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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  March 10, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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crisscrossing the state to gather more support. coming up, i'll have details on visits from both hillary clinton and bernie sandersp. >> and rodney will join us in a minute with tips on how to get into those ralliesp. >> first, janelle and i will be standing by. it looks like another warm day today, but rain later. >> do i detect allergies this morning? >> both of us. >> there's a lot of pollen. i have lungs of steel so i can never tell if the pollen is high actually. lucky for me, but a lot of you are suffering out there. we are springing into spring here. the east-southeast wind with the rest of us very mild compared to how we started the workweek the high is not oppressive like we get in the summer. we're going to hang on to low 80s from noon through 5:00.
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that may be an issue of the pollen getting blown around. the numbers are high right now. oak and juniper are the high. this will continue over the next 15 days. so i'm noticing the film as well on the cars. so we're in the season. >> you can write in it, and that's never good. let's head outside where janelle is on 275 over in pinellas county where traffic is up to speed. no issues across the howard franklin. just about ten minutes getting across all three bridges. i've been watching this construction that had the southbound exit at 54th avenue south closed. they just removed the cones a few minutes ago. we do still have flashing lights so use caution as you are driving through this area.
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54 to 275 and just four minutes from dell mabry from fletcher down to waters. it is 5:32. the fight for florida heats up today. >> abc action news reporter rodney dunningan is live where clinton will hold her rally in ybor later this morning. good morning, rodney. >> reporter: good morning. 246 delegates are up for grabs. you'll certainly see a lot more political ads. both candidates realize that winning or losing right here in florida could possibly make or break their campaigns. hillary clinton has a get out the vote rally set for 11:30 here at the ritz and a 4:00, bernie sanders will gather at 4:00 at the state fairgrounds. the march 15th primaries
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would call delegate rich and vermont senator bernie sanders has been showing a good showing around a lot of states. if he hopes to keep up pace with hillary clinton, who's already halfway through the democratic nomination, he has to do well in tuesday's primary right here in florida. 1,223 delegates. sanders is behind at 574. these updated numbers do include those super delegates. the democrats need 2,338 to win the nomination. to register. site. easy to rsvp. and phone number. parking. they want folks to utilize the parking at fifth avenue here.
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on bernie sanders web site that's you can register for that event. and for security reasons, the large bags aren't allowed. just your cell phone and your keys. again, we will be following both events today, so you can keep up on our web site, for now, reporting live, rodney dunningan, action news. moderators of univision. hillary clinton was asked if she would resign. >> she told the moderators she wouldn't even respond to that because it's not going to happen. she said no one should worry about it because she isn't, either. clinton's claims are that the use of her private e-mails to conduct business is not unprecedented. >> it wasn't the best choice. i made a mistake. it was not prohibited. it was not in any way
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and has now come out, my predecessors did the same thing. >> hillary clinton's claims of her predecessors using the e- mails, too, are false because only one used e-mail, colin powell who used personal business but did not use a private server kept at his home like clinton did. >> sanders and clinton then went after each other on immigration. >> secretary clinton prevailed upon the governor of new york eliot spitzer who wanted to do the right thing and provide driver's licenses for those who were undocumented. she said don't do it and new york state still does not do it.
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checkers found sanders claims to be mostly true. in the 2007 debate, clinton could not make up her mind nor driver's licenses for illegal immigrants then supported spitzer when he decided to drop the proposal. it's important to mention that clinton has supported driver's licenses for illegal immigrants during her current campaign. we're following up on two stories we first brought you as breaking news wednesday morning. first, a man was not holding an actual gun when he was killed by deputies. here is a look at the weapon he was waving around when they fired at him. turns out it is a colt defender air pistol. it does look like the real thing and deputies thought it was. deputies say they told him several times to drop his weapon at the department and they shot him. officers believe a pickup truck drive wears drunk when he hit and killed a man on a
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jermaine bowie was killed in that crash. the web site gawker will grill a university of florida journalism as testimony continues against the be with site in the hulk hogan case. yesterday, it was called an undue intrusion. hogan claims he didn't know he was being filmed. a citrus county family is dealing with a double tragedy this morning. a suspected drunk driver takes their teenage daughter's life and severely injures their son. caitlyn zimmerman and 14-year- old brother were riding a bike when they were hit from behind. the eighth and sixth grader were thrown from their bike. 40-year-old brandnd woodard is now charged with -- brandon woodard is now charged with dui. doctors took caitlyn off life support while her family was by her side.
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>> it just feels like i -- [unintelligible] >> funeral arrangements have yet to be made. they say the focus now is on dylan. he remains in critical condition. the widow of a chicago police officer faces conspiracy charges and allegedly helped her husband stage his own suicide and made it appear that he had been killed in the line of duty. she was charged in january with money laundering and disbursing charity funs without authority. they say this is an additional and alternate way of charging her with the same offenses. she previously pleaded not guilty to the initial charges. an arraignment date is set for april 6. her husband killed himself last september. this morning, an entire lakeland family is behind bars accused of killing a man and hiding his body. polk county deputies tell us
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friend beat robert banks in revenge for a rape they believe he committed. the deputies started looking into him as they started showing pictures of him being dead. the sheriff says he's ready to do whatever it takes to make sure these guys don't go free. >> the first time we're having trouble getting into a phone, order. when they deny us, i'm going to lock the ceo of apple up. today is the second day of public viewing for former first lady nancy reagan. she's lying in repose at the ronald reagan presidential yesterday, more than 3,000 people paid their respects to the former fist lady. the public viewing continues today at the presidential library. her private funeral will be held tomorrow. she's canned one of the time.
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at the university of south florida as part of the student- run university lecture series. it is open to the public, but if you want to hear her speak, make sure you arrive early. seating is first come first served. class is going country in palm harbor. rascal flats is performing live in concert after the fist round of the val spar championship. the concert is free to anybody attending the tournament. pretty cool. >> absolutely. >> we take you to the plus stop. we're picking up warm andsonny with low 80s. rain in the forecast, though. extended forecast and we'll time it out for you in a few minutes. still to come this morning, an emergency procedure for the woman who underwent a uterus transplant.
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had to go under the knife just the day after announcing her progress. >> a florida detective driving his son to school stops when he sees something wrong on the road but suddenly bullets start filleting.
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16 minutes until 6:00 right now. a major medical breakthrough suffers a heartbreaking setback. the woman who received the first uterus transplant in the
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surgery where the womb had to be removed. the patient named lindsay suffered complications just a day after they announced to the success. in a statement, lindsay said she's doing okay and thanked her doctors. the transplant was the first of ten that the cleveland clinic had initially planned. an unexpected and terrifying morning for a florida police officer trying to bring his kids to school. >> the police officer was driving in an unmarked cruiser when he spotted a man driving erratically and he pulled him over. the officer was hit several times but it missed his child. rojas then reportedly stole a truck. >> police eventually tracked him down later shooting at him. rojas' mother is pleading for police to have mercy on her son. >> please this is not him!
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but please, he's not this cop murderer. i swear to god he's not! unfortunately this happened. >> rojas is in critical condition. the officer he shot is also in critical but stable condition and is conscious. rojas will face multiple charges, including two counts of attempted murder. we are looking at temperatures right now in the upper 60s with partly cloudy skies out there looking good by the time we get into the afternoon. look at all of the rainfall in texas. the area of high pressure blocking it eventually will break down and this rain will not as heavy. let's break out the seven-day forecast and tell you what's going to be happening. another breezy and warm day. in fact, we'll check on the you the temperatures by the time we get to 9:00. already in the 70s and from
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we'll keep doing this with comfortable humidity. not looking too bad as far as what you would expect especially with the summer months. low 80s continuing on saturday. by the way, on saturday night, don't forget your analog clocks to spring forward. we lose an hour of sleep. sad stuff. on sunday at 7:37, whether we see it or not, it's questionable because we have 50% coverage of showers and thunderstorms. that is the system that is over texas spotting a few showers and storms for us dealing with wet conditions on sunday. 50% coverage. so not an entire day's worth of rain here. keep in mind on sunday, we're looking for rainfall. we begin to clear things out and stay in the upper 70s. for you allergy sufferers, at least a little bit of rainfall out there, janelle, will wash things away. i haven't washed my car in
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you might need to head to work, right? you should have no trouble getting around this morning. really no crashes or breakdowns to tell you about. driving around on 275 over in pinellas county. the construction we told you about earlier, the southbound ramp to 54th avenue south, that is back open so no problems there. also checking the roads out in lakeland. no crashes or breakdowns on the side roads, the main roads, or the interstates i-4 moving nicely. checking drive times starting all the way back to younty line road getting into downtown. 8 minutes from 75 to 275. coming in the opposite direction here at i-75 southbound, 20 minutes from state road 52 to i-4. ten minutes from the apex to i-4. back to you. 10 minutes right now until 6:00. new developments rate now in a disturbing incident involving a school resource officer at a baltimore school. that officer is charged with multiple felonies aof this
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it shows him slapping and kicking a 16-year-old student. >> officer anthony spence is charged with child abuse and assault. another officer is also charged with assault. both officers posted bond and are due back in court next month. volkswagen's top executives are stepping down. ceo michael horn is "revving to pursue other opportunities effective immediately." volkswagen has been under fire since admitting some of its diesel cars admitted software that was programmed to cheat emissions test. vw is being sued by the u.s. government and faces up to $18 billion in fines worldwide. the justice department is also conducting a criminal investigation. a chipotle restaurant is set to reopen after it was shut down because an employee was diagnosed with neurovirus.
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for the shift on tuesday. one of them has a confirmed case of neurovirus. the other -- norovirus. the other two are suspected cases. chick-fil-a is hoping to bring families together. >> apparently it's working. >> we've seen a great response with people being able to spend time and ask questions they haven't asked in a while, to see each other's eyes instead of the tops of their heads. >> it's thanks to this little box used to stowaway your phone. it's called a cell phone coop. you've likely heard of this and tried it by now. >> if everybody in the table can keep their phone in the box the entire meal and spend time with the people you are eating with, you get free ice cream. >> if it works at chick-fil-a, maybe it will work at home. coming up, living together legally. unmarried florida couples could soon wake up in the same bed without worrying they'll be
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>> and sisters share a special bond. one experience for two bay area sisters takes that connection
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welcoming pretty good out there. we'll have the gusty breeze later this afternoon, otherwise, temperatures climbing in the upper 60s and lower 80s. once again, we're going to do that with low humidity.
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for today and heading into tomorrow. hey, how about this. a lot of racing going on heading into the weekend. we'll check out the st. pete forecast here for good friday and good saturday. both days. we'll talk temperatures in the upper 70s to around 80. plenty of sunshine. the rain we've been tracking over texas will eventually get here and will arrive sunday in the form of showers and thunderstorms. not a complete washout throughout the day. you may have to deal with wet roads as we head into sunday afternoon. so the timing is a little off here unfortunately. there it is, although earlier in the week, we're thinking rain as well on saturday. saturday looks good. sunday will be the day of course that is a big race, but we may have to deal with some gusty winds and showers and storms. we'll see if we can do something better. it is a 148-year-old law still on the books here in florida that many believe needs to go away. right now, it is technically
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live together but are not married to live together. florida is one of three states where cohabitation is illegal. yesterday, they voted to change that law. two sisters who live next door to each other in carveern port say they do everything together and proved that when they both gave birth at the same hospital minutes apart. sarah and crystal were scheduled to be induced within days but it wasn't until tuesday that both baby boys decided to come early. the moms with are texting each other on their way to st. joseph's women's hospital put in adjacent rooms once they got there. liam was born 13 minutes before his cousin wyatt. >> it's exciting. >> i think when they get older, they will appreciate it and will have fun with it, i'm sure. >> the babies are 13 minutes apart, but the births would
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to "hold it" for a while to wait for her doctor to arrive. still ahead, take a good look at this man's picture. the vicious attack on a woman that has deputies in two counties working to get him behind barsp. >> plus, insider information. the crucial cap chore's helping the military fight back against
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: now at 6:00, a dangerous man on the run. the crime that has deputies in two counties right now working to find him, and the simple way you can help track him down. >> and breaking overnight, a backyard barbecue becomes the scene of a mass shooting. dozens of bullets fly in a
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victims within the last hour. >> 30 seconds. >> excuse me. >> i have -- [ all talking at once ] [ cheers and applause ] >> and the debate stage going toe to toe in tampa today. the one topic bernie sanders and hillary clinton seemed to agree on as they work now to win over bay area voters. good morning and thank you for waking up with us. >> today, our live crew posted right now outside the ritz ybor where hillary clinton will take the stage in about six hours. we'll get you the details that you need to know if you are going to the rallies in just a bit. first, a check on florida's most accurate forecast. >> we're dry and nice. even better. good for you. upper 60s right now and we warm things up about i later on today. that southeast wind, look at this. still in charge here. it's been gusty the last couple of days. i think that will be the case again today, so as the seas have built a little bit, now we
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there if you are headed to the water as we check in on the rest of the area here looking at temperatures generally in the 60s. there were some upper 60s. tampa not going beyond that. the forecast will take you into the 70s already by the time we get to 9:00. 76 at 10:00 and there you see it, low 80s. not record highs but still relatively comfortable humidity. we'll do this with a gusty breeze as well with full sunshine. so looks good. we're tracking the rainfall that heads into the weekend. we'll talk more about that on the timing in a few minutes. first, janelle, we'll see you in traffic. >> driving around clear watter and checking the roads out there for you. he's on 118th north. no problems there. he's just checking out some of the side streets right now. again, no crashes and breakdowns. so your drive now clear water and all of pinellas county looking great this morning. >> looking at i-75 and the


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