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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  March 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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soon as we good the it onair and online -- on air and online. >> thanks, corey. we've got a busy weekend. >> we have the boat show. >> we also have the last few days of the strawberry festival. >> i sense that it is casual fry. >> it is casual friday. let's check the temperatures in the upper 60s. le 5 yesterday and we'll get closer to that in the lower 80s. a little cooler further inland. zephyr hills at 62 as well. hour by hour forecast, back in this is great stuff.
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the rest of us looking good through later this afternoon. there is rain on the way. i'll time it out for you but first, a new crash to report. >> we are getting word of a jackknifed semi truck. fhp says this this is happening in the darby area on st. joe road. we're trying to figure out the road blockages. it might cause trouble getting onto i-75. we'll have more details coming up, and of course on twitter at tampa bay traffic. else's where, this is i-275 right through downtown tampa. just five minutes to get from here down to the howard frankland bridge. all three bridges looking great. 275 and 75 southbound are all in the green this morning. back to you.
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intensifying race for the white house and your vote. >> donald trump is getting a big boost from a former rival. dr. ben carson is set to endorse donald trump with 99 republican delegates at stake. >> the delegates would boost trump's numbers if they win. last night, the remaining republican candidates took to the stage to sway comments. >> we show you the front are youer speaking. >> some of the crowd kicked it off on stage with the comprehensive immigration refox. marco rubio taking that head on saying for his generation, the age would have to be bumped up
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a thing for the older generation. the moderators had controversial comments to cnn. he said "islam hates us" meaning americans. >> we have a serious problem of hate. there is tremendous hate. we're large portions of a group of people. islam, large portions want to use very, very march things. >> i know a lot of people find appeal in what donald says because he says what they wish they could say. the problem is, presidents can't say anything think want. it has consequences here and around the world. >> dr. ben carson is expected to throw his support behind trump. rubio will be in fin pellis county. in miami, i'm carson chambers,
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the democratic candidates vote to get shhelp for her daughter chelsea stumping for her mom. she heads over to the st. pete dessert bar at 1:15. bernie sanders said he is gaining momentum. 9 ,000 people heard him say he's optimistic had he will win. >> the mesh people know that what every religion in the world has taught us is that at the end of the day, love trumps hatred! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: 246 florida delegates are up for grabs next week. the search is on for the person who shot a 3-year-old boy in the drive by shooting in
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the shooter also shot terrell holly mont trying to protect that 3-year-old. >> everybody's screaming. the guy that got shot was screaming. i felt helpless. i felt felt like i wanted to do something and i weekend. >> won't say if the if, but it was not random. fortunately both holliman and the child should be okay. >> we just checked and found out a 69-year-old man accused of sexually abusing a teenager will be in court this morning. police arrested arthur jefferson in his dover home. he had custody of the 16-year- old victim and during a four- week period, he would bring the boy from tampa to north florida, perform oral sex on
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he is in jail right now without bond. former first lady nancy reagan is going for 2:00 this afternoon, east coast time. getsguests include first lady obama. nancy reagan died sunday at her los angeles home. a huge development in the zika virus. human trials could start as early as this summer. the white house has asked congress for nearly $2 billion in emergency funding in the wake of this outbreak that's infected nearly 200 americans.
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dangers of synthetic drugs before but a lot of them happened on monday alone. today, firefighters and police officers will come together to help shine a light on this dark trend in hopes of avoiding dangerous and even deadly incidents in the future. your child's school could soon be getting a makeover thanks to budgets set for approval today. part of the $82 billion deal includes. it is the last day of the legislative session, and already governor scott has signed 25 bills into law including a measure that would let you choose someone to take
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flames had more than 100 firefighters scrambling. the carry moment on scene that put the crews at risk coming
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breaking overnight as a massive fire brokes out at a los angeles warehouse. look at the incredible flames.
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at one point, the fire was so enormous they split in two. half protected nearby structures. a portion of the outside wall collapsed and the roof caved in. the cause is unknown. flash flooding is is the cause for killings. in louisiana alone, 3,000 homes are under mandatory evacuation orders. it's hard rain in the areas. after the rain stops of course, rivers. there's going to be not that amount of rainfall. we'll let you know how much to expect in a few minutes.
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are up to date on breaking news. a suspect is in custody after a deadly shooting in a spring hill bar. we're working now to get an update on what led up to the
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the day fans have been waiting for. there could be issues finding parking, though. it's estimated 50,000 race fans will be downtown. janelle is here taking action for you. good morning, janelle. >> a busy weekend in downtown st. pete. you know there are more than 25,000 parking spaces withen a one-mile radius of the racetrack. so if you are lucky, you can get one of those spots or just park at one of the city garages.
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park or $5 on saturday. there's also a park n. ride that will have the shuttle taking you right to the gate. you can use always the uber downtown trolley or shuttle that will take you around. it's $.50, but you need exact change to ride that trolley. there's also the boat show going on. there's a lot happening, the strawberry festival. >> you'll have that on the twitter machine? >> twitter and facebook. >> valuable information. you need exact change. how about that. you have to get quarters out there. let's check on the forecast. we have pressure to get to the weather here because there's a lot going on.
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next couple of days. we're talking about a 40% chance of showers. saturday looks gorgeous. the doppler radar is not happening yet. there's a torrential downpour. louisiana's getting hit by the time all is said and done. 'veer 2 feet of water in a week. so that is headed our way, but not impacting and tapping into the moisture from the gulf that will head east. by the time it gets to us on sunday, we'll have a few showers and thunderstorms bumbling out. the reason it's been so terrible for them is that low stalled and brought all of that moisture.
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us. a quick disturbance. a 40% coverage on sunday. temps right now in the upper 60s. we'll get from the 60s to the 80s. upper 70s to around 80 along the coast of the sea breeze and the rest of us getting into the low to mid-08s. -- mid-80s. for boaters out there, seas are 3 foot. seven-day forecast with a rainfall through the weekend. on sunday, not a complete washout. just 40% coverage. after that, we clear out. look at this, upper 70s to around 80. that's still above average but not as warm as we've been the last couple of days. still ahead, one determined fisherman wouldn't get this big catch get away. the intense fight to land this great white shark. just how big is he? >> first, it's official, apple
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announcement of its products. here's reena ninan and kendis gibson. >> an announce innocent a week from monday is widely expected from apple. the event takes place a day before apple goes back to court in its fight against the government. underarmor launched the first of training shoe using 3d technology. >> it claims to provide ultimate if a built for workouts. if you are in the hobbit of putting all of your apps. >> at first quitting should only be used when an app freezes or malfunctions. >> those are your tech bytes.
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good friday morning to you. it is 6:23. no problems out there to report. looks like smooth sailing but of course janelle will have a full look at the morning commute coming up in a moment. when you hear junction food, candy and chips are probably what comes to mind, right? list ton this, more than half
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half of what we eat is considered junction. junction is ultraprocessed food full of sugar, salt, and fat. sugar-loaded bread, soft drinks, frozen pizza and breakfast cereal all count. fresh fruits and veggies should make up most of what we eat, but it only makes up about a third of the calories in the average american's diet. this morning, a south carolina fishing charter captain is celebrating the catch of a lifetime. >> he caught a big one. 13 foot, 2500 pound great white shark. he took a customer out for a day of fishing on tuesday. his customer caught a few fish early on. then chip took onto this massive great white. chip and his customer took turns trying to reel it in. after three hours, they couldn't do it anymore, so they called another to come in. >> we just went back and forth.
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side of my body today, but it was worth it. [ laughter ] >> wow. >> he tied it with a tracking device and set it free. >> both a shark that big could pull the boat. >> yeah, it could. >> i've never been deep sea fishing but oh, my goodness. >> i would put a go pro helmet if it was humane. >> that way you have proof. >> it looks fantastic with temperatures in the upper 70s and low 08s. i'll be back with the extended forecast in a few minutes. getting you up to speed on
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also, shots fired in front of police. the bold move officers pulled to get suspects into custody. we're also live at the firestone grand prix. >> good morning, everybody. traffic is flowing nicely getting six minutes from here
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we're all over that county. one person shot dead outside of a bar in spring hill. >> rodney tells us the latest. >> reporter: the two victims were here in the parking lot one was already dead. hospital. the shooter was also here taken into custody without incident. as you can see, this is still a very active scene here. the medical examiner just got here. this started with a disturbance between the shooter and two men inside of bamboo's bar and eatery. the issues spilled out into the parking lot and victims were found shot. deputies tell us the shooter was also injured. at this point, they have not
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>> the shooter was in a trauma center. last we heard, he was in surgery. once we get his side, we'll better determine how to proceed. >> the names of those men involved have not been released. at this point, we are told that no one else was hurt in this incident. the hernando county sheriff's office tells us this is an ongoing investigation. reporting from spring hill this morning, rodney dunningan, abc action news. we're following breaking news in gibsonson. two people hurt in a stabbing there. >> reporter: . good morning, deiah. we're looking outside of this crime scene with a double stabbing at the figueroa mobile home park. just before 5:00 am. we know one man was take ton tampa bay general with
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had he multiple slash wounds to his face, arms and chest. right now, hillsboro deputies are talking to crime scene technicians we've seen them taking pictures and you see right there in the center of the korean. we'll see how the argument started and what led to these two being stabbed. live in gibsonton this morning, corey dierdorff, abc action news. out good. temperatures are in the upper 60s and will eventually make it into the low 70s by 9:00. mid-70s and 80s the entire afternoon with low humidity comfortable. i think it will be at 89 of 94 later today and continue with the warm and dry air tomorrow.
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janelle on this friday morning commute. >> woe have an update on a semi crash. this is in the dade city area. the jackknifed semi, i spoke with fhp. the westbound lanes are open at st. joe road just east of i-75. this isn't going to affect people heading west. elsewhere, we are looking great. look at that, up to speed and looking good right now in both directions. checking the exact time it's taking to get across the bridge. just six minutes across the howard franklin. let's check in with action air one. captain al, how are things where you are?
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everybody. 'little hazier than the rest of the week. can't find anything. so taking a look at 275 on the right-hand side. that's where it crosses over fletcher. it gets a little heavy this morning. not as bad as usual but it's still a little early. as it heads on toward downtown, it seems to be a smooth ride at the speed limit. let's keep it that way. no accidents and now back to the desk. breaking overnight in tampa. four people in custody now after a shots fired call leads to a high-speed chase. it was near yukon and 37th street. that's where more shots rang out. officers took chase. as for the other car, police
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senting it into the strip. a driver crashed his jeep into the power pole? , you can see the pole is cracked and leaning into the street. officer as rested the driver for dui. we've got a consumer alert that could affect your lunch plans and dinner plans tonight. nearly 3 million boxes of your favorite frozen meals including lean cuisine meals you might be packing for. they include digiorno pizzas and lean. meal. people said they saw glass inside of that food. we've got a complete list of the products under recall on our web site. we've got it on our app as well. an update now on the pest control company that left a
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the owner of sun lamb am pest control and one employee face up to a year in prison. they are accused of not using pesticides norly and killed the young boy. both defendants are standing trial. after 24 days in a coma, this 23-year-old is awake and talking to family. we first told you about jones last month after police arrested byron mitchell for attacking her on valentine's day. mitchell claims it was self- defense, jones threatened him with a knife. prosecutors claim mitchell simply snapped. as for jones, her mother says her daughter is. 25 minutes till 7:00 right now. we just found out that a school
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been released after the investigators say they left a boy who has special needs on a school bus not once but twice. deputies say it shows on the video the driver and attendant gathered their things and got off the bus. then minutes later, a 13-year- old boy wakes up to find out that he's locked on the empty bus. he opens the emergency exit and jumps out. the child then hitchhiked 30 miles back home. amazingly, this happened again just seven days later to the same boy. investigators say that bus is even equipped with an alarm that goes off when the ill.
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the bus stop forecast looking good. partly cloudy skies and nice and warm for pickup in the low 80s. standard forecast is coming up. still ahead, an intense search for an inscape. a quick morning drive up to speed in both directions. you still have six minutes to get from downtown to the howard frankland bridge. the slowest spot we're seeing is down to 33 miles per hour already. slowing do union the veterans as well. coming up. and mow this stunning end and the way the would-be victim, and one of the most
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updating you on breaking news we first brought you on thursday morning. a brutal ambush that turned a pennsylvania party into a bloodbath learned three of the six people killed were sisters. pregnant. authorities say they believe attending the cookout. the mother of the three sisters has this message for the gunmen.
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you made children lose their parents. you've got to stop it now. whatever you do, put it down. >> three other people were hurt in the shooting. two remain in critical condition. authorities now say the murder suspect who escaped from the mississippi jail last week has now been killed by the family he was holding hostage. he forced his way into the home and forced the couple and 5- year-old son to stay in a bathroom yesterday. when the woman got out, she grabbed the gun, gave it to her husband who then shot mccloud who was pronounced dead at the scene. he was in jail on charges of rape and murder. check this out. a live look at st. petersburg. thousands of racing fans will soon pack downtown for the firestone grand prix. you are looking at one of those fast cars there. we'll be chatting with one of the drivers who hopes to add a
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good morning, everybody. we're checking out the drive at pinellas county right around roosevelt. up to speed in both directions. i just checked, 68 is the average speed both north and southbound. checking the drive starting back at county line road. it's taking 26 minutes to get into downtown. i-275 southbound starting to
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minutes from the apex to i-4. once you get into downtown, it's taking just six minutes to get from the howard frankland bridge. captain al is flying over good morning. >> hey, good morning, janelle. everything is moving along smoothly. just growing week by week. there's so many more homes and of course more cars associated with that right through the middle of the shot, i-75 state road 56 left to ride. -- left to right. traffic is lighter than usual maybe because of a friday people want to get something done, but whatever they are doing it is a good time to get out. the forecast is looking good as well. if you are doing anything outdoors today, we're looking at temperatures to the end of
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low 60s, zephyr hills, 68 in tampa right now, clear water checking in at 68. we have rain not here but it is well to our west. we are approaching by sunday in modified fashion here. we're not going to be talking torrential downpours for severe weather. we're going to get a little wet. breaking down the hour by hour forecast for today in the 70s through 11:00 a.m. and back to 80 degree weather in the lunchtime and through the rest of today. heading into the weekend, fast forward saturday night and then sunday we are seeing showers and thunderstorms in the forecast about 40% coverage. there's nothing widespread, nothing severe here. i think we'll be in good shape. i would prefer zero as we have been the last couple of days. that's the way things are going. 20% with a quick distouchance moving through on monday.
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temperatures for the rest of the week getting into the mid- 80s. partly cloudy skies we're looking at good weather as you check in on the extended forecast. democracy 2016, florida senator marco rubio appears to be a big winner for the debate. rubio showed off his vast knowledge of foreign and domestic policy. the only question is, is it too lit too late? they say donald trump appeared more presidential. no mention of small hands. as always, we are teaming up with our exclusive political fact team.
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business growth as yes says america isn't great anymore. >> gdp if china would have been a depression like nobody's ever seen. >> reporter: trump is wrong about gains. the gross domestic product or gdp grew at an annual rate of 1% in the fourth quarter of last year. it also made a 2% gain in the third quarter. for this, trump's zero growth claim is false. social security continued to be a big topic throughout the night. most spoke on how they would modify the program. trump suggested the u.s. cut back on foreign aid. marco rubio argued that's not a real solution to save taxpayer money. >> i'm against any sort of wasting on foreign aid. it's less than 1% of our federal budget. the numbers don't add up. >> rubio's true about what american spends on foreign aid.
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politi-fact team looked at it. that is 1.3%. back to donald trump. the front-runner says he does not condone this behavior at his rally. that is a man in the cowboy hat sucker punching one of the protesters in the stands of the north carolina rally. the victim was being escorted out. the 78-year-old attacker is facing criminal assault charges this morning. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is getting help from her family the day after she and bernie sanders held dualing rallies in tampa. clinton told 1300 supporters in the ritz ybor yesterday that they will help boost wages. >> we're going to have to pay attention to what's happening with the widening of the panama canal. as bigger ships go through, we have to make sure this port is
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that's also an investment in infrastructure. >> clinton's daughter chelsea will be making stops in sarasota to and st. petersburg today. this morning, the white house is now launching an initiative to make diapers more affordable for low-income families giving access to diapers at a 25% discount. a lot of times parents attempt to stretch the time between changes to make the supply last. that can cause infections and other health problems. the new diaper discount program is sent to launch at the end of next month. therant plenty of fun activities to enjoy this weekend. among them, the final three days in the strawberry festival. if you are going today, there's a major change. native john anderson will perform in place of tanya tucker at 3:30. she canceled her performance. if you bought tickets for
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repunt. >> the firestone grand women that's been turn this the in. lid is he logue has the latest. good morning, lindsay. >> good morning. we're in the area where all of the cars are stored and preps, and if they need more, crews do this is the inaugural race event of the year leading up to the big event indy 500. all morning long, we've been talking with some drivers. we found one from the bay area. hometown hero, if you will. thanks for being with us. how'd you get started in racing? >> well, it was actually my mom. she got me into go carting when i was 5. it's just something fun to do on the weekends with my dad.
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really started to pick up ground. >> you have a couple of wins, how many, nine? >> this year, we're one of the favorites. we're looking to hopefully come out with the championship. >> you said one of the championships is fierce competition out here. >> yeah. we've got a big lineup out here. you look at the lineup and there's 8, 9, 10 guys that could really challenge for the win. so it's going to be competitive. >> tell us your overall goal for all of this. what are you leading up to? >> indy car is everybody's goal that's here today. so to be able to get there and make a living off racing and being an indy car was always my dream. i hope to make it tom true. >> we'll be rooting for you from the bay area.
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and they will practice throughout the course of saturday and sunday. there are 11 total races. live, abc action news. we count you down to "good morning america." >> bringing you news, weather and traffic that you need to know starting out in hernando county where a bar fight turns fatal in spring hill. one man was deadnded. the shooter had not left and was taken into it peacefully. and during our 5:00 hour, we showed you this fight broke out before two men before a stabbing. both are recovering in the hospital. four people in custody after a shots fired call leads to a high-speed chase. tam that police responded to
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more shots were fired and two cars took off. one driver bailed out. police performed a pit maneuver and took three people inside of that one into custody. testimony resumes in two hours in hulk hogan's sexual if wall. hogan is seeking $100 million in his case. good morning, everybody. if you are heading to 275 right through the west shore area, you are in great shape. take a look at this money wide open right here about five minutes to get back and forth from downtown to the howard frankland bridge. and checking your drive times on the veterans, it's starting to slow a million.
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to 2p 5. a. it's am lack -- captain al, how are things looking where you are? >> reporter: things are picking up out here. if you look closely, you can see brake lights again in this area and they back down a little as they approach i-4. it's common through the apex. everything looks pretty much bothered by it. now it's starting to pick up. otherwise, have a great weekend. there. of course we have the big boat show going on this weekend. the forecast, well, a little iffy on saturday. 40% chance of showers and well.
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experts. admission is free and it's open to the possible. . said alligator called out and surprising that the 10 foot gear didn't want to go back into the water. wildlife officers tried to get it off the road. eventually he did retreat. democracy 2016 coverage continues next on "good morning america" with a round table discussion on where the presidential race stands right now. >> you can stay with us on facebook, twitter where are. we head into that busy holiday
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it's friday. have a great weeeekend. good morning, america. donald trump lines up another big endorsement from a former rival as republicans ditch the personal insults at last night's debate. >> i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> marco rubio and ted cruz still focused on the front-runner. >> the president can't just say anything he wants. >> we are pledging our support to you. >> trump faces new questions about growing violence at his rallies. >> when they see what's going on in this country they have anger that's unbelievable. >> states of emergency. deadly floods drown the south. the national guard rescuing more than 3,000 families. a black hawk helicopter swooping


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