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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  September 26, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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forever. >> the debate stage is ready for donald trump and hillary clinton. why the pressure to perform is on both of them as a record audience is expected. >> samsung device blamed for burning an international flight but not blamed on the recalled phone. more on that coming up. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. good morning. let's check traffic and weather together. starting withivan. hope you had a great weekend. we're looking at -- pretty good as far as rain chances, average 30% to 40%. temperatures this afternoon, where they should be, upper 80s to 90. a couple of degrees a little warmer. humidity always makes it feel warmer this time of year. and we're watching the tropical wave in the each atlantic, plenty of time to watch it. our next named storm would be matthew. titan doppler radar was busy yesterday. we had a line of showers and storms that got going
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we talked about the lightning strike in largo as well. i think today there will be no area that will be favored for the thunderstorms. we're going to have a brought area of thunderstorm activity so all of us pretty much have the same chance and again it's not 100, 30% to 40% this afternoon. upper 70s to around 80. temperatures continue to climb to 90 for today and we'll do that by already 1:00 as we fall back in the mid-80s by 7:00 and wind down by tomorrow. janelle. good morning. we're checking your live drive, matt is behind the wheel of the live drive cam, on 275 in northern hillsborough county. looks like he's next to a big old semi truck but traffic pretty light. we have tons of cameras throughout the interstates in the bay area. this is i-75 and the selmon expressway. up to speed on both roads now. you'll have no trouble getting
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7-minute ride from there. and check out average speeds on the interstates. looking great on i-4 heading into tampa. i-75 southbound, 72 the average speed there. and 65 the average speed over in pinellas county on 275 from the sunshine skyway to the howard frankland. 5:02. democracy 2016 -- we're hours from the first presidential debate. see it on abc action news starting 9:00. it's anticipateto watched debate in history. >> abc action news anchor james tully live in the studio. it adds to the tremendous pressure already on both candidates. >> it's expected 100 million potential voters could be watching tonight. the race tightened too. the latest poll has clinton only up two points. tonight's debate will be the best opportunity that either has had to showcase themselves to the american public. they will on stage at hofstra
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after taking questions from the moderator lester holt they will speak directly to one another. both throwing insults from afar recently on the campaign trail. many political experts believe tonight there could be a few fiery exchanges up close. >> hillary clinton is the voice for global special interests. >> he is not just unprepared, he's temperamentally unfit. >> reporter: the contrasting styles the candidates reportedly trans debate prep. those covering clinton's campaign say she worked late into the night sunday. our political expert from usf dr. susan mcman northwest joins us live at 11:00 live from new york. if you are not by a tv tonight
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streamed on our mobile app. first responders in pinellas county found themselves with their own emergency last night after a lightning strike. it hit the largo fire station 10:00 last night. knocked out power to part of the neighborhood there but no one was hurt. also no visible damage to the station. just a minor impact to the electrical equipment there. we have new information on a shooting near st. petersburg. deputies now searching for the alleged gunman, tony thongbanning is wanted for second degree attempted murder. deputies say he shot tyler mcnet along gandy boulevard. 2:30 sunday morning. he's hospitalized in stable condition. the tampa community is mourning the death of miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez. he helped lead alonzo high school to a championship in
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latino community. having tried to defect from cuba three times before finally making it to america. no word yet on funeral arrangements but we'll have a live report from the high school where a vigil is now being planned in the next hour. arnold palmer has died at age 87. palmer rose from humble begins. in the golf world he's known in the 1950s when golf was largely a country club report he became the peoples golfer. his famous swings delighted crowds and made him golf's number one star. the come from behind victories are legendary. he added the word charge to the sports vocabulary. in the 1960s u.s. open he charged from seven strokes back for a win. in almost 50 years winning 92 tournaments and seven major championships.
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overstate his impact. >> he really brought the game to the masses in the 1960s and 1970s. he was not the most successful golfer of all time but he's definitely the one that will leave the lasting legacy. i think of all sports over the past century. i'm not sure if anyone is going to leave a legacy quite like arnold palmer. >> he also leaves behind a charitable legacy. almost as long as the list of golf victories. a desperate search for year-old girl after a triple murder ends with a teen's arrest. police say they captured the teen caitlyn yost and two men with her. police say all three are responsible for killing her mother, stepfather and family friend early saturday. the teen's family says one of the men arrested was dating caitlyn, it upset her mother and stepfather. the 6-year-old sister called 911 saturday morning to report her parents had died. saturday hundreds of
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oklahoma church to remember terence crutcher, the unarmed black man killed 10 days ago by a police officer. officer betty joe shelby is now charged with first degree manslaughter for killing crutcher. this morning the scene in charlotte is much calmer. the city's mayor lifted the curfew in effect turned violent. protests continued overnight despite the heavy police presence. saturday police released video of the shooting of keith lamont scott. authorities say scott had a gun and pointed it at officers but the reported gun is not visible in the video. a 5:07. a 2-year-old shot a 12-year-old boy in tennessee. the 12-year-old now recovering in the hospital. police say the shooting happened sunday at a home in nashville where the toddler and
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officials say the toddler opened fire after taking the gun out of a door pocket of his aunt's car. authorities say the driver can legally have a weapon in the car but that woman didn't have a permit to carry a gun. it's unclear who drove the car to the house. so far no charges filed but police are investigating. a delta flight from detroit to amsterdam diverted to manchester and smoke and mysterious odor filled the cabin. a samsung tablet apparently fell between a seat and got the tablet and phone from the seat started to smoke. when the plane landed the seat had to be replaced. the flight continued after a two-hour delay. the tablet by the way was not the samsung device that had been recalled recently for faulty batteries. to a hot balloon that nearly hit a house and ended up on a neighborhood street. here it is in the middle of the street at the bentley oaks subdivision in davenport. still working on figuring out where the balloon came from and why it landed where it did.
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living or working in downtown tampa. ybor city or channelside district. there's a new way to get to work and doesn't involve your vehicle. hart is starting early morning street car service today, a six- month pilot program to gauge demand nor morning service. the street cars will operate every 30 minutes from 7:00 a.m. to noon. today's the last day of debris removal for pasco county residents. the deadline to request removal was last friday. county officials wanted to give hermine one last weekend to get their trash to the curb. hermine blamed for roughly $111 million of damage in pasco. as we go to break, the bus stop forecast will be dry, no issues with mid and upper 70s. by the afternoon thunderstorm activity back in the forecast, 40% once again with highs around 90. it will feel like 95 plus with the humidity. extended forecast coming up after the break.
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still ahead -- nigerian government claimed the terrorist behind a mass kidnapping at a girl's school was dead but new evidence that shows he's very much alive. >> blame it on the 4-year-old, ahead, how a child may have cost a movie studio more than
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good morning. 5:13. thank you for joining us. the forecast coming up. boka haram denies nigerian government reports of his death, abu bakar sakau on august 19th. years ago he made headlines kidnapping dozens of ho a wildfire in california scorched more than 1,500 acres, it's also forced dozens of people to evacuate. families were forced to leave after the fire was reported shortly before noon yesterday. no word on any injuries. the cause of the fire has not yet been confirmed. at last check it was only 10% contained. now no a story that shows you might not want to take job advice from a 4-year-old. paramount's upcoming monster trucks movie started as a conversation between an
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reports the studio expected to lose $115 million on that project. my kids and i had a lot of discussions about monster trucks growing up. i don't know. did you enjoy the weekend? >> yes. >> it was nice. >> lots of rain around. no rain at the schaffer estate. >> that's what an estate in really? >> sprawling. >> ok. let's check -- he has an apartment now. no. 77 in tampa. mostly clear skies. we had line of thunderstorms yesterday. what can happen this time of year, we popped the thunderstorms but sometimes the wind that comets from the thunderstorms is called the outflow or gust front. can push back to the coast. and boy, storms with really fire then. that's what happened. notice here a couple of thunderstorms east of 75.
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storms here. those of course, what produced the lightning strike at largo, at the firehouse. and then a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings as well. live titan doppler radar, nothing doing now. we're quiet. dry as far as the morning commute. then futurecast will show more of the same as we head through today. thunderstorms begin to pop up. this particular run doesn't show the pushback towards the coast but it could happen again so we'll watch that through the day today. this is tropical wave 97, ev if it continues to get organized, as it heads generally towards the west. by the way it's clocking in at 20 miles per hour. we'll keep you you posted on that. we really don't know what it is going to do. whether it's going to continue to go west in the caribbean or head north like a lot of the storms have been doing here. 86 this afternoon to st. pete. 90 for tampa. it's only a couple of degrees above average here. we'll have about 40% rain chances through today and into the next several days.
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especially wednesday into thursday, more of a westerly flow and that will tend to have the storms firing well east of 75. so we'll watch that but today i think all of us are game for some thunderstorm activity which will cool us off a little after the 90 high. again with the humidity feeling warmer. it's monday, it's the commute, usually busier from what i've learned the last few months. seems to be the partial but so far so good if you're heading out now. should have no troubles. matt, behind the wheel of the live drive cam. he's on -- i was told i-275. looks like it's 75 southbound around the split there. so traffic looking good. no crashes or breakdowns. a smooth ride all the way up to i-4. the drive on 275 is around busch, no crashes or breakdowns here. five minutes to get into downtown tampa from that point.
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starting today, a little later. in pinellas southbound park street at 54th avenue north. they are going to be doing some work there especially in the southbound lanes on park. right now traffic is looking pretty good but a little later on during the morning and afternoon commute you could see a lot of congestion. you might want to think of using an alternate or give yourself extra time. 5:18. another day on the job for a 2?6 reporter in san diego a baby giraffe decided he was ready for his close-up. ashley jacobs was talking about a weekend event but that giraffe felt a little neglected. first using a one way to get her attention and then a head butt. all on live tv. still ahead -- creepy clowns making headlines across the country.
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planning to dress up like a clown. >> two tampa charities are teeth up to help people living far from grocery stores. where to find a fresh affordable produce today. >> first at 5:19 -- snapchat has its first hardware product. video-sharing sunglasses. >> reporter: in "tech bytes" -- snapchat has spectacles, recording 10 seconds of video at t but one size and costs about $130. distribution is limited and the admits they are still something of a toy. echo may soon face competition. bloomberg reports a prototype is in the reports based on the siri voice assistant. >> but it could be still scrapped. google getting appreciation
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>> alo allows users to answer messages without typing. uses machine learning technology.
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issue in our but community but a new program could solve that. my mobile market is a low cost pop-up grocery truck. it will target the more than two dozen communities considered food deserts in tampa bay. that's what the usda calls places where people live hungry with no place in their neighborhoods to buy food. the market is put on by feeding tampa bay and coast. it will be at the new life village apartments in tampa 10:00 this morning. the public is warned to watch for clownsz in their area. with halloween around the corner, if you buy a clown costume you are told to use common sense when you wear it there. have been complaints in several states of clowns trying to lure kids into the woods. law enforcement says if you choose to wear a clown costume
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person and has gun or anything it could be your life in danger. that is not worth a simple joke. >> yesterday officials put out this tweet here -- watch for clowns in your area. they could be child predators hashtag seesomethingsaysomething. 5. 25. the tragic death of a marlins pitcher. jose fernandez played ball in the tampa area. ahead, how friends are remembering him. >> authorities think they know why a ma vegas starbucks. you'll never believe the motive. >> good morning. we're watching traffic cameras across the enter states. this is a live look at 275 through downtown tampa. we have a big closure happening on macdill starting today in south tampa.
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friends and former teammates of baseball star jose fernandez paying tribute to the baseball standout here in his former high school this
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plan to remember the star tragically killed in a boating accident this weekend. >> also the 1% has been a major topic on the campaign trail but exactly who makes up the 1% and how much money do they make compared to the rest of us? we have answers from a new study. good morning. thank you for joining us on abc this monday. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. let's start with traffic and weather together. >> traffic looking good. a big closure happening on macdill. i'll talk about that coming up. >> after yesterday's storms we're good today but i think for this afternoon, a setup now for widely scattered thunderstorms. in fact we'll talking about the rain chances 40%. temperatures now 77 tampa. 78 clearwater. with clear skies. 80 degrees in st. pete. we'll all climb out of the 70 into the upper 80s to around 90 this afternoon. it will feel warmer with the humidity. a few showers going off-shore so i think we're in pretty good


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