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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  March 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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sanders triumph. last night the big win for the vermont senator in the primaries and caucuses but to enough to shake up the democratic race? >> search for brussels pommer. the clues that have people hunting down a -- police hunting down a terrorist now. >> i'm dan dan on this wednesday. >> -- i'm sanders made big wins yesterday. only problem, it's not cutting much into clinton's big delegate lead. in the three states sappedders stands to win at least 55 to hillary clinton's 51.
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clinton has 1,681 compared to sanders 927. it takes 3,8082 to win the democratic not nation. 3,802. >> donald trump won in arizona taking its 58 delegates. but the cruz victory could hurt trump as he looks to win the republican nomination. an updated total count. trump continues with 739 delegates. cruz in second. kasich trails with 143. it takes 1,237 delegates to win the republican nomination. the next state to hold a primary is wisconsin, on april 5th. we have 50s and 40s to the north. cool start, i think we'll get rid of 30s but close across portions of the nature coast.
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through -- look at the full sunshine from top-to-bottom with high pressure still dominating, we'll have changes in the 7-day forecast, rain chances coming back up. no 4:32. a quick look at traffic. state road 60 here, courtney campbell causeway across the bay no problems to report there. we'll check the roads again in about 15 minutes. new this morning, pinellas county detectives are investigating an overnight shooting at the vagabond mobile home park on 46th avenue north in st. pete. they say one person was shot 1:00 last night when the gun accidentally discharged. the victim expected to be ok. why the gun went off is still under investigation. in the past two hours, in yesterday's terror attack in brussels police just identifying the suicide bombers who attacked the city's airport as brothers khalid and rahim rowkoury.
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known for past crimes but nothing related to terrorism. the two men are dressed in black in this security photo. police continue to search for the man in the right in the bathe jacket and hat and he's -- beige jacket and hat and the 24-year-old is believed to have left the airport after his bomb failed to detonate. 23 people died in the attacks on brussels airport and subway. >> i felt an explosion, the train stopped in its tracks, the lights went out. the power went out. everyone dropped to the ground. there was screaming but i didn't know at that time if the attack was happening on the train i was on or if it was happening at the station as we were pulling up to it. >> another american helped pry open the subway doors so people could get out of the train and through the tunnels safely. because of the attacks in belgium airports around the
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course on high alert. that includes tampa international. extra police, tsa officers and police dogs are now stationed in public areas of the airport. officials telling us it's all just a precaution to make sure travelers remain safe. the airport not aware of any specific terror threats targeting temperature tia. >> it took seconds for the thief you see to con an 80-year- old woman out of money at an atm >> she had just made a deposit but hadn't closed out her transaction, the man then said his machine was broken. he moved to hers and said he would close her account. michael paluska picks up our story. >> we're trusting and we can't be anymore. >> donna who only wanted us to use her first name was at the bank of america at 3600 bee ridge road making a deposit. she never noticed this man
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>> he said did you finish? i put my card in, i said ok and left for a short ways. and then i thought -- i don't really know if he -- if he put his card in. >> a few minutes later she got an uneasy feeling and saw the man making more transactions so she went up to him but he took off. >> i checked my balance and it was $800 less than it was five minutes before. >> reporter: now the 83-year- it. ? stupid. when things happen fast them. >> detectives have reason to believe he may be connected to two other similar crimes. >> reporter: sarasota county investigators are urging customers to use atms inside or be more cautious about the people who are around you. >> you just have to be careful all the time no matter what you do. >> reporter: michael paluska, abc action news.
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once again of the atm suspect. it's also on our app and facebook page so you can share it. president obama landed just after midnight in buenos aires. the president will receive an official welcome by the new argentinan president. mr. obama is eager to show they are on better teams now with the new president in office. the predecessor frequently lashed out at the u.s. tampa bay rays back in florida after an historic game in cuba in front of president obama and cuban president raul castro. laura harris was one of the 55,000 people in the stands to see the rays take on the cubeoon national team. before the -- cuban national team. before the game he shook hands with rays pitcher chris archer.
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played in cuba since 1999. >> we're having the time of our life to represent america and represent the states. it's for a great cause. hopefully everything here gets better and we continue to grow and come here. and they get to play in the states. >> reporter: the rays beat the cuban national team 4-1, tom korun more on that later in sports. a tampa man was particularly interested in the president's historic visit to cuba. years ago augustine lombard put his life on the line crossing a mine field to escape from cuba. >> he tells our cameron polom what must occur for cuba to be truly free. >> i went through the woods, through the swamps. three days and nights until i arrived to the guantanamo bay. >> reporter: at 14 years old augustine lombard risked it all running through a mine field and scaling a fence to freedom. >> best thing that ever happened in my life. i have a big family now, 14 children. about six or seven grandsons.
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the tire shop he owns, the department of department -- the decor reminding him of where his -- >> there's no freedom in cuba. >> reporter: he says the visit is disappointing and expects it's highly controlled. >> they are not going to let obama talk to the cuban citizens who are hungry, have no clothing, have no shoes. >> reporter: while he's found his own success he says families in cuba can't even put food on the table and that is why so many risk their lives on rafts trying to cross over to america. >> if it's so good over there and there's a change why are they still betting their lives? >> reporter: a bet far more lose than win. according to aman this now enjoys real freedom there's only one option to cuba. >> the castro brothers need to
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>> reporter: cameron polom, abc action news. a north carolina news anchor needs your help. maureen o'boyle was brutally raped and abused 30 years ago and concerned her attacker, james starling could get out of jail 20 years early. >> it is the truth about rape. it's the truth about violent crimes against women. it's what happened to me. please, if you can take a second and you do want to read about it please sign this petition. >> in, o'boyle reveals gruesome details about the attack and how starling stalked her more months. boyle says investigators even found film with pictures of young girls posing for him at his house. o'boyle plans to speak at the parole hearing for him next month. let's check in on the forecast. we're looking cool, not as cold as certainly yesterday. temperatures holding in the mid and upper 50s. sunrise 7:30. approaching 80 this afternoon. big changes coming up nor the weekend. details coming up next. a prescription warning.
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labels you'll see on vicodin and percocet in an effort to reduce deaths. >> a huge night for the night. we'll show you how they took down detroit and moved into
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4:43. check out this new video from cape canaveral this morning. an atlas 5 rocket successfully
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delivering severaltons of food, experiments and other supplies station. in pasco county homeowners there still recovering from years. >> you may recall last summer floodwaters swamped neighborhoods, damaged a lot of homes and destroyed roads. >> abc action news reporter marisela burgos explains how pasco county, they are making sure there won't be a repeat this summer. >> i wanted to see firsthand done. >> reporter: pasco county commissioner katherine starkey walked through some of the spots underwater last summer. she wanted to see for herself the improvements they've made to avoid that from happening again. >> it looks good to me. i'm so glad it's dry right now, and we have not had that el nino situation that we were all dreading. >> reporter: to try to make it better next time the county removed vegetation that would block water and dropped a structure so if there's more
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back up. besides removing debris from the area they added this netting so that they could keep this creek open. so that water can continue to flow. >> hopefully, what they did after the flooding will work this summer. >> reporter: what you may not know, is that the county was already working on something to alleviate flooding issues. so heavy summer rains didn't flood pat clark's home. he lives in the wingate subdivision. >> we saw the rain in july and august and it actually went through the new improved area and around our development. >> reporter: other families upstream weren't so lucky like people in trinity oaks and other neighborhoods. the commissioner hopes the time and money they've spent already will make a difference. >> i'm sure we'll be tested and then we'll see if our -- all our work and efforts have come to fruition but we have a long way to go. >> reporter: marisela burgos, abc action news. dry again with continuous
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cooler, certainly than normal but not as cold as yesterday when we had temperatures in the 30s, and widespread 40s which won't be the case this morning. 55 now lake wales. 63 st. pete. showers and even some snowfall headed out of the rockies and plains. this is going to be the weather for us for this weekend. area of low pressure to the north and east but the cold front associated with it will come all the way to the south and then lose steam and stall nearby. i think it will be mostly to our north which means heaviest of the rain, or more persistent rains will be across the nature coast. north of i-4, look at this chunk of dry air still continuing to see the sunshine, we have another day with plenty of sun, full today, no rain chances but that southeast flow, notice the clouds beginning to increase tomorrow. we'll see about 20% coverage as far as showers, that is not really the beginning of it. it's when this front arrives, that will be through friday and into the upcoming weekend, as
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continue to be, well, 50/50 to keep it in mind. a lot of clouds too. mixed bag but we'll have the occasional showers we won't be able to shake through the weekend. temperatures approaching 80 degrees. overnight lows tomorrow, not as cold, milder and low to mid-80s through the afternoon. 7-day forecast, there it is, 82, 81, heading into the weekend rain chances holding at 50%. by the way that continues into early next week. live look at traffic conditions. i-75 at the selmon expressway, traffic on both of the major roadways looking pretty good right now. just checking in with janelle martinez @tampabaytraffic on twitter. looks like a slow start to the morning. she'll have more coming up in a few minutes.
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are outraged accused a woman acued of lowering a bond for one of the suspects who beat their father. bond was lowered because the testing of the narcotics recovered was delayed and that prevented prosecutors from filing formal charges. fdle hasn't said why the tests were delayed. 4:48. nhl regular season ends in less than three weeks. this morning the tampa bay lightning are where they want to be, in first place. tom korun has more about the rays big win in cuba as well. >> reporter: good morning. it was a big night for the lightning, not only did they separate themselves a little more from the red wings, they moved into first place in the atlantic division. that showed me something last
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terry -- ryancal callahan. 3-0 bolts but helms goal here would cut the lead to 3-2, later in the period. however, nikita kucherov would answer on the 5 on 3, nice from tyler johnson to kuch. when these guys are on no one can beat them. deck friday night. i get the feeling as the rays landed back in florida spring training will never be the same. last two days have been a significant 48 hours as one baseball team. yesterday's score against the cuban national team in havana almost seemed insignificant. it was more the rays acting as a conduit to relaxing the tensions between two countries. there they were, president obama, president castro sitting in the front row, along with 50,000 who arrived as early as five hours before the games started yesterday. a little disappointed on the
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verona got from the crowd, so- so but as you saw all the rays came out to applaud. james with the base hit to right, kevin gets the green light and he's motoring. kk is safe. yeah, he's safe. loney would hit a two-run homer in the fourth and the rays win by a final of 4-1. finally, the buccaneers agreeing to a one-year deal with free agent punter brian anger, who finished in the top 10 in punting average. in three of the last four seasons with jacksonville. that's your morning sports update. enjoy your day. 4:50. sky dive accident. coming up, the lucky break that saved one experienced skydiver from certain death after a mid- air collision. >> and the google device that will take to you locations
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cool start. staying nice this afternoon. look at the temperatures there. this is as good as it gets here with humidity still in check. looking at temperatures approaching 80 first google revolutionized how we see the world with its
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it's allowing us to view places camera laden cars can't even go to. >> it's called the google trecker. the 42-pound contraption, 15 cameras, a spherical dome that takes a high depth photo every two seconds and later they are stitched together. >> the engineer who created this says he made it extremely easy to use. >> once you turn the switch on, on the back, take out your android phone, start it, you can forget about it. you just pick it up, put it on and just start walking. >> start walking? 42 pounds! wow. google already used it to map hundreds of miles of rarely traveled locations across nevada. the plan now is to take the trecker around the world. heading to court. coming up next at 5:00 -- sarah palin is getting a gavel. >> more on the breaking news from belgium where police are hunting down the third suspect from yesterday's airport
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[screaming] >> at 5:00 -- belgium in mourning as the investigation into the suspects responsible for the bombings in brussels intensifies.
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who officials are working to track down. >> then the numbers are in. they may not be what you expected. we're going to run down tuesday's primary wins. >> good morning, thank you for joining us on abc action news on this early wednesday morning. i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm lindsay logue for deiah riley today. we're going to get to that continuing coverage of the terror attacks in brussels plus the excitement from the overnight race to the white house in a bit. first, ivan and janelle standing by with the forecast and traffic. >> it's a little cool this morning, not as cold as yesterday. we're in the 50s now. some 40s in the nature coast part. otherwise southeast wind will begin to take over today. that will bring us a little more moisture so i think a few more clouds than yesterday. with all the blue out there. temperatures will be very comfortable this afternoon. 48 bartow. 47 brooksville. so we have some 40s. inverness 43. general in the 50s.


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