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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  September 12, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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a mosque in fort pierce goes up in flames. why the place of worship has been a site of controversy in the past and the next step for investigators. >> crews in pasco county are picking up damage in these impacted areas but there are several do's and don't's to the process. what you need to know coming up. >> plus, thieves pick the wrong gas station to try to rob. how the clerk stood his ground and how the trio of armed men were shown the door. good morning. thank you for joining us on abc action news at 9:00. i'm lindsay logue in for deiah riley today. >> i'm rodney dunigan in for dan shaffer. it's been nearly two weeks since hurricane hermine made
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the aftermath. >> pasco county was one of the hardest hit counties in the state. starting today finally 3,000 homeowners can put trash out for collection. >> abc action news reporter jake peterson live in new port richey. there are several do's and don't's that folks need to know. >> reporter: good morning. true, there are different crews picking up different items. they are going to all the different places in the county. you can see the green and orange dots on the map. those are areas impacted by the storm. separating your debris into different piles. here's the breakdown what have you can do -- you can separate items into furniture, appliances, construction materials, vegetation and hazardous waste. keep everything separate. crews will not separate it for you so if you don't separate it they may not take your trash. fema crews are going door-to- door yesterday assessing damage from hermine. today the reps will evaluate damage to public property. their assessment is important
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declaration could be declared to make federal dollars available. >> the trailer is too old for the insurance company to cover it. so, it all falls on me. i have to demolish the trailer. >> reporter: the initial damage estimate to property is more than $111 million. fema reps are behind me now meeting with county officials. they are about to go out this assessment. live in pasco county, jake peterson, abc action news. >> thank you. right now crews are on the scene of a large depression that opened up in tampa. this hole here opened up in the eastbound lane on martin luther king boulevard between himes and macdill. the road is closed as crews look over that problem. drivers should find other routes. yes, it's a monday. hope you enjoyed your weekend.
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have the thunderstorms. we're going to make up for that today. low 80s now with east wind and will be come from the southeast in general. so we'll pull the moisture with the southerly flow, the easterly flow will guide the storms that do fire well off to the west. the temperatures there already warming up. little after 9:00 and feels like close to 90. we're not going to get into the 90s as far as the air temperature because of the rain chances. it will be hot they are week, the additional cloud cover will keep us south of 90. in fact tomorrow. squeezing out 91 today at the airport. a disturbance in the bahamas is going to be calling the shots the next few days. morning sunshine but by the middle part of the day already seeing showers and storms. then everything as i mentioned pushes to the west. so between 4:00 and 7:00 that will be the range. things wind down by 10:00. rinse, repeat, we do it again tomorrow. let's check with janelle for the monday morning commute.
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not too bad. we've been watching the howard frankland all morning. we had problems earlier but seems to be smoothing out now. the cars here heading into tampa. not taking too long to get across the howard frankland. let's check the drive times here. >> checking the slow spots, average speeds. i-4 coming into tampa, 75 to 275, 33 so red there. getting better on the other roads. looking great in pinellas county on the 275. 71 the average speed there. we're following a developing story in st. lucie county. we've learned a fire at a mosque was set on purpose. firefighters responded to the islamic center of fort pierce just after midnight this morning. the st. lucie county sheriff's office says surveillance video shows someone approaching the
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started early this morning. this mosque is no stranger to controversy. it made national headlines because it served as the place of worship of orlando nightclub shooter omar mateen. it was also where a suicide bomber worshiped, we'll be monitoring new developments and bring you updates on air and on- line at today's the deadline for the victims of the pulse nightclub shooting to apply for funds. families of those killed and survivors of the massacre m portion of the one orlando fund. the city of orlando and national center for victims of crimes will begin to distribute the money by the end of the month. 49 people died, 53 others were wounded in the shooting. the one orlando fund already raised $23 million. it's not too late to give. you can just head to the site, and you can donate money until next friday.
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area stopped yesterday to mark the 15th anniversary of 9/11. many gathered to remember the lives lost from the worst attack in u.s. history. the sounds of "amazing grace" rang out while a crowd listened in silence. a sp keynote speaker. 9/11 survivor and retired new york city firefighter mickey cross. he escaped the north tower as it collapsed. then spent months volunteering in search and rescue efforts. >> of course it's a special day. it's probably the most important day of my life. everything else faded, christmas, new year's, my birthday. those days mean nothing. this is the only day that is
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unique traveling exhibit, featuring the names and photos of the 304 florida soldiers who died fighting the war on terror since 9/11. we want to show you this photo that is going viral. you may have already seen it on social media. it was taken by a gym employee in tennessee on 9/11. when a firefighter here suited up in full gear. in honor of his fallen brothers and sisters climbed 110 sets of stairs. that was the height of the world trade towers. since posting the photo it's been shared 140,000 times. the firefighter seen is jason harding. he says the outpouring of support and gratitude he received brought him to tears but says what he did had nothing to do with self- recognition. switching gears -- two tampa police officers now on paid leave after they were involved in a shooting over the weekend. officers pulled over 20-year- old joel cook on saturday for missing a headlight, then
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crashing into a tree and backing into a police cruiser. that is when two officers pulled out their guns and fired shots. cook is in the hospital this morning with non life- threatening injuries. police say he had just gotten out of jail just 10 days ago where he served time for grand theft auto. a tampa man accused of fatally shooting his cousin to test a bulletproof vest he was wearing is expected in court later this morning. mendez found the vest at a house in tampa saturday night, wondered allowed if the vest fill worked, that is when his cousin alejandro garibaldi said let's see. then pulling out a gun and shot mendez. mendez died at the hospital. garibaldi claimed he found his cousin shot outside along gordon street but a witness told police that was simply a lie. detectives charged him with manslaughter for being a felon
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new developments about that florida teen who is already facing charges of impersonating a doctor. now even in more trouble with the law this time in virginia. officers say he tried to scam his way into the driver's seat of a luxury car. malaki love robinson faces identity theft and fraud charges. deputies say he used forged documents to try to buy the car friday. and brought with him an elderly distant relative and planned to use her credit card to make the purchase. she had no idea of his plan. >> a lo add up. >> the car dealership began to question things and looked love- robinson up on-line. they found details of his arrest in florida and called police. he was arrested last february for the first time after giving a medical exam to an undercover officer. he's still awaiting trial for that crime. osceola county deputies are looking for three men caught on camera, as you can see here, robbing a circle k store. look at this video, the store
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three men ran into the gas station waving guns. the store clerk looking unfazed as the robbers scale the counter and demand money. you can see here he casually walks to the left side of the counter and trips the alarm. that's when one of the suspects fired a shot. after that the man simply had enough. takes matters into his own hands here and shoves one of the robbers out of the store. they made off with the bullet missed that clerk by mere inches, luckily he was not hurt. 9:10. still ahead -- have you heard of the touchscreen disease in it's a real thing and a problem many i-phone users are running into. what is it? how can you fix it? >> plus, a school bus crash leaves one person dead and several others injured. the one unusual thing that
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in alabama police are searching for the suspects that opened fire at a rally for peace. birmingham police say that six people were shot outside of a public housing community just last night. all of those victims were simply innocent bystanders. one of the victims was killed. the condition of the five others is not known. police say the shootings happened about an hour after the stop the violence rally ended. details about the suspects and the motive were not immediately available. 40-year-old man now facing charges for having a fake bomb at the airport in albuquerque, new mexico. that incident shut down the sunport airport for two hours on the anniversary of 9/11. the security checkpoint was evacuated and numerous flights were delayed. a bomb squad was called in and eventually gave that airport the all clear. three people are dead after a plane crashed in nevada. the small plane went down in
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airport. the pilot had some sort of problem shortly after taking off. the plane was headed to california. no one on the ground was hurt but all three people on the plane died. people who had cars in the lot haven't been able to get to them and won't until the investigation is over. in colorado some students are still in the hospital after a bus crash at the denver airport. the bus driver involved here was killed. the driver had just picked up members of a high school football team plus four adults. for some reason she went back to section and that's when she ran into a concrete pillar. in all 18 people on the bus were injured. two are in critical condition this morning. miss arkansas is your new miss america. savvy shields taking home the big crown last night right here on abc. >> miss arkansas! [ cheering and applause ] >> shields performed a jazz
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of the show. >> and in the question and answer segment she took the safe route when answering a question in politics. saying both candidates have done a good job but adding everything they say or do matters. shields is a senior at the university of arkansas majoring in art. i am over the big wall so you know it's something special. this has been the recent activity from mount kilaueaa in this is pretty special across the area. in fact i understand thousands of touristses are flocking to the region to look at this. how could you not? quite a show. for us let's talk about the forecast. and checking in on tropical moisture that is going to be with us the next few -- we're
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our pattern. we won't have raining that keeps going, just a lot of showers and thunderstorms. we'll have a lot of tropical moisture and crank out numerous showers and thunderstorms, talking about pretty high end coverage here. titan doppler radar not much now but widen out and it's already doing that. you can see that southeasterly flow. again we're not waiting for these particular showers to come in. sure, some will make it onshore but it's just an indication of how much tropical moisture we have. by the time we get to the afternoon, we'll get our heating of the and everything will set up for a pretty good evening of downpours here as we look at the tropical wave. the national hurricane center had been monitoring this for potential development. if you were with us last week we were talking about that. it's not going to develop. just bringing us tropical moisture. no worries there but it will be downpouring on us frequently through the next few days. showers and storms, there goes futurecast. when you see futurecast not much doing to the east of 75.
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that is an indication of showers and storms that push in and collide with our sea breeze creating additional lift. this means for us, that some of the storms will be putting down hefty downpours, frequent lightning and potential for isolated wind gusts and severe wind gusts. we'll watch that closely as titan doppler radar gets lit up later this afternoon. right now upper 70s to lower 80s. factor in the humidity and it's already toasty out there. the actual highs will be kept down though because of the thunderstorms. so we're not going to soar the mid-90s like saturday and sunday. we had twin records through the weekend there. still warm and typical though for this time of year, 91. we'll do that with sunshine, clouds and showers and storms take over. that's what you have to be concerned with if you're going to do boating. conditions are fine, it will be the thunderstorms that will get threw. east 10 knots, 87-degree water temperature if you're heading to the beaches.
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three-day forecast, look at the rain chances here. good coverage. upper 80s. then we extend the forecast to seven days and not much change although by friday and heading into next weekend i think rain chances beginning to go back down. for the time being looking wet this workweek with highs near 90. still to come -- more kids than ever rushed to the emergency rooms across the country because of soccer injuries. what is happening on that could end up with more kids needing urgent medical care? >> i'm lissette campos with your "positively tampa bay." across the country national hispanic heritage month kicks off on thursday. right here at home we're getting ready to honor the hispanic man and woman of the year. meet them as well as this guy.
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welcome back. a new study says that soccer injuries are sending soaring numbers of u.s. kids to emergency rooms. many of the cases are kids with concussions needing urgent medical care. the findings are based on 25 years of information. researchers and sports medicine experts believe the growing number of cases reflect not only soccer's growing popularity but a greater awareness of concussions and their potential risks. if anyone in you have an i-phone there's a problem many are starting to develop. consumer reporter john matarese shows you what can happen and what to do if it happens to you, so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: if you own an i- phone, have you noticed the touchscreen not as touch sensitive as it used to be? it may not be your finger causing the problem. turns out millions of i-phones may be developing a serious issue that has a name.
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having touch issues with their i-phone. elizabeth jackson said her i- phone 6 plus is becoming frustrating to use. >> sometimes it doesn't respond when i text or open an -- >> rihanna's i-phone 6 in even worse shape. >> i could see notifications coming in but couldn't answer texts or phone calls. >> reporter: issues started to appear about six months ago mostly on the i-phone 6 and 6 plus. so many owners are reporting this problem it i-phone touch disease. repair shops say some people at first think it's a problem with their glass screen so they bring to it a kiosk to have the glass replaced. unfortunately that doesn't fix the problem. >> absolutely not. not a screen replacement. >> reporter: joe is the manager of a you break i shop. a popular cell phone repair franchise. >> this is the motherboard. >> reporter: he says the issue appears to be that the touch
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electronics underneath. >> it's a touch chip that is separating from the motherboard. the shop charges about $150 to resolder the board. apple not commenting, but i- phone experts believe it has to do with the bendability of the i-phone 6 and 6 plus. so if your phone starts to lose its touch -- visit a reputable repair shop that is aware of this issue, a simple glass swap will not fix the problem if your phone is still under warranty florida apple store if not go to a reputable repair shop that understands this problem and what needs to be done to fix it so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. abc action news. still ahead -- a health scare for hillary clinton. new information from her doctor as donald trump misses an opportunity to rehash an old attack. >> crash on the causeway. four cars, eight people hurt including children. the extreme measures to get to
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eight people in the hospital this morning. two of them toddlers after a bad crash right here last night. what law enforcement says one driver did to cause that accident. coming up. the vicious student caught on cell phone video. why the actions of those throwing the punches aren't the only ones called into question. >> she says there's a beautiful day in new york. she's staying put. campaign events cancelled after hillary clinton takes a stumble over the weekend. what caused her health episode? and how the trump camp is responding on this monday. thank you for joining us on abc action news. 9:30. i'm lindsay logue. >> i'm rodney dunigan.
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moment but first ivan with monday forecast. >> it was a nice day in new york yesterday. a cold front moved through. not one of the days you get the heat exhaustion -- saturday different story. both weekend days, 95 saturday. 95 sunday. that was both days, enough to break and tie the old records here. we set records through the weekend and didn't rain much. not much activity. we're going to make up for that big is going to move in. it's a tropical wave actually but all it will do is just enhance our shower and thunderstorm activity. it's not going to be anything that will develop east of us here. there it is. numerous showers and thunderstorms. plan your days ahead accordingly. we'll talk more about the timing, who gets wet and how much will accumulate by the time we get through the end of the week in a few minutes. our top story -- 18-month- old girl is fighting for her life after a four-car crash closed the courtney campbell last night. eight people are still in the
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ashley yore is live on the courtney campbell this morning where that crash happened. ashley, i understand you have an update on that little girl. >> reporter: i just got an update in the last 10 minutes. we now know that 18-month-old girl still in critical condition this morning. law enforcement says it was a distracted driver that caused that crash. right here, she failed to stop at this light and she says she was reaching bottle. look at this white vehicle involved in the crash in this video. it's so mangled you can hardly even tell what type it was. right now we know rescuers took a total of eight people to the hospital. that 23-year-old woman who caused the crash, again, she says she took her eyes off the road for a minute, she didn't see those cars that were stopped here at damascus road and it were too late for her to
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that set off the chain reaction. firefighters extricated several people from the mini van and eight people are at three different hospitals this morning. that 18-month-old, again, is still critically injured. at tampa general hospital. we're now finding out the names of the people who are involved. we're working on getting updates on their conditions. of course we're going to bring you the latest here on air and on social media. reporting live, i'm ashley yore, abc action news. to the 2016 -- hillary clinton of course cancelled campaign events in california this week after her stumble in new york. her doctor says he diagnosed her with pneumonia friday. >> while this puts a lot of focus on her health the trump campaign has been quiet about the issue. lama zak has the story. >> reporter: this video igniting calls for the presidential candidates to release more comprehensive health records. as you can see here hillary clinton appears to stumble.
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lifting her up and into her van. just before clinton had been attending the 9/11 memorial ceremony at ground zero. >> we were standing for about an hour and-a-half. in one place. that can be a very stifling heat. it was very, very hot. >> reporter: that's when her campaign says clinton became overheated and dehydrated. she was taken to her daughter's apartment nearby, a few hours later clinton emerged. >> how are you feeling? >> feeling great! >> in a statement her personal doctor with mew nona on friday. she was put on anti-s and advised to rest and modify her schedule. antibiotics. >> some pneumonias -- it's not clear what kind she has but clearly not serious enough to keep her off the campaign trail. >> reporter: but there are questions, a coughing fit in ohio last week. and concussion following a fainting spell in 2012. making clinton's stamina the
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attacks. >> she doesn't have the strength or the stamina. >> reporter: the latest abc news "washington post" poll show trump is gaining support among likely voters. now neck and neck in key states clinton at 46% with 41% for trump. trump had previously called on clinton to release a more thorough health record even though he himself had not done so. he said he would if clinton did. abc news, washington. the zika virus is set to a meeting between president obama and the top four leaders in congress. if they don't agree on a budget by the end of the month we could see a government shutdown. and the debate on the zika virus funding has stalled the talks. congress could vote again this week on additional funding. the director of the cdc warns the money to fight the disease could dry up in weeks. scaling back the fight could have longterm consequences. >> in the coming weeks and
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rico and in the continental u.s. with microcephaly and other birth defects. >> there have been more than 600 cases of zika virus in florida, more than 50 were transmitted inside of the u.s. a palm beach county mother is complete disgust after watching video of her daughter being beaten at school. now two teens, maybe even a third face battery charges for the crime. >> i can't believe this kind of thing happened. >> the victim's mother watching this video. she says she picked up her daughter from school last week to find out the eighth grader was beaten by classmates. and to make it worse not a cybil witness used their offense to call 911. instead they used them to record the fight. >> you ask people to stop videoing the incident, take action, call us, the police department, the school. there are police officers all
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basically at risk because they are in a fight. >> again two teens face simple battery charges. the third person could also face charges. today a teen who rescued a 71-year-old man that crashed into a pond in palm harbor will be honored today for quick actions. that teen will be honored at the pinellas county fire station 65 in palm harbor. last month he was in a car with his family when they saw another car in a pond. he got out and do water to rescue that 71-year- old driver. the florida highway patrol says that driver lost control of his car when he had severe muscle spasms in his back and neck. thankfully he was not seriously hurt. if you need a job or want a new one you can apply for up to 500 if you're qualified of course. the coast-to-coast career fair is 11:00 to 2:00 today at the doubletree hilton on west cypress street.
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bring at least 40 copies of your resume. one of the best shows on broadway is coming to tampa. >> tickets to see "wicked" at the straz center go on sale today. ? popular? ? you're going to be popular? >> the show runs from february 1t to the 26th at the straz. tickets start at $52 each. go on sale today at 10:00. n? landslid down? ? down? tickets to see stevie nicks also go on sale at 10:00 a.m. she's touring with the pretenders. tickets are available at the amalie arena and all ticketmaster outlet's and ticketmaster web site. still ahead -- a big change for tesla self-driving cars. the technology the company says
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a woman's hunger lands her in handcuffs. her bold move when an officer
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an engineer for volkswagen has pled not guilty to one count of conspiracy in the he also agreed to testify against others in the criminal investigation. he is the first person to enter a plea and his cooperation is considered a major breakthrough in the justice department's investigation. another recall for general motors to tell you about. an airbag software defect. most of the 4 million vehicles in question are from 20 2017 model years. they include the buick, chevrolet, gmc and cadillac. gm says the defect is linked to several injuries and at least one death. tesla will update the autopilot software on its cars in two weeks tops. that's what the ceo announced on sunday. the company says the new software would have prevented a deadly crash right here in florida just four months ago. that is when a driver slammed into a tractor-trailer that his autopilot didn't identify.
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rely more on radar instead of cameras, because traditional cameras may not work as well in some lighting conditions. the confrontation between a referee and college football player. that player now facing felony battery charges but his dad says it's a total accident. watch. >> the ref just got punched in the face by a player! >> wow. >> it's hard to see but the commotion is the group of guys wearing white. you can see one of bernard schreimer, hits his helmet, that is clear but as his hand comes down the ref falls to the ground. >> you go back and look for it. you can clearly see he struck himself. >> the player's family wants the charges dropped. the athletic policy at mount san antonio state says he could be suspended for five years.
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wrong person to steal french fries from. don't do that. police say she sat down next to a police officer in washington, dc and helped herself to his entire plate. the officer was eating dinner at an italian restaurant just last week when he says the woman and a friend joined him uninvited. the officer says that she seemed drunk, and tried to start a conversation before taking one of his fries. the officer said stop. she didn't. she took a second third. finally the officer arrested her charging her with theft. >> over one french fry? what happened to sharing? >> the question is how many drinks did she have? >> the fries would have helped too. see? >> it all works out. >> you have to go with the flow sometimes. let's check outside and see what is going on. hope you enjoyed the weekend. it was hot. mid-90s. nice but just a few
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if you don't get the rain still during our wet season, still early enough where you can get temperatures out of control. temperatures won't be mid-90s any time soon. we have changes underwear. look at this shot. a nice start to your monday. unfortunately we won't see a lot of sunset pictures the next few days. we're going to have a lot of showers and storms coming up for us. tropical moisture moving in. that will yield chances through the middle and even latter part of the week but we'll focus in on the next few days, with temperatures, a bonus, not as hot. titan doppler radar quiet. go a little further east and you begin to see where the weather is coming from. that southeasterly flow is going to pump in moisture. last week i showed you the water vapor, how much moisture is up above. not where we are but this is important how much rain we can get. we were under that orange, very dry and limited showers and thunderstorms.
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the last 24 hours. we are in the soup. so it's going to be hot, it will be humid and showers and storms will get going rather quickly by 1:00, 2:00. firing across our central counties and then everything up along -- ending up along the west coast. because of the sea breeze. so again some of the thunderstorms will put down some good rain here. it's the kind of pattern we could drop one, two inches of rainfall quickly. temperatures right now in the low s. at the afternoon highs. keep in mind heat index will still be up there. partly sunny skies, showers and storms, the difference will be of course now the coverage is much higher so we're talking 60% to 70%through the next few days and with each and everyday now the temperatures are going to be held back, upper 80s. because of that cloud cover and rainfall. that continues through the end of the week. beginning to see changes as we get back into more typical pattern for september. that would be about 40% rain
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heading into next week. it's the tampa bay area's largest commemoration of hispanic heritage month. >> coming up on "positively tampa bay" -- a former honoree and our own lissette campos
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good morning. across the country events are planned to commemorate national hispanic heritage month which starts this thursday, september 15th and here at home tampa hispanic heritage inc will honor these two wonderful people. retired colonel of special forces orlando rodriguez and also patsy sanchez of usf as a hispanic man and woman of the year also with us, the longtime
9:50 am
miss lois lono and with me is the anniversary poster, 30th anniversary of hispanic commemorations across the tampa bay area. this is a poster that has extreme recognition because it is on the 30th anniversary. we're just so delighted to have both our honorees here. thank you so much for coming in. patsy, we'll start with you. what was your reaction when you were notified you are year's honoree? >> surprised, a little surprised, very honored if you look at the women as -- i'm sure you felt when you got it. the women that have received it in the past, these are women that we all knew that some of them are not even with us anymore but left an incredible legacy. so very honored and grateful. it's a great responsibility to represent our community. >> tampa hispanic heritage receives nominations from across the country.
9:51 am
years you've served raising money for college scholarship funds. why do you feel so strongly about this particular cause? >> i think education is a great equalizer. and having been one of those children from a family that did not have the means but we did have the aspirations and hope i would go to college, i want to make sure kids can go to college and not have to worry about whether their families can afford it or not. it's very important to me. >> how many years -- colonel, first, thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> how the armed forces? >> 27 years. >> so you were also special operations? >> i was assigned to special operations command. >> reporter: what was your reaction when you received the news that you are selected for this year? >> for the first time very surprised. >> very surprised. typically the guy who knows everything before anybody else. >> you always try not to be
9:52 am
special forces category we won't ask you for any top secrets but you -- it's a difficult job for each of you to pick because you get nominations from across the community. what is it about these two wonderful people that really warmed your heart this year? >> they both have an incredible legacy of work. not only professionally but also in the community. we look at both aspects because extraordinary. she just celebrated her 25th anniversary with the latina scholarship and it was wonderful. and colonel rodriguez has been -- i mean he's received champion of freedom -- and so many recognitions, medals. too many to mention. because of his wonderful work in defending us and representing us and fighting
9:53 am
everybody at abc action news for giving us the honor of being the partners in this. we again are very excited to be partners of the hispanic heritage man and woman of the year gala. please join us, it's always a very special event. it's set for october 8th at the hilton in downtown. for ticket information go on-
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tampa's "dancing with the stars" gala is october 1st. until then vote on-line for in trinity this month an art contest just for kids k-12. the theme is thanking our veterans. call for details and hillsborough county public schools getting professionals
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showers and storms getting going, anytime after 1:00. continuing to the evening with highs around 90. a little girl in california is warming the hearts of folks on-line this morning. >> that little girl, ella, at a
9:57 am
with a homeless man she saw outside. the video starts with ella asking her dad if she can give her plate of steak and potatoes to the man. she went outside. the dad asked how the good deed made her feel. she said i liked it. >> he posted that video on facebook and said that he had been teaching her to look out for those less fortunate since she was about 3 years old. since posting this just a few weeks ago, it's been shared more than 20 >> he watches -- , little angel. >> continuing coverage of the day's top stories always on
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good morning. i'm carly boyette. >> i'm natalie did you have a good weekend? >> did i. finally able to relax a little. i was on a long vacation the week before. about a week and-a-half. i think it takes a while to get back to the groove. how about you? >> good weekend. i was going to say my parents were in town and i shouldn't take a claim to -- my parents helped to get the nursery ready and do things for the house. it was a productive one.


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