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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  August 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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now it comes with sticker shock. >> i have health insurance. my copay is $290. i have to have the epipens. >> they increased the price from a little over $100 to about $700. >> reporter: the the epipen is off the market, hence the price hike. you can ur doctor for a third option that can cost less. >> you have to get physician to write a prescription for the adrena click. the technology is different. >> reporter: if you pay the premium for an epipen, make sure it lasts so check the expiration date on the box. >> it has an expiration between one to one and a half years if it's completely enclosed and in a weather-controlled environment. here in florida the danger is a lot of people keep it in their car. >> reporter: make sure that the
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particles mean it could be bad. you can also get up to $100 off your epipen with a coupon ike amber did if you have private insurance. >> it's not a choice. we have to find the money one way or the. >> reporter: i'm ashley yore, abc action news. >> thank you, ashley. this dramatic price hike catching the eyes of lawmakers tonight. coumers deserve what hind the prices. yoread stories of individuals or parents say they may go without, they the risk now of not carrying an epipen, that ys something is wrong. >> other lawmakers even calling on a house oversight committee to invgate. if that happens, we will let you know. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> how are you doing, everybody? there's no doubt this is the area to watch. remember, it's been 11 years
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florida. incredibly long period of time based on our geography. this looks ragged. there is only a 6 to 10 chance that this develops. let's say that it does. that's the key here. the models are hinting at two different situations. one would take it re towards the islands. if that happened, it would be much less likely that it would develop. other models go north to the islands and bringing to florida. when would this happen? sunday or nd timeline, even if it really doesn't develop much. let's talk quickly about what is going on locally. these are all moving back toward the beach with more on the way. i'll pinpoint the timing coming up in a couple of minutes. >> thank you, denis. we're learning tonight about a broward county teenager who survived a brain eating
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ends in death. 16-year-old sebastian survived the infection. health officials believe that he got that bacteria after swimming in unsanitary water much there's confusion tonight about where exactly he was swimming. initial reports said weston in broward county. that he became sick while he was vacationing in orlando and was treated at a hospital there. fortunately the drug that saved his life is actually made in central florida. >> god has given us the mi through this medical team and this hospital for having our son back and having him full of life. >> at is one relieved mother there. the bacteria found in freshwater infects the brain by entering the body through the nose. tonight recommend that s nose plugs if you ppen to swim in freshwater. all new at 5:30, winter haven police warning people about troubling phone calls
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we're told several times today somebody has called people claiming they either need to get a copy of a report or are under investigation. that caller hasn't made any threats. but police want you to be on the outlook because often times callers like esdemand money from their victims. the department says their officers would never make calls like that. new tonight, the fib is getting involved in a stabbing in virginia. they're looking into whether isis inspired the alleged attacker to federal authorities tonight say 20-year-old farook was on the radar for quite some time. in just the last year he traveled it turkey and tried to sneak into syria. he injured two people in the stabbing. today we have learned another american has died in the war in afghanistan. an ied killed a service member that blast injured one other american and six afghan soldiers. the group is part of 500 troops working on counter terrorism
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new details in the face biting attack in florida. austin harrouff may have ingested chemicals that were in his garage. at this hour, harrouff is still in critical condition at the hospital after allegedly killing the couple in their garage at random. the fbi is running tests to determine if harrouff was under the influence of either bath salts or flakka. the economy has gotten better. a lot of people are having a tough time finding a starting their own businesses. it's a struggle for anyone. but it can be especially tough for minority entrepreneurs. as kera mashek tells us, two new programs are aimed at helping their success. >> doug: renee edwards is learn -- >> reporter: renee edwards is learning a lot about what it takes to run a business. she is getting her skin caroline off the ground.
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the formula and packaging right. >> i took my savings and i invested in a website. and i started doing different trader shows and arts and crafts shows to spread the awareness that you can improve your skin naturally. >> reporter: making a profit and getting into stores isn't easy. she applied for catch through the tampa bay black business corporation in st. pete. it helps entrepreneurs like renee succeed while helping struggling areas like south st. >> what we hope to do ando is b that capital, that need someone they can talk to about their plans. and we can be one of the -- one of the catalysts in making this area come back. >> reporter: catch currently helping start-ups with an intensive 15-week program. once they finish the classes, they will get a cash stipend to help the business grow. >> we're glad that we can
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>> reporter: renee edwards says that the program is providing critical guidance helping her to market and develop her company. as a result, she has gotten two shops. >> my dream is to only sell skin care products and be able to give back to my community as well. >> reporter: the black business investment corp. hopes in a few years small business owners like edwards will help change the landscape of south 22nd and beyond. in st. pete, kera mashek, abc action news >> tonight thaccusations of the sexual harassment against former fox network chief is growing. former fox host andrea filed a lawsuit against ales and billow rely. she claims that fox news operates like a sex-fueled playboy mansion like cult. that is a quote. fox has declined to comment on the lawsuit. a new york construction
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job after falling several floors from a building. this video gives you an idea of how high up that worker was. the fall happened this morning when he was working on the side of a manhattan building. officials say the man landed on scaffolding and resc him through the >>it was once a tampa's food scene. tonight it is back. we are talking about goody goody. it is open for park. this man was the first customer in line this morning. he ate three burgers for breakfast and said he would be back for lunch and dinner. james tully shows us why the reopening meant so much to so many people. >> reporter: the one behind the revitalization of the goody goody restaurant and he is behind all of the original recipes coming back.
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mylf. maybe you didn't eat here, but maybe your parents or grand patients did. so naturally today there was a little bit of taste of orthis park. >> when you ves some of us have tampa, this goall the way back. >> time for breakfast. let's go. >> reporter: all the way back to 1925. goody goody served its famous burgers and pie fo >> it's a special day for tampa. this is a special restaurant. >> reporter: nor others it was a little less nostlgic. >> this is mine. the jimmy right here. >> that has got to beme. >> reporter: rtof the revitazation of hyde park, goody goody hopes to contribute
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>> so i have no doubt that they're doing to do very well here. >> reporter: the feeling of arred anew was best summed like this. >> like seeing an old friend that you haven't seen in a while. now that i see you again, it's good to see you. that kind of thing. >> reporter: on second thought, i think i'm going to take this to go. now the original goody goody locations were all drive- throughs. but this new location will include reporting in tampa, james tully, abc action news. making ends meet starng from seeds. w to get free loorganic produce to feed your family. growing pains at the state's newest university. coming up at 6:00, the new addition at florida poly to
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>> welcome back. helping your family make ends meet with a opportunity to get free local produce. >> here at abc action news we're committed to help find the best ways to feed your
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few hours a week you can get $400 worth of organic produce. >> i don't know the thin about florida growing. >> reporter: inside this bradenton barn, volunteers are getting their hands >> it feels to get dirty. >> reporter:of the work share volunteers is now helping seed but soon will help to harvest vegetables and will be able to >> i get to contribute somehow. i literally brought something to the table. >> reporter: for volunteers who can come out here just three hours a week, they end up with a $425 value of free organic produce. >> i would be lost without our volunteer help. >> reporter: operations manager crystal leonard say the trade- off is great. they get volunteers to work on the not for profit farm. >> it allows us to have 25 extra hands -- you know, 25
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out and learn something about the farm. >> reporter: and those workers bring home fresh, healthy, local food to their families. those who volunteer five hours a week get an $800 value over the year in fresh produce. >> whether i weed it or i sowed the seeds, i think that is amazing. >> work withing your hands is incredible. >> reporter: they're still looking to volunteers. in bradenton, lauren rozyla, abc action news. >>owe most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> denis, i was going to go for a nice walk this evening on bayshore. it sounds like it's not happening. >> it will. it will only last 30, 45 minutes. >> we're all good. thanks, florida. >> exactly, right? exactly as quickly as they come in, they're gone. you look outside right now and there it is. >> what.
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>> the rain is coming down. if you look at titan doppler radar, there's only maybe 15% of our area, viewing area. remember we go from citrus county down to sarasota and east of highlands. we have a large viewing area out there. right now it's the tampa metro area picking up the heaviest rains. that's where we will zoom down to neighborholevel at th point. what was downtown is quickly moving off to the southwest. eventually over the bay from the port down to macdill. and this will be crossing the bay, going over to pinellas over the next ha i think it will weaken as it does so. east of the temple terrace area. also decent amount of rain, a handful of lightning strikes there as well. heavier stuff popping in northern polk county and over to polk city. all of this will be moving from east to west. actually from northeast to southwest. so you can kind of pretty much extend the line straight down. definitely something that we will keep our eyes on. now and again with this kind of a pattern you can find a water
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at this point in time we're looking at a pretty status quo typical late summer day across our area. these will be out of here by 8:30 or 9:00. temperatures right now, 96 in winter haven. low 80s where the rains have fallen. spring hill 82. pasco, you had heavy rains along the immediate coastline over the last 90 tes. highs today hit 95 in tampa. again, five degrees above normal. hit 95 97 in winter haven. look at the high in sarasota. 99 degrees. just missed the century mark in sarasota. wow. that is impressive for this time of the year. there's the thunderstorm at the airport right now. 87 degrees. the dew point is 78. everybody has been complaining on facebook how hot it is. for good reason. when you see 99 in sarasota, you know it's hot. in fact we tied a record today. 95 was the previous record.
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so that's how hot record- breaking heat. 88 and mostly cloudy in st. pete. look at sarasota. as i said, they hit 99 earlier today. still at 93 degrees. the heat unusual. the late-day storms not so much. you know, a lot of folks have been saying when do we get out of this redundant pattern where we see these storms every day. typically it's the second week in september, they start to wind down. so something to look forward to by 8:00 tonight, handful of storms. won't be too many. by 10:00, they will be off shore. you will be able to see lightning off to the west. waking up to sunny skies. that will be the case on wednesday, thursday, friday. probably even into saturday as day is sunny. sunny until abou00. then all of a sudden the storms will pop up from 3:00 to 6:00 and linger until 10:00. no real changes. thursday, same deal. no matter what you have planned
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hot and dry. by thursday afternoon, 4:00, 5:00, again the storms pop and everything will come back toward our coastline. all right. the tropics obviously there's a lot of buzz here. and with good reason. as i said, the top of the newscast, it has been 11 years since florida has been hit by a hurricane. not a major hurricane just a hurricane. fiona and gaston is not the issue. it's the area in the an i think the reason that the hurricane center is hesitant, with good reason n is a similar track to erica last year. expected to bea powerful hurricane and fizzled out over the islands. that could happen again if the low center is down here. it would travel over the islands subpoena weaken. maybe not develop at all. if it's more to the north which is what the european model is forecasting, more clear sailing and would go into florida sunday and monday potentially
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find a center of circulation yet. we're still not looking at a depression. whether this is something ragged or organized, it will approach florida sometime into sunday and sunday night. gaston will become a hurricane and probably a major hurricane but poses no threat to the u.s. water temperature of 88. that's a concern for the gulf with the tropical system. there are your tides and sunrise and let's look at the 7-day forecast. right where we should be for the end of august. rain chances 40 to 50%. we will keep our eye on the tropics developing. who is watching your children? the discovery that had secure video from inside a day care going global. plus, the one thing that you can do to protect your family's privacy. a police officer to th rescue as a massive fire burns through a home full of children.
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the reason that a 12-year-old is getting credit for saving several lives. download the new abc action news app for your mobile phone and tablet. just search for abc action news
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>> security video from a local day care has shown up on a russian site. now the day care has taken down that feed. our abc action news i-team looked into a similar russian website last month, finding live streams from all sorts of private security cameras, including ones in tampa bay. if you have a camera like this, be sure to make your password complicated to the hackers can't access it.
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interest this burningous in new jersey. luckily a police officer was waiting to break the fall. it gets better. the oldest child, she is being credited with saving the lives of her cousins much as soon as she heard the fire alarm go off, she called the police and hurried all of the kids into an upstairs bathroom. >> i didn't call the cops right away, then we would all be dead. >> the first person that you call when you're in trouble are to save my kid and my house. >> his mom was at work at the ti. it wasn't r his quick thinking, the kids may not have made it out of the home alive. now he re iswey ryan with a look at what is happening at 6:00. >> a new report blaming an assistedliving for a man's attack. what led the 80-year-old alzheimer's patient to drown.
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zika virus. while you may see these your neighborhood soon. did you knee those people who spin signs on the side of the road makeup wards of $15 an hour? coming up, we're scouring this entire job fair in search of real jobs for more construction at florida poly. next at 6:00, see what they're building now as students head
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>> live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news >> zika confusion. many questions still unanswered at this hour about the first nontravel related zika case in a bay area patient. our first look on the front lines to keep the virus fr i'm wendy ryan. >> and i'm jamison uhler. first lightning starting to build over downtown tampa. >> yeah. we're getting the newest models on the tropics. let's go over to denis phillips for the latest on that. >> this came out in the last five minutes, yon the winds gusting at bayshore. it looks 50 to 55 wind gusts there. obviously torrential downpours in the area as well.
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minutes as this rain and heavy wind move to the west. speaking of that, going to zoom right on down to the street level from south tampa over to macdill. there is obviously where the heaviest weather is. it is move willing out to -- moving out to the bay and this will move into pinellas in the next halfhour. headed over to the feather sound area in pinellas co hillsborough and also polk county as well. so we will continue to track all of this as it moves to the west. and we're keeping a close eye latest european model takes more of a katrina track across south florida and into the gulf of mexico. we will give you a complete update on that, how could impact our weather coming up. >> thank you, denis. breaking new video into the news room of a carjacking suspect in polk county. we first told you about this carjacking at the bone fish


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