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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  March 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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here. we're going to dig for details and bring you the latest as soon as we get them. like we said this is a major roadway in sarasota, will be closed for several hours. this happened just at the southern tip of the airport so university closed between old bradenton and desoto road. university dips a little bit near bradenton road. that is where the crash happened so desoto road which runs parallel to university before they intersect, that is this crash. if you're coming up from the west you might want to use televast road to 301 and just avoid this entire area altogether because again a lot of activity out there. as the morning rush hour picks up we could see some major delays there so televast will take you well around this crash. corey will continue to follow this and bring us updates throughout the morning so make sure you follow us on twitter @tampabaytraffic. elsewhere in the bay area we're in pretty good shape, this is i-
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tampa, just about 25 minutes from lakeland into downtown elsewhere no major crashes or breakdowns to tell you about. if you're heading out now you're in great shape. you might feel it a little windy out there. just a little. i felt it. we were so humid in the 80s, i think just the contrast makes it feel even colder. let's head to the weather center and check out what we have going on. temperatures in the 50s winds sustained from 15 to 20 miles per hour. that is certainly putting an treckstra chill in the air. in fact wind chills in the 40s. inverness now dropping to 48. these are the actual air temperatures. 54 tampa and 58 st. pete. cold stuff this morning, we usually put this map away for this time of year. don't bring it back until the fall. these are the dew points, how much moisture is at the surface. it stays humid, but 45 dew point is dry. we're in the 20s and 30s this.
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across the area. that will allow temperatures tonight to fall back even more so. temperatures this afternoon, low to mid-50s. then 60s for high temperatures later today. i'll detail the colder spots you can expect tonight coming up in a few minutes. turning to president obama's historic trip to cuba. >> as the first family wakes up on their first full day in the island nation more moments for the history books on tap today. the president, first sitting president to visit cuba in almost 90 years. this was truly a sight many an american president stepping one. his first stop this weekend, the americanem bassy that reopened last year after more than 50 years. >> this is a historic visit, and a historic opportunity to engage directly with the cuban people and forge new agreements and commercial deals to build new ties between our two peoples and for me the -- to
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that is brighter than our past. >> here's what's expected today, president obama will visit the memorial for cuban revolutionary jose martin for a wreath laying and then visit with the cuban president raul castro for a sitdown at the palace of the revolution ending with a state dinner there. cuban strict limits on free speech and political opposition still in force. these people were arrested yesterday hours before president obama's arrival. and look at some new video of members of the ladies in white group. they are getting dragged away from a protest in havana this weekend. all told police arresting more than 50 people. the group was formed after a major crackdown on political dissent just 13 years ago. they say they want the president to know they are fighting for the release of political prisoners. more coverage of this major story doesn't end there. in the next half-hour, anchor laura harris joins from us
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and the big ballgame set for tomorrow. 6:04. a monthslong manhunt for one of the prime suspects in last year's paris terror attacks is over. we learned saleh abdelslam was preparing to strike again. it's believed the most wanted man in europe used a network of terror simple thiedzers to keep him hidden since the november 13th attacks in pairs. he was finally caught -- paris, he was finally caught in a dramatic raid close to his family home in belgium. since his arrest officials say they uncovered weapons and a new network suggesting saleh abdelslam was planning fresh attacks. donald trump says he's beefing up security amid a string of protests and even violence at his events. this coming a day before three more states go to the polls. and one of the latest incidents involves trump's campaign manager, in this video you see him, happened saturday at a rally in tucson, arizona, seems to show the campaign manager
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at the same time as a member of trump's security detail reaps for that protester. that campaign manager says he leave. meanwhile trump has become the subject of threats outside of his campaign events too over the weekend. his older sister received a letter similar to one that his son got just hours earlier. that first letter demanded trump drop out of the republican race and contained a suspicious powder. the second letter didn't have that so it's not clear if both letters were written by the same person. while donald trump has the momentum the republican national committee says it's preparing for a possible split convention. that happens if a candidate doesn't have all the delegates needed to win the nomination outright. john kasich says that seems to be the only path to nomination. >> everyone is focusing on process, delegates here, delegates there. everybody has to face the fact we're going to an open
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where we're headed. what's everybody so panicked about? everybody needs to take a little chill pill to tell you the truth. >> over the weekend the third gop candidate ted cruz issued this warning about the convention. he said there would be an absolute revolt if the republican establishment puts forth a nominee that didn't spend the last year campaigning. as for the democrats bernie sanders says he's confident he can win in the west. in addition to arizona and utah democrats will caucus in idaho today. he returns to arizona today where former president bill clinton spent the weekend stumping for his wife hillary. the fight to keep the hurricane hunter fleet in tampa bay is ramping up. today senator bill nelson will be in town meeting with noaa and macdill air force base with the man to keep us safe during hurricane season. the planes called the air force base home since 1993. but macdill says they need more space so the hurricane hunters
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july of next year. last month nellston helped write a letter to noaa saying he expects the aircrafts to remain in florida. covering hillsborough county wrong way driver who police say nearly hit an officer on i-275 is now out of jail. police say asia cancella was drunk yesterday and drove the wrong way on the interstate. officers say she was speeding in the same lane as that patrol car. the officer behind the wheel was heading home from his shift. he had to swerve out of the way narrowly avoiding a crash. other officers tracked her down at busch boulevard as she exited in the wrong direction. 6:07. upset with today's cool temperatures here? the sight that will have you counting blessings. spring snow up north, this is near boston where it's 29 degrees right now. >> grab your telescopes, the historymaking sight you can
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6:10. a consumer alert. nissan says more cars than first thought have a serious problem that needs fixing. it's expanding its recall of the rogue vehicles to fix a fuel pump problem. this can keep cars' engines from starting or even cause them to stop while being driven. nearly 47,000 cars are under this recall.
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2014 and we have the exact manufacturing dates of those recalled cars posted on our web site. and of course on facebook. it may be spring now but look at the temperatures near boston. a nor'easter that moved in overnight dropping some spring snow on beantown. you can see the live drive time camera here. this is snow-covered roads. more snow is forecast there for today. it's going to be a messy commute for folks all across the northeast, not just boston but all the way down to new york city. a video of salt trucks in boston gearing up. they are going to need all the salt they can get, as much as 8 inches expected to fall today. public schools were shut down ahead of the storm. even with today's cool weather there. certainly is. it was in the 60s and 70s in the northeast, now heavy snow. for us the front associated with the low moved through. for us, northwesterly cold flow, coldest temperatures
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we'll talk about those in my next forecast. good morning. we are following breaking news in sarasota. three people killed in a single car crash overnight. another person is in the hospital this. happened near the airport at university parkway. we'll have a live report coming
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breaking traffic alert. university parkway at old bradenton road is shut down because of a crash. right now we're hearing three people died in the crash and a fourth person was rushed to the hospital. but is spend to survive. police say they don't know what caused the crash this time but do believe speed was a factor the median. they are looking to see if
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in the single car crash as well. we're working to gather the names of those involved and expect the roy to be closed for some -- roadway to be closed for some time due to the crash. janelle has more on the workarounds. you can expect part of university to be closed for several hours. right in front of the airport. the southern tip of the airport here. here is where desoto road is, it runs parallel to university university. so that is an option. or to avoid it altogether take televast road to 301. that will take you far away from this crash and hopefully avoid any traffic problems there. we'll keep an eye on it and let you know if we start to see delays on the alternates. elsewhere in the bay area we're in pretty good shape, this is a live look at i-75 at the selmon expressway so good morning brandon, no trouble where you are. we've checked the major roads in your area. let's check your drive times on the toll roads, veterans still
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out the door. 18 minutes from 54 to 275 and the selmon expressway looking great as well, down at the bottom, just six minutes from dale mabry to channelside. i feel we were just talking about the weekend forecast. where did it go? it disappeared. it's gone at this point. we can look forward to the next one. by then temperatures will warm up. it's going to take a while though as we check in on the temperatures now. 50s out there. makes it feel like 40s with the wind sustained at 20 to 25. we had gusts to 30 and plus. temperatures in the low 50s in zephyrhills and brooksville. 48 inverness. wind chill 46 for you. as we continue with gusty winds throughout the morning and in fact we're going to see that throughout the day today. area of high pressure to the north bringing us a north wind with a clockwise flow as it shifts further east. we'll eventually get into a northeast and southeast wind eventually and that will certainly moderate the air mass. you want the air coming from the opposite direction.
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that's exactly what is going to happen. that will get us back to where we should be. it will take a couple of days. for tonight in fact we'll have even cooler temperatures as we lose the wind. that helps to have temperatures fall even more so. highs today 50s and low 60s. this time of year it should be 78, 79. so we're running well below normal. then the overnight lows tonight, unless something very strange happens i'm thinking this is probably going to be our coldest night, our last coldest night of the season here with temperatures in the low 40s as we'll begin to moderate the next few days. 7-day forecast, as we check in, windy, cold, 65. overnight lows in the upper 40s at the airport but again a lot of us dropping into the low to mid-40s further north. 79 by wednesday though. probably get closer if not hitting 80. then we're going to warm up, as that happens with the southeast wind a little more moisture
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afternoon showers, getting into the pattern friday and heading into the upcoming weekend. we can already say upcoming? all right. back to you. stargazers are looking to the skies for a twin comet fly- by that could make history. nasa says the two coming could be interplanetary twins. that means the smaller one which is on the right may be a fragment that broke off the bigger one on the left. the bigger one is expected to fly by today, smaller one tomorrow. both will be a safe 2.2 million miles away but it's actually the closest fly-by since the year 170. and the -- 1770 and the third closest comet fly-by on record. you may be able to see it with a telescope. millions of dollars for hulk hogan who says the sex tape ruined his life. the reason he could stand to earn even more money in the wake of the scandal. plus, get ready apple fans. the company is expected to unveil new products today. here's lauren and candace.
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apple's big event and new product unveiling. >> as usual no official word on what ceo tim cook will unveil but most experts expect to see a smaller version of the i- phone as well as new i-pad and apple watch models. microsoft teeming up with lowes to help you remodel your home. >> shoppers will be able to strap on a lens reality headset to see how their newly remolded kitchen will look like. and twitter celebrating its 10th birthday this week. >> the social media has 300 million active users, is a public company and launched the tears of joy emoji, those are
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6:24. it's getting tougher for investigators to figure out what caused a plane to crash in russia killing dozens of people on board saturday. investigators found the data recorders from 9 the fly dubai jet but told they are "significantly damaged." that plane headed to russia from the united arab emirates was trying to land in heavy winds in a storm when it crashed on the runway killing all 62 people on board. some video there of the debris. the russian airport where this
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now that the search operation at the crash site is officially over. now to a different air scare almost taking a disastrous turn. >> a college student on her way to spring break says her i- phone burst into flames into the middle of the flight. >> there was eight-inch flames off my phone. i flipped it off on to the ground, it got under someone else's seat. the flames were just getting higher, a -- i thought we were going down. i was like oh my god, a fire on the plane. >> this all happened on aalaska airlines flight to hawaii. the crews quickly put it out and apple and the faa are both investigating. how this actually happened is a mystery but experts say it's another reason to always keep your phone on airplane mode because searching for a signal battery. that wouldn't happen with an android phone. just saying. temperatures this morning, cold
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but really it's the first week of spring so this is ridiculous. temperatures in the low 60s. bundle up the kids and yourself today. the warm-up is coming back. i'll let you know when it gets here in a few minutes. we are following breaking news down in sarasota. three people killed overnight in a single car crash, another person is in the hospital. this happened on university parkway right near the airport there. we do have some lanes shut down on university, coming up i'll tell you how to get around it.
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right now at 6:30 -- tracking a deadly accident in sarasota. three people are ted after a car -- dead after a car crashed near old bradenton road and at desoto road. corey dierdorff is there now.
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directing traffic around this extensive accident scene out here. forensics on scene gathering evidence trying to put the pieces together and figure out what happened. we don't know much but here's what we know so far from sarasota police department. they say the crash took place just before 3:00 a.m. right now we're hearing that three people died in the crash. a fourth person removed from the car and rushed to the hospital but is expected to survive. police say they don't know what caused the crash at this time but do believe speed was a factor, it was a single vehicle crash that hit a tree in the median. they are still looking to see if drugs or alcohol played a role. we're working to gather the names of those involved and expect the roadway to be closed for quite an extensive amount of time as the scene covers a very large area out here this morning on university parkway. we'll stay on top of it and bring you updates as soon as we get them on air and on-line at back to you. let's look at the crash on the map. university parkway closed between old bradenton and desoto.
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intersect. you can make that right to university. another detour, another option, you can take televast and stay far away from the crash. that might be a better option. traffic. we'll keep an eye on both alternates and let you know how they shape up this morning. elsewhere, in the bay area, we're in pretty good shape. no other major areas of slowdowns. this is i-275 over in pinellas county at 22nd avenue south. checking the drive from seminole to i-275, looking great, eastbound on you will mertorn and -- ulmerton and eastbound on park. captain al, how are things where you are? >> reporter: it's beautiful up here, 1,000 feet over i-275 and fowler avenue. fletcher is at the top there. then up to bearss. of course the busiest stretch of the morning is this particular spot of i-275 to about busch boulevard. beyond that it's still busy but it blends in with westbound i-4
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level out if you will. a lot better. a lot of volume here though. we're going to the apex next problems. let's hope it stays that way. cold and windy start. in fact wind gusts over 30 miles per hour. keep it in mind as the temperatures are now in the mid- and upper 50s but feels colder because of the wind that will be gusting throughout the day today. temperatures, even 40s to the north will continue with very day today. this is not going to help. of course we have a small craft advisory and the winds are going to continue to howl throughout the day. temperatures only in the mid- 50s through lunchtime and then eventually into the low to mid- 60s. it will struggle to get there despite full spring sunshine. we are going to have another cold night tonight. details on that and also when we can expect our 80-degree temperatures to come back in my next forecast. 6:32. today more history will be made in cuba during president obama's historic trip to the island nation.
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president raul castro in just hours. a meeting that may not have ever happened without the diplomatic ties reuniting last year. during his stay he'll also meet with cuban business owners, even dissidents. tomorrow abc action news will be there as the president takes in a baseball game with our own tampa bay rays. tampa bay is home to thousands of cuban americans. this morning the community is largely divided on whether restoring relation was cuba is good or not. we were out yesterday at the fifth annual cuban sandwich festival in ybor. some people say the trip is critical in opening new opportunities for businesses. and also reconnecting family members that maybe haven't seen each other in decades. others worry the u.s. is entering a dangerouser dangerous -- dangerous territory and shouldn't work oppressive government. >> i believe you should start with the basic human rights. if you have somebody in prison for went to years because they want to feed their family i
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there. not with baseball teams and so forth. >> as the debate continues on how the u.s. moves forward both sides hope whatever happens cuba has a better future. be sure to stick around with us later today and in the hour laura harris joins us from cuba with what the local officials planning to do, including catch the historic rays game tomorrow. he's already been awarded $115 million against the web site gawker but could wrestling superstar hulk hogan possibly walk away with millions more. the jury is set to consider that this morning. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan live in st. pete. we're talking about a lot of money here. >> reporter: we are talking about a lot of money. it turns out that $115 million that hulk hogan was just awarded last week could just be a trop in the bucket. attorneys for gawker already said they plan to appeal this case, however the outcome here as well as that jury award
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web site out of business. legal experts believe gawker's appeal will focus on recently unsealed documents in this case, also lawyers for the web site contend that hogan filed this lawsuit in efforts to hide the racist statements he made in the video. the punitive damages are meant to punish defendants for intentional wrongdoing, hogan maintained throughout this case he did not know his secondual encounter with the then wife of his best friend tampa radio host "bubba the love sponge," was being taped. something interesting to note here, usually when a case in this -- something like this, when somebody is awarded millions of dollars, when it's sent to appeals court a lot of times the judgments are reduced so. even if hulk hogan does eventually receive a payout it will more than likely be a lot less than that $115 million and also less than the punitive damages that he receives. of course we'll be following this case throughout the day and you can follow those latest developments on our web site,
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pete, rodney dunigan, abc action news. 6:35. tampa police are still searching for a hit-and-run driver who killed a man on a bike. here's video from the scene. we learned the victim was a man in his 40s. investigators have not yet released his name but we're told he was riding his bike on interbay boulevard, this is near 6th street south, happened saturday night, we're told he was hit and we're working with tampa police, again, to get you involved. covering hernando county -- several families are back in their homes this morning after a gas leak forced them out this weekend. we have some photos of fire crews working on the problem on killian street in spring hill last night. turns out an underground pipe from one of the homes was leaking propane gas. 800 homes were cleared as a precaution. all the homeowners were able to return after crews fixed that leak. an easy way to save money on your child's next money, if
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school there. the district is providing free lunch for them today and the rest of the week. pick up your free meals all week long during spring break there. daughtry elementary school, bradenton village apartments on 3rd street west and lincoln park in palmetto. the idea is to make sure children have access to nutrition even when school is not in session. no school today but we have to wear sweaters. >> we do. though some schools are in, some are out. they take turns. temperatures very chilly in afternoon. 60 to 65. that is going to be about it. then janelle we're dropping back into the 50s by 8:00. we're continuing to follow this breaking news, in sarasota. three people killed if a crash overnight, a single car crash. another person is in the hospital. this has part of university parkway shut down right near the airport. we'll have a live report coming up in a few minutes. 6:37.
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>> both my eyes. a couple of seconds later opened them and we were in a ditch. >> taking on the ride of their lives as a school bus careens off the road into a ditch. how the teens made their way to safety and the seemingly simple act that caused this crash in
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breaking overnight. dozens of indianapolis firefighters are still on the scene of this massive fire at a truck stop. more than 100 firefighters spent hours fighting that fire at this plaza, grew so large at one point the flames and smoke could be seen for miles. fortunately no trucks, no tanks or semi trucks caught fire, no one was hurt. so far there's no word on what caused the fire but witnesses say they saw fire outside and high winds pushed the flames
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indiana community is coming together to give thanks that 20 high school basketball players are going to be ok after a horrific crash forced their bus off the road. people in the town sang amazing grace and prayed. the driver lost control after spilling a drunk on herself causing her to hit this bus. bus as you see overturned and wound up in a ditch. the students forced to crawl out of the mangled bus. but thankfully a miraculously everyone on boards is ok, taken to the hospital including an assistant coach who had to be airlifted to chicago. we're following some breaking news in sarasota. three people killed overnight in a single-car crash, another person is in the hospital. this happened on university there. we have some significant lane
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i'll explain and tell you how to get around it coming up in a
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good morning. breaking news in sarasota. three people killed overnight in a single car crash, this happened on university parkway in front of the airport there. one person is in the hospital.
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old bradenton road and desoto road. you can see a lot of activity in these live pictures. police diverting cars around the university detour there. so as the morning rush hour pushes on this could cause some significant backups. again, it's university parkway closed between bradenton and desoto road. desoto road is open so you can make this right turn to get back on to university parkway or you can head north and take televast, that will take you clear across to 301. that might be a better option. just avoid all the commotion going on there. this is a fatal, so you can expect that closure to last several more hours. make sure you follow me on twitter @tampabaytraffic for the latest on that. elsewhere, we have a construction project in front of countryside high school westbound state road 580 closed from mcmullen booth to landmark. again just the westbound lanes. the good news, they are trying to do this work over spring break so it won't affect students heading into school.
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let's check with action air one -- i'm just hearing now we don't have -- captain al. too bad. we'll check in with him shortly. temperatures now in the 50s, nice and cool. or terribly cool out there. if you don't like the colder temperatures. inverness 46. 54 tampa. 58 st. pete. today. only in the low 60s. cold. even colder tonight as we lose the winds which by the way is gusty throughout the day today, 30 to 35 miles per hour. then we'll get in the 40s overnight. small craft advisory obviously, with rough seas, 8 to 11 with north winds at 20 knots. tide coming up the next 12 hours. sunrise and sunset 7:32, 7:42. and forecast for the next few days, we're going to moderate temperatures certainly. no question, we're in late march. first full week of spring. 73 to 79 by wednesday. some areas cracking 80 too throughout wednesday afternoon. and overnight lows back where
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60s to around 70 but rain chances coming back with additional moisture, warmer temperatures and afternoon sunshine, we'll get coverage at 40% friday and heading into the upcoming weekend. 6:48. history in the making in cuba. as our coverage of the president's trip to the island nation continues. >> not only is president obama the first sitting president to visit the island nation in 90 years but tampa bay rays will be making history as well. >> the first american baseball team there since 1999 to play in cuba. abc action news news anchor laura harris is in havana now to show us what is on tap for today. >> reporter: it's going to be another busy day in havana for president obama. yesterday was a lot of family time. today it's going to be all about business. in a little bit we're expecting him to go to the jose martin memorial where many dignitaries
6:49 am
domcom to cuba, they lay cuba wreaths. we're also told he will be speaking with president raul castro and at some point the president is going to have some sort of speech about entrepreneurship in cuba. we spoke with some people who are from st. petersburg in cuba for the events and saying it's so important because commerce in our area especially in the ports and tampa bay, it's really important that we kind of open up the dialogue and make sure this conversation continues between the united states as well as cuba. we got a chance to speak with mayor criesman from st. petersburg. he also had some things to say about this awesome trip especially since the tampa bay rays are going to be here. he didn't really want to talk a lot about business, he wanted to talk about baseball. >> we're here for the team. to watch some great baseball. to see our team make some history here, and to be supportive. we're really proud to have our team here playing the national team.
6:50 am
will be hosting a kids clinic for some kids in cuba at the baseball field. the same place they will be playing the cuban national team on tuesday. expect us to be there for all of it and bring you the latest on air and on-line. in havana, cuba, laura harris, back to you. we've got you covered as we travel with president obama and the rays, follow laura on twitter. she'll be sending photos and videos, every step of the way along with the president in cuba and the rays baseball team. we've also got a full breakdown of the president's trip on our free mobile app and web site. as president obama makes a history in cuba there's a new health warning out there. about the zika virus, the centers for disease control says zika virus is spreading in cuba so pregnant women should avoid traveling there. cuban health officials say at least five people are infected with the virus, more than 100 others are showing symptoms as well. the virus is spread through
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dangerous birth defects. breaking overnight -- north korea continuing to escalate tensions with south korea. pyongyang firing a missile and several other short range projectiles, launches come three days after north korea launched its first miss until the sea since 2014. and severities believe north korea could be days -- and authorities believe north korea could be days away from its nuclear test despite restrictions by the u.n. in indiana today, a flags fly at half-staff. deputy carl kunst z was killed serving a warrant in his home town north of annapolis. the suspect was later found dead. we're told kuntz was a two-year veteran of the force, survived by a wife and young child. also a school resource officer so the district where he works is bringing in grief counselors today for students.
6:52 am
a donald trump rally over the weekend. has an arizona man facing assault charges. police say they were escorting an anti-trump protester out of the tucson event when tony pedway reached over and grabbed the protester's sign and punched, kicked and stomped on him. protester says he went to the rally because of what he called trump's fascism, racism and his attitude towards women. a 6-year-old girl will soon be ripped from the only family she's ever known and to be placed placed with strangers hundreds of miles away. lexy seen here is caught in a contentious custody battle between the pages. the california couple who fostered her for four years and distant relatives who are members of the chocktau tribe are fighting over her. because she's 1.5% chocktaw in accordance with the welfare act will be taken to live with her extended native american family in utah. >> it doesn't make any sense at
6:53 am
i don't know -- >> she's going to wonder why mommy and daddy didn't fight for her. or why she's not at home. >> you can see her family is devastated. the pages believe the law is breaking up families and started a 3etition to try to convince lawmakers to help them. apple is expected to announce its newest i-phone won't be bigger but smaller. experts say the new i-phone dubbed the i-phone 5se will have a 4-inch screen like other i-phone 5s but with the improved camera and faster processer found in the i-phone 6s, smaller phone handy for people with smaller hands. apple is also expected to announce a new smaller i-pad pro, and new apple watch bands. it is 6:53. as your morning sprint counts you down to "good morning, america." >> first in sarasota three people are dead in an overnight accident. >> abc reporter corey dierdorff
6:54 am
scene with the latest. corey? >> reporter: good morning. university parkway between old bradenton road and desoto still shut down at this hour as police continue this investigation. we're not hearing much but sarasota police tell us the crash took place just before 3:00 a.m., right now we're hearing that three people died in the crash, a fourth person was rushed to the hospital but is expected to survive. police say they don't know what caused the crash at this time but do believe the speed was a factor. looking to see if drugs or alcohol also played a role in this single car crush. we're working to gather the names of those involved and expect the area to be closed for some time. we are starting to see some delays on desoto road heading eastbound. westbound moving nicely. you can make this right on to university parkway and take that up to 301, or take televast across and just avoid that crash scene altogether. elsewhere we have a travel advisory on the sunshine skyway but it is open so that is some good news, but high winds there so use caution.
6:55 am
drive across the bridge there. heading on i-4 from tampa, from lakeland into tampa looking great, about 30 minutes. cold start, and it's windy. that combination of the temperatures being so low and wind so high makes it feel very uncomfortable. bundle up. by the way between noon and 4:00 only managing 60 to 56 for the high. a good 10 to 15 degrees below normal. the $115 million judgment swung in favor of hulk hogan. a jury is set to decide what the web site gawker should pay and possible pune if i have damages for -- punitive damages. they will be back in st. pete today in a courtroom this morning. this judgment in effect could possibly put the popular web site out of business. lawyers for gawker have already said they plan to appeal. right now tampa police still searching for a hit-and- run driver who killed a man on a bicycle. we're told that victim was
6:56 am
boulevard near 6th street south saturday night when he was hit. his name has not been released. today senator bill nelson will be in a meeting with noaa and macdill air force base to talk about the future of the hurricane hunters that are housed there. the planes have called the air force base home since 1993. but macdill says they need nor space so the hurricane hunters have to go by july of next year. stars shining their tap shoes and slipping into sequined dresses, "dancing with the stars" returns tonight. the two-hour premiere will feature a dynamic opening number featuring all the celebrities. then all 12 couple will dance several dances no eliminations tonight. tune in 8:00 right here on your abc action news station. >> always a good time. >> of course we're rooting for ginger zee. >> we have a meteorologist in for the first time, right? go ginger. we'll be tracking that crash in sarasota all morning long.
6:57 am
>> back in an hour.
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good morning, america. spring snowstorm. as much as half a foot in the east. schools closed in boston. severe weather causing this massive waterspout. abc news exclusive. david muir goes one-on-one with president obama. his historymaking trip to cuba this morning. the first u.s. president on the island in nearly 09 years. >> change is going to happen and i think raul castro understands that. >> preparing for a meeting with the cuban leader. donald trump announces he'll


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