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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 23, 2016 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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this has been a paid presentation for derm exclusive instant anti-aging, brought to instant anti-aging, brought to you by beachbody. donald trump remained on the campaign trail after hitting five events in pennsylvania. he's now taking a break to prepare for monday's showdown. it's your voice, your vote. >> oh, you will like me so much. >> reporter: donald trump taking
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first stop in pennsylvania. >> you're going to like donald trump and all the workers that get put to work. >> reporter: before talking energy, trump addressing protests in north carolina after police shootings. >> drugs are a very, very big factor in what you're watching on television at night. we do have a wounded country. >> reporter: this, just a day after trump took heat from the country's largest police union on comments made about the officer who shot an unarmed black man in tulsa. >> did she get was she choking? >> reporter: praising police officers and shifting back to energy. the republican nominee speaking to unions who represent thousands of people who work on roads and pipelines, trying to connect with the oil and gas company leaders who, in the past, have raised concerns that a hillary clinton presidency would mean more regulations, fewer jobs. >> we're going to be cutting massively regulations. >> reporter: as for hillary clinton? she's behind closed doors prepping for the first one-on-one faceoff with trump.
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online, taped the day she was diagnosed with pneumonia and asked what trump will wear to the debate. >> i assume he'll wear, you know, that red power tie. >> maybe a white power tie. >> that's even more appropriate. >> reporter: staffers with both campaigns are worried how the debate monday night will go down. the clinton campaign thinks donald trump may get softer questions. as for the trump team, senior sources says trump is not z >> thank you. lights are slowly coming back on in puerto rico. by morning, more than half the homes and businesses in the u.s. territory may have electricity again after massive power failure was caused by a fire in the main generator plant. there was a satellite image released showing the country during the outage and then after. >> wow. to the nfl now, and if you can't stand the new england patriots, well, too bad. they started the third string
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and it was still a blowout. this is the rookie keeping the ball, in the first quarter, sprinted, like, 27 yards for the touchdown. the patriots move to 3-0, and all of that without brady and without their backup. they blanked texas 27-0. >> backup quarterback himself, brady. >> exactly. just preserving him. >> dodger's second baseman turns a ball into an assist. bobbled the ball in the game, but managed to blip it behind the back to fully extend for the out. it shows up on the score card, shows just a 4-3 groundout. >> he throws it blind. how did he do that? impressive. >> yeah. >> know who made the best play
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>> who? >> that honor goes to the anchorage police department. that's a bear running through the streets of alaska's largest city, took a few hours, but quartered that furry fugitive in a cemetery. they captured him unharmed. >> the bear went into a pizza hut. went to a pizza hut. >> if they had vending machines -- >> he was hungry. look, there he goes. got the munchies there. >> just a tour of the >> i bet. the music is hilarious on that video as well. >> they said he was just doing his bear thing, and then he was in the city before he knew it. >> unbearable just hanging out -- stupid puns. >> we'll put a paws to that. >> -- oh, coming up, what's opening in theaters this weekend. rebooting a classic western, the
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feature touching on the age old question, where do babies come from? first, where will votes come from in the battle ground states? why voters are undecided in pennsylvania. >> how long were you banking on that line? >> first, a look at today's temperatures. right off the top of my head. >> really? that's sad. "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. that's a good thing, eligible for medicare? but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay
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washer, why don't you dry my dishes? oh, he doesn't know any better. you just need to add finish? jet-dry? in the rinse aid compartment. it's there for a reason. it dries much better than detergent alone. sorry dishwasher. finish? jet-dry?. for drier, shinier dishes. president obama paid tribute to more than two dozen top artists, writers, play wrights, and performers yesterday at the white house. look at that. they received the national medal of arts and humanities. there were no performances at the event, but funny man, mel brookes, stole the show. he made a motion as if he was trying to pull down the
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everybody laughed except the secret service. >> he's awesome. the mood is not as light hearted now for the two presidential candidates. >> nope. just days away from their first one-on-one presidential debate with donald trump and hillary clinton still having time and some ways to get votes in pennsylvania. here's abc's elizabeth hur. >> reporter: in an ordinary election year, finding hillary clinton supporters, hillary clinton in a state democrats carried for the past six elections? easy enough. >> voting for hillary clinton because she's the best candidate. >> reporter: but this is no ordinary race. >> i'm not going to vote for hillary just because she's a wok. >> reporter: voters we spoke to expressed frustration with both candidates. >> i feel like i'm in kindergarten watching a bunch of little kids fight back and forth. >> it is overwhelming. it's crazy between the drama and
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>> reporter: republicans did not hold back from criticizing donald trump for the process. >> i think he's just acting like a 5th grader. >> embarrassed about the candidates that are running, and we need something different. >> reporter: these lifelong republicans say they are now undecided, and winning over the voters, crucial especially for trump, according to experts. >> pennsylvania is almost a must-win state for donald trump because he's going to lose s other states he needs to win, so he needs electoral votes. >> 20 electoral votes up for grabs in pennsylvania, and the ap says no presidential candidate won here in the last 40 years without a strong showing in these four suburban philadelphia counties. the same areas where we met these voters still on the fence. and the number one concern heard from voters here? the economy. and those who say they are still undecided say based on what
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clinton and trump have a long ways to go before winning them over. abc news, pennsylvania. >> thanks to elizabeth there. reminder here, abc plans full coverage of the first big debate. >> tune in monday night, live at 9:00 eastern here on abc and live streamed at coming up, ushering in the arrival of autumn with a favorite frosty delight. >> it was national ice cream cone day, and we're about to tasting it ourself. you're watching "world news
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? ? it is the first full day of autumn, and it also happened to >> happy autumn, everybody. to celebrate, an innovative ice cream parlor taking ice cream cones to a deliciously new dreamy level. we have our insomniac kitchen. >> reporter: since its opening seven months ago, the unique waffle cone creations took new york city and instagram by storm. to celebrate national ice cream cone day, i went to lower
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modern twist on the cone. >> this is the waffle maker and where the magic happens. >> let's do it. pour the batter. pour it right in the center. wiggle it around. you're going to get spillage. it gets messy in here. close it up. let it sit. >> mind if i go ahead and try making my own? >> yeah. >> awesome. exciting. my first one. right in the center here? tell me when. try to get it around a little bit. okay if it spills out, right? get it in the back there. i think i got it out of the thing there, now closed. easy as that? >> now the difficult waiting game. >> and there it is. mystical magical. >> came out good, i say. what do you think, mike? >> not bad, right? >> i'm worn out from making it. i should have ice cream.
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you're missing this. >> savory, a pizza version as well? >> pizza's great. people love it. >> assuming there's not ice cream on those, but have they come in here asking for ice cream on the pizza? >> quite a few, actually. >> really? >> cheese. >> got to have cheese. >> pepperoni, garlic, and other spices. now add the batter. close it up. now we wait. >> look at yeah. mike, we devoured one of your amazing creations. do you think it's ready to serve? >> looks great. >> let's cone it. feeling green tea today, what do you think? >> let's do it. can we put toppings on this? we have to have toppings. chocolate sauce on there. whipped cream? >> go for it. >> oh, look at that.
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i kind of want to take a picture of it and instagram it right now. look at that. looks delicious. that is so good, you guys. that is delicious. thank you, mike, thank you for sharing your creation with us. this is absolutely delicious. i'm definitely coming back for more. >> i like the not so subtle plug for mike's instagram account there. >> by the way, these, chocolate. >> are they? >> uh-huh. >> while there's controversy as to who invented the ice cream cone, bun of the earliest mentions of them showed up in a french book in 1825. dig in. it's really awesome. >> what are you doing? nothing in his cone. not a thing. nothing. >> originally referred to -- i want to get information out
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and clear your worst cold symptoms. let's end this. it's time now for our insomniac theater checking out two movies opening this weekend while i enjoy my ice cream. >> that was really, really good. >> you didn't eat it! >> it was it might still be here. >> the remake of a classic. >> oh, my god. ooem goi magnificent 7. 1960 version was really good. denzel washington, and this one, this is played by peter who wants to destroy their town. here's a clip. >> that man murdered -- >> i want something. i take it.
2:56 am
have. >> so you seek revenge. >> or i seek righteousness, but i'll take revenge. >> the critics are mixed, you might say. giving it a 60% rating on rotten tomatoes, and ryan writes, looking for something different from the original, it's best mosey elsewhere, pilgrim. okay. another says it's two hours of hard core it's entertaining as hell. >> storks is an animated children's fantasy in how one lands in hot water when the baby factory produces an adorable, but unauthorized baby girl. he's in a race against time end listing his friend to make the baby drop before the boss finds out. >> ice cream headache. >> quick, we can get to the boat
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ah! wait. why are you running so weird? what don't i know? my old nemesis. glass! >> birds can't see glass! >> it's voiced by kelsi grammar and jens fer a 52% splat, saying the premise is too flimsy, that old question where babies come from remains oddly avoided even in a child-friendly way. but another says it's about finding your family, and there's no innovative about the message, storks is a little bundle of joy. i, by the way, learned a lesson. >> what? >> it's tough to read the news while eating ice cream because your mouth goes numb. >> that's why i don't eat on camera.
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did you just put it on your
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this morning on "world news now," hundreds take to the streets in charlotte, north carolina despite a curfew. >> it's relatively peaceful despite new outrage of the video of the deadly police shooting of keith scott. scott's family has now seen the video. their reaction to the shooting caught on tape, and will it be released? we're live in charlotte with the latest. candidates take the day off to prepare for the presidential debate, and donald trump clarifies his stance on stop-and-frisk. we'll tell you what he meant to say. frightening scene in utah, tornado touches down, heavy winds and rain knocks out power and devastates home as it tore across the region.
3:01 am
decision time with voters across the country deciding who they'll vote for. we'll head to ohio to see why swimming pigs may hold the key to who sits in the oval office. it's friday, september 23rd. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> so all you heard about nate silver, forget about it. >> it's gone. this is the age of swimming pigs. >> yes. all right. well, good morning o >> i'm diane macedo. we begin with breaking news in charlotte, north carolina where people protested past the city's curfew. >> the mayor imposed the curfew after violence demonstrations. the demonstrations this morning are calmer so far, and there's now heavily armed national guard members on the city's streets. the police department tweeting out this photo of the command center where the operation is being coordinated. >> abc is joining us this
3:02 am
heather? >> reporter: kendis and diane, city-wide curfew now in effect, but hundreds of protesters continue to ignore the order as they march through the streets of uptown charlotte. for a third straight night, protesters took to the streets of charlotte, a heavy police presence backed up by more than 400 national guard troops didn't detour crowds from demonstrating against the shooting of keith scott, a 43-year-old black man. scott was shot tuesday by a black officer, vinson, police saying scott refused orders to drop a handgun which was recovered at the scene, others said he held no gun, but a book. thursday, authorities allowed the family the first look at videos of the incident. in a statement, their lawyers
3:03 am
than answers. when she was shot and killed, his hands by his side, and he was slowly walking backwards. police say they will not make the videos public until the investigation is over. >> this family does not agree with rioting or innocent individuals being injured or killed. >> reporter: on wednesday, demonstrations turned to bedlam as crowds clashed with police. tear gas and hand grenades were some masking faces, from smashing windows and blocking roads. this man was shot. police say not by them. he later died. at one point, protesters blocked part of the interstate just outside of uptown. police deployed tear gas to disperse the crowds. the city's mayor says that the curfew will remain in effect until the state of emergency is
3:04 am
was a violent scene last night. calmer tonight. any issues so far? >> reporter: well, charlotte police said two of their officers were sprayed with some kind of chemical agent by civilians. they were treated by emergency workers. we have not heard of any reports of any civilians being injured. we do know that police continue to monitor the situation of 1200 cameras placed throughout the city. >> wha things progress with the investigation from here? >> reporter: well, you know, protesters are still very angry. they say they will continue to demonstrate. they are still calling for the release of that police video footage, the police chief saying he will not be releasing that video. we know the fbi and the department of justice are here on the ground investigating, and, tonight, the family still calling for calm. k kendis, diane.
3:05 am
you. live in charlotte. the situation is different in tulsa, oklahoma where a police officer faces manslaughter charges in the shooting death of an unarmed black man. >> saying shelby acted unreasonably when she shot crutcher. video shows him with hands up during last of friday's encounter. the district attorney praises the reaction to the killing, calling on residents to remain calm. >> it is the shared the ability to control their reactions to do just that. >> crutcher's funeral is tomorrow night. arrangements made for officer shelby's surrender as she faces four years to life in prison if convicted. a judge will decide whether the case goes to trial. police in western maryland say officers there were justified in pepper spraying a 15-year-old girl. officials have released body camera video of sunday's incident.
3:06 am
that handcuffed teen into the cruiser. she's then sprayed after refusing to put her feet inside. police say she was cuffed after kicking and cursing the officer. she road her bike through a red light and hit a car. presidential candidates are keeping a close eye on the aftermath of the police involved shootings. hillary clinton reached out to the mayor of charlotte to discuss unrest, and not to be outdone, trump tweet the last night he spoke with north carolina's governor, and trump is also clarifying his on the stop and frisk. tom is on the campaign trail. >> reporter: with the issue of race red hot, donald trump keeping praise on police, but also offered this -- >> we must do everything we can to ensure that they are properly trained, that they respect all members of the public, and that any wrong doing is always, and it will be by them, vigorously addressed.
3:07 am
speaking about the protesters in charlotte, this ad lib. >> if you're not aware, drugs are a very, very big factor on what you're watching on television at night. >> reporter: trump, trying to expand his base asth 1% of the supporters are white. >> it's a lack of spirit between the white and the black. there's a lack of spirit. there's a lack of something. something's going on that's bad. and what's going on police and others getting worse. >> reporter: however, trump promoting a policy that's highly unpopular in the black community. >> there's been a lot of violation in the black kmupd. i wanted to know what would you do to, you know, stop that violation, you know, black on black crime. >> right. one of the things i regard is i would do stop and frisk. i see what's going on here, in chicago, i think stop and frisk. in new york city, it was
3:08 am
controversial policing method that many say encourages racial profiling of pedestrians. in new york last year alone, 83% of people stopped by police were black orla teen know. they abandoned tactic and a judge ruling it unconstitutional. hours after trump made his comments, his campaign tried to clarify insisting he was talking about implementing stop and frisk in chicago, not nationwide. >> i was really chicago. they asked about chicago. >> reporter: as trump tries to build bridges to the black community, hillary clinton working on her outreach to young voe voter, appearing on the web series, "between two ferns." when he's elected president and secretary of state, are you moving to canada or one of the arctics? >> i'll stay in the united states. >> what would you try?
3:09 am
chestertownship, pennsylvania. police looking for a motive in an apparent double murder-suicide. it happened 50 miles outside knoxville. body of three workers, and all three were shot. a nearby high school was on lockdown as precaution. investigators have not been able to question the man charged with placing bombs in new york and new jersey last weekend. he unconscious in critical but stable condition, shot seven times in the gun battle with police in new jersey. his wife returned to the u.s. from dubai and being questioned. homes in utah damaged after severe weather spawned a tornado. it was caught on cam ya yesterday afternoon swirling behind that verizon store there. minor injuries, trees fell, and thousands lost power.
3:10 am
sized hail. nba on high alert this 17 for players who go below the belt. >> yes. they are extra sensitive, you might say, about hits to the groin. green's nba legacy. the league is not happy when players give and take hits below the belt so hits to the groin area are now a point of emphasis in the upcoming -- oh -- the league wants to put a stop to protection of the players. >> are you going to be okay? >> it's hard to watch. >> honestly, it's hard for me to watch. >> is it? >> i cringed as well. >> oh. my word. come on, man. >> is that his move? >> i guess that's his thing. >> so they -- in the past, they treated it like a normal foul, but now there's an extra penalty for this? >> just on the lookout for it, but it's kind of hard to miss.
3:11 am
category of unnatural acts. >> i say so. >> amen. >> preach. coming up, an abc news exclusive with president obama, our own robin robert goes one-on-one with the president and growing tension with police as well as how all americans can help to bridge the growing racial divide. just days away from the first one-on-one presidential debate between donald trump and hillary clinton, politics are kicking into high gear across battleground states like ohio where even in on the actionment remember, find us on facebook, and on twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news
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back to breaking news in charlotte. protests continue past the midnight curfew. >> people protesting the police-involved shooting of keith scott. the family viewed video of the shooting, and an tern for the family say scott's hands were by his side as he was slowly walking backwards when he was shot. police have a different account of that. they say he was holding a gun, and the police chief so far refused demands that the video be made public. president obama is now weighing in on the violent protests in an abc news exclusive. the president went one-on-one with robin roberts. >> asking about the growing tension between protesters and police and how all americans are
3:16 am
divide. >> what we've seen recently in charlotte, north carolina, young people rising up, and showing their frustration in a different way. when you and the rest of the world see that, what goes through your mind? >> well, i think it's important to separate out the pervasive sense of frustration among a lot of african-americans that shootingof that justice is not always, you know, color blind, the way we change the system requires us to be able to reach out and engage the larger community, and that requires being peaceful, that requires being thoughtful about what are the specific reforms
3:17 am
people who have been concerned about police-community relations, doing it the right way, every once in a while, folks do it the wrong way. >> we want to show you one man in charlotte who is looking to bring people together. >> he's a 34-year-old peace activist offering free hugs to police officers who are trying to restore order in the recent days of chaos around that city. >> officers as human beings with families of their own to support and says fear and hatred cease to exist when love is in abundance. there was a similar incidence in dallas where people hugged people there. politics in high gear in battleground states. >> why they are fighting an uphill battle in the must-win state of ohio. you're watching "world news
3:18 am
3:19 am
donald trump and hillary clinton appear for their first one-on-one monday night, and politics heating up across key battleground states. >> there's dissatisfaction with both candidates. we have a report from across the buckeye state. ? ? >> reporter: here in ohio, even the pigs have political names. >> and in the it's donald. >> reporter: asking voters in the battleground state to step right up. in the spirit of being at a pair, it's a game. >> i'm leaning towards trump. >> hillary clinton this year. >> are you kidding? donald trump. >> do you travel everywhere with him? >> great if i could. >> reporter: from the farms to
3:20 am
we hit several county fairs along the way. if hillary clinton were an attraction at this county fair, which one would she be? >> the beauty queen. >> who are you voting for, john? >> probably trump. >> okay. you said probably. are you unsure? are -- >> i'm not voting for hillary. >> reporter: each turn of the wheel, the conversation deepened. thing heard in the campaign? >> why are we so focused on hillary's illnesses and well being rather than focusing on the issues? >> reporter: oh, my gosh, there they go! >> what is the one thing you dislike most about candidates? >> one thing that's challenging for her is separating herself from the foundations. >> reporter: what do you think donald trump will do that's good for ohio? does bring back our jobs.
3:21 am
everything is about out of here. >> reporter: on college campuses, students talked about third party candidates. >> i'll vote for gary. >> which candidate duptd o you to have a beer with? they had frustration with the campaign, heard all over the state. >> stop with the mud slinging. r of turnout, republicans, and they hope the voters are energized and democrats in places like this in downtown columbus are just trying to get voters to the polls. back at the fair, donald grunt pulled away in the final stretch. abc news. >> ha-ha. donald grunt. >> i want to see the candidates there. >> yes. >> all four to watch the pig race, to weigh in what they
3:22 am
debate monday abc news will be here with live coverage monday night. coming up, the panda that
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today you can do everything in just one click, even keep your toilet clean and fresh. introducing lysol click gel. click it in to enjoy clean freshness lysol.
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time now for the mix. this next story's going to take us on a roller coaster of emotion. get ready to ride with me. >> all right. >> we start with a little panda in the jungle. so he takes a oh, but, look, he's okay. he's all right. look what happens when the bu buddies come over. you think he's checking on him. they are not. they are stealing his bamboo. >> that makes it worse. >> benefitting from his misfortune. is that what a panda sounds like
3:26 am
if i fell from a tree and dropped my bamboo? >> i would be gone. no, i'd check on you. so our wishes have been answered. in florida, there is a vending machine where you can get your pizza, no big deal, but -- >> that's a very big deal. >> okay. but it gets better. >> oh? >> for six bucks and two minutes of your time, you received a fully cooked 9 inch pizza, cheese, pepper margarita. >> i love that. >> from the beer garden in new york's east village, here are the yayayas!
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? ? ? ? ? ?
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breaking news this morning on "world news now," another night of protests in charlotte. tense moments between demonstrators and police, but a peaceful night as a community searches for answers and the nation hopes for healing. we'll head live to char a full report in a moment. a staffer hacked and sent information about the first family, reportedly stolen via e-ma e-mail. we'll get the latest. a hollywood star under investigation. >> brad pitt's increasingly bitter divorce with angelina, and what authorities are looking into in an incident involving pitt and at least one of his children. a hollywood heart throb
3:31 am
hunk status. jamie dornan's admission about what he thinks he looks like unshaven. we'll have the full story ahead in the skinny. it's friday, september 23rd. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> christian gray. >> yes. >> doesn't think he's good looking. >> allegedly. >> okay. >> the ross unit is all over it. >> we'll get into that in a seco >> i'm kendis gibson. we're going to start with people who are clearing out of downtown charlotte after a night of mostly peaceful protests. this follows a midnight to 6:00 a.m. curfew that was imposed by the mayor after two nights, of course, after violent protests resulting in dozens of arrests and at least one death. the national guard arrived in the day after the governor declared a state of emergency in the study. heather is joining us now live from charlotte.
3:32 am
>> reporter: yeah, diane and kendis, things are much calmer now. hundreds of protesters, though, still defying the order to maintain that city-wide curfew, and they are continuing to march through the streets of suptown charlotte. they've been here for hours, at times, laying down in the streets while d streets. while demonstrations have remained peaceful, there have been tense moments. at one point, protesters blo the interstate outside of uptown, and police deployed tear gas to get the crowd to disperse of the who officers sprayed by a chemical agent by civilians and treated by emergency morningers. so far, no reports of any injuries to civilians. as you mentioned, more than 400 national guard troops are here on the ground assisting the police tonight, antecity's mayor saying the nightly curfew will remain in effect until the state
3:33 am
meantime, the family of scott says they have seen the video of the police shooting, and there continues to be two sides of the story. the police saying the suspect did have some kind of weapon, a gun, but the family says he was carrying a book, and this morning, they are not commenting on what they saw in that video. kendis, diane? >> so different tales, completely, but where does the investigation do from here? >> reporter: well, right now, we know that the fbi and the department of justice are here on the investigation, and, you know, i wanted to let you know, one of the reasons why protesters believe that tonight's protests were so calm is because there are leaders here. earlier tonight, the naacp held a gathering outside the hotel where the protester last night was shot and killed, and then just down the road, we had people gather at a church for a prayer vigil to pray for peace so we should be learning in the
3:34 am
planned for the today, and what the next step in the investigation will be. the police chief saying he's not going to release that police video. >> despite the amount of pressure he's getting. our thanks to heather live in charlotte, thank you. protesters came out on the streets tonight, again, demanding release of the video. doesn't sound like the police chief is going to. >> take a listen to the protests. >> we want the tape! you can clearly hea we want the tape, there last night. we are joined by steve gomez, and, steve, the family has seen the tape. they want it released. can the public outcry finally force authorities to release this? >> caller: well, they are going to force them to hurry up and release it. whether they release it right away is another question. i think that as we have seen in the last couple days, the investigation that is ongoing is
3:35 am
to the tape. it's not as clear cut as, you know, we've seen in other cases, so what you have is they are beginning to hold on to it to figure out what's going on? there's probably some complications with what the video shows, and they probably realize that they are going to have to, you know, explain what the context of what the officer did was, and what took place. >> steve, is that all this is? just a desire to be able to give a full explanation when you do way showing the video could impede the investigation itself? >> i think we may have lost him. >> lost him. >> yeah. steve was there on a cell phone. we'll try again to get the connection later -- >> caller: are you there? >> yeah. steve. >> caller: yeah, yeah, i can hear ya. >> so, steve, i was just asking, is there -- is all this concern about not releasing the video, is it just for the sake of being able to offer a full explanation
3:36 am
or is there a way releasing this impedes the investigation itself? >> caller: absolutely, no. this is all about being able to offer a full explanation, and there's complication that is clearly involved with this investigation based on the video, and, you know, most -- if i was in charge of that kind of investigation, i would be saying, let's hold on for a second. they're probably doing a lot of interviews. they are probably examining the officer's past conduct, had there been any complaints against the officer. those are all taken into consideration in addition to what the video depicts, and what they are able food forensically at the crime scene there or at the scene of the shooting. >> contributor and former fbi special agent in charge. steve gomez. thank you for joining us. moving on to politics. the first general debate could shatter a record with 100 million people expected to watch. hillary clinton is off the
3:37 am
night's showdown. she is in intensive prep incoming mock debatings with a trump stand-in, but both trump and clinton are reviewing each other's past debates. trump promised to be himself and respectful and cleared his schedule today for debate prep as well, but sources say he's not delved into policy or taken part in mock debates. you can, of course, watch the debate right here on abc with our power house political team live monday night at 9:00 hopes for a truce in syria appeared to have collapsed. the secretary of state kerry says constant violations of the cease fire hurt chances of a permanent deal calling russia and syria government to make stronger commitments. these comments came amid news the military is restarting operations in aleppo. bombing suspect hospitalized in critical, but stable condition after a shootout with the police last week.
3:38 am
and may be some time before they can. his wife returned to the u.s., and a senior law enforcement official says she's been cooperative, quote, to a certain degree. investigating a possible cyber breach of what appeared to be a scanned copy of michelle obama's passport poested online. it was apparently hacked from a g-mail account from a white house staffer. it includes public information. yahoo! reports the biggest known hack of the biggest computer network ever. they said the account information of at least 500 million users was stolen two years ago. they blame what it calls state sponsored hackers, but doesn't name the company. the company believes no payment card data or bank account information was stolen. word comes from cornell university don't get wrapped up
3:39 am
they looked into how people react to feedback on the social networks. >> they count the number of likes on photos and posts, those people may mot be leading a very purposeful life. according to the research, the amount of like affects those with a good sense of purpose and high self-esteem less than it affects people who are lacking self-confidence. >> i posted that story, and it got, like, three likes on facebook. follow us on facebook,, and feel free to like our page because we could use more self-esteem, an ego boost. >> we have no shame. >> like us on twitter too because we check both. we're at that level. >> thank you. one of the biggest stars in hollywood under investigation. sources tell abc news that authorityings looking into an alleged incident involving brad pitt and at least one of his children on a private plane. >> why 50 shades of gray heart throb is apatiently baffled over his hunk status and what he says
3:40 am
look at today's forecast. "world news now weather"
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3:43 am
so this woman is hoping to stop someone from stealing her bag at a gas station outside ft. lauderdale, florida, jumps on the hood of the car, hits the man with her wallet, but he does not stop. the woman falls off the car, suffered minor injuries, but is expected to be okay. she admits now she probably made the wrong choice. school officials in texas issued a warning for anyone looking to
3:44 am
sign announcing the staff may be armed and be will use whatever force necessary to protect their students. many of the residents have no problem with the sign. the sign goes for pre-k through high school. it was not prompted by a specific event, but the general environment nationally. more fallout in the increasingly acrimonious divorce between brad pitt and jolie. >> the fbi is looking into an incident involving pitt and at least one of his children on a private plane. >> reporter: sources telling abc news that the los angeles department of children and family services is investigating child abuse claims involving brad pitt. the news coming on the heals of the bomb shell divorce filing from pitt's wife, angelina jolie in an 11-page filing requested sole custody of their children. the investigation focuses on a
3:45 am
flight from nice, france to los angeles. the hollywood couple traveled with the children around the world, making kids priority. >> i say kids first, a woman to brad, and then my work internationally. >> reporter: raising awareness about children in need around the world. gearing up for what could be a bitter custody battle over their six children. sources posted pitt is takin he is cooperating with authorities, and despite what the sources are calling a smear campaign against him, they say pitt's focus remains what is most important to him, his six kids. abc news, los angeles. >> it's not the end of that of what we'll hear, no doubt. >> no. stunning admission from 50 shades heart throb. >> a look at scarlet johansson's cyborg. the skinny is next. world news now continues
3:46 am
stations. next.
3:47 am
3:48 am
skinny time, and topping the headlines this morning, the stunning admission from 50 shades of gray star, jamie dornan. >> the career sky roberted over his steamy and kinky nude scenes, but now jamie told a british tv show that he's baffled over why people think he's a hunk. >> should we show that shirtless scene again so people get an idea o >> i agree with him. >> he's a northern ireland actor, and he said he's not secure in his own skin as his famous character is and hates his face without a beard and when clean shane he says, quote, i look like a thumb. huh. >> all right. when asked what his wife, amelia, thinks of the sexy role, he admitted she's never seen it and probably never will and doesn't want to put herself through that. >> i can understand that.
3:49 am
february of next year. >> do you think he's -- >> he's handsome? yeah. >> okay. that took two seconds. >> next question. >> next. i don't know. i have not seen the movies. >> okay. >> okay. >> i have. >> next to app actress shaking off her body image issues and is now hot in demand. >> fans of amy schumer hear a lot from her sunday when the 35-year-old comic provides guest voices on three different fox animated series. >> a toy shop customer in "bob's burgers" who crosses paths with bob and teddy who are there to buy a new toy for louise after they melted down the first one in an unfortunate mishap. >> on "the simpson's" she's the voice of mrs. burns and explaining how they ended up one of springfield's most evil men.
3:50 am
look for schumer on "family guy" as a construction worker. all schumer all the time. excellent. >> all right, turning now to the big screen, a long awaited debut by joe hanson's movie. >> the live adaptation of the hilt japanese animated comic series, and they offer us just a brief glimpse of her officer. >> what are you? >> looks a little scary. "ghost in the shell" hits hits theaters next year on march 31st. >> i want more. glad tidings for a celebrity couple. >> adam and his wife, victoria
3:51 am
first child, a baby girl named dusty rose levine. >> they shared photos including this one on instagram comparing baby bumps. >> sympathy wait, maybe? >> uh-huh. >> discussing his desire to have a big family, telling ryan just after he had tied the knot, he wants to have, quote, a hundred kids. more kids than would be socially responsible, was the quote. >> then backing off saying, i want, like, 17. >> oh. >> is that reasonable? >> is that all? >> reasonable? >> a farm, you know. a lot of kids to help you out. >> all good with that. i have to go back to the impersonation of burns, kind of like, right on -- >> mine? >> yes. you have the eyes. >> excellent. excellent. >> good practice. coming up, our weekly friday
3:52 am
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and clear your worst cold symptoms. let's end this. ? ? stop me if you heard this before, it's been a busy week for news headlines, but politics took a backseat to the bombing in new york and new jersey, police involved shootings, and those violent protests in charlotte. wonderfully light hearted moments and a sweet voice from the past. hear now, our weekly friday rewind. >> some bomb just went off in new york. >> this was an intentional act. >> we have not had an incident in a while. i mean, the world is getting hit, you know, every week. you almost wonder whether there was a dry spell, and then there
3:56 am
on from either isis or al qaeda. >> as the bombs -- right there, that's him. >> as a matter of fact, that's the suspect fired on him, unfortunately, for us, he had his vest on. >> won't show me his hands. >> we know he was armed. we know he was slow. we know he didn't commit a crime. >> all we know they are in the apartment complex parking lot. this subject gets out a weapon, one of the officers felt a legal threat and fired the weapon because of that. >> you have to have communications for police and community. when you have this breakdown and when you have it all across the country, that's a big problem. it would really require leadership at the highest level. it's going to take everybody in government to solve this problem. >> we're going to rebuild our inner cities because our african-american communities are
3:57 am
that they've ever been in before ever, ever, ever. >> you do know somebody who might be thinking of voting for trump, stage an intervention. >> haven't resigned or returned a single nickel, haven't fired a single executive. >> the greed is astounding. >> people assume we make $600 off of each pen. it's not true. >> angelina and your friend, brad. >> what happen >> they are divorcing. >> i did not know that. i feel very sorry. ? beauty and the beast ? ? ever just the same ? >> that was really beautiful. >> she sounds exactly the same as she did 25 years ago. >> yeah. 25 years. holy cow. that's insane. a lot going on in the next week. >> the big debate on monday. airs from 9:00 p.m. to 10:30
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, protesters took to the streets of charlotte but a curfew made it relatively calm. still police are coming under increasing pressure to release video of the police shooting of keith scott. we're live in charlotte. out on bond, the tulsa police officer facing a manslaughter charge for the shooting death of another black she turned herself in overnight and has already been released. yahoo is releasing new details about the hacking that left hundreds of millions of people in danger. facebook feedback. what a new study is saying about those who overly are concerned as they may be with the number of likes they get. a good friday morning to you


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