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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  August 15, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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more violence in milwaukee. a day after six businesses burned in protests two officers are injured. >> mourning his death. a gulfport firefighter loses his cancer fight. the action his family is taking to make sure his death is not in vain. >> thank you for joining us on this monday. i'm dan shaffer. >> deiah riley has the morning off. we start situation at jfk airport. >> there were reports of gunshots but now we're learning the reports were unfounded. police evacuated two terminals after multiple people said they heard shots fired near the departure area. officers swarmed to the scene, guns drawn. they say the evacuations were just a precaution. this morning a pinellas county music teacher remains in critical condition after police say a drunk driver ran a red light and slammed into her car.
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sean hawkins are in critical condition at bayfront hospital. police arrested bryce mcinclude. they say that mccloud ran a red light at park boulevard yesterday morning, charged with dui causing serious injuries. mccloud is no stranger to local law enforcement. he has two prior dui convictions in manatee county and was arrested in hillsborough county for driving with an open container. ivan cabrera with florida's most >> good morning. 79 degrees. we'll be 88 by lunchtime with the afternoon thunderstorms developing. our temperatures today by the way very hot. we'll be back in the low to mid- 90s. we'll feel like 100 to 105 as we head through the afternoon. as far as the timing with the storms firing we'll talk more about that, when i see you in a few minutes. quick check of the roads at 4:31. i-275 south of roosevelt boulevard in pinellas county no
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minutes, again. a man in critical condition after a car hit him while he was riding his bike in tampa. happened at martin luther king jr. boulevard and north himes avenue after 6:00 yesterday evening. part of mlk was closed for hours. we're still not sharing the victim's name. we'll let you know what police find out once they finish their investigation. pinellas county is mourning a longtime firefight quhoar worked in the fire service for 35 years. pete huffman was most recently with the gulfport fire instructor at st. pete college. we first told you about huffman in may of 2015. when he retired from the fire service. now after his death from cancer his family is determined to keep his memory alive. abc action news reporter kera mashek shows us the fight he was so passionate about, a measure to protect its first responders and it's one florida does not have. >> reporter: pete huffman's home is covered with a lifetime
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as a firefighter. we met him last year as he prepared to retire. >> it's been my passion. it's everything i've known. >> reporter: his wife marcy got used to years of him running out on late night calls and understood the risk his job carried. >> there is always a chance he could get hurt on the job whether it's a burke building or even -- a burning building or even a traffic accident. things go wrong all the time. >> reporter: but it was an unexpected effect of all the have caused pete huffman his life. he was diagnosed with cancer. his doctors convinced decades of exposure to toxic chemicals in the line of duty contributed. >> doctors say were you a smoker? as soon as he said i'm a firefighter they -- went oh, ok. >> reporter: cancer drained pete physically, he was forced to take early retirement and cash in his pension to pay for
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and the bills are coming in. >> reporter: during cancer treatments the huffmans learned florida is only one of 14 states without a law to help protect them in the fight of their life. >> they serve the community in a way that is unparalleled and it is shameful that we don't have this protection in place for them. >> reporter: huffman and his family supported the fight for florida to get what is called a cancer presumption law on the books which would make sure firefighters are guaranteed benefits if they get cancer. and just days after his de sure the fight continues and the cause is till quite personal. >> i think it would be tremendous, not only just for me and my family but for future generations to come. >> pete's son cj is already glad to see changes being made like more screenings, cancer education and cleaning gear more often to reduce risk. he hopes one day his dad's legacy will live on with florida lawmakers passing further cancer protections for
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and senate introduced firefighter cancer presumption laws but both efforts failed. no matter what happens with the law pete huffman's family knows he will be remembered for a long time. they are now establishing a scholarship in his name at st. pete college. they hope it will help future firefighters achieve their dreams. a second night of protests in milwaukee leaves at least two police officers injured. groups rioted saturday night burning down several businesses after an officer shot and kied was armed. wisconsin governor scott walker says he wants police to release the body cam video from the shooting hoping it will ease tensions. police say seville smith ran from a traffic stop with a gun in his hand. the officer fired when smith turned toward him while holding that guard. the wisconsin national guard on standby. the milwaukee mayor now appealing to parents to stop the violence. >> so if you love your son, you love your daughter, you love
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stay away from this area. let's calm things down. >> smith's sister is demanding prosecutors file charges in the death. this morning louisiana's governor declaring a state of emergency after widespread flooding forcing at least 10,000 people from their homes. take a look at this dramatic video showing the coast guard using a basket to save someone from a roof. officials say it was just one of 20,000 rescues across the rivers to overflow their banks breaking previous high flood marks. people are calling a hillsborough county detention deputy a hero. listen to what he did while off the clock. habib hansa was at splash harbor water park in indian rocks beach with his wife and three children saturday, holding his 3-year-old son there, he heard a woman screaming for help. he saw someone trying to pull a child up from under the water. he handed his son to a stranger
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toddler. 3-year-old michael andrews wasn't breathing. he started cpr and the toddler was revived and paramedics took him to the hospital. >> i'm still in shock. i'm a father so -- just thinking about it -- i'm just glad he's safe. he's alive. if it happens again i would do it for anyone's child the same way. >> the hospital says that little boy is doing fine this morning. the family of the 3-year-old everything hanza did. coming up -- it's back to school for more bay area students. the counties where kids are waking up early this monday morning. >> up next, left behind, unanswered questions after a dog is found alone in the median of i-4. >> fans will be greeted with brand new state of the art hd
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highlights and more straight ahead in sports. z22szz zy6z
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z22rfz zy6z y22rfy yy6y in democracy 2016 -- a big campaign day for republican and democratic presidential nominees ghment both in key swing states today. hillary clinton in pennsylvania, donald trump in
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plans, his main focus, destroying the islamic state group and other terrorist organizations. he'll argue the country needs to work with anyone that shares the same mission regardless of other disagreements. trump is also expected to propose a new immigration policy where the u.s. would stop issuing visas. when we can't perform proper screenings. he's also expected to propose creating a new test for admission to the country, it would look at people's stances on issues like religious freedom. president obama an biden will be in scranton, biden's hometown. biden plans to declare trump the most uninformed presidential nominee in history. biden's office says he'll argue that trump is less prepared on national security than any previous nominee. he'll also claim trump's erratic rhetoric will make all americans less safe. biden will praise clinton with offering solutions for the middle class on jobs as well as education he'll also cast clinton as key to building on
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today u.s. senate candidate patrick mush fee will be in tampa, set to stop -- patrick murphy will be in tampa. set to stop at the tampa bay wave. right now we don't know exactly what he will speak on. murphy is one of the democrats challenging senator marco rubio in the general election. early voting for the august 31st primary begins today in hillsborough county. we'l county no later than saturday. find locations to vote early on our mobile app and at 2016. this morning a coast guard crew is being hailed heroes after rescuing four capsized boaters including a young boy about 24 miles southwest of fort myers beach. take a look at this touching photo of that child hugging one of the adults after being pulled from the water. a good samaritan first heard a faint distress call and
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all four people clinging to the bow of the boat and pulled them from the water. thankfully all four seem to be doing ok. crews say the boaters were wearing life vests. over in alabama authorities say six people died when their small plane crashed near tuscaloosa the it took off from kissimmee and developed engine problems on the flight to mississippi. the faa said they got a distress signal four minutes before it was supped most accurate forecast. >> good morning. looking pretty good now temperatures in the upper 70s, around 80 degrees in clearwater. we're doing with that mostly clear to partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the upper 70s throughout the tampa bay area and we'll continue to see them climbing. we have to get sunshine out there still. two hours from that. titan doppler radar looks good now but yesterday we had a few storms firing. most of us stayed dry actually but the storms that did develop
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anywhere from 1 to 2 inches. you can see the storms lifted to the north and west rapidly. we had a strong southeast fetch and that allowed for some of the storms to go strong. our friends in orlando had a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings as well. as we continue to see this pattern continuing the next few days, no big changes so when you get that southeast flow remember the storms east and then you follow the arrows and that is where the storms end up. that's what we'll have the next few days. steady, like we could have with -- with organized disturbance. it's not going to happen. just a splices and humidity and temperatures -- sea breeze and humidity and temperatures warm up by the afternoon. by 3:30 we'll see inland thunderstorms. then those will continue to push to the west. and along the coast by later on this evening. temperatures hot. 90 to 95 which will make it feel like 100 to 105 with the
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continue that trend next few days. rain chances about the same. 40% to 50% through the end of the week and into next weekend. you are looking live at i- 275 at jefferson street in downtown tampa. hardly any traffic on the roads now. janelle martinez will join us live with traffic reports starting at 5:00. authorities arrested three wrong-way drivers in the bay area over the weekend. deputies say giovanni mendez crashed into in the northbound lanes of anderson road. two people were injured in the crash. mendez is charged with a dui. this morning the highway patrol is asking for your help, they want to know how a dog got left on a busy interstate in polk county. good news, dog seems to be ok but troopers are trying to find out how that dog ended up on i- 4 in the median near state road 559, that is exit 44. if you have information on how
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monument for the stadium's monument park. john sabol explains how the tampa bay rays disrupted the celebration for mariano rivera. >> reporter: good morning. thank you for joining us. the new york yankees were celebrating their 1996 world series championship all weekend. during the series against the ray that's is. saturday they honored the rivera, honored before the game and unveiled his monument. along with the rest of the yankees greats. 1-0 in the third. not anymore. logan forsyth at the plate. exits stage right 2-0 rays. 21st homer of the season for the rays' second baseman. yankees did get a run back on an aaron judge solo homer to cut the lead to one, rays looking to get that and more
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aaron hicks. rays take a 5-1 lead and that eventually opened the floodgates for the rays floodgates. evan longoria with the rbi double. just out of reach of judge. can't make the play. kevin kiermaier scores from first. rays win 12-3 and avoid the sweep. the rays hit four h games. longoria by the way 3-4 with four rbi. college football -- nfl season is fast approaching and before the game starts teams just like kids at school have themselves a picture day. usf did it yesterday afternoon at raymond james stadium and you might notice something different in this picture. beyond the offensive linemen here. that big massive scoreboard. that is one of two big scoreboards at raymond james
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scoreboards at the opposite end zones for bucs and usf games. four other boards are being installed to the left and right mounted on the lower parts of raymond james stadium. fans will see it during a game for the first time on the 26th in the buccaneers third preseason game against the cleveland browns. usf fans will see them in action when the bulls take on towson in the season opener september 3rd. here's impression. >> it's big time. it's big time. that scoreboard is big. but it's nice. you think about it, in the daylight, how colorful it is, -- and good for night games. i thought it was a great addition to what is already a nice stadium. >> get this, all six new video boards measuring, combined
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total video display in the nfl. that's your morning sports report. enjoy your day. it is 4:50. low-flying helicopters are headed your way. coming up at 5:00 -- why homeowners in tampa shouldn't worry if they see a chopper flying just over their house. >> up next, mourning an icon.
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good morning. looking pretty good. it is warm and humid though. a breeze felt good. not destroy by any stretch but we'll get -- not dry by any stretch. we'll get some thunderstorms going. typical pattern. storms will be with us. rain chances average nothing too above or below. we won't be drive, but physical be hot and humid -- but it will be hot and humid and that means mid-90s. 105 for the heat index. bus stop forecast, rest of the bay area here, back to school, we'll be doing that with dry conditions. sunrise 7:01. and then afternoon storms with temperatures in the low 90s. 4:53. friday we showed you the new trailer for the "star wars"
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from earlier this year, it's been watched nearly one million times, per hour! it debuts in theaters december 16th. sadly there was a tremor in the force over the weekend. star war fans mourning the loss of a beloved actor. >> abc's jason nathanson has more on the death of kenny baker. >> reporter: weekend wedding bells for kevin hart, the comedian exchanged vows saturday, with his longtime the lavish ceremony took place in santa barbara, california. hart is 37, his 8-year-old son his best man. she wore a custom vera wang gown to the altar. >> reporter: "star wars" fans mourning a beloved cast member. never seen or heard on screen but kenny baker was the man behind -- or rather inside r2d2. yes, it was baker, all 3 feet 8
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baker says george lucas convinced him to take the role because he was the only actor who could fit into the costume. kenny baker was 81. let's do something fun. >> reporter: "seuss -- suicide squad" continues to hold on to first place. "sausage dragon "flew into third place. that's what's happening in hollywood. jason nathanson, abc news, los angeles. free bus rides, coming up, the county where you can jump on board for free today. >> mom murdered. just ahead, search for a killer after two muslim leaders are
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z22sbz zy6z y22sby yy6y summer is over and your kids will know when that alarm goes off soon. >> we're bringing you coverage
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schools and a new way of learning. we've got your back, as you head back-to-school. thank you for joining us. >> janelle and ivan watching the roads. >> no rain? >> no rain, roads are dry. a crash in largo we're watching but otherwise looking great. >> i appreciated the no rain last week in hillsborough. thank you very much. >> we cleared out nicely. now the issue of this morning, i don't think it will be a big deal but we're going to monitor areas of fog. we get the rain earlier yesterday and then, now we have calm winds, clear skies so already seeing pockets there of, well, the usual spots, east of 75 and eastern pasco county, zephyrhills, 4-mile visibility. when you get 3 and 4-mile visibility around 5:00 that is an indication things will go downhill. we'll watch the numbers closely. we'll have upper 70s, it will


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