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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  March 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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new stories breaking right now on "the now tampa bay." less than an hour ago the usa no longer looking if are armed suspects. someone called in a man in a french coat was on campus. there was a text sent to students. no one was found and no other calls came in about the possible suspect. >> and we are learning a driver that hit and killed a hillsborough deputy was going the wrong way, almost three times the legal limit for blood
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another driver says the deputy raced to save her car from getting hit. and new video from tampa, a tampa police dash cam video. [audio difficulties -- static,
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how long do you guys use a pipe, smoke? how about you? >> that is crest lake park in clearwater. a body cam showing three people barely able to speak after using. nearly 30 calls were suspected for overdoses. this is just really difficult. this area is near st. vincent de paul shelter. earlier today we were capturing people that seemed to be on something. we are not sure what. their eye were closed, swaying, unable to stand up on their own, hanging on a fence at some point. police are in downtown st. peters handing out fliers and warning people about the dangers of spice. -- [audio difficulties --
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-- it is unfortunate what happened. my thoughts and prayers go out to my best friend's families. they should be remembered as the good people they were, good musician, amazing friends. >> they turned 21 today. people on social media knew all
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double 21st birthday celebration. sarasota police are still investigating. in sarasota, lauren jones for "the now tampa bay." >> i am here to say that we are here and ready to go. we can't get from this live picture is it is cold out there. >> yes. >> and windy, too. >> it is freezing out there. you can still see the camera shaking and how rough the waters are. not a great beach, boating day necessarily unless you want to hang on the sand, in a sweatshirt as you watch the beaches tonight. we still have 25-mile per hour are 10 to 15 miles per hour. we are seeing some improvement and there is more to come with the wind speeds as with he move through the night. but, with can clear sky, temperatures. we will be in the upper 50s around 8:00 tonight. by 10:00 mid 50s, then we are down to 54 at midnight. wait until you see how chilly it is going to be across the
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morning. yes, it will be cooler than what you walked out to this. the good you ins is we continue see -- good news is we won't see as much wind. we will show you the chilly temperatures ahead in a few minutes. this is used by physicians to treat anxiety and panic disorders. it affects the brains and nerves to produce a calming affect that has legitimate medical use when prepared by a doctor in a legitimate pharmacy. xanax is sold illegally on the street and there is a demand for it by illegal drug users. it is not an expensive street drug by all accounts and probably sells between $3 and $5 a pill.
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street has -- saks ax has dayed consistent. and fentanyl is 80 times more potent than morphine and 50 times more potent that pure heroin. it has an rapid onset when consumed but only lasts for a short president of time. fentanyl, like zach ax, has -- xanax, has legitimate medical uses and is used for pain in cancer patients. but because it is so potent it is released through a time release patch or some other pill. we have three confirmed and six strongly suspected deaths confirmed by people that thought they were taking street purchased xanax. the pills, however, taken and swallowed were really a
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of xanax and fentanyl. and in other cases, this past saturday night in dunedin, where a young 25-year-old woman died after taking a combination drugs. the nine death cases that have occurred generally are in the area from largo south to pinellas county. saturday night's case was the first one in the north part of the county. we also had another nine cases this year where law enforcement has made undercover drug purchases of what was reported to be xanax and the lab analysis confirmed it was a mixture of xanax and fentanyl. what you see here in the charts are the nine cases that are either 100% confirmed or strongly suspected and just waiting final lab confirmation of actual people that have died from taking what they purchased on the street and thought was
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it with us actually fentanyl. when they take it because it is so strong, this chemical, the nine that we have that are from undercover purchases, that with the drugs in these nine cases being sold to undercover law enforcement officers who, of course, turned the drugs in as evidence. they could sool be nine more dead people in addition to the nine we are have confirmed in pinellas county. we have also seen an uptick in fentanyl mixed with other drugs in the last two years including heroin in. 2014 there were 14 cases of drugs mixed with fentanyl submitted to -- >> and the sheriff there in pinellas county talking about a spike in drug overhead deaths. he is not -- overdose death. he is not just talking spice and marijuana, but painkiller, xanax. some of the drugs are cheap,
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pinellas county. we will hear with the local sheriff about the issue tonight on abc action news at 5:00 and 6:00. >> right now we are watching history in the making. the first official talks between the united states and cuba in more than five decades. president obama met with cuban president raul castro in havana. he wants to lift the trade embargo and return to gaunt tan monnet val base in cuba. he talked with castro about democracy and human rights. >> the ongoing engagement is guided by one overarch anger, advancing the mutual interest of our countries and improving the lives of our peek, both cubans and americans. >> president obama attended the ceremony before meeting with castro. the memorial honors jose, the independence from spain more than a century ago. we have the news there not only
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visit but they are about to play cuba's national baseball baseball team. >> reporter: we are on the field where the historic game will happen between the tampa bay rays and the cuba team, the first time they have plays since 199 when the baltimore orioles did it. we talked to a plan that has been to cuba more than 100 times and the baseball game means much, much more than baseball and shows between these two countries there are common denominators that he is hoping will carry on. >> this is a game changer. they will not turn this clock back. >> reporter: the roots run deep in cuba. his mother leaving the island nation with her family when she was just 11 months old. seeing president obama landing in havana yesterday would have meant so much to her. >> when i saw him touch soil
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>> reporter: for the last 17 years, 125 visits later, albert has made it his mission to see relations between the u.s. and cuba change in hopes of helping people understand what an improved dialogue really means for the u.s. >> friendly unification. going back and forth with family in cuba, visiting relatives in tampa and the other way around. >> reporter: encouraging others to keep an open mind, knowing this is about human relations just as much as it is about the financial side. again, president obama expects to be here at the games tomorrow, but despite the rumor, he will not be throwing out the first pitch. major league baseball says that will be an honor for two cubaen pitchers that a lot of people in this country know. in havana, cuba, laura harris for "the now tampa bay." >> thank you, laura. well, a man beaten up at a trump rally over the weekend is not being silenced.
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trying to create a million little americas, all of us fighting each other. >> but what happened to the
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well, weapon support for soldiers has a lieutenant assigned to a unit in camp lejeune, california, only 27 years old, died saturday when a rocket hit the base. officials say the fire had only been up and running a few days before the attack. they believe the location is because they saw the marines moving into the area and firing practice rounds. in south carolina, now, a firefighter is killed after falling off a fire truck and it accidentally backed over him. it happened as they were responding to a house fire near
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chris ray, a conway firefighter for six years, was pronounced dead at the scene. he leaves behind a wife and two daughters, as well. south carolina highway patrol's multidisciplinary accident investigation team is looking into how this happened. right now indianapolis firefighters are on the scene where a big fire ignited last night. here are pictures we will bring you in a minute. incredible video and pictures. no one got hurt. look at these images. witnesses say the fire started outside. strong winds pushed it through the building which it actually had a convenient more in a denny's restaurant. a hundred firefighters battled this for two hours. no word on how it started. a protestor at a trump rally in arizona over the weekend is now talking more about it. brian sanders was kicked and punched by a man in the audience. you can see the video here.
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trump has come under fire for a number of heated incidents. listen to what sanders has to say about the latest incident. >> i was at the rally to protest what i see is donald trump's use of violent rhetoric, looking to divide us on ethnic, religious and social lines. i think donald trump is trying to create a million little americas, all of us fighting each other. i don't want that. i like america as one big, crazy, motelling pot place. >> and police say the other man for assault. he is an aggravator, sanders say, trying to derail his campaign. well, donald trump says in the past it is best to be neutral on israel-palestinian
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but during a speech at the group's conference this was said -- >> we, we need steady hands, not a president that says he is newt central on wednesday, pro- israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday because everything is negotiatable. >> that by hillary clinton. well, hundreds of people are expected to protest trump's speech outside his event tonight. in the meantime trump is trying to improve his relationship with the republican party with a private meeting overhead in washington, d.c. newt gingrich was seen here arriving at the meeting. and how about this. you will want to look at this. how about if you found this dress pop up at your high school prom or your kid's high school prom. look at this. it is made entirely of condoms. the dress isn't actually for sale but it is getting a lot of attention.
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shop and set up to get people talking about stds and pregnancy for teens and adolescence. >> it not only shocks you but sparked conversation. that is so important. >> and they are not the only ones seeing high std rates. two out of every three std cases are teens and middle school students. piends district school leaders say more than -- pinellas school district leaders say more than half their students are sexually active. well, let's go back to weather, lauren. it is cool outside. >> yes. this is not what we are feeling. >> we are supposed to be a high of 77. the temperatures still outside right now is 64 degrees. take a look. it is beautiful out there. the circles of hallows beach camera showing blue skies and sunshine.
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looking calm but with the gusty wind it hasn't been the best boating day with he would normally see across the area. the temperature this is morning a low of 51, much below freezing for this time of year. improvement in these temperatures in the days ahead, at least for right now. still in the mid of0s across pa brandon, fish hawk, plant city, apollo beach at 60 degrees. these are certainly much cooler than average temperatures. off to the north, also in the mid 60s across citrus county. if you are closer to the beaches in pinellas county right now, temperatures are as low as the mid 50s. this is tarpon springs at 5. palm harbor at 56. not only do i want the winds to calm down but the temperatures to come up, we will see improvement, but we have a chilly start to the day tomorrow. remember we have seen the gray and white tones with a lot of cloud cover out there.
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tonight, through midnight not a cloud in sight, with he loss our blanket so it will be chilly. barely a cloud to be found to keep us on the warmer side, but there is no rain in sight. if you are hoping for dry conditions you will at least get that and clearer skies. lots of sunshine will expect us to warm up. temperatures will be starting inland. 44 as a low in auburndale, around tampa at 47. mild closer to the beaches. clearwater with a low of 50 degrees. tomorrow afternoon we will rebound into the low 70s and mid 70s in our warmest spots. brace yourself for the cool start to the day. again with plenty of sunshine and no rain in sight it will be warming up through afternoon. i will have your easter sunday forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. we will check back soon. well, we won't show you this right now, but when we come back, what set off a
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inside a ball.
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-- they say verbally and physically assaulted a man in costume. both ended up going to the hospital with minor injuries. so far we don't know if charges will be filed. police are still looking into
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well, in fort myers, the bear, the mascot at the elementary school can hold off another week or so when the kids are out of the classroom for spring break. the bear was caught on camera near campus not once but twice in one day, sending the school into a partial lockdown. >> it is very serious. these kids are so small. they would not be able to defense themselves. >> -- defend themselves. >> hey, really? >> florida fish and wildlife says the bears throws more threats but if it returns they will trap it and relocate it. the school's mascot is also there. a live look to show you as baby number two is here. not the now baby number two. we are talking the parent eagles named mr. president and the first lady. we have been watching them hatch from a web cam. this is a really cool view.
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the second on sunday. you get to vote on their names. suggestions being talked about online are sasha and malia, the actual president's kids names, of course. and how about shea or ashley. those names have a nice ring to them! [ laughing ] well, if you would like to keep watching the eagle, or vote on the baby eagles' name, you can find more on if you been in a car crash, i will tell you what a local woman tried to could that put
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and we have breaking news to get to on "the now tampa bay." tampa mayor bob buckhorn
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decriminalize small amounts of marijuana, 20-grams or less. you will still get a ticket, a $75 fine, instead of being arrested. the council voteed in favor of this last week w. rewhat waiting to find out -- we are waiting to find out when this there be going into affect. well, right here in the tampa bay area we have more on pinellas county and a law that a lot of us have never, every heard of. >> that is correct. do you know if you are in a crash, that no one should even be calling, you are a victim physically and mentally. we are helping you not become a victim financially, too. >> over the weekend this woman, dana may, was arrested in pinellas county for allegedly calling the st. petersburg police department herself to get the names of people just in car crashes. an arrest affidavits nays may
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crash victim earlier this month to refer them to attorneys and referral. in florida that is illegal. may is with the non-profit called florida accident helpers. we did a web search and found their website claims they will help you after you have been in a crash for free as a victim advocate group. in another internet search, her linked in professional account says she doesn't accept any referral fees. but may has been investigated by the division of insurance fraud since the beginning of last year. the stayed says she calls police record divisions for crash reports and they would give her the reports because she appeared toto be doing it for free. >> we did reach out to her, as well as the non-profit, but email. and their phone would not ring. it is you have ting because lawyers and medical groups
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60 day, but you may find some churches and other non-profits are really out there to try to help you. >> good information, nicole. thank you. we have a recall alert to tell you about right now. nice san is expanding -- nissan is expanding a recall of 2014 road vehicles to fix a fuel pump issue that can keep the engine from starting. it could even cause a crash in the engine stops while driving. here is what you need to know to keep you and your family safe on the roads. it affects 36,000 rogues made between july 25, 2013 and june 21, 2017. they say to bring your rogue to the dealer for a free fidget you can find more information on and with he have breaking news to get to in central florida. a large brush fire dangerously close to homes in orange county right now. look at these pictures we are
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these flames are literally in people's backyards. you can see a screened in pool there dangerously close to the flames. the fire is about 20-acre, 50% contained according to the affiliate there. no word on what caused the fire or if anyone else is hurt. we are seeing when to make it an even worse situation. >> there was a red flag warning today that expires at 6:00. it is because of the fact we have had the winds and dry conditions and low humidity. the good be news is the winds replaquesing tonight should help the situation -- relaxing situation. >> yes. and i know a lot of people are gearing up for the holiday weekend. i don't have terrible news for sunday but it is not the best forecast i have seen in recent years. temperatures will be on the warm, mild side, starting the morning but 70, by noon at 77
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we will have a chance for -- topping out at 82 degrees. we will have a chance for showers through the morning to afternoon. when those are coming in in my next forecast. >> thank you. also still ahead, a little angel could not wait a another minute. this little baby. the unexpected thing that brought baby riley into the world. >> and before we go, this is really cool, for the first time we can actually see how skin heals itself. our partners and "newsy" will give us a look. scientists have created a fish with hundreds of different colors of glowing skin cells. watching how skin heals itself cell by cell in real time. the genetically modified zebra fish makes it likely each one will glow a different color from the rounds around it. the researchers at duke university were able to watch
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new colors move over to replace and expand to cover more ground. people share 85% of their dna with normal zebra fish. which is good research to understand how normal skin heal, including how skin reacts to disease or medication. scientists watch how a large number of cells work individually and together. for "newsy", i am ryan beak and u can watch "newsy" on your tv with your favorite
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. a new mother in girl. look at this delivery. tasha was heading to the hospital by ambulance, her
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following behind in the family car. they went through a few red lights and they hit a speed bump. that is the precise moment that little riley decided to come into the world. we are hearing from dad and mom about the moment they got to the hospital. >> i apologized ten times that day. i was sorry he missed it. that is something very special. >> well, riley got the reasons. firefighters gave the family a story. you can see mom and baby are doing really well. well, should men get more prize money than women if more people watch them play? more now on the controversial djokovic. he says the prize money should
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who attracts more attention and sells more tickets. his comments come after the ceo of the tournament djokovic was playing in saying the women's association players are on the coattails of the men. the ceo later apologizing the comments were in poor taste. >> some people are asking to have their taxes raised. 40 millionaires in new york sent a letter to the governor and top lawmakers about a tax hike. the group said "we can afford to pay our current taxes and pay even more. they want to help with poverty in the state, and aging roads and power lines but the senate idea. well, coming up on "the now tampa bay", a guy busted for getting intimate? we will tell you what happened here. >> and a little known travel discount for seniors and
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you won't want to miss how to save money on travel.
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right now a council meeting in minneapolis drawing a lot of attention because of a guy you see right here in a plastic bag suit. it is part of a ban to ban plastic bag suit. he says he is wearing the average number of plastic bag as person uses each year. california has a ban on the bags and a number of other cities are discussing the same thing, saying it would help our environment. well, right now with this weekend being easter weekend, more people are hitting the
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we have more with the average for gas is about $2 but we are finding it for about $1.89 in tampa, wesley chapel and other places. $2 is the average in tampa. it is about the same up i-4 in orlando. in a non-gas guzzling vehicle it would cost you $10 to $15 to head to orlando. we are still paying less than this times last year when we were at $2.38 a gallon. airports are busier because 6 million people will be flying other easter, about 4 million more than last year at this time. we have the shortest wait times in the country here in tampa for large airports. tsa is fully staffed. that is not the case across the rest of the country. o now news todd walker bring thes us up-to-date on what too expect. >> reporter: security lines
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an hour at the busiest airports. 2million passengers each day are now part of a busier airport. passengers can move through the faster screening without having to do things like taking off your shoe, taking your laptop off your carry on bag but the tsa advices you get to the airport two hours early in case. they are training workers in order graduate 200 new tat agents per share week. i am be at the tsa training academy this week to see what they go through and their efforts to get security lines moving. we will do that without compromising your safety. we will also be at the world's busiest airport which has threaten odd throw the tsa out if the long lines don't get any better. you can expect those stories coming up this week on "the now." i am todd walker.
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-- on "the now tampa bay" we are trying to save you cash when it comes to flying. delta airlines has discounts for senior citizens but you can't book online. you have to call to get the deal. american and united offer senior pricing but when we compared the pricing, it really wasn't much of a difference. s w is offering good prices and they are fully refundable, which is not always the case with other carriers. united offers at least 5% off base fares for veteran, active institute military, national guard and reserve members, too. the weather is impacting travel in and out of the northeast. take a look at this. you would not know it is spring there with this snow storm to kick off the week. this givers me chills.
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rhode island and connecticut where they could receive anywhere from a couple inches of snow to about a foot of snow. let me fill you in on this one! it sounds ludicrous to us in florida, but the folks in the northeast, are they accustomed to a spring snow. >> it is not uncommon to have snow through to the end of march, even the beginning of april, but like us with he have had warm ups. -- like us, we have had warm ups. and we start to think it is over with. but we still have snow showers in new york state and pennsylvania as well. it is starting to move a little closer to the more mild air closer to the coastline where it is turning into a winter mix. most of this is light and it will be coming to an end in the next 24 hours. we are still seeing the cooler air behind the same system moving into our area which will give us a chilly night ahead, even colder than last night. then we will see the warm upstarting to kick in.
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well out on the west coast right now. this system arrives on friday, but it is going to linger, and that is why i showed you we had is rain chances into easter sunday. so, for right now we are on the cooler than average side. 64 right now in tampa, 61 in clear water, 61 in st. pete. we are seeing lots of sunshine and the winds are starting to come down. a little more reasonable now, breezy, and not as gusty as earlier today. in tampa 47 degrees. the winds relax making for a really chilly night ahead, for this time of year, anyhow. but it will be frosty in citrus and hernando counties where temperatures are in the mid 30s from 4:00 to 9:00 in the morning. a frost advisory is out there so protect the plants out there. we will see a warm up, up to 72 tomorrow afternoon. not bad, right? on wednesday close to 80. thursday and friday
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degrees but that is where the rain chances staright to pickup as the next frontal system approaches. like i said, it lingers for a while. also, i will show you more on that in the seven-day forecast coming up on abc action news at 5:00. >> thank you. four new cases of zika virus here in florida to tell you about. luckily they are all travel related which means no one caught it here. in osceola county included, there are 71 cases hoo are in florida but only eight of those people are showing symptom, good news. and new warnings about the zika virus. the centers for disease control and prevention issued a travel alert to cuba as the president makes his historic visit there. and in puerto rico they expect one out of every four people to get the virus this year. eventually eight out of ten will be infected. many people there don't have screens on windows to keep mosquitoes out.
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do blood tests especially on women. the virus is linked to birth defects and there is concern about it being linked to sexual contact. we told you how we could see the mosquitoes bringing in the zika virus here in the u.s. by the end of summer. now the cities where they are most likely to show up shows computer models studying this. tampa and other florida cities are all in the red s which is high risk. the red means high risk. the doubling red lines are areas where there have been cases of chikungunya. the mosquitoe's life cycle, as well is something else they are looking at. east coast cities like washington, d.c. have a moderate risk because the mosquitoes carry zika and can live there in the hot and humid summers. researchers say we could see small, localized outbreak this is summer.
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situations in the caribbean and south korea. because a lot -- south america because a lot of us live and work inside by comparison here. and right now president obama taking questions at a business meeting in cuba during his historic visit. someone else is speaking now but the president is involved, as well. that is a woman asking a question of president obama. let's listen in... [ speaking foreign language ] >> what would you like to happen between cuba and the united states that could be
4:54 pm
women you serve? >> the questions are being fielded with translations. president obama taking questions there at a business event during his historic visit in cuba. all crews are there in cuba, as well. much more starting in just a bit on abc action news at 5:00. well, let's get to this now. this made national headlines. back in february, she was accused of trying to have sex on a las vegas ferris wheel, but we are learning the man was accused of carjacking yesterday in houston when he was picking his fianci up from a strip club where they works. two men got in the car and told her to get out. the men then tossed his body and drove off. back in february our affiliate in vegas spoke with the 27-year- old about the ferris wheel incident. it turns out he was in vegas to marry his fianci but they got
4:55 pm
went on the famous attraction. >> i was gambling, lost a little money. >> did you know this with us going to happen? >> he was arrested and charged now in the death. well, the flint water crisis has the michigan governor calling for the state to implement stricter lead testing rules than what feds require after he got grilled by lawmakers last week. we showed it to you right here on "the now tampa bay." it includes replacing thousands of lead pipes in flint. the mayor says the city plans to start replacing the pipes by the end of the month. and apple and the u.s. justice department are getting ready to face off in court tomorrow over the fbi's request for apple to unlock the iphone of the san bernardino shooter. apple says they would have to
4:56 pm
jeopardizing the security of the iphone. there is no way to learn when the phone holds information about the single massacre. tim cook commented on the case a short time ago from apple's new software announcement. >> we do not expect to be in this position, at odds with our own government. we believe strongly that we have a responsibility to help protect your data and protect your privacy. we owe it to our customers and we owe it to our country. this is an issue that impacts all of us and we will not shirk from this responsibility. >> federal judges will hear their arguments tomorrow in california and at that point make a ruling. right now apple tweeting with the latest iphone, recently
4:57 pm
larger screens but today apple announced a smaller, 4-inch phone similar to the one in 2014. the 6s which came out 6 months ago is 4.7 inches. and a price can cut from the company. they are slashes the price of the smart watch and trying to get more people excited about the product since it doesn't have a big following yet. well, florida could make computer coding count at a foreign language credit did not make law this round but it caught attention of the rest of the country. "the now tampa bay's" anne mcnamara shows us what is happening in high schools. >> reporter: >> reporter: everything, everyone is computing. let's have a way of expressing that to ourselves and everybody else. >> that language is called coding. to many of us it is foreign and
4:58 pm
credit in schools across the country. >> reporter: students use the language in their classroom, communicating more than ever. >> on snapchap, twitter and i text a lot. >> reporter: but in spanish class the teacher requires they talk face-to-face. >> the social media is kind of taking up everything in those relationships. it is important to keep reminding ourselves we should talk to each other. >> it allows us to express things we have not been able to express before. from that point of view i think learning how to code and program is a very applicable skill. >> reporter: but even those that benefit most still have some hesitation calling it a language.
4:59 pm
interaction, like caring about other people, eye contact, just like specific physical stuff that makes a nice conversation. if you are at a computer you can't really do that. >> reporter: for "the now tampa bay", i am anne mcnamara. that is it for "the now tampa bay." a horrific crash. . the president of the united states in cuba and abc action news is there. his joint news conference with fidel castro is making waves all around the world. first, police taking new
5:00 pm
spice overdoses. the timing especially concerning for presidents. a devastating crash leaves three young men dead and one in the hospital. >> it happened near university park way in sarasota. police are saying this is one of the most horrific crashes they have ever seen. we are live at the crash site. >> reporter: this is one of the worst crashes as you just mentioned, that police say they have ever seen. you can see the deep tire tracks that lead up to the tree there with the marks on it there's glass at the bottom and three men are dead. only one person made it out alive. thomas bentley turned 21 today and will spend his birthday in a hospital room.


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