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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  September 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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i'm wendy ryan. >> the results are in. 20 wells have come back with normal readings. >> but they leave out a key test. is the water radioactive? ryan raiche live outside mosaic's plant in mulberry. ryan, what is the hold-up here? >> reporter: that's the simple answer, that the test takes a little longer to process. unfortunately that's the very test so many people were most anxious to get the results to. this after more than 215 million gallons of radioactive toxic water drained that sink hole. >> i went off the chain. >> rorter: she may be 86 years old. >> this is the part that is making people mad. >> reporter: joyce hunter is as sharp as a knife. and today she is an angry mosaic neighbor, staring at an incomplete report of her water test. >> what i told this dude is why would you get it out to the media that we're clear. you haven't finished the testing. >> reporter: hunter is now one of 15 homeowners to get the
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the quality of their private wells following the toxic sink hole nearby. so far all normal readings. they are not in the clear just yet. the test for radio activity takes longer and the results are not in. >> we're more concerned about the radio activity because a lot of things fell in the sink hole. >> reporter: the testing company that mosaic hired ect out of tampa says the results should come in friday or monday. a representative says they expect normal readings there too based on meanwhile patience is running thin just down the road. >> the more i call, the higher my blood pressure got. reporte waiting since friday for somebody to test her water. she literally lives a stone's throw away from mosaic and is feeling bitter about being kept in the dark for weeks. >> we have to drink this water year after year. it could take years before the water hits us if it hasn't already. >> reporter: her first shipment
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wednesday. the first time she smiled since the crisis went public last week. janice is part of the ever- growing list of people waiting to get their water event ited. at last check, mosaic has received more than 200 requests from people in the area wanting to get their water tested. and that company we are told is now willing to work through the weekend to get as many people tested as they can. live in mulberry tonight, ryan raiche, abc action news. >> thank you, ryan. in governor rick scott today about how the dep is handling this toxic sink hole. listen to how he responded when asked why homeowners were not told of the problem for weeks. >> we dodged our question numerous times and gave that same response to us. only going on to say that he would hold anyone accountable who was found to have done something wrong.
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a class action lawsuit just filed against mosaic. coming up at 6:00, jackie callaway will show you how it could helpeople who are still to drink. their water is unsafe some breaking news to update you on. the tulsa county district attorney filed manslaughter charges against officer betty shelby. she is the officer who shot and killed terrence crutcher. here is a clip from the news minutes ago. out 20 >> a warrant has been issued for her arrest. i have been in with an attorney who has been retained to represent her. and arrangements are being made for her surrender to the tulsa county sheriff's department. and in north carolina as we speak, officials from the white house and the justice department are on the ground in charlotte, north carolina, trying to calm things down before night fall. there are concerns that we could see a third night of
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shooting this week. the police chief says there will be no curfew tonight because the state is under a state of emergency. so there will be hundreds of officers out there protecting the city. the police chief says he will not release the video showing scott's death until the family sees it first. >> it is the -- the video does not give me absolute definitive visual evidence that -- that would confirm that a pointing a gun. >> prosecutors are asking the state bureau of investigation to look into scott's death. meanwhile 7 people are recovering from injuries they sustained during last night's protest. you see one of the victims was shot by another protester and remains on life support tonight. right now, st. pete mayor is talking about the sewage this comes after he put two high level public works employees on unpaid
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ashley yore just stepped out of a city council meeting about all of this. what is the mayor saying tonight. >> reporter: wendy, the mayor is saying he will do whatever it takes to speed up work on the sewer system here in st. pete. he's asking that people do work 7 days a week instead of five and says if they need to reopen the facility that was closed in 2015, he is going to support that. now, we know yesterday the mayor put water resources direor steve levitt and tom ave. there are claim that'sand counnever saw a 2014 report that showed closing the facility would lead to overflow in the city. the mayor says no one is more frustrated than he is. during hurricane hermine, the sewage was dumped into the bay. the city needs to stop that from happening again. the northwest plant spilled
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woman's home she has lived in for 50 years. >> it is obvious to me there was a degree of disregard for the decision makers for all of us and all of those who preceded us. i suspect a 2014 report wasn't the only thing not properly presented to us. >> that manhole right there was bubbling up. it never has before. we had water in the street which we have never, ever had from any storm. >> reporter: today the mayor saidthat the city should capitalize on the public's interest in fixing this. that now there's an opportunity to fix this infrastructure problem for future generations. they're asking for help from the epa and dep to fix this. and they are still working on the southwest plant right now. but the public works administrator says he said right here in council that he considers the city to be in a state of emergency. a two-year state of emergency until this can be fixed.
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posted on any updates right here and on social media. for now reporting live in st. pete, i'm ashley yore, abc action news. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action >> good afternoon, everybody well, fall has arrived. n you feelit? no. it's still in the low 80s. there's still scattered storms out there. it won't be changing. you know, normally it's october to november before we start to notice a looking at heavy rains from west tampa to the downtown area. handful of lightning strikes near the temple terrace as ll if you look at the entire picture, that's about it. it remains rain free. the heat is around. 84 with rain in plant city but low to mid-90s across much of the area. and even ang teach, pe90 degre
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for a couple days. there's a wave coming off of africa. we have two tropical storms but this is the one that we will be seven to ten days. over the closer to me, partly cloudy skies overnight. i will l etyou know if the rain will be an issue for the bucs- rams game. that is coming up in a few minutes. a man accused of about his credentials. clifton french shows us how much damage his alleged lies may have done. >> reporter: silent as deputies placed him into a squad car, chester went from expert witness to a man charged with perjury. his expertise, defending child porn and sex crimes. >> if it would be truthful, it would be an impressive resume. >> reporter: that's in part if not all made up.
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program that doesn't exist. some federal agencies say the security clearance was never granted. certifications never obtained. all discovered after detectives listened to sworn testimony in a sexual battery trial. >> the detectives are saying he's testifying to stuff that just isn't accurate. >> reporter: he testified in five cases in polk county. sheriff judd says it didn't impact any guilty verdict but it may have played a role in plea deals. while the convicted criminals could call for a retrial. >> if there are those that are found not guilty, we can't retry them any way. >> reporter: he was a expert witness in federal courts as well. it's not clear if those are lies too or if more perjury charges are in the works. the sheriff says they are still investigating the rest of his resume. >> we will to get him out of the expert field as quickly as
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other cases that chester who represents the molester may be involved in. >> reporter: in polk county, clifton french, abc action news. and there's no evidence that defense attorneys did anything criminal or they knew that he was not an expert. the sheriff says it is still under investigation though. new tonight, the woman accused of killing a 94-year- old -- 95-year-old sebring man is now officially facing charges for his murder. highlands county deputies saying that she had been doing housekeeping dominique shortly before he was found stabbed to death earlier this week. we are told there are no other suspects in the murder but detectives have not released a motive yet. right now, yahoo confirming a massive hack that put the information for as many as half a billion people at risk. some of those things boulevard to be included, user names, passwords, birth dates and e- mail addresses. the recode also reporting that the hackers tried to sell the
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yahoo is notifying users and securing accounts. if you han't recently changed your password, you might want to do it now. >> reporter: thousands more jobs coming to wesley chapel. that's after the latest prong takes shape. we will show you what is leading to all of the growth. >> we were told that it was wrong. they knew they were being recorded and they continued to sing it. children caught on camera in the middle of an offensive chat. all new tonight, the way that the school is using the shocking video as a teachable
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>> want to go to breaking news out of new york. abc news reporting federal investigators issued a subpoena for anthony weiner's cell phone and other records. it follows a claim old girl that weiner chatted with her. weiner claims it's just a hoax. the nypd special victims unit says they are looking into this claim. right now a maryland school district is planning to send out a note to the community addressing this video that you see right here that shows middle school students chanting a racial slur on a school bus. it happened tudaesafternoon on the ride home.
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how many [censor] >> an 8th grader says the students in the video why mimicking an online video where black men satire -- how they are treated in stores. covering pasco county now. we're always monitoring the growth of important employer who's can help you get a better job and make more money. as eric waxler found out, business ladders say it's part of the area's economic growth. >> reporter: jd porter's family's roots in pasco county goes back to the 1940s. times have changed and development here rolls on.
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other place in the state. the cornerstones of the area include the campus for hernando state college, florida hospital wesley chapel and essential lien on this 65-acre spot a raymond james complex that could employ thousands. >> it's bringing jobs home and creating an environment that is successful for everybody. >> reporter: matthew has seen the success. he has worked at the grill smith for nine years. >> way back in the day it used to be now it has developed into a downtown feel and a lot more going on. >> reporter: there have been the expected concerns over too much growth and traffic problems but progress continues. florida hospital is spending $100 million on its expansion and the shops at wire grass is adding on more. more hotels are on the way and an assisted living facility called the beach house is coming too. the college and hospital open,
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ivinmore people chances to come out here. a lot of great houses and job opportunities in the area. >> reporter: raymond james officials haven't said when construction will begin or open. but work is underway to build the road that's will lead to the complex. in wesley chapel, eric waxler, abc action news. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> first day of fall, everybody. can you feel it? >> yep. >> pumpkin spice latte. >> yh. grocery store. but it still feels like summer. >> low to mid-90s. even warmer than yesterday. no real changes. if you're planning to go to ray jay over the weekend, saturday or sunga expect a lot of heat. maybe a few storms. you sigh in the cis of apology beach, it's beautiful and sunny. hardly a cloud in the sky. all you have to do is go a few miles to the west and there's b now, this rain just like
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it literally just rains itself out. perfect examplof this right here. for about a 15, 20-minute stretch, anywhere from south of zephyrhills, straight on down through testimony terrace and downtown, it didn't rain. the air cools and the rain winds down and that's it. a couple showers in polk county. there will be a handful this evening but not many as the air the hotter it can become. so we're across the area today. mid to upper 80s where the rains have fallen. and you factor in the humidity and all of a sudden the feels like temperatures are up near 100 degrees. yeah. that's fall. even for us, that is unusual. tampa, a thunderstorm at the airport right now. 84 degrees. clearwater, 90. st. pete, 87. satellite, no real changes from yesterday. we talked about this yesterday evening. steering currents or lack of
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either direction. so the rain hangs out in a given spot. we see the same thing through the weekend. anything that begins to pop will last half an hour to 45 minutes and rains itself out. now, if you live along the coast, your chances of rain very slim. not just tomorrow, but right through the weekend. if you live in polk county, highlands county, hardee, desoto, the chances are higher. the rule of thumb, i-75 is a good dividing you have a better chance of rain than be if you lived to the west. even though showers popped up today around downtown, not along the coast but you still get what i'm saying. the farther you are from the beach, the higher the rain chances into the weekend. we're only talking 20 to 30%. the mornings will be dry regardless. whatever you need to get down outdoors, if it's tomorrow, saturday or sunday, you're good to go right through the weekend. now, by 7:00, 8:00, a few
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saturday morning, folks will probably be tailgating for the game over at ray jay. the skies will be clear. temperatures will be more and nothing more than a few isolated storms. better chance of rain for the bucs game on sunday than for the game on saturday because that's a 4:00 kickoff. overall rain totals, the purple color is higher on the eastern side of the state. the heat continues right back in the upper 80s to he low 90s. maybe even a couple mid-90s down across the southern counties. the tropics, we have karl and we've t sa this is the area that we will watch closely. it won't be a huge dealat point in time. there's a chance it could develop down the road, especially in the caribbean. maybe towards the middle of next week. something we will watch. here is a look at florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. rain chances only 20% tomorrow. 20 to 30% right on through the weekend. focusing on your weekends, good
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after 2:00, 3:00, a few showers. it's possible that you may pick a shower up in the 4th quarter of the bulls game. and then back up into the upper 80s to low 90s lar on. there is the kickoff forecast for saturday. rain chances will be later on in the afternoon, with highs near 90 degrees. >> thank you,envideo of a suspect tussling with a deputy after a traffic stop takes deadly tu the key piece of training that came in handy during this encounter. encouraging your children to get dirty can actually benefit their health. they are going after mosaic in federal court. what it could mean for homeowners who live near the
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>> new tonight, oversanitizing your kids can cause more harm than good. exposing them to dirt helps the immune systems mature. >> the author says oversanitation can actually put your kids at risk for asthma, diabetes and even obesity. children under 5 should be allowed to go barefoot outside once in a while. they also say it's healthy for others to hold your newborn and even let the family dog lick their face. >> that dog will come and lick and you your kids. that's a good thing. they're basically bringing the outdoors into your home. >> how about that. >> my dog does that to the baby all the time. the author says that kids don't have to wash their hands after being outside either. don't panic, which i do all the time, if the pacifier falls on the floor. all new at 5:30, a violent offender attacks a sheriffs
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camera. why the police are asking for the public's help in finding him. plus, hidden groups trying to buy your vote. the one florida candidate whose so-called dark money is hurting
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action for you, this is abc action news. >> we're tracking the top stories at 5:30. breaking developments in e mosaic sink hole. a class action lawsuit filed against the company. we could learn as soon as tomorrow whethete nearby wells is radioactive. the charlotte police chief is prepared for a third straight night of protests in the wake of keith scott's death. more than 400 national guard
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sunset. i'm laura harris. >> and i'm paul lagrone. a deputy attacked. we just got our hands on this video showing the suspect's violent confrontation with a hillsborough county sheriffs deputy. >> that deputy also speaking out tonight as authorities continue to search for the suspect. abc action news reporter ryan smith joins us live with why the deputy bulled him over. >> reporte quickly. it started out as a seat belt violation near fletcher and i- 275 and made its way into this convenience store parking lot and the traffic stop quickly turned violent. tonight that deputy is on light duty, recovering from the attack. >> a guy attacked a law enforcement. you know, he can attack anybody. >> reporter: and he has the injury to prove it.


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