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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  March 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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take a look mind me. they didn't turn left or right. they went through the narrow opening between the bush and signs right into this family's living room. take a look at this video. >> it was like a bomb went off in the house. >> plywood covering their home and sleeping on a couch just on the other side the children's father. the impact breaking his neck and shoulder. >> it threw him clear across the house and tore down the walls. >> the three children rushed into the living room. >> the lady kept saying "i'm so sorry". i was like, "oh my god".
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facing dui charges while the family looks for a place to live. they couldn't even grab personal belongings because it was unsafe. >> i would feel worse if a life was taken instead of our stuff. >> reporter: they are already dealing with a double tragedy this week. one of their family members died and another suffered a heart attack and is in the icu. >> i have to take deeps and breath and i have stints in my heart. they say the stress on my heart could kill me. i keep prayi. i know god got us. it's got to work out. >> reporter: the family was told it will be three months before all the damage is repaired and they can get back in their home. they told me they reached out to the red cross to see if they could get help but we're told because they didn't lose their
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nothing the organization can do to help them. thank you jacqueline. now to the race for the white house. a new poll puts donald trump ahead of marco rubio in florida's primary. senator marco rubio is continuing his push across the state to find as much support as possible to pull off a come from behind victory. battle. >> reporter: a couple hundred marco rubio supporters coming out to melbourne this afternoon for their candidate as he makes his final push across florida victory. he admits it's tough but they're trying to stay positive. he may be down in the polls but you would never guess from the
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senator marco rubio appearing outside a local restaurant where a crowd of hundreds. >> it comes down to florida, like always. tomorrow this state will elect 99 delegates to one person. i want it to be me and i need you to help it be me. >> reporter: the marco rubio camp says don't believe what you hear when it comes to the polls like donald trump's lead. >> i'm a little nervous. >> i looked at the polls and the polls have been wrong throughout the election. >> reporter: for marco rubio tomorrow is looking more like win or go home. this afternoon when pressed by reporters, the presidential candidate showing no signs of giving up. >> i plan to be in utah wednesday morning. we plan to win tomorrow. >> reporter: as for the man on top marco rubio showed hesitation to fulfill his pledge to support the republican
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>> it's getting harder every day. we wanted to focus on tomorrow. >> reporter: from here he's heading to an eventually in west palm beach and another event in west miami. we'll join him tomorrow in miami as the results come in. there was increased security at donald trump's rally in tampa today. many tampa police officers there to keep the peace. officers kept a close eye on a loud group of protestors. adam, what happened out there? >>reporter: we saw a lot of action outside the convention center, even a lot of action inside. there were a couple protestors inside that managed to get in. when one of them started waving a mexican flag that's when they got them out of there. we saw heated exchanges outside the convention center today, especially with a group of
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event but couldn't because it filled up and they came to face with a loud group of protestors. the yelling you see there, the closest we saw to anything resembling conflict today. they marched from a local part down to the convention center to voice their approval but they told me even the ones yelling loudly were committed to making sure this is nothing like what happened in chicago. >> my grandfather is a trump supporter. i talk to him and debate the issues all the time. what's important about that is me and my grandfather still get along. >> reporter: that civility was for the most part we saw out here. a lot of trump supporters voicing their support and there was folks yelling at each other
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other and hearing each other out. there was a lot of discussion there. i checked in with tampa police and no reports of arrests. there was traffic concerns downtown here. but the road is open and your evening commute should be going smoothly. live in tampa, adam winer. good evening, everybody. another round of scattered showers today. second straight day coverage. areas that did get rain through eastern hills county you picked up an inch of rain. most of us not a drop. the warmth has returned and temperatures back in the low to mid 80s. i think fog will be an issue this evening right on through tomorrow morning.
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we'll do that coming up with the seven-day . a high lands county woman is accused of having sex with a 16-year old boy. the boy claims 31-year old had sex with him five different times. the situation came to light after the woman's boyfriend became suspicious. she's charged with two counts of sexual assault. a polk county charged with boyfriend. she upgraded charges for her her list. she's accused of killing 33-year old clark and leaving his body for her children to find. she's due in court for her first appearance tomorrow morning. detectives in south florida trying to find out what led to the death of a florida teacher and reality tv star. a drama teacher in tallahassee
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on the television show "extreme weight loss". he lost more than 180 pounds. no word yet on how he might have died. an update now out of south florida. gary morales was shot and killed during a traffic stop in 2014. this month a new bill was signed. also a minimum of ten jurors have to support the death penalty recommendation. sentencing is set for april 22nd. the saint pete police department is hoping there will be a new social media push. you can get this website on your phone or tablet.
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websites to share important issues. neighborhood police officers can post notes and warnings on the pages. 70% of saint petersburg neighborhoods are already object website. all the information you need on our website for the first time today she saw a wrong way driver and started flashing her lives. she said the deputy driving right mind her passed her and took the impact instead. she hails him a hero. >> i feel certain in my heart he knew exactly what was about to happen to me. and that he sacrificed himself instead.
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deputy are set for friday in loots and he will be buried in massachusetts. this all stems from a lawsuit filed six years ago by education parents. they are accused the state officials for failing to provide enough money to state schools. the nonjury trial could last as long as five weeks. next at 6:00, important research about how doctors diagnosising adhd in children. plus, politicians watching where you cast your ballot and where you vote tomorrow will determine resources you get from local officials. part of the area now picking up some clouds and visibility limited as we got rain to the east. but what about your wake up forecast for election day?
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new research about add in kids. new research older children more likely to be diagnosed. the journal of pediatrics finding maturity may result in behaviors labeled as an attention disorder. you may not know it but local politicians watch where you vote. the voter turn out rate in your region could determine where resources. >> reporter: as you cast your ballot you can bet local politicians are watching what areas have the highest voter turn out. take it from former hillsborough
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>> if you're like me you study the map. >> reporter: we took election data from 2012. we found some cities have the highest voter turn out and the lowest the usf university area. sarah runs the university area community development corporation. she's telling people in her community their vote means more than just the election. >> we all know the communities that vote and have a high voter turn out gets more more resources. david floyd is the commissioner. >> i'm sure it's a good bit of what's going on. >> reporter: back to the university area.
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>> the roads will tear your car you. >> they are saying they were going to turn it into a park. >> reporter: there is a noticeable difrps in sidewalks and infrastructure -- -- difference. funding. >> reporter: more voter participation in the area labelled as suitcase city it can be labelled a challenge. >> our opportunity to is to create the stability we can get better collaborative partnerships with those individuals and bring more resources to the community. >> your vote will matter beyond who you want to win. we are posting our voter turn
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well, not a bad day. a little wet then it cleared. but now hearing there's more rain on the way. >> it's going to rain this weekend. no way around it. but until then we will have a bit of everything -- warm and cool and dry and wet. the seven-day is about as diverse as you get in the area as you will ever see. a little bit of everything looking outside now. skies are clear but as windy mentioned rain this afternoon and heavy rains across the central counties from polk and manatee. although i would say three quarterers of the area not a drop of rain -- -- quarters. the warmth today was the weather story as was the humidity. when you see temperatures in the 80s and dew points in the 70s, you feel like it's getting close
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it is. we're still a long ways away. but we have got it for the next few days before we see the big changes arriving friday into the weekend and early next week. up i 70s from tampa to clearwater and more clouds than sun and remember you got an hour more of sunshine across the area thanks today light savings time. 81 was the high in tampa and five degrees above normal. records 87 over 36. it can get cool this time of year and i think it will early next week. not a freeze or close but at least refreshing air will be rolling in. but until then a lot of this. frontal boundary fizzling out on top of us. that's our sign we're getting into a new season. instead of a front coming through and sweeping through, they just fizzle out on top and wash out and because of that, the moisture sticks around.
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air. you need quite a storm to swing a front through our area this time of year. the no name storm was quite a storm but we will get a storm next week that will swing a front through but until then morning fog burns off around 9:00 or 10:00, not a big deal. sea fog tomorrow night early on wednesday morning and it could be an issue. visibility could be down below half a mile. there could be dense fog advisories off shore starting late tonight but a better chance tomorrow. overall rainfall, maybe a few showers through friday. saturday afternoon and morning and sunday and monday there's rain. behind it, the next front is going to give us refreshing cooler air. there's the storm i talked about and as you see, it starts to
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air making it into the careless carolinas. -- --. we warm up again. this will be the last refreshing as the dew points rise so is the pollen levels. tree pollen still an issue. yesterday's rain helped a bit. west wind for the boaters. look at the water temperature. up to 71 degrees. your hour by hour forecast, partly cloudy skies overnight. here's a look at your seven-day. mostly dry and the rains return late friday and around saturday and sunday and by early next week we cool off. hello folks. when you approach 30 years of age in the nfl you're getting to
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so why would the buccaneers spend 19.9 million to sign brett grimes? we met with the decision makers to find out why. >> reporter: there they were flanking their new quarterback. >> there are certain players that despite being older than the average player they continue to make plays. >> i think that age is a number. they're successful guys playing at different ages. >> he can either play or he can't. >> grimes played in atlanta with the falcons so he has insight as does mike smith who has more familiarity to the equation. >> i look at the team and i
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i'm happy to be part of it. >> with wide receivers getting taller and taller his 5-foot 10-inch frame might think he could get to the ball. >> i make plays on the ball. that's my strong suit. i go get the ball. that's what wins games in the league. >> reporter: the buccaneers are in their corners in the free agent mark. they signed josh roberson from the minnesota vikings. a yun year deal. he played ball at ucf. i'm getting concerned with these injuries. here by dalton of columbus, his nhl hearing is tomorrow. more on both players status tomorrow. they're not big guys. they need to be protected f this
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teams are becoming more physical with the lightning. in the braves game today, a
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several breaking stories this monday night. on the eve of the make or break showdown, donald trump now defending himself tonight. after the fights and after the scare onstage. >> this is a love fest. >> and this question tonight. could the republican nomination be nearly wrapped up tomorrow? plus, sarah palin, and the emergency. and hillary clinton and former president bush. what led to this moment? the young officer ambushed, shot and killed. tonight, the suspect who allegedly started it all. police say his brothers recording the whole thing. and was it a fellow officer who fired the fatal shot by mistake? the severe storms. the tornado in ohio. historic flooding in the south. and the pileup in the east.


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