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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  March 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the troubling spike in violence at a bay area chuck e. cheese. thanks for joining us. >> the restaurant in brandon becoming a dangerous location. >> 18 times deputies were called just in the past three months. five times this past weekend. abc action news clifton french is live. >> reporter: this chuck e. cheese makes many people safety of this restaurant. >> this is a place where kids go. unbelievable. >> reporter: it's cell phone video of several deputies responding to a fight in progress at this chuck e. cheese in brandon. adults and several children were arrested. >> this is not a place i would
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>> reporter: brandy overheard our records request for calls to chuck e. cheese. she lives less than a mile away and says she's not surprised we're dong a story. >> the cop cars are always in front of chuck e. cheese. >> deputies were called here 36 times last year. >> reporter: so far there have been 18 calls. 4 for disturbance and others for fights. >> that's crazy. it's supposed to be kids and family around. >> reporter: he thinks this is still a family friendly environment. >> i came just this past weekend and i never seen any chaos or anything like that.
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see more security. >> i don't want to explain to her why adults act that way. >> reporter: we reached out to the chuck e. corporate office for comment. he released this statement. they also wanted to point out they have security guards and active cameras and also some reporting live in brandon, clifton french, abc action news. take a look here. jaw dropping moments caught in pinellas county. a little boy trying to ride a tricycle on to the bridge. he finally gets stopped at the toll booth. he did not get on the bridge and no one is hurt. no charges have been filed.
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after an accident on a pinellas county bus. henry fell off his mobility scooter while the bus was making a turn. the bus driver never called for help. he died from his injuries seven days later. officers asking for anyone who was on the bus to come forward. breaking news now with the hulk hogan gawker case. this is him speaking live about the punitive damages in this case. >> we're very excited and happy. >> tell us about the support from the community. i know you're on twitter. what do you see from people? >> the community knows who i am. my wwe family knows who i am and have been very supportive of me. at the end of the day it's nice to get back to be with my family and friends in the area.
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treat me like i'm still a champ and they have been really supportive. it's really cool to be in this community and feel the love. >> did you ever expect to see this judgment from the jury? >> i didn't know what to expect. >> it was only the right thing to do, folks, of course he did. >> reporter: all right you have been listening to hulk hogan live commenting on the punitive damages settled in his case with gawker and the sex tape case.
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sorry, we're having technical difficulties right now. we'll get back to adam as soon as we can. there's been a verdict in the hulk hogan case. adam winer is over there. we will get back to him when we solve our technical difficulties. this video taken back on march 10th. you can see the thief riding his bike and pulling on the door handle. he grabs the victim's purse and in and out in under 30 seconds. if you know who it is, you're urged to call crime stoppers. now to search that's on to find a south florida woman swept out to sea in the caribbean. a strong wave pulled 22 year old savannah fin and her boyfriend
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. a historic trip becoming the first u.s. sitting president to step foot in cuba in 88 years. fidel castro is creating the most buzz tonight. during the briefing his country has no political prisoners he claims. cuba averages 400 arrests of human rights activist and the cuban commission for human rights says it received over 7100 reports of arbitrary detentions from january through august of 2014. abc action news laura harris is in havana now with people making history of their own in cuba.
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baseball stadium where the rays will make history tomorrow. the first american team to step foot on the field since 1999. one of the coolest things i have he's from cuba. left this country three years ago just trying to make it in major league baseball. when he got here last night just before midnight, the homecoming he received from his family and his little sister was just bringing tears to everyone's eyes. you could see the emotion on their face and how much they had missed him. we actually got a chance to speak with chris archer, pitcher for the rays about dayron and how he was feeling up to this point ready to come to cuba. he didn't know he was going to be here until right before they got on the plane.
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it's something i can't even imagine. we'll never be put in that situation. but just from seeing his excitement on the plane and all throughout spring training and then the emotional response from him and his parents was a great experience for us to see how fortunate we are to live in the country we live in. >> reporter: we spoke with rays manager kevin cash earlier this morning and he says he's going to start tomorrow so he can do that in front of the hometown crowd. you can imagine how proud his family will be. it is official. possessing small amounts of marijuana in tampa no longer means jail time. new ordinates seened today allows police to issue civil citations instead of filing criminal charges. it applies to people carrying
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that's the average of 40 joints in street terms. first offense results in $75 fine. we now know the names of two men killed just a few days ago in a plane crash on davis island. friends and relatives identifying the men as 54-year old louis and coreno. their twin engine plane crashed during take off friday. another plane took off at the same time but it's not clear if that plane affected this crash. a deadly wrong way crash that killed a hillsborough deputy. eric mc beth had a more than three times the legal limit. he drove into his path to stop him from hitting a driver head on.
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his funeral will be held on wednesday. my brother could have died. >> trapped underground. two children falling to a 30-foot hole and how they got there and the frantic effort to get them out. fired for heckling? the harassing messages that cost a bay area man his job and the lessons you can learn from his mistake. the camera shows plenty of shun shine but boy, has it been well. i'll let you know when that
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back to the breaking news in the hulk hogan lawsuit. a jury reaching the verdict over punitive damage in his case. adam winer is live at the
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following this case all along. what happened? >> as you know, $150 million already the verdict last week from the jury against gawker for online. this was a chance for the jury to send a message to the entire tabloid community as well as gawker that this was unacceptable. that's what the punitive damages are about. they awarded $15 million to hulk hogan from gawker and another 10 million from their ceo. we talked to a juror about why she made the decision she made. she said once they saw the video hogan. a full report tonight at 11:00. for now i'm adam winer reporting news. two children lucky to be
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playing turned into a frantic rescue. the boys plunged into a 30-foot deep hole. they were outside a baltimore mcdonald's when the ground caved in. one of them managed to climb out and get help. >> he came in and was crying and all his clothes were muddy. he was in pain. >> i look down in it and i hear somebody screaming up to me "help". i realized there was somebody in there so i jumped on the phone and called 911 to save this kid. >> it took crews 45 minutes to rescue the remaining boy from the hole. the pit may have been a well covered with dirt and mud. it's not sure if the hole was completely filled or an open cavity in the ground.
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sports tradition -- heckling. ryan raiche shows us more. >> reporter: the talk of the campus at southern florida college in lakeland. students taking sides surrounding the controversy on their athletic director. it's embarrassing for them. it was the third round and he was not playing his best round of golf. he later tweeted about how he taunted poulter and tried to get in his head by hitting it in the water. he tweeted back to his followers. >> i felt embarrassed because he's working for a school and an
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on to do that event. >> he fired dushgsnham last week and tells action news is no longer with the college. he later told me over the phone his mouth anymore. some students feel the crime. overreaction. >> coaches and teachers turning this into an important lesson about representing an organization and what goes online is there for the world to see. state of the art research ship could soon have a childish name. the british government putting out a poll asking people to help
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names but the favorite is the rrs "boaty mcboatface". it's got 26,000 votes. 3,000. >> boaty mcboatface. couldn't come up with something it's research vessels. >> i had to read it several times so i wouldn't burst out laughing. >> not really boating weather right now. improving. looking like a beautiful evening to catch a few shots of the sunset tonight. not bad at all but definitely want to bundle up.
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further north to pinellas county the beaches are in the 50s. further inland around hillsborough county temperatures are falling through the mid 60s. west chase at f 0 and tampa at 62. overnight tonight a lack of cloud cover we'll see the temperatures fall more but the good news out of the comfort factor is the wind speeds are coming down. i've still been seeing gusts around 22 miles per hour in the last hour but the sustained winds are generally 10-15 miles per hour and we'll continue to see improvement with winds relaxing overnight. the chilly temperatures in the 40s won't have the wind to make it worse in the morning. let's look at the radar. nothing to see. we are dry as a bone from north to southeast to west so things looking good out there. one patch of green that was
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future cast you can see -- you have to watch the clock -- because otherwise you wouldn't tell anything is going on. dry, cool air coming from the north. very little cloud cover overnight so we get the radiational cooling. such dry air out there we are going to be chilly and no rain for now. we will have some wet days ahead. in fact, it's friday through sunday that this frontal boundary approaches and stalls out giving us a strong chance for rain off and on. for tonight enjoy the dryness and 47 degrees as the overnight low. temperatures. seven-day. tomorrow. temperatures will be coming back
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by sunday into easter sunday we will have a stronger chance. i don't know who is more wide eyed on this historic visit to cuba, the home folk or the rays. whether this visit will help reconcile relations between the two countries we can't predict. we can say there will be 55,000 in the stands tomorrow. the 55,000 including the presidents of both nations. in true class, the players and coaches decided to pencil in the men you saw first there. laura harris reported earlier he's the long raised cuban player. so that's a moment for him to
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the rest of the rays are looking forward to tomorrow's historic event. i feel like as an organization, we're honored to be a part of this and come to a land where there's been so many great stars that have impacted major league baseball. >> it's an honor. you look at that with both presidents and it's an hor no to play in front of fans. -- -- honor. hopefully we can put on a good show and put some smiles on. we know the passion that evolves in this country around baseball.
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thank you so much for joining us. the day's top story on abc action news.
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tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight" from cuba. the president making history here, proclaiming the united states and cuba are no longer enemies. standing side by side with raul castro. the extraordinary moment. castro taking questions from reporters. pressed on human rights. and the uncomfortable moment with president obama. and right after, my exclusive interview with the president. we asked, what was said inside that room with raul castro. you were in that room, do you trust president castro? do you believe that he truly wants change here? we also asked the president about criticism back home and the arrest of disdepartments right here in cuba, even as he arrived, as he now prepares for his historic speech to the


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