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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  August 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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released from prison for killing a man back in 2001. that attack also stemmed from road rage. >> this is gary durham's mug shot from that arrest from 15 years ago. and then this morning, durham killed in a road rage shooting in plant city. that's where our clifton french is live for us tonight breaking down both cases. clifton. >> reporter: yeah. we're still not sure exactly who did what over here on mlk. we know that one car pulled in front of the other. both men got out of their vehicles and durham is what i can tell you is that this case is similar to when durham was the killer. shock and disgust from s ghtscars andire trucks along this section of mlk. >> i think it's awful that somebody has to lose their life over road rage. >> reporter: it was here at 8:00 in the morning where deputies say road rage took a deadly turn. two men got out of their cars, one of them was shot.
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shooter was performing cpr on 40-year-old gary durham. >> i can't speak for him but he was trying to do the right thing and make sure that the individual would survive. >> reporter: but durham did not. it turns out this isn't durham's first road rage incident covered by the media. this is video of him from 2001. he had just been arrested for killing 48-year-old timothy gibbs as repair shot in tampa. police say durham followed then we years ago. >> they ouhere. they talked for 10, 15 seconds. and then tim happened to just look off to the side and the guy sucker punched him and knocked him out. he hit his head on the concrete. >> reporter: gibbs died in the hospital nine days later. we contacted his widow over the phone. she didn't want to talk on b ave me the statemt, quote, i want the man who shot him he should not feel bad.
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he was convicted of manslaughter and released from prison less than four years you know, we did some checking into durham's ndou he has been in pn e separate times. now the shooter in incident has not been arrested. investigators are trying to figure out if this is a self- defense or a stand your ground case. i'm told that the state attorney's office is going to make the final decision. and that could take up to three weeks. i'm reporting live in hillsborough county, clifton french, >> thank you, clifton. tonight the international manhunt for a bay area fugitive is over. we know that spanish police captured christopher ponsz as he was about to board a bus. he slammed into another car head on killing william angel. he cut off his ankle monitor in 2013 and went on the run before his trial. our carson chambers sat down with angel's father and another man who survived that crash
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pontz at 6:00. breaking news out of florida. we just learned the name of the police officers who accidentally killed a 73-year- old retired librarian in police demonstration just last night. police say lee cole is on leave and devastated by what happened. she was taking part in a shoot don't shoot training simulation. officers say the revolver that killed her had been used in similar trainings in the past and only supposed to be carrying blanks, not any live rounds. >> i can tell you mary milton is a phenomenal person in the community. i know her very well. she attends a lot of community events. it's just a horrific time for all of us. >> police will not say if officer cole followed proper protocol. they will only say they were not aware that real bullets were in the gun. we're working to find out the relationship between two
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suicide earlier this morning at miami's airport. we know that both people found shot in a parking lot were men. witnesses say they heard them arguing just moments before someone fired a gun at least three times. the police investigation has not impacted any incoming or outgoing flights. an arkansas officer shot in the line of deputy this morning was just taken off life support and passed away. sebastian county deputy bill cooper soon. billy jones was arrested after a standoff at his house. we're told that officers went there earlier this morning after jones' father asked police to check on his son. a local police chief was also shot but he is out of the hospital tonight. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> good afternoon, everybody. things are back to normal, meaning mostly sunny skies throughout the morning and into the afternoon. and then the storms begin to
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from central pinellas county, manatee county, and sarasota. there's more to the east and there is more to the west as well with temperatures right now back to where they should be. anywhere from the upper 80s to the mid 90s. storms continue this evening. and then they begin to wind down later on tonight. is that going to be an issue for your weekend plans? this evening looking good outside of the scattered storms. i think we see more storms heading intoing -- heading into the weekend. >> thank you, back to school for thousands of bay area students today. that means cars and traffic. paul lagrone. >> back to school. let's put it into motion for you. this is chamberlain high school in tampa. and we flew over strawberry crest high school in dover today. it was stacked and backed out there.
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today we're getting solutions though from the ground. >> reporter: a new year. >> this is crazy. >> reporter: same old problem. what do you think about this backup? >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: on loose lake fern. >> what is it like? >> terrible. >> three schools, the high school and the middle school and the elementary school. >> we knew this would look like this this morning. >> reporter: one way in. >> the people can't go because people are walking across the crosswalk. >> karen parks and walks her kids in. >> force, it's a way of life. we got used to it. >> reporter: we're less than a minute away from the bell ringing and traffic is still backed up. action air capturing the traffic from above. hillsborough county school board member cyndi stewart says
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>> bringing a bus with 60 or 70 kids into a school versus 60 or 70 cars coming on to a campus reduces the traffic in and around schools. >> reporter: it may be time to hop on the hartline. >> there's no reason that a middle or high school student couldn't ride a hartline back and forth to school. i think we're getting to that place in hillsborough county. >> county leaders hear the frustration. >> we have to do a better job. >> but from day one. >> what do you this i this backup every day. >> you learn to live with it. nothing changes. >> have a good day. >> don't lose your voice. thankfully i have my voice back here tonight. just one problem with riding the bus as we take the big picture look here from action air one today. you see all of these people. if you live within two miles of a school, the rule is from the state that the students who live less than two miles, they're not eligible for public
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they are offering courtesy busing if you live in a busy area and they're considering talking about changing that, perhaps expanding it. so we will keep you updated. wendy. >> thank you, paul. good news there. within the next two weeks, most other kids in the bay area will be back in class. pasco and polk counties getting started on monday the 15th. so no matter wh ur kids return to scolwe want to seyour first day photos. we have, plus a list of resources for each school district. so please send us your pics. breaking news right now. you're looking live at a man trying to scale trump tower in new york city using suction cups. the 58-story building serves as donald trump's presidential campaign headquarters. he also lives there. no word on why the man is doing this but he is getting attention. new since 4:00 in the race for the white house, the secret
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about comments that he made about hillary clinton. trump insists he was not suggesting that second amendment supporters use violence against hillary clinton. donald trump is getting help from the nra. it will spend $3 million to put an ad in swing states like flora. trump is preparing for a two- day tour of florida right now. a mystery almost 40 years in the making finally solved. the new proof cracked the case and how far florida investigators had to go to find their man. and talk about crashing the party. the jaw-dropping reason that a woman slammed her car into a bar. and the embarrassing discovery they made when they arrested her. >>ou in disrepair and simply falling apart. at you're looking at is the cil coming up, theajor cha kp nge e
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>> being good with a gun is an essential part of police training. but for st. pete, the place officers learn to hone the skills is run down. but that's about to change. >> reporter: sinking water filled walls, faulty wiring, a broken down ventilation system,
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gun range used by st. pete police officers. the assistant chief says they inherited the range a couple years from a nonprofit. outside contractors told him it's hopeless to fix. >> we had a contractor who says it is outdated and inefficient. >> reporter: en a huge reprieve. not only within the next 18 months will st new headquarters, they approved $6 million for a new range. >> you can understate the factimant it is. >> reporter: poor conditions means that the range is not always open. the bulk of training is done at the complex run by the pinellas county erce. >> fors to share that with them, the sheriff's department has a thousand they open itto federal agencies as well. they're a great partner but it
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action news we want to take action for things that matter to you the most. tell us what you're wondering about by going to and sending us a good question. just look for this logo on the right hand of your screen to get started. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> well, it was wonderful to wake up this morning ant havea rainstorm outside. >> yeah, it was. >> a lot of us were dropping
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>> the first time. kindergarten. >> it's tough. >> and i went to the boohoo breakfast too. >> that is okay. it's tough. that's a great shot from river gate. is that not florida. one side of the screen, beautiful. the middle, a torrential downpour. off to the other side, again, sunny skies. that's really what is hipping up for the next couple of days. i think our rain chances begin to creep up a bit over the weekend. only looking at afternoon storms. there's a look at titan doppler radar. things are just beginning to get going. this looks ominous out in the gulf. don't worry about it. iton't bother anybody. this not all of it will stay off shore. what we have to concern ourselves with is a more typical summer pattern. you have storms across pinellas county from safety harbor over to clearwater. this is moving northeast in the next three to four minutes.
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this cell bubbling up over the last 15 minutes. more active across e county and sarasota and arcadia as well. things will fill in over the next several hours. stthtion st anterior and then begins to work its way towards the beach later on. this is a sign of things to come. typical august weather, meaning a lot of heat. we were in the low to mid-90s across many of the area today. 90 in tampa. temperatures, yeahthe humidity is highs and so are the feels like temperature. iteels like 10 so much better in plant city, 100. tampa right now 90 degrees. clearwater 88 with rain. but as wesaid, at least the morning was dry. and i think our rngsill remain dry. tomorrow, friday, right through the ekend. this pattern is more of our
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so the storms start anterior. and for that matter they will again this evening. a little bit of a slow drift anterior. today is a transitional day from the mess we had the last five days to status quo forecast period through the weekend. you notice until midnight tonight, things try to push back towards the beach. i think while the heaviest rains will be polk county, deso shower. when you wake up tomorrow morning, bright and early, skies will be clear and it will be dry and it will be warm, with temperatures near 80 degrees much then you extend the forecast through 4:00, quiet. nothing develops until then. so you're good to go until 3:00 or 4:00, and then the storms begin to build and get stronger and come back to the beach. that is textbook florida are gointosee sdayfriday, saturday and right into the weekend.
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worry about for at least the first half of the day. temperatures right back in the low 90across the entire area. maybe even a few mid-90s. for the boaters, winds out of the southeast 5 to 10 knots. water temperature now 83 degrees. there are your tides and sunrise and sunset. mostly dry with an isolated shower. that looks good for the beach too. if you're going to the beach tomorrow or any weekend, high -- high uv index. more sunshine, lots more for that matter through next week. >> we will take it. many of us talk supplements every-- take supplements every day.
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the hospital. one woman was so mad that she actually drove into a building. changes made to the sex offender ordinance and why one man says it doesn't protect
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>> for the first time tonight we're hearing about a new case of a potentially deadly infe florida. we're talking about the brain eating amoeba found in freshwater. it as contracted in broward county. they cannot give us more details because of privacy laws. an orlando based company is the only one in the u.s. that makes a drug to might the amoeba. the patient has already gotten
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driving the product to the hospital. >> over the weekend, an 11-year- old soh girl died after contracting the amoeba while swimming. you can sesplinters of wood from the bar's destroyed outdoor patio scattered all over the place. the woman drove her car into the buildingre to who dn. the man lept out of the way justefore the woman e her car into the last call bar. within an hour, officers found her passed out behind the wheel and arrested her. a murder case finally solved. after the break, find out how far investigators had to go to find the killer. and the tarpon springs community still recovering after the death of this young woman. how they are working to
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>> live, taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> and here we go off and running at 5:30. happening right now a local fugitive's run coming to an end overseas. christopher pontz behind bars in spain tonight, wanted for vehicular homicide. authorities say the process to bring him back also now at 5:30, we are learning no charges will be filed in a deadly road rage ase in plant city. did jail time for killing a man in a road rage incident in 2001. i'm ashley glass. >> and i'm paul lagrone. new at 5:30 take a look at this picture. deputies are looking for this guy in the bright red pants. here is a closer look.
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lakes and coal stole electronics and a rifle and other items. anyone with information is asked to call police. citrus county, another accused burglar is in jail after messing with the wrong guy. a homeowner caught seth kirk breaking into a shed. but instead of just calling the cops, neighbors and held him up to. a man is dad after crashing his car on highway 27 in haines city. police say 68-year-old anthony drove off the road, hit a light pole, spun into an open field. it i point, police don't believe that drugs or alcohol played a role. he was only -- he was the only person in the car and no other vehicles were involved. also happening now, firefighters are working to figure out what sparked a fire this morning in valrico.


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