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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  March 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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now at 5:30 -- florida senator marco rubio suspends his campaign but he may still play a major role in the presidential race. he could help determine who wins the republican nomination. >> breaking news in democracy 2016 -- overnight clinton is the winner for the democratic party in illinois. >> the race still too close in missouri, only one half of one percentage point separates clinton and sanders, and trump and cruz. that means the losing candidate could call for a recount. the votes are still being counted at this hour.
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could mean a fourth win for gop candidate donald trump or first and only win for ted cruz in yesterday's primaries. >> on the democratic side, if hillary clinton wins missouri she would sweep all of the contests. otherwise sanders wins, he like cruz would clirnlg his only win of the five states. most notable win, trump in florida. marco rubio is suspending his campaign. ashley has more on how that affects the republican race. breaking news, a crash on the howard frankland northbound into tampa and we are starting to see delays building. you can see it here. the cars almost at a standstill trying to get by in a single- file line around this crash. let's check drive times, i'm noticing again, they start to increase a little. in the middle, 8 minutes to cross the howard frankland, still just two minutes slow but again unless they can move the cars quickly this drive time is going to increase. if you can get to either the
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might save you some time this morning. elsewhere in the bay area we're in pretty good shape, construction on the veterans expressway has cleared so you're good to go there. 66 the average speed heading southbound. 275 and 75 both in the green southbound heading to i-4. we have some fog but i just checked, the sunshine skyway still open. >> good news. >> but do drive with caution especially right at the top. >> where we have the low clouds, that will continue as we head through this morning. in fact sea fog will be an issue but look at, this inland sections now beginning to get in on the fog as well. lakeland at zero. nothing worse than that. brooksville 2. and along the south is where we're going to continue to see the sea fog and it will last longer through the morning. in fact we have a dense fog advisory for 20 nautical miles and out. look at the bays by the way, this goes through 11:00 a.m. for visibility that will be at times under a mile.
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we'll manage the low to mid-80s by the afternoon. especially away from the coast. along the beaches, like yesterday, staying in the 70s there. low 80s with high humidity, makes it feel like mid-80s through the afternoon. the forecast coming up. rain chances back in the 7-day forecast. it's 5:33. question want to get back to democracy 2016 -- after losing his home state marco rubio suspends his campaign and sets social media on fire with speculation about what happens next. >> abc action news reporter ashley yore is at the social wall. one tweet in particular caught your attention? >> reporter: that's right. it's here. it came from, who else, donald trump. he clipped a video of marco rubio saying "i believe with all my heart that the winner of florida primary next tuesday will be the nominee of the republican party." then he wrote "thanks marco, i agree." there was posted at 8:16 last night, a clear jab at rubio there.
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front of supporters in miami- dade, the only county he did win. he's called trump's politics divisive. in the past rubio pledged to throw his support behind any republican nominee, he tells us he's not ready to go back on that pledge just yet but says he thinks trump would lose a general election and doesn't agree with trump's views. >> i just find what he's doing unacceptable. the profanity, the disrespect, the division and disunity he's creating, this exploiting of peoples' frustration and anker to win an election. that is not leadership, that is not even conservatism. i just think it's damaging to the party, the conservative country. i hope enough voters realize that before it's too late. >> reporter: what happens to rubeoes's 163 delegates? when a candidate drops out of the race delegates are "unbound" and open to vote for the candidate they choose at the convention. so if trump doesn't win a
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163 delegates could have a big impact at the convention, but keep it in mind, rubio hasn't officially dropped out. just suspended his campaign. coming up at 6:00 -- i'm going to show you the county by county breakdown of last night's votes. to the same point you just heard rubio making his speech, president obama shared a similar view on the gop frontrunner donald trump this morning >> president obama says he's deeply disturbed by the vulgar and divisive rhetoric directed at women and minorities as well as the violence in the 2016 presidential campaign. his comments were directed at the republican frontrunner donald trump. trump has been under fire for violence and chaos at his rallies this. man who tried to charge the stage at a donald trump rally in ohio is now facing federal charges. 22-year-old thomas dimassio is charged with illegally entering a restricted area. this misdemeanor could result in a year in prison. thomas dimassimo jumped a barricade and rushed to the stage on saturday, able to
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a scary moment at the polls yesterday in cleveland. where a worker was arrested after flashing a gun at a polling station. two poll workers got in an argument over the way to handle a situation with a voter, one of the workers was asked to leave. that worker responded but someone was -- that someone was "going to die" and showed a gun in his bag. police picked him up a few blocks from the polling location. just over a month after justice antonin scalia's unexpected death president obama appears ready now to name his replacement on the supreme court. an announcement could come as soon as today. sources say the president's team has finished vetting potential candidates. all that remains now, for the president to decide which of the candidates he wants to nominate. the eventual nominee could have trouble being confirmed. senate republicans vow to block any nominee president obama makes. we're waiting to find out if a tampaa heights man will face charges for shooting and killing a suspected burglar. police say just before 1:00 yesterday christopher solomon heard what he thought was
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way in through the back door of his home. so he grabbed a gun. found a stranger in his kitchen and opened fire killing that intruder. police say he fired several shots. >> just like pop, pop, pop. then followed by another set, probably maybe like six shots total. but again, it's always felt like a safe community. the neighbors all look out for each other. >> police haven't reload the name of the intruder. at this hour. solomon hasn't been arrested or charged. the state attorney's office is now reviewing the case. a st. pete man is now being charged with manslaughter for a deadly bar fight. authorities say last month he got into a fight with christopher malensky at angelo's bar and grill in downtown. police say bobby ryan punched christopher who hit his head on week. won bobby ryan is now charged
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many wonder why the wife of the suspected shooter in kalamazoo kalamazoo didn't call 911 the night of the shooting. jason dalton is accused of killing six people. the family lawyer saying jason dalton told his wife he was sideswiped by a taxi. dalton also gave his wife a loaded gun and instructed another stay home and not to call her parents. did she ever think to call 911? >> she did not. >> never? never even contemplated the idea? >> she did not and didn't know of any of the events as i said until the sheriffs' deputies arrived. she said to him i wouldn't call my parents at this hour anyway. it was about 8:30 at night and had no reason to call her parents. she didn't watch the news that night. >> jason dalton faces 16 criminal charges including six counts of murder, just yesterday we learned he told investigators his uber app took over his body and made him shoot at random targets. dalton will have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation
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an update now, months of back and forth over the ferguson troubled police force. the city just agreed to overhaul the entire department and its local court system. part of the latest efforts to move forward a year and-a-half after unarmed teen michael brown was shot to death by a police officer. brown's death sparked the black lives matter movement. and plunged that city into months of upheaval. last night's unanimous vote approves a u.s. justice department plan to restructure the ferguson police department. the doj's civil rights division says this is "an important step toward guaranteeing all citizens protections from our constitution." washington, dc's entire subway system is shut down. it's the first ever move meant to keep passengers safe. metro officials say they are going to spend the day checking for faulty cables after a series of electrical fires on the tracks. the most recent one happened monday and caused massive delays.
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especially along the coast but even some inland sections have to deal with that as well. as we check the bus stop forecast for those of us still in school. temperatures about 70 degrees at sunrise, which is 7:38. then back in the low 80s. no umbrellas needed today. we'll be warm and muggy but that is going to change, our wetter pattern ahead. forecast. still to come -- this is not any florida gator. this is someone's pet. and there's a fight to keep him. >> the academy of motion pictures issues an apology. what part of the show the academy says sorry for and the changes being made so it
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5:44. from pinellas county to hillsborough county on the howard frankland, you have a crash blocking all but one lane on the bridge. janelle martinez has your workaround in a few. breaking overnight -- we're now waiting to find out who is responsible for a deadly bus bombing in pakistan. police say someone planted a bomb under the seat of a bus. government employees were on that bus. when the bomb went off. the blast killed 15 people and wounded nearly 40 more. new this morning -- a 21- year-old american college student learns he will serve 15 years hard labor in a north korean prison.
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convicted otto warmbier of crimes against the state for trying to steal a propaganda been aer from his hotel. last month the university of virginia student made an emotional confession. he said a u.s. church asked him to bring back a trophy from north koreaa. it's still unclear if his confession was voluntary. find an alligator in your house? you will call animal control. >> for one lakeland woman the 6- foot gator in her home is a welcome guest and she's fighting to keep it that way. that is a 125-pound pet gator named "rambo" with his owner, marythorne. she dresses him up, lets him ride in the back of an atv. >> even has a bedroom in her house. she's had "rambo" for 11 years, now officers say now it's grown to six feet she must have 2 1/2 acres of land to keep him on. currently she doesn't have that kind of space.
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fwc today in the fight to keep him. >> we'll stay in touch with mary and let you know what happens. she even says her gator is trained. >> maybe rambo picked her. you know how sometimes -- but you can keep it? is that a thing? >> i guess when it gets too big you have to let it go. >> or have enough space. >> i definitely don't. >> i don't want that pet to turn on me. >> i wonder how small it was when she got it. let's look outside, as we check in on the fog. in fact let's walk to the weather wall so i can describe this for you as far as what is going on. 2-mile visibility in st. petersburg. half a mile in sarasota and quarter mile in venice. we're going to watch this closely, because that is where we had the issues yesterday. so far janelle tells us it's foggy at the top as you would imagine at the skyway but enough visibility where it remains open for now. we'll see fit changes. quarter-mile visibility in lakeland. zephyrhills, the airport there reporting zero.
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sections as well getting in on the fog. the marine issue continues for today. we're going to lift the fog shortly after sunset across the interior sections but right along the coast, 20 miles out, we're going to continue with the fog. that goes through 11:00 a.m. so. once again, if you are going to be headed out with the boat or even if you're going to the beach on the sand it's going to be one of those days where it's going to be murky, damp and rather cool as we have the low clouds. things warm up but it won't happen until midday. low 70s now. on titan doppler radar we see a big change in the forecast coming up the next few days. we have a boundary that is going to come in and stall on top of us. any time weather systems stall you get problems because you get persistent weather with it. happen. some showers tomorrow as the boundary shifts in but i think rainfall. it's beginning friday you begin top of us. we're going to have an area of low pressure develop along it to enhance rain chances through
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pockets of heavier weather beginning to move in, showers and thunderstorms saturday and even lingering into the early with that. so upper 70s along the coast. look at this range, sunshine, getting going across the interior, no fog there, upper 80s, feeling like 90 with the humidity. 30% coverage friday and again for the weekend we're looking at 40 to 50% showers and thunderstorms as far as that day. then through the early part of sunday, looks what happens, this is a front that is going to push some dry cool air behind it. temperatures in the 40s and 50s so we're going to be talking about some much chillier weather the next few days but first we have to get through the fog and through the rainfall. so far skyway still good? so far skyway still open. corey dierdorff is driving around 275 heading towards the crash we've been telling but on the howard frankland. he's not quite there yet. it's not quite as foggy where he is right now heading closer to the howard frankland bridge but we're dealing with some fog out there. let's talk about the crash on
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all but one lane getting through now and you can see traffic starting to back up. this is from pinellas county into hillsborough, only one lane getting through right now. we know a tow truck is on scene so hopefully they will have this moved over, maybe open up at least one more lane here shortly but for now we're seeing some delays. let's check the other bridges. you can see the backup starts around the hump there, so not extending all the way back to st. pete, your other bridges seem to be moving pretty good now. the gandy bridge is travel about 57 miles an hour. and the courtney campbell looking good as well, about 70 miles per hour so if you can get to one of the other bridges you might want to do that. it's taking about 15 minutes to cross the howard frankland now. this is what it looks like at the bottom of the sunshine skyway, you can see it's foggy, traffic advisory issued, people -- highway patrol asking drivers to use their low beams
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you fet to the top there. this morning problems are still mounting for scandal- ridden automaker volkswagen. hundreds of investors are now suing the company for more than $3 billion. investors from the u.s. along with 13 other countries say the scandal has cost them millions. volkswagen has admitted to installing software on many of its diesel vehicles to cheat emissions tests. the company has since apologized and says it's fixing the cause. palm beach county school officials are blaming norovirus for causing hundreds of elementary school students to miss class. at least 100 children a day at citrus grove elementary school in boynton beach have been sick since last week. monday. norovirus can cause diarrhea, vomiting and stomach cramps. it can easily be passed person- to-person. as florida health officials try to deal with the zika virus we are learning that cuba just detected its first domestic case of zika. all previous cases in cuba were
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involves a 21-year-old woman who hadn't left the country. cuba is undertaking a huge evident to kill mosquitos known to trans -- effort to kill the mosquitos known to cause the virus. this morning the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences is taking action to become more racially diverse. it came under fire for not nominating minorities for a second straight year. the film academy apologized for some jokes chris rock made that some say stereotyped asians. three new governors have been added to the board and six new mine orlt -- minority members to leadership positions. one of the most elaborate escapes of all time. >> homeless man is making a new start for himself.
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live pictures there of the pinellas side before you get on the sighway which remains open but -- skyway which remains open but very foggy at the top. use low beams and certainly fog lights if you have them in your vehicle, pointed down. janelle will have an update in a few minutes.
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in some pockets, two and-a-half miles visibility in st. petersburg. sarasota, 3/4, a quarter in venice and even zephyrhills and inland areas where we continue to see dense fog, likewise in lakeland. forecast today, we'll lift the fog especially across the interior quickly, then it will remain along the coast, temperatures this afternoon into the low 80s. still ahead -- the race for the white house is a little smaller this morning with marco rubio suspending his campaign. we'll explain the key role that he could still play. >> plus, a real life ramped up auto, a man sends a car
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we're going to win but more importantly we're going to win
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we're going to win, win, win and we're not stopping >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november! >> they are both celebrating big wins in florida but still waiting to find out if they both won missouri. that state is still counting votes now. we're breaking down the races called while you were sleeping and the final race that is still too close to call. >> what is next for marco rubio after suspending his campaign last night? after the florida votes came in. thank you for joining us on abc. >> first, a bad crash on the howard frankland that is blocking lanes now. you got the work around and all the detail. >> if you're coming from st. pete to tampa, heads up, the howard frankland starting to back up, look at that, we have a crashp blocking all but -- crash blocking all but one lane. cars trying to merge and get through on the one inside lane causing some delays from pinellas county into hillsborough so you definitely
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let's check the drive times. it was showing about 25 minutes to get across the howard frankland, still showing that, 25 minutes so if you can get to the courtney campbell causeway or the gandy bridge those are better options for you because no word yet on how long this crash is going to be there. we know a tow truck is on scene, hopefully they will open up another lane shortly. yesterday all the fog closed the sunshine skyway causing a lot of traffic problems. it's open, this is what it looks like at the bottom of the out there. use caution, make sure you use the low beams as you drive around. we're also seeing fog on i-4 through lakeland and in sarasota. so ivan, we were dealing with fog yesterday and again today. >> let's hope that bridge stays open, with the howard >> that's the alternate. >> it's going to be making a lot of people late to work. the fog continues as janelle mentioned, low 70s, the wind off the water has been the issue with the sea fog.


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