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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  March 10, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: did you recognize this man? he is accused of violent a trying to abduct a woman and now deputies in two bay area counties are trying to track him down. i'm lindsay logue with the latest on the search. >> an entire lakeland family is behind bars accused of killing a man and hiding his body. this morning, crucial information on the case locked on the suspect's iphone. we hear the lengths the sheriff says he'll go to, to get that information off the phone. >> this is live in ybor city where in just a few hours, ybor city will become center stage for hillary clinton's rally.
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make sure you are not shut out. now at 9:00, deputies are searching for this man, accused of trying to kidnap a woman. >> this is jason cheladyn, accused of putting a plastic bag over a woman's head and trying to suffocate and abduct her. this morning, though, she escaped and he is on the run. lindsay, what's the latest on this manhunt? >> reporter: i just checked the overnight arrest reports and still nothing on jason cheladyn. deputies in two counties are searching for him now and they are asking for your help. we were there. we were the only station there as deputies in hernando county swarmed cheladyn's home. they busted in the front door and searched his house. the last time they saw him was wednesday at dinner time. all of this started tuesday night. they were friends. she got into his car. there was some talk about
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put a plastic bag over her head and tried to suffocate her and abduct her. she fought back and escaped. deputies want to you take a good look at the suspects and share it on social media. he has a red hyundai sedan with the lie sense plate bpsp50. cheladyn is wanted for false imprisonment and battery. if you know where he is, call deputies immediately. lindsay logue, abc action news. here at the social media center, we're taking action to help find cheladyn. when you see it show up in your news feed this morning, please take a second and share it. right above cheladyn's picture is this sketch. polk county deputies are looking for this man who tried to kidnap an 11-year-old girl in davenport. investigators say this man tried to lure that little girl into his car when she got off her school bus. police shared this sketch as well. if you recognize this man, call
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office. now to democracy 2016. tampa is center stage today in the race for the white house for both democratic candidates. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders are holding rallies in the bay area. clinton will be at the ritz in ybor in just a faw hours. stores open to her get out the vote campaign at 10:00. at noon, clinton will be talking about her plans to break down barriers to invest in and create jobs in underserved communities. you have to rsvp if you plan to attend. we have a link up on the web site and you'll find information about where to park. >> doors open at 4:00 for the bernie sanders rally for the fairgrounds. it starts around 7:00. rsvps are strongly encouraged. parking is available on site but for a fee. he'll be talking about college affordability and his plan to rework the economy. we've also got that information up on our web site. >> clinton and sanders squared off last night and had not so
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other, but they had even worse things to say about donald trump. when they were asked if trump was a racist, they may not have answered yes or no but they had a lot to say about him. >> i was the first one to call him out. i called him out when he was calling mexicans racist when he was engaging in rhetoric that i found deeply offensive. i said basta! >> the american people are never going to elect a president who insults mexicans. >> reporter: they also turned on each other. clinton faulted sanders for repeatedly voting against the 2007 comprehensive immigration reform bill. sanders criticized clinton for allowing those in the u.s. to illegally obtain driver's licenses. meanwhile, tonight the republican presidential candidates get their turn in miami for a debate. one of them, though, could be
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jeb bush is meeting with marco rubio, ted cruz and john kasich this week. everyone except donald trump. another winner today with paradise. mostly sunny skies. we'll have temperatures climbing you the in the low 70s where we are right now. probably another 10 to 12 degrees putting us into the low to middle 80s. perhaps you are going to a political rally or the beach. i would recommend that. look at this. temperatures in the upper 70s, low 08s. water temperatures are cooler for us here in florida, but we'll work on that over the next several weeks. the pollen is up. the clocks are changing this weekend. the life of spring is headed this way. the temperatures are going along with it. and not such good news over in st. pete. we have a crash in the southbound entrance.
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causing it some problems and getting onto the interstate. i want to show you onto the backup to get onto 275. you can see it right here with on the interstate. let me show you on the map because we are seeing backups sky way. if you can, if you are trying to come this way, i would take 31st street south up to maybe there. you can definitely see all of the backups that you want to avoid. we expect that to clear shortly because this happened about an back to you. >> thank you, janelle. we've got now information just coming into our newsroom about an amber alert issued for three children missing from georgia. the children's mother is now under arrest after the body of her 2-year-old daughter was found in her home. officials say 28-year-old clarion garrison was arrested yesterday by the marren county sheriff's office. the three children who were the subject of the amber alert were all found with her, but garrison's fourth child, a 2-
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at her albany, georgia home. that child had been dead for at least two days, officials said. today, three family members accused of beating a man to death will go before a polk county judge. they are part of a family of four, along with a friend, who killed robert banks as revenge for a rape they believe he committed. deputies say they started looking into the johnson family after they were reportedly showing off pictures of banks and telling people he was dead. the only problem deputies have is those pictures are locked in one of the suspects' iphones. listen to the lengths sheriff judd says he'd go to to get his hands on those photos. >> the first time we have trouble get nag a cell phone, we'll seek -- getting into a cell phone, we'll seek a court order and when we're denied, i'm going to lock up the ceo of apple.
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weigh in on judd's comments. you can watch that part of the story on our facebook page. we have an update right now that is the story that we first told about you last week. the bill to make cohabitation legal here in florida. now all we need is the governor's signature to become law. you may not know, but right now, it is against the law for a man and woman who aren't married to live together. a couple could be fined $500 and even jailed for 60 days according to a 148-year-old state law. yesterday, the house voted to officially repeal the law's unenforced cohabitation law. florida is one of three states with cohabitation is illegal. two sisters who live next door to each other in dover say they do everything together. >> now they have proof of that. they gave birth at the same hospital just minutes apart. sarah and crystal were originally scheduled to be induced two days apart.
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decided they wanted to come into the world together. liam was born 13 minutes ahead of his cousin wyatt. >> it's exciting. >> i think when they get older, they'll appreciate it. they'll have fun with it, i'm sure. >> they would have been born closer than 13 minutes apart, but crystal had to hold it for a while until her doctor arrived. >> don't push, not yet. still ahead, taking action against porch pirates. the new invention that could prevent people from stealing delivered packages once and for all. >> think you can get a charge out of an electric car? if you are considering plugging into the growing community, a few words of advice fm
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a mass shooting in pennsylvania happened after you went to bed last night. an urgent search is under way
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ambushing a backyard barbecue killing five people. you can see in this video how many police officers were combing through that area looking for evidence. this is a scene outside pittsburgh overnight. we just found out almost all of the victims are women. three other people are in the hospital. two are in critical condition. folks who live nearby heard dozens of shots fired in a neighborhood that's usually quiet. >> this street is always quiet. there's nothing but kids on this street. so to see that is shocking to me and everyone else up here. i'm shaken so it's pretty bad. >> police don't think anyone at the party returned fire. they are trying to figure out how the people at the home knew one another and if this was a random act. staying in pennsylvania right now, nine people are homeless after their house collapsed this morning. it happened in the germantown neighborhood. two people were inside of the home when it collapsed. they were not hurt. the collapse caused seven people including five children next door to be displaced. the cause is under investigation.
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end of the month if a knife found at o.j. simpson's former estate had any connection to his ex-wife and her friend. the knife is likely not connected but they'll need the official dna test results to confirm that. the officials claim he has no connection is not authorized to publicly discuss the investigation and remains anonymous. the person did say the knife is common among gardeners and is too small to make the wounds that killed nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. >> today this 80-year-old man will be sentenced in boston for running a multistate marijuana dealing operation. police stopped marshal dion for speeding in kansas back in 2013. fined $800,000 in cash and his pickup truck. a federal investigation found $15 million in cash and nearly 400 pounds of marijuana in arizona and massachusetts. he faces up to seven years in prison. this morning, technicians
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prescription medication over a five-year period at the pharmacy of emory university in atlanta. the workers are accused of illegally ordering medication in bulk. surveillance cameras caught a technician wheeling a cart of prescription drugs down a nearby street. two technicians have since lost their licenses and been fired. the hospital must also pay a $200,000 fine. a washington state man has a kick starter campaign under way for a new invention he calls the package guard. it is an alarm to stop people from stealing packages left at your front door. >> the minute it comes off it's instantaneous. >> he got the idea after someone stole a package at his home. the disk shaped device is activated and sends a text message to you. you can turn the alarm on from your phone. mike says when the alarm goes off, you get another text message and you can turn it off remotely. >> they are not going to be walking back to the car.
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most likely will drop the package. they'll definitely drop the package if it's big. >> he is trying to raise $45,000 on kick starter. so far, he's got $7,000. when he goes to mass production, he says it will sell for about $50. gas prices are starting to keep back up. the demands may surge as manufacturers debut more affordable miles. if you are considering an electric vehicles, there are things you should know in today's angie's list report. >> reporter: eric rowland is all about efficiency and sustainability, which is why he bought a hybrid vehicle years ago. >> at first, you know, i thought of electric cars as glorified golf carts. this has gotton out of that range. >> rowland has now ditched his hybrid and gone all electric. his high-performance tesla is a six-figure investment justified
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>> you don't have oil changes, you don't have radiator flushes. you do have to check your brake pads, but the maintenance is also significantly reduced. >> reporter: while many of us can't afford a luxury high end vehicle, both tesla and chevrolet are promising $30,000 range in the coming months, the average price of a new gas- powered cars. these should double most chargings. if you decide to pull the plug, you may need a new one at home. a lot of times people use 120 volt outlet but you want 240 volt. it will take less time to charge your car. >> take note of public charging stations, which are becoming more numerous these days. it's not so much inconvenient as you plan ahead more for certain trips.
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go up with an electric car in the garage, but angie says to check with your utility on a discounted rate if you use offpeak hours to charge it. you can receive $7500 in federal tax credits when you buy an alternative fuel vehicle. more information is on our web site, new video coming into the newsroom overnight. this highway flooded halfway up the guardrails. and a state of emergency in louisiana where at least two people have drowned. hundreds of homes under water and roads washed away with nearly a foot of rain yesterday. teams are working around the clock to rescue some people. they already had to send boats into one home to save a family there. the flooding comes after tornadoes and golf ball sized hail. look at that video. >> that video is incredible there. we're not getting relief from this at all, are they some. >> that's the problem. the good weather we've had there has been blocking the system headed east.
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the flooding and tornadoes. it's still pouring. in fact, some areas picking up upwards of 20 inches. what you are watching is video from the tornado that hit. according to the national weather service, they've concluded that the winds certainly concur with that. significant damage to these folks there. of rainfall. all of this eventually will push to the east, but once it gets moving, it gets moving. we've had this plume of moisture with fire hose over texas and louisiana that hasn't moved all that much because of southeast.
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the rain has to go up and around it. eventually it will get there. not today, not tomorrow. not even saturday. slow moving system eventually finally getting here by the time we get into sunday. for us it's not going to be torrential rain and it's not here. the line and band of showers and a few thunderstorms for sunday so keep that in mind. i'll detail the seven-day forecast in a second. low 70s right now. we'll go for the low to mid- 80s for a ride along the beaches with a sea breeze kicking in. temperatures are cooler because of that. 3 to 5 foot seas, we've been continuing to see the seas increasing with that persistent wind. keep that in mind as you are operating small crafts. to your photos, let's check in at the strawberry festival. there were the beautiful skies and accepting the same today. seven-day forecast taking us through the end of the week and
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and mid-60s for overnight lows. saturday again, dry for the indy races here. good until saturday. then for sunday, whatever you are doing outside, keep in mind the 50% coverage of showers and storms. temperatures remain in the upper 70s to near 80 with clear skies by tuesday. coming up, home improvement store home depot is willing to shell out millions for a lawsuit brought by shoppers. how much they are offering victims of a massive security breach. >> good morning, everybody. i have your positively tampa bay cancer center hosting the annual forum next saturday. it's free and open to the public with a preview from last
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9:24 now. volkswagen's executive is stepping down amid the emissions cheating scandal. the german auto-maker says ceo michael horn is leaving to pursue other opportunities effective immediately. volkswagen has been under fire since admitting some of its diesel cars included software that's programmed to cheat emissions tests. vw is being sued by the us government and faces up to $18 billion in fines. the justice department is also conducting a criminal investigation. new this morning, the home depot says it's willing to pay as much as $19 million to federal lawsuits brought by shoppers impacted by a massive
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the 2014 hack of the company's payment system exposed more than 50 million credit card accounts. the home depot says the settlement offer, which requires court approval is not an admission of liability in this matter. this morning, two young ladies are sharing their story of how they got kicked out of a disney on ice show for how they were dressed. they were dressed as anna and el that and were asked to leave. they posed for a few pictures until staffers said they couldn't do that. they stopped once they were told to but then during intermission they were approached and asked to leave. >> they said they were uncomfortable with our presence there, and that was it. >> i felt singled out. i felt embarrassed and humiliated in front of all of these people. >> a spokesman for the arena defended the move saying in a statement "their costumes and characters with are so real
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performance." they were asked to leave the arena to prevent further disturbances. squaring off on the debate stage and going toe to toe in tampa. the one topic bernie sanders and hillary clinton seemed to agree on as they worked to win over bay area voters. >> he faked his own death after stealing thousands from a youth program. this morning, the widow of that chicago police officer now faces new charges. how she is accused of helping her husband in his master
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both democratic presidential candidates set to campaign in tampa. coming up, the impact the state of florida will have on this presidential race. >> then a florida woman is shot by her 4-year-old son, but it's
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the tragedy that may explain why there may have been a gun within reach. >> plus, four people under attack by brazen car thieves and what cars are targeted. happening today, both democratic candidates are crisscrossing the state ahead of next tuesday's florida primary. clinton and sanders have rallies planned for today. >> the next few days will be crucial for both of them, rodney. >> reporter: that's certainly right. both candidates are expected to have a major impact. hillary clinton's get out the vote rally kicks off at 11:30. right behind me, the linech folks stretch down the street. many supporters started gathering here at 6:00 a.m. this morning. just a few hours from now, bernie sanders will gather his
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that event start as the 4:00 this afternoon. the outcome could make or break one of these campaigns. >> i believe in hillary. i believe in everything she stands for. >> she cares about the people. >> reporter: folks were up bright and early this morning. a host of hillary clinton supporters expected to pack the ritz at ybor city. >> the education through the new college complex which she hopefully plans to implement. >> reporter: both clinton and rival bernie sanders are spending the days leading up to the big vote stumping across florida. today, tampa is the hot spot. clinton will be at the ritz. hours later, sanders will be at the expo hall. political experts believe sanders has to have a good showing to keep pace with clinton. heading into tuesday's primary,
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sander ises behind with 574. these updated numbers include super delegates. democrats need 2,383 delegates to win the nomination. voters we spoke with said they hope it's the right person going further. >> we have a good leader now, i believe. i think we need someone that's going g to continue on with that progression. >> obviously, a lot of the folks hope that hillary clinton is that person. the doors open at 10:00 a.m. folks begin to walk in here. again, this event kicks off at 11:30. we'll have a crew inside along with the bernie sanders event. we'll follow both stories if you want to keep up with itp head to or the mobil app. reporting live this morning in ybor city, rodney dun that
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tonight, it is the republicans' tourn debate. they go head-to-head at 8:30. >> andrew ruiz joins us now from miami with the latest. >> reporter: tonight may be do or die for many candidates running for president, especially those looking to make an everlasting impression for next week's primaries. take a look behind me. security is in place. the stage is set and the kids will take the stage tonight at 8:30. now, marco rubio has a lot to gain or lose by tonight. he met with us yesterday and told us that he would not necessarily be out of the race if he lost in florida. he did, however, say we have to win this race in order to be successful. rubio has 151 delegates. he is third behind donald trump and senator ted cruz who have 458 and 359 respectively. yesterday, we met with cruz at a rally in miami. he picked up a surprise
9:34 am
presidential candidate and hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina. is his endorsement too little too late. thousands already voted by mail or early voting precincts. if the majority of those votes are for donald trump, he may have just won the nominee. tonight's debate is hosted by cnn and will be at the bank united center at the university of miami. that event starts at 8:30. andrew ruiz reporting. the highs are in the low to mid-70s. that cakes to us daytime highs cool with the sea breeze kicking in with the hour by hour forecast. 80s beginning at noon continuing through the evening hours. the next several days, you won't need a jacket and the humidity is still in check. we have rain that's going to be on the way. we have the timing, when it arrives, and how much they'll get in the forecast.
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web site gawker has testimony that continues against hulk hogan's trial. yesterday, that professor called the publishing of hogan's sex video an undue intrusion. hogueth claims he didn't -- hogan claims he didn't know he was being videoed. we're following up on two stories we first brought i as breaking news wednesday morning. first, we learned a man killed by deputies was not holding a real gun. it turns out it is a colt defender air pistol, but deputies thought it was a semi automatic handgun. they told him several times to drop his weapon but they shot him in fear for their lives once he pointed it at them. officers say they believe a pickup truck driver was drunk when he hit and killed a man on yesterday. jermaine bowie is charged with
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dell mabry crash that killed danielle now. make sure you lock your car door every time you leave it. optimistic thieves are breaking in and stealing more than a dozen unlocked cars in four counties. deputies released surveillance video of three cars going car to car checking to see if they are unlocked. the widow of a chicago police officer is facing experience charges this morning. police say she allegedly helped her husband siphon money from a youth program before he staged his own suicide to appear that of duty. melanie glenn glenowiecz is now charged as an additional and alternate way of charging her with the same offenses. she previously pleaded not
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and amainment date is scheduled for april 6th. her husband charles died september 1st. an unexpected and terrifying morning for a florida police officer trying to bring his kid to school. >> officials say a jacksonville police officer was driving in an unmarked police cruiser when he spotted a man driving erratically. he decided to pull that man over. that's when they say 19-year- old kevin rojas got out of the car and pulled him over. he then started shooting and shot the police officer. he missed his son. >> hoe haase' mother -- rojas' mother is pleading for police to have mercy on her son. >> please this is not him. i know he's in so much trouble but please, he's not this cop murderer. i swear to god he's not. unfortunately, this happened.
9:38 am
the officer he shot is alive, also in critical but stable condition and is conscious. he is expected to survive. rojas will face multiple charges, including two counts of attempted murder. also in jacksonville, a gun advocate is in the hospital right now. she was shot by her 4-year-old son while she was driving. some of you argue her stance on guns caused this to happen. authorities say jamie gilt's son got ahold. gun and shot her. she posted "the 4-year-old gets jacked up to target shoot." detectives say this raises serious questions. >> the questions center around how was the firearm secured, where was it carried, and how did the young boy come to be in possession of the firearm? >> under florida law it is a
9:39 am
gun where a child could reach it. a central florida substitute teacher is accused of being so drunk in a classroom full of second graders that she fell against a window. she bonded out of the jail yesterday. she was a sub in sanford on tuesday. other school staffers say she was acting strange and asked a resource officer to check on her. that officer says joel's water bottle smelled like alcohol, and there were pills in her purse. she is now charged with child neglect and disorderly conduct. the district says she has been fired. still ahead, protecting pregnant women and their babies. what they are asking doctors to
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arizona police say they had no leads on an abandoned newborn baby girl who was left in a yard with an umbilical cord still attached. the woman found a baby in front of her house. they think the baby had been left alone for hours overnight. >> full of hair, black as black can be, and i went to touch
9:43 am
she moved, and i went, she's alive! >> baby jane is a healthy baby whose mother carried her to full term. a new study this morning highlights just how important it is for obgyns to screen pregnant women for abuse. the reason, domestic violence victims are twice as likely to give birth to a premature baby or low birth weight. researchers at the university of iowa performed 50 studies that looked at the effects of domestic violence on pregnancy evaluating data on over 5 million people in 17 countries. the study found women who are in abusive relationships are more likely to have less pre- natal care and inadequate nutritional intake. the cdc estimates one in four women in the u.s. will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. we're taking action for your health. if you find yourself more
9:44 am
a new study finds americans are getting more stressed out. in 2014, 18% of americans reported being extremely stressed. last year, that jumped to 24%. the a.p.a. says money and work are consistently the top two sources of stress. new information this morning. elderly or sick prison inmates may soon be allowed to end their sentences early. the federal sentencing commission is expected to take up the issue again next week. the issue is important in federal prison officials say inmates 50 and older are the fastest growing demographic even though older prisoners are less likely to reoffend after release. a 71-year-old man is dead after he was hurt by a bull on a michigan farm. authorities in kent county say they were called out to that farm yesterday afternoon after receiving a call from a farmer that the man had been maimed by the bull.
9:45 am
the bull was so irritated that it wouldn't allow the officers to reach the victim. the deputies then fired 33 rounds at the animal, eventually taking it down. the man was pronounced dead on the scene. investigators think the victim was trying to corral the bull when he was attacked. 9:45 this weekend. thousands of you will be racing to st. peters for the firestone grand prix. mayor rick price welcomes dozens of racer business raising a custom flag over city hall at 10:00. >> on the track before qualifiers on saturday. the main event happens sunday afternoon. >> this year, you'll notice a little extra security as well to protect more than 150,000 people expected to attend. st. pete police say metal detectors and bag screenings will be there as well like any other sporting event. they'll have extra officers on hand downtown as well. >> no pressure, ivan. we have 150,000 people in town. >> absolutely. while we're talking about dry
9:46 am
friday at all of the races, qualifiers. sunday is the main event. >> they'll race. >> they'll be okay. they will dry us out. i will be too heavy so i think we'll be okay. it's not going to be as spectacular. so as you take a look at this on the beaches, you won't see the water temperatures. >> it's in the upper 70s and around 80 degrees and manage low to mid-80s away from the coast. get away from the sea breeze. remember the wind blowing right off the water. that natural air conditioning and 72 right now in clear water and st. pete. further inland, titan doppler radar as has been the case the entire week has been quiet with the big area of high pressure that's in charge of the weather
9:47 am
and of course allowed for terrific amounts into louisiana and texas. the high will give way so it will take another few days. so i think through saturday we're good and then on sunday, we push back in by sunday afternoon. the showers and storms in the forecast will end our stretch which has gone over a week of dry weather. low to mid-80s to see the lighter colors. beaches. another thing you noticed is the high pollen count will continue for the next several days and the wind is not helping, it's 20 to 25 wind gusts with sustained winds at boaters and 15 with small craft cautioned out there. we're just below that there. you want to be careful if you are operating small crafts. continuing with the sunshine, low 80s. a lot of sun, saturday looks
9:48 am
you have to pick a day. i'd pick saturday. again, sunday not an entire washout. that's when that band will move through with a few showers and storms. we begin to clear things out. by monday, still lingering showers. 9:48. still ahead it's a free health care just for men. addressing the most prevalent
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good morning, everybody. next saturday, march 1th, experts from the cancer center will be conducting health screenings specifically for men. take a look. the information is incredible when you look at the different results. they will be testing for prostate cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes and more. it's free whether you are
9:52 am
66% of the participants were un insured. joining us in the studios with more, we welcome dr. tores who is the research director at the department of radiation and oncology and also the community relations office of moffett cancer system. doctor, why is this so important to have the group settings. you forced them in, in a nice way to come in. what have the signals that you find to this day? >> mean have trouble talking about their health and part of the problems we have so the incidence of chronic conditions that give you symptoms today. they have real problems and you mentioned diabetes and certainly prostate cancer. these are things that we can treat effectively.
9:53 am
you can manage and reduce the burden that they bring later on in life. >> we've talked about this event on numerous occasions and what a lot of the wives and daughters like about it is women can come too. what are some of the events you can expect? >> we're very excited. moffett's work is both courageous and compassionate. when they come in, they will find a lot of helpful volunteers. they will sign them up and provide all types of screenings, blood pressure, skin checks, diabetes checks from breakfast until lunch. men. >> they receive a voucher and screening for prostate cancer at a later time. screen.
9:54 am
the men's health forum presented by the month of's cancer center, doors open at 8:00 a.m. march 19th in tampa. for all. detailed information, visit them online at closed captioning is
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we have continuing coverage of the day's top stories right now on >> stay tuned. "travel life" is next. have a great rest of the day.
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