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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  March 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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showdown in the sunshine state. it's primary day here in florida. the march to get voters to the polls as trump and rubio battle it out for the state's delegates. >> tossed to the ground. the police officer now under investigation for getting physical with a drunk woman. >> in grave danger. the missing teen authorities want to find after discovering her father's burned body. thank you for joining us on this tuesday. primary day, i'm deiah riley. >> i'm sarah rosario, dan shaffer has the morning off. that in a moment but first the police shootout overnight in chicago. in the end result of that gun battle. one man dead, three police officers wounded. the good news, all the officers are expected to survive. police say the three officers were investigating drug activity on the city's west side when they saw a man and woman acting suspiciously.
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their presence they say the man ran into an alleyway and opened fire hitting the officers. at least one officer returned fire killing the man. detectives say the woman was take noon custody for questioning. a man who led pasco deputies on a high speed pursuit will be in court this afternoon. the sheriff telling us this violent chase began when deputies tried to stop a man weaving down a trinity road in a landscaping truck. deputies tried to get 46-year- old christopher kunte to pull over but he refused. instead they say he kept swerving and leaving them on a chase. and gwen he got to trinity boulevard and eastlake road he ran into two patrol cars and tried to hit two others. >> we got him after using stop sticks. we were able to take him safely into custody with no one being injured.
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drugs in his truck. he faces several felony charges including aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer. your time now is 4:31. a muggy start. here's meteorologist ivan cabrera with more on what we can expect. >> muggy start, also fog as well. in fact i'm looking at janelle's maps, from sarasota, venice to northport dealing with visibility issues. she will tell you which roads are impacted, certainly down to the south and west but i think it will become a little more widespread as we head into the morning hours. as winds continue to calm down. we'll watch it closely. but you're right, look at the temperatures here, low to mid- 70s at this hour with high humidity making it feel quite uncomfortable. 74 from tampa, clearwater and st. pete. commute forecast, upper 70s at lunchtime. back into the 80s for the rest of today.
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this is state road 60 west of bayport. not a lot of traffic now but it's only 4:32. janelle is watching the traffic cameras and will have a full look at the commute coming up momentarily. a traffic alert for drivers that use u.s. 41 in lutz. avoid the area near cen vaw lake road for the -- crenshaw lake road for the next two weeks. there's going to be a lane crossing. you will be detoured using florida avenue, bearss avenue or dale mabry highway. he -- fdot says access to area businesses will remain open. we have more on our abc action news mobile app. there's a desperate search for a 13-year-old girl who may have been kidnapped. texas authorities issuing an amber alert telling reporters that the teen is in grave danger. all this after deputies found the body of adrianna coronado's father burned in a rural area. detectives believe he was shot and set on fire.
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been with him when he was killed. authorities aren't releasing details about any potential suspects or motive in this case. coronado was last seen two days before her father's death. funeral plans are now set for the hillsborough county deputy killed in a wrong way crash in the selmon expressway saturday. the funeral service for deputy john kotfila will be friday morning at st. timothy's catholic church in lutz at 1:00. he will be laid to rest in massachusetts. a st. petersburg man facing serious charges for pointing a gun at a group of kids. st. pete police say kenneth harrington, here, saw the kids passing by as he sat on his porch sunday night. according to the arrest report the 48-year-old told them keep walking but they stopped and started to ask questions. that is when he pulled out a gun and pointed it in their direction. caught on camera, a video showing a police officer getting physical with a florida woman is going viral this morning.
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on sunday in cape coral and argued with her boyfriend when this all happened. >> i want you -- >> stop! >> it was posted on facebook by a witness. she ended up with scratches and bruises. the officer pulled the woman off the pavement telling the crowd she was faking injuries. police put the officer on administrative leave. the cape coral mayor is asking people not to pass judgment until the investigation is finished. in democracy 2016 -- it could be a make it or break it day today for some presidential candidates. >> voters head to the polls in five states this morning including in florida. our state is the biggest prize with 99 delegates up for grabs for republicans. >> michael paluska explains that trump supporters want his side shown at polling places. >> reporter: buddy brown has
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temporary home in grassy patches of polling locations across hillsborough county and has no quawms about voting for donald trump instead of florida senator marco rubio. >> rubio, honestly i think he's in the toilet. as trump said. >> i won in a landslide! >> reporter: campaign volunteers had a busy day at the trump rally, where this woman got trump's autograph on her hat. >> he has the ability and guts to let everybody know and nothing's holding him back. >> reporter: linsky, a cuban- jewish american is not your typical trump supporter. first she backed rubio but not anymore. >> to me -- i just feel rubio is young and he's maybe kind of derailed a little bit from some of the things that attracted me to him. >> reporter: trump supporters say he will create jobs, protect americans from terrorists and stop illegal
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as for the fights that broke out at other rallies, they don't blame the voice fueling their revolution. >> he talks a little bit tough. but that's what we need. we need somebody to just go there and basically say hey, wake up. >> reporter: michael paluska, abc action news. >> today is also a critical day for florida senator marco rubio's campaign. he admits he's fighting an uphill battle against donald trump. abc action news reporter marisela burgos shows us his bay area supporters though are not giving up. >> this is just a friendly reminder - >> reporter: for these volunteers every call is worth it. >> right now this is the key time to get out the vote. >> reporter: there are more than 12 million registered voters in florida. more than two million of them have either voted early or absentee. senator marco rubio wants to add 99 dell gates to his count. >> i believe that he would be the best president for our next generation and i have eight grandchildren.
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trying to guarantee a win. for the man they believe should be our next commander in chief. >> i just feel like it's important to fight to the very last minute for whoever i believe in. >> rubio spent the day campaigning on the eve of the florida primary. >> look, bernie sanders sign! don't worry, you're not going to get beat up at my rally! >> reporter: rubio doesn't shy away from taking jabs at opponent donald trump. polls show the florida senator trailing him and ted cruz. >> i mean the rhetoric he uses is irresponsible. and over the top. and, it doesn't reflect well on our party or country. >> reporter: senator rubio hopes his home state will back him. marisela burgos, abc action news. >> reporter: on the democratic side both bernie sanders and hillary clinton supporters are working overtime to try to get votes today. clinton volunteers called voters all day yesterday and they will be pack at it again tomorrow.
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clinton is already ahead with more delegates across the country but that is not stopping them from trying to secure a win tomorrow. meanwhile bernie sanders holds rallies in north carolina, and missouri. he's far behind clinton in the polls but still says he's confident he'll pull off an upset. we're taking action for to you cover the florida primary today. our crews will be spread out across the state tracking all the candidates. then 7:00 be sure to join us for a special democracy 2016. we will be live with the returns as the polls close plus we will also be tracking all of the races for you on-line as well and our our web site, outside today ivan, you were saying we have a lot of fog in the area. >> well, we have patchy fog. along the coast specifically through sarasota and venice. we're watching for that especially along coastal areas, that tends to be an issue.
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extended forecast coming up. deal in place. coming up at 5:00 -- the agreement reached that will see ferguson, missouri, embattled police force get overhauled. >> the usf bulls heading out west for the first round of the ncaa tournament who is the opponent?
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12 many of you watched mary delgado's love story. >> then after a domestic violence charge and dui ending with a failed engagement. >> mary is finally speaking publicly about her struggles for the first time. sarina fazan introduces us to the man that finally made her fairy tale come true. >> i did kind of fall off the face of the earth. >> reporter: mary looks much the same as she did when we first met her in 2004. >> cheers. >> reporter: moments she never imagined she would face. >> i wish that people wouldn't judge me based on those things. that happened. >> change this former buccaneer cheerleader and two-time bachelorette. >> i was falling into a depression and depression is no joke. >> it's my final rose. >> reporter: she recalls when the bay area embraced her after pro fisherman byron velvick proposed. >> we'll be together forever. >> reporter: romance unraveled, even getting ugly. in five years she faced
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battery against byron and dui. humiliated she locked herself away slowly realizing -- >> i was trying to make myself happy and i think there was a big pressure also to have a successful relationship for the sake of tv and the show. >> reporter: she refuses to say anything bad about her former fiancee, only saying that the two dealt with trust issues. >> my advice to girls that are going through a depression and that are staying in a relationship that they shouldn't be in, just talk to your loved ones, seek advice. don't hold it in. >> she opened up to family and then she started sharing her story with someone else. a man named james. >> i didn't really care about what had happened in the past. because really, everything i saw was so contradictory to what was out there. >> reporter: james' support helped build back mary's confidence. >> i told her, i said you can't let this show dictate who you are for the rest of your life. you've gone into the show and
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define you. >> now this couple is building something else. >> i now pronounce you husband and wife. >> reporter: on december 31st, mary and james tied the knot in cuba. >> i would like to introduce mr. and mrs . >> that is the most at peace i think i had felt in as long as i can remember. >> here we are. married now, three months. and i can't wait to sit here with you and say oh, we've been married for 30 years! circle. she told me when we first met. >> i always believe everything happens for a reason. road -- >> life is about making mistakes, learning from those mistakes and not repeating those mistakes. >> mary knows fairy tales do come true. >> i would go through it 10,000 times in order to find him. news. >> this morning there are concerns about record flooding and how it could force the
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interstate as soon as this morning. the river along the texas/louisiana border continues to rise threatening parts of i-10. texas transportation officials are not sure if the water will reach i-10 but overnight they began asking drivers who are planning to use it to find another way to get to louisiana. here's ivan cabrera with florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. no flooding in our area today. >> slow motion disaster unfortunately for them. once you get the water into the rivers. it takes a while to flood. in some areas, that didn't get a drop of rain will see flooding because of that. for us the visibility is going to be a problem for this morning. already is in sarasota, down a half-mile. that is already visibility that you want to be very careful and give yourself he can extra time -- extra time. further inland will be in better shape as we get closer to the coast. that is where i think we'll have issues with sea fog as well. temperatures now, we're in the low 70s. and the dew points are also in
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get the two going and the fog going, and dew points in the low 70s, very muggy. you feel this in the middle of the summer. this is the scale as we get close to oppressive there. these will hold. that means with highs in the 80s later this afternoon we're going to have heat indices in the upper 80s. that is how warm it's going to feel. quite sultry and summery indeed. titan doppler radar quiet as we widen out the shot. we have a quick disturbance moving to our north. that will clear north carolina. so no problem voting there. and neither will we, statewide. low to mid-80s. there are the cooler temperatures along the coast, highs in the 70s. this is i-275 and bird street. pretty quiet now. no problems on this stretch of the road now. but of course janelle is watching the traffic cameras and will have a full look at the morning commute coming up momentarily. caught on camera, texas police officer apparently
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you can see the officer pull out a can and start spraying as the bikers pass by. the video was taken along the highway in fort worth, texas and first posted on facebook. internal affairs is now investigating the incident. police have yet to talk to the person who posted the video. usf women's basketball team is heading west to play in the first round of the ncaa tournament. tom korun explains who the bulls were meet in their first -- will meet in their first game saturday night. >> reporter: good morning. the usf women will make their third straight ncaa tournament appearance, coach jose fernandez's team drew the bridgeport region so we know who is in that group, don't we? top ranked connecticut but they won't have to face the huskies until the region final if they get that far. the opening round opponent, colorado state, in los angeles on saturday night. usf goes into the tournament, a
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that game tips off 9:00 p.m. eastern time. the winner of that game will play the winner of the ucla/hawaii game. so the bulls go west, open this year's ncaa tourneys. more on their first round matchup later today on abc action news. one kevin isn't enough for the rays. they may have another one in the name of jeff decker. yesterday's game against the braves. nice play by decker but rays still lost to atlanta final 5- 0. the lightning are in action tonight in toronto. we should be get news later today on the status of terry and nikita kucherov for this game. that's your morning sports update. enjoy your day. going into surgery. coming up at 5:00 -- the operation sarah palin's husband will underago that is taking the former alaska governor off
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>> a new dinosaur discovered just ahead. what this smaller t-rex means
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warm and muggy start. temperatures in the 70s. patchy fog so be careful. otherwise temperatures in the low 80s by the time we get into the afternoon. 4:54.
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asia is helping scientists understand the evolution of dinosaurs. >> they believe the bones show a t-rex smaller than the one park. but the new dinosaur is only 10 to 12 feet long, weighs 600 pounds. compare it to a t-rex which grows to two times as long and weighs 20 times more. >> scientists say bones show supersized. >> people always wonder how these giants like t-rex, around the end of the age of dinosaurs evolved from the smaller ones. >> paleontologists believe the discovery shows a location where they need to dig to find dinosaur evolution. healer" arrested. up next at 5:00 a.m., the scam
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to take money from vulnerable women. >> drug prices rising. why you'll likely pay more for
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breaking news this morning -- veteran officer shot overnight in chicago. we are learning what they were investigating just hours ago that ended with him in a hospital. >> then, florida offering up the biggest lead for presidential candidates hungry for delegates. we're making sure you're ready to get to the polls to get your voices heard today. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sarah rosario. >> good morning, i'm deiah riley. if you plan on voting today before going to work, we check with janelle and ivan for aing check of traffic and weather together. >> just some fog this morning, down to a quarter mile in sarasota. so janelle will be along to prove to us that we indeed have that reporting station correctly reporting the visibility, which is now at dangerously low levels. sarasota and manatee counties. we check in with the temperatures, warm and muggy, low 70s, a lot of areas here including sarasota, the dew points are also in the low 70s.


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