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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  September 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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heernl got us but julia sparing us with the heaviest of rain. still though seeing pockets of downpours, on and off today. we'll take you across extreme portions of south sarasota and there you see englewood, venice about to get in on showers and storms but basically really not going to amount to much as anything widespread so most of us headed to the commute are going to deal with dry roads but there will be wet roads and janelle will talk about that in a second. as far as the temperatures, 78 because of the chowed cover and on and off rainfall still holding in the mid and upper 80s. after 7:00 we wind down and transition the next few days into drier times ahead. in fact friday heading into the upcoming weekend. let's talk about the wet roads. mainly south of us in sarasota through bradenton. you can see i-75, so if you're traveling i-75 through sarasota up through bradenton just be
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roads. not seeing any potential for ponding in the area. as you get closer to tampa, pinellas county, things really start to dry out. we are keeping an eye on this fatal crash, unfortunately that happened overnight. we now know according to authorities that this was a motorcyclist who was killed when he hit a power pole there. so this is still an active scene, a lot of flashing lights. eastbound ridge road still closed at airway boulevard. we'll continue to watch this. i will let you know here and of @tampabaytraffic as soon as that clears. 6:01. to breaking news -- scary moments for a tampa mother who woke up to the sound of a car crashing into the side of her apartment. >> abc action news anchor james tully is live at the scene. you were able too give us a look at the damage earlier. what is that woman saying about what happened? >> reporter: at the apartment complex across the usf campus.
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bushes. the gutter completely flattened. and look at this, a hole it left in the side of this apartment building. you can see through to the other side. again we mentioned, you mentioned scary moments. the woman who lives here says that she's really fortunate that her kids, this is her kids' room and they were not in the room. the driver tried to get away, even left a fake phone number with the woman who lives here. police got him, charged him with leaving the scene of an accident but a talked to feels really lucky this morning. >> it's kind of -- like upsetting because i mean -- he's not even really -- >> he was nonchalant about it. i feel if my kids were there it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: the driver of the car let us know just how unhappy he was to be filmed with our cameras this morning saving some choice words for us. the fact is he's being charged
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his insurance is going to have to deal with this little mess here. also, this driver is an army applicant. police say that. the officer making it clear to me he wanted know make that clear to you at home he's an army applicant. live in tampa, james tully, abc action news. 6:03. breaking news from brandon. deputies are investigating a suspicious death. they were called to a home on camellia drive after midnight. they say one person dead inside. detectives are trying to get a search warrant and get back in the house to investigate. a quick thinking by a mom out walking her dog helped deputies get two teens on a crime spree. pinellas county investigators still looking for other suspects. at least four cars were broken into, in seminole yesterday morning. a woman nearby seeing one of the crimes in progress, noticed two teens going from car-to-car and quickly called 911. within an hour a 14-year-old and 15-year-old were under
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committed five felony crimes in the past year -- 15. and is on a special list. they monitor them for high risk juvenile offenders. getting a first look at plans for a new memorial honoring the victims of the pulse nightclub shooting. the city of orlando releasing images of the building with messages like "orlando united" and "love more hate less." that colorful fence will replace the chain link one that surrounds the club now. on friday workers will start gathering the rest of the more than 3,a 00 tributes everything to the city's history center. 3,500. they will start installing the new fence monday featuring work from orlando-area artists. worshippers can now go back to a fort pierce mosque for the first time since hit by an arsonist. officials are offering up a $10,000 reward for information leading to the person who set that fire. it happened on september 11th, anniversary of the terror
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terrorized their community and one of the more -- on one of the more meaningful days in their religion. officials got several tips about the arson but none led to a possible suspect. today's vote to regulate ridesharing companies like uber and lyft has been called off, according to the tampa bay business journal. the hillsborough county public transportation commission cancelled the vote. the ptc chairman says they can't vote on the rule because the public wasn't given enough notice meeting. members though still plan to talk about the issue at the meeting that starts at 9:00. the current proposal includes controversial rules such as $7 minimum fares and $7 wait times. uber threat tons leave if the vote passes. police in florida now revealing three people found dead in a lauder hill home last week were targeted. officials say 42-year-old
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woman were shot multiple times. police say the community is not in danger. there's a $3,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. a florida state attorney's office will investigate the death of lavonia riggins but not hillsborough's. the hillsborough state attorney recused himself so another jurisdiction will handle the matter. riggins was shot and killed by a hillsborough deputy august 30th. his death triggering several protests. the deputy who shot riggins says he was reach for something but ri been unarmed. city leaders in madeira beach are revealing today a new beach ferry and water taxi set to start running next month. the project has experienced several delays, the service is going to hold its ceremonial first voyage from madeira city hall to several other attractions. hubbard's marine-and-and tampa
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kanye west is performing in tampa tonight. in amalie arena. it's his first time touring north america in three years. we checked this morning and there are still a lot of tickets available. tickets start at $25 on i felt scared. i felt concerned. >> george zimmerman is back in court again. confrontation he's describing and why lawyers say it's his fault. >> a woman's purse goes up in flames. the one item inside as she says
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6:. george zimmerman is back in court again. >> he describes the moments he says the driver threatened him with a gun. >> the driver pulled down the infiniti and i saw the silver barrel of a gun. then i -- i didn't see -- i heard him. >> which direction was the barrel pointed? >> directly at my face. >> police say matthew apperson fired at zimmerman during a traffic incident last year in seminole county. his attorneys though are
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zimmerman gained nationwide notoriety for shooting teen trayvon martin three years ago. apperson and zimmerman have had several run-ins on the road before the shooting. a woman's purse appears to spontaneously catch fire. keep watching. there's the woman here this is her purse. watch what happens. the woman says she heard a loud bang and then black smoke started to pour out of her purse. she thinks this was started by the spare battery for her vape cigarette. only thing in the pocket in her purse when the fire started. according to vape store employees if a vape battery touches something that connects as positive -- the positive and negative sides it can overheat. fire officials also say charging vape batteries with a usb port can also cause an explosion or fire but the woman says the battery wasn't connected at the time. she says it melted everything in her purse.
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into let's talk about the rainfall. not a lot of it but moderate showers continuing this morning and then heftier thunderstorms later this afternoon as we get heating. some moisture on the back side of tropical storm julia. we'll talk more about julia and the rest of our extended forecast coming up. 6:12. also coming up -- a home break- in. clues leading him to think kids are possibly for the crime. >> a puppy is on the mend before being burned.
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welcome back. look at this video. a number of american war planes including b-52s hitting a chemical weapons manufacturing facilityn served as a headquarters for the terror organization. as of now the pentagon says they don't know for sure what chemicals were being developed at that facility. police are trying to solve a gruesome and bizarre mystery. appears to be a human heart found left in a ziploc bag in the middle of an ohio bag. the heart had only just started to decompose. authorities say there was no indication it was part of a violent crime but a coroner is testing the fluid from the heart to see if there are any
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out if it came from an animal. police believe children are responsible for a break-in at a houston home. >> that's because the notes left behind at the scene look like they were written by kids. the homeowner says the thieves busted in his back door and took off with his playstation and controllers. when he realized he had been robbed he started to look around for clues. that is when he found notes left behind. one of them read "i stole your stuff because my brother told me to stea" stuff. it's super hard just to know that -- this is somebody that -- just made the wrong choice. who just decided to kick over somebody's door and break items and take stuff and thought it was a good choice. >> the homeowner says he filed a police report, also beefing up his security system at his home. police are telling others in the neighborhood to make sure their homes are locked until the suspects are caught. russian hackers released what they say are medical
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including gymnast simone biles and venus williams, the world anti-doping agency confirms its database was hacked. the same group that reported doping by russian athletes leading to bans at the olympics. biles responded and said she was taking medicine for adhd under doctors ordered and isn't ashamed of it. a puppy in hurt while seeking hermine. it's believed the mother dog tried to pull the puppy under a tail pipe in the storm, but got burns. now faces two months of treatment. a gofundme account is set up to face money for his treatment. the third tropical storm of the season leaving an impact and its mark certainly across jacksonville, florida. there were gusty winds, some of the thunderstorms gusting over
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and heavy rain continues to spill across that portion of florida. i think the heaviest of which will be further north. though damage reports coming in, did we had a tornado reporting associated with the association of julia. more damage across the north closer to daytona and jacksonville this. will continue to be the case, 50 mile-per-hour winds certainly possible in gusts, certainly not sustaine pretty disorganized system as far as any wind. you would expect that, it's over land now and heaviest rain is pushing to the north. but we are not out of the woods as far as rainfall. nowhere near what colin brought us. this thing is well to the north but some tropical moisture with the heating of the day should be enough for on and off showers that already commenced this morning. i think they will get stronger and steadier as we head through later this afternoon. umbrellas will be needed today.
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gusty winds but we're not having issues with sustained winds. upper 70s now. climbing back to the upper 80s. again futurecast showing the pockets -- it's not completely filled in. that's what we have to deal with for today into tomorrow. then we'll get back into drier times beginning friday and i think heading into the weekend. mid and upper 80s so not bad with the cloud cover. daytime high now is about 89. that is our usual average. we'lbe the end of the week. rain chances going down about 30% to 40% saturday and sunday so we're in pretty good shape. sunshine early and then thunderstorms get going later in the afternoon. so, let's head to the traffic center. see how our wednesday commute is going. we had a few light showers out there. should be in pretty good shape. >> through sarasota and bradenton and up through manatee county but for the rest of us, pretty dry. taking a live look here i-75
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i just checked drive times, just 10 minutes to get from the apex to i-4. on i-75. let's talk about some construction in south tampa. part of westshore is going to be closed just north of bay-to- bay between tennison and browning avenues. so both direction also be sharing just one lane. good news, they are avoiding rush hour so they are doing this work between the 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. friday. still at lunchtime you may have take bay-to-bay to lois to work around that. is it still ahead, a teacher raises eyebrows for her outfits. social media coming to her defense. >> things getting hot in here for nelly and finances. apparently millions in debt. how fans are racing to help. in an exclusive interview with abc news apple ceo is talking about the already notorious air
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unveiled last week. abc's kendis gibson has details in today's "gma first look." >> reporter: robin roberts goes one-on-one with apple ceo tim cook and gets a sneak peek of the buzzy accessory of the fall. new wireless airpod headphones. >> by snipping the wires i had never personally had one fall out. >> i have to see this. >> you have to see this. >> let me see these >> try it out. >> i've been on treadmills, walking. doing all the things that -- i would normally do. >> twerking. >> yeah. you know how you walk around with the ear buds and that i constantly get caught on something? >> right. >> you never have that problem here. >> reporter: that's not the only secret revealed about the new i-phone 7 and 7 plus. at 7:00, the entire interview
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6:25. atlanta elementary school teacher is getting a lot of attention on-line but not for her credentials. instead people are talking about her because of what she wears to school. >> people on twitter even
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teacherbay. you'll see why. patrice brown started to get attention after posting what many say were sexy selfies at school on social media. many say her outfits are too form fitting and may distract boys from learning. i want to you look at another picture of the same teacher. someone posted this picture of her helping a boy read with the caption "funny how nobody posted this pick of her"the one that matters." the teacher since deleted some photos and made her instagram account private. >> no one mentioned she was also teacher of the month at one point. singer nelly apparently has some of the most loyal fans ever. he's reportedly millions of dollars in debt so his fans are racing to try to bail him out. several news outlet's say he owes $2.4 million to the irs. >> the internet has been quick to give back to the rapper with
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hotinherestreaming party." fans will have to play a single nelly song at least 12287 million times to pay off his debt. >> i think you need to call the irs and make arrangements. don't think it's going to happen. >> does he have another song or just the one? let's check the forecast and then talk about the showers. janelle and ivan have been tracking a few wet roads but for the first time we're generally dry but won't stay that way. on and off rain throughout the day today. more on julia coming up. we're keeping an eye on the bridges. this is the howard frankland bridge, you can see cars
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it's just 7 minutes to get across the howard frankland. two teens in pinellas county locked up after a rash of car break-ins. ahead in a live report, details of the south dakota warning that the -- of the effect act warning that the sheriff's department is sending out. >> dead birds winding up along pinellas beaches. protesters say sewage is to blame. two other things experts say
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a growing crime trend. two teens locked up but others still on the loose. simple thing deputies say you should be doing to protect your belongings. >> a new push from governor rick scott to try to get funds to fight the zika virus. who he is now appealing to as we face a growing crisis in
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joining us. here on abc. >> it's wednesday, let's go to traffic and weather together. >> a couple of minor fender- benders out there, nothing too serious that we've heard about in the past few minutes. so looking good. >> we have a tropical storm. unlike the last two that have impacted our state this one will have minimal impacts. in fact right now the center of circulation is over land, over georgia. and is going to continue there a couple of days so it's going to rain buckets for them there. as far as us, still moisture coming in. not the connection -- by the way we had with hermine. remember that plume of moisture? it's not materializing here so i think just on and off shower is what we're talking about here, at times. especially as we head through later this afternoon. we will have pockets of heavier downpours. there you see a few light showers moving through sarasota through the meadows, crossing 75 and heading up to hillsborough county. you may deal with those but not a huge deal at this hour this morning. as we check in on the forecast
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heading into the afternoon. our temperatures today in the mid and upper 80s. some of the showers could be on the stronger side as far as some tropical downpours. we'll watch for that but in general it will be scattered variety, not all day rain event. so the roads in pretty good shape. a couple showers down south. that is about it. the roads are getting better, that fatal crash on ridge road is cleared, so ridge road back open in pasco county. we have a small crash on the howard frankland. looks like maybe one, possibly two just checked drive times, not bad, still looking at just 7 minutes. we have a crash in pinellas county not causing any major delays. 66th street north at 102nd avenue north. may want to give yourself extra time if your morning drive takes you there. captain al, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm right here at the downtown
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you may see an ambulance on the ramp there. he's going to northbound 275, not sure exactly where yet but you can see the headlights at the very top of the shot coming through 50th street connector on into the merge with 275. getting busy for this early in the morning. same on the howard frankland as we're coming into town on dale mabry, also very busy but no accidents or breakdowns. let's keep that it way. back to you. it's 6:33. to a crime alert -- two are under arrest following a number of car break-ins in pinellas county. >> now we're hearing from a victim and someone who caught them in the act. deputies warning people this morning that this is a growing crime trend. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is live at the sheriff's office. the suspects are pretty young. >> reporter: yes. just 14 and 15 years old and we discovered this morning that 15- year-old already has a lengthy criminal history, has been arrested at least five times
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pretty simple. they will target a car that is left unlocked and will go inside an pretty much take whatever they can. in some instances actually stole vehicles. we spoke with a woman who had her suv stolen and was shocked to hear how young the suspects actually are. >> these kids are armed today. my understanding is they are young. and, i really feel bad for their parents. >> lana beck says she watched as the crooks pulled off in their suv her driveway in the quiet seminole neighborhood. the crooks were caught thanks to a quick thinking good samaritan who spotted the teens casing the neighborhood. she felt something was wrong and called police. >> i saw two kids running across the street from this side on the street across the way, thought it was kind of weird. >> reporter: something else very important to note. investigators here in pinellas
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break-ins in the county are due to folks who leave their cars unlocked so that is a warning this morning, definitely lock those doors. back here live, investigators also tell us they are possibly looking for other suspects in connection with the rash of crimes. of course we'll keep you updated on further arrests. for now reporting live in pinellas county, rodney dunigan, abc action news. 6:35. a big day ahead in our nation's capital as we face a serious threat in the bay area. in a matter of hours governor rick scott will meet with one of the nation's top over the fight against zika. governor scott is in washington, dc in an effort to get more federal funding to fight the mosquito-borne virus. 70 people have now been infected in zika from mosquitos in our state. two of those were in the tampa bay area. today the governor will meet with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. we have a reporter in washington, to make sure to download our mobile app for updates on the zika threat. disturbing details in the
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teacher accused of soliciting lewd conduct from teens. hillsborough county deputies say michael geist, former teacher gave a student a sell phone and asked her to sext with other students. a newly released memo from the principal outlines e-mails sent to students from michael geist's private account. and also accused of giving one student a cake laced with marijuana. pinellas county plans to fight a decision not to charge a man for shooting at her son with an airsoft gun. police say lisa green's son joined kids and teens volunteering to play a game. she say her son was shot seven times. while saying there may be poor judgment it appears there was no intent to harm anyone. new this morning -- deputies say a drug trafficker
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county. detectives arrested eric green after a long undercover investigation. they say they found cocaine in the house, and two guns, at least one stolen. they also arrested three people in the home they say because they had drugs on them. neighbors thanked them afterwards. the honeymoon island beach is not where it used to be. because of hurricane hermine. we got a look at the scar storm left behind. hermine chewed up the brand new $4.5 million beach renourishment project. officials say it would have lost more sand if not for protective rocks. no word on if the county is considering another beach renourishment project. wildlife officials are testing several dead sea birds after dozens were found along bay area beaches the last week.
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juvenile black skimmers have been dead in the last six days. she suspects it could be connected to the more than 70 million gallons of sewage the city dumped into tampa bay after hurricane hermine. she says one skimmer already testedded positive for salmonella which she says could be related to the sewage. experts say other potential causes could be a virus or red tide. the issue came up at an open house about st. pete's pier projects last night. there's another pier meeting tonight at 6:00 at the jw kate recreation center, unclear if protesters plan to go back there. 6:38 -- coming up, hungry burglar, apparently the snacks so good he had to come back again and again. he didn't just break the law, he breaks the five-second rule. >> and later, by any means necessary, wait until you see what a bride had to do just to
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a man breaks into the same miami house three days in a row stealing everything from electronics to leftovers. >> you see the thief in the video, just casually strolling through the house like he owns it in broad daylight. the homeowner is out of town. the homeowner thinks the thief got in through a window. even though the alarm goes off
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the fridge, eats cheese cangscake and stoops over to take crumbs off the floor. police arrived a few minutes too late. that man still on the run this morning. in all he took tv's, i-pods, i- pads, projector, bicycles and computers. >> he stole just about everything in the house but the kitchen sink -- oh, wait a minute, he did steal a sink from another room. not the kitchen. here's something else to make you hungry -- epcot food and wine fest is back. still ahead, the new delight you can sample there starting
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good morning. if you're heading to the howard frankland heads up. a crash in the northbound lanes, so heading into tampa you can see it here, it's blocking one of the lanes. this is the inside lanes, road rangers on site now. a lot let's check the drive times to see if this is causing any delays. right up there in the middle, 9 minutes to get across the howard frankland. typically it takes 6 to 7 minutes. not bad now but i have a feeling that if it stays there we're going to see pretty significant drive times across the howard frankland. courtney campbell and gandy bridge looking pretty good. checking the drive on the veterans expressway, we are still in the green, 18 minutes
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into the yellow from waters to 275. we have a crash on i-4, captain al flying over it. what are you seeing? >> reporter: good morning. i was just here about 10 minutes ago looking in the opposite direction. looking at i-4 actually moving smoothly. then this occurred. this is westbound so i'm over ybor city looking to the west towards the merge with 275. those three vehicles and road ranger are off on the shoulder there so they are not affecting traffic. they are just at the end of the ramp where you get off from ybor city to westbound i-4. keep it in mind. a little visual delay otherwise traffic is building in this area. looking over my left shoulder 50th street is very busy as it comes this way. here's ivan with the forecast. latest on tropical storm julia. well to the north. on the back side of it still looking at residual moisture, we'll watch for. that center of circulation over jacksonville. winds sustained at 40 miles per hour. it will continue slowly heading
6:47 am
perhaps 6 to as much as 9 inches next couple of days. showers made it onshore from the gulf. impacting portions of manatee and sarasota county as you work your way up along 75. it will continue to move north. not seeing much in the way of any tropical downpours now but that will commence later on today. we'll have heating there going and we'll be able to get on and off showers throughout the afternoon. it's not going to be a shield of rain that is going to rain on us all day but keep in mind will downpours this afternoon. highs mid and upper 80s. it's how we'll stay the next few days. cloudy today, perhaps a few breaks but mostly on and off rain, that continues through tomorrow. less coverage, more scattered by friday and then heading into the weekend looks good. more continuecal for this time of year. a lot of sunshine early on. we'll have rain chances 40% with highs in the upper 80s to near 90 and that includes the early part of next week. so once we get through the tropical moisture associated
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it's 6:48. in democracy 2016 -- hillary clinton will be back on the campaign trail tomorrow following a bout of pneumonia. her campaign says she spent tuesday reading briefing material and making phone calls. she also watched president obama campaign on her behalf in philadelphia. clinton had planned to campaign today in las vegas, former president bill clinton will heroin the event in her place. clinton has been recovering since feeling faint during a 9/11 service. meanwhile rolling out a tax policy he says is aimed at helping working families pay for child care. he wants to give stay at home parents the same tax deductions as those who work and paid maternitily for working mothers should be six weeks. clinton wants to give 12 weeks of paid family leave or medical leave. whistleblower edward snowden is asking president obama to pardon him. he's charged with violating the u.s. espionage act because he
6:49 am
information. the disclosures fueled debates over mass surveillance and information privacy. snowden says the leaks were moral and ethical because they reveal the scope of nsa surveillance. the white house says the way he released information harmed national security and put citizens in danger. a team expected a southwest airlines plane that made an emergency landing in chicago yesterday. the plane was flying from columbus, ohio, to denver when all passengers made it to denver on a different plane but were about two hours later. no reports of injuries. victims unsuccessfully sued the cinemark movie theater. the lawyers say they wanted to resolve their matter without more costs to either side. in colorado, james holmes
6:50 am
denver theater in 2012, killed 12 people and wounded dozens more. holmes now serving life in prison. to a consumer alert. black and decker is recalling more than 1.5 million three-in- one blowers. they say there are reports the fan covers up expectedly flew off causing some people to cut their fingers on the fan. the company is now offering a free repair kit with a replacement fan cover. a new operating system update for apple users but many of you who download it maybe wish you waited. some users complain it locks up their i-phones and i-pads. if it happens to you apple says you can plug into a computer and connect to i-tunes to restore access. general motors is putting heat on tesla now. the company now claims the chevy bolt drives longer on a single charge. one charge lasts 238 miles, that is 23 more miles than
6:51 am
reach speeds of 91 miles per hour. it will sell for a little over $37,000. today's the first day of epcot's two month long international food and wine festival. there will be 30 kiosks with authentic cuisine from countries around the world. also a few new booths this year including one based on the caribbean islands. there's an "eat to the beat" concert series. epcot admission is required attend the festival. publix is teeming up with starbucks to add a kiosk in at least one store now. it will replace an in-house cafe at the publix on west gandy in south tampa. they are testing it for now. right now no word on any other locations. this is a photo of a bride in new hampshire hitchhiking to her own wedding. >> she was just five minutes from home on the way to the church when a limo pulled over.
6:52 am
flat tire. angelique was determined to make it to her wedding so she stuck out her thumb. >> was there ever a moment where you were like wait a minute, i'm not getting stood up, am i? >> yeah. there was for a brief second. >> he was laughing all night bit. >> several cars passed and she says they stopped but only took a picture of her and drove off. one driver finally did stop. he had a car full of kids. still wanted to help so he dropped them off. came took her the final seven miles to her wedding venue. she arrived 30 minutes late, just enough time to scare her groom. a london subway station going viral for being overrun with cats. there's a special message though behind them. people donating $26,000 to replace all of the ads at one of the tube stations there with pictures of cats. and these are not just any
6:53 am
forever homes. the group behind the crowdfunding campaign says the goal is to make people think about what is really important in life. not just something you can buy. 6:53. as your morning sprint counts you down to "good morning, america." >> brinking you what you need to know. starting with breaking news -- authorities are investigating a shooting involving a hillsborough county deputy. >> that deputy fired his gun while making a traffic stop near plant city near wilson street. we're told the stop was related to a battery case. two suspects took off, still on the run now. we do have a crew headed to the scene and will bring you updates as soon as they get there. a tampa mother says she was jolted awake to the sound of a car crashing into the side of her kids' bedroom near usf in tampa. luckily her children were in another room at the time. the impact left this hole, plaster and other debris inside. fortunately no one was hurt.
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accident. a warning now for people in pinellas county. lock those car doors. this following a growing crime trend in the area. the number of car break-ins in the area is on the rise and it is the most -- in the most recent case a 14-year-old and 15-year-old were arrested in connection with the break-ins in the seminole neighborhood. pinellas county reports that 90% of all car break-ins are i'm leaving their cars unlocked so lock those doors. hours from now and governor rick scott is with top leaders over the fight against the zika virus. he's in washington, dc in an effort to get more federal funding to fight the mosquito- borne virus. 70 people have now been infected with zika in our state. two in the tampa bay area. deputies are step up patrols in bradenton now after a teen says a man attacked her on the way to her school bus stop. that 16-year-old says a stranger tackled her to the ground near the corner of 20th street east and 50th avenue drive east.
6:55 am
t-shirt took off when a car drove by. if you have any information about the attack call crime stoppers. city leaders in madeira beach are revealing today new beach ferries and water taxis set to start running next month. this project has been delayed several times. the service will hold its ceremonial first voyage today from the beach city hall to jungle prada, treasure island and johns pass. kanye west is performing in tampa tonight. the 22-time grammy award winner is bringing his tour to amalie arena. we checked and there are still a lot of tickets available. they start at $25 on you might notice extra traffic around the arena tonight. traffic was looking a lot better on the howard frankland, the crash that was taking up a lane here has already left so we're getting back up to speed on the howard frankland. just 10 minutes to get across.
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in pinellas county, roosevelt boulevard at 58th street north. seeing some delays there so keep it in mind. let's check with action air 1, captain al, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. good morning planted city. we're coming down i-4 your way -- plant city. thonotosassa towards "forbes" and maybe towards i-75, it's getting busier but no accidents or delays. it's going to be mostly cloudy today, temperatures back to the upper 80s, with on and off rain. some heavy at times. watch for that between noon and 4:00 as julia begins to march away from the state of florida. "good morning, america" is coming up next. keep up to date on air, mobile app, facebook and on twitter.
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good morning, america. breaking right now, tropical storm julia slams the southeast. the system growing overnight after sparking a tornado in florida. and torrential rain. now georgia and the carolinas on alert for flooding. donald trump under investigation. new legal trouble over his charity as president obama takes aim. >> this is the guy you want to be championing working people? >> trump trying to win female voters overnight. teaming up with ivanka to unveil his child care plan. >> i think it's going to make a lot of people very, very happy. a lot of moms very happy. >> this morning ivanka joins us live. terrifying attack. a driver caught on camera plowing into police officers at


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