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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  March 16, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we've gotten used to the warm and muggy conditions. stand by for the extended forecast in a bit. the marine dense fog advisory is until 11:00. temperatures get back in the low 80s beginning 2:00. factor in the humidity as well because it's going to feel sultry. what we have essentially, a frontal boundary that is well up to our north, it will eventually get here and stall and that is never good because that means rain chances begin friday and continue into the early part of the weekend. timing, who gets the heaviest of the weather and what happens
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coming up in a few. one last time to the traffic center, let's check the roads with janelle. the fog has cleared up so no problems with the fog to tell you about. it's clear at i-275 and fowler. the interstates wide open in hillsborough and pinellas county. but we have one problem, it's going to be south of here in venice, south of sarasota, you can see the crash here northbound i-75 just before you get to river road. the backup extends all the way to north toledo blade boulevard. if you know someone heading this way on i-75 you want to tell them to get off at toledo blade and take u.s. 41 to river road to get back to the interstate. no telling how long that crash is going to be there. the sunshine skyway, we've been watching this all day because yesterday it was closed due to fog. we woke up this morning with a travel advisory but it never closed completely. right now crystal clear on the sunshine skyway, just nine
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back to you. 9:02. we start with breaking news from the campaign trail with two races still way too close to call at this hour. missouri is still counting the votes on both sides. right now the races are virtually tied between donald trump and ted cruz on the republican side and hillary clinton and bernie sanders on the democratic side. still tuesday's primary day belonged to trump and clinton with, clinton winning in every other state and the big win in florida for trump. >> that proved to be the final blow for marco rubio's struggling campaign. donald trump captured 46% of the vote. even though it's rubio's home state he was not close, nearly 90 points behind trump. ashley yore joins us with the county by county breakdown of the trump win. i want to show you that key
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now you look at this. he really dominated. it's not a big surprise that marco rubio lost in his home state but when you look at this map you can see by how much. here in hillsborough county you can see that the total of votes that trump got clearly, nearly 52,000, that is the most here and more than double rubio's numbers here. the only county rubio did win, right down here, miami-dade. that is where he made his concession speech last night. where a very supportive crowd booed and cheered along with him. >> we are the descendants of immigrants and exiles who knew and believed they were destined for more and that there was only one place on earth where that was possible. this who we are. and let us fight to ensure this is who we remain. for if we lose that about our country we'll still be rich,
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but we will no longer be special. >> reporter: rubio positioned himself as the only candidate that can stop trump. a few jabs at trump. rubio did grab an endorsement of the south carolina governor but clearly wasn't enough yesterday. people now asking what is next for rubio. many already looking at him for candidate for florida governor in 2018 or possibly heading back to the private sector altogether. at 9:30. why rubio could still impact way. with trump's near sweep he's now the only republican candidate who could possibly earn the number of delegates needed to secure the republican brokered convention. abc action news reporter carson chambers is traveling with the trump campaign and joins us from palm beach. >> reporter: we're inside donald trump's private club in palm beach. hundreds of supporters gathering here tonight to hear
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in florida. for a victory speech it was pretty toned down. he actually congratulated marco rubio for what he called a great campaign in florida. then rallying his supporters, telling them that the u.s. is going to knock the hell out of isis. >> we are going to start winning again. this country is going to start winning again. [ cheering and applause ] -- we don't win anymore. >> reporter: trump also thanking florida voters for putting him on top, calling out the media, calling some disgusting. in palm beach, carson chambers, abc action news. continuing our democracy 2016 coverage -- the one person who knocked the wind out of trump's sales was ohio governor john kasich who rolled to a win in his home state. the first win of the primary season for him. kasich's victory and in the all or nothing -- in the all or
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trump of 66 delegates and that means he's confident he can go all the way. >> we're going to go to cleveland and secure the republican nomination. we've got one more trip around ohio, this coming fall where we will beat hillary clinton and i will become the president of the united states! >> kasich is not stopping in his quest for the white house. he's back on the campaign trail today to philadelphia. next month. as for the democrats hillary clinton is waking up in south florida, huge winner including florida. all this lays the groundwork for what is expected to be a showdown with donald trump in the general election. she easily beat bernie sanders in florida, the same true in the three other primaries last night. after her win she took aim at donald trump saying a president's job is to bring people together. >> when we hear a candidate for president call for rounding up
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all muslims from entering the united states, when he embraces torture, that doesn't make him strong, it makes him wrong! [ cheering and applause ] >> bernie sanders also took shots at trump last night in an hourlong speech full of his usual campaign points but didn't refer to his poor showing in the tuesday primary. with hillary clinton's near sweep the democratic race is much clearer today but there's still plenty of questions about side. coming up in 10 minutes i'm going to talk with a political science professor about where the race stands now. new this morning, two suspects trying to get away from the st. petersburg police made it to tampa but their creative efforts to ditch officers didn't go as planned. police say the guys drove away from the st. pete officers during a traffic stop and when they got to tampa they tried to get into a nightclub, hold nights hoping to blend in with the crowd.
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the other tried to run but a police k-9 caught up with him. the second suspect was eventually caught and police say they found drugs in their car. a bar fight ends with a man dead, another facing charges for dealing that deadly blow. bobby ryan's mug shot just came to us. authorities say last month he got into a fight with christopher malensky in a downtown bar and grill in tampa. he died last week. an autopsy revealed his death was a result of injuries from the the fight. ryan is now charged with manslaughter. if you plan on going out drinking for st. patrick's day tomorrow aaa urges you have a designated driver or a cab, or call 855-286-9246, to to go -- tow to go. a tow truck will take you and
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dealing with a metro-apom lips. the nightmare of a commute after the entire subway system is shut down. >> flint, michigan, isn't the only city dealing with a toxic water crisis now. where are thousands of students being tested for elevated lead levels now? >> a live web cast now on dental implants. if you have questions whether you are a candidate or not call the number on the screen or head to
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new development in now. president obama will announce his supreme court nominee this morning at 11:00. >> his decision will break the tie between the four conservative justices and the four liberal justices remaining death. >> sources say the president's short list is down to just three people.
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srinivasan and garland and paul wattford. abc action news will stream the president's announcement live on our web site, go to to see it. it was a long morning commute for hundred of thousands of people in the nation's capital this morning. washington, dc's entire subway system is shut down. metro officials say they are checking for faulty cables after a series of electrical fires on the tracks. the most recent happened on monday and caused massive delays. you may remember this incident from last year when a fire caused a train to fill with smoke inside a tunnel. the head of the metro system says the closure is necessary to make sure the passengers are safe. the system is expected to reopen tomorrow morning at 5:00. new developments, investigators now believe an unreported car crash on train tracks in kansas may have caused the derailment the other day. the amtrak train was traveling from l.a. to chicago monday night when it derailed. 145 passengers and crew on
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when five cars overturned. a telethon to help flint residents in the wake of the lead-tainted water crisis raised more than $1 million. the detroit pistons teamed up with the city to help raise the money. the team's owner says he would match up to $1 million made in donations during yesterday's telethon. it totaled more than $500,000 and the detroit pistons matched that bringing the total to more than $1 million. flintp isn't the only -- flint isn't the only city -- in newark, new jersey, tests show dozens of schools have high lead levels due to aging pipes. >> and more than 30 schools in newark have elevated levels of lead in the water. the school board decided all 17,000 students in that district need to undergo testing for lead. because younger kids are at most risk health officials decided that those students in
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get the blood tests first. some disagree. >> i'm more concerned about the kids who actually can reach the water fountains. in the schools. the toddlers are too short. >> officials say the water supply is fine, they say it's the only pipes and fittings inside the buildings that are to blame. for the spike in lady levels. newark schools recently admitted he knew about the lead levels more than a year before parents were notified. take a look at this, people in eastern iowa, western illinois cleaning up after a strong line of thunderstorms we were following yesterday. that moved across the state. it spawned a number of tornadoes. in fact numerous reports of hail as well, upwards of 50 and we actually had tennis-ball sized hail coming down. >> it's dangerous. >> absolutely. causing damage and also can cause injuries. look at some of the ping pong sized hail. not as big as some but this
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quite a dynamic storm system which is now at this point not triggering severe weather but guess what? we're talking about very heavy rainfall and heavy snow on the back side of it here. that's what we have going. i'm showing you this because in weather everything is connected this. area of low pressure very intense, continues to head to the north and east. the associated cold front extends well down to the south. it's this front that is going to stall out the next few days across the southeast. not much going on here yet but once it reaches our area, by the time we get to friday then things get more interesting because of course we have our body of water, the gulf and you get disturbances along the front and that will enhance rain chances. this low getting going. if you have outdoor plans for the weekend keep in mind saturday not looking good now. with showers and numerous thunderstorms developing. i think we're probably going to be able to salvage half the weekend, in sunday, early parts, still showers and then we'll begin to clear out. by the way, the snow up to the north, that cold air is going to funnel in all the way down
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so that by early next week we'll get into some chilly temperatures, no question about it. certainly colder than we've been and it's going to be a shock to the system because we have been with summer temperatures here in the mid and upper 80s with the humidity, as high as it's been, feels like 90 degrees in the afternoon. along the coast you see the yellow indicating that southwest flow, that will keep you much cooler along the beaches, it will also keep the fog a little longer so keep it in mind as well. i think again tomorrow morning with all the moisture around some morning fog, a couple of showers for the nature coast as the front begins to head down to the south, not much doing with that thursday but it's friday that it arrives with showers and then we get into the showers and thunderstorms, heavy rainfall heading into saturday, temperatures in the 70s and then as i mentioned, i think sunday we're in better shape. the latter part of the day, as the front clears out and look what happens, overnight temperatures, when you see 50s in tampa you know what we're doing.
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only approaching 70 degrees on monday. 9:18. going in depth in our dpoksy 2016 coverage, with the road to the white house clearer for the democrats this morning, hillary clinton winning four of five states, that is not so much the case for the republicans. john kasich of course beat trump in ohio, marco rubio has suspended his campaign after losing to trump in florida. so a lot of folks are asking what is next. frank orlando, a political science professor at st. leo university joins us to hopefully sort this out. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. there's a lot to sort out. >> any big surprises nor you last night? >> not surprised necessarily that donald trump won in florida. our poll predicted he would win and it's pretty accurate. not surprised that hillary won but maybe the margins on election day, the fact that marco rubio only one won one of
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donald trump won, in pasco county for example he won over 50% of the vote. it's a little surprising, but not surprising that he won though. >> in ohio, he didn't win. >> right. >> what is the likelihood now we could see a brokered convention with kasich's win? >> i think ohio makes it more likely. had trump won ohio and florida last night it would be very difficult to stop him from getting to the 1,237 delegates but winning owe gives maybe a little -- ohio maybe gives a little more of a chance, however, some of trump's losses in ohio, those lost delegates were made up for by winning a ton of delegates in illinois and missouri. so because of that he might almost be back on track to getting that 1,237 even while losing ohio. >> donald trump has the most delegates and if he's denied the nomination what kind of trouble does that set up? >> you can already see the cleveland police department is trying to get riot gear in. they are pretty nervous about the kind of stuff that can happen.
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the democrats in 1968 in chicago but just look at what has been happening at some of the trump rallies already in chicago this last week. you can imagine a situation where if trump comes in with 1100 delegates or 1200 delegates and ends up not winning the nomination there's going to be major unrest. >> i have to ask you quickly, hillary clinton now, convincing wins, does she wrap this up now? is it over basically? >> i think at this point the sanders campaign is almost just a symbolic campaign, a protest campaign. he's going to keep competing, it's what he wants to do but numerically it doesn't look like the numbers are going to be there. he couldn't follow up the michigan surprise with anything yesterday. >> thank you so much for joining us, frank.
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new information this
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investors it could lose up to $1 a share or worse in the first quarter as the company continues to deal with several food safety issues. the announcement is a big disappointment for investors who expected the company to report an adjusted profit of 4 cents a share. among the food safety issues several other factors are hurting chipotle's bottom line. among them higher cost to increase marketing and promotions and higher food costs due to additional food safety protocols. jetblue is adding a new non- stop service and increasing flights on existing routes out of flad. you will now be able to fly nonstop from fort lauderdale to new orleans. the airline is also adding more flights to nassau, bahamas. they are planning to put up 140 years. uber has a new food
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called uber eats, available in five cities, not tampa yet. there are plans to expand. uber users have already been able to get food delivered using the ride hailing service's primary app but the company says requesting a ride and ordering a meal are two totally different things and each need their own home. the new app is available for ios and android devices. we're doing a live web cast on dental implants. if you have questions 855-544- 5092. , or go to it runs until 10:00 this
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win by that kind of a number is incredible. >> thank you all so very much! >> 9:30. both the republican and democratic frontrunners won big last night and this morning a shake-up in the race for president. >> what is next for marco rubio? after suspending his campaign? we look at how he can still be a major player in the presidential race. good morning, thank you for joining us or abc action news at 9 med 30. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm lindsay logue. we're going to break down the big moments and upsets from the primaries in a moment. first, ivan, we had fog issues, a lot like yesterday. a lot of it is lifting but still murky. we have the low clouds and we're going to continue with that, temperatures now in the 70s but eventually we'll make it into the 80s as we head through later on today. it's going to be another warm
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we go hour by hour, 10:00 we'll be much better shape and then the clouds lift. upper 70s and low 80s by 2:00. take the lunch outside but keep in mind it will be quite muggy and that will continue as we head through tonight. we got big changes in the extended forecast not only as rain comes in but a big cooldown. more on that in the next forecast. we are still monitoring the votes in the 2016 presidential race. virtual tie in both races in missouri means we'll have to wait to find out who won the final state in tuesday's primaries. right now just 2/10 of a point separates donald trump from ted cruz and hillary clinton from bernie sanders. still though clinton was the big winner on the democratic side claiming victory in every other state including florida. at for donald trump, he lost ohio but won everywhere else including florida forcing marco rubio to suspend his campaign after losing his home state. >> our abc action news reporter ashley yore shows trump was
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>> reporter: i have his tweet here, from donald trump. yeah, he clipped this video that i'm playing now of marco rubio saying i believe with all my heart that the winner of the florida primary next tuesday will be the nominee of the republican party. that was from earlier in the week. then donald trump wrote "thanks marco, i agree." that was posted at 8:16 last there. in miami-dade, the state rubio politics divisive. he says he's not ready to go back on the pledge of supporting the republican nominee. but, he does say he doesn't agree with trump's views.
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to win an election, it's not leadership. it's not even conservatism. i think it's been damaging to the party, the conservative country. i hope enough voters realize that before it's too late. >> reporter: another question, what happens to rubio's 163 delegates? when a candidate drops out of the race delegates are unbound and are open to vote for the convention. if trump doesn't win a majority of the delegates those 163 delegates could have a big impact at the convention, but keep in mind rubio hasn't officially dropped out, just suspended his campaign. another question is what rubio will do next. there's talk about him running for florida governor or going back to the private sector, we're going to keep watching what he does and how his delegates will affect the gop convention. with 18 wins trump its nearly halfway to the number of delegates he needs to secure the nomination without going to a contested conference. he spent last night in florida
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underscoring how crucial it is to bring the party together. >> we have something happening that actually makes the republican party probably the biggest political story anywhere in the world. millions of people are coming in to vote. this was an example of it today. >> reporter: where does this leave the republican race? ohio governor john kasich won his first primary last night in his home state. but for his campaign to gain steam and overtake trump he needs more wins. odds that rival ted cruz called mathematically impossible. after tuesday's voting kasich and cruz appealed to voters to back rubio. >> very great talented and fine rubio. >> to those who supported marco, who worked so hard we welcome you. with open arms. >> if this does come to a contested convention republican rules only allow nominees who considered, right now that
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on the democratic side delegate prize last night and with hillary clinton's win here she now has about 2/3 of the nomination. abc action news reporter lauren row sella joins from us the clinton camp. >> reporter: a very proud and confident hillary clinton took the stage here last night after securing leads in many key states and of course taking the state of florida. clinton got the crowds pumped with the promise of jobs for florida through new infrastructure and manufacturing projects, also her plan to cut student debt got a huge reaction of cheers especially from young people. she also talked about uniting the country and said donald trump is not the person to do it. >> and yes, our next president has to bring our country together so we can all share in the promise of america. we should be breaking down barriers, not building walls. we're not going to succeed by dividing this country!
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now looking toward the general election, she said she's feeling very confident about the amounts of votes she secured last night and is hoping she's just that much closer to securing the democratic nomination for president. in west palm beach, lauren rosella, abc action news. democracy 2016 coverage continues on-line now. we have a county by county breakdown of how the votes were cast in florida and also summaries of the other big wins. just in to the newsroom -- three people are under arrest now after crashing their car into a st. pete police cruiser earlier this morning. this happened at 12th avenue south and 29th street. that car was empty at the time. the three suspects bailed out of their car after the crash and took off. all three were caught a short distance away. the charges against the three are currently pending. this morning we're waiting to find out if a tampa heights man will face charges for shooting and killing a suspected burglar. police say just before 1:00 yesterday christopher solomon heard what he thought was someone trying to force their way into the back door of his
9:37 am
he grabbed a gun, found a stranger in his kitchen and opened fire killing the intruder. police say he fired several shots. >> just like pop, pop, pop, followed by another set, probably maybe about six shots total. but again, this is always felt like a safe community, the neighbors all look out for each other. >> as of now police haven't released the name of the intruder and solomon hasn't been arrested or charged. the state attorney's office is reviewing the case. a sarasota police officer charged with dui is going to stay on administrative leave. officers say juan james was arrested monday morning, he was already on leave for another incident in august. officer james has been with the sarasota police department since 2011. naacp leaders have announced they are launching a ballot initiative for "real police review board." the leaders believe current
9:38 am
independent enough to protect minorities from bad policing." and today the department of transportation officials will hand out free bicycle lights to students and schools in the county. state law requires bike lights when riding in dark hours. >> four innocent scapegoats. >> small crime, harsh punishment. the reason north korea said it had no choice but to force this american to spend more than a decade in a work camp. >> plus, ladies, its the excuse we've all been waiting for. coming up, we're going to tell you why a new study says we need more sleep than men. >> happening now -- a live web cast on dental implants. if you have questions about whether you might be a candidate call 855-544-5092. or go to
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dramatic confession from a university of virginia student. he's detained in north korea for stealing a political sign. new this morning north korea just sentenced the american to 15 years hard labor. last month the man admitted to taking a propaganda banner from a hotel where he was staying. and north korea calls this a crime against the state. new video this morning shows a dramatic escape from a canadian prison. this happened in 2013 but this video that was just now being released shows two prisoners dangling by a rope from a helicopter outside the quebec detention center. prosecutors revealed this video during the trial for one of those escapees. two accomplices hindle the helicopter and forced the pilot to fly over the jail where the inmates were waiting. the inmates were captured just a few hours later. new developments in the zika emergency. the first case of the illness has been reported in cuba. >> even more troubling for cuba the 21-year-old patient hasn't traveled outside the country.
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defects. researchers studied the outbreak in french polynesia, found one out of every 100 women infected with it had a baby born with microcephaly which causes brain damage. the world health organization declared this link a public month. hey ladies, if you like the snooze button ins morning there's a good reason for it. a study shows we need more sleep than men. >> finally! >> researchers from the uk say women's brains are wired differently than men's and are also more complex. that means we use more of our brain than men and need more time to recover. >> makes sense. >> it does. the study found that women need 20 minutes more sleep every night than men do. and also found not enough sleep can cause worse health problems for women. the department of transportation is now working on plans to repair this highway destroyed by a mudslide in northern california. the ground there is so saturated with rainwater, the
9:44 am
started to wash away earlier this week. the highway patrol officially closed the highway late monday night. state officials expect even more of that roadway to break off. >> we keep saying this. they need the rain and unfortunately with california it doesn't come with a light rain, it comes in a deluge. with the el nino that finally kicked in for them. for us it's been quiet though we've gotten california's weather with the rain that we've had of late. those systems of course across north america traveled to west- to-east usually and make it here but right now we're in between systems and south tampa looks fantastic. in fact so nice we've been getting out to the beaches. a little cloud cover yesterday but borer collie didn't mind. frolicking at the beach. by the afternoon you're going to want to jump into a pool or even the water, even though the
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cool for us floridians in the low 70s. 60s and 70s now, it will feel like 90 across the interior this afternoon. coast. widening out the shot, speaking of in between, right? quiet across the southeast but look at the front. very quiet, not doing much now but eventually it will sag south, you'll see on futurecast, you can see showers beginning to pop up. thursday especially across our north, 20% coverage. then that continues heading down to the south, area of low pressure along it, that will move east. that means the friday and into saturday rain chances going up. much higher than we've had as of late here. so keep it in mind as we head into friday and saturday. first part of the weekend looks wet now. temperatures in the 70s, we'll get back in the upper 80s. look at the contrast. so mid and upper 80s across the interior, that southwest wind, that onshore flow, water temperatures still cool enough and that's where we've had the fog and also why we've had temperatures along the beaches, a little more comfortable out there.
9:46 am
have to go inland. 20% coverage for showers tomorrow. well to the north. again not expecting much. most of tomorrow will be dry and we really get going on saturday. the weekend looks awful there but i think for sunday early we'll get the showers going and then we'll be able to clear out, mid-day and later in the afternoon and then what happens after that, well, deiah riley already asking about jackets. they are ready for monday and tuesday. you're going to need them. maybe a little firewood as well, overnight temperatures in the 40s and 50s, back to winter. >> hopefully this is the last blast. police dogs in canton, ohio getting bulletproof vests >> a 11-year-old donated her allowance after hearing about the shooting death of a police canine. thousands of letters of condolence came after losing "jethro," shot and killed while responding to a burglary.
9:47 am
human partner and sent her allowance. her generosity sparked a movement encouraging others to donate. the police officer contacted the little girl's family on facebook and the canton, ohio police department says now that officer is going to meet with her family to say thank you for being so kind. >> i love that. right now 9:47. we're doing a live web cast on dental implants. if you have questions whether you're a candidate call the number on the screen or head to
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good morning. on "positively tampa bay" we start with consumer investigators from the tampa bay area. the topic, on the whole issue of the phone calls, phishing, robo cops, and more on the phone. we have w us, specialist mr. department of agriculture and services. explain the phishing calls and how more 50 scwaited they are getting? >> people can run an internet. a lot of information is available today in terms of phone numbers, addresses, even partial social security numbers. these unscrupulous individuals will contact that person and try to come one a scam explaining how they owe money
9:52 am
something like that, trying to obtain more information regarding their banks or social security numbers to scam the people out of their money. >> the obvious follow-up, what can i as the person answering the phone do to protect myself? >> certainly, if you keep track, regular track of your bank accounts and credit card accounts you'll know what should and shouldn't be there. but if any time anyone calls you on the phone and you have no idea who they are, certainly don't give any information to them. even the rest of your name, they don't have the whole thing and maybe mr. or mrs., whatever. they are phishing for that information. and the more information they can glean from you the more likely it is they may be able to do you some harm. >> when in doubt you just hang up? >> exactly. >> you participated in our phone bank earlier this month and you spoke to a number of people on the robocalls. and on the bill collectors that are quite aaggressive. what was the biggest concern
9:53 am
>> well, with the robocalls obviously we're all victims of that from time to time. if you are receiving those on a regular basis we urge everyone to contact our department and then we can, if possible start an investigation and find out who these people are and obviously get them to stop. >> is there a certain time of year when you see more of these cases of the robocalls? >> sometimes they will be more around this time of year because it's tax season. there will be people calling up and posing as the irs or other bill collectors, or tax preparers saying there's an issue with those sorts of things. >> nice to see you. we will continue our series on consumer protection issues throughout the month of march.
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some low clouds but i think we'll be in pretty good shape later this afternoon. upper 70s to lower 80s. then the rain chances do increase again on friday and continue into the weekend. if you thought winter was done with us? next week. nice and refreshing temperatures. >> the last one? >> hopefully. >> continuing coverage of the top stories now on
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>> today on "fablife"... >> it's lifestyles of the rich and fabulous. >> fab fashion with actress selma blair. >> that's a great idea! i can't be stopped! >> she doesn't even want this to end! >> this is the power of joe zee. >> eat your way to a better body with maria menounos. >> healthy food actually does taste good. it's very good. >> (laughing) >> and hot makeup hacks with a celebrity makeup artist. >> powder isn't always the best look. a little trick, use aerosol deodorant. >> what? (cheers and applause) >> welcome to the lifestyles of the rich and fabulous. >> yeah. (cheers and applause) welcome. >> you guys, we are getting glamorous in here today. chrissy is out, but we'll be showing you some of the most luxurious celebrity homes, super posh makeup hacks with celebrity makeup artist denika


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