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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  March 17, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 a man tried to shoot at officers not once but twice overnight in tampa. >> the man who pulled the trigger is dead this morning. corey dierdorff is on the scene at cherokee avenue explaining how this all started. good morning, corey. >> reporter: good morning, deiah. the 3300 block of cherokee is now shut down in tampa. take a look behind me as you can see forensic investigators are gathering physical evidence. here's what we know so far from tampa police as we just got preliminary information right now. just before 3:00 this morning, a woman inside of the home called 911 saying there was a domestic disturbance at the home. officers rushed to the scene and an armed man rushed at officers, pointed the gun and pulled the trigger. the gun jammed and didn't go off. the man rushed back into the
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of time inside of the home and cam back armed yet again. at this point, the police have grabbed the riot shield and the man raised the gun again pulling the trigger. this time, the gunfired, hitting the riot shield dead center. at least one officer returned fire striking and killing the man. officers were very lucky this morning. >> the officers are very lucky that that's why your training comes in. they knew it was a dangerous situation. they trayed to end it peacefully and tried to engage him in a conversation. i don't know why the gentleman pulled out the gun and fired, built he did. luckily, the shield was there, and the officers responded as they are trained to do. when somebody fires upon you, you have to respond with force. >> reporter: there's still a lot of questions out here on scene that we're waiting to get answered. how long did that man stay inside of the home? what keep of weapon did he use?
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on air and online at live in tampa this morning, corey dierdorff, abc action newsp. good morning, everyone. much of the area seeing warm temperatures, but most of us not seeing the patchy fog. you can watch that closely. janelle will be in, in a second to let us know which are closely impacted. temperatures low0s, very muggy. we check the hour by hour forecast. it will be back in the mid-70s by midday and crank the temperatures in the low 80s. big range of temperatures right along the coast into the 70s. we're watching a front that will be coming in that will impact our weekend significantly and then heading into early next week as well. we'll time out the rainfall and cooler temperatures. let's check in with janelle for the first time and check in on
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>> just seconds ago, florida highway patrol said they are closing the sunshine sky way bridge due to the fog. it will take some time to get all of the cars off of the bridge, but you will take the long way around through i-75 and through tampa to get around. we just got word of this, and we'll let you know if there are any changes. elsewhere on the map, the other places we are seeing fog through pinellas county, palm harbor area, be careful there. also farther south from sarasota down through venice, that's the area shaded in yellow along the i-75 corridor down there in sarasota county. use those low beams. just a heads-up. we have a closure on northbound veterans from ehrlich to van dyke for construction that's expected to reopen by 6:00 a.m. detour signs are posted there. basically, they have you go to dell may bring to get around that. -- dell mabry to get around
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a search is under way for a missing man. dive teams will soon ped back 0 lake thonotosassa. they are using sonar technology to find this man. fire and rescue tells us the 21-year-old was on a pontoon boat with friends when he jumped into the lake to grab ad into toll bring back onto the boat or use it to stay afloat. sadly, he never surfaced. if we get any new information, we'll let you know. tampa police say two minors are under arrest after crashing a stolen ford edge into a home. the police tried pulling them over, but the driver took off and they crashedp in nobody inside of the home nor in the car was hurt. the home is structurally sound. tampa police are looking for the american who stabbed a
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police say there was some sort of fight on north 50th street, and that fight took a silent turn. officers have not released a suspect description. also breaking overnight, tonight's concert featuring frank sinatra, jr. is now canceled sadly because he died yesterday while on tour in daytona beach. unfortunately, he went that cardiac arrest. he had been sat to perform in st. pete tonight. [music] >> in addition to singing, had he a few dozen acting credits. in democracy 2016, another planned no-show at the next presidential debate is shutting
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fox news says the gop debates scheduled after donald trump told the network he won't be joining. it went on in iowa back in january when he refused to join another debate hosted by fox. he and megan kelly clashed throughout his campaign. he says he's not showing up because he thinks republicans have shenough debates. senator ted cruz thinks he's afraid of being challenged. ted kasich says he'll also skip the debates unless item changes his mind. he needs 1237 delegates before the party's convention this summer. >> otherwise a brokered convention could take place. trump has a warning about the race coming to that. >> i don't think you could say
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i think you'd have riots. ted cruz also opposes the brokered convention. he says the only way to beat trump is this way. in north carolina, a member of the crowd was caught on camera hitting a protester in the face. five sheriff's deputies were accused of not arresting the victim and suspended without pay. st. pete are looking for a serial suspect. police say this man started five fires in the last two months in a six-block air. this morning, the highway patrol is investigating why a truck driver lost coast and slammed into a school bus.
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tallahassee yesterday morning. more than 60 students with are taken to the hospital some with broken legs and ankles. the truck drive wears caken to the hospital, too. fhp is investigating the cause. a woman crashed into the back of a school bus yesterday afternoon. there was one student on the nobody was hurt. the woman who hit the bus was driving. spring break isn't what it used to be according to college students. spring breakers are describing it as empty. a major factor in this year's decline in businesses is the new ban on alcohol on beaches. the crackdown is in response to problems from last year when there was an alleged sexual assault in broad daylight. another issue, restrictions on scooter rentals. county residents need your help. deputies tell us the group
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multiple phony checks at a couple of publix supermarkets. the bank account belonged to a law firm in sarasota. this after they realized something won't quite right. >> they need to pay for their crimes. just because they got a check for free doesn't mean they will get away with this crime for free. >> if you have any information on the people involved, call 226-tips. the other suspects have already been charged with a number of charges including grand theft. a couple of minutes ago, the sunshine sky way bridge closed to traffic. it's a very concentrated area of fog there. the rest of us are in good shape there. temperatures in the upper 60s, no jackets required yet.
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rainfall and two rounds. i think the first round with more significant rainfall. i'll let you know when that comes in, in a few minutes. the family thought they lost their dog forever when it went overboard in the pacific. the story has a much different ending. don't miss it. >> then the fight for rambo. the argument one lakewood women for keeping her beloved bet
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the sky way is closed because of fog. it is just too dangerous to be on that bridge right now. janelle martinez is working on your work around and will have more details on this closure in a few. some 700,000 people in d.c. will be happy to know they have a way to work this morning. the metro rail service reopened at 5:00 a.m. after the entire service was shut down yesterday. they were able to inspect hundreds of power cables on the track for safety. they did find problems there. the subway in washington d.c. country. take a look at this traumatic video just released. you soo he that van right there -- you see that van right there with the blue stripes. it is stuck on train tracks and if you keep watching, it's stuck on the train tracks. the driver was still trying to unload the vehicle. the officer races over to the van, orders that man to leave
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approaching train slammed right into that van, shredding it. luckily, nobody was hurt. we are going to be talking about this patchy fog as janelle was getting ready. take a look at this. zero visibility right now county. we'll watch that closely as we check in. yesterday wasn't so bad. so the sky way remained open. not the case this morning. >> we got the word a few minutes ago. if you are heading out the door, you are going to have to take the long way around. it is dangerous at the top. you can barely see it up there. let's look at this on the map. right there you can see on the sunshine sky way bridge. you have to take i hitch 75. if you under st. pete, you have to take one of the other three bridges down i-57 south. right now, all three britches are moving up to speed.
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franklin and the gandy. we'll keep our eye on those. elsewhere in the bay other, we're in great shape. the average speed on the veterans 2, 75 and 75 all in the green this morning. how long do you think the fog will last? >> it will last for a while. the reason is we have 400 feet of sky way bridge. the fog begins to lift and will take a while. so that's unfortunate as we had a couple of days ago through today. the rest of us are waking up as you look out the window to fog. there will be pockets of patchier fog. right now, this is where it's at across the coast and because of the wind off the water, it's going to take a while to lift that fog. the rest of us are in good shape. you are in the 50s and 60s and 70s right now. talking about the rainfall, not today. it's the weekend and it's starting to look iffy here with
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and disturbances out ahead of it. let's show you what's going to happen as far as the timing. we are going to be looking at showers and storms, i think, friday night into saturday morning. temperatures warm out ahead of that. then through the early part of sunday, we'll begin to clear things out. if you have gotten used to temperatures in the low 80s, we've got news as the front itself begins to move in. drier air takes over, and much cooler air. so the seven-day forecast, we're good today, dry most of the day tomorrow. 20% showers for northern most counties. saturday we get into it friday night into saturday. showers and storms rolling in. friday night and early saturday is our best chance of the heaviest rainfall. then we'll get a break through the midday hours saturday followed by another round. round 2 saturday night into sunday morning. clearing out, look at the temperatures crashing into the 40s for overnight lows with highs in the 60s and 70s last week.
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this is the story that is fascinating people all over the country. see right there? that's an alligator on a motorbike. a woman is trying to keep her pet alligator. i posted this yesterday and already it's been viewed 200,000 times and shared over 1,000 times there. she is fighting to keep rambo. mary thorne rescued rambo 11 years ago. now the trained and amazingly docile reptile has outgrown its current home according to an fwc ordinance. because he is now 6 feat long, he is required to -- 6 feet long, he is required to live on a larger acres. she says she doesn't know what she would do if she's forced to partways with ham bow. >> i don't know how i would react. i wouldn't want to go on. i sat there and watched my son
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the only thing that i have. >> of all of the comments on my facebook page, the majority said let mary keep him. he has a skin disorder that prevents him from being outside for long periods. living in the wild would be deadly. officials are taking a closer look at mary's case and let you know what decision is made on air and on our facebook page. i'll of course post an update on my page. after five weeks of searching, hope is dwindling to find a dog that fell aboard from a bishing boat. but meet luna. she'd been missing for over a month, presumed dead after going overboard in the pacific. everyone thought she was lost at sea, but it turns out, she was alive. she managed to swim to san clemente island.
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reunited with her family. overnight is now dead. minutesp. >> first, reena ninan and kendis gibson have this morning's business said lines from new york. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money. making cars safer. >> u.s. auto-makers have agreed to make automatic emergency braking standard on cars. >> it uses cameras, radar and other sensors to slow or stop a react. on this st. patrick's day, everyone is retirish, of course, which means we could all celebrate with special deals. >> wear green at ihope, get a short stack of pancakes for just a dollar. at sonic, all shakes are half off. at mickey d's and burger king, the irish-inspired shakes are back until saturday. nike is finally going back to the future with self-tying shoes. >> the shoes inspired by the ones worn by morty mcfly will
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year in three different colors. nike has not revealed the price.
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disney world is preparing to take you to an alien planet. the new pandora and animal kingdom is set to open next year.
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enter the world of avatar tonight. the first flight is the new live multimedia show from cirque du soleil inspired by the avatar movie. ticket prices start at $40. starting in 20 minutes now, you can get krispy kreme doughnuts for cheap all for a good cause. st. pete police will be at the star on fourth street north and 91st avenue raising money pore the special olympics. $1 gets you one glazed doughnut. $20 gets you a dozen. last year, st. pete police raised more than any other police agency in the state. coming up, head together grocery store? if so, keep an extra eye on your belongings. we're telling you where a crime spree is targeting you. >> and investigators surrounding a tampa home after a man shot at police tonight. that man is now dead. we'll have a live report.
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the sunshine sky way is closed due to fog. coming up, i'll show you how
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breaking news right now as you wake up at 5:30.
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after they say he shot at them. we're on the scene learning what happened leading up to the gunfire. >> this morning, police are still looking for one suspect in a crime spree across tampa bay targeting older women in parking lots. coming up, i'll tell you just two things you can do so you are not a target. good morning and thank you for starting your day with us on abc action newsp. >> happy st. patrick's day. throw on something green as you take on the day ahead. >> let's go to dublin. look at this where the st. patrick's day celebration is under way at 9:30. >> i've been there, ivan. it is a fun place. [ laughter ] >> 47 degrees right now. we are much warmer and foggier as well, so we'll head over to the traffic center and check in with janelle and that sky way situation. closed. so if that is a route you


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