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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  August 5, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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restaurant that led to this 911 call. and breaking news. tampa police want your help right now to find a missing child. this is 12-year-old malik beard. he hasn't been seen since last night. he argued with his mom before he vanished. he usually hangs out in the belmont heights area. if you see him, call police immediately. on a friday as we check in, like yesterday not as concentrated. we have a few offshore showers that wl long boat key getting in on that. five miles away, in the next 15, 20 minutes we'll be seeing wet roads along the coast here. but again, not as significant. and when we look offshore the thunderstorms not really getting going. a few coastal showers this morning but we will transition into plenty of afternoon thunderstorms coverage, 50% for today and going a little bit higher as we head into the upcoming weekend.
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this early friday morning with janel. at least it is dry out there for a moment. first i want to talk about construction that has cleared up. just as you come across the howard frankland into tampa, one lane taken away there. that is clear. your drive on 275 looking great as well. we have construction there overnight all week, so just be prepared for that in the overnight hours. the junction with i-275 and i- 4, they are doing ongoing construction and could close i make detours along the side streets. one crash eastbound the deck near 50th street, reports of some roadblock, although traffic indicators are in the green, you should have no trouble getting by. back to you. we just found out overnight the charges a man is going to face for his apparent road rage shooting in tampa.
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shot for 29-year-oldee ezekiel henson. -- for 29-year-old ezekiel henson. a group of motorcycles stop at a light on nebraska. 33-year-old carlos rodriguez was in that group and he confronted henson for following too closely. when rodriguez turned his back to walk back to his motorcycle, officers say henson shot him in the back. you can see rodriguez was on the ground there as paramedics rush over to he arrested henson, who drove off after the shooting. rodriguez was taken to a hospital, he is expected to recover and henson will face a judge tomorrow. we are learning what witnesses sigh george zimmerman said at a sanford restaurant that led to a punch and a 911 call. witnesses sharing this conversation moments before zimmerman told dispatchers someone punched him. this happened on sunday but the audio from the 911 calls was just released.
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gets away. >> i'm in the going to approach him. he told me he was going to kill me. he told me he would shoot me. he punched me in the face. >> what started the argument? >> he recognized me. >> you just heard zimmerman say it all started because that man recognized him. but witnesses say there is more to the story. they claim they overheard zimmerman say to someone quote i love your tattoos. my name is george zimmerman, you know the guy who killed trayvon martin. zimmerman also showed his id. police did pull over a car full of people leaving the restaurant but at this point, no arrests. zimmerman just can't seem to escape the spotlight. >> he has several run-ins with the law since shooting and killing trayvon martin. >> reporter: in this case of course, while zimmerman is the victim here, it is not the first time that his acquittal has made him a target. we are going to run down all the times he has been in the knew. at least twice women associated with zimmerman claimed he
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his girlfriend told police zimmerman pointed a shotgun at her and broke things in her home. years later lake marry police arrested him for throwing a wine bottle at his ex. in both cases the charges were eventually dropped. you'll remember the road rage incident between zimmerman and a man named matthew app per son. and earlier this year zimmerman made headlines when he put his gun up for auction online, the gun he c just a couple of times we have seen his name in the headlines since 2012. of course this story now has become a huge topic on social media this morning. reaction there coming up on the news at 5:30. also dan, the words said right before the punch. it sounds like the guy who threw that punch was slightly annoyed about something zimmerman had done that night. the alleged gunman charged
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after an attack in jail. another inmate assaulted dylann roof near the shower. there was no weapon used and roof is expected to be okay. roof is facing charges for murdering nine people inside a church during bible study in june of last year. police in london say a knife attack that killed the wife of a florida state university professor was triggered by mental health issues. authorities used a stun gun to stop the 19-year-old man born in somalia after he stabbed 64- year-o death. the attacker also hurt five other people. authorities say it was spontaneous and the victims were all random. horton's husband, rick wagner, had finished a summer teaching in london. the couple planned to head back to tallahassee last night. it was no surprise as if police reacted as if this could have been a terror attack. police reform is taking
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authorities react to cases involving their own. police in chicago today will release dash cam and body cam video related to a fatal shooting of an 18-year-old after a car theft. this is the first time they are releasing video under a new policy. now they are required to make case-related material public within 60 days. officials hope this will help restore the public's confidence in authorities. in this investigation, a police superintendent thinks there was a violation of department policy in the death of paul o'ne. from a gunshot wound to his back. o'neal was unarmed. new developments in miami right now. in another controversial police shooting, this one was caught on video. we learned the black therapist in this shooting video here is suing the florida officer who shot him while he was just trying to protect his autistic patient who had run away. the miami herald is reporting charles kinzie filed a federal lawsuit yesterday against north
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aheat. he is accused of using excessive force. he was laying in the street with his hands up next to his patient. he explained to the officer the situation, telling him they were both unarmed. kinzie says he was trying to get his client to go back to his group home, a woman apparently called 911, saying a suicidal man was walking down the street with what she thought was a gun. kinzie's client was actually holding a toy truck. the officer fired three shots at tm, leg. meanwhile more charges are coming for the man police say killed two teenagers behind a publix grocery store near atlanta. police charged 20-year-old jeffrey hazlewood for the murders after they arrested him wednesday. now investigators say he is also facing two counts of aggravated assault and one count of theft for using a stolen credit card. detectives say they finished interviewing hazlewood and he
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prosecutors say nearly he four dozen people were pulling off classic mafia crimes, including in florida. you can see a few of the 46 people authorities arrested. federal prosecutors say the group was part of an east coast crime syndicate the likes of what you see in movies. investigators accused them with a slew of crimes from fraud to illegal gambling. if convicted they could each get sentence of up to 20 years in prison. the kickoff today. >> nearly 300 russian athletes are finding out if they will be able to compete. the international committee making that decision. a panel investigated nearly 400 athletes on doping allegations. >> accusing them of using drugs to cheat and the other 300 were cleared in time for the games. this decision comes are a report from the world antidoping agency, detailing
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as we head into break here, we are looking at some coastal showers that will develop, not as heavy certainly as we had yesterday. 80 degrees by the time we get to 8:00. should stay south of 90 degrees with additional cloud cover and we'll talk about those afternoon thunderstorms with a pretty unsettled pattern in the weekend and into early next week. >> i was cooking in my apartment this afternoon when i heard a boom. it felt like a car hit the put an entire family's lives on the line. coming up. anytime you close your eyes, the video of her walking down the hallway is so haunting. >> imagine that creepy stranger walking down the hallway of your home, while you are asleep. things get even stranger when surveillance video catches her
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y22p7y yy6y thanks for waking up with abc. 5:13, 80 degrees here in tampa. live look at i-275 and kennedy boulevard. streets are dry for the moment. and at least seven people, including a young child, were inside a house in connecticut when it exploded. neighbors say they were just going about their day when this happened. take a look at your screen. all you can see really make out of this house is the roof. and a pile of debris that used
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collapsed. four of the people inside, including a 7-year-old boy were trapped in that rubble. neighbors choked up as they recalled rescuers trying to reach them. >> the guy in the very beginning, he was like picking away debris where the front porch used to be and he could hear them. so at least we knew, sorry, that you know, they were okay. >> reporter: the 7-year-old taken to the hospital on a stretcher. everyone else also in the hospital right now. investigators are trying to figure explosion, but so far they haven't shared any leads. if you are not near a tv right now, do me a favor, come over and look at this. this is absolutely the creepiest video ever. an oregon family says this is what they found when they checked their surveillance video after they woke up and found their home an absolute mess and couldn't figure out why. when they checked the surveillance video, they found this woman walking around in
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they slept. michelle phelps said she can't get this video out of her head. the stranger was wearing face paint and she went through their house doing some pretty weird things like making a hot dog bun and cream cheese to eat. even tried on clothes while eight family members slept. >> it is so violating. this is your safe haven. you come home and this is where the world is done. this is your home. and then, for the world, the messed up world to follow you in your home, >> i can imagine. the deputies later arrested this woman, a 24-year-old, charged with multiple counts of burglary now, theft -x criminal trespass and also possession of methamphetamine. we are on friday here. it took us five days, but we got here. excellent news, unlike yesterday. we don't have the downpours that oh, goodness, caused
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this cluster here beginning to move in. by the way not seeing lightning with that but light to moderate showers will move through longboat key. some areas didn't get a drop and some upwards of 4 inches of rainfall. looking at you pinellas county where we had the flood advisory. tampa airport almost an inch above the august average, did in july with all the heat and dry conditions, and now that has put us almost nine as the surplus for the year so far. futurecast here, see that pocket of showers continuing roll in and we'll develop our own thunderstorms. we'll have sunshine today, no question about that. it will take awhile to get the thunderstorms going this afternoon. the southwest flow of arrows continue here over the next few days and that will set the stage for periods of heavier rainfall through the weekend.
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thunderstorms. by the way we still have a disturbance to the north, from tampa to the north, that is where we are going to have the heaviest of the rainfall here. temperatures here about 85 in st. pete. upper 80s with a little more sunshine to work with across our interior counties, should hit about 90 degrees. 50% for showers and storms today and the went forecast saturday into sunday, i wish i could show you drier times here. keep in mind it is going to be a not raining every minute but there will be periods of good rainfall here and the unsettled pattern continues into the early part of next week. let's check in with the traffic center. >> reporter: we have been watching the crass on the selman expressway not causing any delays. i think you are good to go there. also cameras aclose the bay area, that is i-75 through brandon. not a lot of cars on the road this morning, up to speed in both directions, just about 15
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i-4. this is what it looks like at i-4 near i-75, or right at i- 75. looking great. so we have no crashes or breakdown on his i-4 from lakeland all the way into tampa. you are looking at a smooth ride. it is taking just 22 minutes to make that drive, 14 minutes from county line road to 75 and 8 minutes from 75 down to 275. tragic story from georgia. the circumstances we have reported too many times. twin dead after they were left in a lot car. the girl's father and neighbors did try to bring their body temperatures down before paramedics arrived. police found the girl's father and neighbors holding the girls in a shallow pool. some were using ice packs to help bring their temperatures down. investigators now questioning the father. neighbors have a lot of questions of their own about the investigation. the girl's mother was in the hospital at the time, after being involved in a car accident. >> wow. when you take your child to a daycare you expect employees
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imagine how upset you would be if you went to pickup your child and he or she is nowhere to be found. in central florida, a 1-year- old and 2-year-old escaped from a daycare in volusia county. they got out through a lowell in a fence. a woman found them walking across lightning a highway and 20 minutes later someone from the daycare showed up looking for the kids. the employee is now facing child neglect charges. still ahead this morning, it is no surprise cleaning products sitting under kitchen sink could be dangerous to your kids. the most common way it hurts them and how the problems could continue into adulthood. and researchers make an announcement after testing a new zika virus vaccine. first after a months long sound check, apple music is ready for android. here's nick watt. >> reporter: in today's tech
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rock on android devices. >> a test version had been up since november. but a new app gives access to more than 30 million songs as well as specially curated play lists and radio stations. >> the tech giant is offering up to $200,000 to hackers who locate security flaws in its software. that may be one of the highest corporate bounties ever. google, facebook and others have long offered such awards to hackers. a designer has come a high-tech desk for those who might love that midday nap. >> there it is. nice and big. plenty of room for doing work but if need be the desk transforms into a bed. unfortunately at this point, only a prototype. i want it. now. >> have a great day.
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tampa bay wants to send you to the crayola experience in
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cleaning products in the house can be a danger to kids but the effects can be long lasting. bleach and ammonia sprays used to clean can pose a real threat to children's eyes. kids between 1 and 2 are most likely to get eye burns, and those can lead to a liar risk of glaucoma in adulthood. it is world breastfeeding week and local officials want to celebrate moms. today the department of health
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and breastfeed and offer peer support at medical clinics in the county. according to the cdc, support for breastfeeding is needed at hospitals, work sites and birth centers. breastfeeding week runs through sunday. a mother says her 12-year- old ran away after an argument. where authorities are keeping a lookout and how you can help. another altercation involving george zimmerman. what witnesses say happen right before zimmerman was punched in the face restaurant. good morning everybody. we are watching traffic cameras for your morning drive. looking great on the interstate right here at i-275 and west shore. coming up your drive in pinellas county. z22sjz zy6z
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z22qzz zy6z y22qzy yy6y a man punched me in the face. >> is he still there? >> yes he said he was going to kill me. it is a 911 call everybody is talking about this morning. the exchange witnesses say george zimmerman had with a man at a restaurant in sanford before he got punched in the face. breaking news. this 12-year-old is missing right now from tampa.
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night after an argument with his mom. his name is malik beard. he usually hangs out in the belmont heights area. if you see him, call police. you can share his photo with your friends. good morning on this friday. yesterday we had coastal showers, unlike yesterday not as heavy and not as widespread here. impacting now with manatee and sarasota counties. showers have moved in. and right now. not seeing any lightning with this, but widening out a little bit here. more where that came from right? we'll continue to see the trend throughout the morning with the southwest flow as storms migrate from west to east eventually end up across our inland areas. mid and upper 80s, good rain chances today, not just today but heading into the weekend. we'll talk more about that, let's head over to the traffic center.


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