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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 30, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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>> download it now. thanks for watching and we'll see you tomorrow. all-new today on the viral videos show "right this minute." a mom calmly gets out of her car, even though this is a hijacking. how she keeps it together to try to get her kids out safe. a little dog is spotted running down a road. >> i'm going to call this dog lucky. >> you'll see the amazing reason why. >> i don't know what to do, do i like put water on its head? >> a guy wakes up to find a visitor who decided to take a little nap on his -- >> how the scene turned into a perfect story on snapchat. >> and it's the host of brave wilderness versus a dungeness crab. now coyote peterson stops by to see who's up for the challenge. >> clearly --
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>> you're just trying to go about your day. your kids are in the back of the car, and suddenly armed men open your door and demand that you get out of the car this is a hijacking in the middle of the day on the streets of mexico. the woman immediately opens the back door, and starts reaching for her kids. she grabs both of them as another man comes over to help her carry the kids away. the man that came was then asked to close the back door to which he just complied and they ended up just driving away. >> those guys were so cold and collected about it, too. just another day of work for these guys. >> yeah, yeah, just like business as usual. >> but mom was so composed. we can't see her facial expression but she just looks like she has one thing on her mind. getting her kids out of there safe. take the car. >> they're your children. your protective instinct is always going to take over.
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that anybody was injured but police are still looking into this incident. now this next video also from the streets of mexico, police responded to a call where some theevs on a motorcycle had robbed high tech equipment they responded quickly and that's where we pick up with this video in this very busy boulevard you see a motorcycle -- >> whoa. >> riding through traffic as a police truck is chasing after them. fortunately you see that they are able to catch guys police officers get out of the vehicle, the bike is now tipped over, and one of the suspects tries to get away at this point they've already apprehended another one that was trying to get away on foot. you see a few moments later down the street they are able to apprehend both of these men, they take them in, and they will now be facing charges. >> action movie stuff right there. >> mm-hmm. >> have you guys ever come
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lucky? dog probably has a story to tell. look at this one. he's walking down a dirt road here in bolivia. however if you look in the background you notice people standing on that hill. what does this kind of look like? >> rally car. >> it is a rally course. spectators up there waiting for the next car to come around the corner and it does. quickly. >> people know that this could become a situation. in the track. >> oh! >> it went over the dog. the people standing there watching this unfold thought for sure they were about to see something very tragic. but never in the history of rally has timing been so important. >> especially for this poor dog. >> you couldn't have planned this any better. as the car comes around the corner our little dog lucky still in the middle of the
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saves his life because, he just happened to be at the other side of a small little jump, the car launches, it almost just like lucky is ducking and thinking oh, my gosh! >> unreal. >> no word what happened to the dog afterward. see somebody running after him. keep in mind this is still a hot track people around watching this have to be careful for other cars. >> lucky dog. >> oh, snapchat it's such a fun way to document things that happen in our everyday lives. >> i went outside. i went inside. i'm still inside. >> you're following the wrong people. >> what would you -- >> but if you did follow thomas you'd see something a little similar to that. because as we look at his snapchat story we see that he has some company. looks like this guy here decided
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and a story you see the guy may have left his shirt there on the ground. >> i feel lucky if this happened to me. if somebody was passed out on my porch this would be just a great day to start messing -- >> i'd make him breakfast. you know, like -- >> wake him up. here you go, buddy you want some eggs or something. >> he tried to wake him up a few times. >> that didn't work. >> why not take a little selfie. >> oh, come on this is snapchat material. >> i will actually -- >> i don't know what to do. do i like pour water on his head or like poke him with a stick? or call the cops? i don't -- >> do any of us show some concern for this guy? he might need help. he might need medicine. >> lots and lots of water. >> aspirin. >> and he gets water. >> wash away your sins. >> i want these guys to become best friends now. this guy is taking care of him.
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he's still watching him because he's -- that happens. >> how does this end? do we know? like give me some resolution here. >> oh, end of the video you see the two of them in the selfie and thomas is smiling while dude is like oh, where i am. >> he's still not sure what's going on. >> very quickly, you see this is a dramatic horse rescue. the riverside fire department along with a whole lot of riverside agencies came together to horse's owner. this is in the san jacinto mountains where the horse and the owner got stuck on a trail so they had to be rescued but it was so hot that they had to wait until the next day to get a helicopter and crews in to get them out. >> tell me the horse is called pegasus. come on. >> the horse's name isn't pegasus. we've seen them do this with humans on a stretcher. but this is a horse that they're
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close by. they say this whole thing took three hours but most of that time was spent getting the crew up there, not getting the horse with all the gear on and lifting it out. >> that's it. that's all i can do. >> look at that. i can only imagine what that horse feels is going on. but they blocked aside, keep it calm. >> and the owner decided not to leave the day before. he wanted to stay with the horse. turns out the horse's owner were able to hike up to hi a walkie talkie could he could talk to his wife. so they were able to bring him food and water as well. the good thing is that the horse and the owner are doing okay. >> cool. >> just ahead in more of today's all-new videos, it's an amazing 360 experience. >> i have to be honest this is it. this is the best one i've seen. >> see why this sky dive is the ultimate head turner. >> this is incredible. and mom and dad have a
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and all you guys are aware and most of america is aware you can get these rigs where you can put your smart phone into turns into like vr goggles. this is the one video that means everybody at home has to get one to enjoy this one because it's next level awesome. you're about to experience just an incredible 360 video as these guys open the door and take to the skies these guys are all just hanging around, circling around. if you've got the rig on y just look around and see it all. i have to be honest this is it. this is the best one i've seen. >> this is incredible because when you sky dive, christian you remember when you sky dive you're looking around you. you don't think about like the whole 360 view of everything that's going on above and below and everything else. >> everybody sitting at home like great. yeah, i see it on my flat screen. and so i guess all we can say is go watch it online? >> yeah.
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on our website. you can get these sort of cardboard ones, you can fold them up and load your smartphone in but it will be an incredible experience because these guys obviously super aware of the 360 camera have set themselves up so that they're completely around it that they're going around each other spinning the guy with the camera is spinning so it's creating a really special experience. >> and one of those things you've really got to try this is it from oli from "right this minute" from everyone to everyone at home go get a rig and do it with this video. you will tha something super awesome about a surprise with being a surprise and i've got two examples of that here this first one we're celebrating the upcoming birth of this baby the video posted on the youtube by jose that's his lady there with the blue cover-up. now she says something to the crowd that have come there to
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then he turns to his lady, thanking her for being such a good mother. >> will you marry me? >> oh, yeah, she immediately says yes, but now, they bring in this huge balloon. they're going to pop it. >> scare the heck out of the baby. >> right >> whoo! >> it's going to be a boy. >> she's going to have a bro they look super happy and excited. now over to announcement this couple is going to announce this huge surprise to their son. now they've told him that they have a surprise, and a gift for them. the kids have to guess what it is. >> helmet. >> not a helmet. >> you can tell on their faces they're pretty stoked about the surprise. >> it could be anything it's going to be amazing, bicycles, what is it? >> fantastic. >> they have no idea that it's another baby. >> then dad gives them the
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>> a baby. >> let's just sayhe parents were not expecting this response. >> that's not a present! >> what? >> that's nothing. >> oh. >> what? >> are you kidding? i said we've got a surprise to tell you. >> that's not a surprise. >> okay. well that's a bit deflating. >> the little brother just storms out of the room. >> oh, he's lost >> so there you go. congratulations? >> they seem so happy. >> yay. >> this video asks is this hammer yours? and then -- >> oh. >> heck. >> neck "right this minute." >> and still to come, it's a trail of trampolines that heads -- >> into the ocean. >> see the setup that will have you ready to jump right in. >> oh. >> plus dude walks up to random
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girls. >> i like you. >> oh, thank you. >> yeah. >> oh, she's adorable. >> a compliment. >> what's your name? >> amy. >> amy? are you embarrassed right now? >> no. >> yeah you are. >> yeah your brain no longer engaged. >> nice to meet you. >> thanks. >> my theory is that new schoolers in this dating world don't know what it is when a man just approaches you and says -- >> so yeah can i get your number? >> sure. this video and think -- >> hey -- >> hey what's your name? >> mollica. that's a unique name. i've never heard that before. i like you. >> thanks. >> yeah. >> this is what women talk about when they say we like a confident man. walked up, personable say hi, how are you, i like you. that's it. there's no magic here. >> well he's attractive. and he's nice. >> hey. hey. what's your name?
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my name's juan. i like you. >> you know you're doing something right when the brothers around you come up and give you props. >> hi five, bro. [ bleep ] love you. >> i like you. >> thank you. i have a boyfriend. >> do you? >> yeah, i do. >> oh, that's so unfortunate. >> it is, sorry. >> would you have gone on a date with me if you didn't have a boyfriend, be honest? >> i would definitely consider it. >> she has a boyfriend. not by the end of this conversation it sounds like. >> i'll give you my number or something like that >> okay i will definitely do that. >> the boyfriend is going to see this. >> oh, no! >> should we blur her face out for television? >> i think if you just walk up and are personable you never know what's going to happen. >> get your number. >> okay. >> so we can go out sometime. you know? >> okay.
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trampolines and this one is even more epic than the previous one we had on the show where they stacked the trampolines. this time is laying them next to each other but into the ocean. >> oh. >> oh. >> that looks like fun. >> doesn't it? it's so rad. >> they got a bunch of trampolines. they put them at the very end -- >> they must have been going crazy. >> just buy every trampoline >> maybe they got sponsorship now. >> maybe. they even have fitness balls. if they break one -- >> oh. >> the weather is cooperating as well, waiting to make an epic video. >> boing boing boing. >> they're jumps off the trampolines into the sunset. isn't that gorgeous? >> when you get it right and you get the timing right you can just jump all the way down like it's a like a like a -- i'll get
7:51 pm
water. >> yeah. >> it's more than it would appear. >> ooh did you see the lightning in the background? >> that was cool. >> these guys won't be satisfied until they break -- >> they won't be satisfied until they trampolined across the ocean. >> he's the brave wilderness guy who's always up for a bite. >> oh. >> oh. >> oh. >> whoa! >> but see what happens when he shows up to the "rtm" challenge us with a furry surprise. >> right now it looks like it's
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abc action news staying across election field. take a look the republican race for senate marco rubio is the favorite and an early voting
7:55 pm
marco rubio, very early on in the voting process. we want to go to abc action news political analyst from usf to dr. mcmanus and voter turnout as well.>> we expected marco rubio to do well and the grass show so far he has the most votes in those counties. you cannot see yet, because it's too early, is how many relative to rubio, what the percentage is in each county and more importantly, what has been the voter turnout. rubio carries a county and the turnout is very low, then he
7:56 pm
get voters to the polls in november. low turnout number in a primary signals to counties and candidates that there is a lot of work to do in these areas to make sure people go vote november 8. >> dr. susan mcmanus with a lot more insight on tonight's numbers. you can join her after this on space -- facebook life. now to look at the democrat side. patrick with grayson and a lot of yellow on the florida state mac -- map for patrick murphy. will stay on top of this, we should get more clarity in the next few minutes when the polls close. >> i think it likes her hair. >> don't get -- >> oh. >> oh. >> i don't want -- >> here we go. >> not the face. >> it is speeding right for your face.
7:57 pm
>> hello there. >> there you go. >> got it. >> got it buddy. look at that. >> cool. >> that comes near my face. >> it crawls right up. >> and the guys and their faces. the guys and their faces. >> no face -- >> do not slap me. >> there you go. >> okay. okay. talk about -- okay. okay. >> don't stop it. don't stop it. >> for real. don't let it go. >> not funny. >> all right. >> plus -- >> g >> if people want to see you get bitten on a regular basis what do they need to do? >> go to youtube, search brave wilderness and you'll find us. >> you don't need to fear them but definitely the bite and sting. be brave. stay wild. we'll see you next week. >> that's a look at today's awesome viral videos for more go to or catch us on the next episode of "right
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tropical storm's and hurricane watches for most of
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tonight, two hot women arrive to paradise... brett: she looks scrumptious, i just want to eat her up. ...and the hot russian confuses wells even more. wells: shushanna -- she's like this sexy bond villain. how many women can wells kiss is one day? ashley i.: wells has me, wells: i do not know who i'm gonna give my rose to. my brain is going to implode. and the nick and josh tension continues. josh: i don't know what nick's issue is with me. will it explode, again? there will always be people that will hate on you. evan: i think deep down, nick and josh despise each other. but first... hi, i'm jared. hi, jared. very nice to meet you. nice to meet you, too. ...caila and jared found love in paradise.


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