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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  March 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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neighbor's home to call 911. she said her boyfriend for 18 years was drunk and angry. >> he grabbed my neck. he said it's going to hurt you. he really really angry. he think i love my friend more than him. >> reporter: when police arrived chin had a gun and wouldn't come out of the house. police listened and tried to talk him out. he still had a gun and took a shot at an officer who then opened fire. >> about that time boom. >> reporter: bullet holes cover cars in the driveway. chin died only feet away from this bin of empty beer bottles .
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>> reporter: we did some digging in his background. he has a clean record but throughout the 90s had several arrests for violent crimes and animal cruelty and shooting into a building and aggravated assault and domestic violence also two dui's. reporting live in south tampa, cliffton french, abc action news. if you or someone you know is in a domestic violence situation, you can call the state wide hot line. we have information on our website and facebook and twitter. the mike huckabee hulk hogan
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arguments were supposed to start today. what happened? >> lawyers got deeper into what he was doing imitating miley cyrus in a commercial. take a look. this 2013 advertisement for a hulk hogan website was entered into the evidence today. this scene wasn't just the first unusual moment. the lawyers for gawker's website was showing the inconsistency in his character. >> is this consistent with the
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[ inaudible ] this in between character hosts this website. >> reporter: later the jury officially learned they would not be hearing from the man making and keeping the video. >> obviously he has a role in it somewhat but i admitted to that. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview before the trial, they expected to be an important part of the trial. >> do you plan on reaching out to him? >> no, not any time soon. we have the civil trial coming up and maybe after that. that might be a better time but right now we have to concentrate on the civil trial. i got to go and testify. i'll probably be the key witness on that. >> reporter: now that won't be happening. instead he sent his lawyer to court to exercise his 5th amendment right against self-incrimination. a lot of people wondering why no closing arguments today. there was a delay in the case
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hasn't seen yet. they discussed that after lunch today and took up much of the day trying to figure out whether it would be made public. a judge ordered it public but the jury may not get to see the video. we're expecting closing arguments by tomorrow and the jury could have a final decision before the weekend. live here in saint petersburg, adam winer abc action news. caught on camera. take a look at this video. an explosion at a delray beach high school pep rally sends several students to a hospital. one student actually managed to catch the chaos on his cell phone. you can hear the bleachers erupt in screams as one of the students seems to catch on fire. >> they're running out. oh my god. >> it's hard pounding the performer a fire breathing suffered severe burns and taken
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the school staff put out flames with the nearby extinguisher and several students were treated for breathing problems. classes actually resumed after the commotion died down. this cell phone video shows the moment several purse snatching suspects were arrested in lake whales. the five teens are accused of stealing purses from five different women. the teens are accused of stealing a jeep before the arrest. a man shot and killed in an attempted break in earlier this week in tampa heights. the homeowner heard noises when he walked down stairs and a stranger was standing in his kitchen. the state's attorney office is
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a clearer picture today of what the new saint pete might look like when it's complete. a splash pad for the kids and a fishing pier. the design team is looking for your input. they have all the renderings right here on the saint petersburg pier. you can take an online survey and they ask you questions about what you want to see. the city council votes on the final design next month. we posted the link to this web sate on our website at just click on this story. good afternoon everybody. we started off with fog again across much of the area,
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now you got the rain and it extends north of our viewing area in citrus county. this is a very slow moving front. as far as i'm concerned, it's not going to make it into our area tonight. but eventually that moisture is coming this way. look at these temperatures. closer to 80 and 90 and the beaches only into the 70s. clearly we have to worry about clouds and some showers later tomorrow but i do think saturday is the day that our best rain chances. take a look at how much change temperature wise is on the way. a cool down coming in a few minutes. fire investigators are looking into reports of a chlorine explosion at the national zoo in washington d.c.
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near the beavers and otters. hazmat crews were called in and that section of the zoo shut down while they investigate. a contract worker smelled chlorine and after he left the area he says he heard the explosion. new developments in the controversy over the seaworld killer whale program. they announced this morning they will no longer breed orcas and putting an end to the performances. they have been swimming in criticism since the death of dawn brancheau and the release of the documentary "blackfish". >> whether it's a movie or customers writing us, there's no doubt society has changed so we have to change with it. >> the human society wants one of seaworld's biggest critic claims they are moving in the
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the whals will remain in captivity. they say they don't know how to survive in the wild -- -- whales. join the conversation on our facebook page. coming up on abc action news, overdosing on accident, the shocking number of kids rushed to the hospital every year and what you can do to keep them safe in your home. it's overwhelming and painful. the warning this devastated mother has for parents that she said could save their life. plus, missing money, a bay area charity out more than 100 thousand dollars. ahead tonight at 5:30 a volunteer stealing money meant for breast cancer screening. the community is coming together
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turning now to democracy 2016. marco rubio speaking to reporters for the first time since calling it quits in the 2016 race. the senator from miami is not interested in being vice president and he won't be running for re-election. >> i'm not going to be vice governor of florida. i'm going to finish out my term in the senate the next ten private citizen. >> marco rubio says he doesn't mean any disrespect, it's just in.
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losing to donald trump and while he hasn't endorsed anyone, he's said ted cruz is the only conservative left in the race. a new report says 160 kids are sent to the hospital every day for medicine overdoses, in most cases the overthe counter drugs were left within the child's reach. abc news tested small children to see how easy it was for them to open child resistant bottles. in one case, a four year old opened the bottle. parents need to remember pill boxes are not meant to keep kids out. make sure your medications are out of reach. new tonight at 5:00, i want to show you the charred remains of what's left of a mobile home in sever hills. they're now living in tents
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one mother's warning that she said could safe a life. >> reporter: this is where the explosion happened. a heat source got too close to the septic tank and the meth an caught on fire. this is where the family is calling home as they work to rebuild. blackened and burned is left of what was a family home. >> we heard something that sounded like a gunshot. i yelled at him, get the baby out there's a fire go go go. >> reporter: there was nothing left to do but wait. >> i could just stand there and watch it burn. >> reporter: now the family is taking it day by day. some things survived the damage like this painting. the family has no choice but to
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washing dishes with a hose. family males are meals are ooeten outdoors. >> we're trying to stay strong through all of this. >> reporter: because they have a mobile home they couldn't get home insurance so they're asking you now to inspect your own tanks. >> make sure they're covered properly. >> reporter: they won't leave the property and ready to live like this for months but this won't break their mission to rebuild their home. >> we try to be good people and we know we will survive through this rfrnlts the american red cross did give the family $500 to replace some clothes and purchase food but still they say they need much more as they are repairing on the repairs for
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click on this story if you want to do more to help. people in port saint lucy allowed back in their home tonight -- -- lucie. thick smoke. >> that's an issue. i was going to ask what it's looking like outside. >> we'll get rain on saturday. but so much rain this winter and it makes everything grow. when we have a dry stretch it burns and this is our brush fire season. there were about 250 fires out yesterday. be extra careful if you're going out and doing any camping. i think saturday is going to help a bit. you see the clouds looking out
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we had a cloudy start to the day. clouds were hovering off the ground and that went off shore. now look what the radar is showing. if you're looking future cast pretty much had this line on the money but as it came down towards the south it fizzled out. not moving south but it's moving across the state so if you live in northern citrus county you have an outside chance of showers and there's one shower north east of hernando. tomorrow the front gets closer. little pieces of energy drawing nearer and when they do, that bumps up the rain chance. best chance is saturday. sunday things clear out. upper 80s right now across the interior counties. this isn't record breaking but it's pretty darn close as we see normally this time of year 76 in
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beach is noticeably cooler than everyone else. tampa checking in with sunny skies and 79. that's the at the airport. the airport is close to the bay so any time you get a flow coming in off the water that can cool off the airport as opposed to anywhere east of that. clearwater and saint pete in the mid to upper 70s. the rain up north is lingering but if you're planning anything outdoors tonight for saint patrick's day, there's going to be a lot going on as there always is and the weather will be fine even though there's showers to the north. tomorrow the front lingers again but still more sun than clouds and definitely more dry weather than rain. but unfortunately, saturday morning we begin to see showers coming in and this will not be a widespread rain event but prime
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mid afternoon saturday through mid evening on saturday night. once this comes through, we start to clear out. i think sunday is the transitional day from the warm air we have seen to noticeably cooler air. we'll keep our eyes on the possibility for heavier rain. the rain on sunday is first thing in the morning. the second half looks better. look at the high on monday. the high is 67 degrees. 67. you get what we're saying. cooler air on the way. thank you dennis. stepping away from the game. the southern retirement of white sox star adam la roach and the
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i've done more in 30 years than most people do in 100 years the family of fallen deputy cot
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i'd be interested to know what other people think about this. he was slated to make $13 million this season.
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was more important than the game. white sox manager they encourage kids to come to the field house but not every day and no job would allow that. the eight-year old sensation sinking not one but two half court shots in the same game. his name is jack jeffrey. check him out at a championship game in california. his team down by 3:00 sinks the basket from beyond the half court. it's like nba range three. again in overtime. we're not replaying this, folks. he sinks a second shot. . the church is devastated over this.
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police want to know where the $100,000 went. plus this. big bill from air ambulance services. we'll take a look at what people are paying and why.
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now at 5:30. at least $100,000 stolen that was supposed to help underprivileged women get breast cancer screening.
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. the charity has helped underof women. this woman 69-year old sharon gain used her position in the church to help herself with money. >> the church is devastated over this. >> it hurts the community. >> reporter: they allowed them to write their checks and bookkeeping. she confessed to transferring money from the charity's account to her personal account. >> she did give a full confession. >> reporter: but it's not clear what she did with the money or when the theft started. it was noticed on friday when church leaders wrote a check and


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