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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  March 17, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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once again came back outside still armed in a carport area. police had riot shields for their protection. the man for a second time raised the gun. this time pulling the trigger. it hit the officer's riot shield dead center. one officer returned fire striking and killing the man. the officers were lucky this morning. >> i don't know why the gentleman pulled out the gun and fired, but he did. luckily, the shield was there and the officers responded, which they are trained to do. when somebody fires upon you, you have to respond with force. >> reporter: tpd says this was a handgun and police officers were trying to we'll bring you on air and online at
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we have breaking news in case you haven't heard. the sunshine sky way bridge is closed due to fog. let's take a look at your alternate route. i hitch 75, if you are heading north. i hitch 57 is looking great right now, up to speed. no crashes or breakdowns there. your area alternates if you are in pinellas county, you have to take one of the bridges. again, no crashes or breakdowns on the alternates. i will keep my eyes on the alternates and give you an idea
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275 over in pinellas county hundreding this. paps. >> so how much time do folks it is. >> a good 45 minutes. >> that's incredible. let's check the forecast to happening. this is just happening, again, across the portions of sarasota and a little piece of manatee county as well. the rest of us are doing just fine as far as visibility. as far as temperatures, very muggy out there. we'll continue with that this afternoon. temperatures climbing into the lower 80s. we'll do that with plenty of humidity and a bit of a heat index out there. it will be 85 as we head throughout the afternoon. current temperatures are ranging not much here. staying in the steady upper 60s to low 70s.
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going as far as the temperatures across portions. look at atlanta, 58. we're going to tap into that cold air. it will get here. we'll let you know how we deal with the transition of the rainfall in a few minutes. more breaking news to get to from overnight beginning with this damage left behind after a car crashed into a home in silver springs. >> officers say they tried pulling over a stolen ford edge. the driver took off and almost immediately crashed through a fence and into this mulberry street house. no one inside of the home or the car was hurt. tampa fire rescue crews say the home is structurally sound. an updated search will start again at sunrise for a man who jumped into lake seen since. the dive team searched the water for the man who a friend says is 21 years old.
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boat with a group of people when he dove into the water to grab a noodle float. rescuers tell us he doesn't know how to swim. fans of frank sinatra, jr. are remembering him this passing yesterday. he was. he was set to perform but went into cardiac arrest while on tour in daytona beach and died. while m. so many of you are remembering your favorite songs many covers of his father's famous tunes. [music] >> frank sinatra, jr. followed his father into the music industry. he worked for his dad before becoming a singer in his own right. at 19 years old, he was kidnapped and held for ransom for two days.
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media wall, you can see the staff has posted a message on its web site sending condolences to the sinatra family. huck also find ticket refund information on that site. a warning for donald trump thanks to a boost from his win in florida money he is the only candidate that can clinch the. he says if the establish could be me. >> i think you'll have riots. i am representing are, many, millions of people. i think bad things would happen, i really do. >> one person who is calling for unity is florida governor
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he wrote "if we spend another four months tearing each other apart, we'll damage our ability to win in november." >> he just posted a video on social media mocking clinton. [music] [ laughter ] >> that video of clinton barking like a dog comes from a february campaign rally where she told a story about a dog who barked whenever somebody lied implying the republican field was full of liars opinion clinton and trump have been escalating attacks in recent weeks. last night, she posted this image on her twitter
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fanning the flames of chaos and violence. >> and. the two. 'thill be in town today ahead of the primary next week. cruz will be at the rally today and tomorrow glenn beck will also stump for cruise. president obama will head to capitol hill where he will meet with democrats in the senate. the republicans control judge merrick's fate. in. garland will even get a heing. talk about a need until a haystack. a couple loses trackch a $400,000 ring and manages to track it down in the most impossible of places. >> and this bridge is shut down because of fog. we'll have the details on how
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and other officers reacted by firing back. the police chief says one of thom them aimed at colson thinking he was a threat. the chief does not think the person meant to target a fellow officer but stopped short saying the officer mistook colson for the suspect. this morning, dozens of kids are recovering after a semi truck slammed into a school bus into the florida panhandle sending it into another school bus near tallahassee yesterday morning. more than 60 students were taken to the hospital. some with broken legs and ankles. the truck driver was taken to the hospital, too. we're dealing with hoagie fog, especially across portions of pinellas and not being able to get through the sky wye bridge. that has been -- sky way bridge. that has been closed down. then we have the rains coming in for the weekend. i'll have the forecast coming up. yeah, we've been telling you all morning that the sunshine sky way is closed due to fog.
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the very top. just too dangerous to drive cross it right now. we'll check on your alternates
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good morning, everybody. we are starting with breaking news, in case you haven't heard. the sunshine sky way is closed due to fog. take a look. this is what it looks like at the very top. it's dangerous to drive across. this is really an elevation thing. towards the bottom, you can see it is much better. if you are driving around in other areas, you probably won't run into any fog. it's right there at the top of the sky way. here it is, the sunshine sky way is closed if you are heading north, you have to take i-75 and cut through tampa. the good news here. -75 running great this morning, up to speed. no crashes or breakdowns. if you are in pinellas county, you have to take one of the bridges across.
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howard franklin and gandy all running less than ten minutes. the veterans expressway, we had construction blocking lanes northbound overnight. that is all clear. southbound, you are in good shape, too. all in the green, 18 minutes from 54 down to 275. we've been talking about the fog and it's mainly because high. you are living through the clouds. basically. so this is affecting the bridge but not other areas. take a look here, st. pete airport reporting ten miles visibility. temps in the low 80s. titan doppler radar is quiet now. you can widen out the shot and see more activity. you can see the frontal
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across the northern part of the state. eventually, it will get a push, and we'll get that front all the way down to the south as another disturbance moves in. there are a lot of things that will happen before we get to that. we'll see what's going on here. so for thursday today, just a couple of afternoon showers. friday will be okay during the night. we'll get that first round of showers and thunderstorms through the overnight friday into the early part of saturday. a break through the midday hour and round two comes in saturday into sunday morning before we get into what you see there, that clear chunk that's coming in. of course what's behind that front is very chilly air. so for this time of year, we'll be running anywhere from 15 to 20 degrees below average. so get ready for that. we've been above average. so you go before above average to below average in about 24 hours. 70s along the coast, 80s inland. by tomorrow, again, we'll begin
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front friday night/saturday morning. temperatures 80 degrees. we're still warm on a saturday and not as bad as far as temps on sunday. then by sunday evening, if you have plans stepping outside, you begin to feel that as the dry, cool air begins to move in. that will allow to us follow back to 49 at the airport. we'll have low 40s across the north. temperatures in the 60s and low 70s heading into early next week. 18 minutes after 6:00 right now. don't forget to wear your green today. it is st. patrick ace day. you are looking live right now in dublin where parties have been going strong for hours now, people milling around and some stumbling around. >> of course. >> and the celebration is going very strong right now. >> and here at home, if you are ready to celebrate, downtown dun eden is the place to be for
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that gets under what i in five hours. the irish pub is hosting a street festival featuring irish dancers, and plenty of corned beef and cabbage and beer. 6:19 right now. a lucky break for a missouri man who won't have to spend the rest of his life in the dog house. he lost a 12 karat diamond ring in the trash. >> he gets brownie points for the way he lost it. list ton how he lost it. sunday night he was cleaning up the kitchen, lindsay, when he towels. it turns out, his wife carla had taken off her ring to dry ring back on. >> by the time they realized it was missing, the garbage truck had already taken it, so the couple had no choice but to go through the crash.
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i'm crying and very upset. we have four children. one is a girl, i plan to leave that to her. >> against all odds, the manager of that landfill found the ring. it's a big one. >> wow. >> that ring is worth $400,000. i know. breaking overnight, the end of an era at seaworld. the enormous change you may not realize that was a long time coming. >> first, hover boards are facing another ban. here's reena ninan and kendis gibson. >> hover boards are being banned affecting all imports into the u.s. because they may infrench on segway patentsp. >> they have to be halted almost entirely for right now. >> and making sure you always get to your destination on time.
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feature asks users what time they want to arrive at a location and calculates the exact time they should depart. and "time" magazine has come out with its list of the 30 most influential people on the internet. >> includes presidential candidate donald trump, soccer star christiano reynaldo and van winkle whose who has 100,000 followers on instagram. >> have a get day.
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a change will soon be coming to your car, one that's meant to keep you and your family safe on the road. >> today, national safety regulators will reveal details about a plan to make the systems come standard in almost all american cars by september 2022. the deal lives in most auto- makers. automatic energy brakes help driver as void crashes when they either don't apply the brakes or don't push hard enough. the abc tv station in new york caught a cool sight as they ended their newscast. that's a lightning bolt hitting the spire of one world trade center.
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lightning has struck that building. cool, ivan, isn't it? >> oh, my goodness. 70s and warm and muggy by the time we get to the evening hours as we deal issues of visibility out there. it is a very -- >> still ahead. a man is dead after taking aim at tampa police. we'll have breaking details in a live report from the scene. janelle? >> it is foggy across the sunshine sky way. so foggy they have had to shut it down. i'll tell you how the alternates are running in a few
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a man who shot at police is dead after officers shot back. >> tampa police responded to
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when they got there, they say a man pointed a gun at them and fired. there is conflicting information about exactly what happened out there. we've heard reports that a man came out, pulled a gun, but it jammed. we heard he went back inside, came out and tried again. this time, the gunfired. >> the bullet hit a riot shield. no officers were hurt. the sunshine sky way is closed because of all of this fog making it too dangerous for drivers to be on the bridge. janelle martinez hassed latest. >> there's no easy way around getting around the sunshine sky way. here is a live picture at the very top. very foggy out there. let's look at your alternates. of course i-75 if you are heading north, that's flowing well right now. if you are in pinellas county, you have to take one of the other three bridges across tampa bay and across through tampa and head south on i-75. good the news here, all three
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some of you will be taking the gandy on the expressway. that's flowing nicely as well. no crashes or breakdowns to slow you down. we have one crash to tell about you state rod 674 at carlton lake road is closed right now in both directions. we have a serious crash here with injuries, emergency vehicles and live wires across the roadway. it has the road completely shut down. you have to take bomb wymomma road to suite 672. and this could be shut down in both directions for some time. elsewhere, through the bay area, no crashes or breakdowns. look how clear it is. ivan, we've been talking about the fog out there, but clear heading through downtown tampa right now. >> we'll go through the entire morning commute with it closed. the good news is the rest of the tampa bay area is now clear.
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as far as the fog, very concentrated down to the south and west. otherwise, full visibility for most of us looking good. we'll see patchy fog that you'll contend with, but it's not widespread by any means. the hour by hour forecast will take us into the low 80s. we'll do that with partly sunny skies and theres with warm and humid conditions as well to make it feel stickier out there. tracking rainfall for the weekend. more in the next forecast. right now, in polk county this morning, police are searching for at least one more person wanted for a purse snatching crime spree targeting elderly women in parking lots. ashley yore is live right now many a publix in winter haven attacked. >> reporter: good morning, deiah. it happened in this parking
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that woman was headed to that church right across the street when she says a jeep grand cherokee pulled up asking for directions, they snatched her purse and threw her to the ground. this is happening all across the bay area. most cases the person asks for directions, gets closer to the woman and grabs the purse. one victim told us she's terrified to go outside alone and she's angry. >> instead of you making an honest living by working on a job, you are robbing people of their sense of freedom. you are robbing them of their personal belongings, and you are robbing them of their hard-
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>> reporter: three of the four suspects were arrested in lake these crimes are common. police are now asking women to leave their purses at home or go shopping with a friend. now, the woman attacked here has a broken wrist. at last check, she was still in the hospital. again, police still searching for at least one suspect. we're going to keep you updated on that search online. for now, reporting live in winter haven, ashley yore, abc action news. police are looking for a man who stabbed a person. the victim in this case is expected to survive. police did not release a suspect. >> this s. the video they want
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been accused of setting fires in the crescent lake area over the past three months. most of the fires had been set in large plastic dumpsters damaging cars, fencend and am tilt poles. all you have to do is share the post with your friendsp. the idea of no longer punishing people with a small amount of marijuana. two weeks ago, city council preliminarily approved it. instead of jail time, people would receive fines starting at $70. council members are expected to formally approve this ordinance this morning. abc action news is heading back into court today. we'll be watching for more fireworks in hulk hogan's scandalous case. closing arguments could begin
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hogan is asking for $100 million from gawker for publishing video of him having sex with the wife of his former best friend. jurors heard from bubba's now ex-wife through a video deposition. heather testified she didn't know the encounter was being taped. as soon as closing arguments get under way this morning, we'll send out a push alert to let you know that we can tune in and watch on the live stream. it is st. patrick's day. we want to make sure you get home safely. if you don't have a d.d., call a ride service like uber. i'veen, a nice day to have a beer in the beer garden? >> always a nice day to do that
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patchy fog early this morning. very isolated now in the southwest. that's the area we have our bridge that is still closed janelle. 72 this morning. 78 by lunchtime and absolutely head outside warm and muggy, though. low 80s. don't get used to that. the big cooldown on the way. this is video at the top of the sky way. the howard franklin is clear. running about six minutes to get across. this is one of your alternates. we are seeing extra congestion on i-4 heading into tampa. we'll take a closer look at that coming up. 6:37 right now. still ahead, a terrifying scam falling for. the virtual kidnapping hoax that you need to hear about this morning. >> plus, the battle for rambo. you may have seen the story in your social media feed getting a lot of attention. the surprisingly tame gator could be taken away from the woman who keeps him as a pet.
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20 minutes till 7:00. we're learning one problem keeping the value of your home from rising could be putting why you are family at risk. >> many tampa homeowners live near registered sexual offenders. realty track says 26% of families live in a zip code with a high amount of registered criminal offenders. listen to this. homes in the zip codes don't appreciate in value as fast as others. they are three times less than homes about very few offenders. we have a consumer alert. bumble bee food says more than 30,000 cans of its chunk light
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the problem has to do with the sterilization process that might have led to the fish being contaminated. no one has gotten sick but bumble bee tuna says they are not taking any chances. we have a full list of products to watch out for right now on our mobile app. breaking why yous right now. a man who fired a gun at tampa police were shot and killed by those officers. we'll have a live report. >> in case you haven't heard, the sunshine sky way is closed. even if you don't take the sky way, your drive through tampa could be affected by this closure. i'll tell you how coming up in
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good morning, everybody. following breaking news. the sunshine sky way is closed due to heavy fog. you can see it's just too dangerous to get across. even if you don't take that sky way, it could affect your drive because all of the drivers that usually take the sky way are cutting through tampa. we're seeing extra congestion from ybor city taking 15 minutes right now to get from 75 to 275.
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congestion yet on 275. your other alternates in pinellas county across the bay through tampa. those running good right now. you can see down there at the bottom the gandy bridge running just a tad slow. a lot of drivers will be cutting across town up to i-75 and getting around the sky way that way. either way, ivan, you've been going for a while. the commute. taking to you downtown tampa right now. as far as the visibility you go up a few hundred feet. deck. you can head out to the clouds and get into trouble as far as visibility. that's what we have going on this morning. otherwise, the rest of the area is looking good right now.
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70s warm and muggy out there. this is quite a difference. first things first, we'll get you through today with temps in the 70s. we'll be back in the low 80s in the afternoon with humidity making it warm out there in the mid-80s. right along the coast, it will stay into the 7. friday night is a first round of rain heading into saturday morning coming in with a good line of showers and thunderstorms. i think that's the best chance of most of us getting wet friday night early saturday. we have midday saturday and then the second round comes in as the front pushes in saturday night into sunday morning. so keep that in mind, by late sunday, we'll begin to clear things out and then the dry, cool air begins to move in. take a look at this. on monday morning, i think a lot of us will be waking up with temperatures into the mid to upper 40s and 50s along the coast.
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feel as we head into early next week. we'll be able to fly our chopper once again as we get that dry air moving in. it is 6:48 right now. the bay area is preparing to say a final farewell to a deputy killed in a wrong way crash last weekend. he will be laid to rest in his massachusetts hometown. ahead of that, massachusetts state police are dealing with their own tragedy. yesterday, a state trooper guide on the job. a car crossed three lanes of travel and hit him as he worked on a stranded vehicle. he will be burr rid up north. and there is a memorial fund that has been set up to help the deputy's family. we posted a link on our site to this web site if you'd like to make a donation. the deputy died a hero. a woman who saw the crash says
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between her car and the wrong way driver, absorbing the impact of the crash. the funeral is tomorrow at 1:00 at st. timothy's catholic church. visitation starts at 11:00. >> a texas police officer is facing murder charges for killing a teen who was burglarizing cars in an apartment complex. officer ken johnson was offduty when he saw two teens stealing from a car on sunday. the teens got into a red sports car and took off. officer johnson chased them in his suv. witnesses say johnson made them lose control by bumping them with their car and then is accused of getting out and shooting them. >> we want to transform the way people are treated in dallas county and throughout america. there should be justice for victims of police violence. >> the police chief says the department's policy does not allow off-duty officers to chase suspects many personal
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yesterday and charged with murder and aggravated assault. new developments in the donald trump rally with a man who punned another in the face. five deputies are on probation for 12 months for not arresting the man. they are suspended without pay for five days. a 78-year-old man who threw the punch is also now charged with assault and disorderly conduct. this morning, a warning about a virtual kickback scam that's already happened four times. here's how it works. the caller says he's holding your loved one hostage and he's going to need ransom. >> probably the most terrifying moment of my life because at that moment, i thought this was really happening and i might
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i asked her if she was okay. i did what they told me to do. >> turns out the scammer called the woman's mom at the same time and told her the same story that she was holding her daughter hostage. breaking overnight, seaworld has a major announcement this morning. today, the theme park is ending all orka breeding. this sill be with the last -- this will be the last generation of orkas. they are introducing new natural orka encounters. it will focus on killer whale 'emmer size enrichment. a lakewood woman's efforts to keep her alligator rambo is trending. we're checking in to see if she will be able to keep the gator that she called her baby.
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but now the docile reptile has outgrown his current home. rambo is now 6 feet long and required to live on a minimum of 2 1/2 acres which mary doesn't have. mary says the rule didn't exist when she was originally licensed to keep rambo. she doesn't know what she will do if she's forced to partways with rambo. >> i don't know how i would react. i wouldn't want to go on. i sat there and watched my son die of cancer, and he's now the only thing that i have. >> rambo has a skin disorder that prevents him from being outside for long periods of time, so being outside in the wild will be a death sentence for him. we'll keep you posted on this. i can tell you right now. >> yeah. 6:53 right now as we count
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we start the sprint with breaking news. a man is killed by tam that police officers after firing a gun at them money corey dierdorff joins us now with an update. corey? >> reporter: good morning. we're very lucky that no officers were injured. that's the 3300 block of west cherokee avenue that's shut down right now for this investigation. here's what we know so far from tampa police. about 1:10 this morning, a woman inside of the home at 3312 west cherokee ave. said there was a doe. the man pointed a gun at officers before running back into the house. officers called for backup and s.w.a.t. they tried to get the man to surrender for 45 minutes. i came back out, raised a gun and fired it. officers returned fire kyleing the man. luckily no officers with are injured.
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silver springs home after a stolen car crashed into it overnight. this is on mulberry street. police arrested two people inside of that vehicle. the drivers tried to take off from police, hit a fence, crashed into the car and those two people have been arrested. a car was stolen. the search is under way for a man who jumped into lake thonotosassa and never resurfaced. last night, dive teams searched for that man. and a crime spree targeting elderly women. three of four suspects have been arrested in lake wales. the crew has targeted at least six different women across the bay area. fans are mourning the death of frank sinatra, jr. he
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it's janelle now with the weather. >> reporter: this is what it looks like at the top. i-75 your alternate running northbound running smooth lip and taking about 28 minutes to get from 275 up to i-4. you can expect that same drive time in the opposite direction. this is a serious crash causing closures. you'll want to take balm wymon app mma road. we'll warm things up this afternoon.
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inatlanta and 2:00 at the coast. twoch christopher columbus' ships will be here and you can take a guided tour. >> the new live multimedia cirque du soleil shows inspired by the avatar movies. ticket prices start at $40. taking you across the pond to dublin. don't forget to wear green or you may get pinched. bar. the area is very popular among tourists with a hot nightlife. people there already drinking to celebrate. >> of course a lot of. >> you need to be there for a massive soup festival that starts at 11:00. >> i've been asked if adults do that, no, we don't do that anymore. stay with us?
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you go on the action news mobile app or twitter.
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good morning, america. donald trump takes aim at hillary clinton. >> and the last person hillary clinton wants to face is me and i mean i know that for a fact. >> as he backs out of the next debate his chief rival says he's ducking him and the president prepares for an epic showdown over his supreme court nominee. breaking news, seaworld's stunning announcement, the end of the orca shows. the park now partnering with the humane society. the tides now shifting. is this the end of shamu? family first. a major league star drops a baseball bombshell walking away from his team and $13 million after management stopped him from taking his son to work. did the team go too far? a royal exclusive.


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