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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  March 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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today in contrast to some of the bigger rallies that trump has been holding across the country. sarah palin addressing some of the violence we have seen across the country, especially in chicago unfolding at trump rallies lately. she says we don't need anymore of this, quote, petty punk ass thugar anymore. one woman holding a mexican flag over her head. those sorts of comments. another guy yelling, you're a fascist, at trump. all escorted out by police officers. pam bondi making a surprise appearance endorsing trump today one day ahead of the florida primary. >> we believe in a changing world. -- we live in a changing world. and we need leadership. [cheers and applause]
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unafraid to lead and restore america to its greatness! >> i'll be criticized by conservatives. remember jeb bush used to go, he is not a conservative. he is not a conservative. but, like, i'm a smart person! we're getting ripped! we're losing all our jobs, businesses. we're not letting it happen anymore, folks! >> reporter: and trump is on to ohio from here where he is holding -- they're having a very tight primary with governor john kasich vesting him in some polls. he'll be back to south florida tomorrow night. and we'll be there live. live in tampa, i'm carson chambers, abc action news. >> carson, thank you. well, plenty of concern over safety leading up to that trump rally today. ly after increasing violence between -- especially after increasing violence between protestors and supporters.
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today? >> reporter: actually we saw a lot of yelling. a lot of people chanting mean things at each other, including, you know, some of the folks that were right out here, right outside the convention center early today. carson chambers mentioning that two protestors even got inside and were ultimately thrown out. but as angry as people got out here, we certainly didn't see anything that counted as violent. >> hey, hey, dump the trump! >> hey, hay, dump the trump! [ chanting ] >> reporter: protestors were loud and here to make a point. >> unacceptable violence, are welcome. and these people aren't even though they're americans! that's unacceptable political speech. it's violent speech in itself. and it leads to violence. >> violence between trump supporters and protestors broke out in cities across the country recently like st. louis and chicago. local protestors saying they're committed to doing it differently here. >> one thing i know about tally
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we can make our point clear and we can protest in a peaceful manner and respect each other's views. >> reporter: but respect turned to anger once protests made its way to the convention center. protestors stand face-to-face with trump supporters waiting in line before the event. among them was daniel scott of tampa who told me afterwards he yelled back out of anger. >> they're going to have their convention. let us have our convention. but there's always going to be protests, i understand that. but i didn't like what they were saying. so, you know, i'll put in my two cents, too. if they're putting in their two cents, i'm putting in mine. >> reporter: a shouting match picked up again before the event between protestors and supporters who didn't get into the event once it filled up. but most people just kept it to cheering. >> you don't see any of us being interruptive here. we're very peaceful, happy to be supporting our candidate. but we're mostly here for our
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>> reporter: there's a lot of police presence here. also tampa police officers by the dozens. also a lot of secret service here. but no reports of any arrests. even the people thrown out weren't taken into custody. and no reports of any violence. you know there was also some concern about the traffic here along south franklin street in downtown tampa. it was blocked off much of the day. it has reopened. and even though the event ended late, it does look like for the most part traffic moving smoothly for your evening commute. live in downtown tampa, adam winer, abc action news. >> and thank you, adam. trump holding a commanding lead in florida. a new poll showing he has a more than 2 to 1 advantage over marco rubio. trump at 46%. rubio at 22%. ted cruz coming in a distant third right now with just 14%. >> and senator rubio is spending his few remaining hours to close the gap here in florida.
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east coast greeting supporters at a local restaurant there. rubio admits he's the underdog in his home state. but he's brushing off the latest numbers insisting he will still win come tomorrow night. >> if we win by just one vote -- and that's not how many we want to win by, by the way -- but we'll have enough to carry through utah and arizona and the states to come and ultimately to the nomination and then back here in november so we can defeat hillary clinton and become the next president of the united states. >> reporter: and losing his home state could very well mark the end of marco rubio's presidential hopes. coming up at 6:00, the reason he's telling voters he still has a fighting chance tomorrow. and tomorrow, of course, a huge day for republican candidates. 67 delegates up for grabs and the biggest prize, florida's 99 delegates. winner takes all contests. playing out in florida, ohio,
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abc action news has all the latest and up to the minute information to let you know who to vote for. head to here on the home page. if you look on the left-hand side of your screen, you'll see everything linked to democracy 2016. now the most accurate team in florida, abc action weather. >> good afternoon, everybody. don't think weather's going to be an issue whatsoever tomorrow. skies right now partly cloudy. we did have another line of rain roll through the area this afternoon. but that certainly has not kept temperatures down by any stretch of the imagination. mid- to upper 80s right now across our central counties. and still upper 70s to low 80s, even up north. there's the lines from bartow, lakeland, back toward fish hawk. that line is slowly pushing down. the moisture is lingering, though. because of that, i think there's going to be some fog developing later on tonight although i don't think it'll be a major issue. maybe first thing in the morning, a bit of patchy fog. otherwise, a mild day.
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over the next seven days weather-wise and will talk about that in detail coming up in a couple minutes. >> thank, dan. happening now, we're working to find out what forced another allegiance airlines plane to make an emergency landing. clearwater. we're being told the plane was out of service and no passengers on board. maintenance teams are now what happened. >> we're getting new video. coast guard rescues. members telling us four men went deep sea fishing sunday but never made it home. crews began searching, spotted a flare southwest of marco's pass. they were towed back to shore safely. and another story to bring you on abc action news at 5:00. a man in critical condition. two bay area police officers are recovering following a violent car crash in st. pete. you see the aftermath behind us. >> that's right. and the vehicle actually that
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abc action news reporter clifton french live tonight with concerns about this growing trend. and, cliff, this is really just another reason for people to lock their car doors, right? >> reporter: yeah, exactly. police here telling us that they can make a huge dent in this crime if people simply locked their door and also took their keys with them. >> i left the keys in it by mistake. >> reporter: it was friday night. james moltry just came home from the store. he unloaded his groceries, sat down watch tv, and fell asleep. >> when i took out the garbage saturday morning, the car was gone. >> reporter: taken from his driveway on 27th street south. the next time he saw it was this morning on tv. >> i said, that looks like the car that the guy stole out my yard! >> reporter: involved in a terrible crash near central avenue north and 54th street north. inside this truck, a st. pete and tampa police officer part of a task force to curb vehicle thefts. >> they were looking for a car, got hit by a car, and as we're
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stolen car. >> reporter: that's anthony hallaway, police chief. he says more and more young people have been stealing cars. we looked at the numbers. in 2014, there were 1,399 vehicle thefts in st. petersburg. 2015, 1,523. about a 9% increase. tampa, a similar story. in 2014, 495 thefts. looking ahead to 2015, there were 596 thefts. that is about a 20% increase. many of them left unlocked with the keys inside. >> i would say a high percentage, yes. >> reporter: six people were inside of this corolla. the youngest, a 15-year-old girl. the driver, 25-year-old jamal parker was taken to the hospital in critical condition. tonight, a plea for help from st. pete poce. >> just say, you know what? i'm going lock my car. >> reporter: we did some chicking. chief hallaway says that officer was sent home from the
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the tampa officer involved in the crash has more serious injuries. but we're told he is also going to be okay. i'm reporting live in st. petersburg, clifton french, abc action news. i think he's the most amazing man. he died a hero. >> killed in the line of duty. a hillsboro county deputy gives his life to protect a woman and her boyfriend from a wrong-way driver. all new tonight, her reaction and the impact that will help keep this deputy's memory alive. >> and new details in a derailment disaster. seven cars of a commuter train going off the tracks. the last second effort that potentially saved dozens of lives. plus -- >> had this guy not shot, who knows what would have happened. we could have a dead clerk. guy. >> a guy starts swinging a
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brand new information tonight about a deadly wrong way crash that killed a hillsborough county deputy. he slammed into the car on
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cara spoke to the woman and her colleagues. >> reporter: with flags flying half staff and bouquets of flowers, the closest colleagues shared an inside look at a man who wore his badge with pride and never stopped smiling. >> it's hard to smile a lot. we have a tough job but he found it inside him to smile all the time. >> reporter: all these men and women considered him family. >> he was our little brother and couldn't help but love him. he just was there for you when you needed him. >> reporter: they are not surprised to learn his final moments were spent helping someone else. sarah and her boyfriend were driving home saturday morning on
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the wrong way driver. i. >> i was thrashing my lights at him because i couldn't think of any other way to stop driving at me. >> reporter: before she knew it, the deputy driving behind her passed her taking the impact in the crash that ultimately killed him and the other driver. >> he saved my life. if this deputy had not made a split second decision to pull around me that would have been me dying. >> reporter: as the sheriff's office mourns their loss that's the kind of love and sacrifice the deputy leaves as his legacy. >> the funeral arrangements were released in the last 30 minutes. services held this friday at 11:00 a.m. at saint timothy's catholic church. he will be buried in massachusetts where his brother
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enforcement. tonight a suspect dead after police say he stormed into a convenience store in seattle and began swinging a hatchet. the attack was early in the morning at a seven e 11. he just started swinging with the hatchet. a customer took out his gun who had a concealed gun permit. and he shot and killed him. >> we do not see any wrong doing on the part of the customer. he probably saved lives in this case. >> so far authorities have not been able to find a possible motive for the attack. more tonight on a derailment in kansas. seven cars went off the track. rescue crews reporting 32 people injured.
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agents with the safety board now seeing if a car crash damaged derailed. >> now, the most accurate action weather. great weekend. weather me too. now". had a little announcement. >> yea, ashley is pregnant. >> wendy and dennis were the first to know and call it out. >> he asked me and i said i don't know what you're talking about. >> you don't say that to a woman, right? >> so you have to go through summer heat. >> yeah. >> temperatures feel summer like now. mid 80s across much of the area and a lot of sunshine. a few widely scattered showers today. we're going to see fog as an issue first thing in the morning and by the weekend it's going to
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i'm telling you right now there will be rain this weekend. probably both on saturday and sunday. not ready to say wash out but not ready to rule it out yet. definitely more than what we had yesterday. temperatures right now in the upper 70s to the middle 80s. 86 in sebring. rain out there last night and this morning. that leads to a high probability of fog. i think tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. so if you're up bright and early tomorrow morning and heading to the polls, you may run into fog first thing. great. and looks warm. we have not cooled off and staying in the upper 70s to the
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now, here's a look at the satellite picture. we had showers around there this afternoon. polk county and hillsborough not yesterday. at least yesterday afternoon and into the early evening hours. throughout the night tonight can't rule out a quick shower widespread. first thing in the morning it will be muggy and warm and as you can see, the models are picking up on fog. rain chances i think pretty much negligible. i won't say 0. maybe less than 10%. however, as the day goes on it will be a warm, muggy day and you can see tuesday night there's fog. i think it's more dense tuesday night into wednesday morning. first thing wednesday morning we could see the possibility of widespread fog and it burns off into wednesday and thursday. this is what we're talking about come friday.
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friday but the best chances of rain are saturday, sunday and into monday. this is something i don't think there's anyway around. we're going to see rain but if you're not quite ready for our summer weather, the air behind that front will be cooling us off next week. temperatures right now in the upper 70s to the middle 80s. forecast highs on tuesday bar toe, 84 and lake placid 84. cooler along the beach in the upper 70s. there's a look as i said of the long range forecast. look at the blue colors digging down. nothing close to a freeze. at least refreshing air rolls in by next monday into tuesday. here's a look at your accurate seven-day. 82 for election day. again on thursday the rains arrive friday and stick around through the weekend and we start to cool off early next week. still ahead off the road and
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heroic actions by a father and son that saved a stranger's life. the graphic behavior of one of the nation's largest food companies that could lead to
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a father and son save a man from a burning jeep. the they noticed the jeep veer off the road. it came to a rest in the ditch near their driveway. dakota used a fire extinguisher to put the fire out while the dad used his knife to cut open the top of his jeep i kept trying to wake him up. >> i was assuring him help was
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>> reporter: help did arrive shortly after. father and son deemed heroes. the driver still recovering at a hospital. a criminal investigation underway after disturbing video surfaced online to a man urinating on a kellogg facility assembly line. the packages are past the expiration date. this includes rice crispy treats and gra nola. the major roadway shut down for the next two weeks ask the impact that goes beyond your driver seat. getting paid to spend time with your kids. the new plan to let people play a bigger role in their child's
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major traffic delays underway. construction closing down a portion of ur-41. -- -- u.s. 41. >> u.s. 41 is closed north of lake crescent road. eric shows what it means for drivers who work in the middle of the mess. >> reporter: pastor paul and the first adapt church of loots are celebrating their 75th anniversary this year. >> we have been here a long
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we are the big white church next to the rail road tracks. >> reporter: but for the next two weeks the railroad tracks are the source of a major headache. all six lanes are closed forcing drivers on a detour. a u-turn back the other way. >> reporter: they were saying they were working 24-7. our hope is by the time worship on sunday it would be cleared but not looking that way. >> reporter: thousands of commuters head that way each morning. the florida department of transportation has detours set up. >> it's a mess. >> reporter: on this first day of the closure many didn't seem to know. >> we have seen people trying to make u-turns down the street and coming through our complex. they don't know where to go. >> there were articles in the paper and there have been signs


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