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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  March 22, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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deadly explosions at the brussels international airport and now the subway shut down after an explosion at a metro station. in the last few minutes new reports coming in, of at least another two explosions at other metro stations in brussels. at least one death reported. dozens more injured in the blasts at the airport. reports of several injured in the explosion at the metro. right now the terror alert in belgium raised to its highest level this morning. news conference getting underway in a few minutes as authorities try to find out who or what may have caused these incidents. we'll be monitoring that for new information but at this time it looks like coordinated attacks in the city of brussels. this all comes on the heels of an arrest from the lone surviving terrorist of the paris attacks just this weekend. officials say saleh abdelslam
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planning more attacks. belgium's foreign minister says during the raid they found a large number of weapons. according to saleh abdelslam's lawyer he's fighting extradition to france and has a court appearance scheduled for tomorrow. we'll be monitoring this throughout the morning. also we're following breaking news in the bay area. >> we're learning new details about a shooting overnight in ruskin sending several people to the hospital. >> abc action news reporter corey dierdorff is following the breaking developments and joins us from ruskin. corey? >> reporter: good morning. this quiet neighborhood is back quiet again. last night a much different story as shots rang out. investigators and officers still on scene with a large number of evidence markers filling the street. investigators digging in and trying to figure out what exactly happened here. we're getting a very preliminary information at this hour but what we know from hcso, around 10:00 a.m. last night a group of people met up on fire rock place to
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line swap shop web site. developments say there was a fight and -- deputies say there was a fight and three people were hit by gunshots. they were all rushed to the hospital where they are expected to survive. as what led to the argument and how it got to the points of shots fired, still unknown this morning and we're working to gather who exactly was shot and if anyone was in custody. this morning we're in contact with hillsborough county sheriff's office trying to gadge they're information, to try to figure out what exactly we'll bring you the latest as soon as we get it on-line and on air. corey dierdorff, abc action news, back to you. cold start this morning. we're looking at less wind, not as much of a wind chill. as you step outside it may not feel as cold as yesterday because we lost the wind. also, temperatures milder, from tampa to clearwater and st. pete. 50 and 58. well to the north, nature coast still dealing with a frost advisory that continues through 9:00 a.m. for temperatures in the mid-
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right now, close to the numbers, 37 inverness, 38 brooksville, our usual colder spots, you can see zephyrhills at 43. then we'll stay in the 40s this morning across portions of the interior. despite the cold start, mild afternoon setting up with an east-to-southeast wind. by the way so much dry air that about, full sunshine and mid70s. looking pretty good i think for the rest of today. also the traffic. if you're heading out now no crashes or breakdowns to slow you down. you should have a smooth ride getting to where you need to be. this is what it looks like at i- 275 at 28th street south. up to speed in both directions, any construction that happened overnight has already cleared. so you are good to go there. a quick check, little closer to downtown tampa i-275 at i-4, again no crashes or breakdowns, this morning. checking the average speeds on
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looking great in the green, 61 average speed southbound. 275 and 75 also looking great. back to you. this. there is an urgent search across the state now for this 12-year-old girl. who authorities say is in serious danger. they are fearing for her safety now. the missing child alert is lake mary. our abc station in central florida reports her grandmother found a note in her bedroom yesterday saying she ran away. deputies say she takes medicine she doesn't have with her and doesn't have a cell phone. we have a detailed description of ramirez on our facebook page you can share with friends. a historic major league matchup, rays taking on the cuban national team. >> this game signals a major change in american politics. president obama in cuba meeting with the cuban president raul castro. some are calling it the final
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rodney dunigan joins us live from tropicana field with the political impact of this visit. good morning, rodney. >> reporter: good morning. as you guys mentioned this visit, along with this game signals a major shift in relations between the u.s. and cuba but this visit also comes with a bit of controversy, a number of people here in the cuban community, in the u.s., believe this game along with the visit ignores the pain that the cuban people have endured under this regime of this government for many years. the communist cuban government resisted change for a half century now. it's believed this game along with the meeting between the leaders of our two countries is a slow sign of progress. raul castro has stressed his grievances with the u.s. including an embargo that still stands. president obama has delivered a tough message to the cuban government to begin respecting basic human freedoms. >> continue as president castro indicated to have serious
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democracy and human rights. president castro and i have had very frank and candid conversations on the subjects. >> reporter: later today the president will address the cuban people, then he's expected to attend that baseball game between the rays and cuban national team. the game kicks off today at 1:30. reporting this morning from tropicana field, rodney dunigan, abc action news. time now 5:06. this morning attorneys for gawker are promising an appeal after the media site is ordered to pay up in a civil lawsuit against hulk hogan. the jury awarding the former pro-wrestler $140 million in economic, emotional and punitive damages. hogan sued gawker for posting a sex tape of him on their web site. gawker says the tape was newsworthy and protected by their first amendment. hogan argues he never knew he was on camera calling it an invasion of privacy and jurors agreed. >> just the conversation going
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the video, it was just -- it was very human and if you're going to be on video you would not be talking like that. if you knew. >> hogan says he hopes the ruling will send a message to other tabloids to stop invading celebrities' private lives. a family has good samaritans to thank for protecting a child that made his way to the highway while riding his bike. troopers say the boy has a disability and left his home unexpectedly yesterday morning, eventually peddling down southbound on 275. anthony stewart who drives a medical transport van says he noticed the child on the highway south of 54th avenue. says he and two other drivers created a moving wall to make sure no one hit him. >> if it were my kid i would want somebody to please get him out of the road. i don't want to visit my kids in the funeral, i'm sure his parents didn't either. >> stewart says he followed the young boy for three miles.
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north toll plaza, troopers say the boy wasn't injured and is back with his parents this morning. to incredible dash cam video showing the moment a tpd officer swerves to avoid a wrong way driver. we told but this yesterday. and here is the video. it was recorded early sunday on i-275 near fowler. police say they arrested this woman, 34-year-old aja cancela after catching her trying to exit the wrong way on busch boulevard. she says tpd got the wrong driver. this morning she's hiring an attorney. in sarasota, we're learning more about who was inside the car that crashed yesterday morning leaving three people dead. a fourth man who survived is still in the hospital this morning. the breaking news unfolding here yesterday morning near old bradenton road and university parkway, police calling the accident one of the most horrific crashes they've seen. police say the car was speeding, left the road, hit several trees, all the victims
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officers say two were celebrating their birthdays. pasco deputies need your help to track down a man they say went on a dayslong crime spree. deputies believe merylin howard seen here robbed a wells fargo bank friday in zephyrhills. on saturday say he tried to take cash from a cab driver and later that day told he stole cigarettes from a convenience store and stole cash from a metro pcs on state road 54. small amounts of marijuana is officially decriminalized in tampa. mayor buckhorn signing the new ordinance yesterday. it allows police to issue civil citations instead of filing criminal charges. a first offense is a $75 fine. applies to people carrying up to 20 grams of marijuana. city officials say the new law will keep people from getting a criminal record and freeze up police resources -- frees up police resources. waking up to one of the coldest mornings since winter
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our first full week and look at the temperatures. upper 40s to lower 50s. a nice recovery, we're going to jump a good 120, 25 degrees by the afternoon with full sunshine and 70. when does 80-degree weather return? and rain chances? that's in the next forecast. 5:10. coming up, a driver in and out of consciousness as roaring flames turn his car into nothing but charred metal who helped him? >> after weeks of apple dragging its feet the fbi plans to get an i-phone unlocked without their help. how they plan to crack this part of the case without the
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welcome back. 5:14. video of the chaos in brussels after multiple explosions were reported this morning. the first two at brussels international airport. at this minute we know at least one person was killed in those injured. people unsure what to do. one witness who arrived 10 minutes before the explosion calling it a war scene at the airport saying the second blast brought down ceilings and ruptured pipes. he saw many injured people calling the site atrocious. and then another blast just a short time ago at the metro shutting down the subway system in the city. several injuries reported in that explosion. a warning now just coming down for the eu, all eu personnel in brussels should stay in the office or stay home in the wake
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we're just getting word now from the associated press they have updated the death toll in the explosions, now we're hearing 13 people have been reported killed in the explosions in brussels. what appear to be coordinated terror attacks. still no official word on that, we're waiting on that, we're expecting a news conference at any moment and will bring you updates when that happens. new video shows just how lucky the driver of this car was to -- is to be alive. this fiery crash happening texas. police say the 26-year-old driver crashed into a tree and his car burst into flames. deputies say the driver was in and out of consciousness after the crash, and couldn't get out several bystanders though were able to pull the driver from the burning car to safety. >> the driver's seat was jammed. only thing i was able to do was bend part of the door down. >> the victim suffered severe
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a hospital, is recovering. no one else was hurt. deputies are investigating whether alcohol might have been a factor. animal rights group peta wants sea world to move its whales to sea sanctuaries, after he sea world decided to end its breeding program of orcas. peta said in a statement yesterday it will officially file shareholders requests next year. peta bought a number of the shares went sea world went public in 2013 that it could make resolutions. cold start. we're looking at temperatures widespread into the 40s. the milder spots are 50 degrees in tampa. a good chunk of the area in the 40s. even 30s up towards citrus and hernando counties, we have a frost advisory that continues through 9:00 a.m.
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winds, no wind chills but an high migrates east. that will moderate our temperatures today, but pull in more moisture over the next couple of days. then we really turn into transition into an unsettled weather pattern, beginning thursday rain chances going up 30%, to 40% coverage and higher as the front hangs out. unfortunately through the weekend looks like on and off rain chances saturday into temperatures this afternoon, despite the frigid start low 70s. that's what a march sunshine will do and that wind off the water moderating things. and tomorrow morning not as cold as we had this morning. temperatures in the 50s. so nice and cool but not as cold and by the afternoon approaching 80 degrees. some of us going north of that. that will feel fantastic. still humidity in check but humidity will increase. moisture increases, rain chances increase on thursday, 30% coverage, 82 for the high. we stay in the 80s beginning tomorrow but the problem is rain chances also going up as well. along with the temperatures,
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heading into the upcoming weekend. how are the roads looking? so far so good, the only crash we have reported from fhp is in sarasota, i-75 southbound just past university parkway, we're working to get more details on that. right here at i-75 and fowler you are up to speed in both directions. it's taking 10 minutes to get from the apex into downtown on i- -- or into i-4 on i-75. buckle up, we're going to take a virtual drive along i-4, in the green as you pass through 75, through ybor city. we're going to stop at the junction there with a live look, traffic very light now, no problems, it's taking six minutes to get from downtown to the howard frankland and just eight minutes on i-4 to get from 75 to 275. this morning there may be another way for the fbi to unlock the i-phone used by one of the san bernardino killers. federal prosecutors cancelled a hearing that was scheduled for
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the company's refusal to unlock an i-phone. the fbi now saying a third party has shown them a possible method of unlocking the phone. now the bureau says it's trying to determine if that method will work without damaging the data. time now 5:19. police in northern kentucky are putting convenience store owners on alert. they want them to keep their eyes open for a pair of would- be bandits who are trying to successfully rob a store. the men have tried twice to rob the stores but scared off by a seemingly simple obstacle to overcome, locked doors. store owners who have been encountering the pair say when they come across a locked door they run away. police releasing pictures on line to help track down the suspects, in the meantime urging clerks to just keep the doors locked if they feel uncomfortable. coming up -- a wrong number leads to a budding friendship. we'll show you the series of texts that brought these strangers together for a very
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5:22. heads up for anyone with a kindle this morning. if you can't access the internet you likely missed an important update. amazon says an e-reader, any e- reader made in 2012 or earlier not updated before today won't be able to download books from the cloud or kindle store and won't be able to connect to the internet. the good news, you can still get the update, you just need
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desktop computer. for a link to that, go to click on links. a text mix-up. a man named derek wills was accidentally looped into a group text about the birth of a baby boy. he had no idea who any of the people in the group text were. after he let the couple know they had the wrong number he then asked if he could meet the proud parents and their new baby. the couple agreed after williams texted the group we have gifts. williams says he and his brother brought diapers, pacifiers and baby bottles. gone viral. the new parents are very thankful for the brothers' generous act of kindness. 5:23. we're following this breaking news -- multiple deadly explosions overnight in brussels, belgium at the international airport there and in the subway system.
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learning at least 13 people now dead, working to get new video of the scenes in belgium. as we get new details on the subway explosions we'll bring them to you. that update minutes away. good morning. checking the bridges. this is the courtney campbell, only eight minutes to get across from pinellas to hillsborough. we're checking on the crash on i-75 down in sarasota. more coming up in a few
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we begin at 5:30 with breaking news. a chaotic scene in brussels. everyone there being told to stay where they are after two deadly explosions at the brussels international airport. these are scenes from inside the airport departure terminal. at least one other explosion reported also at a metro station. at least 13 reported dead, dozens more injured. after those first two blasts. again in the departure area of the bruferls international airport. multiple reports say at least one of those explosions was a suicide bomber. we just learned the blast at the metro happened on rail tracks in a subway station near the european union headquarters. we are also following
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where three people shot overnight are now recovering. deputies telling us that shooting happened after several people met to sell items through a web site similar to craigslist and then things went bad. detectives say the shootings near the place in orange spring drive are not drug related. we have not been told what the people were selling either. paramedics say the three people were taken to the hospital. it's unclear how many gunman were involved and if any have been arrested. abc action newstion reporter corey dierdorff is on scene now trying to gather the latest information, he'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. cold start. we're looking at temperatures in the 30s, across the north, incredible stuff. low 50s and even mid and upper 50s across the coastline with the water keeping us a little warmer there. through 9:00 a.m. we have the frost advisories away from coastal areas of citrus and hernando county. look at the temperature
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yesterday, as much as 10 to 15 degrees below where we were putting ugto the mid and upper 30s to the north. 58 in st. pete with the water influence. 45 bartow. not bad along the coast but the interior is in the 40s. there's not much wind so the actual temperatures are what it actually feels like as opposed to wind chill. there's that but otherwise cold start, temperatures as we get into the afternoon into the 50s, so janelle, we're looking pretty mild here in the 20:00 hour, low to mid- -- 2:00 hour low to mid-70s. i've been checking the crash in sarasota on i-57 southbound. on the map i can show you where it is and if it is causing traffic problems. you can see southbound just after you pass university parkway, traffic indicators in the green, so even though we have reports that the right lane is blocked we're not seeing delays so you should be


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