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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  August 24, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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donald trump is back in tampa today. the rally in the works and the protests being planned. >> also breaking in europe. a powerful earthquake rocks central italy. we know at least 21 people are dead and the death toll is expected to climb. abc action news anchor lindsay logue is in the studio now, monitoring the rescue crews as they comb through the debris searching for survivors. >> good morning. this morning the mayor of one of the small towns in central italy out. there are reports this hour families are still trapped under all of the rubble, one family of four believed to be under their house, rescuers say there's no sign of life. the 6.2 magnitude quake hit in the middle of the night in it low making the search for survivors incredibly difficult with crews having to wait until sunrise. you can see in the video just in buildings there collapsed, historic sites in ruins.
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hospital badly damaged and doctors had to move patients into the streets. the quake so strong people 100 miles away in rome felt it. there have been numerous after shocks. we'll keep you updated all morning on abc action news as we get new information. on this wednesday looking at clear skies, upper 70s to lower 80s. more thunderstorms this afternoon. not as hot as yesterday but still warm and humid with typical pattern this time of year. for us. as we see showers and storms by 3:00, 4:00. we'll begin to develop those and everything pushing west with the northeast flow and still watching the tropical wave. keep monitoring that. titan doppler radar quiet now, hour by hour forecast will take us to 86 already by 10:00. then we'll be back in the lower 90s. by 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. it will be the range for another round of showers and storms. on titan doppler radar we'll begin to see it filling up. it's wednesday, here's janelle
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heading there on the roads, no crashes or breakdowns to tell you about. some of the overnight construction has already cleared. they were doing work on 275 just as you come across the howard frankland into the tampa area but again that has cleared and you're looking at a smooth ride across all three bridges this morning. checking our cameras along 275, this is at busch, look how light traffic is now. these headlights coming at me are heading towards downtown tampa. looking at 5-minute drive from busc checking the average speeds, looking great on the interstates, all in green, this is i-4, 75 to 275, 75 from the apex to i-4 and 275 over in pinellas county. 69 the average speed there. 5:02. police say two people were shot at bay vista park in st. petersburg. james tully live at the scene. what are police saying so far? >> reporter: very little at this point but like you said
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no reported deaths. one person apparently drove himself to the hospital. the other person had to be transported, they are both being treated at this hour. basically setting the stage for you, this call came in 3:15, this is bay vista park, just that, a park. something happening 3:00 a.m., we're not going to make assumptions but we're looking past this police tape, my photographer and i just holding up the police tape seconds ago to let office officials through. they are joining st. pete police in the investigation. that's the very latest from here. again two people shot at the bay vista park. this investigation as you see very active, still ongoing. any updates i'm going to send them to you on air and on-line. live in st. petersburg, james tully, abc action news. 5:03. in democracy 2016 -- donald trump is returning to the bay
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the florida state fairgrounds. trump knows florida is a must win to win november's general election if you plan to go to the rally you may see protesters near the entrance. dozens of proimmigration activists tell us they will be there. they say his plan to build a wall on the u.s. border would tear millions of families apart. trump is expected to unveil his full immigration plan next week. he suggested he may back off on his promise to deport all 11 million people illegally in the country. at dublgd down on his plan to build a wall with mexico. on the democratic side questions now being raised about who got access to hillary clinton when she was secretary of state. the ap is reporting more than half the people that made large donations to the clinton foundation met with or had phone conversation with clinton. the report adds to the
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clinton. pinellas county investigators trying to figure out how this car ended up in the retention pond. overnight detectives told us they believe the car was stolen. neighbors say they heard the loud crash 4:30 yesterday afternoon. this is in tarpon springs. they came out of their homes to see the back end of that red car slowly sinking. we spoke with one woman who says she saw a young man standing near that car with the trunk open just minutes before it went into the water. tarpon springs firefighters jumped into the water, for anyone inside, they say thankfully it was empty. one neighbor says he considered jumping in himself when it happened. >> i was thinking if i seen somebody i would go in and see if i could help them. if i didn't see anybody i wasn't going in there because the gators are there are 5, 6- foot long. >> deputies say the car doesn't belong to anyone who lives in the community. we'll let you know any new
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updated. zoo this is the man that determination in childs county are trying to -- deputies in the county are looking for now. deputiesp in highlands and polk county searched near the home on cricket drive but couldn't find him. they say buckley has a cognitive condition. not sure where he might have gone but believe he's walking, not in a car. sheriff's office. two bombings in a hotel in southern thailand killed one hotel employee, injured 29 others. that area of the country increasingly the scene of attacks by islamic insurgents. both bombs were planted in cars. the first exploded in the hotel's parking lot. the second went off 20 minutes later in front of the hotel. overnight a major operation began to clear islamic militants from a syrian town
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border. turkish war planes bombed targets as artillery shelled isis held locations. turkey hopes freeing the city from isis will allow aid to begin to flow back into the town. from rio to tokyo. the olympic flag is already in the next host city for the summer olympic games in 2020. the tokyo governor brought it back by ceremonies sunday. preparations already underway in tokyo. construction on the main stadium should start before the end of the year. tokyo last hosted the olympics in 1964. meanwhile the process of grooming future olympians is already beginning. the newborns here, can't even walk yet but are getting outfitted with their own pair of nikes. hundreds of pairs like these are being sent to home tops where this year's olympians are from. each came with a note that read
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your final chance to see the tampa bay buccaneers dunk training camp happens this morning. >> 1 public place 1buc place, 9:45. checking in on a warm and muggy start. it's the way we'll finish but not as hot as yesterday. 80 degrees by 8:00. we'll jump up to 88. still dry around noontime, even 1:00, 2:00. the pattern will favor late-day storms. will begin to develop between 4:00 and continue through the evening hours with highs today in the lower 90s. new overnight -- a sheriff arrested. we find out that dozens of laws investigators say he broke putting him in front of a judge today. >> it's not very clear-cut.
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about the whole thing. >> a brain-eating amoeba had a family preparing to lose their son when suddenly everything turns around for the better. we hear the highs and lows a family grateful to be together again.
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welcome back. 5:12. here's a look at i-275 near downtown. ashley street exit. no problems to report there. traffic moving well. cooler this morning.
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cool. >> we'll take it. >> the rain last night helped. details coming up. a florida man's dream to own a home on the water is literally sinking before his eyes. >> you can see his house was supposed to float but now taking on water near riviera beach. he suspects someone did this on purpose. the home survived hurricane andrew and wilma and showed no signs it was at risk of sinking. >> the property has been at the center of controversy because lowe'sn says he wants to turn the area into a floating home community. neighbors are less than thrilled. >> floating on the grass bed and pretending they can anchor and call this a home community, i don't see that. >> this property is going to be developed and the games that people play here -- it's just going to make me more motivated to get this property developed and to live out here. >> he says his plan is to pump water out of the house and
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good morning. almost 5:14 on a wednesday. nice and clear, still warm and muggy. won't be as hot this afternoon, that's the difference but i think we'll still have thunderstorms later on today with showers and storms beginning to pop up around 3:00, 4:00 across the interior counties. then everything headed off towards the beaches. through the evening hours courtesy of a northeast flow that continues you can clearly see the showers. we have the opposite flow, and you see the coastal morning showers on the opposite side of the peninsula but not so it will be along 95 and then everything will move ever so slowly but will get here with the storms by the time we get into 4:00, 5:00 and everything pushes towards the gulf. rinse and repeat tomorrow. this pattern locked in the next few days. cloud cover today, not as hot. sarasota was very hot yesterday, heat index of 110. not like that today.
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still disorganized. hurricane hunters are going to see if there's a closed low that would make it a depression or tropical storm. hermine would impact puerto rico today and tonight with showers and heavy storms and continues. model world headed to the north and west. question is how much impact does it have across hispaniola? we'll likely get clipped there but the big story is once it arrives in the bahamas it will do so this weekend. that is where we have the potential for intensification. climatology shows us this is the area that is that and of course the water temperatures, 90 degrees. so we have everything we need to get the storm to intensify. that hasn't formed yet. 92, partly sunny today with more on the way for tomorrow as far as afternoon thunderstorms, coverage 40% to 50% continuing through the weekend with highs in the lower 90s. traffic looking great so far. if you're getting ready to head out now you really shouldn't have any trouble getting to
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in those areas. here's a live look at i-4 around the polk parkway, traffic still pretty light up to speed now in both directions. checking the drive on i-4, this is from the lakeland area into downtown tampa, taking about 22 minutes to get from county line road to downtown. 15 minutes from county line road to 75. just seven minutes to get from 75 to 275. heads up if you're in sarasota, still have lingering construction there. the diverging diamond there at i-75 and university. right now the northbound on- ramp from university on to i-75 is closed. they typically have this open by now, they are hoping to have it reopened by 5:30. if you get there and it's closed you may have to take fruitville to get on to i-75. 5:16. a sheriff in ohio is facing a slew of charges including 38 felonies related to stealing drugs and money. officials say sheriff kyle
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tampering with records, deception to obtain drugs, theft in office and filing false financial records. officials say they had been investigating him since september of last year over concerns of prescription drug use. overmyer was allegedly taking drugs from drop box locations. right now he's still a sheriff but expected to surrender for arraignment today. a florida boy is making a miraculous recovery after contracting a brain eating to contract it. the boy ended up at a hospital complaining of a headache and sensitivity to light. officials say it has a mortality rate of 97%. often contracted through the nose when swimming in freshwater. doctors lowered his body temperature, put him in an induced coma, gave him a drug that is not readily available at most hospitals. his mother is thanking god and the doctors for saving her son's life.
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teen. we're so thankful. >> sebastian is expected to recover with therapy though. officials are investigating his case and have not identified where in the broward county area he was swimming. many kids hoping to get to college take weeks preparing for the a.c.t. but is the hard work paying off? the major setback the test scores are suddenly revealing. one feature coming soon to most cars may have you fooled. the false sense of security over emergency automatic brakes. >> first facebook is using its safety check feature for people in the quake zone in italy. here's kendis gibson and diane macedo. >> reporter: in "tech bytes" -- checking in after italy's earthquake. >> americans traveling or living in italy can use facebookest check to let friends and relatives know they are all right. >> it will also tell us in the u.s. if we have friends in central italy. check safety check in the search bar to reach that page. tesla claims its new
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the driving range of its newest model s but make it the fastest accelerating production car you can buy electric or gas. >> but it costs around $135,000. the stock of domino's pizza opened at an all time high, partially because they are courting millennials using technology. >> you can order via text, tweets, even using the apple watch and now half u.s. sales
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no 5:23 on tuesday morning. a lot of students that want to go to college are to take the a.c.t. but the company says only 38% enough for college courses in three of the four subjects. experts expected a decline this year because more states are paying for a.c.t. testing in public schools. 200,000 more kids are now taking the a.c.t. soon 99% of cars will have automatic emergency braking as standard equipment but many people don't realize what that exactly means. aaa warns drivers that not all of the braking systems will do
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avoided rear end collisions and pedestrian accidents but people need to realize not all automatic brakes systems actually stop your car. aaa found two systems. one designed to slow or stop it enough to prevent crashes. the other designed to slow the car enough to only lessen the severity of a crash. check your owner's manual to know how your specific system works. coming up -- a thief with a vengeance. the driver explains why he stole more than $100,000 boxes from amazon. >> abc action news bringing you every breaking detail as we get it from italy. death toll climbing from an overnight earthquake. we're looking at some of the places wiped out in the wreck. >> good morning st. pete. watching traffic cameras if your area. this is i-275 around gandy boulevard. we're up to speed in both directions. coming up, we're going to check the drive across the brings.
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he's back in the bay area. donald trump campaigning in tampa today and thousands expected to attend his rally. many will be protesting. the one thing he won't be
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in italy -- powerful earthquake leveling entire towns, many people are trapped and we've learned at least 21 are dead. >> the 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck while they were sleeping and the aftershocks are still happening now. abc action news anchor lindsay logue has been following this all morning. >> there are reports that people are still trapped in the rubble. >> reporter: yeah. an incredibly sad and devastating thing for that region of central italy. several people died when their houses collapsed on top of say there's no sign of life. the mayor there says most of the town is wiped out, buildings collapsed to the ground overnight. reduced to just piles of concrete rubble you can see here. it's very hard for rescue vehicles to get in, they are bringing in bulldozers and heavy machinery just to navigate through the streets. there has already been a landslide, a bridge there in the area is also on the verge of collapse. on top of that there's no power
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phone it's nearly impossible to get in touch with many people who live there. there have been numerous reports of aftershocks throughout the entire region. the strongest 5.5. that initial quake so strong people in rome 100 miles away felt it. it's a story we'll be following all morning on abc action news. new information and video from central italy as it comes in. good morning. as we check the forecast on a wednesday looking pretty good, at the bus stop, dry and comfortabl but by the afternoon it will start to get hot with temperatures in the 90s. not as hot as yesterday but still warm and muggy. but typical for this time of year. 80 st. pete and apollo beach. titan doppler radar dry, and by the afternoon the storms will develop inland and march to the beaches as we head through 4:00 to 7:00 with temperatures by then in the lower 90. feels-like 100 to 105. that is better than yesterday are we reached 110 in areas.


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