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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  March 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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right now, the tragedy in brussels is impacting security area. good evening and thank you for joining us. >> and i'm ashley glass. nicole grigg is at the international airport with the extra measures being taken for nicole. >> reporter: good evening. those explosions happened at a ticket counter much like this one in brussels. tonight we can tell you here at tia, there is heightened security. right now there is no officers in visible sight. we can tell you we have been here throughout the day and have seen increased security. tia went into the heightened security this morning, basically right after the brussels attack. we were here this morning while the police dogs were walking outside the departure gates as well as the extra officers and tsa agents. also, all flights to brussels have been suspended across the country.
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airlines flight that was set to leave around 2:00 this afternoon for a connecting flight to new jersey and belgium. that is canceled as of now. if you're headed to the airport, give yourself an extra 30 minutes to an hour or more. and we can tell you right now that the lines actually here at tia, they're not that bad. but officials want you to know that you should still plan extra time. right now no extra law enforcement agencies have been asked to come and help with security here. but officials tell me that they are in constant contact with federal authorities. for now, reporting live from tia, nicole grigg, abc action news. >> and, nicole, thank you. going back to denver, this is a live look at the denver international airport. part of it is under evacuation after a possible security threat. according to our sister station, officials have opened the emergency operation center and are working to confirm if there is a credible threat. police are currently on scene. according to the airport's twitter timeline, no vehicle
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west side of the terminal. we are hearing the east side, though, is open. flight delays are possible. >> and back to the attacks. the attacks in brussels bringing fear, personal safety and terrorism right no the front of a lot of people's minds. even here in the states. political analyst susan mcmanis says fear is a big driver of voter behavior. here is the latest from the candidates. donald trump tweeting do you all remember how beautiful and safe a place brussels was? not anymore. in an interview today he says he would close up our borders. ted cruz posted on facebook we need to patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods in the u.s. before they become radicalized. john kasich says we must root out evil. democrats are also responding. hillary clinton says we can be strong and smart without advocating torture and bigotry. >> bernie sanders says we stand with our allies to offer any necessary assistance.
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are worried about their friends facebook has activated the safety check for friends and family in brussels. here is how it works. go to my facebook page. here. it will immediately connect you in and let you know if your affected areas. >> thank you, ashley. the attack today also impacting president obama's trip to cuba. the president actually attending the baseball game national team. a moment of silence was held on the field before the first pitch. that historic game just wrapped up minutes ago. the rays winning, by the way, 4- 1. but tonight, a lot of people are talking about how the president's presence will affect relations between the two countries. abc action news reporter carson chambers with that story. >> it's politics. there's a lot of politics involved. whether you agree with it or don't agree with it.
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two american favorites playing out in a communist country that considers florida its northern neighbor. >> politics too. they're getting to show the world that they drew the president of the united states down there for a game. and that's -- it can't hurt anything. >> reporter: angelo and rex come to the west tampa sandwich shop to talk. today the talk was about our please in cube our president in cuba. >> the same day that he arrives in cuba, they're arresting 300 of the women in white. that's an embarrassment for castro down there. >> reporter: but he doesn't see obama in cuba as an embarrassment and either does rodriguez. >> just for capitalist reasons, it's a good thing to lift the embargo. >> reporter: rodriguez's wife is cuban, still on the island. he has traveled there for work too and hopes to see business
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>> but it's also commercial with the united states. they can guy cheaper and they can buy more from the united states and florida would benefit the most. >> reporter: both agree the havana baseball game is more than that. another milestone in a loosening relationship. politics and baseball, two games these tampais will watch closely. i'm carson chambers, abc action news. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> after a chilly start to the day, we have warmed up nicely. low to mid 70s across tampa, clearwater and st. pete. lots of sunshine out there. winds primarily from the north. keeping the humidity on the low side. no rain in sight. titan doppler radar scanning the skies. over the last three hours, not picking up any rain across central florida. things looking fantastic if you're going to be out and about tonight.
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be quite as chilly out there. a low in tampa of 57. brandon coming in around 54. 53 in temple terrace. in citrus county, temperatures are often 10 degrees lower, it won't be quite that much cooler. it will be in the low 50s. even in pinellas county, the overnight lows are going to be a bit more mild. closer to 60 degrees even in largo, clearwater, indian rocks, st. pete beach all cans. i will show you when the rain chances start going way up in just a few minutes. this guy is nuts. because the way he was chasing me was crazy. i felt like i was in a fast and furious movie at that point. >> largo man arrested device in less than 24 hours for posing as a law enforcement officer. police say his latest attempt to pull over two women in a car
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chased them at speeds more than 100 miles per hour. tonight our jacqueline. >> reporter: ngles spoke to the driver. >> reporter: this is where the fake officer reportedly got on to us-19 northbound around 6:00 sunday morning. and where this nurse says her routine drive to work took a terrifying turn. >> i thought he was going to hit me. >> reporter: in an instant, amber is being chased. the nurse and her friend knew something wasn't right. >> i sped up, he sped up. >> and then something stranger. >> i looked in my rear view and i saw a red strobe light in his windshield. >> reporter: her gut told her. >> this is not a cop. >> reporter: refusing to pull over, she hit the gas. five miles later the driver is still on her tail. and now she says he is trying
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nottingham's only way to plea for help, laying on her car horn. >> the way he was chasing me was crazy. i felt like i was in a fast and furious movie at that point. it was insane. i thought i was going to die. >> reporter: she speeds through three red lights while calling 911. >> at tops i was going 120. >> reporter: the man would chase her all the way to this gas station off of the roosevelt. that's when police arrested the driver. >> to find out that he did this the day before and got insane. >> reporter: you heard right. just 24 hours before terrorizing nottingham, he was arrested approximate for posing as an undercover narcotic deputies here at the apartment complex. he is accused of interrogating a man about auto burglaries and boasting about arresting area children for crack possession. >> his voice was broken up. >> reporter: he was arrested but bonded out. and tonight, he is out on bond again.
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people can do that two days in a row and get away with it. $500 bond. out. >> reporter: we went to his apartment looking for answers. but got none. he wasn't home. >> this guy is nuts. >> reporter: police say he admitted to posing as a police officer at least three times. and they added in this arrest affidavit that he did it because he wanted to look cool and get discounted haircuts. in largo, jacqueline ingles, abc action news. the former teacher who sex with her 14-year-old student says she is is not guilty. stacie hooks admitted to having section with -- sex with the victim five times. she was a teacher at the middle school. she is charged with eight counts of lewd battery and nine counts of possession of child pornography. the highlands county sheriff's
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the school district complied with laws requiring reporting child abuse. also in polk county, a man is in jail tonight accused of raping a woman in front of her 5-year-old daughter. according to deputies there, francisco savala tried to burn down the woman's home last august. on saturday, detectives say he forced himself in inside the home and held a knife to his throat. deputies arrested him at his home. he claims that the sex was consensual. even though the victim had a restraining order against him. and next at 5:30, high levels of lead in the drinking water at a bay area high school. tonight, what is being done to protect the kids. plus new plans to protect local residents. >> reporter: too close to home. a couple working as missionaries in brussels now on lockdown. why they say they still feel
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>> back now to breaking news in denver where parts of the denver airport is under evacuation after a possible security threat there. this is a live look at a terminal where you can see police lights in the back ground. according to our sister station, officials have opened the emergency operation center and working to confirm if there is a credible threat. we of course will stay on top of this story. well, the crisis in flint, michigan has people everywhere concerned about the lead contamination in their drinking water and really for good reason. >> absolutely. tonight adam walser shows us how a lead problem at a
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forcing teachers and students to take extra precautions. >> they were getting bad taste. >> the water was like a yellow color. it's disgusting. >> reporter: parents and students at that time tarpon springs high school have been worrying lately after learning that water at the school was contaminated with high levels of lead. >> it is a big concern when you find lead in the water. >> it changes a lot to be honest. we're suppose today trust the water we're drinking here. >> this is an issue that raises a read flag to a lot of parents. >> reporter: lisa wolf says discolored water was first noticed when students returned from thanksgiving break. testing was done and problems were found in two areas of the school which have older plumbing. >> one was above the epa's recommendation for lead levels and one was approaching that threshold. >> reporter: the district notified parents provided bottled water and installed $20,000 worth of water filters. >> is the drinking water safe now?
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come back normal or below the threshold level set by the epa. as a added precaution, we are providing bottles of water to students and staff if they want them. >> after what happened in flint, i'm concerned. >> reporter: the city says it's not the same as flint because the water source is not contaminated. a spokesperson says in a statement that a total of 58 samples within the water distribution system have been tested since november 2015. all the samples were below the limit for lead. but the school district believes a new water treatment practice by the city may be partially to blame. >> when cities usury verse osmosis that can cause lead to leach out of the pipe. >> that is what tarpon springs is using. >> yes. >> reporter: high levels have not been detected at any other florida school. but schools in other parts of
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lead in the water. schools in los angeles, baltimore and now arc. testing for lead in schools is not required anywhere. are you going to be doing any collective testing at other schools here in pinellas county. >> it's just not common practice to test for water quality. in light of tarpon springs high school, we will identify certain schools who have arrange older infrastructure in place where we can do testing. >> early estimates put the cost of replacing the old plumbing at the high school alone to $650,000. once the school board besides on a final solution, a permanent fix will be in place by the time that students return after the summer break. i'm adam walser, taking action for you. >> and the city of st. pete is not taking any chances. it plans to conduct lead tests around the city. the voluntary program will alleviate any fears on contamination.
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the council in may. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> boy, chilly yesterday. >> yes. >> warming up today. >> yes. >> and you're saying even 80 tomorrow. >> yeah. talk about a quick warm-up. >> i can't keep track. we're up and down. >> yes. things will level off. it will be easier and more predictable when you get dressed in the morning. let's take a look outside how gorgeous it is outside. hopefully you had time to get out there and enjoy the weather today after it warmed up today. this is the circles of apollo beach cameras. the water is calm now after the gusty winds. what was that yesterday or the day before? yeah. the conditions certainly improving as far as boating is concerned as well. now, for today -- or for wednesday, that is, i keep thinking -- i keep getting my days mixed up today. tomorrow we're looking at a high of 80 degrees. we will start off at 57 in the morning.
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hours comes as the winds start to shift. we're starting off with a northerly flow this evening. by tomorrow afternoon, we start to see the winds shifting more southeasterly. you see how the cloud cover built in with it along the east coast of florida and also in the southeastern counties. not a ton of cloud cover. but more than what we saw today for sure. so we still remain dry over the next 24 hours. with that wind shift, we start to see more low level moisture building in. we know that as humidity. it won't necessarily be felt tomorrow. but by thursday, the humidity will really start to come up and be more noticeable through the afternoon as we reach that high of 82. i do still think though that tomorrow and thursday are looking at great beach days. on thursday afternoon and evening, we will start to have higher chances for rain. but when i say higher chances, it's only 20% for thursday. so really not a big deal. and that's why i still think that thursday will be a good beach day because we're going to have a lot of nice dry hours. with that high of 82, really
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by friday, though, that's where things start to change. i was telling you about that frontal boundary yesterday. the models are holding. in fact keeping it lingering even into early next week. so, again, the only change with this is that instead of moving out on monday, it looks like now it will move out and clear out on tuesday. so it approaches on friday. rain chances start to go up around 40%. there may be times during this stretch of weather from friday on through monday when the rain coverage gets as high as 60%. but for the most part, i'm keep thanksgiving at -- i'm keeping it at 40% throughout the day because the rain chances come and go. it won't be big washout days but certainly high rain chances. that still sticks around for easter sunday. so whatever your plans may be in the morning or through the afternoon, i would still keep that umbrella on hand all the way through the day.
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like a pretty nice day for easter sunday. that's the most accurate 7-day. >> a virginia woman is dead after waving a fake gun at police. next at 5:30, the reason her father says she didn't deserve
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>> tonight, a virginia woman is dead after waving a fake gun at police. >> and her father says he is not buying their story. two officers shot and killed beaty start night-- saturday night. she refused to comply with her commands before making a threatening motion with the gun. both officers hoped fire.
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letting it go, saying okay. the eyewitness that was actually with her says he didn't see a gun. i heard so many stories. >> her father says this is the second child he has lost to gun violence within two years. he won't have closure until he knows if this was a lawful shooting. here is wendy ryan with a look at what is coming up at 6:00. >> terror in brussels. the first possible clue shedding light on the kind of explosives used in those deadly attacks. and some possible charges. the jail time a mother, this woman, could now receive for being shot with a gun by her own 4-year-old son. but these top stories. >> reporter: praying for brussels. a bay area couple describe the chaos and the close call for friends. a skydiver lands miles away from where he is supposed to in ex to this road. the one thing that may have
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cemetery convoy verse e. hundreds of memorials ripped up from the ground in polk county. the reason the city did this
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>> live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. >> terror in brussels. [sirens] >> multiple explosions. killing dozens and wounding hundreds. >> big bang. >> tonight, the state of fear gripping europe. >> terrorists. >> and the impact being felt right here in the bay area. >> good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm wendy ryan. >> jamison is off tonight. raids happening across belgium as we speak. isis claiming responsibility for a series of suicide bombings in brussels. two explosions inside the
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>> then yet another explosion going through a subway station just over an hour later. confirmed dead. nearly 190 others injured. wounded. including a u.s. service man and three mormon missionaries from utah. all of them suffering serious injuries. the belgium prime minister declaring three days of national mourning. belgium police meanwhile releasing this video of the possible bombers. they believe the two policemen in black are dead. authorities are issued a wanted notice for the man in the tan jacket on the right. authorities discovering a third bomb belt that was not detonated. he possibly left it at the airport. police safely neutralized the device. the facility will remain closed at least through tomorrow.


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