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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  March 14, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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a stolen car. an accident. >> plus the fight for florida is on with the florida primary now less than 24 hours away. eyes on tampa as donald trump comes to town but will the recent violence that plagued his campaign follow him here to tampa bay? >> a passenger train jumps the tracks with more than 100 people on board. we're getting breaking updates now from the scary scene in wrong. we begin with the two police officers injured in a stolen car that slammed right into them.
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>> i'm sara rosario, dan shaffer has the day off. >> we have more information about the people in the stolen car. >> ashley has the latest. >> reporter: we know the driver of the stolen car, 25-year-old jamal parker is in critical condition now. we know both those officers are expected to be ok. here you can see central avenue has opened back up behind me but take a look at this video, this is just a little while ago as those cars are being towed away. the crash. in the daylight you can see that officer's truck smashed. the irony here, these officers were part of a task force set up to stop young people from stealing cars. they were out on the call about another stolen car when this stolen car t-boned them. all the passengers in the stolen car are facing minor injuries but youngest girl in
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st. pete police chief says car theft is a major issue in our area. >> the tampa bay area has an issue of this. we all got together to address this problem. thank god we're doing something to try to curb this but until we get people to remember to take their keys out and lock their cars we will still be trying to catch the guys and gals that are stealing cars. >> reporter: we know the car was stolen a few days ago from a house on 27th street north. right now the only charge is for the driver of that car for running a stop sign. of course we're going to keep you updated as the morning continues. that will be on social media. for now reporting live in st. pete, ashley yore, abc action news. to the final stretch in democracy 2016. ahead of the florida primary. of course florida is the big prize for tomorrow's third super tuesday and right now crews in tampa are gearing up for the frontrunner, gop
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he's holding a rally at the tampa convention center today at 2:00. >> the question is will we see some of the same violence in tampa? the billionaire is hoping a victory here will spell the end of senator marco rubio's struggling campaign. the numbers are in trump's favor in the sunshine state. "wall street journal" nbc poll shows that trump doubled the support of rubio or ted cruz, but in a general election the poll found all three would lose to democrat hillary clinton. immediately after his tampa visit today trump will head to the second winner take all state, ohio. one of his biggest supporters, sarah palin, is going to stay in florida, she will rally voters in the villages. palin was at the florida strawberry festival over the weekend and says she thinks trump's fresh perspective will help him win florida. >> they know that, well, if we keep going the way we're going with the same politicians,
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calling the same shots it's not going to get any better. so people i've been speaking with in florida are saying yeah, we're ready for something different, new energy. new ideas, solutions. >> she also said trump's business experience proves he knows how to create jobs. we'll be watching for protests like the one you're seeing here that happened over the weekend in boca ralt raton. demonstrations in chicago turned violent and prompted trump to cancel a rally there. meanwhile, marco rubio is acknowledging florida is a must win for him tomorrow. and he's hitting the campaign trail hard today with stops in jacksonville and melbourne. yesterday he put trump on blast for some recent incidents involving his supporters. including one showing a man punching trump protester in the face as you see in the video. rubio called trump's attitude troubling. >> a leading contender for president telling people in the
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audience go ahead and punch someone in the face, i'll pay your legal bills. that is not excusable. that is wrong if our kids did it. it's disastrous if a president does it. >> rubio also says he's the only person who can beat trump in florida, to keep him from "hijacking the republican party." ohio governor john kasich is getting some high profile help in his home state. 2012 presidential nominee mitt romney will campaign with kasich today as kasich looks to prevent trump from winning there. polls indicate a tight race between kasich and trump in ohio where all 66 delegates will go to the winner of its primary tomorrow. on the democratic side hillary clinton is getting a big boost of her own in florida. hoping it will help her win our state's 246 delegates tomorrow. her husband, former president bill clinton is going to make stops in tallahassee, jacksonville and winter park while hillary and bernie sanders both stump in chicago. meanwhile they both came together last night for cnn's latest town hall where talk of
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evening. both took him to task over the violence in his rallies with clinton calling trump's comments a "case of political arson." >> he has lit the fire and then he throws his hands up and claims that he shouldn't be held responsible. >> trump has got to get on the tv and tell his supporters that violence in the political process in america is not acceptable, end of discussion. >> they both also fielded questions from voters about the economy and international trade deals. meanwhile, if you can't attend but would like to watch donald trump's rally in tampa we make it easy. just download our free abc action news mobile app or go to again the rally is set to start today at 2:00. ivan cabrera, do folks need umbrellas out there? >> it's a narrow band of rainfall here and it's just showers coming in. they are essentially streaming in from the gulf.
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so very little narrow band but it's impacting our major roads with wet conditions early this morning. as far as the showers, they continue to diminish heading further inland. heavier pockets of rainfall now through some areas, it's heading to the north and east. showers off the skyway. then some light sprinkles in southern pinellas. look what's off-shore, again, light to moderate rainfall coming in. no lightning, this is not severe but we're going to continue to see these streaming in out of the south and west. it's a little plume of moisture continuing. i think by the time we get into the evening commute. in fact by lunchtime we'll begin to dry out and certainly by the commute with temperatures in the upper 70s to lower 80s. hopefully the evening commute will be a little quieter. it's been busy especially across the bridges. that is where we're going to start. the tampa side of the courtney campbell causeway, it looks fine here but closer to
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pinellas county we do still have remnants of the crash from earlier that had all the westbound lanes blocked. at least one lane is open now so cars able to get through. we're seeing some improvement westbound on the courtney campbell taking 27 minutes now. howard frankland or gandy bridge still better options. or you could always take tampa road through oldsmar. we have a crash in pasco southbound 75, look at the backup, you may want kerley road instead and we have this crash further south, i-75 southbound just before you get to big bend with backups all the way to 301. breaking overnight -- tampa police are trying to get answers about a shooting sending one man to the hospital overnight. officers found a man shot in the leg on west francis avenue. they say he apparently was also shot somewhere else. he was taken to the hospital but police say he's not quop cooperating. so far no sections in custody. we have an update on an
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overnight passenger train derailment we first brought as breaking news at 4:30. 29 people are now in the hospital in kansas. miraculously though no one died when the amtrak train ran off the tracks and flipping on its side. a.m. track says the train was traveling from los angeles to chicago when the derailment happened in southwest kansas. all near dodge city. five of the cars flipped on their sides, more than 100 passengers and crew were on board at the time. none of the injuries, again, are life threatening. clean-up resumes at this hour in raleigh, north carolina, after 100 vehicles were involved in a overnight interstate pile-up. it happened on i-40 shutting down that interstate for hours and sending more than 20 people to the hospital. we're told wet roads may have played a role in the cause of the first crash. then rubbernecking likely made the problem worse with more cars crashing into each other afterwards. we're working to get you an update now on how a bicyclist is doing after a hit-and-run accident.
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tampa police say they believe they've caught the driver that left the scene all thanks to your tips. officers tell us joseph ragsdale struck the bicyclist at 30th street and 50th street north. this happened early sunday morning and then officers say he drove off. we're told an anonymous tipster led police to ragsdale's damaged pickup truck. at last check the victim was critically injured. we're expecting to learn the name of a woman found dead in largo. police are calling her death suspicious and say they figured her identity by running her fingerprints. officers say someone spotted her in bushes near 145th street north and starboard lane sunday morning. no word yet on how she died. right now the personal information of dozens of people in pasco county rv park is at risk. deputies say the thief broke into the barrington rv park in hudson over the weekend. the burglars stealing a safe that had credit card information for about 80 people living at that park. detectives are now asking victims to monitor their card activity. anyone with information about
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the burglary is asked to call the pasco county sheriff's office. still ahead -- we have liftoff, the rocket now on its way to mars. the mission it's on and the big question it's hoping to answer that stumped scientists for years. >> plus, the digital makeover coming to one of your favorite
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tracking breaking news now in maryland where doctors are treating eight firefighters injured when a burning townhouse collapsed on top of them. the fire chief in germantown says the firefighters were working to knock down the flames when the front wall and second floor both gave way. all eight firefighters were taken to the hospital including one who suffered serious injuries. encouraging news, we're told all eight are expected to pull through. we're watching for a potentially huge decision today in the hulk hogan sex tape trial. that judge is weighing whether
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radio host "bubba the love sponge" will be called to testify. it was bubba's ex-wife who hogan had sex with on the video that gawker posted on its web site. last week bubba talked about the case on his show saying he wants to move on from this controversy. hogan is suing gawker for $100 million for invasion of privacy. nissan is recalling more than 147,000 electric cars over possible brake problems. the good news our weather could put you at less risk but still important to know that cold weather can cause the car's brake booster to fail. the national highway safety traffic administration says the brakes will still work but will become harder to use. it includes model years 2013 through 2015. we posted the recall information on our abc action news mobile app. it's also on our home page, under the taking action for you section. we have an important consumer alert for dog owners now. especially if you feed them
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purina is recalling beneful wet dog foods because they may not contain the recommended labels of vitamins and minerals. if you are concerned you may have this recalled food check mobile app. we have the production codes for the affected varieties. taking action for your health -- you pay want to add blueberries to your lunch plans today in addition to providing 25% of your daily vitamin c new research shows they can also disease. a team of scientists at the university of cincinnati says the antioxidants in the berries improve memory and cognition in older adults. the study has shown before to prevent dementia. a change will be a major revamp of a web site.
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don't waste your money. >> reporter: shoppers love target for its clean stores, designer brands and customer friendly shopping experience. but they hate its web site. some hate site much that the store just announced major changes to bring you back to amy will never forget her bad experience with this past holiday season. >> something that i ordered on november 30th, to not have my money refunded until around january 15th. >> reporter: she said it took almost two months to get a refund for the toys she ordered for her young boys as christmas gifts that never arrived in time. >> i could have cleared this up long before christmas and my boys could have received the presents i intended them to. >> reporter: turns out amy's is not an isolated complaint. in fact so many shoppers complained about the target web site the store announced it's making changes. according to "usa today" target
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and web site. you'll place an order, and get a text when the item is ready for store pickup. stores will have special desks specifically for on-line orders and stores make it easier to return purchases. until now the web site has been amy found out. >> i spoke to a very nice manager at the store but she told me unfortunately target stores and are two entities. >> that should change soon. target's goal being bringing more young moms like amy to its web site in stores. the changes will be rolled out gradually at florida stores and on-line this year. target hopes to have a much better experience for on-line shoppers and higher sales this coming holiday season so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. abc action news. right now a space craft the size of a plarnlg moving van is on its way to mars. the european space agency launched a rocket this morning.
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largest to head toward mars in a generation. scientists hope the xo mars will answer the key question that puzzled them for a decade. where the trace amounts of methane found in mars' atmosphere are coming from. ivan. we had a time change overnight and dreary start to the day. >> we did, didn't we? >> still can't get going. >> it's going to take a few days i think for all of to us get into this here. in fact -- depending on where you are, let's look at what is going on now, a few showers. a very narrow band moving through. so most of us not getting wet. this is not really moving north or south. it's streaming from southwest to northeast, impacting the same areas here. a couple of showers left over across polk county and heading east. this came in to moderate showers, quick movers here so we're not going to amount to much as far as accumulation but look at this, pockets of heavier downpours, remember the
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over -- moving over pinellas in the next few minutes, a good pocket of moderate to heavy rain with this particular cell as it continues to head north and east. we'll see, again, the streamers kind of moving from the same direction over the same areas. that will continue until we run out of steam. that should be the middle part of the day. this is part of the same system that brought us rainfall last night. just leftover moisture associated with it. then we'll kick this out. by the way once we're done with this by later this afternoon we'll be in great shape most of the week. temperatures along the coast, get gusty with the southwesterly flow as it takes over 20 to 25 mile-per-hour wind gusts. then the rest of us into the mid-80s. so the further away you go from the coast the warmer we are going to see -- we're going to talk about 2 to 3-foot seas. southerly winds at 10 knots. light chop for the bays, just not the best-day for boating. just because of the cloud cover and showers but improvement by
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later on today. 70-degree water temperature if you're going to be heading to the beach despite that. super tuesday looks super dry to me right now at least for us. looks good on wednesday as well. we'll continue with dry weather thursday, we've got st. patrick's day and then a little weekend. a wild and chaotic weekend in the run-up to the crucial day of voting tomorrow. the way donald trump is responding to the violent images ahead of his stop in tampa today. >> standing her ground. a a 104-year-old woman comes face-to-face with a criminal and wins. how she protected herself after decades of safety was
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this morning a 104-year-old california woman is credited with scaring off a burglar who was trying to break into her home. >> lydia wasn't having it and wants to be called lydia, only her first name but here's what happened. she was sleeping thursday night and heard a strange noise by a window, in the dark all she could make out was a shadowy figure but couldn't tell if it was real or not. then lydia turned on the light and that is when she says a man stopped cutting through the window screen and took off. >> it disappeared. he must have run away. >> you scared off a burglar. >> yes, i guess. >> the burglar left two big
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foot pripts in the flower bed and lydia says it's the first time someone has tried to break in during her 70 years of living at that home. mushers in the iditarod are heading to the finish line despite a man in a snowmobile that attacked two sled teams over the weekend. the killed one dog and injured at least three more but both race. police afford a 26-year-old arnold dimasky who said he blacked out after a night of drinking. he faces several charges now. heavy hearts and flags at half-staff. the latest on a deputy killed in the line of duty over the weekend and how his family wants him to be remembered, coming up. >> a helping paw for this big cat. the treatment that he's gearing up for and the help that he could soon get that no other bobcat has ever gotten before. >> i will let you know when the showers streaming from the gulf and when our warm weather
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9:30. new details about the driver involved in a wrong way crash killing a hillsborough county deputy over the weekend. the collision on selmon expressway killing deputy john kotfila. his family is now working to finalize funeral arrangements. >> abc action news reporter corey dierdorff joins us from ybor city. what did you find out about the wrong way driver that caused the accident? >> reporter: good morning. we got that driving report back a short time ago. it came back clean leaving more questions than answers once again this morning in how all this could happen. this is the hillsborough county sheriff's office. loss of one of their own. this is the memorial where you can see flags at half-staff in honor of deputy john kotfila. his family now working to finalize the funeral arrangements after learning
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about the horrific wrong way crash that took his life over the weekend. right now authorities are trying to figure out what caused the driver to travel the wrong way down the selmon saturday morning before slamming into the cruiser. the sheriff says there's been an outtouring of support from all over the country. kotfila comes from a family of officers. his father with massachusetts state patrol, his brother a police officer in massachusetts as well. several others working in law enforcement. his sister tells us john was bright, always willing to help anyone any time. >> it's been rough. still can't really believe it. keep thinking we'll wake up from this nightmare. >> reporter: caitlyn says she and her parents were expecting a visit from john in a couple of weeks. now instead they are travel to florida to plan their son's memorial which will likely be held friday. and abc action news is going to
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be working, trying to get more details to the investigation into what exactly happened on the selmon early saturday morning. live in ybor city, corey dierdorff, abc action news. time now 9:30. we could learn today if two suspects will be charged after a police officer is shot dead in a maryland suburb. this happened just outside of the nation's capital. the prince george's county police chief says the attack that killed jakai colson was an unprovoked ambush. that the 28-year-old was going about his business at the station sunday afternoon when bullets started to fly. and his fellow officers responded by returning fire. we're told the bullet hit one firefight. a second is being questioned. last night officers held hands outside of the station to honor the force. democracy 2016 -- preparations are underway in downtown tampa where donald this afternoon. this morning there are growing concerns about the out-break of
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protests and whether we could see the same scenes play out in tampa. all of this comes on the eve of the florida primary which will be a major deciding factor in the race for the white house. kenneth mouton has a closer look. >> reporter: donald trump under fire as violence in protests continue to break out at his rallies. >> it was totally organized, troublemakers. they are not protesters. they are disrupters. they are supposed to disrupt. >> rising tempers sparked incredible scenes at trump events in illinois, missouri ms. and ohio. more secret service agents are now surrounding the gop frontrunner after one man even tried to rush the stage as trump spoke. but as trump's rivals on both sides were circling, on the attack. >> he is trafficking in hate and fear. >> no matter what it takes i will not take the low road to the highest office in america.
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>> reporter: the violence has been a distraction from the race for the white house. a path that leads through the delegate rich states of florida and ohio tomorrow. >> after tuesday, we are going to see this race narrow clearly to a two-person race. >> reporter: a recent poll has the ohio governor john kasich leading trump in the buckeye state but marco rubio is still trailing in his homestate of florida. >> on wednesday morning some pollsters somewhere are going to have to explain why they are so wrong. >> reporter: democrat bernie sanders is hoping for the same. polls in the five states voting tomorrow have him far behind hillary clinton. >> we think we have a chance to win here in ohio. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: today the area in ohio will get another familiar face, 2012 gop nominee mitt romney will campaign for kasich in a rally tonight. >> download our free app for updates from this afternoon's
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we'll also send out live results tomorrow evening as they stream in from the florida primary. people from tampa bay are helping victims left with nothing after a weekend of deadly flooding in the deep south. this morning more than 1,000 people along the gulf coast have nowhere to go and at least four people are dead, most of them in hard-hit louisiana. the red cross is sending volunteers from across the country to help with that recovery. including florida native brenda gadcom, will make the journey first thing this morning and the help is much needed. more than 5,000 homes were damaged. the national guard says it's rescued nearly 3300 people. that's what it looks like in louisiana. incredible historic floods there. no question about it. two feet of rainfall. now even in places that didn't get that heavy rain had to deal with the downstream as far as the rivers and streams. for us, looking at the old boundary that is left over from yesterday. in fact let's zoom in a little closer and show you the
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leftover pockets of light to moderate showers that continue to move from southwest to northeast. this will rapidly move so it's good. when you see pox of heavier rain and they will continue to diminish as they head further inland through the next several hours. not much really is going to come of this. i think by the time we get into the early afternoon we're going to dry out. it's not going to certainly expand. looking much better as temperatures despite the cloud cover by the way into the low 80s. even have mid-80s across inland sections. still muggy so heat indices into the upper 80s. we'll talk about whether we can next forecast. new this morning, we're waiting on an autopsy to find out exactly what caused a polk hospital. just hours after he was arrested. this happened early sunday deputies say they responded to a call at the florida orange fighting. then they say they found one of them that was very drunk. deputies arrested both of those
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the jail they were not able to wake up one of the men and noticed that he stopped breathing. he was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead. a bobcat hit by a car in brandon will have a dental exam at the big cat rescue. that 2-year-old exotic cat now named "thor" is going to have a root canal. they will remove wires were holding his jaw shut. a driver hit "thor" in brandon last month shattering his jaw and causing other injuries. this afternoon vets will determine if "thor" is a candidate for titanium cap on his broken tooth. if he is he would become the first bobcat in the world to have it done. vets expect "thor" to make a full recovery. happening today -- madeira beach commissioners will hold a myring about resconce part -- meeting about rezoning part of the city for two new projects. the first project is across the street from the second one. now locals are worried if both projects are built that will
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increase traffic in the area. the builders say they are working with fdot to ease the impact of traffic congestion. this morning representative from jessica alba's company all natural beauty care business, firing back after a new report shows it may be lying about products. >> we're following up on a lawsuit we told you about last year that claims the honest company was not so honest about products. again the suit says the honest company's dish soap, laundry detergent and diapers all contain synthetic preservatives. a new "the wall street journal" investigation backs that up. it uncovered honest company's laundry detergent uses sodium laurel sulfate, found on a list of ingredients the company claims it never puts in its products. the research and development team is denying it use that's chemical. breaking her silence, millions are going to tune in for the season finale of "the bachelor" but it's a bachelorette in the bay area
9:38 am
that captured hearts and stunned a local community. here's sarina fazan with a preview of her exclusive interview with tampa's mary delgado. >> reporter: life unraveled for mary from a failed engagement to even being arrested for battery against her fiance and dui. >> there's, like a lot of mean people that will, they hide behind screen names and then they say these really awful things about you when they really don't know you. they know just a little piece of who you are. and i struggled a lot with that. so, yes, i did go through a depression in you will -- if you will. i didn't realize i was falling deeper into a depression. >> mary said she struggled for years and in this candid conversation hopes she can help other young women and after all the struggles did her fairy tale come true?
9:39 am
join in, mariened i will be on -- mary and i will be on facebook live during "the bachelor." and more at 11:00 as well. back to you. the bold move coming soon to florida. meant to stop the spread of the zika virus. the reason breeding more
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at the florida strawberry festival march 9th, members of the military and first responders get in free. march 10th, guests 60 years and up get $2 off admission. in tampa the chiselers market is set for march 12th. admission is free. in st. pete the grand prix week, everyone's invited to free movies on the lawn of the museum of fine arts. new developments in the zika outbreak. there are nearly 200 cases confirmed across 31 states including right here in florida. >> that number is expected to rise but scientists are putting together a new game plan to tackle the problem right here in florida. releasing thousands of specially modified mosquitos into the wild. eva pilgrim explains how this radical new approach would work.
9:43 am
>> reporter: a potential new weapon in the fight against zika virus. the fda researching an experiment using mosquitos to help stop its spread. scientists would release genetically modified male mosquitos into the wild carrying a deadly gene. that gene would make their offspring die before they are old enough to bite people. in brazil hardest hit by zika scientists are already using these mosquitos. our dr. richard besser saw them firsthand during a trip in february >> this building here, produces two million male mosquitos genetically modified every week. >> reporter: this comes as the centers for disease control warns zika could spread in the united states, mostly in the gulf, florida and texas, by june. zika is linked to birth defects and brain development putting pregnant women especially at risk. while the experiment in brazil has proven successful it doesn't sit well with some living in the florida keys where the insects would be
9:44 am
released. mila is a mother of three. >> you open this pandora box no way to recall the mosquitos. >> reporter: the fda is taking public comments before a final decision on the florida field test is made. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. it's march 14th, that means it's national "pi day." not the kind of pie you eat. it's march 14th because the date mimics the first three dicts -- digits of the mathematical constant pi. boys and girls club will have treats to show how math is in their everyday lives. it's also potato chip day? >> yes. >> my goodness, chips and cookies, 3.14159265. i had -- like, about 50 numbers memorized when i was little. we'll blake it on daylight
9:45 am
savings time. did you get an extra hour nap on sunday? >> no. >> it's national napping day too. >> is it really? can i start now? no, we'll get to the forecast. by the way, pictures from facebook. there was a sunrise. there's tony's picture there, reliable, fantastic photography from lakeland. a little further west though and not much of a sunrise because we had a lot of cloud cover and still this band of narrow moisture that continues to stream in. getting a little closer, clipping some in pinellas county, crossing the skyway now, ominous i'm sure looking up at the sky and downpours as well. this continues heading to the north and east. i'll widen the shot. this is the boundary that extends across the peninsula, stalling out yesterday. still some leftover moisture associated with it. i think by later this afternoon we'll be able to clear out. futurecast, a little excited about the rain. this is not initializing well but i think it handles the
9:46 am
afternoon. a gusty southwest wind will take over. that will be with us through tonight with mostly cloudy skies. then by wednesday morning i think we'll have more issue with fog as winds become light. for now, enjoy the temperatures, still muggy. 70s along the coast but low and then mid-80s as you get further from the coast with temperatures, with heat inkissies in the mid and upper 80s as we went into yesterday. certainly the most humid weather we've had in some time. tides coming up in the next 12 hours and of course the new sunrise and sunset times as ween if with the dark skies early on. as we continue with the dark skies early on. wednesday, thursday looks good for st. patrick's day. and we'll follow the next front that may stall over us. that's not good, it just means rain may linger into sunday as well. we'll fine tune the timing and keep you posted. temperatures for the weekend a little cooler in the 70s.
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coming up -- scott kelly is back from his year in space but the research into how it impacted his body is far from over. when we come back, i'll talk with a scientist to get his take on what we can gain from
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9:50 am
it's been nearly two weeks since astronaut scott kelly returned to earth. kelly's mission was to learn how longterm space flight affects the human body. joining me is the director of the space programs and st. pete college professor antonio paris, thank you so much for being here >> thank you for inviting me. >> you've seen the effects, the data on scott kelly. also written extensively about the effects of space on the body. once you looked at the data is what is your observation? >> he's adapting back to earth's gravity fairly well but
9:51 am
it will take four to six months. when astronauts go into space the body basically has to readjust to microgravity. we're not using our muscles, different. head. to atrophyy. functioning. more importantly you're not standing straight up. this is why he actually grew two inches. a year in space is the -- the body has a major toll but what about a two or three-year mission to bhars? it's going to be quite difficult for to us get out of the spacecraft and walk around the martian surface. >> you mentioned earlier that scott kelly lost 30% of his vision? >> data shows up to 20% to 30% of the vision was degraded and that is because all the body fluids kinds of come up towards your chest, towards your face. this is called the big head chicken leg syndrome. pressure has nowhere to go. it's basically pushing behind
9:52 am
almost squeezing the eyeballs. it's painful. the apollo astronauts on the lunar surface complained of painful eye cataracts, and those were the result of radiation. >> is this reversible? >> it's not reversible. as far as the eye vision. the loss is irreversible but with today's technology and advancements in science, his improve. >> the big takeaway here, what mission. what is the main benefit? >> the main benefit, can the human body survive not only in space but in deep space. in low earth orbit where kelly was and the space station is, they have a good benefit, the area products them. but mars or lunar surface, you lose that magnetob sphere if there's rays from the sun or gamma ray bursts, kit cause
9:53 am
cancer or damage to the spacecraft. we don't have that luxury once we leave earth's orbits. we've learned a lot from kelly and the additional astronauts. >> he says he would go again. you too? >> there's a program, to send astronauts to low earth orbit and study the mesosphere in a couple years. >> thank you, antonio paris.
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i'm ashley glass. 24 hours from the winner take all florida primary. live on "the now tampa bay," we're on a trump rally hours before getting started. and bringing in the latest poll numbers and brand new perspective on how tomorrow will shake out.
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it's a first for "the now." don't miss it. no hints outs of you guys. you know the secret. >> mum's the word. a good one though. look at this video just in. this adorable sea lion pup diego. witnesses say the pup traveled hundreds of feet from the ocean crossing several streets before ending up in the parking lot there. because it's illegal to touch marine animals police had to keep it in one spot until rescuers could get there and help it back into the ocean. >> who hasn't been lost in san diego? continuing coverage now of the day's top stories on
9:59 am
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>> today on "fablife"... >> i love, love, love this japanese martini. you know what would go perfect with this? the legendary william shatner. what about captain kirk's style? how did that uniform change over the years? >> as my stomach got larger. (laughter) >> plus, michelle williams. >> how to rock the leather look at any age. >> as you can tell... >> hello. >> don't have to spend a lot of money. >> no, you never do. >> and change the look of your home in a snap. >> it's "fab"-ulous. (cheers and applause) >> welcome to "fablife!" we have so much to get to today, and we are so excited because the one, the only, william shatner is here. (cheers and applause) how cool is that? and we will be making the perfect classic martini, we're bringing you options galore when


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