just before 50th street, looks like they finally got the cars out of the road so looks like at least here all lanes are open.
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hillsborough and you can see this is about where this traffic jam starts. let's look at this on the maps, you can see how you can work your way around it. look at the red that is happening here on i-4, you can get off here at 301 and head south depending on where you're going or you can take hillsborough into tampa but you might want to avoid i-4, we're seeing about a 20-minute drive now from 75 to 275. we have a crash that just came in, in the st. pete area, u.s. 19 at 56th avenue north. i was seeing a pretty significant backup heading southbound, looks like traffic indicators are back in the green which tells me this could be in the clearing stages. make sure you're following me on twitter @tampabaytraffic for the latest on both of these crashes. ivan, it's been busy in the traffic department but the weather looks nice. look at that, temperatures in the 60s now as we check in.
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up to about 70 degrees. 80s. and the humidity still in check but it's a little high. you'll notice that. certainly through the next several days here. we'll continue to follow this rainfall that is impacting portions of texas. getting blocked by this big area of high pressure. that will keep our weather nice, sunny and also warm. let's check in on the extended forecast. show you low to mid-80s continue through the end of the week. the rain eventually does get here, i think saturday will be mostly dry, just put a 20% chance of a few showers. it's sunday i'm watching for rain to move in. not a complete a washout but 40% coverage, staying mild, upper 70s to low 80s early next 6:31. breaking in the last hour and-a- half, a man shot by four hillsborough county deputies in north tampa has died. >> all four deputies now on leave this morning. we're told the suspect pointed a gun at them. the suspect involved has been jeffery casale.
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times and taken to a local hospital but again he died. deputies say they had no choice feeling their lives were in danger. we spoke to a neighbor just minutes ago who described what he saw. >> i was sleeping in my bed, woke up, hearing "put it down." looked outside and just five shots. pop, 307, pop. i ducked on the floor, didn't know what was going on. >> we also found out overnight that jeffery casale has a prior history with the law. of course we'll continue to monitor this and have more updates throughout the morning. 6:32. still counting the final numbers from a night of voting in four states. the big story from last night, bernie sanders upset over hillary clinton in michigan's primary. nate silver from "the new york times" 53blog is calling it one of the biggest upsets ever.
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the polls but still managed a win. mississippi. as for the republicans, donald trump is projected to be the winner of last night's caucuses in hawaii. and mississippi. confident trump says he will be the last republican standing because those who attack him fail in the end. >> i'm not going to say anybody well. there's only one person did well tonight, donald trump, i will tell you. idaho. marco rubio came up empty, didn't win a single delegate. week. we're working to find out exactly what was damaged in a 10,000 square foot warehouse that caught fire in lutz. hillsborough firefighters say they saw heavy smoke and flames when they first arrived at this
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22 units rushed to the scene to try to keep it contained. nobody was hurt. this morning a south florida woman is accused of drunk driving with her toddler. in the back seat. the dash cam video here shows colleen loehmann being arrested saturday night in fort lauderdale. >> you're under arrest for driving under the influence. >> oh please don't. oh god please don't. >> fhp troopers say the former teacher was stopped in an emergency lane of i-95 with her keys in the ignition. her suv was missing its right front tire. the rim was also severely damaged. dash cam video shows her resisting when troopers tried arresting her. >> no! no! why? >> do not resist. >> no! no! >> do not resist. >> i just passed all the tests! >> authorities say she admitted to drinking beer and taking anti-anxiety medication earlier that night. she's charged with driving under the influence and child abuse.
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zika virus outbreak. the world health organization now advising pregnant women and their partners who have traveled to areas with the zika virus to practice safe sex. health experts now say sexual transmission is more common than previously thought. the warning comes as u.s. officials say zika virus will likely spread quickly in puerto rico without quick action. that virus has been linked to birth defects. your help. look at this guy. do you recognize him? they say this man is a shoplifter who went into the walmart on u.s. 19 in hudson last month and walked out with two 55-inch tv's without paying for them. deputies say he got into what amerse to be a -- appears to be a white four-door f-250 pickup. if you recognize him call the pasco county sheriff's office. if you've recently spent a long weekend in orlando you should know about a credit card breach that might put your information at risk.
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the rosen hotels on the i-pad. here's some of the properties in the orlando area. they operate seven of them in fact over there. the company says someone installed malway on its payment network which might have stolen the names and credit card numbers of its guests. the breach could impact guests who stayed at the chain between september 2014 and february of this year. also want to draw your attention quickly here, if you go to the web site you'll see they have a link there to data security updates. you can get more information there. heavy rain across the deep south. when will the bulk of moisture makes it here? that is coming up. we are hoping to get some relief here on i-4 westbound now that the crash is off to the side but you can see we're still seeing some residual delays all the way back to hillsborough avenue. this is where the traffic jam starts. i'll tell you more about your drive times on i-4 and how to work your way around it coming up. even more breaking news. a wrong way driver leads deputies on a wild chase
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move in the book to stop him. what it took to keep him from hurting someone. >> the surprise reunion you have to see between a man who was trapped in a burning car
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new developments overnight
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authorities say they seized evidence for the criminal case against the former fifa president. criminal proceedings were opened against sepp blatter last september over a $2 million payment approved from fifa funds. the swiss attorney general's office says documents were seized in connection with the suspected payment which authorities suspect was used as a bribe. the investigation also includes suspected money laundering and world cup bidding contests. he's been banned from soccer for six years, he's appealing the ban. a northern california commuter train is going to be back in service today after a derailment late monday night. hours after we brought you this story as breaking news yesterday we found out a mudslide sweeping on to the tracks most likely caused the accident that sent the train's leading car into a swollen creek. large cranes had to be brought in to pull that submerged car out of the creek and there were others that were mowed down on the tracks. officials with the train service say the train wasn't speeding at the time of the derailment.
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if you are just waking up let's make sure you know about breaking news. an overnight shooting leaves a gun wielding man dead. we're piecing together what happened before deputies opened fire on him. >> i'm janelle martinez in the traffic center. you can see the backup at i-4 westbound at hillsborough avenue. this is due to a crash at 50th street. the crash has cleared so we're starting to see some relief.
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if you're heading to i-4 westbound into tampa we are starting to see some relief from an earlier crash that was blocking some lanes here just before you get to 50th street. that crash is now moved out of the way but you can see still slow going all the way back at hillsborough. a few miles back. so you might want to consider getting off at hillsborough and taking hillsborough or 301 depending on where you're heading this morning. either way i do expect these delays that you're seeing here on i-4 all the way back almost to 75 to start easing up in the next few minutes. so if you're not heading out for another 20 minutes or so you should be fine on i-4. also following this crash in the st. pete area, u.s. 19 at 56th avenue north. north and southbound center lanes blocked so we are seeing some slowdowns in this area. you might want to try 49th street, moving a little quicker at the moment.
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captain al, how is it where you are? >> reporter: good morning. we're headed to an accident, overturned semi tractor-trailer on highway 60 in the bartow area. somewhere between 37 and 98 and that particular stretch. at this point we're just crossing south of plant city headed eastbound along highway 60 there heading up, oh, towards mulberry now. traffic on 60 light. if you came through brandon saw emergency activity in the vicinity of 57 but it was off the road. no big deal, we'll be in mulberry soon and have a shot for you. a few clouds but we're in the mid-60s, a nice start with higher humidity make it feel less cool. not the crisp mornings we've had the last several days. so we're in pretty good shape. with an east southeast wind that is bringing us the milder temperatures across the area. mid-60s now, we're going to go for low 80s later today but we're watching this area of, well heavy rainfall across texas, portions of louisiana
6:46 am
picked up upwards of a foot of rain because, well, this thing is not moving. courtesy of high pressure to our east. that has been blocking anything from getting through. that is what brought us the nice weather. eventually as all things must move in the atmosphere, eventually that high will move and that will allow for showers to begin to sneak in. i think we're still good for saturday but let's focus in on today and show the hour by hour as it shapes up with temperatures in the mid and upper 70s. in fact we should hit about 74 at 10:00 a.m. that should be our daytime high this time of year. we're going to keep going so that by 3:00, 4:00, low 80s. in fact across inland sections temperatures in the mid-80s if you're going to the beach, a little cooler there with the sea breeze in the upper 70s to around 80 degrees. then on saturday again, slight chance of a shower, really not going to amount to much. it's sunday where we're watching the next chance of showers, even a few thunderstorms possible.
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we have a 7:30 sunset coming up on sunday. 6:47. the results are still coming in from hawaii's late night caucuses but it's a decisive victory for donald trump there. >> getting you caught up on other big results that came in, this one a shocker for many. bernie sanders pulling off a game changing upset over hillary clinton in michigan. for her part she easily won in mississippi making it a clean sweep across the deep south. donald trump celebrated victories in michigan and mississippi as well as in hawaii. ted cruz won idaho. now the focus shifts to florida with several of the campaigning here. despite not picking up a single delegate last night florida senator marco rubio is insisting he will press on to his home state's republican primary next tuesday while own. >> i believe with all my heart that the winner of the florida
6:48 am
the nominee of the republican party. >> i think we're going to do really well in florida. it's my second home. i love florida. i love florida. [ cheering and applause ] i love florida. special place. i think we're going to do really well. >> even if rubio does win florida right now texas senator ted cruz has more delegates than he does. this just in -- new poll numbers showing democratic frontrunner hillary clinton is expanding her lead among florida democrats likely to be in the primary. apparently this is all due to a gender gap. clinton leads sanders among women 69% to 24%. quinnipiac believes the vermont senator has just too little time and too much ground to make up in florida to win it. the poll finds the only group where sanders doesn't trail clinton in florida is voters ages 18 to 44. they are split 49% apiece. both clinton and sanders will be here in tampa tomorrow for rallies, clinton will be in ybor, sanders at the fairgrounds.
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for both candidates now on our free mobile app. we just got brand new images in, in the last 90 minutes in the aftermath of the wrong way driving incident we've been telling but all morning long in riverview. deputies scambled to the scene trying to stop the driver that took off and led them on a wild chase. corey dierdorff core joins us from where the chase ended along u.s. 301 with a look at the new pictures. good morning, corey. >> reporter: good morning. deputies scrambling to stop traffic, drivers calling 911, all that ending right here along u.s. 301 after a wrong- way driver led hillsborough county deputies on a wide chase, north on u.s. 301 in the southbound lanes. take a look at the pictures just sent moments after the chase. this started with three 911 calls at the same time saying a black dodge dakota was driving northbound in the southbound lanes of u.s. 301 just south of county road 672.
6:50 am
with the car and tried to stop oncoming traffic. stop sticks were deployed and they were able to flatten one of the right front tires but kept that truck going. deputies were forced to use a pit technique, the suspect still rammed a patrol car before stopping at u.s. 301 and murphy road. this is a mug shot of the suspect, 20-year-old derek hyde charged with a long list of charges this morning including fleeing and eluding, reckless driving and possession of drug deputies founding a large one pound bag of a white powder saying it was packaged similar to narcotics. it will be sent for testing to confirm what it is. good news, no deputies and no drivers were injured during this pursuit. more at the u.s. justice department now investigating the fbi surrounding the shooting death
6:51 am
armed group that took over a oregon. agents are accused of lying about shooting at him twice last january. other agents may have helped them fabricate their story. the fbi says finigan was reaching for a loaded gun when police shot and killed him. but his widow insists agents are deliberately misleading the public about what happened. >> it was an ambush. involving a roadblock on a blind curve along a lonely stretch of highway, a dead man's blockade, a kill stop which is illegal. >> he was a spokesman for an armed group of protesters who occupied that national wildlife refuge. the occupation started in january with protesters saying the government mistreats local ranchers who use federal land in the area. president obama continues to consider who he wants to nominate for replace the late justice antonin scalia on the supreme court. one possibility is federal
6:52 am
jordan who grew up in miami. if nominated and confirmed the 54-year-old jordan would become the first cuban american justice. they crawled into a burning car as heat set off ammunition in the car, to save a man's life. just last night abc action news surprised citrus county deputies with a visit from the young man they saved in november. >> thank you so much. >> charlie boyd hugged and thanked the first respond mothers saved his life. the -- responders who saved his life. he was trapped in his mini van after it flipped over, it was before thanksgiving last year. deputies crawled into the car, pulled him out. doctors didn't think boyd would walk again. amputated his toes but boyd surprised everyone walking in on his own to thank the deputies. >> shannon, kevin, paul. kyle. jeffrey.
6:53 am
these were your angels that night. >> here i am standing because of what you did. thank you. >> sheriff's jeff also recognized the deputies along with two firefighters commending them for their bravery. see the entire reunion on our free mobile app. 6:53. your morning sprint counting down to "good morning, america." >> one man is dead, four deputies off the job this morning after shooting at a north tampa apartment complex. 27-year-old jeffery casale was shot after deputies say he approached them aggressively pointing a gun. they responded to the winwood oaks apartments around 11:00 last night after reports that jeffery casale was screaming in the parking lot and waving a gun. deputies say they tried to get hymn to drop the weapon, they say they were in fear for their lives as well as the lives of residents. the four deputies will stay on leave pending the outcome of this investigation. deputies need to be on the lookout for a man that tried to loor a davenport 11-year-old into his car. they say he pulled up next to
6:54 am
after she got off her school bus. told her, her mother was in the hospital, and he was there to pick her up. described as a man in his late 40s or early 50s with salt and pepper goatee, drove off on ronald reagan parkway in what is described as a 2000 model white four-door with tinted windows, black rims and black bumper. pinellas county deputies are trying to identify human remains found tuesday at the war veterans memorial park. at this point though investigators cannot say if the remains among to a man or woman or even if that person died from foul play. dale mabry is back open at cypress after a pickup truck hit and killed a motorcyclist shutting that roadway down for more than three hours overnight. no charges have been filed: good morning. we're starting to see traffic get back to normal on i-4 westbound after a crash just before 50th street, that crash out of the way, we were seeing residual delays but this backup you're seeing now is pretty much what we see every morning. right now it's taking 18 minutes to get from 75 to 275.
6:55 am
gibsonton, gibsonton drive at northbound entrance to i-75, road block there. and i'm seeing some delays on gibsonton drive so leave yourself a few extra minutes. we have a crash in st. pete -- u.s. 19 at 56th avenue north, northbound and southbound center lanes are blocked. but most of the slowdowns seem to be southbound on u.s. 19. you might want to try to take 49th street if you're heading out the door now. that is moving a little bit quicker. how's the weather? looks fantastic. in fact temperatures in the 60s this morning. not as cool as we've had the last few mornings. we had 80 on monday, 81 yesterday. and i think today we're going to hit 83 later this afternoon. that is a good 8 degrees above where we should be for this time of year. more humidity so getting stickier, not oppressive like the summer. 72 by 8:00, even warmer tomorrow. we'll add a couple more degrees and keep going until we have
6:56 am
will be entering here by the time we get to sunday. country music starma tina mcbride is going to play the florida strawberry festival tonight at -- first responders get in free with a valid id. democracy 2016 continues. next on "good morning, america," life reports from cleveland and jupiter, florida. >> keep us on air, our mobile app, on facebook and twitter.
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yone. good morning, america. trump triumphs again. the gop front-runner winning big in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. now calling on the party to unite behind him. >> so, what i say to the republicans is embrace it. we will win the election easily. >> and bernie sanders stunning hillary clinton. >> this has been a fantastic night in michigan. >> a major upset defying predictions. the race tighter than ever. our team breaking it down. donald trump and john kasich both join us this morning. also right now, severe storms hit the south. flash floods and pounding hail. dozens already rescued as more severe weather and heavy rain


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