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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  March 9, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we're following breaking news from pinellas county. officials are on the scene at the clearwater courthouse on 49th street after a suspicious package was found. details now very limited, looks like you're seeing it next to the planter. rodney dunigan headed to the courthouse now and will bring you updates as soon as we get them. breaking news from seattle, washington. officials are on the scene of a massive gas explosion. >> nine seattle firefighters are in the hospital now. people are evacuated after a natural gas leak caused that building to explode early this morning. the blast happened in the city's greenwood neighborhood. officials say about 40 minutes after firefighters arrived to check on that gas leak the
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>> the nine firefighters only suffering minor injuries. right now dogs are being used to go through the rubble to make sure there are no other victims. officials say at least one building, possibly two, are heavily damaged while others suffered shattered windows and other minor damage. the blast happening in the greenwood neighborhood. we're going to continue to follow that and keep you up to date. right now though we turn to breaking news update, that we talked about earlier. a man is dead, four administrative leave following a shooting at the winwood tampa. >> 27-year-old jeffery casale was shot after deputies say he pointed a gun at them. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan spoke to the victim's dangerous situation and shoot. >> reporter: john martin visibly disturbed when we spoke with him wednesday morning shaken by the sudden loss of his roommate 27-year-old jeffery casale. >> he was mad at something. he was just venting at anything
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>> reporter: martin says the problem started tuesday night when jeffery casale started to becom agitated for some reason. he says jeffrey grabbed his gun an began walking around the parking lot screaming and waving the gun around. >> i called his father. his father said he called 911. i turned around and the police were coming in. >> reporter: when hillsborough county deputies arrived they tried to get him to put the weapon down. instead investigators say he approached them aggressively and pointed the gun. that is when they fired. one witness described what he saw. >> i was sleeping in my bed, i woke up hearing put it down. i looked outside and just five shots. >> they were in fear of their safety and the safety of others. in fact, they were concerned that he may go in to another apartment and take hostages. but his direction of threats was at our personnel. >> casale was shot multiple times, taken to a local
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martin tells us the 27-year-old was a military vet serving overseas in the marines. according to martin he had no history of mental illness. all of this simply a shock. >> what could they do? what would do you if someone went to you with a gun? >> jeffery casale's roommate also said he had a pretty serious foot injury from his time in the military. the four deputies involved again are on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. a breaking news update just now -- we just learned deputies arrested a driver involved in a deadly motorcycle crash last night for dui. tampa police say the motorcyclist and pickup truck collided after 1:00 this morning on dale mabry highway at the intersection of cypress street. sadly the motorcyclist died. deputies now tell us the driver of that truck, jermaine buoy, was drunk at the time of the crash. accused wrong way driver behind bars after deputies used stop sticks and pit maneuver.
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sobriety test when he did stop along u.s. 301 and riverview. here are some images of the aftermath. a deputy spotted hyde driving northbound in the southbound lanes around 9:30 last night. at one point they say he crossed the median at 301 and started to throw things out of the car. we're told he rammed a patrol car to try to escape but authorities had him surrounded. deputies warning parents, be on guard after a frightening incident in davenport where a man tried to kidnap a 11-year- old girl. she said the man pulled up in a white car after getting off the bus and told her her mother was in the hospital and there to pick her up. deputies say the girl ran away, the suspect took off on ronald reagan parkway. determination looking for a man in his late 40s to early 50s, short hair, salt and pepper goatee. drove off in what is described as a 2000 model four door car
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if you know anything call the polk county sheriff's office. it's bartow and st. pete, the two areas on my map here that haven't reached 70 degrees. otherwise all of us in the 70 now. that will set us up for a warm afternoon. in fact the temperature by lunchtime in the upper 70s. take it outside if you can. a lot of sun, 82. by 4:00. we'll continue with the warm spell. however i'm looking upstream and eventually we have rainfall that is heading our way. look at the massive rain now impacting portions of texas and louisiana. upwards of seven inches. not that bad here but eventually we'll get a little wet as a result. for now dry roads, lots of sunshine and you suggested folks sleep in today. >> i did. blame it on me. >> wishful thinking? >> i wish. no, if heading outside now there should be no problems. look how clear it is on i-275 around 22nd avenue south in pinellas county. up to speed pushing 70 now from bridge-to-bridge.
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times on some of the major roads. 12 minutes on u.s. 19 eastbay. 27 minutes on the veterans expressway from 54 to 275. and six minutes on dale mabry from fletcher to waters. if you are in the wesley chapel area trying to decide between 275 and 75, 275 still a little slow, 40 miles an hour the average speed there but look at an hour. back to you. 9:06. breaking news to bring you from democracy 2016 -- a breakthrough win for bernie sanders. winning the presidential primary in michigan. the decision coming in overnight was not what the polls were predicting. here are the democratic results. michigan, bernie sanders picking up 65 delegates there. hillary clinton still taking 58 delegates. clinton did beat out sappedders in mississippi. on the republican side -- donald trump taking caucuses in
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also won michigan earlier with 59 delegates and he also won mississippi. ted cruz won in idaho. florida senator marco rubio won nothing yesterday. coming up at 9:30, we find out what the candidates had to say about the primaries and where this might put them ahead of the florida primary next week. the florida marine accused of shooting an idaho pastor after a ted cruz rally in custody after being arrested outside the white house. secret service agents say they found kyle odom near the white house fence. >> reports indicate he had thrown several items over the fence of the white house, initial information i'm receiving is that those included flash drives along with other unknown items. >> he apparently flew to washington from boise despite a warrant for his arrest. investigators believe odom targeted pastor tim remington naming him and a dozen lawmakers in a manifesto. the exact motive is still unclear. we also found out pastor
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reports overseas say iran test fired two ballistic missiles today both marked with the phrase "israel must be wiped out" in hebrew. news agencies in the middle east say the missiles are specificsly designed to reach israel. the launch drawing a strong rebuke from the vice president joe biden who is in israel. saying "we will act if iran breaks the terms of the nuclear deal it agreed to last year." the state department plans to bring today's launch before the united nations security council. new developments from north korea. that country claiming its made nuclear warheads small enough to fit on a ballistic missile. a state run newspaper published the photos showing north korean leader kim jong un visiting the facility where the miniaturized warheads were made. three days ago pyongyang warned it would make a pre-emptive nuclear strike after the u.s. and south korea began military joint exercises. a university of tampa professor on administrative leave and house arrest after
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we were there when agents searched nathan madsen's home. that search was part of a federal investigation after madsen was arrested on child sex trafficking charges. they confiscated a desktop computer, authorities say a homeland security special agent pretended to be a guy soliciting his girlfriend's 18- year-old and 14-year-old daughters for sex. agents say madsen seemed to be interested in having sex with the younger firl. he bonded out of jail last night and neighbors are worried because of the charges against him. >> i don't think it's right they are going to let him come back here. >> conditions for the release include wearing a gps monitor, has to follow a curfew, bannedded from using the internet and can't have unsupervise contact with kids. if you recognize this man pasco county deputies say he's a shoplifter who went in the u.s. 19 in hudson last month
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tv's without paying. deputies say he got into what appears to be a white four-door ford f-250 pickup. if you know who he is call the pacifico county sheriff -- pasco county sheriff. in sarasota county commissioners gave the go ahead to continue negotiations of the terms of a deal, that includes funding, design and construction of a training facility. the commission chairman says it will be big for the county's sports tourism industry. the proposed property in south sarasota county is off u.s. 41 off the state college of the florida of venice campus. i'm very disturbed, angry, frustrated with everything. >> still ahead -- a massive search for a reckless and heartless driver caught on camera running over a child and then taking off. who police say they are now looking for. >> massive manhunt in missouri for a man believed to have killed five people is now over. where police took this man into
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9:14. updating breaking news. deputies just updating us on a scare at the pinellas county justice center in clearwater. the bomb squad investigating a suspicious package. discovered there around 6:45 this morning. pinellas county deputies tell us they have not evacuated the courthouse and it remains open for business at this hour. a crew is heading to the scene and we'll bring you more updates as we get them. a man who customs officials say was in the u.s. i wilily now in custody on charges he killed five people. in the u.s. illegally. missouri police caught pablo vitorino thursday morning. he's accused in several missouri. customs officials say they kicked him out of the country in 2004 but he returned illegally. new jaw dropping video, see it?
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an 8-year-old boy riding a skateboard when suddenly a car slams right into him and then just kept going. this morning the search is on now for the driver who didn't even take a second to check and see if the little boy was ok. arizona police say they are looking for a woman in her 20s and possible passenger in the car with her at the time of the crash. luckily that little boy is ok but his mother says she's in disbelief that a person could hit a child and not even stop to check on him. >> you see in the video the vehicle knows they hit somebody because they hate their brake lights and then take off. >> the little boy suffered fractured foot. officials hope by releasing this video it will lead to the arrest of the driver. a california pediatrician is accused of leaving her two young children alone in a car while she treated patients inside. an employee at the woman's office called police after hearing a 2-year-old boy and 9- month-old girl crying in a car. police say even though the children will be ok the mother
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because her kids were so young. >> caitlyn's law states 12 years old or older they can be left in a car. >> police wanted to release the children to their father but said the living conditions at the home were found to be "unsuitable." the kids have now been put into protective custody. a lot of people signed up for given memberships in january after making -- gym memberships in january after making new year's resolutions. you may be rethinking it and want to cancel. consumer reporter john matarese has a caution so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: emma wanted to take some workout classes. so she signed a deal for a boxing fitness club called the punch house. >> it was kind of like the new years resolution. >> reporter: she says the owner said if she didn't like it she could cancel after three months. >> i could quit whenever i wanted. >> reporter: so when the gym moved she decided to do it. >> i wanted to drop the personal training. >> but she soon got a punch of reality.
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>> on the 15th he charged me again. >> reporter: so i visited the gym where the owner told me their contracts are clear. if you want to break the contract early you still have to pay half the amount you owe. emma's case. the better business bureau says many people get trapped this way by their contract >> what is included in the membership, how long that membership lasts, if something happens the gym, if it closes, what are the contractual agreements. >> reporter: the bbb and financial web site say before you sign any service contract ask about penalties you may face if you cancel early. don't believe verbal promises about classes, child care or how you can cancel whenever you want. and pay the bill monthly by check or credit card. if you give a gym your checking account number willing can continue long after you cancel. billing can continue long after you cancel.
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turns out there was a problem. bottom line, if you want to leave a gym explain the circumstances to the manager personally, so you're not billed for months to come so you don't waste your money. 9:18. plan to visit the nation's capital this spring? you may notice the cherry blossoms are in full bloom earlier than usual. the unseasonably warm weather prompted the national parks service to move up its prediction for peak whrooms blooms. projected dates now march 18th through 23rd. originally it was predicted they would be in full bloom the following week. >> that will upset some people. scheduling their vacations around that. >> a few years ago spring break fell on that week. we had a great time. >> gorgeous. have seen greators crossing the road around here?
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>> >> what about with babies? >> no. >> pictures from west palm beach. apparently this is a thing. look at that. florida ducklings, what we'll call it. dennis is the friend that took a picture there yesterday. let's slow it down if you see the little critters crossing the road. it takes them a while sometimes so good stuff. 70 degrees now, warming up certainly by the later part of the afternoon. we're going to be in the 80s. springing certainly for us. we've seen our own blooms going on outside as well. we have this rain, spring rains, terence rains, not moving -- terence rains because of an area of high pressure to our east. this is a blocking high. this is anchored here. you can see the rain going up and around. eventually this will move out and break down a little. that then will allow for the rainfall to move in. the timing of wimp will fall on
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i think we're good saturday. by sunday we'll deal with showers as they begin to move in. look at wednesday, thursday, still, friday with futurecast, holding on to the rain. they've received upwards of a foot of rainfall, six more inches not out of the question if not more. that is a big issue there as we continue to track that rain. by the way, by the time it gets to us much weaker system, not severe and just a few showers. for now low 80s and a lot of sunshine. get out and enjoy it. southeasterly winds, 2 to 3 foot seas with moderate chop. water temperature 64. if you're headed to the beaches there's the time of sunrise and sunset. keep in mind it will be a little cool on the water but if you're out in the sand looks good, temperatures in the upper still with comfortable humidity. certainly we can be much higher for this time of year. we're not, so still dry. a little mild through the morning hours as well. we've been able to eel the jackets as well as temperature climb back in the 80s here. a string of 80s. haven't seen this so far this
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oh, speaking of spring, do you know what happens saturday night? well, we spring forward. lose an hour of sleep but get it back on sunday with the sunset at 7:37. by the way, yes, showers on sunday, 40% coverage there. not a washout. and we'll hang on to a couple of showers through the early part of next week along with mild temperature. 9:21. still ahead -- alimony changes. the bill awaiting the governor's signature that could affect how much money florida women receive during divorce proceedings. >> i'm lissette campos with your "positively tampa bay." today we're shining the light on an everyday hero in pasco county. a businessman, husband, father who saw a need and he took
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9:24. a north tack dakota zookeeper now a surrogate mom for a newborn baby kangaroo. >> her mother died a few weeks ago unexpectedly. amanda, zoo keeper said she got a call at 3:00 a.m. and immediately started to take care of "barclay." >> amanda says she's already bonding with her baby kangaroo. he's forming his own personality. >> the development happens in the pouch where a lot of our development happens in the womb. i'm working all the time, still
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can sympathize with working moms now. >> she should be able to leave the pouch at 10 months old. by 18 months she -- i misspoke earlier, it's a she, should be able to join the other kangaroos but the baby won't join the kangaroo exhibit until next year. drivers on a middle east road got a scare when a bengal tiger wandered through traffic. >> video and pictures show the tiger on an expressway in qatar. witnesses say utfell out of a truck on the road. appears to be a pet because it had a chain around its neck. caught. a man in a traditional white robe had it on a leash. other drivers say several men loaded it on a truck. and keeping a big cat as a pet is illegal in qatar but some keep exotic animals as a status symbol. and al-jazeera says getting caught with such an animal can lead to six months in prison. a entire neighborhood in
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after a building explodes overnight. what officials believe may have
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911 calls as a truck barrels into oncoming traffic on u.s. 301. how this violent and terrifying pursuit finally came to an end coming up. >> the votes are still being tallied in hawaii but donald trump pulls off a near sweep in a critical day of voting. coming up, the big upset last night that has some analysts calling it historic. >> no! no! >> ma'am, do not resist. >> no clam >> reality setting in for a former teacher fighting back as she's arrested for drunk driving. the discovery in her car that
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we're on top of breaking news from washington state. fire officials there on the scene of a massive explosion that leveled several buildings in seattle this morning. seattle fire department said eight firefighters and battalion chief were taken to the hospital following the massive explosion in the city's northern neighborhood of greenwood. these are our first daylight pictures of the damage. that blast happened just before 2:00 this morning. live look at the scene now as seattle. two buildings destroyed and the windows of buildings surrounding that blast site were also blown out. injuries are not serious, right now dogs are sniffing around that debris to make sure no one else had been injured in the blast. some scary moments for drivers along u.s. 301 when a wrong way driver speeds into a oncoming traffic while deputies try to stop him. >> our corey dierdorff joins us from where the chase finally came to an end. good morning, corey. >> good morning. it was drivers scrambling to
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deputies rushing to stop traffic, here on u.s. 301, behind me, is where the chase ended as a wrong way driver led hillsborough county deputies on a wild chase northbound on u.s. 301 in the southbound lanes. these are pictures just sent moments after the chase. this all starting with three 911 calls at the same time saying a black dodge dakota was driving northbound in the southbound lanes of 301. just south of county road 672. the deputies quickly catching up with the truck, some trying to stop oncoming traffic. stop sticks were put out and they were able to flatten one of the front tires but the treck kept going, then deputies were forced to use the pit technique. the suspect still rammed a patrol car just before stopping at u.s. 301 and murphy road. this is a mug shot of 20-year- old derek hyde, a long list of charges now including fleeing and eluding, reckless driving
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deputies found a large one- pound bag of a white powder in packaging similar to narcs, they will send a sample for testing to confirm whether or not it's drugs. the good news from this chaos overnight, no one was hurt. no deputies were hurt even in the incident where the car was rammed and no other drivers were injured. live in riverview, corey dierdorff, abc action news. at this hour a lakeland man on life support after he was hit while pushing a car off the road. david bryant and marly findlay ran out of gas on state road 60 in lake wales monday night. put their flashers on and started to push the car to the nearest driveway but investigators say oliver simmons hit them before they could there457888888888888888888. findlay who jumped out of the way in time says he had to be -- the driver had to be distracted because he was the only one that didn't move over. >> i know his eyes were not on the road. if i lose my uncle because of him not paying attention that
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>> deputies say there is no evidence that simmons was impaired or texting but it's still under investigation. he was arrested after they found eight bags of marijuana in his car. good morning. each and everyday we notice it got a little warmer here and this morning with higher 60s. feeling more like florida out there as opposed to the 40s and with. low 70s already at this hour. a bit of a gusty southeast this afternoon. not going to be a big deal and certainly no advisories as a result but look at the temperatures. low, eventually some mid-80s are headed our way. i think we'll be talking about that stretch continuing but forecast. we'll time it out in my next forecast. breaking news -- in democracy 2016 -- bernie sanders pulls off a surprise upset in michigan. beating hillary clinton in what experts say is one of the primary history. want to show you a look at
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of course sanders won michigan. after trailing by more than 20 points in a poll just a few weeks ago. nobody has ever gained that much ground before. meanwhile clinton clinched mississippi, that was a victory for her. as for the republicans, want oshow you where things -- to show are where things stand with them. donald trump won michigan, mississippi and hawaii. ted cruz carried the idaho republican primary. the name that you did not hear on the list of winners, marco rubio, it was another disappointing nights for the florida senator but rubio is insisting that he will press on to the republican primary in florida on tuesday. again for a look at where the candidates stand when it comes to next week's florida primary, andrew ruiz joins us from miami. >> we'll try to check in with him in a little while but make
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news all day for updates. carson chambers will be in miami, look for her report tonight at 11:00. new poll numbers showing hillary clinton is expanding her lead among florida democrats. likely to vote in next week's florida primary. quinnipiac university finds clinton leads sanders here 62% to 32%. the reason apparently is because of a gender gap. clinton leads sanders among women 69% to 24%. quinnipiac believes the vermont senator just has too little time and too much ground to make up to win florida. the poll finds the only group where sanders doesn't trail clinton in florida is voters ages 18-44. they split that vote 49% apiece. testimony gets back underway again this morning in hulk hogan's $100 million lawsuit against the web site gawker. a day after attorneys grilled hogan about his sex life. hogan claimed on the stand that gawker humiliated him by releasing a sex tape but gawker
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they played an interview hogan did on howard stern's radio show where he discussed intimate details about his sex life. >> what we understood, we were going out with stern as the hogan family. we knew he was going to talk about sex and stuff. that is part of the deal. you have to say that is part of the public consumption that comes along with doing the media tour. >> hogan claims he did the interviews as his wrestling persona, not his real life personality. terry bollea. we're live streaming from court again today. watch it on our free mobile app. a south florida woman is accused of drunk driving with her toddler in the back seat. the dash cam video shows colleen loehmann being arrested saturday night in fort lauderdale. >> you're under arrest for driving under the influence. >> oh, please no. please don't. >> fhp troopers say she was stopped in an emergency lane of i-95 with the keys in the ignition.
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front tire and the rim was severely damaged. video shows her resisting when troopers tried arresting her. >> no! no! >> do not resist. >> no! >> do not resist. >> i just passed all the tests! >> authorities say loehmann admitted to drinking two beers and taking three xanax and zoloft pill before getting behind the wheel. court records show loehmann was arrested on a dui charge in 2009 in palm beach county. her son is now living with his father. alimony and child custody laws could be changing soon in florida. the state house passed the bill yesterday that ends permanent alimony. replacing it with formulas based on the length of the marriage and the spouse's incomes. governor scott vetoed a similar bill in 2013 because it was retroactive. the governor hasn't said whether he'll sign the new version headed to his desk. fans are mourning the death.
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beatle. sir george martin died this morning at age 90. he guided the beatles from liverpool's clubs to worldwide acclaim. tributes are flowing today. the british prime minister david cameron calls martin a giant of music. ringo starr tweeting george will be missed. paul mccartney called him a truly great man and second father to him. martin also worked with elton beck. three days of formal mourning for former first lady nancy reagan are set to begin. a small ceremony this morning for family and friends in santa monica, california, will be followed by a motorcade leading to a public viewing in the afternoon at simi valley's ronald reagan presidential library. a funeral will be held on friday. she'll be laid to rest by her beloved husband. those who plan to attend include former president george w bush, first lady michelle obama and hillary clinton. still ahead, a taxi driver not sure he'll make it out of the cab alive.
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recorded when a robber hops in
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9:41. the true dangers taxi drivers
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>> an armed driver holds a gun to a taxi driver's head in philadelphia demanding he hand over all his money. >> give me all your money, man. give me everything you got now! >> all right. >> all right. >> now! >> we can do it the easy way orb we can make this the hard way man. >> little did that masked robber know a sheriff's deputy was right behind him. you can see the flashing lights. the deputy said he could tell something was going on so he taxi. >> i stood back to hear the conversation ahead of time so i knew what i was getting myself into. at that point i heard the driver saying just please don't shoot me. >> the gunman was arrested on the spot. the taxi driver wasn't hurt. caught on camera -- california highway patrol trooper rescues two kids in from a burning car. we talked about this yesterday. now today we're hearing from the trooper. officer clissel was driving on the highway monday morning in monterey when the car in front
9:43 am
he signaled to the driver to pull over and two kids were strapped to their car seats. he carries one kid out of the car, hands him off and goes back to save the other child. he says it was not that easy because the doors were actually locked. >> tried to reach through and unlock them. try to get the doors open as soon as i could to get them out of the car as soon as possible. >> both kids and two adults were all in that car and all went to the hospital for smoke inhalation. no one was seriously hurt. all morning long we've been showing you images of the total solar eclipse, the only one this year but this is a unique perspective from thousands of feet in the air. alaska airlines rerouted one of its flights to hawaii so stargazers could see it. the eclipse wasn't visible in the u.s. but next august the first total solar eclipse in the u.s. in nearly 40 years will darken american skies. >> have you seen a rainbow from
9:44 am
>> just about everything. >> i saw it the first time a few years ago. it's a complete circle. >> absolutely. what blocks it of course is the horizon. air above it. it's all neat up there. down here as well. look at the camera shaking a little bit. a southeast wind is going to be gusty this afternoon. should be ok though, no marine warnings or anything. look how it was this morning from your perspective here as we check in on your photos. look at this, oh, patricia bringing us this gorgeous shot there with the altocumulus clouds. those also look fantastic from an airplane as well. temperatures now, low 70s and by the afternoon low 80s. look how far west we have to go to get into the rainfall here and it is pouring in portions of texas and louisiana. that rain would have not just made it over by our area by now
9:45 am
but this blocking high has been preventing that and that is why it's still pretty active there. they are going to end one over, certainly over a foot of rainfall with this event. unbelievable here and meanwhile, with the high we have the southeast wind that has done a couple things. it's moderated our temperatures as well but it's allowed us to keep full sunshine in the forecast. that will continue not just through today, tomorrow, heading into friday, we'll get a nice weekend and by sunday i think we'll get in on some showers as the high breaks down. look at the temperatures, low 80s this afternoon. for boating looking pretty good. southeasterly winds at 10 knots. a bit gusty but no marine warnings at this hour. yesterday we had a bit of a breeze and gusts up to 20, 2025, that is about it. for today 83, partly sunny skies. let's break down the 7-day forecast. we add a couple of degrees everyday. overnight lows as well not as cool, when you have the air not as dry the temperatures are not
9:46 am
so the crisp mornings we've had are all but gone at this point. you won't need a jacket unless you're very sensitive. look at saturday, a couple of showers. i think saturday will be dry. in fact i'm going to work on taking that 20% off i think by the time we get to tomorrow if all holds. so sunday about a 40% chance of showers and storms. in the afternoon, not a washout. then continuing mild and dry early next week. 9:46. taking you back to breaking news, an investigation is underway at the clearwater justice center after a suspicious package was found there. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan joins us live at the courthouse. what is the latest? >> reporter: dan, we just got here literally two minutes ago. we're with seviola paretta with the sheriff's office to get a rundown. you found a suspicious package on the plaza area? >> yes, several items found this morning at 6:45. immediately perimeter deputies in this area were notified. the hillsborough county sheriff's office bomb squad has
9:47 am
determine exactly what this is. in the meantime, in an abundance of caution the areas where the items were found have been cordoned off. there were no evacuations necessary. whatsoever. and we're just continuing to investigate the matter. >> reporter: i understand business is going on as usual in the courthouse now? >> that's correct. there were no evacuations necessary this morning and business is as usual. >> reporter: as far as the bomb squad is concerned can you tell us how long they may be out here looking at the device before they decide what they are going to do? >> i don't know at this time, i'm going to reach out and see if they have additional information we can provide at the moment. my understanding is they are here trying to determine what that is and we'll move forward from there and provide more information as it becomes available. >> i know you just got here, thank you for talking to us. again it's secure here at the clearwater courthouse. no one in any danger at this time but the hillsborough county bomb squad is here, we'll continue to follow this story throughout the morning and bring you the latest on our
9:48 am as well as our abc action news app. for now reporting live in clearwater, rodney dunigan, abc action news. still ahead, metropolitan ministries serves tens of thousands of meals a month in the area. >> they cook more than 2,000 meals. on "positively tampa bay" meet
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good morning. metropolitan ministries serves four counties in the bay area and in pasco specifically has been able to expand in large part thanks to the help of a local businessman. his motivation heartbreak by images of homeless families and how it's impacts the children. >> you say you understand but until it's in the life of a kid you don't really get it. you don't really understand until you see a kid that hasn't eaten all weekend. and hasn't had any food. that comes in, they are starving monday and you want to give them food. >> mr. scott fink is here on
9:52 am
ministries and owner of several car dealerships. i know it sound bites like that that touch your heart, your wife's heart and that is why you decided to get involved. >> that's right. that's why we decided to get involved. we saw a documentary and it was focused in central florida. about homeless families. we did some research and fountain out that the issue in pasco county was far worse than central florida. and too many kids were going to school and had no place to live when they got out of school. scary >> you and your family have donated how much money at this point from metropolitan ministries? >> oh, probably $350,000. >> what are you most proud of in terms of the outreach center in pasco? >> i'm most proud of the fact that we currently have 12 apartments, units, miracle place of pasco, up and running where families, homeless families are now there,
9:53 am
self-sufficiency in their lives again. >> are you -- does it strike you as interesting when folks do not believe that number of, 2,500 kids in pasco who may be homeless at any given point? and going to school? >> what is scary is that these kids go along their lives and if you don't dig into their situation you would never know. but many of these kids are homeless, many of these kids are near homelessness. many of these these kids are hungry. we need to help them as a community. >> thank you for what you are doing to help the community. we need a lot more scott finks in the world. thank you for coming in. if you at home would like to get involved and help metropolitan ministries, in pasco specifically, reach them on line at or 727-
9:54 am
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where else could you get a newscast in early march with a beach planner? right here. mid to upper 70s and then 80 degrees by the afternoon. enjoy. >> say that to your friends in atlanta. we have continuing coverage of the day's top stories on >> "fab life" is up next on your abc action news station.
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>> we're doubling down on the fab. can we have a little twins versus joe dance-off? (cheers and applause) >> three products that pull double duty. >> lipstick, you can take it and cover the eye circles. >> so this takes the place of the concealer. >> plus, double your wardrobe with a few easy styling tricks. wait, what? >> i actually have a simple hack i want to show you guys. >> why does twisting a bra like that actually work? (laughter) (cheers and applause) >> welcome to "fablife." we are all on double duty today, and what does that mean? we're showing you that some makeup products are twice as nice with dual uses. we're gonna be doubling your wardrobe with a few key items, and chef antonia lafaso is showing us how to take one simple ingredient and make two amazing meals. >> yum!


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