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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  March 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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let's check the drive times. it was showing about 25 minutes to get across the howard frankland, still showing that, 25 minutes so if you can get to the courtney campbell causeway or the gandy bridge those are better options for you because no word yet on how long this crash is going to be there. we know a tow truck is on scene, hopefully they will open up another lane shortly. yesterday all the fog closed the sunshine skyway causing a lot of traffic problems. it's open, this is what it looks like at the bottom of the out there. use caution, make sure you use the low beams as you drive around. we're also seeing fog on i-4 through lakeland and in sarasota. so ivan, we were dealing with fog yesterday and again today. >> let's hope that bridge stays open, with the howard >> that's the alternate. >> it's going to be making a lot of people late to work. the fog continues as janelle mentioned, low 70s, the wind off the water has been the issue with the sea fog.
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along the water and that is why it takes longer to lift. inland sanctions, still patchy dense fog as well but you'll be in much better shape after we get sun, beginning to lift the you. marine dense fog advisory continues through 11:00 a.m. so keep it in mind. it's going to be an issue for our bays and if you're headed out 20 nautical miles, really don't do it until we reach midday, visibility under a mile along the coast there. temperatures in the 70s and then by the afternoon back in the low 80s with, well, feeling warmer with the humidity climbing up as well. we'll have rain in the forecast as well, and a big cooldown, stay tuned. we begin with breaking news from the campaign trail with two races way too close to call at this hour. missouri is still counting the votes on both sides but right now the race is are virtually tied between donald trump and ted cruz on the republican side and hillary clinton and bernie sanders on the democratic side. still though tuesday's primary
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clinton with clinton winning in every other state and trump of course cruising to a big win in florida. >> that victory proved to be the fatal blow for marco rubio's struggling campaign. look at the final results, trump's win in florida was dominant, captured 46% of the vote. even though this is rubio's home state he was not close, nearly 20 points behind trump. abc action news reporter ashley yore joins us with a look at what is next for rubio and how dominant trump's victory was. >> reporter: if you look at the key here, red means donald trump and look how much red is on this map. it's no surprise that marco rubio lost here in his home state but when you really take in this map you can tell just by how much. here in hillsborough county you can see that the total number of votes that trump got, yeah, 51,000, almost 52,000, that is numbers here. the only county that rubio did
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that is where he made his concession speech last night. where a very supportive crowd booed and cheered along with him. >> we are are the descendants of immigrants and exiles who knew and believed that they were destined for more. and that there was only one place on earth where that was possible. this is who we are and let us fight to ensure this is who we remain. for if we lose that about our country, we'll still be rich and we'll still be powerful, but we will no longer be special. >> rubio had positioned himself as the only candidate who could stop trump. he had a few jabs we can't forget like calling trump's hands small and rubio did grab the endorsement of the south carolina governor nikki haley but clearly it just wasn't enough yesterday. people now asking what is next for rubio, many already looking at him as a candidate for florida's governor in 2018 or possibly even heading back to the private sector.
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you rubio could still have a big impact with the gop convention. with trump's near sweep in the tuesday's primaries he's now the only republican candidate who could possibly earn the number of delegates needed to secure the republican nomination without going to a brokered convention. abc action news reporter carson chambers is challenge with the trump campaign and joins us from palm beach. >> reporter: we're inside donald trump's private club in palm beach. hundreds of supporters gathering here tonight to hear him speak after a big victory in florida. and for a victory speech it was pretty toned down. he actually congratulated marco rubio for what he called a great campaign in florida. and then rallying his supporters telling them that the u.s. is going to knock the hell out of isis. >> we're going to start winning again. this country is going to start winning again. [ cheering and applause ] -- we don't win anymore. >> reporter: trump also
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putting him on top but calling out the media, calling some disgusting. in palm beach, carson chambers, abc action news. continuing our democracy 2016 coverage -- the one person who knocked the wind out of trump's sales was ohio governor john kasich who rolled to a win in his home state. his first win of the primary season. kasich's victory in the all or nothing state means he deprived trump of 66 delegates and says he's confident he can still go all the way. >> we are going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination! [ cheering and applause ] -- we've got one more trip around ohio, this coming fall where we will beat hillary clinton and i will become the president of the united states! >> kasich is now stopping in his quest for the white house, back on the campaign trail today in philly. pennsylvania holds its primary next month.
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hillary clinton is waking up in south florida a huge winner securing four key victories including florida. this lays down the groundwork for what we expect to be election. she easily beat bernie sanders in florida and the same true in the three other primary races called last night. after her victories she switched focus from sanders to trump saying a president's job is to bring people together. >> when we hear a candidate for president calling about callingem all immigrants,p banning muslims from entering the united states, when he embraces torture that doesn't wrong! [ cheering and applause ] >> bernie sanders also took shots at trump last night in an hourlong speech full of his usual campaign points.
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showing in the tuesday primaries. again we are watching the votes that are still being counted now in missouri, as soon as we get word the race vs. been called we'll let you know on air and on-line. then coming up at 6:30, we press marco rubio on whether he'll support trump if trump becomes the nominee. 6:07. breaking overnight, two suspects trying to get away from st. pete police get all the way to tampa but their creative efforts to ditch officers didn't go as planned. police say the guys drove away from st. pete officers during a traffic stop and when they got to tampa they tried to get into a nightclub called "hollywood nights" hoping to blend in with the crowd. in the end only one of the suspects actually got in. the other tried to run but a police k-9 caught one him. officers eventually arrested the second suspect, police say they found drugs in their car. a devastating sight as a man on a rampage runs into a store destroying everything in it.
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a dramatic act of revenge.
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we'll be watching today for fireworks over president obama's supreme court nominee. >> we could learn who the president wants to replace, the late antonin scalia as soon as this morning. >> the decision would break the tie before the four liberal
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after his death. there are two possibilities. senate republicans say they won't hold any hearings to consider the president's choices. this morning hundreds of thousands of people in the nation's capital are in for a long exhausting commute to work because of a first ever shutdown of the washington, dc entire subway system. metro officials say they are going to check their faulty cables after a series of electrical fires on the tracks. the most recent one happened monday and caused massive delays. you may remember an incident from last year when a fire caused a train to fill with smoke. the head of the metro system says this closure is necessary to make sure passengers are safe. patchy dense fog for the bus stops, temperatures in the 70s. warm and muggy. by later today, we don't have to worry about rain, a lot of clouds but temperatures despite that in the low 80s with higher heat indices. in a few minutes i'll talking
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which will require umbrellas. then jackets. some breaking news we're covering, some good news, the traffic accident on the howard frankland northbound heading into tampa is now off to the side, all lanes are open, just one flashing light there. we are still seeing some lingering delays. coming up, i'll tell you exactly how long it takes to
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we have an update on the crash on the howard frankland. the lanes are all back open now. the crash is moved to the side. this is northbound so pinellas county to hillsborough county traffic slowly getting back to normal. let's check drive times so you know exactly how long it takes to cross the bay this morning. back to 10 minutes, that is great news, we were seeing drive times of 25 minutes across the howard frankland,
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campbell and the gandy bridge. opening up our cameras, we're still dealing with some fog. this is what it looks like on i- 4 around the polk parkway so if you're in lakeland, getting on the interstate heading to tampa expect fog on the entire drive. also seeing fog south of tampa, you can see it on the map, the area in yellow from sarasota all the way down through venice and part charlotte. if you're driving along u.s. 41 or i-75, again you may want to use the low beams, use caution and leave extra time. so ierve, another morning with some patchy fog. yes, thankfully the skyway remains open at this hour. we're in better shape than yesterday. this is the pinellas side of it. we'll continue to be able to see, and that is good news. as janelle mentioned there are pockets of denser fog. two concerns would be done across the south where the sea fog will continue over the next several hours and into the midday hour. then we have inland sections that are dealing with a little
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so keep it in mind. although across the interior, the fog is going to lift sooner than along the coast. for that reason we have the 11:00 a.m. for coastal waters headed out 20 nautical miles. boating today. the later the better as we the morning. quiet on the southeast satellite and radar. high pressure in charge now but eventually a front will sag in. influence here and that will have a couple of showers in the 20% coverage. that would be about it, but not until friday and into the weekend, the front is not going not yet. it will stall out and then we're going to see the beginning of the disturbance along the front. what that will do is enhance rain chances so by saturday we're up to 50% coverage and into the early part of sunday, what happens in the 7-day happen. temperatures today quite the range, 70s along the coast as we had yesterday.
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beach cam socked in with thely clouds through midday. then the spearier, with more heating temperatures climb in the mid to upper 80s. feeling like 90 because of the humidity. morning fog again tomorrow, 20% chance of showers especially north and 30% coverage friday as the front begins to really approach us and get us into the wetter pattern so. 50% coverage saturday, showers and thunderstorms. in fact some of the thunderstorms could be on the stronger side. we'll watch for that. i'm optimistic about sunday. i think the 30% rain coverage will be through the early part of the day. and we'll salvage at least half the weekend especially with the longer daylight. look what happens monday and tuesday, sunshine does come back for the overnight temperatures crashing into the 50s, even 40s across the north. 6:18. new this morning, a bar fight ends with one man dead, another deadly blow. >> we just got bobby ryan's mug shot in. authorities say last month he got into a fight with
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angelo's grill and bar downtown. authorities say ryan pouched christopher and he died last week. an autopsy ruled death was caused by injuries from the fight and ryan is now charged with manslaughter. a pennsylvania man will plead guilty to hacking on-line accounts. the u.s. attorney's office in los angeles says ryan collins is going to plead guilty. prosecutors say he hacked 100 google and apple accounts, collins would send e-mails to his victims that appeared to be from apple or google. then ask for user names and passwords and access their accounts. collins is now facing up to five years in prison. this is video you need to see. stunning security video of an angry car owner. right there. who drove through a car dealership in china destroying everything in it. chinese media reports the man was suing the dealership over a car he recently purchased. he claims the dealership had threatened to harm his wife to get him to drop the lawsuit so he retaliated.
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the chaos that sent a car careening off a bridge and into the ohio river. first, sony getting into the virtual reality world with a new playstation. here's "tech bytes." a 360-degree view for video gamers. >> sony is showing off its new virtual reality headset for play station, features a 5.7- inch decision play. the $400 headset goes on sale in october. a few changes on instagram. first changing the order of posts. chronological timeline. instead the app will focus on items the user cares most does. also on instagram, yeah, pope francis. >> the pontiff begins posting selfies and other pictures this saturday march 19th. he'll use the handle @franciscus. >> the pope met with the founder who talked about the people. >> he's doing well on social media.
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6:24. wednesday morning. another morning a lot like yesterday with foggy conditions throughout much of the bay area. you are looking live at an fdot camera, i-4 and polk parkway. you're going to see fog along the i-4 corridor as well as much of i-75, especially
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manatee and sarasota. janelle and ivan are teeming up to make sure you get to where you need to go on time. you may remember this dramatic confession from a university of virginia student who is detained in north korea for stealing a political sign. new this morning north korea just sentenced him to 15 years in prison with hard labor. last month the american admitted to taking a propaganda been aer from a hotel where he was staying. banner. north korea calls this a crime against the state. new developments now in the zika virus, there's the first case of the mosquito-borne illness just reported in cuba. >> even more troubling for the island nation the 21-year-old patient hasn't traveled outside the country. this comes as a new study ties zika even more to a dangerous birth defect. researchers studied a zika outbreak in french pollnesia
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women infected with zika during the first trimester of baby had a baby with microself plea. this has been considered a public health emergency by the cdc just last month. we're starting off with some patchy dense fog. we'll continue to track that and the warm-up with wet weather on the way. still ahead -- out of the race but not out of the limelight. the key decision still ahead for marco rubio even though his white house hopes for 2016 are over. >> great news, we're back to normal on the howard frankland, back down to just eight minutes to get across the bridge. the crash that was blocking some northbound lanes earlier is clear. we're still dealing with some fog.
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results are still coming in overnight after a pivotal day of voting that already changed the makeup in the race for the white house. we'll run down the big winners and the one race still up in the air, plus this morning we're going to talk about the role ahead for marco rubio now that he's announced he's suspending his campaign. first, fog is again a problem this morning. how bad is it? >> it's pretty bad out there. you can see it on i-4, ivan? >> not as bad as yesterday where we had the skyway closed. it's currently open, just use extreme caution because at the top still pretty foggy and visibility will continue to be reduced along the coast. look at sarasota, about a mile and a quarter. a little worse earlier. look at venice, 3/4 mile. the shot you saw there was on i-
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in fact if you make are making the drive from lickland and heading in visibility will continue to improve as you head further west but western polk county still socked in with heavy fog along with eastern pasco county. inland sections will lift the fog sooner, sunshine about an hour away and then we'll begin to warm things up. it will lift earlier but along our coast, still looking at the fog through the 11:00 hour, that is when our advisory for marine dense fog expires. 60s and 70s now, muggy, you can feel it, it will continue that way through the day. hour by hour forecast takes use in the 70s. keep in mind, add a few degrees to all of these because that is the heat index, how it feels when it's this muggy outside. no rain today, staying dry and warm but that is going to change in a big way. in fact we're going backward as far as the seasons. stay tuned for that in the 7- day forecast in a few minutes. but, like i said could be worse. the skyway is open and now the howard frankland as well.
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skyway closely, remember it was closed yesterday but you were talking about that patchy fog. look how clear it is on the howard frankland. no fog here and a crash that we were telling but all morning that was blocking some northbound lanes that is clear as well. so you are back up to speed on the howard frankland in both directions. however, we're dealing with fog as ivan mentioned from lakeland to tampa. this is plant city. make sure to use the low beams if you do run into any fog. we're also seeing fog south of tampa from sarasota all the way to port charlotte. yellow. if you're driving along the i- 75 corridor or up the tamiami trail u.s. 41 you want to use caution, maybe even want to leave the house a little early if you're driving in those areas. just in case you do hit some dense fog. we'll watch it, so keep tuned to here and follow me on twitter @tampabaytraffic. still monitoring overnight
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the race in missouri is still too close to call. the votes are still being counted at this hour. right now just 2/10 of a point separates donald trump from ted bernie sanders. still clinton was the big winner on the democratic side claiming victory in every other state including florida. as for donald trump he lost ohio but won every where else forcing marco rubio to suspend his campaign after losing his home state. ashley yore with more. >> reporter: trump clipped a video of marco rubio, was saying "i believe with all my heart that the winner of the florida primary next tuesday will be the nominee of the republican party." he said that last week. then trump wrote "thank you, marco, i agree." that was posted at 8:16 last night acts clear jab at rubio there. rubio bowed out of the race in front of supporters in miami-
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win, called trump's politics divisive. in the past rubio pledged to throw his support behind any republican nominee. he says he's not ready to go back on the pledge just yet but says he thinks trump would lose a general election and doesn't agree with trump's views. >> i just find what he's doing unacceptable. the profanity, the disrespect, the division and disunity he's creating, this exploiting of peoples' frustration and anger to win an election. that is not leadership, that is not even conservatism. i think it's been really damaging to the party, the conservative movement and ultimately the country. i hope enough voters realize that before it's too late. >> another question of what happens to rubio's 163 delegates. when a candidate drops out of the race delegates are unbound and are open to vote for the convention. if trump doesn't win a majority of the delegates those 163 delegates could have a big impact at the convention but keep in mind rubio hasn't
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he has just suspended his campaign. coming up in the sprint i'm going to show you the county by county breakdown of last night's votes. with 18 wins under his belt trump is nearly halfway to the number of delegates he needs to secure the nomination without going to a contested conference. he spent the night in florida thanking supporters and underscoring how crucial it is to bring the party together. >> we have something happening that actually makes the republican party probably the biggest political story anywhere in the world. millions of people are coming in to vote. this was an example of it today. >> where does this leave the republican race? ohio governor john kasich won his first primary last night in his home state but for his campaign to gain steam and overtake trump he needs more wins, odds that rival ted cruz called mathematically impossible. after tuesday's voting both
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voters who were backing rubio. >> very, very, great talented and fine united states senator marco rubio. >> to those who supported marco, who worked so hard we welcome you. with open arms. >> if it comes to a contested convention republican rules only allow nominees who have won at least four states to be considered. as of today only trump and cruz qualify. on the democratic side florida was by far the biggest delegate prize last night. with hillary clinton's win here she now has about 2/3 of the delegates needed to win the nomination. abc action news reporter lauren is following the clinton camp. >> reporter: a proud and confident hillary clinton took the stage here last night after securing leads in many key states and of course taking the state of florida. clinton got these crowds pumped with the promise of jobs for florida through new infrastructure and manufacturing projects. also her plan to cut student debt got a huge reaction of cheers especially from young people.
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the country and said donald trump is not the person to do it. >> and yes, our next president has to bring our country together so we can all share in the promise of america. we should be breaking down barriers, not building walls. [ cheering and applause ] we're not going to succeed by dividing this country. >> reporter: hillary clinton is now looking toward the general election, she said she's feeling very confident about the amount of votes she's secured last night and is hoping she's just that much closer to securing the democratic nomination for president. in west palm beach, lauren rosella, abc action news. democracy 2016 coverage continues on-line now. we have county by county results of how the votes break down in florida and also summaries of the other big wins. let's check with ivan for a look at the forecast on this wednesday. >> areas of patchy fog, reduced visibilities. in fact in some pockets significantly. i'll be back with the update in a few minutes.
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the sunshine skyway, it was closed yesterday due to fog. we still have fog out there but it's a lot better. the sunshine skyway wide open now. also checking the other interstates, i-4 seems to be the slowest spot heading into tampa, 49 the average speed. we have some foggy conditions there but looking great on i-75 and 275. still ahead -- a guy with a sword broke into his neighbor's house. but that neighbor was ready to fight back. wait until you hear how this
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this morning a fort worth, texas, police officer is in critical condition after a shootout with a man wanted on assault charges. >> police killed that suspect during a shootout. police tried pulling over the suspect yesterday afternoon but he sped off. the suspect and adult son were in the car.
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they are accused of shooting police officer matthew pierce multiple times. that officer is in the hospital in critical condition. police killed the suspect and took his son into custody who is now facing attempted murder charges. an update on months of back and forth over the ferguson, missouri troubled police force. the city just agreed to overhaul the entire police department and its local court system. it's part of the latest efforts to move forward a year and-a- half after unarmed teen michael brown was shot and killed by a police officer. his death of course sparked the black lives matter movement and plunged that city into months of upheaval. last night unanimous vote approves a u.s. justice department plan to restructure the ferguson police department. the doj's civil rights division says "this is an important step toward guaranteeing all citizens protections of our constitution." 6:42. a live look from one of our cameras, looking at the sunshine skyway, it's open this morning after the fog from yesterday.
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be the howard frankland? yes. it is the howard frankland bridge. leading you from pinellas county into tampa. if you're part of that morning rush hour janelle is going to have the live drive time there. but we're also watching the fog and seeing how that is going to stick around today.
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you might run into some areas of patchy fog if you're running out the door, along the i-75 corridor through sarasota and i- 4 but once you get to downtown tampa you are wide open and clear. that fog tends to lift and you have a clear ride all the way from here down towards the howard frankland bridge. let's check the drive times on i-4, a little slow this morning, 26 minutes from lakeland into downtown, 15 minutes from county line road to 75 and 11 minutes from 75 to 275. if you're heading to the veterans expressway pretty typical drive times for this time of morning. 21 minutes from 54 to 275 and seven minutes from waters to 275. the past two days we've been talking about the fog. how long is it going to last? more fog this morning, it continues especially along the beaches for, well, a number hours at this point. as we look live outside, nice palm there. not much breeze and along the coast it's bringing us southwesterly winds off the
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have been iffy. it's hard to see outside as we check in on portions of sarasota county, manatee down to a quarter mile in lakeland and zephyrhills as well. it will be patchy. we're not completely socked in with fog, so you head out, you think you're clear and then hit a wall of very dense spots. keep it in mind especially coming from polk county heading morning. by the way the marine dense fog continues, 11:00 a.m. so that just gives you an indication of how longs we think the sea fog will hold on. you can barely see it on the infrared but the low clouds are there, believe me. there's the front that is going to be bothering us the next few days. i think tomorrow a couple of showers with it, that is about it, especially across the nature coast and then it sags further south, friday rain chances going up 30%, then an area of low pressure moves along here, that will enhance our rainfall, in fact for saturday i think that will be the wetter of the two weekend days, rain chances 50% to 60%. keep it in mind if you're
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looks better, not great butber. 70s along the coast, look at the spread, low 80s and then mid to upper 80s say, polk, hardy desoto and highlands county. like yesterday heat indices approaching 90 degrees. a little fog earlier this morning, tomorrow morning as well, 20% coverage of showers. that increase tots 30 on friday and really getting going with showers and thunderstorms as well on saturday. early part of sunday you -- i am thinking showers and then clearing late day, so sunny on monday and tuesday. widespread 40s to the north. 50s in tampa with highs in the low to mid-70's. breaking overnight in pakistan, a bomb placed under a seat ripped through a bus carrying government employees. that bomb killed 15 people and injured nearly 40 others. so far no group has claimed responsibility, but suspicion will likely fall on the
6:49 am
allies have been waging a war on the country's government for more than a decade. investigators now believe a crash into train tracks caused a train derailment in kansas. we first told but this monday morning on abc action news, that amtrak was traveling from l.a. to chicago when it derailed in kansas. the accident injured 32 people. investigators now say the tracks may have been shifted by an earlier impact from farming equipment. the ntsb is now investigating and plans to be on the scene for about a week. early this morning water search and rescue teams ended their search for drivers and passengers of a car that plunged off a bridge into the ohio river. witnesses say a car pushed the truck off during a chain reaction crash and drivers who witnessed this called it horrifying. initial reports say four people were in that car but it's not confirmed by crash investigators. this morning scandal for
6:50 am
the company is now being sued by investors for $3 billion. the u.s. and other countries say volkswagen cost them millions. the company apologized for cheating on emissions tests and says it's fixing the cars. indianapolis police are trying to figure out why a man armed himself with a sword and tried to break into his neighbor's house. the neighbor said he found his neighbor at his front door with a sword. the guy says he threw something at the glass door and swung the sword. the homeowner grabbed a golf club and hit his neighbor on the head in self-defense. >> i have no -- at no point did he say anything that would indicate he wanted to get me. i don't even know why he -- why our house this morning. >> that man says he's never had any dispute with his neighbor before. the suspects had either been intoxicated or severed a mental
6:51 am
episode according to police. will a tampa man face charges for shooting and killing a suspected burglar? police tell us before 1:00 yesterday christopher solomon heard what he thought was someone trying to force their way into the back of his home. he then grabbed a gun, found the stranger in his kitchen and opened fire killing the intruder. police say he fired several shots. >> just like pop, pop, pop followed by another set, probably maybe about six shots total. but again, always felt like a safe community and the neighbors all look out for each other. >> police haven't released the name of the intruder, at this hour solomon has not been arrested for charged in the shooting and the state attorney is now reviewing this case. in about two hours testimony will resume in st. pete in hulk hogan's sex tape lawsuit. yesterday the founder of gawker media stated the public's right to know usually trumps a celebrity's right to privacy even if that right to know
6:52 am
nick denton added he believes gawker's story had value he believed was interesting to millions of people. hulk hogan is suing gawker for $100 million for invasion of privacy. we're monitoring a lakeland woman's fight to keep a gator in her home. marythorne has had "rambo" for 11 years but officers say now that he's grown to 6 1/2 feet long she needs two and-a-half acres of land to keep him on. she doesn't this that v that and is set to have a meeting on this today. a homeless man in california getting a new start thanks to his effort to help put inmates who escaped from a southern california prison back behind bars. >> matt chapman saw the escaped inmates in a whole foods parking lot and called authorities. he's now getting a $100,000 reward. he says he learned about it from a newspaper he saw at a
6:53 am
he's currently living in a public park. he says he will use the reward money to start a new life. the inmates he spotted were two of three that escaped from the orange county jail in january. 6 5 :3. time for the morning sprint. we count down to "good morning, america." >> breaking democracy 2016 coverage. votes in missouri are still being counted, with virtual ties between donald trump and ted cruz and hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> in florida trump easily beat hometown candidate marco rubio. trump's win proved to be the deadly blow to rubio's struggling campaign. reporter ashley yore joins us with a look at rubio's swan song. >> and the one florida county that wanted rubio over trump. >> reporter: look at the key. red means donald trump and his win, when you look at this map is clear. it's not a big surprise that marco rubio lost in his home state but when you look at this map you really can tell by how much.
6:54 am
miami-dade, that is where he made his concession speech last night where a very supportive crowd booed and cheered along with him. in the past he said he'll support any republican nominee but he's been against trump's politics wimp he calls divisive. we're going to continue to watch what happens with rubio and how his 163 delegates are going to effect the gop convention. for the democratic nomination hillary clinton easily won over bernie sanders in florida. the same is true in three other called primaries. >> new in the morning sprint -- sarasota police officer charged with dui is going to stay on administrative leave. officers say juan james was arrested monday morning, was already on leave for another incident that happened in august. officer james has been with the sarasota police force since 201 . -- 2011. sarasota naacp leaders will announce today they are launching a ballot initiative for a "real police review board."
6:55 am
members are not independent enough to protect minorities from bad policing. with daylight savings time it's still dark when a lot of kids going to school. and pinellas county wants to make the routes safer for kids that ride bikes to class. >> they will hand out free bicycle lights to students at schools throughout the county. state law requires bike lights when riding in dark hours. good morning. you might run into some fog as you head to work or school. we are keeping a close eye on the sunshine skyway, much better than yesterday, it was closed for most of the morning due to fog but it's wide open now. most of the fog we're seeing is along the i-4 corridor all the way from lakeland to tampa. so if you run into any you want to use the low beams, maybe leave a few minutes early in those areas. if your drive on 275 pretty normal, 22 minutes to get from the apex to i-4. looking pretty good by later on today, temperatures in the upper 70s by noon and 82 as we head into 4:00 with overnight lows back in the 70s.
6:56 am
rain chances going up beginning friday. wrapping up, tuesday's presidential primaries, missouri still too close to call, could lead to a recount. donald trump won three states, john kasich took ohio, senator marco rubio suspended his campaign last night after finishing second here in florida. hillary clinton extended her lead over bernie sanders winning four states. in our democracy 2016 coverage -- coming up next on "good morning, america" george stef nop loss will sit down with donald trump. >> keep up to date with us on air and on twitter and facebook.
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good morning, america. split decision. donald trump winning big in florida. >> we're going to win, win, which, and we're not stopping. >> and john kasich scoring his first victory in his home state of ohio. >> i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. >> as marco rubio drops out. >> it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016 or maybe ever. the race now entering uncharted waters as hillary clinton moves closer to locking up the democratic nomination and takes direct aim at the gop front-runner. >> our commander in chief has to be able to defend our country, not embarrass. >> our team breaks down the


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